Beaches in puerto rico: Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

A former railroad tunnel leads to stunning Guajataca Beach in Isabela.

Soak up the sun, ride the waves, explore underwater life, and discover some of the Caribbean’s best beaches.

Puerto Rico’s 270 miles of coastline is fringed with nearly 300 beaches, each one stunning in its own way. Thanks to the Island’s diverse geography, you can choose from secluded coves with white sand and crystalline water or beaches that attract water sports enthusiasts including surfers, paddleboarders, snorkelers, and divers. (And if you’re looking for a party beach, yes, Puerto Rico has those, too!) 

10 Songs for your Puerto Rico beach playlist

With around 300 miles of coastline, Puerto Rico’s beautiful beaches can be found all over the Island. Here are some of our favorites!

Here are some of the most iconic and popular beaches in Puerto Rico.

Flamenco Beach


Clear skies above your head and warm, white sand beneath your feet is the way Flamenco beach will make you fall in love with it. This «postcard-ready» captivating beach is one of the world’s top beaches. Ideal for swimming, unwinding, and simply beach-bumming, this location is the very reason visitors choose to venture outside the mainland.

La Playuela

Cabo Rojo 

This southwestern half-moon-shaped gem will leave you in awe with its breathtaking waters and scenery. It takes a little bit of hiking to get there, but you will see how magnificent its dramatic landscape is once you arrive. La Playuela is perfect for either a lazy day under the sun or an adventure exploring the astonishing surroundings. 

Puerto Rico’s Top LGBTQ-Friendly Beaches

Crash Boat


This is the most popular beach in Aguadilla. With a wide range of activities to do, like swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, and -during the winter- surfing, Crash Boat is a playground for everyone. A few feet away is El Natural, a famous diving spot with a huge reef full of marine activity. 


The clarity of the water there is like no other on the east coast of Puerto Rico. The long strips of reefs beside the abandoned pier are home to many schools of fish and other marine creatures that you’ll get to observe while you snorkel. Whether it is by a water taxi or a private charter, don’t miss the chance to stroll around the white-sand shore of this natural reserve and have a great day of swimming, snorkeling, or paddleboarding under the sun. 

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A true surfer’s haven, Domes is located between a lighthouse and Puerto Rico’s inactive nuclear reactor. With turquoise waters and golden sand, this beach is an excellent spot for whale watching during the winter. Although it is not a place to go swimming, it is a fun beach to lay back and relax, watch surfing competitions, and even take a horseback riding tour. 



Just like Crash Boat, this lively and vibrant beach is a local favorite because of the many attractions surrounding it. Jobos’ waters glisten like a true stained-glass masterpiece, and the prominent vegetation will provide many layouts where you can rest in the shade. 

Cayo Aurora (Gilligan’s Island)


Although it is not officially a beach, this cay has the most transparent water in Puerto Rico. Nicknamed after the popular TV show, it is part of the Guánica Biosphere Reserve. The small island is fenced in by a healthy mangrove system that creates intimate spots throughout the cay. You can only get there by renting a kayak or a private boat! 

La Monserrate


This heart-stirring beach – a popular choice because of its facilities – is preferred by families and large groups. Sometimes designated as a Blue Flag beach, the calm waves and low tides make it ideal for bringing kids around. The balneario even has a camping and picnic designated area.

Combate Beach

Cabo Rojo

As a part of the Boquerón National State Forest, Combate beach is also a popular choice. Its sparkling waters and large-scale reefs turn pristine shores into a paradise for diving enthusiasts. Preferred by younger crowds, this site is the ideal to enjoy the best sunsets in Puerto Rico. Be sure to jump off the pier; it’s a thing there! 

Sun Bay


White sandy strips and turquoise blue waters… who needs more? Sun Bay is Vieques’ trendiest spot, and you’ll immediately see why. There are tall palms trees and lush landscapes where you can hang up a hammock and admire the dreamy surroundings. This beach has been awarded the Blue Flag recognition many times. 

Best Places to Go Kayaking and Paddle Boarding



Accessible only by boat or seaplane, this white-sand cove that serves as a home and feeding ground to green turtles is one of Culebra’s hidden gems. Almost considered a deserted beach bliss, you can bump into many beautiful sea creatures while doing some amateur snorkeling. You should take up a charter and don’t miss the wonders of this tropical paradise. 

Best Spots for Snorkeling

Isla Verde


With a strip of hotels and restaurants along its shores, Isla Verde is one of the most popular beaches. This beach – perfect for parasailing and jet skiing, is often voted as the best urban beach in the Caribbean.

Best Beaches for Families

El Escambrón Beach offers clear-blue water and snorkeling right in San Juan.

El Escambrón

San Juan

This is the perfect spot to witness the contrast between Old San Juan and the modern city. Recognized with Blue Flag awards throughout the years, El Escambrón is the most picturesque beach in San Juan. There you can do anything from snorkeling and swimming to having a romantic stroll. It is also part of the Tercer Milenio Park, which offers fun recreational activities and services.  

Pelícano Beach


The protected sanctuary Caja de Muertos has one of the most crystalline waters in the south of Puerto Rico. It received the first Blue Flag distinction to a beach located at a natural reserve. There, you’ll be facing the open waters of the Caribbean Sea and watching a variety of birds that nest in the hills near the boulders. Its name, which translates to «coffin,» derives from the shape of the cay. 

Best Beaches for Relaxing in Puerto Rico


Direct access and its shallowness make this natural pool the family-preferred beach in Isabela. The depthless tides provide a safe environment for kids and toddlers to play around while the adults relish the scenery’s calmness. A natural wall prevents the strong surf from rushing in. The crowd you’ll find there is mostly local.

10 Songs to Relax at the Beach


10 Songs to Relax at the Beach


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Puerto Rico’s Top LGBTQ-Friendly Beaches

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your day!

Beach, please. Find a spot in the sun at one of these LGBTQ-friendly locales. 

The beaches in Puerto Rico are frequently mentioned among the best in world, right alongside hotspots circling the Mediterranean or the Hawaiian islands. For LGBTQ travelers looking to escape to beautiful beaches and serene turquoise waves, there’s no place better in the Caribbean than Puerto Rico: The beaches here are as LGBTQ-friendly as they are Instagram-ready.

Puerto Rico’s beaches have a special kind of magic, so which beach is right for you? In Condado, the beach is part of the San Juan scene, where you can sip mojitos and people watch with queer locals and fellow travelers. On the west coast of Rincón, the beaches belong to surfers, or find secluded beauty on Vieques or Culebra, where gorgeous strands beckon sun-worshiping lovers.

Here are some of the best beaches Puerto Rico has to offer LGBTQ travelers.

Condado Beach, San Juan

If any beach were to be named the de-facto gay beach of San Juan, this would be it. When you stay in Condado — be it at the Condado Ocean Club for a long weekend, or the AC Marriott for business — Condado will become one of your favorite beaches to stroll at dusk before a night out at the gay bars. For first-timers, the traditional gay beach is found in front of The Tryst Beachfront Hotel. Pack a picnic lunch and your drink of choice, rent a couple lounge chairs, and people watch all day.

La Playuela, Cabo Rojo

In Cabo Rojo, arguably the most LGBTQ-friendly area in all of Puerto Rico, you’ll find La Playuela, an off-the-beaten path gem of a beach. The beach is down a long, bumpy path, so drive slow and be patient — it’s worth the trek. Once you arrive, you’ll be stunned by crystal-clear, turquoise water, soothing serenity, and gorgeous views of the Instagrammable Cabo Rojo Lighthouse.

Sandy Beach, Rincón

For queer surfers out there, this will be your must-go beach. The west coast of Puerto Rico is a surfer’s paradise, and Rincón is the heart of the culture. Sandy beach is a sparsely populated stretch of white sand, with plenty of waves (especially during winter months), and shade trees for those who just want to relax. You can rent a surfboard for $20 and spend the day catching waves, or stroll with your partner and take in the fun, beach town experience.

Caja de Muertos, Ponce

Words cannot describe the beauty of this island, but we know it’s not an easy sell getting someone to go to Caja de Muertos, what literally translates as “Coffin island.” If you can convince your partner to drive two hours from San Juan to Ponce, and then spend another 30-minutes on a ferry ride to get here, then you are a true travel top! Maybe ignore the complications and focus on this: Caja de Muertos is a remote, gorgeous nature reserve with white-sand and turquoise water, where you and your partner can be alone, cuddling on a blanket. It’s untouched, uncommercial, and uniquely Puerto Rico.

With almost 300 miles of coastline, there are lots of opportunities for beach walks.

Playa Navío, Vieques

Another gorgeous beach in Vieques. The turquoise water and soft sand make this a local favorite. It’s pretty remote, and the gravel road to get here is a bit rocky, but chances are you’ll have rented a Jeep which can easily handle the terrain. You can rent gear and surfboards from Blackbeard Sports, a lesbian-owned shop on the island.

Playa Negra, Vieques

Is anything so beautiful ever easy to get to? The iconic «Black Sand beach» in Vieques is worth every second of the journey it takes to experience it. On foot, the trail down to the beach represents about fifteen minutes of feral, muddy wetland wildlife. Upon arrival you’ll find a gorgeous stretch of beach that is otherworldly — as in, you’ll think you’ve crossed over into Narnia. Set up some lounges and relax, or come late at night and make your own queer beach party.

Playa Flamenco, Culebra

Playa Flamenco may be one of the most postcard-perfect, picturesque, beaches in the world. The world-renowned beach has sugar-white sand, Caribbean blue water, and miles of unblemished beauty for you and your partner to stroll on. It’s also practical: the beach has changing stations, bathroom facilities, snack stands and lifeguard towers for queer moms and dads who may be traveling with little ones. Culebra provides a lovely getaway for LGBTQ couples, and this beach is your sanctuary.

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★ 12 Best Beaches in Puerto Rico ★

  • Isla Verde Beach, San Juan (Hotel Prices & Photos)
  • Flamenco Beach, Culebra (Hotel Prices & Photos)
  • Crash Boat Beach, Aguadilla (Hotel Prices) and Photos)
  • Blue Beach, Vieques (Hotel Prices & Photos)
  • La Posita Beach (Hotel Prices & Photos)
  • Sandy Beach (Hotel Prices & Photos)
  • Luquillo Beach (Hotel Prices & Photos)
  • Boqueron Beach Hotel Prices & Photos
  • Dorado Beach
  • Ocean Park Beach
  • Bahia Beach
  • Mar Chiquita Beach

Puerto Rico — it is an exciting place to visit for many reasons: food, nightlife, history, nature and more. But one of the main reasons why this island is so popular for holidays and honeymoons is because of its incredible beaches.

There are many personal preferences that go into choosing a beach when you travel. Some beaches are perfect for relaxing and getting away from it all, while others are best for partying, playing with the kids, and enjoying a romantic sunset with your loved one. When you visit the beaches of Puerto Rico, all these options are available to you, as well as the beautiful weather.

What’s great about beaches in Puerto Rico is that they are clean, natural, safe and conveniently located near hotels and restaurants. There are many amazing options, but these are some of our favorites, no matter what your travel style is!

Isla Verde BeachIsla Verde Beach

Isla Verde Beach, San Juan (Hotel Prices & Photos)

If you enjoy people watching while on vacation, Isla Verde is the beach for you. There is plenty to see and do here, and close to many great hotels in the area. This beach really makes you feel like you’re in the Caribbean. Steps away from your favorite resort, you’ll see skydivers overhead and wave runners.

Flamenco BeachFlamenco Beach

Flamenco Beach, Culebra (Hotel Prices & Photos)

Another popular beach in this area is Flamenco Beach, which is located on the Spanish Virgin Island called Culebra. This beach is not as convenient as some of the others near San Juan, but it’s worth it. To get to Flamenco Beach, you can either fly into a small airport or take a 90-minute ferry ride from Fajardo. Come to this beach if you want to swim or travel with children. The water along the beach is shallow and the water is clear and inviting. The waves are soft and it’s also a great place for snorkeling. There are also lifeguards on duty and excellent Puerto Rican dishes can be sampled at nearby food stalls.

Crash Boat BeachCrash Boat Beach

Crash Boat Beach, Aguadilla (Hotel Prices & Photos)

It may have a strange name, but Crash Boat Beach in Aguadilla is one of the top beaches in Puerto Rico. This is the perfect beach to plan your vacation if you are looking for a quiet and authentic place to stay. You can surf and snorkel with ease here, but it’s best to hit the wave early in the morning to avoid the crowds, especially on weekends. For something completely different, how about ice skating? Believe it or not, Aguadilla has an ice skating arena that offers an incredibly unique Caribbean experience.

Blue BeachBlue Beach

Blue Beach, Vieques (Hotel Prices & Photos)

Located on the offshore island of Vieques, this beach is ideal for travelers who don’t like dealing with the crowds. Blue Beach is generally not as crowded as the others on this list and is great for swimming and snorkelling. And it’s definitely called Blue Beach for a reason. The water here is many shades of blue, and the colors don’t end there. Diverse and colorful fish and other marine life live below and are just waiting to be explored by snorkeling.

La PositaLa Posita

La Posita Beach (Hotel Prices & Photos)

If you plan to spend a lot of time in the city of San Juan, a visit to La Posita Beach is a must. This beach is very close to the city, not being right in the city itself. This means it has a laid-back vibe, but is also incredibly travel-friendly. About 30 minutes drive to this beach, which is located in the neighboring city of Loiza on the Atlantic coast. Here you will find delicious street food in the stalls, especially Puerto Rican fried food. Foodies also love this beach because Pinones is also nearby. Here you can experience even more authentic local flavors in a causal setting. If you want to be active and exercise on your beach days, take the bike trail from Verde Island to La Posita and then to Pinones.

Sandy BeachSandy Beach

Sandy Beach (Hotel Prices and Photos)

All beaches are sandy, but not all of them have the honor of being called the famous Sandy Beach. This Rincon beach is known for its amazing sunsets, cocktail scene and live music. Travel + Leisure named Tamboo Tavern here as one of the best beach bars in America. Order a mojito at sunset and listen to authentic music while relaxing on the beach terrace. Couples looking for a little romance in their beach holiday love this beach area. It is a well established beach with many restaurants, hotels and apartments along the shore. The sandy beach is also a great place to learn to surf, even if you’ve never set foot on a board. Sign up for a surf lesson or just sit on the beach and watch others learn to surf!

Luquillo BeachLuquillo Beach

Luquillo Beach (Prices & Photos for Hotel)

This is one of the most famous and popular beaches on the island and is very conveniently located. It’s only 30 miles east of San Juan and a favorite with families. The ocean water here is warm and shallow, making it ideal for swimming with children. Another reason why this beach is so popular is that it is next to the El Yunque rainforest. This is one of the best places for nature lovers because of the great hiking opportunities. Luquillo Beach is a very well known beach so you will find vendors selling snacks and drinks here as well as lifeguards and showers.

Boqueron BeachBoqueron Beach

Boqueron Beach (Hotel Prices & Photos)

This beach stretches for about a mile and is located on the southwest coast of Puerto Rico and in the Cabo Rojo National Reserve. This is a great beach for families because it has playgrounds for kids and picnic areas. Families with children are welcome here, and you can rent a cabin right on the water at a reasonable price. This beach is often crowded on weekends. Foodies also love spending time on this beach because there are several delicious seafood shacks along the shore of Boqueron Beach. Stop throughout the evening to listen to live salsa, jazz and rock music at the restaurants on the beach.

Dorado Beach Dorado Beach

Dorado Beach (Prices & Photos)

If you’re looking for privacy without sacrificing convenience, then Dorado Beach is a great choice. This beach is just west of San Juan and is famous for being once home to a sugar plantation. Laurence Rockefeller also owned the property, and the 11-mile trail here is called the Rockefeller Trail. While Dorado has a more intimate vibe than some of the other beaches on this list, it’s also a great place for luxury travelers to visit. The Ritz-Carlton Reserve is right on the beach.

Ocean Park BeachOcean Park Beach

Ocean Park Beach

Ocean Park Beach is a great beach to stay if you like more than just lying on the sand. Here you can try kite surfing, play beach volleyball or ride the waves on a boogie board. After a full day of water activities, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of this Atlantic Ocean beach that spans about a mile. This is a great beach for singles because it attracts more adults and fewer families with children. There are plenty of beach bars and restaurants for locals and tourists to mingle and socialize here at Ocean Park Beach.

Bahia BeachBahia Beach

Bahia Beach (Prices & Hotel Photos)

A great luxury hotel to stay on Bahia Beach is St. Regis Bahia Beach, which is good for couples and families alike. This is the perfect beach to relax in if you love water sports because you can do everything right here. Try snorkeling, snorkeling and jet skiing in the ocean water close to the beach, then go hiking in the nearby El Yunque National Rainforest.

Mar Chiquita BeachMar Chiquita Beach

Mar Chiquita Beach (Hotel Prices and Photos)

For stunning scenery, look no further than Mar Chiquita Beach. The area is known for its dramatic waves and coral cliffs that make for the perfect scene that nature photographers love. This is more of a coastal area for walking and taking pictures than for swimming. To do this, head to one of the other beaches on this list.

15 Best Beaches in Puerto Rico / Travel Guides

A popular tourist destination, Porto Rico has 270 miles of coastline and dozens of beaches, from secluded beaches on the north coast to the developed urban beaches of San Juan.
There are direct flights from many US cities and you don’t even need a passport to enter Porto Rico if you are a US citizen.
Expect to find public beaches with parking, diverse marine life, world-class surfing and stunning sunset views. All beaches are open to the public because most of them are balnearios (public beaches).
Let’s look at the list 15 best beaches in Puerto Rico :

1. Luquillo Beach

Source: ARENA Creative / Shutterstock
Luquillo Beach
shallow waters. This is probably one of the reasons why this crescent-shaped beach attracts many families with children who come here for the weekend.
Here you will find bathrooms, lifeguards, shows and local vendors who sell various snacks and refreshments here, as well as a camping area and small kiosks..
In addition to swimming, visitors can also rent a kayak or fly fly at Luquillo Beach, which is one of the four Blue Flag beaches in the city.
If you want to visit one of the most popular natural attractions in the area, El Yunque The National Rainforest is located right behind Luquillo Beach. The water here is crystal clear and the beach is surrounded by palm trees and green mountains. i
Swimming and snorkelling are available at Flamenco Beach Hotel, with a range of facilities including bathrooms, kiosks and a camping area.
There are lifeguards on site so you don’t have to worry if you are traveling with children. The great thing about Flamenco Beach is that it’s spacious, so it’s always easy to find a quiet spot and relax in the sun.0135 Sucia Beach
Playa Sucia, which translates to «Dirty Beach», is located on Cabo Rojo at the southwestern tip of Puerto Rico. Expect a 10-minute walk from the parking lot to the beach..
You can also visit the famous lighthouse of Cabo Rojo, which is easily accessible and offers stunning views of the beach and surroundings..
Playa Sucia is generally not crowded on weekdays, and arrive early on weekends to avoid large crowds of tourists. The beach is perfect for swimming and has been rated by Trip Advisor as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. .

4. Playa Crashboat

Source: jpoet / Flickr
Playa Crashboat
Playa Crashboat is one of the most popular beaches around Rincon, as other beaches in the area are not suitable for swimming. It is located on the west coast of Puerto Rico, a short drive from Aguadilla and Highway 2..
On the beach you will find fishing boats and vendors selling local street food. Facilities are also good and include toilets, showers and parking..
Playa Crashboat is good for snorkeling and diving, especially north of the pier and around its famous bridge. Swim in the calm turquoise sea or dine at one of the beachfront restaurants..
This beautiful beach is also known for its amazing sunset views and many visitors stay until evening to witness it.

5. Ocean Park Beach

Source: carnifex82 / Flickr
Ocean Park Beach
Located between the airport and Old San Juan, Ocean Park Beach is definitely less crowded than neighboring Isla Verde and Condado beaches. It offers a relaxed atmosphere and is not easy to find in the busy capital.
This mile long beach is also great for activities like kite surfing, paddle tennis or beach volleyball..
There are a few vendors who come over on weekends to sell delicious hot crab empanadas, but the main local vendor in Ocean Park Beach is Pamela’s, where you can get delicious sandwiches at affordable prices.

6. Isla Verde

Source: Maridav / shutterstock
Isla Verde Beach
Isla Verde is one of the most popular and lively beaches in San Juan. It is located close to the best hotels and high class resorts in the city. Some people spend their entire vacation here due to its close proximity to where they live, while others come for one of the main attractions in Isla Verde — people watching!
Expect to find locals and tourists on Verde Island, along with a range of restaurants and beach facilities. If you want to go out in the evening, the Isla Verde is just a short walk from numerous nightclubs, trendy bars, lounges and casinos. Rojo on the southwest coast. It is a mile long beach of golden sand surrounded by palm trees, flamboyants and almond trees. The beach has excellent public facilities such as toilets, showers and snack bars..
Travelers who plan to come here on weekdays should expect fewer people and they can enjoy some activities including basketball courts, playgrounds and gazebos.
If you get hungry there are several Puerto Rican stalls where you can buy fresh oysters . Those who choose to visit Boqueron Beach during the weekend will be able to see live performances and festivals..

8. Condado Beach

0135 Often compared to Miami Beach because of all the celebrities you can see here, Condado Beach attracts a definitely diverse crowd. Expect to see families with children, couples on their honeymoon and some charming local figures.
There are plenty of water sports available and you don’t have to go to the bar to order drinks as waiters serve guests on the beach.
Please be aware that the free umbrellas and sunbeds at Condado Beach are reserved for guests of the high class beach resorts in the area, but you can always rent them. Travelers with children should be aware that this beach is not suitable for inexperienced swimmers due to strong currents.

9. Escambron Beach

Source: TheGringo / Flickr
Escambron Beach
Escambron Beach is just a short walk from historic Old San Juan, one of America’s oldest cities, and is surrounded by numerous hotels and restaurants. You will see a small bridge connected to the nearby Luis Muñoz Rivera Amusement Park, ideal for families with children..
The authentic beach is amazing and those who love water sports will love it. Escambron Beach is a Blue Flag beach, so you will find crystal clear waters and great amenities here..

10. Sun Bay Beach

Source: kkaplin / shutterstock
Sun Bay Beach
Vieques Island is home to so many amazing beaches and choosing one is certainly no easy task. We offer Sun Bay, the most popular of all the beaches on the island of Vieques.
First of all, it is easily accessible and has plenty of parking spaces. Secondly, Sun Bay Beach offers excellent public amenities including bathrooms and showers.
It is known for its extensive coastline, panoramic views and a cool camping area just around the corner. On top of that, Sun Bay Beach is big enough to accommodate many guests even on busy weekends during high season..
Check out the recommended hotels in Puerto Rico

11. Tortuga Beach

Source: davetron5000 / Flickr
Tortuga Beach
Everyone knows that Flamenco Beach is the most popular spot in Culebra, but Tortuga Beach, which is located on the neighboring island, is also worth a visit. Culebrita. It can only be reached by boat or water taxi, but once you arrive at Tortuga Beach, you will realize that it is impressive in every way.
Don’t expect a lot of amenities here, but this place is less busy and it’s easy to find peace and quiet here. Travelers looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of Puerto Rico’s popular beaches should definitely visit Tortuga Beach..

12. Gilligan Island, Guanica

Source: Javier Cruz Acosta / shutterstock
Gilligan Island
Gilligan Island, or Aurora Key as some call it, is part of the Guanica Dry Forest Reserve. There are palm trees and mangroves here, as well as several barbecues and gazebos. It is also famous for snorkeling thanks to its famous canals.
Swim in crystal clear waters that are so calm it’s like swimming in a giant outdoor pool.
The only way to get to Aurora Key is by boat, but that’s all part of the adventure. The good news is that you can order food and the crew will deliver it to you at the specified time..

13. Jobos beach

north coast, is located in Isabela and offers something for everyone.
No high-end restaurants or glamorous resorts here, but if you want to eat local Puerto Rican food at affordable prices and have some peace and quiet, Jobos Beach is the place to be. .
At the farthest eastern point, you will find a natural stone wall that is ideal for snorkeling. Thanks to its open waters, there are many surfers who come here to ride the waves. Unfortunately, there is a chance that Jobos Beach will close soon as there are plans for the entire area to become a huge tourist complex..
Jobos is not a bustling tourist beach. There are no resorts, hotels or trendy restaurants. This beach is not perfectly groomed, but Jobos beach lovers like it that way.
Visitors who want to experience the simplicity of island fun under the sun, watch surfers, eat local Puerto Rican food without the tourist price tag will feel right at home when visiting Playa Jobos. Don’t be shy and chat with the friendly Isabelinos (Isabella residents).

14. Playa Pastillo

Source: lagammahigh / Flickr
Playa Pastillo
Located in Isabella, Playa Pastillo offers palm trees and lush green vegetation. No wonder so many artists come here to take pictures or just enjoy the silence.

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