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Beaches nearby

  • Playa de las Tres Palmitas (2.2 mi)
  • Pocita de Piñones (4.3 mi)
  • Balneario de Carolina (6.2 mi)
  • Isla Verde Beach (7.4 mi)
  • Playa Ultimo Trolley (9.2 mi)
  • Ocean Park Beach (10 mi)
  • Condado Beach (10.9 mi)
  • Playita de Condado (11.6 mi)
  • Caribe Hilton Beach (11.8 mi)
  • Balneario Escambrón II (11.9 mi)

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Vacia Talega Beach Weather Info

Current weather (Thu Nov 3rd 21:00)

25°C / 77°F

Sea temperature


Wind E
4 mph / 6 km/h
Rain 0.0mm
Sunrise 11:26
Sunset 22:47
Current Vacia Talega Beach weather

Hourly forecast



25°C / 77°F

4 mph
6 km/h



24°C / 75°F

4 mph
6 km/h


Light rain showers

24°C / 75°F

4 mph
6 km/h



25°C / 77°F

7 mph
11 km/h

Week weather forecast

Fri 04th

23°C / 73°F

5 mph
8 km/h

Sat 05th

22°C / 72°F

3 mph
5 km/h

Weather forecast from Yr, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and NRK

5 Day Vacia Talega Beach UV Index

A UV Index reading of 3 or more means some precautions should be taken. For more information visit our guide to the UV Index.

Temperature Averages

Average Water Temp

  • Thu 03/11 »

    Surf report for Thu 03/11
      Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
      Swell Wind
    8:00 3ft 9s 8mph
    11:00 3ft 9s 10mph
    14:00 3ft 9s 11mph
    17:00 3ft 9s 12mph
    20:00 3ft 9s 12mph
    Tide times
    High 6:03am (1. 07m)
    Low 12:10pm (0.25m)
    High 6:20pm (1.12m)
    First light 06:01
    Sunrise 06:24
    Sunset 17:50
    Dark 18:12
  • Fri 04/11 »

    Surf report for Fri 04/11
      Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
      Swell Wind
    5:00 3ft 9s 11mph
    8:00 3ft 8s 12mph
    11:00 3ft 8s 13mph
    14:00 3ft 8s 15mph
    17:00 3ft 9s 15mph
    20:00 4ft 9s 17mph
    Tide times
    Low 12:36am (0. 15m)
    High 7:05am (1.24m)
    Low 1:20pm (0.28m)
    High 7:03pm (1.04m)
    First light 06:02
    Sunrise 06:24
    Sunset 17:49
    Dark 18:12
  • Sat 05/11 »

    Surf report for Sat 05/11
      Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
      Swell Wind
    5:00 5ft 7s 23mph
    8:00 5ft 7s 22mph
    11:00 6ft 7s 23mph
    14:00 6ft 7s 23mph
    17:00 5ft 7s 22mph
    20:00 5ft 8s 20mph
    Tide times
    Low 1:14am (0. 05m)
    High 7:59am (1.39m)
    Low 2:20pm (0.30m)
    High 7:43pm (0.97m)
    First light 06:02
    Sunrise 06:25
    Sunset 17:49
    Dark 18:11
  • Sun 06/11 »

    Surf report for Sun 06/11
      Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
      Swell Wind
    5:00 6ft 9s 18mph
    8:00 6ft 9s 14mph
    11:00 5ft 9s 11mph
    14:00 5ft 10s 13mph
    17:00 5ft 10s 12mph
    20:00 5ft 10s 11mph
    Tide times
    Low 1:51am (-0. 04m)
    High 8:48am (1.50m)
    Low 3:15pm (0.33m)
    High 8:20pm (0.91m)
    First light 06:03
    Sunrise 06:25
    Sunset 17:48
    Dark 18:11
  • Mon 07/11 »

    Surf report for Mon 07/11
      Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
      Swell Wind
    5:00 5ft 9s 9mph
    8:00 4ft 9s 10mph
    11:00 4ft 9s 10mph
    14:00 4ft 9s 7mph
    17:00 4ft 9s 10mph
    20:00 4ft 9s 12mph
    Tide times
    Low 2:28am (-0. 10m)
    High 9:34am (1.57m)
    Low 4:05pm (0.36m)
    High 8:56pm (0.86m)
    First light 06:03
    Sunrise 06:26
    Sunset 17:48
    Dark 18:11
  • Tue 08/11 »

    Surf report for Tue 08/11
      Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
      Swell Wind
    5:00 3ft 10s 10mph
    8:00 3ft 10s 9mph
    11:00 3ft 9s 10mph
    14:00 3ft 9s 11mph
    17:00 3ft 9s 10mph
    20:00 3ft 9s 9mph
    Tide times
    Low 3:05am (-0. 13m)
    High 10:18am (1.59m)
    Low 4:54pm (0.40m)
    High 9:32pm (0.82m)
    First light 06:03
    Sunrise 06:26
    Sunset 17:48
    Dark 18:10
  • Wed 09/11 »

    Surf report for Wed 09/11
      Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
      Swell Wind
    5:00 3ft 9s 6mph
    8:00 3ft 9s 6mph
    11:00 3ft 9s 6mph
    14:00 3ft 9s 6mph
    17:00 3ft 9s 5mph
    20:00 3ft 9s 6mph
    Tide times
    Low 3:41am (-0. 13m)
    High 11:01am (1.58m)
    Low 5:41pm (0.44m)
    First light 06:04
    Sunrise 06:27
    Sunset 17:47
    Dark 18:10

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Vacía Talega Beach and Loiza Day Trip From San Juan

Can’t find your booking reference?

The booking reference can be found in the confirmation email, which should be in your inbox.

Can’t find it? Leave us your email and we’ll send you a summary of your bookings.

Discover the African heritage of Puerto Rico on this half-day tour to the picturesque Loíza and the beach paradise of Vacía Talega.  An unforgettable experience!

Maria de la Cruz CaveHaving fun on the Loíza coastVacía Talega beachAfrican heritage is deep rooted in LoízaFruit market in LoízaMaria de la Cruz CaveHaving fun on the Loíza coastVacía Talega beachAfrican heritage is deep rooted in LoízaFruit market in LoízaMaria de la Cruz Cave

Discover the African heritage of Puerto Rico on this half-day tour to the picturesque Loíza and the beach paradise of Vacía Talega.   An unforgettable experience!


After we pick you up from your hotel, we will head toward Loíza, a municipality in the north of Puerto Rico deep rooted in the island’s African heritage.

In Loíza you will find out about the local customs of its inhabitants, who still conserve their African folklore through song, dance and urban architecture. This area is also home to one of the main attractions of the northern side of the island, the María de la Cruz Historical Park. Enter this green-space to discover the impressive archaeological remains of the María de la Cruz Cave which help us to understand the past of this Caribbean Island.

A surprise awaits you when you leave the cave: a demonstration of the Bomba dance! This dance with roots in Africa, reveals an important cultural legacy originating from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.  We will continue our tour at the Vacía Talega beach, a heavenly cove just north of Loíza.

Explore the beach at your own leisure and recharge your batteries in one of the restaurants to be found on the same stretch of coastline. The perfect opportunity to savour the Puerto Rican gastronomy! In the afternoon, we will meet up to start the journey back to your hotel.

View complete description


Free! Free cancellation up to 7 days before the day of the activity.
If you cancel 3 days before the day of the activity, we will refund you 50%.
If you cancel under this time or do not show up, you will not be refunded.

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songs — Eileen O’Connor — LiveJournal


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Sandro’s post was inspired by this.
About how children (and adults too) change songs, replacing incomprehensible or unintelligible words with their own versions.

My daughter sang at the age of six instead of «Voluptuous joy, golden brichmula, where the plane tree crouched under a rock»:

Voluptuous Joy,
Golden Brichmula,
Ham crouched under a rock there!

And when I was fifteen, my girlfriends cruelly ridiculed me when they heard me sing the song of the Bravo band: «Of course, Vasya, who doesn’t know him, wow! Vasya with a cart from Moscow!»
Vasya, of course, was a dude, but «dude» passed my children’s vocabulary. But with the cart — this is understandable. Simple such Vasya with a cart.
The first place is confidently held by the daughter of my friends with the chorus:

Because for ten girls
A sausage and nine guys!

And my favorite Tishinusha Gamemerya, Tishinusha Gamemerya, Tishinusha Gamemerya, you will enter like the future!
Sandro threw a wonderful variant: «A bunch of fools at the well! Protect, protect, protect us from the sun!»
It is absolutely inexplicable how in my childhood I managed to hear the words «these eyes are on the wire» in the song «These eyes are opposite». The song terrified me, because I understood: it was about the war, there was an explosion, and all that was left was the eyes on the wire. Moreover, all the other words (“just don’t take it away, just don’t take it away, just don’t take your eyes off”) passed by my consciousness.

Did you mutilate songs yourself? 🙂 And what?

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90,000 Zoshchenko: Brush Vasya: summary

Full text >>> Vasya Cow


  1. Short retelling of the story Trush Vasya: Mikhail Zoshchenko
  2. Trush Vasya: Summary
  3. Trush Vasya: Zoshchenko Chief Gero 9014

Brief retelling of Vasya the Coward’s story: Mikhail Zoshchenko

In Zoshchenko’s story ‘Vasya the Coward’ we meet a six-year-old boy Vasya and his father, who worked as a blacksmith. Every day my father rode to work on a black horse and cart. When he returned, Vasya got into the cart and rode, although the horse did not welcome this. And his father was against trips and forbade Vasya to ride.

Once Vasya decided to ride a horse with a breeze, but suddenly someone hit him on the back, and at first he thought that his father had caught up with him. The boy turned around, but there was no one around.

After a while Vasya was hit on the back again, this time he thought that it was the horse that hit him. And then frequent blows rained down, and the horse turned to the house and rushed. Fleeing from the blows, the boy lay down in the cart and began to scream in fear. Finally the horse stopped and the blows stopped.

Frightened Vasya got off the cart and saw that there was a branch in the wheel, which whipped him. He took a branch and just wanted to hit the horse, when his father stood up for her. He said that hitting horses is a bad habit, and a horse is a smart animal.

While Vasya was sleeping, a horse came to him in a dream and called him a coward.

The next day Vasya got ready and went to the river to fish.

Cowardly Vasya: Zoshchenko: Another summary

In the story Cowardly Vasya M. Zoshchenko, the main character is the son of a village blacksmith, the boy Vasya. When Vasya’s son came home in the evening and went into the house, Vasya, despite his father’s ban, rode a horse. Once Vasya, as usual, sat down for a ride and drove to the nearest forest. A branch has fallen into the cart wheel.

She started whipping Vasya hard on the back, he was very frightened and did not understand who was whipping him, he thought that it was the horse that was beating him. Frightened, he dropped the reins, and the clever horse galloped back to the house. When he returned home, his father came out into the street, and Vasya began to complain to him that the horse had whipped him.

Only then did he see a branch that got stuck in the wheel. At night, in a dream, he had a dream in which the horse called Vasya a coward. The main idea of ​​this work is that children need to obey their parents. The story teaches to be brave and not to panic in unusual situations.

Cowardly Vasya: Zoshchenko: summary

The story Cowardly Vasya tells about a boy Vasya, who was the son of a village blacksmith. In the evenings, when his father returned home, Vasya rode a horse, although this was forbidden to him.

Once he drove to the forest, but a branch got into the wheel. She began to whip the boy on the back as she moved. He was frightened, thinking that a horse was beating him, threw the reins, and the horse brought him home. Seeing his father, the boy complained that his horse whipped on his back, and only then noticed a branch stuck in the wheel. At night, in a dream, he saw a horse calling him a coward.

This work makes you think about how to behave in unusual situations. Do not panic, it is better to find out what is the reason. In addition, Zoshchenko wanted to tell the children that they should obey their parents so as not to get into such situations.

Cowardly Vasya: Zoshchenko: summary

The short story ‘Cowardly Vasya’ is about the hero of the same name, the boy Vasya. He was the son of a blacksmith who had a horse. On this horse he rode to the forge. When his father returned home, Vasya himself liked to ride a cart drawn by his father’s horse, but his father did not approve of this, just like the horse itself.

One day he decided to ride further into the forest and beat the horse to make it go faster. A tree branch accidentally hit the cart wheel, and when the cart was moving, the branch began to hit Vasya. He did not notice the branch, thinking that he was beaten by a horse, got scared and headed home. At home, it turned out what really happened. At the end, Vasya has a dream about how the horse called him a coward. And in the morning he went to the river and caught fish.

Cowardly Vasya: Zoshchenko: summary

This children’s story by Zoshchenko tells about Vasya, the son of a blacksmith, who liked to ride a cart that was harnessed to his father’s horse. One evening, Vasya, without the permission of his father, went on a cart to the forest, where a tree branch accidentally got into the wheel and this branch, when the wheel was turned, began to whip the child on the back.

It was already dark and Vasya decided that it was the horse that beat him. Frightened, he lay down at the bottom of the cart, threw down the reins, and the horse itself came to the blacksmith’s yard.

The next morning, Vasya no longer got into the cart, but went fishing.

In this story, the main characters are the son of a blacksmith named Vasya, a black horse, and the blacksmith himself.

The main idea of ​​this story, of course, is the obedience of one’s parents, which is unnecessary, for one’s own entertainment, to neglect their opinion. Of course, this story is also about the relationship of a person to an animal, and here the idea lies in a kind attitude towards a horse, because it is not just an animal, but a helper for the whole family.

This story teaches that children should not put their personal life above family interests, that parents should be obeyed and animals should be treated with understanding and care, and not invent what these animals cannot do.

Cowardly Vasya: Zoshchenko is the main character

In Mikhail Zoshchenko’s story ‘Cowardly Vasya’, there is only one main character, and this is the boy Vasya, who is only six years old.

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