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Essential Travel Tips About La Placita And Its Nightlife

If you are traveling to Puerto Rico and looking for the best nightlife scene, then La Placita de Santurce (La Placita for short) should be high on your list of places to visit. It is hands down one of the liveliest areas in Puerto Rico for a long night of dancing and debauchery.

La Placita has a well-deserved reputation for being a prime party destination in Puerto Rico for both tourists and locals. Its central location in Santurce, San Juan makes it easily accessible from nearby towns and a quick 15-minute drive from San Juan airport.

After visiting La Placita, I found that much of the information online gives the impression that it is a hip and trendy place like the meatpacking district in NYC or South Beach in Miami. Although it has its appeals, La Placita is nothing like them.

So, I’m going to set the record straight, and your expectations right, with essential travel tips about La Placita in Puerto Rico, its nightlife, and the neighborhood, that tourism sites won’t tell you about.

I’ll also include original pictures and videos of the neighborhood and its festivities from my trip there – no filters.



Important Travel Requirements For La Placita and Puerto Rico

In case you are wondering, “Is La Placita De Santurce open?” Yes, it is open, with minimal restrictions.

As of March 10th, 2022, most vaccination and mask requirements were lifted on the island. But, there are still a few important details about Puerto Rico travel guidelines in particular that travelers should be aware of:

  • Domestic travelers, U.S citizens, and immigrants (e.g. permanent residents) do not have to present proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test results.
  • Travelers arriving by cruise ship and non-U.S. citizens arriving by international flights are required to upload proof of full vaccination before arrival.
  • Guests testing positive for Covid-19 are subject to quarantine.
  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination and negative test results are no longer required to enter hotels and indoor dining establishments including bars, restaurants, event venues, and theaters.
  • Masks are not required for indoor establishments, outdoor gatherings, or events with less than 1,000 attendees
  • Capacity limits have been lifted across the island.
  • Safety guidelines may apply to specific venues, concerts, and events.

These are the most important travel requirements and restrictions as of June 2022 that you should know about. Still, before you go, check the Puerto Rico’s official travel website for details about the latest travel guidelines and verify the operating hours of any local businesses and tourist attractions that you plan to visit.

Also, keep in mind that businesses are free to require masks, proof of vaccination, or other safety guidelines at their discretion.

Now on to the tips!

La Placita Del Mercado de Santurce Is Your Main Destination

Bars at La Placita De Santurce Del Mercado – Photo By C. Nez Byrd

La Placita is a small residential neighborhood located within Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Locally and on maps, it is referred to as “La Placita de Santurce” in Spanish. Its key landmark, which is central to the nightlife area, is, “La Plaza del Mercado de Santurce.” This is where the main attractions (the bars and restaurants) are and your main destination.

So, if you are traveling there on your own, without a guide, don’t just navigate to “La Placita.” If you do, you will find many locations with “La Placita in the name and likely end up in the wrong location!

Here’s a screenshot example of all the  locations that appear when you search for “la Placita” in Google Maps:

Google Map Search of La Placita

So, here’s a Google map embed you can use for correct directions to La Placita, by searching for, “La Placita de Santurce”:

“La Plaza del Mercado de Santurce,” is a small marketplace and outdoor plaza in the center of La Placita de Santurce. It features a farmers markets with fresh local produce during the day, surrounded by small local restaurants, bars, cafés, and various street vendors.

This area is quiet and calm during the daytime, or what I like to call its “family-friendly hours.”

In the evening, this area changes into a nightlife hub, as all the bars open their doors, the salsa music is cranked to the max, and both locals and tourists pour in from all over the island to dance in the streets! If you can imagine a massive block party involving a chain of bars, then you’ll have the right mental image.

So don’t go during the daytime to La Placita if you are looking for excitement. Just remember, “The Freaks Come out At Night.” Even during the peak of the tourist season, La Placita is like a ghost town during the daytime when compared to its nightlife alter ego.

Nightlife in La Placita is Best From 10 PM to 5 AM

Calm Daytime La Placita De Santurce Del Mercado – Photo By C Nez Byrd

You won’t find anywhere else in Puerto Rico where you can party at night for 9+ hours straight. Normally, the nightlife scene at La Placita is active from Wednesday through Sunday, starting around 6 pm and ending by 7 am. On Mondays and Tuesdays, most bars are closed for business; These are the quiet days.

But during my trip, I found that the best times to go to La Placita for nightlife are between 10 PM- 5 AM. Many bars start closing their doors by 5 AM, especially if the business is slowing down. I discovered this the hard way when I went searching for a hand-rolled cigar around 5:30 AM and found shuttered doors instead.

Also, many bars in La Placita don’t even open until after 9 PM. While most restaurants close by 10 PM. So arrive early if you want to enjoy some day drinking, happy hour specials, and authentic Latin American cuisine before the nighttime festivities.

Happy Hour Specials and Prices at a Karaoke Bar in La Placita De Santurce Photo By C. Nez Byrd

Where to find cheap drinks in La Placita

Don’t stress too much over catching happy hour specials, because drink prices are relatively cheap all day and night at every bar in La Placita de Santurce. The bars with dance floors inside lean towards the higher end.

At La Placita bars, alcoholic cocktails typically cost around $5 – $8 each. Particularly if you stick with domestic brands like Bacardi, Don Q, Palo Viejo, Ron del Barrilito, and Ron Llave, which most bars offer. They may cost more if you order a different foreign or top-shelf liquor.

Which reminds me, you can grab a bottle of any of these Puerto Rican liquors for around $12 at most local shops nearby in Condado, San Juan. So it is a good idea to load up on them for hotel pregames.

Shelves of Domestic Liquors with prices at a local store in San Juan Puerto Rico Photo by C Nez Byrd Always The VIP

If you do arrive at La Placita with an empty stomach, your only options will be empanadas or tapas (small food dishes) from the few food vendors that stay open late.

Street Vendors at La Placita De Santurce – Photo By C Nez Byrd

Otherwise, you can find a diner that stays open late. There aren’t many, but the closest I found near La Placita was a restaurant called, “Ruben’s Diner,” which stays open 24 hours and had happy hour deals like 2 margaritas for $10 until 11 PM!

By the way, while you are in Puerto Rico you must try the mofongo. Mofongo is a local Puerto Rican dish with smashed plantains with meats and garlic that is just delicious.

Always Stay Within The Plaza Near La Placita del Mercado

La Placita Del Mercardo de Santurce in Puerto Rico – Photo by C. Nez Byrd

Although I loved both the nightlife experience and the people there, it is common local knowledge that La Placita de Santurce is not one of the best neighborhoods in San Juan. If you compare it to Old San Juan or even Condado nearby, those neighborhoods are in far better condition and more walkable for tourists looking for things to do.

Many articles online give the misleading impression that La Placita is a hip, artsy place, and modern place like Williamsburg, Brooklyn (my closest comparison as a New Yorker). While this may apply to other areas in the larger Santurce area, most of the neighborhood in La Placita is visibly impoverished. Although a few parts do seem to be in the early stages of gentrification.

This fact becomes evident if you walk the neighborhood (which I did), to see the poor state of local homes, bad conditions of streets and roads, and numerous dilapidated buildings. Where tourist sites claimed there were murals, you’ll instead find amateur graffiti scrawlings. And where you might have expected to find theaters, you will find abandoned businesses.

Is La Placita Safe?

Generally, La Placita de Santurce is safe within the immediate vicinity of La Placita Del Mercado and during its busy hours. However, this small strip is in the center of a poor neighborhood, and there is little to no police presence to assure your safety. So, if you are a tourist, you should remain cautious and aware of your surroundings during your visit.

So limit your drunken meandering to the plaza near La Placita del Mercado, where the crowds are, and you should be fine. And for your safety and peace of mind, if you get drunk, just call a cab and go directly back to your room – Don’t take any chances.

La Placita Is Best For Barhopping

If you are looking for a nightclub experience, La Placita isn’t it. There are only a few locations in La Placita that I would say come close to being categorized as clubs (which I’ll elaborate on in the next tip). The rest are purely bars and small restaurants with sound systems.

La Placita de Santurce is primarily a barhopping scene with its multiple small bars just steps away from one another. It’s not the South Beach, Miami boardwalk where you are likely to stay at one club until the sun comes up.

Casually dressed Guests at bars and outdoor seating in the daytime at La Placita De Santurce Photo By C Nez Byrd Always The VIP

Although I am a huge advocate of overdressing, you can leave your heels and oxfords at home. Instead, I recommend casual wear to get you comfortably through a long night of barhopping. But, if you want to stand out a little, you can still go all out with your sexiest outfit and still fit right in.

Just keep in mind that most party-goers here are dressed casually in short sleeve shirts, shorts, and athletic footwear. Ladies who want to turn heads often wear dresses with flats or wedges.

Crowds in Casual Wear at La Placita De Santurce – Photo by C. Nez Byrd

If you do decide to wear high heels, just be sure they are comfortable because you will undoubtedly do a lot of walking between bars. Just remember what I said about the poor conditions of the streets. Take care to watch your every step and avoid cracks in the pavement or you may end up with a twisted ankle as the perfect ending to a fun night out! (Sarcasm)

Most Bars Don’t Have Dance Floors For A Club Experience

Live Music in the Street at La Placita De Santurce – Photo By C. Nez Byrd

If you are looking for a club experience with a live DJ, a dance floor, and tables to pop bottles, then La Placita De Santurce has limited options. There are only 4 places that even have a dance floor. I suppose the good thing about that, is there usually aren’t any lines or obnoxious doormen to worry about.

Bars with Dance Floors

There are very few bars in La Lcita De Santurce that have dance floors and offer a club vibe:

  1. Garabatos Bar & Restaurant
  2. Martullo Bar and Tapas
  3. El Techo Rooftop Bar
  4. Lokos

Besides these spots, the most bars in La Placita are relatively small, with just enough space to offer limited standing room and bar seating. So, there isn’t much room to dance inside. You could probably pull off some merengue, but no spins. Which is like 90% of the fun.

The limited indoor space is likely why many venues here have outdoor seating and loudspeakers that blast the music into the streets, or bands playing in front of the entrances. The streets are your dance floors in La Placita – embrace it!

PS: Don’t bother looking for websites for the bars in La Placita. Most don’t have a website, social media page, or even much of an online presence for that matter.

Do Not Drive. Take a Cab

Traffic and Pedestrians Walking in the Streets of La Placita De Santurce – Photo By C. Nez Byrd

Forget about renting or driving your own car to La Pacita – a bad decision. If you drive there you will likely end up wasting a ton of time between trying to find parking and navigating the crowded streets. Your best option is to take a taxi there and back.

And if you’re thinking of taking mass transit, I wouldn’t recommend that either. The nearest bus stop is almost a 15-minute walk away! That’s not a long walk you want to take through an unfamiliar neighborhood while you’re drunk at 5 AM.

3 Reasons To Always Take A Cab In La Placita

If you’re still not convinced, here are 3 unavoidable facts why taking a cab to La Placita is your best option:

  1. La Placita is in a residential area, so it has very limited street parking available throughout the day.
  2. There are only 3 parking lots in the area. And only two of them are public, while the third is privately owned by a restaurant.
  3. After 6+ hours of partying and drinking, you won’t be in any condition to drive

Driving to La Placita just isn’t a good idea. Unless perhaps you have a designated driver who doesn’t mind dealing with the above f

When you are there, you may randomly see poor souls attempting to drive through the narrow streets of the plaza, struggling inch by inch to get through the crowds. That’s when you will thank yourself for listening to my advice while you are sipping on your Tito’s or Don Q and singing the hook to that Marc Anthony song everyone loves.

Don’t Rent Lodgings In La Placita

While it may seem convenient to rent a room in La Placita de Santurce, it’s not a good idea if you plan to do anything else, like sleep. I found this out the hard way when I rented a room in the center of this party neighborhood.

Although the party was conveniently steps from my door, it was the worst decision I made during my trip. Here’s why:

First, the music is played so loudly in La Placita that it will sound like it is literally coming from inside of your room. People who rent rooms here will not warn you about these crazy noise levels or how long they really last.

And don’t expect any thick walls or soundproof windows to protect you from the noise or their vibrations. Most buildings here aren’t designed with noise reduction in mind. Remember what I said earlier, La Placita isn’t a modernized neighborhood.

Secondly, besides the few local bars and restaurants near La Placita del Mercado, there isn’t much else to see or do here. La Placita is not near any beaches, popular shopping centers, museums, entertainment, or other noteworthy attractions to keep you occupied during the day.

That’s another thing renters and tourism sites mislead visitors about. The marketplace and nightlife are the best and only things that La Placita has going for it, there are no other tourist attractions there.

Lastly, after a long night of partying and drinking in La Placita, you will likely be incapacitated the next day. Especially with the lack of sleep from the noise. So any fabulous day trip plans you had will likely go right out of the window.

If you are on this trip with your significant other or family members, then that change of plans is an argument in the making.

Overall, my advice is to party in La Placita but do not stay at a hotel or room there unless you plan to party every night. If you decide not to take my advice, then find somewhere that isn’t near the bars.

Alternatively, I recommend choosing lodgings somewhere nicer like Old San Juan or even Condado nearby. Between these options, you could have access to Condado Beach or Atlantic Beach, walkable neighborhoods, local attractions, and a good night’s rest.

Be Wary of Cheap Rentals

Cheap rooms are cheap for a reason. I learned this the hard way when renting a room from an Airbnb host named “Erick.

Besides the lack of hot water and leaks, which he denied despite video evidence, he blatantly lied about the quiet hours in La Placita in his listing. He also concealed the fact that the room was literally above a bar that pumps loud music all night!

Erick was the worst Airbnb host I ever encountered, and that was my worst rental experience ever. It also made me completely lose faith in AirBNB customer service which favors the best interests of hosts over guests.

So, beware of the tech guy Erick’s fruit-named rooms in San Juan, like “avocado.” Do yourself a favor and stick to reputable hotels – unless you don’t mind rolling the dice with your comfort.

Skip the Tours, You Won’t Need A Guide

Did you find a great deal for a tour of La Placita de Santurce? Unless you feel insecure about traveling without a guide in Puerto Rico, then you shouldn’t buy a tour – the neighborhood is simply too small to necessitate it.

There are 3 simple reasons why you shouldn’t book in advance to visit La Placita De Santurce:

First, the perimeter around the bars in La Placita De Santurce only spans about 1/3 of a mile. So you could walk from one end of this area to the other in less than 5 minutes by yourself (according to Google Maps).

Secondly, there are currently around 20 bars and 17 restaurants in La Placita de Santurce. And most are literally within line of sight of each other! So, given their proximity to one another, there is simply no need for a tour guide to direct you to them.

Finally, as I mentioned earlier, La Placita is a bar-hopping kind of neighborhood. And since the party rocks until the break of dawn you shouldn’t tie yourself down to an agenda, a tour guide, or scheduled tour times – it would simply be a waste of money.

If you want to see it’s like in real life, click here to see a short Instagram video that I took while barhopping at La Placita.

Overall, I had a great time at La Placita de Santurce. So if anything I said came off as negative that was not my intention; that was just me being honest. If you don’t like honestly, there are a ton of tourism websites you could check out that will hype it up for you.

If I had known everything from this article before I went to Puerto Rico, I would have planned my trip very differently. So, I hope these tips help to make your trip even better.

And if you are looking for another great tourist destination in Puerto Rico, read my #1 article, “A Step-By-Step Guide on How To Get To Cayo Icacos.”

If this article was helpful, please share it, and feel free to show me some love on Instagram @Nezalpha. The more love you show, the more I write to help people like you out.

Throw a shot back for me in PR, salud!

La Placita de Santurce, Stop 18th

La Placita de Santurce, Stop 18th

An indispensable stop during your visit to San Juan is the “Plaza del Mercado” or marketplace, known affectionately as “La Placita”.

Address: #154 Dos Hermanos Street, San Juan, PR
Google Map:
(787) 631-6852
Facebook: 1625829314330396/?rf=160784093965161


Asere Cubano Kitchen Bar
Asere combines the best of Puerto Rican and Cuban cuisine in a sexy but casual environment.
#180 Dos Hermanos Street, Santurce, PR
Email: [email protected]

Tasca El Pescador
This small restaurant across the street from the Placita has the best fresh seafood in the city.
#178 Dos Hermanos Street, Santurce, PR

[email protected]

Small and cozy restaurant, the food is very good and service is excellent.
#201 Capitol Street, Santurce, PR

[email protected]

El Popular
A true puertorrican atmosphere and great food to go with it. Very tasteful dishes and fast service.
#205 Capitol Street, Santurce, PR

Local & modern, with cava, which you can also book for your activity or group.
#176 Dos Hermanos Street, Santurce, PR

[email protected]

San Juan Smokehouse
Making your Dreams come True by serving up Southern Favorites with a Local Puerto Rican Twist.
#255 Orbeta Street, Santurce, PR

[email protected] com

El Sabor de Reina
The menu offers a wide selection of Creole and international dishes, plus a variety of snacks and delicious desserts.
#205 Capitol Street, Santurce, PR

[email protected]

Jose Enrique
This small, dinner-only place is revered by locals for its scrumptious local fare that is far more creative and upscale than you can imagine.
#176 Duffaut Street, Santurce, PR

[email protected]

Pancho Villa Casa de Tequilas
An ample collection of 40 tequila labels and a grand selection of margaritas available for your enjoyment.
#251 Orbeta Street, Santurce, PR
(787) 646-6099

[email protected] com

Rooted firmly in authentic dishes and local ingredients, Chef Santaella creates an elegant evolution of the flavours that showcase the vibrant energy of the island’s ‘cocina criolla’.
219 Calle Canals, Santurce, PR

[email protected]

Jiro Sushi & Thai Tapas
A cornerstone in the San Juan community, has been recognized for its outstanding Thai cuisine, excellent service and friendly staff.
#1355 Roberts Street, Santurce, PR

Mai Pen Rai
The restaurant uses fresh rice noodles flown down from New York and has partnered with local farms to grow Thai chilies and other herbs.
#303 Canals Street, Santurce, PR

maipenrai. [email protected]

Vittorino Trattoria
Vittorino is one trattoria rustic modern decor with minimalist European accents, two-floors which accommodates around 50 people.
#205 Capitol Street, Santurce, PR


Delavida Restobar
The interior bar and dining room are handsomely restored and the back deck is a dream.
#1361 Iturriaga & Canals Streets, Santurce, PR

[email protected]

Marullo Bar & Tapas
One of the coolest places in La Placita, a bar with a modern twist to the tropical environment.
#202 Canals Street, Santurce, PR

[email protected]

Bar El Rubí
A combination of delicious cocktails with new ingredients gives Bar El Rubí the style that a customer needs.
#213 Canals Street, Santurce, PR

HP Tavern
Modern Tavern Style Burger and Pizza, joint with an exclusive cocktails and Beers Menu. Watermelon Sangria is a must for both locals and travelers.
#202 Canals Street, Santurce, PR

[email protected]

Tropical leisure cocktail bar located in the heart of La Placita de Santurce.
#254 Canals Street, Santurce, PR

[email protected]

La Mala Vida
In La Mala Vida (The Bad Life) you can enjoy succulent dishes with Caribbean and Mexican influences.
#211 Canals Street, Santurce, PR
(787) 523-5145

[email protected]


El Coco de Luis
This small eatery serves up meals and their special whiskey and fresh coconut water cocktail.
#1348 Calle Roberts, Santurce, PR

[email protected]

Lokos Kokos
Great vibe and the location
#206 Canals Street, Santurce, PR

Trifongo Taíno
One of the best, serving authentic local cuisine
#1352 Roberts Street, Santurce, PR
(787) 400-2022

La Alcapurria Quema
No trip to Puerto Rico is complete without tasting the iconic alcapurria, a true local gastronomy experience.
#251 Duffaut & Orbeta Streets, Santurce, PR

[email protected]

Taberna Los Vázquez
Live music and a lot of dance!
#1348 Orbeta Street, Santurce, PR
Email: [email protected] com

How to choose an SR Suntour fork for your bike

When you buy a bike under $1000 99% of the time it will come with an SR Suntour suspension fork. The company has a long history of technical innovation in the bike industry, and that’s what has allowed them to produce suspension forks since 1995, including the lower price segment — I’m talking about forks that you can see on a bike starting at $ 200. And the history of the company begins in the distant 1912. You can learn about the history of the development of SR Suntour and technologies in a separate article.

Below we will review Suntour’s range of suspension forks. We will divide surebets by disciplines with a description of the characteristics.

Conventionally, all forks can be divided into categories:
  • forks for hybrids or city bikes: NEX, NCX;
  • for mountain bikes: XST, XCM, XCR.
  • for bikes of the new class Gravel
Designations and technologies that can be found on Suntour forks
  • DS — disc brake fork only;
  • Coil — coiled steel spring;
  • Air — air spring;
  • HLO — hydraulic lockout for elastomer forks. It is a non-separable and maintenance-free cartridge;
  • LO — mechanical fork lock;
  • LO-R — coil spring fork with locking cartridge and handlebar controls;
  • LO-R AIR — air fork with lock placed on the steering wheel;
  • RL — closed non-separable cartridge, with adjustable rebound speed;
  • RL-R — closed non-separable cartridge, with adjustable rebound speed and lockout on the handlebars;
  • PSC (piston compensator system) — closed serviced oil damper, installed on more expensive and advanced Suntour forks;
  • LO RC-PSC — PSC cartridge with adjustable low speed compression and rebound;
  • RL RC-PSC — PSC cartridge with low speed compression and rebound adjustment and handlebar lockout;
  • RC2-PSC — PSC cartridge with adjustable high and low speed compression and rebound;
  • R2C2-PSC — PSC cartridge with adjustable high and low speed compression, high and low speed rebound;
  • EQ Equalizer is an air spring system that allows you to fine-tune the spring to the rider. Suntour promise progressive performance and feel like a coiled steel spring;
  • Hollow Crown — hollow crown, to reduce weight;
  • QLoc — system for quick removal of the wheel under the axle.
Forks for walking and fitness

Weight often exceeding 2 kg, plastic bushings (foot guides), steel springs designed for a weight of about 100 kg, elastomeric bumper are the distinguishing features of this group. Recently released with BOOST and a regular 15mm axle.

1. M3010 — fork for a wide range of wheels: 20, 24, 26, 700C and feet with a diameter of 25.4 mm. Has mounts for V-brake. Weighs from 2.2 kg. Steel spring without adjustment.

2. XCE28 — fork with 28 mm legs and weighing more than 2.6 kg. It has versions for 26″, 27.5″ and 29″ wheels.

3. XCT-JR — a fork for children’s and teenage bicycles. There is a model of a fork for BOOST on 20″ wheels for an eccentric.

4. XCT30 — fork with 30 mm legs and hydraulic lock. Available for 20″, 27.5″ and 29″ wheels. Widely used on budget bikes. 5. XCM is the big brother of the XCT forks for the full range of 20″ to 29″ wheels (20″ forks have air springs and 28mm legs). There are older versions with 30mm legs, newer ones with 32mm and even 34mm legs (weight over 3kg). The first forks in the Suntour range with axle and BOOST. There are versions with a closed oil cartridge and rebound adjustment. In most cases, these are hydraulic or mechanical lockout forks.

Full maintenance of the SR Suntour XCM HLO suspension fork (with hydraulic lockout) in our workshop can be viewed on this page (opens in a new window).

XC forks

1. XCR — XCR fork with 32 mm legs. Features a maintenance-free oil cartridge damper and rebound adjustment. The range includes forks with 34mm legs with BOOST as well as 15mm axles.
Steel and air spring forks are available. The top bushings are already metal with a Teflon coating.

2. Raidon — a fork with anodized aluminum legs and a weight of ~ 2 kg (before the legs were steel). It has a sealed, maintenance-free oil damper cartridge. There are options with 32 mm and 34 mm legs under BOOST, different travel (from 100 to 140 mm).

3. Epixon (former Epicon) is a lighter version of Raidon. Epicon used to have a collapsible damper cartridge, but Epixon has lost that. Weight about 1850 grams.

4. Axon is Suntour’s top cross-country fork. It has a low weight (about 1600 grams), an adequate PCS (Piston Compensator System) oil damper with compression adjustments, versions for BOOST, as well as a version with 34 legs.

Trail, Enduro, Freeride, Downhill Forks

1. Zeron is a trail and enduro fork with 35mm aluminum legs and 130-160mm travel. It has versions with a steel spring weighing about 2.5 kg and an air spring weighing 2.3 kg. Simple maintenance free damper like Raidon and Epixon. Released version under BOOST.

2. Aion is an air fork with aluminum legs and weighs about 2 kg. Stroke from 130 to 160 mm. The regular Aion version has 34mm feet and a simple maintenance free damper, the EVO version has 35mm feet and a PCS oil damper. There is a version for Boost.

3. Auron is a complete fork with 130-160mm travel, PCS damper and weight up to 2kg. Has a Boost version with 35mm legs.

4. Durolux — fork with 36 mm legs and 150 to 180 mm travel has collected all the most advanced Suntour technologies: PCS (Piston Compensator System) oil damper, EQ EQUALIZER ™ SYSTEM air spring, BOOST, Q- Loc2. Several offset options are available: 44 and 51 mm. Weight starts from 2.1 kg.

5. RUX Downhill fork with 38mm legs and 200mm travel. It has a full PCS oil damper with VSK and NSK adjustments, BOOST standard, air spring and weight in the region of 3 kg.

City, Trekking, Cross Country Forks

1. TR-HSI is a steel spring fork with 30 legs for 28″ wheels. It has 63mm travel, 2.6kg weight and hydraulic lockout.

2. CR7, CR8, CR85 — Simple city bike fork with 40-63mm travel and V-brake mount Weight around 2.2kg Some versions have hydraulic lockout

3. NEX, NVX — forks for hybrids with 50-75 mm travel and 28″ legs. NEX forks are designed for city bikes with 28″ wheels, with a spring in one leg and without any damper. Small travel

A full maintenance of the SR Suntour NEX suspension fork in our workshop can be viewed on this page (opens in a new window).0003

4. Mobie45, Mobie25 is a series of forks with 32mm (mobie25) and 34mm (mobie45) aluminum legs and air spring. 63mm to 100mm travel, simple maintenance-free damper with adjustable rebound and lockout. Installed on electric bikes.

5. NCX hybrid fork with 30mm aluminum legs. Suntour NCX launches a range of quality city bike forks for 700C wheels. It is made using aluminum and magnesium alloys, which reduces its weight. And the spring rate adjustment and hydraulic locking nicely complete the picture. The letter D in the marking means mounting under a through axle, to increase rigidity and clarity of control.

Full maintenance of the SR Suntour NCX suspension fork in our workshop can be viewed on this page (opens in a new window).

6. NRX is a lighter version of the NCX with black anodized legs. Legs 30 mm, weight around 1.8 kg. Along with the mobie series, they are the top of the range short travel forks. Modification of the NRX-D Air RL series has an air chamber, changing the pressure in which, you can adjust its rigidity. On the right side of the leg there is an oil damper, which is also a travel blocking cartridge controlled from the handlebars of the bicycle. The ability to block the course is useful while driving on smooth asphalt.

The 700C Suntour NRX fork has 30mm aluminum legs for good stiffness and survivability, while magnesium alloy pants and an aluminum crown help reduce weight significantly.

Description of the suspension fork SR Suntour NRX and its characteristics are given on a separate page (opens in a new window).

Full maintenance of the SR Suntour NRX-D suspension fork in our workshop can be viewed on this page (opens in a new window).

Gravel Fork

1. GVX is a new development from Suntour. Anodized black A7000 alloy legs 32mm diameter, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm travel. On board: air spring, rebound adjustable hydraulic lockout, forged A6000 alloy crown, magnesium pants, aluminum tapered stem, ø15-100 axle only mount. Weight 1725 g.0003

What to look for when choosing.

To help you choose the type of fork damping, and therefore the cost of maintenance, I publish a table that shows the fork models and the type of damping spring.

Another important technical aspect is the diameter of the fork legs. With other marketing insinuations, it directly affects the handling of the bike, but it should be considered only together with the riding style and not separately. Generally, thicker legs mean better stiffness and handling. Suntour makes feet diameter: 25.4mm, 28mm, 30mm, 32mm, 34mm, 35mm, 36mm, 38mm. Typically the XC discipline uses 30-34mm, trail uses 32-35mm, and 35-38mm is for enduro and downhill.

The factor that affects the cost of a fork is the material from which the legs are made. The cheapest SR Suntour forks use chrome steel, followed by nickel-plated steel, alloy A6000, and alloy A7000 rounds out the list. The lighter alloy legs offer significant weight savings over steel, while anodized finish improves performance.

The lower part of the fork — the so-called pants, mainly made of magnesium alloy (more than 90% magnesium), which is significantly lighter than aluminium. The pants of budget forks are made of aluminum.

The article material corresponds to the SR Suntour catalog as of March 2021 and is updated periodically.

Update 05/3/2021 (Added description of adjustment and updated damping spring table)

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