Puerto de fajardo: Things to Do in Fajardo

Things to Do in Fajardo

Governor’s Beach, one of Fajardo’s pristine beaches. 

Located on the easternmost tip of Puerto Rico, Fajardo is a great base if you want to explore Puerto Rico’s nearby islands and cays. Known for breathtaking views and pristine natural reserves, the town is only 40 minutes away from SJU airport.

Home to a half-dozen marinas — one of them the largest one in the Caribbean — Fajardo is leader in sailing, parasailing, catamaran chartering, and much more. The town is home to one of the three bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico, where you can kayak and explore the diversity of marine life. There is also the Cabezas de San Juan nature reserve, where you’ll find more outdoor adventures await.

Here are some popular things to do in Fajardo during your visit:

Fajardo is known for its incredible snorkeling. 

Seven Seas

The most popular balneario in Fajardo presents its visitors with placid shoreline that’s ideal for snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, and more. The crescent-shaped beach is lined with palm and almond trees that provide shade for a picnic or just to relax. The beach is surrounded by little food kiosks and restaurants at the entrance of Las Cabezas de San Juan, also known as Las Croabas. Seven Seas has gazebos, parking and camping areas, as well as restrooms and showers.

La Zanja

Perhaps one of the most “Instagrammable” places in Fajardo is La Zanja (The Ditch), one of the town’s off-the-beaten-path wonders. La Zanja is a natural pool created when the waves from the Atlantic crash on the rocks and fill in the long, “ditch-like” indentation. If you like adventure, it’s about a 20 to 30-minute hike from Seven Seas to this secluded location, and you’ll get to enjoy some scenery along the road less-traveled.

Playa Escondida and Playa Colorá are two of Fajardo’s hidden gems.

Playa Escondida and Playa Colorá

Divided by a small peninsula called Cabeza Chiquita (Small head) are Playa Escondida and Playa Colorá, two of Fajardo’s hidden gems. They make up part of the Northeast Ecological Corridor and to get to them you will have to do a little bit of hiking. Playa Colorá earned its name because of its reddish-colored sand which is juxtaposed against the turquoise waters. Meanwhile, Playa Escondida is hemmed in by mangroves, and its golden sand makes it a great location to unwind.

Icacos Island is one of Fajardo’s most pristine locations. 

Snorkel around other keys and islets

The Cordillera Natural Reserve is made up of remote keys and cays full of bright and abundant ocean life. Places like Palomino Island, a location owned by El Conquistador hotel, allows you to dive in the waters, play some beach volleyball, practice paddle boarding, and even snorkel around the reefs.  

Fall in love with Icacos Island’s diamond-dust shore and stunningly clear waters, where abundant coral reefs are home to schools of fish and other marine creatures. Dubbed as Fajardo’s best-kept beach, this piece of paradise is the largest key of the Cordillera Natural Reserve. Don’t miss a chance to spend the day working on a suntan and enjoying the ocean breeze  

Other nearby cays are Cayo Lobos, Cayo Ratones, Cayo Diablo, and Cayo Cucarachas. Charter a catamaran to go beach and cay-hopping with some friends. Or, have an experience right out of an action movie and book a private mini speed boat tour with the only tour operator offering this experience on the Island, Kayaking Puerto Rico. Just as most catamarans, the mini speed boat tour includes refreshments and snacks to keep you fueled as you explore these Insta-worthy spots.   


Laguna Grande Bioluminescent Bay

One of the main attractions at Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve is Laguna Grande, one of the three bio-bays in Puerto Rico. The narrow and long canal that leads to the dazzling, glow-in-the-dark waters make this a lagoon, technically, rather than a bay.

You can kayak or cruise in a small boat and experience a surreal moment when the agitation of the water makes it light up thanks to microscopic organisms in the water. Although visitors are not allowed to swim in the lagoon, you can agitate the water with your hands and witness a magical natural spectacle. Be sure to book in advance and take into consideration that the less moonlight there is, the better the experience of this natural phenomenon will be.

Kayaker paddling by Las Croabas Park and Fajardo’s Lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse in Puerto Rico.

Fajardo’s Lighthouse

Situated in a headland inside the Nature Reserve, El Faro de Fajardo is Puerto Rico’s oldest lighthouse. The structure is adorned with neoclassical detail and topped with a Spanish colonial tower overlooking the cliff. There, you can visit a nature center and an observation deck with delightful views of the bay.

Las Croabas Park

Head over to Las Croabas recreation park, a “low-intensity” park offering open-air gazebos to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings. You can skate, ride bicycles, fly kites, have a picnic, walk around, and exercise. There are several trails and boardwalks, slides, and swings for kids to play and more.

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Fajardo, Puerto Rico


Fajardo is known as «La Metrópolis del Sol Naciente» (the
city that guards the sun of the Caribbean). Fajardo was founded in
1772. It was originally named Santiago de Fajardo.

Fajardo is one of the most originally beautiful spots on the island’s shores.
Located in the east region of the island, bordering the Atlantic Ocean, north
of Ceiba and east of Luquillo. Fajardo is a major boating center, with a wide
range of rentals and charters available, with daily and sport-diving excursions
as well as scheduled ferries and air service carrying passengers and cargo to
Culebra and Vieques. For information call: (787) 863-0705 or (787)
863-0852. Puerto del Rey Marina, home of 750 ships, is the largest in the

Fajardo’s perfect beaches are bounded by calm, clear water ideal for
snorkeling, Seven Seas Beach, offers plentiful water sports facilities,
offshore points for sailing, snorkeling and plenty of scuba diving.

Las Cabezas de San Juan in Fajardo is one of the most important natural areas in Puerto Rico.
Las Cabezas, which means «headlands,» refer to 3 promontories that extend into the Atlantic Ocean. Impressive
representation of seven different ecological systems including coral reefs, beaches, lagoons, mangroves and
dry forest within its 316 acres/128 hectares. The preserve is also a scientific research center, which serve
as a home of many endangered species. Visitors can explore the reserve along a network of trails and board-walks.

The island’s second oldest lighthouse, a 19th century lighthouse, built in 1880, and known as El Faro de las Cabezas de San Juan, is located here. The lighthouse is owned by the Conservation Trust, who carefully restored this lighthouse to its original and beautiful neoclassical style. The lighthouse has an information center and observation deck, from which offers a magnificent view that, on a clear day, reaches distant Caribbean islands.

The Nature Reserve is open for general and school group tours on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning and open to the public Wednesday through Sunday. Special rates are available for groups of 20 or more. Reservations are required for all visitors. Tours lasting two- and one-half hours, are scheduled four times daily: 9:30am, 10am, 10:30am and 2pm. An English tour is available at 2pm. Located on Route 987, (787) 722-5882 or (787) 860-2560.

Located next to reserve at the end of Hwy 987, the Seven Seas Beach is an excellent beach. Open daily between 9am 5pm with lifeguards on duty.

Also located nearby is El Conquistador Golf Course, designed by Arthur Hills in 1993. It features changes in elevation more than 200 feet with strategic bunkering and water features. Open daily 6:30am — 7:30pm. (787) 863-6784.

Off shore near Fajardo few islets can be found: Icacos, Palominos,
Palominitos and Diablo, uninhabited coral islands.


Principal manufactures of the area include cigars, furniture, metal and
electronic components.


Fajardo is made up of 9 barrios (wards/districts):

  • Cabezas
  • Demajagua
  • Florencio
  • Naranjo
  • Quebrada Fajardo
  • Quebrada Vueltas
  • Pueblo
  • Río Arriba
  • Sardinera


Fajardo annual precipitation is 66 inches, and its average temperature is 79°.
The driest month is February and the wetest month is October.

10 Day Forecast

Notable People

There are many well-known «fajardeños», among them:

  • Antonio R. Barcelo, politician
  • Marquita Rivera, first Puerto Rican actress to appear in a major Hollywood motion picture


  • A La Banda Waterfront Restaurant (Sea Food), (787) 860-9162
  • Anchor’s Inn (Sea Food), (787) 863-7200
  • Bally Hoo Bar & Grill (American), (787) 863-1000
  • Blossoms (Japanese), (787) 863-1000
  • Blue Iguana (Mexican), (787) 860-6000
  • Breeze Restaurant (Continental), (787) 860-6000
  • Cantina de las Olas (Mexican), (787) 863-1000
  • Cassava (Puerto Rican), (787) 863-1000
  • Ciao Mediterranean Caf (International), (787) 863-1000
  • Isabellas Grill (Sea Food/Steak), (787) 863-1000
  • Las Brisas Terrace (American/Puerto Rican), (787) 863-6565
  • Metropol (International), (787) 801-2877
  • Otello’s (Spanish), (787) 863-1000
  • Rosa’s Sea Food (Sea Food), (787) 863-0213
  • Sting Ray Cafe (International), (787) 863-1000


  • Anchor’s Inn (Guest House),
    (787) 863-7200
  • El Conquistador Resort and Golden Door Spa (Resort),
    (787) 863-1000
  • Fajardo Inn (Hotel),
    (787) 860-6000
  • Las Casitas Village and Golden Door Spa (Resort),
  • Scenic Inn (Guest House),
    (787) 863-5195
  • Las Crobas Inn Guesthouse (Guest House),
    (787) 860-8753
  • Puerto Rico Vacation (Rental),
    (939) 940-2002

Festivals and Events

  • Festival Cocolia — November
  • Festival de Bomba y Plena — May
  • Festival de Chiringas — April
  • Fiestas del Paraiso — August
  • Fiestas Patronales de Santiago Apostol — July
    Every year, Fajardo celebrates a patron saint festival. The festivities include dances, food, parades and religious processions.
    (787) 863-4013
  • La Bicicletada Fajardena — April
  • Regata de Veleros Copa Kelly — April


Fajardo que aqu en el oriente…


There are 15 public schools in Fajardo,
education is handled by the Puerto Rico Department of Education. Fajardo
is also home of 2 colleges and universities.

Other Resources

  • Fajardo
    Map by TravelMaps.com

Demographics *


Puerto Rico: 3,285,874

Land Area: 29.86 sq mi

Density: 1,012 per sq mi

Median Age: 42.4

Sex: 53% female

Economics **

Per capita income

Puerto Rico: $21,058

Median household income: $19,957
Puerto Rico: $21,058

Persons below poverty line: 44.3%

Housing, families and educational attainment *

Number of households
Housing units density:
649. 4 (2013)

Persons per household: 2.69

High school grad or higher: 81.3%

Marital status: 36% married

* U.S. Census Bureau 2020 data, unless otherwise noted — Source: Quick Facts Puerto Rico.

** U.S. Census Bureau 2016-2020

Map References

Coordinates: 18.3258° N, 65.6525° W

Zip Code: 00738, 00740

Driving Distance from San Juan: 29.1 miles

Driving Time: 54 minutes

Fajardo (Puerto Rico) 2022: Best of Fajardo Travel

Fajardo Essentials

Things to Do

Must-see places, must-see itineraries, and branded attractions.

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  • Cayo ICACOS


  • Playa Seven Seven Seven Seven Seven Seven Seven


  • Laguna Grande

    water bodies


    $$ — $$$ • Caribbean, Latin, Seafood

  • La Estacion

    $$ — $$$ • Seafood, BBQ, Puerto Rican

  • Restaurant Pasion 90 $0 0 Fogon 90 $0 05 $ • Puertorikan, Caribbean, Latin American

  • EL Pescador

    $ $ • Caribbean, Latin American, seafood

  • Cremaldi Cream


  • 9000 DULCE DULCE0005

    $ • Cafe, Puertorikan, suitable for vegetarians


    $ • Caribbean, seafood, street food

  • CAFE Playero

    $ $ $ • Puertorikan, Caribino, Latin, Latin -measuring.

  • Sal & Pimienta by the sea

    $$ — $$$ • Latin, Seafood, Vegetarian Friendly

Fajardo Great for

Kayak Tours

from 6 348 rubles for adults

  • Bioluminescent Bay Glass Bottom Kayak Tour from San Juan

    from 6,983 rub for adults

  • 9000,0002 9000 -9000 9000

    • EL PESCADI $$ • Caribbean, Latin, Seafood

    • Bistro Del Mar

      $ • Caribbean, Seafood, Street Food

    • Pescaderia Don Candi

      $ • Caribbean, Latin, Seafood

    • EL BOHIO

      $ $ $ $ • Caribbean

    • Rustica

      $ $, pizza, Italian

    • Dulce AROMA

      $ $, Puertorikan, Puerican, Poerican For vegetarians


    • Tickets are quickly sold

      Culebra Snorkereling Day

      from 8,635 rub for adult


      from RUB 8,570 per adult

    • Tickets sell out fast

      Snorkeling Tour to Vieques Island

      from RUB 5,414 per adult

    • Icaco Beach Trip and Day Package.

      from 6,285 rubles for an adult

    • Tickets are quickly sold

      All-Inclusive Culebra Snorkeling Trip

      from 8,494 for an adult

    • 9000 Fajardo Mini Boat Snorkel SaFari 9000

      Private Island & Island Hopping Tour with Appetizers and Open Bar Hopping on the East Coast of Puerto Rico with Open Bar

      from Rs.0005

    • DELUXE DAY SAIL | Lunch, Appetizers & Drinks | Private Tour | EAST Coast

      from 126 836 rubles for group

    After sunset

    • Rustica

      $ $, pizza, Italian

    • ALACENA BISTRO & MarketPlace — Fajard 9000 , Bar, Pizza

    • Entre Pizzas y Leña

      $$ — $$$ • Italian, Bar, Pizza

    • Costa Mia

      $$ — $$$ • Caribbean, Latin, Bar

    • Bella Vista Cafe

      $$ — $$$ • Caribbean, Bar, American

    • $Rincon del Faro


      $$$ • Caribbean, Bar, Seafood

    • Cueva Del Mar

      $$ — $$$ • Caribbean, Latin, Bar

    • Splash Bar

      $$ — $$$ • Bar, American


    • Blue Iguana

      $$ — $$$ • Mexican, Bar, Vegetarian Friendly

    • Cafe Playero

      $$ — $$$ • Puerto Rican, Caribbean, Latin

    Top 10 Hotels in Fajardo, Puerto Rico (from €111)

    Our recommendations
    Lowest price at the beginning
    Number of stars and price
    Rating + number of reviews

    A Seascape Guest Room



    Located in Fajardo, A Seascape Guest Room is 17 km from El Yunque Rainforest. It offers free Wi-Fi and free private parking.
    Gorgeous view, elegant and safe gated place. The place was very clean, and the host was hospitable.




    50 reviews

    Price from


    per night

    Check Availability

    cond. Marina Lanais


    Apartment Cond. Featuring a restaurant and an outdoor pool, Marina Lanais is located in Fajardo, a 40-minute drive from El Yunque National Park. The air-conditioned apartments have a balcony and a DVD player.
    Mrs Emma is a wonderful person, even tho we had s problem wit the first night on our part, she was happy to help us. Deff will come back! thank you




    112 reviews

    Price from


    per night

    Check Availability

    Cozy apartment near the beach (#2)



    Cozy apartment near the beach (#2) is located in Fajardo, just 1.9 km from El Convento Beach. It offers free Wi-Fi and free private parking.
    Very clean and comfortable. Walking distance beach




    60 reviews

    Price from


    per night

    Check Availability

    El Conquistador Resort — Puerto Rico

    4 stars


    This scenic resort is located in Puerto Rico, close to the El Yunque National Rainforest. The complex is located on a 90-meter cliff overlooking the ocean.
    Only complaint was the food not good at all for being so expensive could have been better at the hotel.



    Very good

    841 reviews

    Price from

    € 334

    per night

    Check Availability

    Suenos del Mar



    Sueños del Mar is within walking distance of the Biobay Tourist Office and local restaurants, and a 1-minute drive from Seven Seas Beach and Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve.
    It’s a 15 minute walk to Seven Seas beach and Costa Mia restaurant which are both first rate! There are restaurants nearby and the Bio-luminescent tours leave from the marina next door. Clean and comfortable accommodations.




    273 reviews

    Price from


    per night

    Check Availability

    Waterfront studio at Fajardo, Puerto Rico


    Set in Fajardo, 2.8 km from Seven Seas Beach and 31 km from El Yunque Rainforest, Waterfront Studio at Fajardo, Puerto Rico offers a garden and air conditioning.
    We had an excellent view of the marina & spent a lot of time on the balcony talking, reading & watching the boats go by


    9. 6


    144 reviews

    Price from


    per night

    Check Availability

    Cozy Apartment, Ocean Front


    Cozy Apartment, Ocean Front is located just 1.6 km from Seven Seas Beach in Fajardo. It features a restaurant, outdoor pool, free Wi-Fi and room service.
    Very beautiful place, had a wonderful time here. the view was unbelievable and the host was very nice and helpful, he gave us a little tour of all the treasures he decors the apartment with it reminded me of a little nautic gallery. Wonderful small vacation, we would definitely stay again




    100 reviews

    Price from


    per night

    Check Availability

    Cozy apartment near the beach (#3)


    Cozy apartment near the beach (#3) is located in Fajardo. Free private parking is available.
    Large apartment.
    The host leaves a lot of equipment (free to use) i.e. sand umbrella, camping chairs, etc etc…
    The position is key to a lot of nice beaches and attractions.




    32 reviews

    Price from


    per night

    Check Availability

    La Casa en Fajardo


    Set in Fajardo, La Casa en Fajardo provides accommodations with a patio and free WiFi. Free private parking is available. Activities in the surrounding area include snorkeling and cycling.
    The owner was really nice, she allowed us to leave our luggage in the house before check-in. House was really clean, there were available towels, beach towels and cosmetics.



    Very good

    76 reviews

    Price from

    € 98

    per night

    Check Availability

    La Casona Beach House

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