Puerto rican male names: Popular names for births in Puerto Rico

Popular names for births in Puerto Rico

2010 births in Puerto Rico

Rank Male Female
Name Number Name Number
1 Luis 521 Mia 386
2 Angel 506 Kamila 320
3 Ian 378 Camila 298
4 Sebastian 373 Alondra 294
5 Jose 354 Valeria 247
6 Diego 317 Amanda 212
7 Adrian 312 Gabriela 195
8 Carlos 284 Andrea 183
9 Dylan 248 Adriana 169
10 Derek 215 Sofia 167
11 Gabriel 211 Paola 165
12 Alejandro 205 Victoria 156
13 Fabian 178 Isabella 145
14 Jayden 173 Alanis 143
15 Dereck 170 Ariana 138
16 Jean 161 Genesis 127
17 Juan 155 Natalia 114
18 Yadiel 142 Fabiola 99
19 Joseph 132 Alejandra 93
20 Abdiel 130 Alana 91
21 Michael 130 Sophia 90
22 Christian 121 Daniela 89
23 Kevin 121 Valentina 88
24 Jesus 114 Ana 69
25 Miguel 113 Alanys 67
26 Bryan 112 Mariana 62
27 Daniel 112 Alexandra 54
28 Ryan 111 Maria 54
29 Justin 109 Nayelis 53
30 Jan 106 Amaia 52
31 John 106 Brianna 47
32 Jorge 104 Arianna 46
33 Yeriel 103 Angelica 44
34 Alex 101 Emily 43
35 Jeremy 99 Kiara 41
36 Hector 98 Karla 40
37 Ricardo 95 Yarielis 40
38 Alexander 93 Kamyla 38
39 Yariel 93 Karina 38
40 Jonathan 92 Carolina 37
41 Andres 91 Melanie 37
42 Caleb 89 Angelique 35
43 David 88 Paula 34
44 Alexis 83 Gabriella 33
45 Victor 82 Mya 33
46 Gustavo 79 Karelys 32
47 Anthony 77 Layla 32
48 William 77 Amaya 31
49 Dariel 75 Gianna 31
50 Edwin 75 Kimberly 30
51 Jeriel 75 Mikaela 30
52 Yahir 73 Arianys 29
53 Julian 71 Emma 29
54 Jadiel 69 Grace 29
55 Javier 68 Isabel 29
56 Jomar 68 Joelys 29
57 Marcos 67 Karielys 29
58 Rafael 67 Alexa 28
59 Yandiel 67 Alianys 28
60 Keniel 65 Darielys 28
61 Jacob 64 Lara 28
62 Xavier 63 Zoe 28
63 Christopher 62 Aleysha 27
64 Ezequiel 61 Anna 27
65 Isaac 61 Sarah 27
66 Axel 60 Alanna 26
67 Yaniel 60 Natalie 26
68 Erick 59 Nayeli 26
69 Francisco 58 Bianca 25
70 Pedro 58 Daniella 25
71 Eduardo 57 Stephanie 25
72 Joshua 57 Abigail 24
73 Kenneth 55 Angelis 24
74 Joniel 54 Briana 24
75 Yadriel 54 Dariana 24
76 Alan 53 Elena 24
77 Fernando 53 Jade 24
78 Esteban 52 Janielys 24
79 Kelvin 52 Nathalia 24
80 Leonardo 51 Nicole 24
81 Ivan 50 Laura 23
82 Josue 47 Leah 23
83 Joel 46 Lorena 23
84 Kaleb 46 Angely 22
85 Samuel 46 Claudia 22
86 Yamil 46 Cristina 22
87 Yandel 46 Elianys 22
88 Adriel 45 Elizabeth 22
89 Emmanuel 44 Naomi 22
90 Gian 44 Angelys 21
91 Matthew 44 Destiny 21
92 Sergio 44 Stella 21
93 Lucas 43 Amy 20
94 Steven 43 Jarielys 20
95 Jaycob 42 Julianys 20
96 Manuel 42 Kamilah 20
97 Omar 42 Krystal 20
98 Roberto 42 Lia 20
99 Janiel 41 Rihanna 20
100 Denzel 40 Yarelis 20

81 Interesting Puerto Rican Baby Names With Meanings

Names that reflect the country’s history and culture.

Puerto Rico is a beautiful place and is a Caribbean island. Choosing a Puerto Rican baby name would imply that you are in love with this mesmerizing place and the culture. In this post, we have listed some of the best Hispanic names common on the island of Puerto Rico. Read on and choose the one you like the best.

Puerto Rican Names For Boys With Meanings

1. Adolfo

Adolfo, meaning ‘noble wolf’ would make a nice choice for you. It’s a quintessential Puerto Rican name. As you must have fathomed by now, Adolfo is a variation of Adolf.

2. Mateo

Mateo is a Puerto Rican name, meaning ‘God’s gift.‘ It’s a variant of the name Mathew but has a beautiful lilt and glamor all its own.

3. Manolito

Here’s another traditional Puerto Rican name for you. The meaning of Manolito is ‘God is with us’.

4. Abran

Abran is the variant of the name Abram, which means ‘exalted father.’ The name has Spanish origins.

5. Hayden

Here’s another lovely Rican name for your little son. Hayden is a Hispanic name and means ‘hedged valley.’

6. Neftali

Neftali is a variation of Naphtali, one of the rarely used biblical choices. Naphtali was the name of Jacob’s son. So if you want a name that is deep rooted in your culture, Neftali can be considered.

7. Pablo

Meaning ‘little one,’ Pablo would make a perfect pick for the youngest son in your family. This Spanish version of Paul is increasing in popularity, and you’re sure to meet a few Pablos shortly.

8. Jadzia

Jadzia is one of those names that wouldn’t hear much after crossing the Puerto Rican coast. It’s a variation of the gemstone name Jade, and is quite loved by the Ricans. Use Zia or Jade for the nickname.

9. Sebastian

Sebastian is one of the glorious Puerto Rican Baby names. It is a traditional Spanish name and is used widely on the island.

10. Garcia

The name Garcia has been shooting up in popularity with the Americans, but not many know that it’s a Puerto Rican name. The meaning of this name is ‘mighty with a spear’.

11. Santiago

The name Santiago is the Spanish for St. James, the son of Zebedee in the Bible. It’s also the name of the largest city in Chile.

12. Luis

Luis is one of the most famous Hispanic names in America. It’s quite a familiar name, still sounds extremely exotic. Luis has plenty of namesakes as well, from the baseball star Luis Aparicio to football icon Luis Suarez.

13. Miguel

Miguel is a variation of Michael and means ‘who is like the Lord.’

14. Rio

Image: Shutterstock

Rio is a Spanish variation of River. It’s one of our favorite o-ending names. You can say it’s one of the most famous place names as well- Rio de Janeiro, the second largest Brazilian city and the Rio Grande, one of the longest rivers in North America.

15. Paco

Paco is one of the cutest Puerto Rican nicknames for boys. It’s often used as a nickname for Francisco, a Puerto Rican form of Francis.

16. Benigno

Benigno is a Latin origin name, meaning ‘blessed.’ This name is familiar not just with the Puerto Ricans, but also with the Italian and Spanish speaking families.

17. Cordero

This is such a lovely sounding name. Cordero is a Spanish name and means ‘lamb.’ This name has been steadily moving up the popularity charts in the United States.

18. Braulio

Braulio is a German name, meaning ‘shining.’ This name has the flash of a racecar driver and the dignity of an attorney general.

19. Estephan

Here’s another striking name for your reference. Estephan means ‘crowned in victory.’ Use Esti when he’s a baby and then move into the swanky Estephan in his preschool days.

20. Jorge

Jorge is the Puerto Rican variation of George. But we believe that it sounds so much more sophisticated and even more mysterious than George.

21. Ezequiel

Ezequiel is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘God’s strength.’ It brings to mind the image of a 6-foot tall football player.

22. Jose

The meaning of Jose is ‘may God increase’. The name sounds slightly retro, as compared to the other Puerto Rican names. But will never go out of the trend that we can surely say.

23. Osvaldo

Osvaldo is a variation of the name Oswald and cannot decide which form we like more. It’s an old English winsome and manly name, meaning ‘God rule.’

24. Benito

Benito is a smooth sounding Puerto Rican name, which is popular in Spanish and Italian countries as well. The only issue is its association with Mussolini. Ben is the obvious nickname choice for Benito.

25. Raleigh

This name sounds extremely pleasing to the ears, just like a soft breeze. Raleigh has English origins and means ‘from the deer meadow’.

26. Carlos

Here’s a regal pick for your prince. Carlos is Spanish for Charles and means ‘warrior’. This name is reminiscent of baseball players, world leaders and the legendary guitarist, Carlos Santana. Do you want any more namesakes?



The impressive and elegant name Diego got a boost lately from the cartoon character “Go Diego Go”. Diego is a Spanish form of Jacob. Dee would be the best nickname.

28. Eduardo

This Spanish variation sounds much more stylish and sophisticated that its original name Edward. Ed and Eddie would be our nicknames for Eduardo.

29. Enrique

Enrique is the Spanish form of Henry and means ‘rules his household.’ The handsome hunk Enrique Iglesias gave this name a shot of sensuality. Ricky or Rick are top picks as nicknames for Enrique.

30. Leonidas

Image: Shutterstock

Leonidas is a perennially favorite name for the Puerto Rican baby boys. Meaning ‘lion,’ Leonidas sounds much cooler than Leo or Leonardo.

31. Celestino

Here’s a perfect name suiting your child’s angelic personality. Celestino is a Latin name, meaning ‘heavenly.’

32. Humberto

Meaning ‘bright support’, Humberto is a beautiful name that would inspire your child to become a better person.

33. Gualtiero

Do you wish your son to become a leader? Then without a second thought, name him Gualtiero, which means ‘ruler of the army.’

34. Hernan

Peace is what we need to teach the children of this generation. And what better way to take the initiative than by naming him Hernan, which means ‘peace.’

35. Jaime

Jaime is a unisex Puerto Rican name, which will work best as a nickname. It’s a Spanish form of Jacob and means ‘supplanter.’

36. Joaquin

Pronounced as wa-queen, Joaquin has a dark and brooding appeal to it. Joaquin Phoenix made this name popular with the Puerto Rican families. Quin is our pick for its nickname.

37. Moises

Moises is a Spanish variation of Moses. Its most popular bearer is Moises Alous, the great basketball player.

38. Ramon

Ramon is an elegant and popular Puerto Rican baby name, meaning ‘mighty counsel,’ It sounds even more impressive when you roll the ‘R’ in it.

39. Rafael

The name Rafael has an artistic ring to it. It’s a Spanish name, meaning ‘God has healed.’ Do we really need to mention its namesake? We think everyone knows Rafael Nadal, the famous tennis player.

40. Juan

Here’s another popular name of Puerto Rico. This name will suit everyone, right from nobleman King Juan Carlos of Spain to the feisty lover Don Juan.

Puerto Rican Baby Names For Girls With Meanings

1. Ivelisse

The meaning of Ivelisse is ‘life’ and it’s believed to have Spanish origins. There are plenty of nickname options for Ivelisse, like Iva, Eva or Lissie. The most famous bearer of this name is Ivelisse Blanco, who competed for Cuba in 1969 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships.

2. Valeria

Valeria is a form of Valerie. It’s a Latin name, meaning ‘strong.’ The moniker comes from the old Roman name Valerius, used by the early Christian saints. It’s also the name of a female character in William Shakespeare’s play, Coriolanus”.

3. Valentina

This one’s timeless. It’s a Latin name, meaning ‘strong.’ This name has been used in more than one country. So you can say it’s a global name that is currently more popular with the Puerto Ricans.

4. Clarita

Image: Shutterstock

Meaning ‘clear and bright,’ Clarita would make a beautiful choice for your little darling. It’s one of the familiar Puerto Rican baby names, and many Americans have started using it for their baby girls.

5. Acindina

Acindian is a traditional Puerto Rican name, so there are high possibilities that you may not have heard this name before. Being said, Acindina is a very cute name with plenty of nickname options. The meaning of Acindina is ‘safe’.

6. Georgia

Georgia is a lovely Hispanic name, meaning ‘farmer.’ The name Georgia is quite popular in Puerto Rico, and yes, other parts of the world as well. We think this strong name would make a good pick for people who want to pay their respects to the farmers.

7. Isabel

Isabel is one of the most popular baby names in Puerto Rico. The name was made famous by the Spanish, when they inhabited the region. Bella or Isa would make a cute nickname.

8. Amanda

Amanda was one of the top ten baby names for girls in the year 2009. It means ‘worthy or love.’ Not the most unique name, but sounds beautiful. In fact, it’s one of those names that everyone will love.

9. Abril

Abril is one of our favorite Puerto Rican baby names for girls. It is a twist on April, the name of the 4th month in the calendar. The name is currently sitting pretty in the top 1000 spot.

10. Alondra

Alondra is one of the most used Puerto Rican names for baby girls. It came to the forefront when it appeared on a Spanish television show. Mexican singer Alondra can also be accredited for its popularity. The meaning of Alondra is ‘lark’.

11. Ana

Ana, one of the variations of Hanna, is liked by the Puerto Ricans as much as it is loved by Americans, Spanish, and British. The meaning of Ana is ‘grace’.



The Puerto Rican version adds a Hispanic flair to the somewhat stoic, Constance and Constantine. The meaning of this name is ‘constant’.

13. Beatriz

Beatriz is an attractive translation of British name Beatrice and is very popular with Puerto Rican parents. But its popularity isn’t just restricted to Puerto Rico. It’s the fourth most popular name in Portugal.

14. Marisol

Here’s another Puerto Rican favorite. The meaning of Marisol is “Mary of Solitude”. It is also associated with Spanish words for sea and sun (mar y sol). The French-born artist Marisol Escobar, noted for its Pop Art figure sculptures is it most popular bearer.

15. Hailey

Hailey is another great name to consider for your daughter. It’s not a typical Puerto Rican, but is very famous there. Hailey has an identity of its own. It is not associated with any country.

16. Adriana

Adriana is the feminine variation of Adrian, and means ‘man of Adria’. It derives from the name of a northern Italian city, Adria. We love this name for its lovely and soft sound. It was also used by Shakespeare in his play, “The Comedy of Errors”.

17. Camila

The Spanish name Camila is the fastest rising version often-royal name Camilla. The name is inspired by the Camilla in the Roman mythology. Camilla was the fast-footed huntress who could run over a field without bending even a blade of grass.

18. Antonella

Antonella is the Italian version of the exotic name Antonia. This name is heard widely in Russia, Poland and of course, Puerto Rican. The meaning of Anotella is ‘firstborn’.

19. Alanis

Alanis is a beautiful, one-person name. You can consider this Puerto Rican name as an update of Alana. Singer Alanis Morsette made this name highly popular with the masses. Alanis would make a nice pick for your daughter, considering that the s-ending names are making a comeback.

20. Teofila

Teofila is the epitome of a good name. It means ‘god’s friends’. Now that’s a pretty name, with an even prettier meaning.

21. Alma

Alma is not a very popular retro name, primarily because of the image reinforced by Michelle William’s character in the movie “Brokeback Mountain”. So it will make a unique pick for your child.

22. Tequila

Image: Shutterstock

We don’t want your child to be a laughing stock in school, but you cannot even deny that it sounds lovely. So use this name as a nickname. Did you know that Tequila is Mexico’s national drink?

23. Albina

This name would make a great name for a platinum-blonde baby name. It’s a Spanish name, and means ‘white’.

24. Alejandra

If you don’t want the common name Alexandra, but still like the nickname Ally, this Spanish variation would make a smart choice. The meaning of Alejandra is ‘defender of mankind’.

25. Linda

This pretty name may refer to Linden, an ornamental tree used for medicinal purposes. It’s one of the classic Puerto Rican baby names. Lindy would make a great name for Linda.

26. Xiomara

In the current scenario, girls today have to be fighters. They face plenty of battles in their lives, and they must try to win all. So name your daughter Xiomara, which means ‘famous warrior’.

27. Tonia

Tonia would make a lovely nickname for your darling girl. It means ‘invaluable’, which your child is to you. Apart from its lovely meaning, the name sounds pleasing too! Use it as a nickname for Antonia.

28. Asuncion

The name Asuncion has a Puerto Rican charm to it. And it’s uncommon too, so would make your daughter stand out from the crowd. The meaning of Asuncion is ‘ascension’.

29. Carleigha

Carleigha may means ‘little’, but its appeal is not. This pleasant and clean name has a Puerto Rican elan to it.

30. Brandeye

Here’s another alcohol inspired baby name for you. Brandeye is a Dutch name, meaning ‘distilled wine’. And it’s definitely more alluring than Brandy. Use it as a nickname for your daughter if you want to be on the safe side.

31. Emilia

Why name your darling Emily when you have the option of going for this elegant, Shakespearean variation? The meaning of this eternal Latin name is ‘industrious’.

32. Genevalisse

If you want your daughter’s name to be fancy and elaborate, you can use Genevalisse for her. It’s a French name, meaning ‘juniper tree’. And it’s one of those few French names popular in Puerto Rico. Gini would make the best diminutive for Genevalisse.

33. Brissa

Brissa is the best Puerto Rican nickname we could come up for Brianna and other Bri- beginning names. This stylish name is popular with celebs as well.

34. Annalisse

Annalisse is a classic, sultry and appealing Puerto Rican name. Pronounce this moniker as ‘anna-lee-see’ to add a romantic touch to it.

35. Carmen

The baby with this name is destined to be dramatic, bold and romantic, just like the opera character it is inspired from. The meaning of this Latin name is ‘son’. Carman or Carma, its variations can also be considered.

36. Casandra

Casandra sounds slightly more contemporary than Sandra. It was the name of the tragic Trojan princess whom Apollo gave the gift of prophecy, but condemned never to be believed. The meaning of this lovely name is ‘prophetesses.

37. Dayanara

Dayanara is a Greek name, meaning ‘husband-slayer’. There’s absolutely no denying that it’s a unique moniker, but its literal meaning might be a bit turn off for some parents.

38. Karelma

Karelma comes from an Old German word, meaning ‘free’. It has a feisty and exotic allure to it. It was one of the most glamorous Puerto Rican baby names in the last decade.

39. Maritza

Image: Shutterstock

Maritza is a Latin name, meaning ‘star of the sea’. A beautiful name with an equally beautiful meaning. It sounds perfect for ballerina.

40. Yara

One of the most exotic baby names in the list. Yara is a Brazilian name, meaning ‘water lady’. Use it as a nickname for your daughter, if you think Yara is too tiny for a given name.

41. Luisa

Louisa is the feminine variation of Luis and means ‘fame’. If you are expecting twins, you can use Luis for baby boy and Luisa for baby girls. Isn’t that cute?

We hope our list helps you narrow down your list. Which ones did you like the most? Share your choice with us by commenting below!

Puerto Rican baby names mean a lot to some parents, especially if they come from a character they have adored for a long time. Most of these names sound musical and are pleasant. They have beautiful meanings and are easy to pronounce. So the list above holds many suggestions originating from this fascinating Caribbean island. Thus, it is an excellent source of information to begin your research and find the most suitable name for your child. Choose a name that will add to the child’s personality as names say a lot about the child, family, and overall background. And a name that complements their personality would be a boon for the child.

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Spanish male names

Aaron — high mountain
Abrehan — father of the multitude
Abraham — father of the multitude
Agustin — venerable
Agapeto — beloved
Adan — wind
Adolfo — noble wolf
Adrian — from Hadria
Alberto nobility bright nobility
Alvaro — guard of all
Aleio — protector
Alejandro — defender of mankind
Alonso — noble and ready
Alfonso — noble and ready
Alfredo — meeting of an elf
Aleno — generous
Alerico — omnipotent, ruler of all
Amadis — loves God
Amado — beloved
Ambrosio — immortal
Amidayo — demigod
Amilcar — friend
Amenkayo ​​- love 900,03 warrior
Anibal — grace
Anselmo — protection of god
Antonio — invaluable
Anzleto — summoned
Anastas — restoration
Apolinar — destroyer
Armando — brave, hardy man
Arsenio — mature
Arturo — from the legend of King Arthur
Asdrubal — helps
Atilio — Atilius
Augusto — venerable
Aureliano — golden
Aurelio — golden

Basilio — king
Baldomero -03 brave son 9000 Talmay
Bautista — Baptist
Beltran — bright raven
Benigno — kind
Benito — blessed
Berengar — bear spear
Bernardino — bold as a bear
Bernardo — bold as a bear
Blas — poor diction
Boliver — river bank
Buenaventura — luck
Bernardo — bold as a bear

Valentine — healthy, strong
Valerio — strong
Vasco — raven
Velesco — raven
Venqueslas — more glory — out of life
Vidal vital
Victor — Conquer, Victory
Victorino — Conquer, Victory
Wilfredo — Wish World
Vinicayo — Vine
Vincente — Conquest
Virgilio — State Representative
Vito — lively, animated

Gabino — from Gabium
Gaspar — cherish the bearer
Gervasio — servant of the spear
Godofredo — god’s world
Goito — careful, vigilant
Goyo — careful, vigilant
Gonzario -03 egrefion — battle genius, military 90 careful, vigilant
Graciano — pleasing, pleasant
Guaiomere — famous warrior
Gualtiero — ruler of the army
Guga — staff of meditation
Guillermo — helmet
Guillermo — helmet
Gustavo — staff of contemplation

Daigo — doctrine, teaching
Damian — tame, subjugate
Desi — desire
Desiderio — desire
Demetrio — loves the earth
Javier — new home
Jaime — destroyer
Jacobo 0
flower — destroyer Genaro — January
Gerardo — spear of the brave
German — brother
Geroldo — ruler of the spear
Geronimo — holy name
Jesus — god — salvation
Jill — child, young goat
Gilberto — bright
Joachim — established by god
Josu — god — salvation
George — peasant
Juan — good god
Juanito — good god
Julian — soft beard, symbolic reference to youth
Giulio — soft beard, symbolic reference to youth
Junipero — juniper tree
Diego — doctrine teaching
Demas — sunset
Dionisio — follower of Dionysus
Domingo — belongs to the lord
Donato — given (by god)
Dorotheo — Gift of God
Dezi — desire

Jose — God will add another Son

Zekerians — God remembered

Iago — Destroyer
Ignasio — Ignorance
Izandro — Free, Liberator
Ildonoso — ready for the battle of
Inigo — Ignorance
— safe, innocent
Ismael — god will hear
Iusef — god will add another son

Caetano — from Caita
Casimiro — famous, great destroyer
Caio — rejoice
Camilo — guardian
Carlito — human
Carlitos — human
Carlos — human
Carmelo — vineyard
Kerro — free
Quirino — like the sun
Claudio — lame
Clemente — gentle and merciful
Cleto — summoned
Climaco -03 stairs bold meeting
Christian — follower of Christ
Cristobal — bearer of the cross
Ximen — listening
Ximenez — listening
Quick — housekeeper
Custodio — guardian, guardian
Candelaraio — a candle

Leandro — a lion man
Leocadeio — bright, clear, illuminating
Leonardo — a strong lion
Leoncio — like a lion
Leopoldo — brave people
Lino — a cry of grief
Lope — a wolf of Lorencaio
-09003 Lope
famous warrior
Lucio — light
Lelo — guardian of prosperity

Macario — blessed
Maximiliano — the biggest
Manolo — god is with us
Manuel — god is with us
Mario — man, mature
Marcayo — militant
Marco — militant
Marcos — militant
Marcelino — militant
Marcelo — militant
Marsial — from Mars
Martin — from Mars
Mateo — God’s gift
Maurizio — dark-skinned, Moor
Melchor — King’s city of Miel who 9000 looks like a god?
Modesto — moderate, sober
Moises — rescued (from water)
Maximino — the largest
Maximiano — the largest
Maximo — the largest
Manoleth — God is with us
Menolito — god is with us

Nazario — from Nazareth
Narciso — insensitivity, sleep
Nacho — ignorance
Nicodemo — victory of the people
Nicholas — victory of the people
Nicoleo — victory of the people
Novio — friend
Natalio — birthday, Christmas 93000 — god gave
Nekayo — ignorance

Ovidio — shepherd of sheep
Odelis — rich
Octavio — eighth
Olegario — heart spear
Osvaldo — power of god
Oscar — deer lover

Pablo — small
Paco — free
Pancho — free
Pascual — Easter child
Pastor — shepherd
Patrizio — nobleman
Pedro — rock, stone
Pep — God will add another son
Pepito — God will add another son
Pio — pious
Placido — calm
Polino — small
Poncayo — sailor
Porfiraio — violet
Prima — first
Prospero — lucky, successful
Prudencio — cautious
Paquito — free

Raimundo — the wise protector
Ramiro — the wise and famous
Ramon — the wise protector
Raul — the wise wolf
Raphael — the god has healed
Regulo — the rule
Reyes — the kings
Reinaldo — the wise ruler
Remigio — 900 3 the rower Ricardo — strong and brave
Rico — strong and brave
Roberto — famous
Rogelio — desired
Rogerio — famous spear
Rodolfo — famous wolf
Rodrigo — famous power
Rokui — rest
Roldan — known land
Ronaldo — known land
Ruben — behold, son
Rui — known power
Rufino — red-haired
Reimando — wise protector
Reinaldo — wise ruler
Rainerio — wise warrior
Rainerio — wise warrior

Sabas — old man
Sal — savior
Salvador — savior
Santos — saint
Santiago — saint Iago
Sancho — saint
Sebastian — from Sebeist (city in Asia Minor)
Sev — strict
Severino — strict
Severiano — strict
North — strict
Celestino — heavenly
Celso — high
Sergio — servant
Cecilio — blind
Sibrien — from Cyprus
Silvio — from the forest -03 -03 Silvestre — from the forest 9000 forests
Silino — heaven
Sosimo — survivor
Sofronio — self-ruled
Salomon — peacekeeper
Sandalio — true wolf
Sans — saint
Saturnino — sow

Tdeo — given from god
Theobaldo — brave people
Theodosio — giving of god
Teodoro — gift of god
Teodulo — god-slave
Teofilo — friend of god
Tercero — third
Tiburzio — from the Tiber (river)
Timoteo — to honor god Tito — white clay, white earth
Thomas — twin
Tono — invaluable
Trinidad — trinity
Tristan — Celtic Tristan
Taquito — dumb, quiet

Ulises — be angry, hate
Urbano — city dweller

Fabian — like Fabius
Fabio — bean
Fabrizio — craftsman
Faustino — lucky
Fausto — lucky
Fedel — devoted
Federico — peaceful ruler
Felipe — horse lover
Fernado — steady
Fernado — steady prepared for the trip
Fernan — prepared for the trip
Fidel — devoted
Flavio — yellow hair
Florenio — blooming
Fons — noble and ready
Fonsi — noble and ready
Fortunato — lucky
Francisco — free
Frescuelo — free
Fresquito — free
Fulgencio — shining

Hector — protection, keep fast
Heliodoro — gift of the sun
Herberto — bright army
Heriberto — 9003 huge dagnegil army man
Hernando — prepared for the ride
Hernan — prepared for the ride
Hilario — joyful, happy
Hipolito — freer from the horse
Hironimo — holy name
Horatio — good eyesight
Humberto — bright support

Caesar — hairy
Che — hey!
Chiriaco — from the lord
Chiro — like the sun
Chui — god — salvation
Chus — god — salvation
Chucho — god — salvation
Eeriko — ruler
Ezekuiel — God will increase
Eladio — from Greece
Eleuaterio — Liberator
Elysio — My God — Salvation
Ela — Select
Elpidayo — Nadezhda
Emeriko — Power of work
Emigdaio — Polobog
Emidaio — Polobog
Emilio — competita Emilieno — Competition
— housekeeper
Epifanio — baptism
Ermenegildo — tribute
Ernesto — fighter against death
Espiridaion — small spirit
Essua — salvation
Esteban — crown
Esteven is a good harvest, stability
Eugenio — well -born
Efrene — fruitful

Yusbayo — A devout
Yusbio — A devout
Yustakuio — good harvest, stability
Utimayo — better 9000 9035


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A B C D E E 5 З И К Л М Н О П Р С Т У Ф Х Ц Ч Ш Fred. Alfred, Friedrich, Frederick, Winfred, Friedbert, Manfred, Gottfried.
Origin of the name Fred. German name Fred.

The name Fred is most often used as a diminutive for men with the names Alfred, Friedrich (Frederick), Winfred, Friedbert, Manfred and Gottfried. But recently the name Fred has become independent and is used independently of other names.

There are paired female names for the male name Fred — Frederic and Frida.

Name day for Fred — see the full name of the man corresponding to the abbreviated form.

Description of the meaning of the name Fred — see the name Friedrich.

Fred’s name day

Fred does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people with the name Fred

  • Fred Adra ((born 1972) real name — Frederik Drachinsky; Israeli Russian-speaking writer and musician, leader of the ethno group «Evil Dolls». In 2006, the jury led by Eduard Uspensky awarded Fred Adré received the first prize at the first prize for the best book for children, The Dream, but the critics immediately asked the question: “maybe this is a book for adults?”. )
  • Frederick William Kwasi Akuffo ((1937 — 1979) Ghanaian political and military leader)
  • Frederick Dewey Smith, better known as Fred «Sonic» Smith ((1948 — 1994) American guitarist, most popular as a member of the MC5 group, and later of his own group Sonic`s Rendezvous Band, which released the single City Slang » during Smith’s lifetime)
  • Fred Ebb ((1928 — 2004) American poet, librettist, author of verse for musicals and films. Widely known for his collaboration with composer John Kander. Their joint works, among others, include Cabaret and Chicago.)
  • Fred Willard ((born 1939) American comedian)
  • Fred Rose ((1898 — 1954) famous American composer and music publisher)
  • Fred Pentland ((1883 — 1962) full name — Frederick Beaconsfield Pentland; English football player and coach)
  • Fred Agabashian ((1913 — 1989) American race car driver who competed in the midget car races and in the Indianapolis 500. After the end of his career in auto racing, he became a commentator on the 500 Radio Network radio station. He also got into the national hall of fame of midget car racers.)
  • Fred Dikstal ((born 1942) former Dutch football player, midfielder)
  • Fredric Aaron «Fred» Savage ((born 1976) American actor and director, best known for his role as Kevin Arnold in the television series The Wonder Years)
  • Fred Johansson (Swedish vocalist. Participates in the musicals Les Misérables, Notre Dame Cathedral, Jesus Christ Superstar, Cats. Played the role of Pontius Pilate in the TV movie Jesus Christ Superstar (2000). Fred Johansson produced two solo albums: «Fred Johanson» (1994) and «Barely Half Alive» (1998).)
  • Frederico Chavez Guedes, better known simply as Fred (Brazilian footballer, striker, Brazilian national team player)
  • Fred MacMurray ((1908 — 1991) American actor)
  • Fred Lawrence (English professional snooker and English billiards player)
  • Fred Williamson (American and Italian actor, director, screenwriter and producer)
  • Fred and George Weasley (fictional characters in the Harry Potter series. Twin sons of Arthur and Molly Weasley. Known for their sense of humor and funny jokes. At Hogwarts, the brothers were beaters on the Gryffindor Quidditch team.)
  • Fred Davies, MBE ((1913 — 1998) English professional snooker and billiards player, eight-time world snooker champion)
  • Frederick Moore Vinson ((1890 — 1953) American politician)
  • Frederick Mills or Mills, better known as Fred Mills ((1935 — 2009) Canadian trumpeter and music teacher, soloist of the Houston Symphony Orchestra, the American Symphony Orchestra and the Orchestra of the Canadian National Center for the Arts, one of the founders of the Canadian Brass ensemble, of which he was a member was over 20 years old)
  • Fredericus Jacobus Rutten (Dutch football coach, former footballer, defender)
  • Freddie Mercury ((1946 — 1991) real name — Farukh Bulsara; British singer and musician of Parsi origin, vocalist of the rock band Queen)
  • Freddie King ((1934 — 1976) real name — Frederick Christian King; American blues guitarist and singer. Best known for 1960s recordings such as «Hide Away» and «Have You Ever Loved A Woman». Freddie King was an influence on the English musicians who created blues-rock in the 60s.)
  • Freddy Balta ((1919 — 2002) real name — Ferdinand Balta; French accordionist)
  • Freddy Alejandro Guarín Vasquez (Colombian football player, midfielder)
  • Fredua Koranteng (Freddy) Adu (Ghanaian American football player, forward)
  • Freddie Bartholomew ((1924 — 1992) British child actor who played child roles in many classic Hollywood films of the 1930s. His contribution to the American film industry has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.)
  • Freddie Cadena (Ecuadorian opera and symphony conductor)
  • Fred Zinnemann ((1907 — 1997) Austrian-born American director)
  • Fred Thomas Saberhagen ((1930 — 2007) a famous American writer, his main works are created in the genres of science fiction and fantasy. His most famous work is the Berserker series, consisting of 10 novels and a number of stories. He also wrote a number of novels, in in which vampires (including the famous Dracula) are the main characters, and a series of post-apocalyptic novels in which magic has taken the place of science.)
  • Freddie Cannon ((born 1939) full name — Frederick Anthony Picariello, Jr.; American singer, early rock and roll performer, who became famous for the hits «Tallahassee Lassie», «Way Down Yonder In New Orleans», «Palisades Park» Freddie Cannon (according to Allmusic), unlike many pioneers of the genre who changed its basic principles, was and remains «a true believer in rocker to the marrow.»)
  • Freddy Rodriguez (American actor of Puerto Rican origin)
  • Freddie Francis ((1917 — 2007) British cinematographer, winner of two Oscars for Best Cinematography, and a director known as a master of horror films)
  • Freddy Hernandez (Mexican welterweight professional boxer)
  • Frederick Charles «Freddy» Krueger (fictional character in the horror film series A Nightmare on Elm Street)
  • Fred Canning (full name — Alfred; a notable character in A. M. Volkov’s fairy tale cycle about the Fairyland. Acts in the books «Seven Underground Kings», «The Fiery God of the Marrans» and «The Secret of the Abandoned Castle»; also mentioned in the book «Yellow Mist» «.)
  • Fred Kavli ((born 1927) American multimillionaire and philanthropist of Norwegian origin)
  • Fred Allen ((1894 — 1956) pseudonym, real name — John Florence Sullivan; American comedian whose absurd radio show (1934 — 1949) made him one of the most popular humorists in the so-called classic era of American radio)
  • Fred Varngard (full name — Oscar Alfred Daniel «Fred» Varngard; Swedish athlete, discipline — hammer throw, bronze winner of the Olympics (1936))

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