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Old San Juan is like a museum of living history.

Discover amazing food, drinks, and shops while exploring the urban side of Puerto Rico, where history and culture intersect with bustling city life.

The metropolitan area refers to seven towns that make up the urban “downtown” of Puerto Rico, including the capital, San Juan, a city with over 500 years of history.


Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU) is located in the Metro area and is a short car ride from most San Juan hotels and attractions. Puerto Rico’s busiest cruise terminal is located in San Juan.

Aguadilla’s Rafael Hernández Airport (BQN) is about two hours away.

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Paseo de la Princesa, a seaside promenade in Old San Juan where you can step back 500 years in time.

Things to Do

Old San Juan is like a museum of living history, where you can explore the impressive San Felipe del Morro and San Cristóbal castles or just wander through the cobblestone streets and soak up the unique architecture of the city.

In this region, you’ll also find attractions such as the Casa BACARDÍ distillery in Cataño, where you can learn about the history of rum and enjoy tasting different varieties. You could also visit Plaza Las Américas, which is the largest shopping center in the Caribbean. The metro area also has museums for adults and children, picture-perfect beaches, and large hotels with casinos.

At La Concha Renaissance Resort, the ocean is just a few steps from your room.

Where to Stay

The metropolitan area has dozens of charming lodging options, from hip to historic. La Concha Renaissance San Juan Resort is an AAA Four-Diamond lifestyle resort and nightlife destination whose restaurant is a prime example of Tropical Modern design. For pet-friendly accommodations in Old San Juan, consider the Decanter Hotel. You’ll also find award-winning boutique hotels such as O:live and Condado Ocean Club, as well as historic hotels like CasaBlanca and El Convento. For comfortable minimalism, opt for the AC Hotel, which is a thoughtfully designed modern property.

Artfully plated dish at 1919 Restaurant in the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel. 

Dining & Drinks

San Juan is home to some of the Island’s most famous restaurants and celebrated chefs. If you love to eat, plan on getting some reservations and splurging one night while you’re here. You’ll also find plenty of budget-friendly-but-delicious eateries specializing in traditional Puerto Rican dishes and seafood throughout San Juan, Condado, and the surrounding areas. Calle Loíza in the trendy Santurce district is an area full of restaurants if you want to enjoy great food and fun local ambiance.

It’s worth heading over to the Convention Center District to explore Distrito T-Mobile, where you can find a wide selection of restaurants and bars serving everything from authentic criollo to sushi, Spanish tapas, high-quality burgers, and more.

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More Places to Explore

Cataño is home to Casa Bacardí, the largest premium rum distillery in the world. 


Puerto Rico’s smallest municipality is home to the world’s largest premium rum distillery.

Guaynabo’s main town square. 


Guaynabo offers a mix of historical significance, modern appeal, and a cosmopolitan vibe.

Toa Baja is known for its beautiful beaches and views.  

Toa Baja

Find beaches, unbeatable views, and more ways to relax.

The town of Trujillo Alto is a short distance from San Juan and Carolina.

Trujillo Alto

Culinary experiences, fun festivals, and rich tradition near San Juan.

San Juan | Metro Region

Callejón, Old San Juan, where cobblestone streets often lead to impromptu dance parties. 

Experience San Juan, Puerto Rico’s capital and center of history and culture.

What was once the crown jewel of the Spanish Empire is now the Island’s historic and cultural center, as well as the most popular launching point for Puerto Rico vacations. Founded in 1521, San Juan is the oldest European-founded city in the Americas, but is home to much more than just history.

Only 15 minutes from SJU airport, San Juan blends elements of the Old World (cobblestone streets and colonial architecture) with all the amenities of modern urban life (craft cocktails, contemporary dining, amazing shopping, and vibrant nightlife). Immerse yourself in the culture and explore the wealth of art, food, adventure, and beauty that is waiting to be discovered.

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La Fortaleza, now the Puerto Rico governor’s residence.

Things to Do

Historical Landmarks

The Old World comes alive at fortresses like El Morro and San Cristóbal. These impressive citadels are part of the San Juan National Historic Site and are two of the largest fortifications built by the Spaniards in the Caribbean during the 16th century. Other important landmarks include Museo Casa Blanca (the one-time residence of the family of Juan Ponce de León that was built in 1521), the San Juan Cathedral, the Santa María Magdalena de Pazzis Cemetery, and the Museo de las Américas.


Many local designers and artists have shops and boutiques in Condado, where you can browse stores like Mademoiselle, featuring European brands; Nono Maldonado, one of Puerto Rico’s premier designers; and 1054 Ashford Avenue, featuring some of the world’s top luxury brands. You’ll also find some of the biggest shopping malls and outlets in the Caribbean, carrying big name brands from around the world.

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Puerto Rico is a perfect place to practice your dancing! 


Old San Juan’s vibrant nightlife is waiting at spots like La Factoría, one of the top 50 bars in the world; La Taberna Lúpulo, pioneers in Puerto Rican micro-brewing; or Los Tres Cuernos, where you can take a chichaíto shot in many flavors. Puerto Rico is the home of the piña colada and since there are competing claims whether it was invented at Barrachina or the Caribe Hilton, you should try both.

In Santurce, Calle Loíza is a street known for its great bar-hopping. Make sure to stop at Piso Viejo, check out their live bands and salsa classes, and El Tap, try their 15 local beers on tap. Also, don’t miss La Placita de Santurce, the area’s famous market known for its live music and great dancing, where you join the party in the bars or on the street.

Explore cocktail bars in San Juan


The gastronomical options in San Juan are endless – from traditional locations like Hecho en Casa and Princesa Gastrobar (try the mofongo) to more eclectic restaurants like Casa Cortés ChocoBar, with unexpected ways to mix chocolate into every dish. Throughout the city you’ll find exceptional chef-driven dining experiences, humble-but-delicious local spots specializing in traditional Puerto Rican dishes, and adventurous eateries fusing Caribbean and international flavors in exciting ways.

Explore the top restaurants in San Juan

Where to Stay

San Juan’s hotels and resorts offer a variety of experiences and price points to satisfy the needs of every traveler.  Hotel El Convento is a beautiful 17th-century convent that’s been converted into a modern luxury hotel. The Decanter is a pet-friendly hotel that blends contemporary architecture with a whimsical twist. Other places like CasaBlanca Hotel, the Gallery Inn, and Sheraton Old San Juan also provide plenty of comfort and charm. If you’re looking for lavish beachfront accommodations, Condado is the place for you. In the heart of this district sits the Condado Vanderbilt, a full-service resort that has been recognized as one of the best resorts in the Caribbean and boasts the only hammam spa in the Caribbean.

Beyond the numerous hotel options throughout the city, you’ll also find alternative lodging such as vacation rentals hosted by providers like Airbnb and HomeAway, among others.

Places to Stay in San Juan

Sorted are in Puerto Rico using your recommendations to find the best food this beautiful island has to offer.

San Juan, Puerto Rico Part 1 — Teletype

Travel Notes Day 15

Arrived in Puerto Rico yesterday. The status of Puerto Rico is the same as that of Guam, it is an «unincorporated organized territory», that is, the territory is not part of the United States, but is their possession. It has its own constitution, its own power, but Puerto Ricans have US citizenship, they don’t have their own currency, and the States are also responsible for defense. A year ago, in a referendum, locals voted to become the 51st US state, if Congress approves, then a country like Puerto Rico will disappear from the world map.

Despite the fact that Puerto Rico did not formally become the 51st state, the American border guards firmly settled here. As I said, every time I cross the US border, they take me to a special screening and interrogation. Every time something lights up in the computer of the border guard, he makes a frightened face and hands over my documents to the chief. Then a separate room and 20-30 minutes of questions.

Arrival in Puerto Rico was no exception, but the questions here were special. Where before the border guards were more interested in the countries I had been to before, the Puerto Rican border officer was more curious. He also told why I was interrogated every time. So, there are many reasons.

1 reason: I used to lose my passport. More precisely, I didn’t lose it, but it was stolen from me. I had an American visa in my passport, which I told the embassy about. I was given a new visa and made a note in the case.

Reason 2: My file says I tried to enter the US without a visa. A terrible crime. It’s time to remember the story that happened to me on November 30, 2012 in Guam. To make a transit, you need to go through immigration control. I am standing in a huge line, I reach the officer, I give him the documents:

— Do you have a US visa? — asks officer
— But I don’t need it, they let you go to Guam without a visa, — I answer.
— That’s right, Guam is allowed without a visa, but the system says that you have a visa …
— Yes, you have, for 3 years, but in a different passport, — I confirmed, I don’t feel a catch. I do have a visa, but it is in my second passport, which is now in Moscow.
— By law, if you have a US visa, you must show it, you cannot enter without a visa if you have a visa!
— Great, now what to do?
— Penalty for violating immigration laws $580. Also, you may have problems with a valid visa, up to its cancellation and a ban on entry into the United States. I will issue you a fine and send your case to the mainland.

I’m a little freaked out here. 3 days ago I passed the control without any problems. And I don’t understand what he got to me. Russians do not need a visa to Guam, I have a visa to the USA (he even has a scan of it in his computer). The officer takes out papers for a fine, starts writing something and asks me to go into a room. And here comes, apparently, his boss.
— What are you doing? — asks the boss.
— Yes, there are problems with the visa.
— Don’t you have anything to do? Leave the person alone, does he have transit at all, why are you attached?
As a result, they give me the documents, they apologize, but they ask me to be more careful with the rules.

In general, that border guard nevertheless entered a note in my file and accused me of trying to enter the United States without a visa. Once again, Guam is not exactly a US territory, and Russian citizens do not need a visa to go there.

3 reason: I have too many trips, and all for the purpose of «tourism». This, according to the border guard, is very suspicious. Even more suspicious of the border guard was my trip to the States last year at the invitation of the State Department.

4 reason (funny) : I have a «wrongly» canceled passport. I have a valid US visa in a canceled foreign country. How do we cancel a passport? Just take and cut out the number on the first page with scissors. All. Previously, they still put the stamp «cancelled», but they don’t put one in the biometric one. According to the Puerto Rican border guard, this is illegal. I don’t know why, but yesterday they gathered a whole council to decide whether it’s really the Russian Federal Migration Service that cancels passports like that, or whether I myself cut out a piece with the number of the treasured document. We thought about 5 minutes. As a result, we agreed that in Russia passports are canceled through the ass. Then they took a stapler and sealed my 2 passports — valid and canceled). They fastened it well, so the Russian border guards will be surprised.

All these reasons combined made me very suspicious to the Americans, and now when my passport is scanned, a big red sign pops up on the monitor of any border guard: «GRAB IT AND TORTURE IT!»

But nothing, I’m already used to it. All these difficulties could not spoil the impressions of the wonderful San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico.

01. I am flying out of the Dominican Republic. An Aeroflot plane is at the Punta Cana airport. Hard to see, it’s on the far left. I wanted to immediately go on board with them and rummage through food supplies, there is probably buckwheat there.


03. Fly to San Juan in 30 minutes.

04. 400,000 people live in San Juan.

05. Large resort town


07. You can see the subway overpass on the left, tomorrow I will go for a ride on it.

08. Almost the whole city looks like this

09. Or like this

10. Signs, roads, junctions — everything is very reminiscent of the States



13. San Juan is very convenient: the entire old city is located on the peninsula. Such a reserve. Parking is bad, so the local crooks put their 9’s in0073 cones barrels and sell seats for $3.

14. It’s very nice in the old town

15. Tourists are brought here on huge cruise ships




19. What kind of scarecrow is this? How can you walk like that? Apparently, there are problems with hairdressers.


21. The houses are awfully cute. Everywhere there are inserts with drawings, everything is colorful and bright.

22. Look how cool.

23. Straight Europe.





28. San Juan is also a very green city. Everywhere there are tubs with trees. Something grows on every balcony.

29. Barrels with trees outside.

30. See how much greenery.



33. It would be nice to remove the parking lot from here…

34. And it will be just fine.


36. Old Spanish fort.




40. Cyclist genocide (

41. There are a lot of cats in San Juan, like in Istanbul. on sidewalks

45. All paving stones with a blue sheen Kiln scale stones used for paving were brought in as ballast on Spanish ships


All trip:
Day 1: San Francisco, USA
Day 2: Carmel Valley, US
Day 3: Apple, Facebook, Google, USA
Day 4: 17-mile drive, sunset in SF, USA
Day 5: Bermuda
Day 6: Bahamas
Day 7: Bahamas
Day 8: Cayman Islands
Day 9: Jamaica
Day 10: Trinidad and Tobago and prostitutes of Aruba
Day 11: Aruba, Baneiro and Curaçao
Day 12: Road to the Dominican Republic
Day 13: Dominican Republic Part 1
Day 14: New Year in the Dominican Republic
Day 15: San Juan, Puerto Rico Part 1
Day 16: San Juan, Puerto Rico Part 2
Day 17: Virgin Islands — offshore capital of the world
Day 18: US Virgin Islands
Day 19: Saint Martin and Anguilla
Day 20: St. Barthélemy, Millionaire Island
Day 21: Saba
Day 22: Sint Eustatius
Day 23: Antigua and Barbuda
Day 24: St. Kitts and Nevis — new home for $300,000
Day 25: Montserrat, abandoned country
Day 26: Dominica
Day Day 27: Guadeloupe
Day 28: Last day in Antigua and Barbuda
Day 29: Haiti
Day 30: Turks and Caicos Islands
Day 31: Miami

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City of San Juan (Puerto Rico) | geogoroda.



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The foundation of the city of SAN-HUAN : 1509

San Huang city occupies the territory : 199.20 km²

The density of the population : 1 984.00 people UTC−4:00

San Juan zip code: 00901 — 00975

Catoikonym : sanjuaneros

0217 Internal division of the city : 18 administrative districts (barrios)

Altitude : 8 meters


  1. Airports of San Juan3U15
  2. San Juan airports: Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport (SIG)

San Juan Metro

San Juan metro name : San Juan Metro

Number of lines: 1

Length of metro lines (length): 17. 20 km

Number of stations: 16

Passenger traffic (million people/year): 4.00

Subway scheme San Juan: Ref.

5 Climate type: nautical. The average annual air temperature is 27 °C. With a southerly wind — above 33 ° C in any season. The average temperature in winter is 25°C, in summer — 28°C.

Map of San Juan

What country is San Juan in?

The city of San Juan is located on the territory of the state (country) of Puerto Rico, which in turn is located on the territory of the continent of North America.

Population of the city of San Juan.

The city of San Juan has a population of 395,326.

Founded in San Juan.

Year of foundation of the city of San Juan: 1509.

What time zone is San Juan in?

The city of San Juan is located in the administrative time zone: UTC−4:00. Thus, you can determine the time difference in the city of San Juan, relative to the time zone in your city.

San Juan official website.

Website of the city of San Juan, official website of the city of San Juan or as it is also called «Official website of the city of San Juan»: .

Flag of the City of San Juan.

The flag of the city of San Juan is the official symbol of the city and is represented on the page as an image.

Coat of arms of the city of San Juan.

In the description of the city of San Juan, the coat of arms of the city of San Juan is presented, which is the hallmark of the city.

Subway in the city of San Juan.

The San Juan Subway is called the San Juan Metro and is a means of public transportation.

San Juan Subway traffic (San Juan Subway occupancy) is 4.

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