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Bangkok & Bombay – Santurce, 1401 Ave Fernandez Junco… (21 avaliações, endereço e número de telefone)

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Excellent service. Good variety between Thai and Indian dishes. From the soup to the main courses all delectable. Lychee martini a must! Tonight we had the pleasure to aenjiy a Bollywood dancer!

Had two amazing dishes!
Coconut soup and pad Thai, both items where absolutely delicious and the presentation was to perfection!
Happy to have found such a yummy place in PR.

The worst restaurant both in taste and service. The waitress is rude and unfriendly. The food tastes very bad. They don’t have any courtesy please do it go to this restaurant if you want anytime good time in Puerto rico

Avoid this restaurant at all costs! It’s really deserving of the one star and that has to do with some of the décor and ambience of the restaurant. But the service and particular the waiter, Miquel, and the manager who was on duty last night March 25th, was just horrible!
I was very excited to come back to this restaurant after having not been there in about three years time, and for the first time in their new location. I bought a friend who lives in the area who recently returned from a trip to India to enjoy a good Asian meal.
The spinach onion Pakora was the best item we tasted all the evening. The spices were delicious and they were lightly battered and very tasty.
We ordered very clearly a vegetable pad Thai with extra vegetables and I asked that I get some shrimp on the side. We also ordered chickpea and in a sauce and puri bread and raita.
The waiter got the order totally wrong. Instead he bought us a seafood pad Thai that have muscles and muscles, octopus and other stuff in it –none of which I would ever order in my life as I do not eat those types of seafood. I spoke English to a staffer who did not know English. But the main waiter was bilingual I assumed. But my friend who lives in the area, a local resident of San Juan clearly gave the message in Spanish.
When we wanted to return the meal we received such a poor attitude from the waiter who was I guess incensed that I would accuse him of putting in the wrong order. My friend out of regard for wanting to be no problem to the restaurant convinced me we should keep the plate as it is.
If I were at home, I would’ve sent the dish back and demanded that I get what I ordered.
That aside the noodles were overcooked, the spices would dilute it and weak, the so-​called extra vegetables were tantamount to a few extra baby carrots and one or two florettes of Collie flower probably frozen not fresh, and the entire dish was so wet which made it unpleasant to say the least.
The puri bread was drenched in oil and an unedible. It was thick like Naan not airy and puffy like Puri.
The chickpea dish arrived on a plate as three large croquettes drenched in and in thick orange sauce garnished with avocado slices. It was not what we expected. I had never seen anything like this before. I ceased eating the dish after the first bite.
The raita was as expected with fresh cucumber yogurt topped with cilantro and it was good.
We packed up the goods. I discussed the matter again with the waiter and told him that if my friend had not convinced me I would’ve returned the meal and perhaps even left the restaurant. He said in the future he’ll make sure he’s not my waiter because he makes mistakes. That was his sarcasm and the manager just looked on us and did not say a word.
This was a horrible dining experience– a rarity for me while in Puerto Rico. As we were leaving the restaurant we decided to relieve ourselves of the leftovers.
The restaurant didn’t meet my standards for food in terms of preparation and taste but the worst part of the experience was the service and treatment at the hands of the waiter and the lack of intervention of the manager that was on site.
I think during the time we were there some total of eight people were in the restaurant on a Friday night so you would think they would be grateful to have patrons who drove from Carolina to enjoy an Asian meal and who was prepared to spend whatever money we needed to to do so.
But their poorly prepared food and maltreatment suggested otherwise.
And I will never seek out this restaurant again.

I wish I could give this place zero or negative stars. The waitress had the worst attitude I have ever seen. She kept bringing incorrect dishes, forgot to bring half the order, and instead of being apologetic, just told us to be patient and not to touch the incorrect dishes she had left on our table. I am wondering if she was going to serve them to someone else. Too slow, unprofessional and not customer oriented. One of the curries we gave up on, and just decided to go with what they had brought us. The food once we got it and what we got tasted fine.

Don’t pass this one by! 1. Great service — attentive, courteous and on-​time. 2. Ambience — clam, low key, tasteful Thai –South Asian décor. 3. Bar/​bartender — AMAZING! GREAT drink options including leeches martini’s and MaiTai’s. 4. Menu — really good. Thai side is better than Indian. We ordered from both sides and enjoyed the Thai chicken satay, chicken-​coconut soup and a duck dish that was Luke duck cho chew that comes from the kitchen on fire! (OFF THE CHAIN!!). OVERALL really excellent experience. Easy to find, relaxed and friendly place. Try it for yourself.

Nice little place with amazing food. I ordered 2 indian plates the 16 and 19 of their indian menu. I was looking for something spicy but they don’t have a lot of spicy plates in their indian menu. They made both of the plates spicy for us. I didn’t put 5 stars because the waitress wasn’t very nice, she didn’t even smile once.

4 stars are for food. We ordered thai and this review is just for that. We are tourists and were craving for some thai food. Given there aren’t many thai restaurants, we decided to give this a try and we were not disappointed… we ordered Tom yom shrimp and green curry chicken. it isn’t the best Thai food We ever had, but was decent Thai food just for being available in Puerto Rico. N yes it is pricey restaurant. Location isn’t good, shady area around. Service was good

Where do i start:(this is by no means a hate review — hope its taken in a positive spirit for improvements)
–the bread was rock hard. Might as well replace it as papad menu that is missing …
–the mint chutney with the samosa was stale … Had a bitter taste. Also, the samosa’s mustards crossing the line between a tangible flavor balance to going overboard…
–dal makhani was basically just rajma. Its good but really u shud market it as Rajma and not disgrace one of India’s most wanted dishes on any dinner table. There was no dal in it, just rajma
— mango lassi was good.
— the paneer was hard.
Aaaaa the food experience is just bad… So 25 here. The silverware is actually bronzeware and is amazing so when in town do check it out …
— lastly, The price. I generally don’t talk about this. But this restaurant puts some big name restaurant menu prices to shame … Very futuristic pricing probably when indian food goes extinct …
Service was great …

Ordered the masaman with shrimp and the paneer. Makhani with garlic kulcha. The paneer was a bit tough but otherwise place is packed, good service. Not many non alcoholic beverages and the skimpy but friendly waitress need a rehaul !

Delicious Thai food fresh and well prepared. Staff was pleasant and helpful. I will come again the next time I am in San Juan.

If you are looking for great Thai and Indian food, great Martini… And of course if you are really hungry — this is great restaurant. Location wise — not a great location and bit shady surroundings but awesome food and service

Excellent food — tastes fresh, good ingredients and variety. My husband ordered the kadhai paneer and dal makhani. I got the Massaman curry with vegetables — both dishes were delicious. The pet Puerto Rican parrot was an added touch for entertainment 🙂

I was pretty happy with my meal. I came during a weekday right at noon and I was the only person the entire time which made me sad because the food was really good. I had the green curry with vegetables and tofu along with white rice and tea. The portion was a great size that allowed me some leftovers and the service was friendly.
The only reason I give 4 stars is the price was pretty pricey. I think my curry and tea came out to $ 23. There are only like two Thai restaurants that I can find in the entire area so I get it. Puerto Rico isn’t very diverse when it comes to food.

I have been traveling to San Juan since March, and sometimes I have to stay over 4 weeks. I was getting tired of same type of food. I looked for a Thai place and luckily I found Bangkok &Bambay.
I did not check the India Menu, but the Thai is good. I ordered the seafood combination green curry. It was unbelievable!
The waitress told me that every Thursdays, fresh noodles come from New York, and she can make any Thai noodles dishes for me. The noodles only last until Saturday usually. I will come back for sure !!!
I ordered the sticky rice with mango to go. I will try that later tonight 🙂

Muy rica comida Tai e indú, buen servicio. No es barato, pero tampoco muy caro.
Lo recomiendo!

Two stars only for Thai food. We ordered veg red Thai which was really good. Indian food is not that great. We called for panner makhani and Roti. The Roti tasted bitter for some reason and the paneer was also very average.
The place is very expensive for the ambience and food it offers. Do try it, but only for Thai food.

The selection wasn’t too big but that’s also because they have both a Thai and Indian menu, so I guess it all adds up to a big menu. The only noodle thai dish I saw on the menu was Pad Thai, but then luckily the server told us they also had pad see ew and drunken noodles. I got the chicken pad see ew and it was good overall, but the chinese broccoli inside tasted a little off to me but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I also got the Thai Iced Tea, which was pretty good but maybe too sweet. I still liked it.
The atmosphere was just fine. Dark, but that’s the thing nowadays. Eat in the dark, lol. Our server was very nice too. Natalie? Michele? I don’t remember anymore, haha.
I like the hot sauce! It’s made with fish sauce and I loooove fish sauce.
Overall, it wasn’t too bad, though a little pricey but of course, I think asian food has to be overpriced in Puerto Rico.

Trust me, you’re going to want to skip this place.
As a vegetarian Indian, I read reviews for this place and thought it would be a great option as my parents were craving Indian food for dinner and its menu seemed relatively inexpensive. Boy, was I wrong. We ordered a few rotis/​naans, malai kofta, and chana masala. I still remember my mom commenting on how the malai kofta was literally $ 5/​ball (3 balls = $ 15). I assumed it was going to be blasting with flavor, but it was disappointing. The chana masala was also pretty bland and had a weird color to it.
The service was pretty awful as well. Trying to grab ahold of our waitress was literally like finding Waldo. In the meantime, we tried to get some raita. Now, getting complimentary raita at Indian restaurants is pretty much hit or miss. While I strongly believe it should be included with every meal (it’s a condiment that literally takes less than 5 minutes to make!), this place didn’t even have it available! When we requested it from another waiter (who had to assist us in the interim), he didn’t even know what it was and suggested we get a vegetable salad instead! Who are you fooling?!
We quickly realized that our waitress was more invested in helping out the two native couples that were sitting at our neighboring table. Hate to make any judgments, but they were ordering pretty much the whole menu with drinks, so it was quick to realize why they were getting more importance. It also literally took us 25 minutes for us to get our credit card/​receipt back. I’m not even joking. Of course, our waitress went MIA and the waiter was busy at the bar/​attending other patrons. When I finally went up to him to get the bill, he said something rather sarcastic.
Overall, this place had high expectations but unfortunately could not deliver on them. I know the Indian options are already limited on the island, but you’re honestly better off not trying this place out.

Excellent Chicken Tikka, cooked to perfection. The Pad Thai is also excellent.
Most people think of rice and beans when they come to Puerto Rico but you must remember we have EVERY international cuisine you can imagine. This is just one example. You can eat at excellent international restaurants which are NOT in tourist areas… This is definitely a LOCALS place… it’s off the beaten path but worth the trip from anywhere. There is a parking lot and usually on street, meter parking. Also be sure to try the mint ice cream desert and the JASMINE ice TEA… what a treat!!!

— Chicken Tikka Masala: The sauce was flavorful but not spicy at all. The chicken cubes were okay, some pieces were more dry than others. I didn’t finish my plate. 35
— Kulcha: You can order garlic or onion. I had the garlic and my friend ordered the onion. Both were good but I liked the garlic better. Delicious when dipped in sauce. 35
— Paneer Makhani: I tried a couple bites off my friend’s plate. I liked the sauce better than the tikka masala. It was sweet and buttery. The cheese tasted like hard tofu, it had an unpleasant spongy texture. It was rather tasteless. 25
Leechi martini — delicious 🙂 55
Service: Both the waiter and the server were not friendly. We felt like we were bothering the waitress when we asked her a question. We added tip to the bill and the server replied with «bad service?» as if we didn’t tip enough. I thought he was really unprofessional. 15
Final Thoughts: The food wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. The service was horrible. The prices were ridiculous. I paid $ 40 for the Chicken tikka masala, kulcha, and leechi martini.

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  • No place like in this metro area. Good vibes and the service is great. They certainly live up to their name. Oh, and the food is really fresh and flavorful. Drunken noodles and green curry! order!

  • WOW!! We ordered drunken noodles, green curry, banh mi and everything was delicious. Tell them you are vegan and they will accommodate. Some of the BEST Thai food and I’ve had a lot of Thai food.

  • Went for a second time and tried the green curry… YUM! Another must! If you ask for thai iced tea, make sure you tell them if it’s sweetened or unsweetened!

  • This is my favorite restaurant hands down. The Satay and the Papaya Salad are a must and the Drunken Noodles are my favorite.

  • Excellent quality, superb taste, fast service and decent portions of the main entrées! Desert (chocolate Belgium wontons) was great but too expensive for the size. Just stick to the main dishes

  • I tried the Pad Thai and it was totally different from what I’ve experienced in other restaurants. You must get it! 😍 I also had the sticky rice with mango and it was refreshing and delicious.

  • Really friendly service, strong drinks and tasty Thai. Home made tonic water. Many drinking options. Loved the music and the decor. Reminds me of places I’ve been to Brooklyn.

  • The wings are delicious and so crispy. For the main dish I love the Holy Basil stir fry or the drunken noodles. Espadín Hasta el Fin as your cocktail choice.

  • We had a special appetizer… Mussles were amaizing!!!! Love the service and the house drinks!!! Really enjoy every part of it!!!!

  • Delicioso, pedimos fish cakes, satay, drunken noodle and Pad Thai. De postre Chocolate Wontons y todo extra delicioso. Podría comer diario aqui.

  • Try the Mai Pen Rai Old Fashion with Rye. It’s a great, sweeter twist on a classic.

  • Authentic Thai food in Puerto Rico. Great service, delicious food. Food can be spicy if you like it hot!

  • Yo he probado pad thai en muchos lugares pero sin duda alguna el de aqui ha sido uno de los mejores!

  • Pidan las alitas. (Son las mejores que he comido ever) Sigan con el Koi Sao. (Baja pantie) You should top that with a Slow French cocktail. ¡No se arrepentirán! #salcontratameya

  • Loved the restaurant and their gin & tonics. They make their own tonic. You won’t regret it…

  • Every thing I tried was great! Make sure to try a gin and tonic with their home made tonic.

  • The service is amazing. The food…OMG, really tasty.

  • G&T’s, MPR Fried Rice, awesome service, awesome vibe!!!

  • Get here early on weekends! Great food & vibe.

  • No se pueden hacer reservations pero las comida sabe exquisita, para su precio son muy buenas las porciones. Prepare a esperar también, el lugar se llena mucho.

  • Gin and tonics are great. Holy basil with chicken is always good.

  • Best Pad Thai, great cocktails. Good service and reasonable prices. Great for groups

  • Just ordered chicken pad Thai for takeout. Served very fast and delicious as always!

  • Khao Soi- The depth of flaor in this soup is amazing. Soooo gooood!!!

  • Food was amazing. Try the Drunken Noodles. I fell in love with the restaurant.

  • Mai Pen Rai Fried Rice demasiado bueno tanto como el green curry y tremenda atención!

  • authentic thai food…have the drunken noodles while youre drunk…even mild is spicy

  • Drunken noodles were good but too much chili oil need to balanced better

  • Drunken noodles & Pad Thai were delicious!

  • Dejate llevar por los sabores del lugar excelente todo

  • Said they don’t take reservations and told us 20min wait, then after 45 min come back still not ready, then we heard them take reservations! Maybe it’s locals.

  • Had a Pad Thai and it was pretty delicious!

  • Excelente comida y servicio. Buena barra.

  • Satay peanut sauce is the best

  • Quien diga que es excelente, no sabe de buena comida Thai. Esperaba más por los comentarios pero estoy decepcionada

  • Too salty the chicken wings, way over on the fish sauce

  • te gusta lo picante , créeme hay sabrás lo que es picante

  • Todo es bueno

  • Everything

  • !

  • Nothing. Rude service

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