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Himnos nacionales

Himno nacional de Puerto Rico versión instrumental.#puertorico🇵🇷 #puertorico #puertorican #🇵🇷 #🇵🇷🇵🇷

431 Likes, 13 Comments. TikTok video from Himnos nacionales (@himnosnacionales): «Himno nacional de Puerto Rico versión instrumental.#puertorico🇵🇷#puertorico#puertorican#🇵🇷#🇵🇷🇵🇷». sonido original.


sonido original — Himnos nacionales


Puerto Rico

Himno Nacional de Puerto Rico — la borinquena #pr #puertorico #fyp #fypage #fypシ #parti #paratitiktok

TikTok video from Puerto Rico (@puertorico442): «Himno Nacional de Puerto Rico — la borinquena #pr #puertorico #fyp #fypage #fypシ #parti #paratitiktok». ❗️ | ❗️ | ❗️. sonido original.


sonido original — Puerto Rico


El Androide Tv5✅

Puerto Rico 🇵🇷#boricua🇵🇷 #parati #himnodepuertorico #playasdepuertorico #preguntasyrespuestas #foryoupage 😅🎥

1.5K Likes, 199 Comments. TikTok video from El Androide Tv5✅ (@joelgarcia_oficial): «Puerto Rico 🇵🇷#boricua🇵🇷 #parati #himnodepuertorico #playasdepuertorico #preguntasyrespuestas #foryoupage 😅🎥». himno nacional de Puerto Rico 🇵🇷. sonido original.


sonido original — El Androide Tv5✅


Himnos nacionales

Himno nacional de Puerto Rico#puertorico🇵🇷 #puertorico #🇵🇷 #🇵🇷🇵🇷 #🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷

1. 3K Likes, 174 Comments. TikTok video from Himnos nacionales (@himnosnacionales): «Himno nacional de Puerto Rico#puertorico🇵🇷#puertorico#🇵🇷#🇵🇷🇵🇷#🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷». sonido original.


sonido original — Himnos nacionales


La Peque💙🇵🇷

#greenscreenvideo AYUDALA😂#parati #fyp #viral #fypシ #pr #tiktok

418 Likes, 26 Comments. TikTok video from La Peque💙🇵🇷 (@samariepr): «#greenscreenvideo AYUDALA😂#parati#fyp#viral#fypシ#pr#tiktok». AYÚDALA SEÑOR😂🤡. sonido original.


sonido original — La Peque💙🇵🇷


Erika Rivera Rojas

Orgullo de ser boricua 🇵🇷❤️ #boricua #puertorico #hispanic #puertorican #himnodepuertorico #parati

1. 5K Likes, 33 Comments. TikTok video from Erika Rivera Rojas (@erikanetwork): «Orgullo de ser boricua 🇵🇷❤️ #boricua #puertorico #hispanic #puertorican #himnodepuertorico #parati». Boricuas escuchando su Himno Nacional 🇵🇷❤️🎶. sonido original.


sonido original — Erika Rivera Rojas

Alberto Monnar — Puerto Rico National Anthem / Himno Nacional De Puerto Rico (Piano), Fine Arts, Elementary, Fine Arts, Music

Alberto Monnar — Puerto Rico National Anthem / Himno Nacional De Puerto Rico (Piano), Fine Arts, Elementary, Fine Arts, Music




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Dec 27, 2017


Alberto Monnar — Puerto Rico National Anthem / Himno Nacional De Puerto Rico (Piano)

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Anthem of Chile — Wikipedia There are unverified changes in templates or files.

National song (Spanish Canción Nacional ) is the national anthem of Chile, approved in 1828 and becoming the country’s second anthem, retaining the words of the former anthem until 1847.


  • 1 Text of the anthem
    • 1.1 Spanish
    • 1.2 Translation
  • 2 See also

Anthem of Chile.


Dulce Patria, recibe los votos
con que Chile en tus aras juró

Ha cesado la lucha sangrienta;
ya es hermano el que ayer invader;
de tres siglos lavamos la afrenta
combatiendo en el campo de honor.
El que ayer doblegábase esclavo
hoy ya libre y triunfante se ve;
libertad es la herencia del bravo,
la Victoria se humilla a su pie.

Alza, Chile, sin mancha la frente;
conquistaste tu nombre en la lid;
siempre noble, constante y valiente
te encontraron los hijos del Cid.
Que tus libres tranquilos coronen
a las artes, la industria y la paz,
y de triunfos cantares entonen

Vuestros nombres, valientes soldados,
que habéis sido de Chile el sostén,
nuestros pechos los llevan grabados;
los sabrán nuestros hijos también.
Sean ellos el grito de muerte
que lancemos marchando a lidiar,
y sonando en la boca del fuerte
hagan siempre al tirano temblar.

Si pretende el cañón extranjero
nuestros pueblos, osado, invadir;
desnudemos al punto el acero
y sepamos vencer o morir.
Con su sangre el altivo araucano
nos legó, por herencia, el valor;
y no tiembla la espada en la mano
defendiendo, de Chile, el honor.

Puro, Chile, ES TU CIILO Azulado,
Puras Brisas TE Cruzan También,
ES La Copia Feliz Del.
Majestuosa es la blanca montaña0008
te promete futuro esplendor.

Esas galas, ¡oh, Patria!, esas flores
que tapizan tu suelo feraz,
no las pisen jamás invasores;
con su sombra las cubra la paz.
Nuestros pechos serán tu baluarte,
con tu nombre sabremos vencer,
o tu noble, glorioso estandarte,
nos verá, combatiendo, caer.


Dear Motherland, accept the votes
All that Chile swears in the altars
Or will you become a grave of the free ,
Or a bulwark against oppression .

The bloody struggle is over;
Yesterday’s invader has already become a brother;
We washed away the insult of three centuries,
Fighting on the field of honor.
Who yesterday bent a slave,
Freed at last and sees himself as a triumphant;
Freedom is the legacy of the brave,
Victory is humbled at his feet.

Raise your forehead, Chile, without embarrassment;
You won your name in battle;
Always noble, constant, brave
Sid’s children have found you.
That you were freely and calmly crowned
In art, production and the world,
And you will sing in victory in tone
That inspired fear in the despot with courage.

Your names are brave soldiers,
That you were a support for the country,
Our memory will carry them in our hearts;
Let our children know too.
Become him as the cry of death
That having torn out, we will rush into battle,
And, sounding from courageous lips,
Always make the tyrant tremble.

If foreign cannons try
Our peoples daring to seize;
Let’s strip the steel immediately
And we’ll be able to win or die.
With their arrogant Araucan (lamb) blood
Our unknowing hereditary courage;
And the sword in hand will not falter
Defending Chile’s honor

Pure Chile your sky is blue ,
Fresh breezes cut through your expanse ,
And your fields are embroidered with flowers ,
This is a copy of Happy Paradise . This white mountain is majestic.

These clothes, O Motherland!, these flowers
That encircle your fertile soil,
Never trample them on the invader;
With your shadow, the world covered them.
Our breasts will be your bastion,
With your name we will be able to win,
Or your noble, glorified banner,
He will see us fallen in battle.

  • Chile
  • National Anthem
  • List of state and national anthems

Article lacks references to the sources of (see also search guidelines).

The information must be verifiable, otherwise it may be deleted. You can edit the article by adding references to authoritative sources in the form of footnotes.


  • 1 History
  • 2 Exhibits
  • 3 Gallery building
  • 4 Gallery collection
  • 5 Gallery
  • 6 Recommendations 900
  • 7 External referen Histórico de la Capital (Historical Museum of the Capital) Mayor Francisco Siber May 24, 1889

    The museum was created at the suggestion of the historian Adolfo Carranza, who was appointed director of the museum after its opening on February 15, 1891 year old. The museum was originally located on public property at 3951. Santa Fe Avenue (now occupied by the Buenos Aires Botanical Garden). It was moved to its current location in San Telmo following the purchase of the land by the Municipality of Buenos Aires in 1897. Thus, the land later occupied by the Botanical Garden was transferred to the municipal government and the museum to the national government.

    The mansion was built for the American businessman Charles Ridgely Horne in 1846. Allied with the supreme governor of Buenos Aires, Juan Manuel de Rosas, Ridgeley Horn was sent into exile after the strongman’s 1852 overthrow, and the land was sold to José Gregorio Lezama. After his death in 189In 4, his widow Angela Alzaga de Lezama sold the property to the city, which turned the mansion into a museum and much of the surrounding land into Lezama Park.


    The museum houses more than 50,000 items. Parts of the collection were brought together through donations from relatives of important figures in the May Revolution and the War of Independence. The remaining items were part of the collection of the Public Museum (r. Museo Público ) created in 1822 by Bernardino Rivadavia.

    His exhibits include regalia, things, furniture and documents belonging to José de San Martin, Maria de los Remedios de Escalada, Manuel Belgrano, William Carr Beresford, Juan Manuel de Rosas, Bartolome Mitra, Juan and Eva Peron and other Argentinean, and also foreign statesmen, legislators and military figures who played a key role in the history of the country before 1


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