Wedding activities: 30 Fun Wedding Reception Games and Activities

30 Fun Wedding Reception Games and Activities

Looking to make your wedding reception a fun and festive affair your guests will never forget? In addition to a delicious feast, flowing drinks and a killer wedding playlist, some couples like to get the party started with wedding reception games, ice-breakers and other interactive experiences, which might include everything from classic lawn games to bride and groom trivia, a photo scavenger hunt, a well-stocked photo booth and plenty of activities to engage the kids, too.

These sorts of activities work especially well at large, outdoor weddings with space to spread out, but there are plenty of options for indoor weddings, too. If the idea of adding a couple of games to your wedding day sound like fun, by all means, have at it! We’ve rounded up the 30 of the best games and activities fit for a wedding reception that guests of all ages will enjoy.

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Wedding Reception Lawn Games

Whether you have an affinity for corn hole, croquet or life-size board games, these classic lawn games and tabletop games will keep your guests entertained throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

1. Jenga

Who doesn’t love the classic block-stacking game Jenga? The traditional tabletop version adds a dose of fun and whimsy to any tented or outdoor reception area. Alternatively, upgrade to a life-size set of blocks that friends and family can build and destroy (and build again).

If you’re up for another wedding DIY project, head to the hardware store for some lumber and request that it is cut into 54 block-size pieces, which you can then stain or paint or otherwise customize however you’d like.

2. Connect Four

An oversized version of this classic game is sure to garner attention from adults and kids alike.

3. Ring Toss

A carnival classic, setting up a ring toss game is sure to bring out your guests’ competitive spirit. For extra fun, try writing the names of guests and bridal party members on bottles and rings to see who gets paired with who.

4. Corn Hole

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Corn hole is the perfect lawn game for couples that want to make extra activities feel like a cohesive part of the overall wedding décor. This creative couple painted and personalized their boards and the beanbags, too.

5. Croquet

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Who can resist a round of croquet? Invite guests to grab a mallet and get a match started on the lawn.

6. Badminton

If you have the space, why not set up a badminton court? The equipment is light and portable, and the classic game is easy enough for guests of all ages to play.

7. Bocce Ball

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If you have lawn space, you can easily make a bocce ball area. An actual court isn’t necessary—just set up balls and score cards and let your guests have at it.

8. Giant Dice

Shake things up with a jumbo set of dice! This unexpected wedding reception game is perfect for bringing guests together.

9. Giant Checkers

Simple and fun, get the party started by ordering a checkers mat so large it can double as a picnic blanket—or DIY your own.

10. High Striker

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Guests will be clamoring for their turn to wield the mallet at this old-fashioned carnival game to see who’s the strongest.

Group Games & Interactive Activities

Whether you’re hosting an indoor or outdoor wedding reception, there are plenty of group games that will keep the party going.

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11. The Shoe Game

This is one of our favorite games to play at wedding receptions! The newlyweds take a seat in front of their guests, sitting back to back. Each has one of their shoes, and one of their partners. The emcee or a member of the bridal party acts as host, and the couple has to answer the following questions simultaneously by holding up the shoe that corresponds with their answer. Estimate approximately 15 minutes to play the shoe game, and include questions like:

  • Who said I love you first?
  • Who made the first move?
  • Who has better handwriting?
  • Who dresses better?
  • Who is the better dancer?
  • Whose phone battery always has more of a charge?
  • Who says I love you more?
  • Who is more likely to be running late?
  • Who is the better cook?
  • Who got the best grades in school?
  • Who do you love more than anyone in the world?

Though your guests won’t be playing, they’ll be laughing it up as your answers reveal the truth about how you view yourselves and each other in this silly game.

12. Wheel of Fun

To encourage guest interaction, consider creating a custom wheel of activities that can be spun throughout the reception. This creative option includes details like «Pick a Couple to Kiss,» «Show Us Your Best Dance Moves» and the classic «Bride & Groom Kiss.»

13. Word Search

Transform a chalkboard into a creative word search that your guests can try their hand at all evening long. The trick to DIY-ing this word search game is to write the individual letters in permanent paint and provide chalk only for circling words. Get creative and include personal trivia about the two of you as a couple for guests to find.

14. Poker Station

Rent a poker table, set up 10 seats and hire a dealer for the night. A poker station is usually a big hit with the gentlemen.

15. Dart Art Station

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For artsy couples and guests, a dart art station is a fun daytime wedding reception activity. For the canvas, attach a couple dozen (or more) water balloons partially filled with paint to a large, blank canvas hung on a wall. Set up a dart throwing station at a safe distance (no one wants paint splatter on their formal wear, after all). Friends and family can throw darts at the canvas which will pop and splatter the paint inside the balloons, creating a one-of-a-kind piece for you to keep!

16. Themed Photo Booth

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Dressing up is technically a game… isn’t it? Regardless, guests of all ages love a themed photo booth! There are so many ways to get creative with how your guests to take selfies and group shots together. And when it comes to props, the more, the merrier, of course!

Your photo booth can have whatever sort of theme or vibe that you want. Skew towards silly fun with boas, over-sized glasses and mustache sticks—or, class things up with pretty flowers, ornate frames and signs that commemorate the wedding date.


Create a Custom Snapchat Geofilter for Your Reception

If you’re on Snapchat, you’ve probably noticed that when you’re at certain venues or events new filters are available that are specific to that place. Those are called geofilters, and it’s incredibly easy to create a custom one for your wedding reception. Pricing is determined by the size of the area where the geofilter will be available and for how long it’s up. It’s only $5 an hour for a custom geofilter that covers about 20 square feet—a sizable section of your reception space. Set up a sign to alert your social media savvy guests, and they’ll be snapping away in no time!

18. Board Game Station

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Offering a selection of quick, multi-player board games will entertain your more introverted guests throughout the evening. Classic games including Yahtzee, Uno, Scrabble and Life are all great options.

19. Video Game Station

Yep, that’s right: You can even have video games at your wedding reception—you can even have small prizes for winners along the way. We love multiplayer classics that get guests up on their feet including Dance, Dance Revolution, Rock Band or Guitar Hero, but gamer couples (and guests) might have their own favorites they want to have on hand!

20. Throwback College Drinking Games

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If you’re having a more relaxed, casual wedding, you might want to consider setting up stations at your reception where your friends can relive their college days with drinking games like beer pong and flip cup. One option: Substitute water for beer in the solo cups so things don’t get too reminiscent of those college years.

Reception Table Games

Another option is games for guests to play at their tables at the reception. Table games are perfect for breaking the ice among guests who might not know each other, or whiling away the time as they wait for the newlyweds to make their entrance.

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21. Mad Libs, the Wedding Edition

Customize these free-to-download wedding Mad Libs that you can leave on tables around the reception for guests to pick up throughout the night. It’s a fun way to get everyone talking and laughing and it will be a treat for the two of you to read later for some laugh out loud moments. (Alternatively, you can also have the emcee read off some of the best answers during the reception to give everyone a laugh.)

22. Dare … or Dare

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Get your shy guests up and active with dares made just for them! On the back of their name cards, or within custom fortune tellers, such as pictured above, include simple dares like «Take a selfie with the cutest guy at your table,» «Kiss the person next to you» or «Take a shot with someone you don’t know.» The table with the most dares completed wins! (Since you’ll be writing the dares, you can tailor the dares to your guests’ comfort level.)

23. Bride and Groom Trivia

At each guest’s seat, leave a cute sheet with some trivia questions about the two of you—they could be multiple choice, true/false questions or fill-in-the-blank. Guests can fill out the questions whenever they like, and later, the emcee can read off the answers. Whichever guests gets the most answers correct at their table can take home the centerpiece.

24. Picture Scavenger Hunt

Photo by Morgane Lay and Jonny Cocherane

Send your guests on a digital scavenger hunt by creating a list of 20 wedding moments for them to capture with their phones, such as: the newlyweds kissing; someone cheers-ing; a group selfie; etc. Not only does this give your guests a fun activity, you’ll end up with even more pictures at the end of the day.

Up the stakes with your photo scavenger hunt by turning it into a contest where you’ll vote for the best photo in each category after the wedding. This way, your guests will go for quality photos, not just quantity. And don’t forget to remind guests who are playing to use your wedding hashtag on social media so you can easily find all the fun snaps!

25. A Wedding Riff on Cards Against Humanity

If you love the sometimes outrageously insulting game that is Cards Against Humanity, you’ll love «Cads About Matrimony,» which has all the ridiculousness of Cards Against Humanity but focuses on wedding and marriage topics. It’s a great table game, especially for your friends’ tables and bridesmaids and groomsmen (your grandparents might not always catch the occasional PG-13 humor).

Kids Games

Keep your littlest guests entertained with games and activities just for them. Here are our favorite wedding games ideas for kids!

26. Coloring Station

Coloring can keep children occupied for hours, and best of all, it’s mess-free! Adorn each child’s place setting with a coloring book or some doodle paper and crayons just for them. If you have a dedicated kids’ table in your wedding seating chart, you can even cover the entire table in butcher paper so the kids can draw directly on their table, which is always a big hit!

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27. Lego Centerpieces

Another great option for the kids’ table is to have a centerpiece made of Legos. The kids can pull it apart and make their own creations through the reception, breaking down and building again.

28. Giant Tic-Tac-Toe


It’s simple and fun, and an extra-large version will add an unexpected twist to the classic game. Plus, it’s X’s and O’s (i.e. hugs and kisses!) so it’s perfectly on theme for a day that’s all about love.

29. Hopscotch and Hula Hoop

Create a play area where kids can burn off some of their energy (in a non-disruptive way). Hopscotch, hula hoops and jump ropes are some of the classics that can keep them occupied and active without causing any sort of disruption.

30. Piñata

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What kid doesn’t love a piñata? Keep it on-theme by getting a piñata shaped like a giant wedding cake, heart or other symbol of love and let them have at it after or around the time when the wedding cake (or other dessert) is being served. Of course, the newlyweds will have to come and take a swing with them, too!

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11 Unique Wedding Reception Ideas That Don’t Involve Dancing

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We all love a killer playlist, but entertainment at your reception doesn’t have to stop at the edge of the dance floor. Celebrations are more interactive than ever, with couples surprising and delighting their guests with all sorts of wedding reception activities to get (and keep) the party going.

From beloved lawn games to professional performers, and even printing your face on a cocktail, here are 11 unique wedding reception ideas—with and without dancing.

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Challenge Guests to a Game

This first wedding reception idea takes advantage of the great outdoors. «Set up croquet or other lawn games,» suggests Amy Nichols, owner of Amy Nichols Special Events. Options include corn hole, giant Jenga, and bocce ball. Set the game time to the background of bluegrass music or soft jazz, and let guests get a little competitive, drink in hand.

Get creative and have the lawn games customized to fit the wedding theme from adding a personal monogram to painting wooden accessories in the wedding colors.

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Ask an Artist to Paint the Room

Photo by Emmy Lowe

Commission your very own wedding art with this very creative wedding reception idea. Hire a painter to capture the scene of your wedding. “Guests like watching the scene unfold on the canvas throughout the evening,” says planner Tzo Ai Ang of Ang Weddings and Events. Place the artist in an area where they have a good view of the room, but where guests can also observe. One tip: “Give the artist early access, so they can paint the background before guests arrive for dinner,” Ang suggests.

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Have Fun in a Photo Booth—or Two

«Photo booths are always a big hit with guests,» explains Chandra Keel of Chandra Keel Weddings + Events. She recommends offering not one but two photo booth options in which guests can memorialize the event. «Each booth should have its own backdrop and props,» she says. «Guests can choose which style they like best or try both.”

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Print Your Face on a Cocktail

Put a new spin on your photo booth and your bar by combining the two. The Grand Bevy’s SIPMI Live is a technology that allows you to print photos on edible paper to top your cocktails. You can sync this to your photo booth so that couples can sip their latest pose—after an Instagram post, of course. Another option is to have the photo on the cocktail set at each place setting as the guest arrives to dinner.

“It’s an intimate and fantastically fun touch to your wedding,” says Josh Rosenthal, CEO and founder of The Grand Bevy. “To pull it off, ask your guests to send a picture ahead of the event. Just don’t tell them why or you’ll spoil the surprise.” Be sure to publicize your hashtag nearby—you’ll definitely want to see the posts.

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Guide Guests Through a Wine or Spirits Tasting

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Make your bar into interactive entertainment by hosting a live tasting of your favorite wines or spirits. It’s easy: Come up with a theme, such as a tasting of beers from local breweries or a whiskey flight of your preferred American and Scotch spirits. It’s also a great way to show off drinks that are special to your relationship, like a lineup of Chilean wines to commemorate your first big trip together to South America or Champagne to honor your engagement in Paris. Then, have a bartender or sommelier guide groups of guests through the tasting during the reception.

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Offer a Build-Your-Own Cocktail Bar

Have your guests participate in the mixology of their drinks with a build-your-own cocktail bar. The bartender will mix up the base beverage, such as a gin and tonic, then guests can add their own garnishes from an herb and botanical station. Or, host a martini bar where guests can customize their cocktail by choosing between gin or vodka, shaken or stirred, and the addition of olives or a lemon twist.

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Set Up a Portrait Studio

A photo booth with hilarious props is amusing, but why not give your guests a serious photo shoot? Set up a portrait studio, where guests can have a well-lit, posed shot in front of a glamorous backdrop. The resulting pictures will be ready to grace the pages of a magazine. The trick? The photos are taken by a pro photographer rather than a machine.

“It creates an experience where the guest and the couple both get to capture timeless classics,” says photographer Gurminder Banga of Banga Studios, who has set up portrait lounges at events around the world. Oh, and you “must have a wind machine because that takes it to a whole new #BeyoncéStatus level,” he says.

Design a scene that matches the style of your wedding, including similar colors and decor, and position guests at different heights to create a dynamic shot.

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Hire Aerialists, Mermaids, and Interactive Performers

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From aerialists pouring Prosecco to mermaids swimming in pools, performers create a “wow” factor at any wedding. Think about what makes the most sense at your event. Will professional dancers in disco-ball-inspired outfits help move guests to the dance floor? Do you want an entrance to remember with moving statues?

“I love it when guests enter a room after cocktail hour and see something that creates immediate excitement,” says DJ Joe Bunn of the Bunn DJ Company. He has worked with companies like Elevate to suspend performers in the middle of the ballroom and greet guests with a dress made of Champagne flutes that are filled with bubbles. His tip? “Hire a company that specializes in costumes, rigging, and performers.” You won’t have to worry about any of the logistics. Sit back and enjoy the show.

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Pose for a 360 Glam Cam

Make like an MC on the red carpet and have your guests pose for a 360 video just like the celebs attending the biggest award shows. This works especially well if the dress code is formal or black tie. Why not feel like Hollywood royalty for a night?

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Offer the Coolest of Desserts

Here’s your Top Chef moment: Delight guests by instantly freezing ice cream in front of them. Planner Sonal J. Shah of Sonal J. Shah Event Consultants loves including this, known as nitrogen ice cream, as an alternative to a dessert station. How it works: Ice cream is flash-frozen with liquid nitrogen, which looks like magic to someone watching the liquid turn to a creamy mass on par with Häagen-Dazs. Companies like 321Chillz will come on-site with all the equipment to serve inventive flavors like Chocolate-Cherry Pinot Noir and RumChata & Fireball. Bon appétit!

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Karaoke With a Live Band

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Karaoke at a wedding might not be your first thought, but hear us out on live-band karaoke. “Take what you love about karaoke and throw out what you hate,” says Jeremy Davis of Equinox Orchestra, who offers this as a service to their couples. That means there’s no cheesy machine or sake bombs. The band works with the couple ahead of time to come up with a setlist based on their guests’ favorite songs. When karaoke kicks off, usually in the last hour of the reception, guests can jump on stage and sing along with the help of lyrics on an iPad. “Our ringleaders are there to help those that are good at singing or awful at singing make it through the tunes with the band,” he adds.

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Getting ready for the wedding: 77 best ideas

How to please yourself and surprise guests at the wedding? Here is a selection of 77 different ideas — here you are sure to find something interesting for your celebration!


1. Photo booth. The absolute wedding must-have of recent years, which will keep your guests of all ages entertained for a long time.

2. Dancing. Without them, the festive evening will not be as fun. The main thing is to make the right playlist.

3. Cigar bar. An excellent idea for a gentleman’s holiday.

4. Special serving of dishes. If your banquet menu will include specially prepared meat served on a large dish (goose, duck, turkey, ram, etc.), or dishes that need to be set on fire, it makes sense to turn the serving into a separate show.

5. Magician or illusionist. An ideal solution for entertaining both young and adult guests during the evening.

6. Cartoonist. Invite a cartoonist to your wedding to give your guests something to do during the welcome buffet or between performances.

7. Artist. If caricatures are not your favorite art form, you can call an artist who will paint a real picture in an evening. His work can be a wedding gift to the parents of the bride or groom, or the couple themselves.

8. Butterflies from the box. Releasing pigeons is no longer so popular, a relatively new idea is a swarm of butterflies that flies out of a box opened by the bride and groom. The shots turn out amazing!

9. Lottery or quiz. Some of the guests will certainly not refuse to show off their knowledge and answer the tricky questions of the presenter, but someone will like the lottery with prizes more.

10. Croquet. Even if you are not yet a fan of this game, you and your guests will surely enjoy it. Not a bad idea for an open-air wedding: a minimum of preparation, and even evening dresses will not hurt.

11. Giant jenga. A popular game in recent times in a larger version. The kids will definitely appreciate it!

12. Pets at the wedding. Dogs and cats in the role of best men, witnesses or just family members will not only evoke the warmest feelings among guests, but also allow you to take original wedding pictures.

13. Giant chess. Another variation of a great game that even adults will appreciate.

14. Labyrinth. An exciting idea for a large venue: the main thing is to find all the guests before the end of the holiday.

15. Birds of prey. A proud eagle or a mysterious owl — everyone will want to take a picture with these birds.

16. Master classes. Sand painting, brooch making, figurine painting, origami or flower arrangements are perfect for any wedding. And if you are planning a completely non-strict celebration, where guests are not afraid to get their hands dirty, you can include a modeling or baking master class in the program.

17. Award ceremony. Give guests prizes for the best costume, toast, punctuality, contribution to the organization of the holiday and more.

18. Portable casino. Great entertainment for adults! Roulette or a card table will add gambling notes to a festive evening.

19. Ballroom dancing. Lovers of classics and refined manners will surely enjoy the wedding ball.

20. Unusual wedding dress. Great entertainment is to cause a wave of enthusiastic sighs from the public and feel like a queen of the ball by choosing a wedding dress far from the classics. The main thing in this matter is not to overdo it with exoticism.

21. Comedian. A great way to surprise and make your guests laugh is to invite a comedian, clowns or mimes to your wedding.

22. Karaoke. A great option for a late evening when everyone is already a little tired, but they are not going to disperse. And for an outdoor wedding, consider the idea of ​​campfire songs.

23. Fire show. The performance of the masters of the fire show in the open area will be one of the highlights of the evening. And indoors you can arrange a light show.

24. Circus show. Why not invite circus performers to your wedding? It is always fun, colorful and unusual.

25. Attractions. Are you planning a big outdoor wedding? A mobile amusement park will give both you and your guests a lot of impressions.

26. Singing waiters. An ordinary exit of waiters to the table can turn into a whole performance.

27. Flappers or confetti cannons. This is always true: after the ceremony, and during the first dance of the couple, and on the dance floor, and at the very end of the holiday.

28. Talent competition. Anyone can show their unusual talent at a wedding: the groom, the bride, their parents or friends. Author’s performances and unexpected performances always become the most emotional moments of the holiday.

29. Flash mob. Bridesmaids who unexpectedly begin to sing instead of toasting or groomsmen who start dancing at the same time are an idea for those who dream of wedding fun.

30. Professional first dance. If you don’t like the monotonous waltz as your first dance, find a choreographer and choreograph your own unique and original dance that will be remembered by all guests.

31. Piñata. Traditional Mexican fun is slowly taking over the world. Huge colorful figures suspended from the ceiling or on a tree must be smashed with a bat or stick so that candy falls out of them.

32. Tyr. Another version of the competition with prizes, suitable for a holiday both in a large room and in an open area.

33. Balloons. It would seem that the idea of ​​balls is as old as the world and no longer fashionable. But giant balloons as a decoration or even a balloon flight as an entertainment can really surprise you.

34. Path of candles. Arrange candles on the steps, around the dance floor, or mark the path to the altar with them. In the evening, candles look especially impressive both indoors and outdoors.

35. Face painting. Great entertainment for little guests, but who knows, maybe by the end of the holiday one of the adults will want to change?

36. Guest book with fingerprints. A very original idea — instead of a traditional book with wishes, create a book with the fingerprints of all your guests. This is not forgotten!

37. Divination. Fortune cookies are just one of the options for such entertainment. Why not invite a fortune-teller to the holiday or even put up a colorful tent for divination and predictions in an open area filled with magic glass balls, mystical objects and secret signs? If you do not believe in predictions, this may just be a prop for fun and vivid photos.

38. Quest. Organize a treasure hunt by scattering clues around the hall or in the open area. The prize can be a memorable gift for the guest from the bride and groom or a pop star, whose appearance should be a surprise.

39. A film about a wedding. Give guests the opportunity to be in the role of videographers. Have some Shoot It Yourself fun by handing them a camera. Have the guests take turns filming what they think is important and show the final film at the end of the evening.

40. Animals. Any animals at the wedding are a lot of emotions, original pictures and entertainment for the whole evening. This idea is especially relevant if you have chosen a hotel as a location, which has a farm, a stable or a garden with birds.

41. Charades. A favorite game from childhood, which we remember at New Year’s parties, can be quite appropriate at a wedding.

42. Midnight celebration. If you know the party will stretch into the morning, schedule special events for the middle of the night. It is both romantic and mystical moment.

43. Dance of the bride with her father. The touching dance of the bride with her father usually collects no less applause and enthusiastic exclamations than the first dance of the newlyweds. And this is especially pleasant for a father who gives his beloved daughter in marriage.

44. Slideshow. Compose a video or slideshow of baby and family photos of the bride and groom, shots of their love story, and maybe even fresh shots taken at the start of the wedding day.

45. Group dances. Round dance, sirtaki or cha-cha-cha are dances that will make all the guests get up from the tables. This is especially true during a change of dishes or a pause between numbers.

46. Party with the stars. Invite a celebrity to the celebration or organize a beauty corner where guests can try on the images of famous people.

47. Fireworks. The most obvious, but no less beautiful idea for a wedding. Fireworks will decorate the evening or night ceremony and will be an excellent end to the banquet. And guests can distribute sparklers.


48. Picnic. An excellent replacement for a buffet table or even a banquet if you are planning an informal outdoor celebration.

49. Ice cream truck. The dream of many and a great idea for a summer wedding.

50. Sweet table. A traditional sweet table can be made even more interesting with homemade cakes. Invite mothers, grandmothers and friends who love to bake sweets to bring homemade desserts.

51. Chocolate fountain. Delicious fun for guests of all ages.

52. Waffle station. An idea for a buffet or outdoor wedding is a waffle station with a variety of toppings.

53. Burrito bar. A Mexican-style wedding or just an informal friendly party? In this case, a burrito bar is a real must-have for you.

54. Burger bar. Burger is not always cheap fast food. Show your guests what real tasty burgers are like: let them refresh themselves throughout the day with fragrant buns with juicy meat, fresh vegetables and sauces.

55. Donut tower. The original way of serving dessert is a donut tower. During the evening, guests can take donuts from it, the main thing is that the tower does not fall apart ahead of time!

56. Wedding cookies. Treat guests to custom-made cookies or gingerbread with your initials and the date of the celebration.

57. Fresh popcorn. Rent a popcorn machine and no guest will be able to pass by.


58. Whiskey bar. This idea will surely be appreciated by your male guests. Prepare a collection of the finest whiskeys, ice and soda.

59. Prosecco bar. The only thing better than Prosecco is a whole bar of Prosecco!

60. Mimosa bar. An original bar with cocktails based on sparkling wines with the addition of freshly squeezed juices, syrups and fruits. The best part is that guests can make their own cocktail to their liking.

61. Tea drinking. Traditional tea drinking can also become an interesting performance: Japanese, Chinese or, maybe, Turkish?

62. Coffee house. Do you have coffee drinkers among your guests? Then they will definitely like a small stationary or mobile coffee shop (depending on the size and format of the site), where a professional barista will prepare the best coffee for them.

63. Gin bar. This variation of the alcohol bar is a trendy trend in the USA. And no wonder!

64. Champagne on wheels. A vintage wagon, a horse and carriage, fancy carts — if you are planning a large-scale outdoor celebration, all these methods of delivering champagne to guests will be especially effective and relevant. The main thing is to provide containers with ice so that the bottles are well cooled.

65. Vodka Luge. A popular format in the West for serving vodka and other strong alcohol is an ice sculpture from which a drink is poured.

66. Champagne tower. It can be of different sizes: from very compact to giant, but it will look great. And how many emotions the guests will experience while the sparkling wine will spread over the glasses like a waterfall!

67. Wine tasting. Not sure which wines your guests will prefer? Then arrange a tasting right at the welcome buffet or festive banquet.


68. Harpist. Arguably one of the most romantic instruments of all time, the harp is perfect for ceremonies and fine buffets.

69. String quartet. The classic version of the musical accompaniment of the ceremony, which in any case will not disappoint.

70. Jazz band. The best choice for lovers of informal atmosphere and weddings in retro style. Jazz will be appropriate both at the ceremony and during the gala dinner.

71. Opera singers. Another version of musical accompaniment for lovers of high art.

72. Drummers. If you want to add fun rhythms to your celebration, drummers will come in handy.

73. Favorite musical group. Your favorite band’s performance will be the bomb of your wedding night. If it is not possible to call these particular musicians, invite a cover band that will perform the best hits of your idols.

74. Light music. The original lighting, changing to the beat of the music, will add vivid impressions and emotions.


75. Horse and carriage. Show up to your own wedding like a royal couple in a horse-drawn carriage. And if later the guests can enjoy themselves a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, they will remember this moment even better.

76. Helicopter. Another unusual form of transport for the groom, bride and their guests is a helicopter. If the site allows, your appearance will cause a flurry of emotions.

77. Boat trip. Perhaps the most romantic way to get around is by boat. If your celebration will take place near a river or lake, plan for the arrival of the bride and groom by boat or boat trips for guests.

Features of conducting and organizing wedding events

Conducting and organizing wedding events


  • Assistance in organizing a wedding
  • Choosing a venue for the wedding ceremony
  • Other organizational matters
  • What costs make up the estimate

Organizing and holding a wedding is a labor-intensive process. This is known to all the newlyweds who have ever decided to take on the preparations for this important event. Meanwhile, this approach has a number of disadvantages. Instead of enjoying moments of exceptional happiness, you are distracted by everyday problems.

It is for this reason that it is worth entrusting the organization of a wedding event to a professional event agency. Specialists understand the intricacies of work and can easily take care of registration, transfer of guests, mailing invitation cards and preparing appetizers and main courses for a banquet or buffet.

View and choose ready-made wedding options

Help in organizing a wedding

If you, like many other couples, do not have the time and necessary skills to prepare an event on your own, use the help of professionals in organizing a wedding. Today, there are hundreds of companies in the event industry market that specialize in comprehensive services. Their task is to control the process from «A» to «Z», including:

  • wedding concept development;
  • search for a venue for a celebration;
  • decoration of the hall with flowers, balloons and textiles;
  • equipment rental;
  • invitation of waiters, bartenders and DJs;
  • ordering artist services;
  • development of technical specifications for all performers;
  • preparing a scenario with timing;
  • preparation and coordination of the menu on the wedding table.

Choosing a venue for the wedding ceremony

At the planning stage, it is important to decide where the exit registration will take place, as well as the informal part of the celebration: a feast and competitions. You can choose the venue for the ceremony yourself. Or entrust the task to professionals. Here are some traditional options.

  • Home party. Organizing and holding a wedding in a narrow family circle is possible if you invite only close relatives and friends to the celebration.
  • Banquet hall. A banquet in a restaurant is a traditional way to end the day. It is chosen because of the element of solemnity, the ability to decorate the hall in accordance with the style of the wedding event and excellent service.

  • Nature. An outdoor ceremony can be moved to the beach, forest, field or park. This approach means big financial expenses, but the event will be remembered for many years, and the pictures against the backdrop of wonderful landscapes will be bright and expressive.

Other organizational issues

In addition to choosing a place, pay attention to other organizational issues, from menu planning and cooking to decorating the hall.

  • Host services. Hire a host along with other specialists in an event agency or arrange a mini-survey among acquaintances. Useful contacts can be made by young couples who have just recently married.

  • Transport. To move guests from the registry office to the banquet hall, you will need transport. For young people rent a limousine. For guests — a car is simpler.

  • Photo and video recording. If you care about the quality of the pictures, you will need the help of an experienced operator.

  • decor. Flowers, ribbons, draped fabric and balloons are needed to decorate the hall and the wedding procession.

What are the costs of the estimate

You can make an estimate of the staged field registration and the informal part by summing up the main expenses. Here is the minimum list to represent the total budget:

  • organization of photo and video filming — from 10,000 rubles;
  • banquet — from 2500 rubles. for one guest;
  • musical accompaniment, host services — from 10,000 rubles;
  • car rental — from 10,000 rubles;
  • hall decoration — from 3000 rubles;
  • bridal bouquet — from 3000 rubles

If you care about the details of an outdoor event, choose a contractor on CaterMe. Specialists of the catering company will assist at all stages of preparation for the celebration and make sure that the celebration goes according to the scenario.

  • Presnenskaya emb., 8, Moscow, Russia, 123317
    250 people
    300 people
  • Presnenskaya emb. , 8, Moscow, Russia, 123317
    80 people
  • Presnenskaya embankment, 8, Moscow
    100 people
  • Avtozavodskaya street, 18, Moscow, Russia, 115280
    50 people
  • Avtozavodskaya street, 18, Moscow, Russia, 115280
    15 pers.
  • Avtozavodskaya street, 18, Moscow, Russia, 115280
    15 pers.
  • Avtozavodskaya street, 18, Moscow, Russia, 115280
    15 pers.
  • Avtozavodskaya street, 18, Moscow, Russia, 115280
    25 people
  • Avtozavodskaya street, 18, Moscow, Russia, 115280
    40 pers.

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