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Ready to descend the 756 steps!

I have two doctors, my left leg and my right – G.M. Trevelyan

I have recently spent a glorious week in Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria rambling up hill and down dale, so to speak.  This place is challenging enough and rambles in the early morning or after five in the evening are recommended.  I hope I’m never there during an earthquake!

We have been coming here now for the past ten years and each visit uncovers new delights, improved pathways, steps and roadways. Our favourite walk is the Cliff Walk between Puerto Rico beach and the man-made Amadores Playa.  This is an easy ramble and often a preamble to more strenuous excursions.

We invariably book accommodation on the lower level, Corona Cedral would be our favourite place of all but we have also stayed in Monte Verde, Letitia del Mar, Maracaibo,  Canaima and also Rio Piedras with its terracotta terraces overlooking the beach.   All these are very central – near the main Shopping Centre and also the beach and its many restaurants.

Our favourite restaurants are all on the beachfront.  We’ve been evangelists for Oscar’s  Restaurant for years and recently it seems to have amalgamated with its near neighbour Restaurante Aguaviva but I’m glad to report that  the standards haven’t slipped – the most fantastic prawn cocktail, salmon, fillet steak, Crepes Suzette and all washed down with copious amounts of Marques de Caceres Crianza!  The nearby El Greco apartment complex also has three restaurants which are worth a visit, especially La Cantina which is the best of the three El Greco options.  The new kid on the block is Frank’s Gourmet Restaurant and after our one visit on this trip, it is guaranteed to keep the others on their toes!

The only drawback I find with Puerto Rico is its distance from the airport – approximately 40 kilometres.  However, Gran Canaria has a first class public transport system and once free of Arrivals and the terminal building you can go to the bus terminal and get the 91 bus to Puerto Rico for €5. 45 – as opposed to €50 for a taxi.  Alternatively, Ryanair and others provide reasonably priced shuttle services to and from the airport.

As one becomes familiar with the area one becomes more confident in foraging out new trails, loops and challenging treks.  The one thing to notice is that there are steps everywhere linking the various levels.  The local authority has done fabulous work in the past five years building a series of steps from the beach to the high point near Puerto Azul apartments.  In all, there are 756 steps in this series – individually counted! – and depending on your exertions you can decide to descend the 756 or take on the more daunting challenge and ascend – or even decide to work both into your evening ramble!

I am reminded that numerous philosophers and novelists have also wandered and wondered. Kierkegaard did so in the countryside near Copenhagen, and suggested that it might be good for his niece, Jette, to do likewise. Prompting her in 1847, he came up with a notion I repeat on my own travels:

“Above all, do not lose your desire to walk.   I walk myself into a state of wellbeing and walk away from every illness.  I have walked myself into my best thoughts, and I know of no thought so burdensome that one cannot walk away from it” (A Letter to Henrietta Lund from Søren Kierkegaard, 1847,  trans. Henrik Rosenmeier, 1978).

I haven’t read many of HG Wells’ novels, but there’s another mantra from one of the non-fiction works, Modern Utopia, that I’ll happily take to my deathbed: “There will be many footpaths in Utopia.”

And whether I’m rambling in the Ballyhouras or in the hills above Bormes Les Mimosas or in Puerto Rico my favourite nugget of wisdom  is, of course, T.S. Eliot’s evocative words from The Waste Land (1922), surely one of the most beautiful poetic lines ever written,

“In the mountains, there you feel free.”

In conclusion, I am often reminded of the lovely Latin phrase,  Solvitur ambulando –   ‘it is solved by walking’ – sometimes attributed to St. Jerome or  Diogenes, or St. Augustine, maybe even Thoreau or Chatwin, inter alia…..

So, put your best foot forward!

A panoramic view of  Puerto Rico beach and marina from on high!

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San Juan, PR | Hours + Location | Morton’s The Steakhouse

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  • Hours & Location

    1 Calle San Geronimo Grounds, Suite 13,
    San Juan, PR 00901

    +1 (787) 977-6262

    SUN — SAT: 5:00 PM — 10:00 PM

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    Located at The Caribe Hilton, one of the island’s beach front luxury hotels, Morton’s The Steakhouse in San Juan is the perfect match to the city’s rich history and the hotel’s secluded beach front features. From the bar to the main dining area guests can relax at Morton’s with breathtaking ocean views. The San Juan, Puerto Rico premier steakhouse location maintains the classic Morton’s dining experience with an extensive award-winning wine collection, prime-aged beef, succulent seafood, signature steakhouse sides and decadent desserts — all available during dinner service. Morton’s interior design incorporates the area’s waterfront offerings with floor-to-ceiling windows and stunning views while staying true to the history of the city in an elegant setting. Just a short drive from historic Old San Juan and the nearby Isla Verde and Condado area. Fifteen minutes away from the Luis Munoz Airport and five minutes from San Juan’s new Convention Center. Two boardrooms, a spacious dining room and sleek Bar 12-21 make the restaurant an ideal venue for any occasion — from upscale private functions both day and night to post-work cocktails and Bar Bites.

    General Manager: Eric Wilber

    Proper attire is required.  View our dress code here.

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    Scandinavia — restaurants for an unusual experience

    Restaurants in Scandinavia

    Beautiful and rugged Scandinavia is still one of the most enticing tourist destinations. In these parts, royal mountain ranges alternate with moraines, silent witnesses of the ice age, and the mirror reflections of cold northern lakes create a feeling of intoxicating peace.

    Travelers who have preserved the spirit of old Europe, like toy cities with their unsurpassed music frozen in stone, attract travelers just as strongly. However, wherever the next tourist trail runs, sooner or later it will lead to one of the local restaurants, among which you can find truly unique establishments. Read other related materials on the site vectorme.ru

    Helsinki restaurant Muru

    Hospitable Finns lure tourists with gastronomic tricks. One of the trendiest restaurants in Helsinki, Muru, is a prime example of this.

    The concept of the restaurant is simple: dishes are prepared only from the best local products of the first freshness, which are delivered here every day without fail. That is why even the most ordinary salad becomes a real work of culinary art, the regulars agree. For beginners, the chef recommends trying his signature smoked vendace in lemon sauce, steak in acacia flowers or risotto with fennel and snails. A skilled sommelier will perfectly select elite European wine for each dish, since the bar menu includes over two hundred varieties.

    The indomitable spirit of adventure does not allow the owners of «Muru» to sit still. Last autumn, for example, the restaurant temporarily moved to the vicinity of the small Finnish town of Lohja. The institution was equipped not just anywhere, but in the bowels of the Tuturi limestone mine, at a depth of 80 meters. Before diving into the dark depths of the dungeon, guests were dressed up in protective helmets and fluorescent jackets. By the way, inside the restaurant itself the atmosphere was cozy and quite safe — romantic soft light with a gentle blue glow, comfortable wooden benches and pleasant unobtrusive music.

    By the way, the organizers kindly took care not only of daily bread, but also of spectacles. So, the most desperate gourmets, who want to enrich their blood with adrenaline, could descend into the lower mines to a depth of 350 meters. Guests who are alien to extreme pleasures were offered to visit the local Museum of the History of the Mining Industry. As a result, lunch in the dungeon cost an average of 128 euros per person, but the impressions, according to the assurances of the lucky ones who visited the unusual restaurant, turned out to be truly priceless.

    Helsinki, st. Fredrikinkatu, 41

    Fredrikinkatu 41, Helsinki

    Finland restaurant Kuappi

    A miniature restaurant with a touching name «Kuappi» (translated as «locker») once even got into the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest restaurant on the planet. It is not surprising, because the institution occupies a modest 8 square meters. m, a compact dining room fits in 3.6 sq. m.

    And it all started quite prosaically — a small wooden house was built for the overseer of the railway tracks. A little later, someone’s creative mind suggested transforming it into a cozy cafe for romantic meetings in a secluded setting.

    Inside Kuappi really looks more like a locker than a catering establishment. However, for all its diminutiveness, it is incredibly compact and convenient. So, there is a table for two people, a counter, a TV and even a restroom. For those who like to dine in the open air, there is a cozy terrace for two. The menu does not include exotic surprises — it contains quite familiar European snacks and hot dishes, as well as alcohol to cheer you up.

    The only downside is that dinner at Kuappi is a seasonal treat, as it is only open to guests from June to July. Of course, there are more pluses: no queues waiting for a table, neighbors smoking cigarettes or restless noisy companies.

    Sweden restaurant Tusen

    Swedes sincerely believe that culinary art and unsurpassed natural beauties make a wonderful harmonious union, and therefore they invite guests to one of the most amazing restaurants in the country called «Tusen».

    It is located in the endless snowy expanses of the popular ski resort Ramundberget. The building catches the eye with a bizarre rounded shape, reminiscent of a fairy-tale house lost in time and space. Outside, the restaurant is spectacularly finished with birch wood, while inside it is furnished in a futuristic style, which further enhances the sense of fabulousness. Spacious halls with high ceilings and dozens of windows are complemented by original funnel-shaped leather chairs, laconic round tables and outlandish light bulbs. Finally, the guests are captivated by the amazing panoramic view that opens from the windows — snow-white smooth mountain slopes with lush islands of trees, silvered with hoarfrost sparkling in the sun.

    The chef of the restaurant, Jonas Hamlund, worked long and hard on the unique menu, bringing together dishes exclusively from local products. That is why gourmets are treated here with exquisite fish variations, as well as colorful game dishes and mushrooms. Adherents of a healthy lifestyle are also taken care of in Tusen — they always have low-calorie salads, soups and branded noodles. In a word, in Ramundberget you can quite successfully combine business with pleasure, because the health-improving skiing promenade needs to be continued in the form of a full Scandinavian-style lunch.

    Sweden, Brooksvallarna, Ramundberget ski resort

    Ramundberget, Bruksvallarna, Sweden

    Restaurant Norwegia. Creative restaurateurs were inspired by cute fairy-tale creatures — trolls. According to legend, trolls are ugly-looking giants who caused continuous trouble for the human race. The holiday of life for evil monsters began with the onset of darkness, and the first ray of the sun at dawn turned the scarecrows who did not have time to escape into the caves into stone statues. Therefore, it is the trolls who should say “thank you” for the grandiose mountain ranges of Scandinavia, some romantic Norwegians believe.

    In addition, you can’t imagine the best decorations for a soulful meal.

    So, not far from the picturesque mountain range called “Trollwall” (translated as “Troll Wall”), in the Romsdal valley, there is a remarkable Norwegian restaurant “Trollwall Restaurant and Service”. The establishment was built at the foot of one of the steepest cliffs in the mountain range that stretches majestically along the western coast of Norway.

    Spectacular glass building echoes the sharp sharp outlines of the mountain slopes, and its mirrored facade reflects the mesmerizing grandeur of the rocky landscape. Fans of extreme sports come here to admire the architectural curiosity and spend time with benefit, as well as tourists from all over the world who are thirsty for vivid impressions.

    The restaurant’s menu is made up of traditional Scandinavian dishes. Guests will be offered to taste the signature salad of herring and green beans, lamb with cabbage and pepper, smoked cod with a side dish, as well as traditional Norwegian fried sausages. In addition to the restaurant in Trollwall Restaurant and Service, you can visit the original souvenir shop, information center or video room, where the most meticulous guests will be told a lot of interesting things about the Troll Wall.

    Trollveggen, More OG Romsdal, Norway

    Norway, Mere-og-Rumsdal, trollweggen

    restaurant IDA Davidsen Copenhagen

    Danias, too, and also self-talented gans of Christian Here, for example, in Copenhagen there is an amusing restaurant that easily and naturally reconciled aesthetic gourmets and fans of the most democratic snack. The menu contains only sandwiches, or as they are called in Denmark, “smørrebrøds”. This cozy, classic European-style cafe is named after its owner, Ida Davidsen, a fifth-generation hereditary sandwich maker.

    And the history of an unusual cafe began back in 1888, when an ordinary resident of Copenhagen, Oscar Davidson, opened his own wine bar. The guests, as usual, demanded some unpretentious snack for a drink. Blessed Oskar, quick-witted and hospitable Petra, tirelessly prepared the most common Danish smorrebreds, which soon surpassed in popularity the local, by the way, not very bad wine. Wasting no time, Petra became inspired to compose new types of smurrebreds. Read other related materials on the site vectorme.ru

    Today, the plump, Copenhagen phone book-like menu lists 220 types of sandwiches for every taste. Ida Davidsen, continuing the work of her illustrious ancestors, turned it into a highly profitable business. Her sandwiches are dearly loved not only by locals and visiting tourists. They are prepared for British Airways and Canadian Pacific airlines, and the star inhabitants of Hollywood are not averse to enjoying a creative snack.

    Of course, banal sandwiches with sausage and cheese are not served here. Each sandwich is a small masterpiece, some of them are even named after local idols. So, here you can try “Viktor Borg” (smorrebred, named after the popular Danish comedian) from salmon, caviar, crayfish necks and shrimp. It is curious that from time to time even the Queen of Denmark herself comes to the restaurant to enjoy her favorite smorrebreds.

    Store Kongensgade, 70 Copenhagen, Denmark

    Denmark, Copenhagen, st. Kongensgeid 70

    Restaurant Noma, Copenhagen

    However, the culinary skills of Danish craftsmen are not limited to sandwiches alone. In the very heart of Copenhagen, not far from the picturesque waterfront, there is another unusual restaurant called «Noma» (from «nordisk mad», that is, Scandinavian food). It is notable primarily for the fact that in 2010, according to the influential British magazine «Restaurant», it received the honorary title of the best restaurant in the world. And today the institution continues to occupy the first lines of the rating.

    It’s understandable why Noma has long been a culinary Mecca for gourmets from all over the world. After all, here they surprise guests with traditional Scandinavian cuisine in a modern molecular interpretation. However, they don’t make a big secret of the sacrament of cooking — inquisitive customers can watch the process through a glass partition.

    But the names of many dishes sound bewitchingly incomprehensible: Lovage with Prastost cheese, Ox cheeks with endive, Biodynamic cereals with beech nuts, Herbs and frozen milk, and much more. Every month, the menu is replenished with something new and terribly extravagant.

    The owners also did a great job with the entourage of Noma. The restaurant is located in former warehouses, and therefore retains the attractive spirit of the past. Restrained and concise Scandinavian style, at the same time, is distinguished by warmth and cordiality. Spacious halls with oak floors and massive wooden ceilings are organically complemented by elegant wooden tables and chairs with animal skins thrown over them. Wide, wall-to-wall windows fill the space with natural light.

    A full house at Noma is a common thing, so a table should be booked three months before the intended visit.

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