Icacos Island, Cayo Icacos, in Fajardo Puerto Rico has an amazing beach and it’s a great place to spend the day.  Icacos Island is a small piece of paradise off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico which can only be reached by water taxi.  The beaches are white and the water is blue with no buildings on the island to spoil the scenery. Whether you want to snorkel around the island, relax in the sand or bring some food and have a picnic, you can do it all on Icacos Island and Icacos Island Water Taxi can take you there!  The water taxi ride from Fajardo takes approximately 20 minutes and is worth every second!




Cost to Icacos is $75 per person

A $10 deposit is due for groups of 5 or less.  ​
Payment in full is required for groups of 6 or more. 

​Trips to Icacos depart at 11am and return between 3-4pm. If you have a group of 6 or more, other times may be accommodate based on schedule availability. 

We recommend a cooler with plenty of drinks and snacks for your day at the beach.

Cancellation Policy:  Cancellations made prior to 48 hours of your departure time are fully refundable. Cancellations made within 48 hours of your departure time will not have deposit refunded. Reservations made within 48 hours are final. Trips may be cancelled at captain’s discretion due to inclement weather. If this occurs, your trip may be rescheduled upon availability. Otherwise, your deposit will be refunded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any bathrooms on Icacos Island?
No.  There are no existing structures on the island so come prepared for that 🙂 There are Icacos fruits and coconuts though 🙂

Are there any restaurants on Icacos Island?
No.  People often bring their own cooler for snacks and drinks and sometimes they even bring their own grills!

How long does the trip last?
The boat ride to Icacos Island takes about 20 minutes.  Generally, people like to go over to Icacos Island around 9am and stay to around 2pm but we are flexible.  We don’t go earlier than 8:30am and we prefer to not bring you home any later than 3:30pm. 

Where are the best snorkeling places?
Check out our Icacos Island map for some advice on the best places to snorkel around Icacos. 

Is there more than one beach on Icacos Island?
Yes.  The most popular one is on the west side of the island. 





We want to help you plan your perfect vacation.   Whether you need Icacos Island Water Taxi services, looking for other activities or need help finding a condo to rent, we will do our best to assist with your vacation in Puerto Rico!  Have your wedding or event on Icacos Island! 

A Step By Step Guide On How To Get To Cayo Icacos Island In Puerto Rico

Recently, I decided to spend my vacation in Puerto Rico for the first time ever. And I booked my trip during Puerto Rico’s off-peak season between June and November, not knowing that it was their hurricane season!

So, I ended up visiting during the week that Hurricane Dorian was passing through the Caribbean.

But, fortunately, it passed right on by. Whew.

Although my timing was bad, I am meticulous about planning. And a visit to Cayo Icacos was high on my itinerary.

In short, Cayo Icacos is a small, deserted island in Puerto Rico, located off the North East coast of Fajardo. Its beach offers scenic views of mainland Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Ocean and is a popular tourist attraction for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. Since the beach closes by dawn, when the last boats depart, it is ideal for a day trip.

Before arriving, I searched online for routes and instructions on how to get to Cayo Icacos Island. But when I arrived, I discovered that most of those directions were wrong and outdated!

I couldn’t even find clear guidance on how to get to Cayo Icacos from Puerto Rico’s government website or their official tourism website!

So my trek becomes your fortune since during my trip to Puerto Rico I blazed a trail to the beautiful Cayo Icacos and traced all my steps. Which I now pass along to you!

To help my fellow travelers and tourists, I made this list with the most current and accurate directions to get to Cayo Icacos Island from San Juan, along with many important travel tips that you’ll need to have an amazing trip!



Puerto Rico’s Current Condition and Travel Requirements

To address some common concerns before we start, if you’re worried about the condition of the beaches after Hurricane Maria, from what I saw, they are doing just fine. This article is full of pictures from my trip as proof.

And you may be wondering, “Is Puerto Rico open for travel and tourism?” The answer is Yes, Puerto Rico is open for travel and tourism.

As of March 10th, 2022, most capacity, vaccination, and mask mandates were lifted for travelers, with a few exceptions. Currently, there is a very short list of travel restrictions in Puerto Rico that visitors should be aware of:

  • U.S. citizens and immigrants (e.g. permanent residents) do not have to submit proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test results.
  • Travelers arriving by cruise ship and non-U.S. citizens arriving in the U.S.A. by air must submit proof of full vaccination before arrival.
  • Quarantine applies to any travelers who test positive for COVID-19.
  • Proof of vaccination or recent negative COVID-19 test results is no longer required to enter any indoor establishments, such as hotels, bars, restaurants, theaters, and event venues.
  • Masks are not required to be worn in indoor establishments, outdoor gatherings, or events with less than 1,000 attendees.
  • Capacity limits have been lifted.
  • Special health guidelines may apply to specific venues.

These are the latest travel requirements, as of June 2022. You can check Puerto’s Rico official travel website for more details about the latest travel guidelines, and always verify operating hours for local businesses and tourist attractions before you go.

Also, keep in mind that private businesses are free to implement safety guidelines as they see fit. So, if you are asked to put on a mask, respect it or take your business elsewhere.

Now, back to the matter at hand.

For those who are familiar with Puerto Rico, the only way to get to Cayo Icacos by taking a water taxi or boat charter ride from the docks of Las Croabas in Fajardo. The boat rides are about 15-20 minutes long and launch every 30 minutes to an hour. The docks at Las Croabas are about a 60-minute drive from San Juan, or a 2.5-hour drive from Aguadilla by car.

For tourists and foreigners, here are the step-by-step directions:

1. Rent a Car! Don’t Waste Money on Taxis.

If you are wondering, “Should I rent a car in Puerto Rico?” The answer is definitely “yes” if you plan to go beyond the local areas near the airports and travel to remote locations like Cayo Icacos, Yunque Rainforest, Vieques, or any other popular tourist destinations.

It doesn’t matter which airport you arrive in because none of them are close to where you need to be to get to Cayo Icacos by public transportation.

Naturally, your next question is likely, “How to rent a car in Puerto Rico?” You can quickly find many of the common car rental agencies just a few steps from the arrival exits at San Juan airport!

Car Rentals at San Juan Airport

Here, you will find a small building that houses a bunch of car rental agency booths, all with some pretty competitive prices. I found some rental deals running as low as $35 per day!

But, keep in mind, I did go during an off-season and book car rental reservations about a month in advance. So, I recommend for you to also book ahead of time and just price shop around.

Inside the Car rental area at San Juan Airport

And in case you are worried about the additional costs for toll roads, don’t. Toll roads in Puerto Rico only cost a couple of dollars to use. But, I do recommend avoiding them and taking the scenic routes instead.

Make the most of the long drives to see the country sides and perhaps stop by some of Puerto Rico’s great local attractions and restaurants!

In case you are still considering taking a cab or ride-share, just know that you would likely end up paying an arm and a leg due to the long driving distances. And if you get a private driver, it would be even more expensive unless you’re a baller, and that’s just how you roll. So, I highly recommend that you rent a car, it’s simply the most economic and fun option for your trip.

Quick Tip: If you are booking your stay near San Juan’s airport, then you are looking at a short 1-hour drive to the boats that go to Cayo Icacos Island. However, if you plan to stay closer to Aguadilla airport and return to the West Coast, then I recommend that you book a hotel for a night in the Fajardo area. That would be a long and tiring round trip drive to fit into one day!

2. Avoid Fajardo Port. There are NO ferries there to Cayo Icacos!

Yes, you heard me correctly. Despite what you heard from the various outdated pages online saying that you can sail from Fajardo port, there are no passenger ferries at Fajardo Port that go to Cayo Icacos Island.

If you find any website claiming there is a ferry to Cayo Icacos, look into the details, and you will see that it is actually a private water taxi or boat charter – It is false advertising.

Currently, Fajardo port is limited to commercial charters only. The passenger ferries that used to launch from there were moved to Ceiba port.

Port Fajardo in Puerto Rico does not have any more public passenger ferries

Don’t be like me and waste your time driving there, only to be turned away by the one lonely security guard posted there to protect this chained and gated port. There are absolutely no passenger boats here or staff of any kind to even direct you to the right place!

3. Go To The Docks of Las Croabas, Fajardo

If you want to get to Cayo Icacos, you need to get to the town of Las Croabas in Fajardo!

Forget about the Port of Fajardo, and don’t get misdirected to Ceiba Ferry Port either (like I was). Besides the fact that Ceiba Port also doesn’t have boats that sail to Cayo Icacos, they have incompetent idiots working there. But I’ll tell you more about that experience later.

Read about my horrible experience at Ceiba Ferry in my Yelp Review

At Las Croabas you will find all of the travel options you’ll need, and are available, from water taxis to private catamarans available for rental to take you to Cayo Icacos island, or Isla Palomino.

Here is a picture of the road when driving into Las Croabas.

Driving into Las Croabas, Puerto Rico

If you need precise driving directions, here is a custom google map of the driving route from Aguadilla and San Juan airports to Las Croabas.

4. Find Free Parking Near The Docks of Las Croabas

Once you arrive on the strip near the docks of Las Croabas, you can find free street parking if you turn to your right just off the main road.

Parking at Las Croabas Puerto Rico

Here you can also find public bathrooms with outdoor showers behind them. There are a few restaurants in the area that are convenient but are pricey.

The park near the parking area with bathrooms at Las Croabas

5. Avoid The Tours and E-ticket hustles

Many websites online deceivingly state that you have to buy tickets or a pass to go to Cayo Icacos. This is false! There are no entrance fees or tickets required to visit Cayo Icacos, Culebra island, Isla Palomino, or most other private islands in Puerto Rico for that matter.

You can access any of these private islands for free, the only thing you have to pay for is boat transportation – which is available at minimal costs. So don’t be fooled by any misleading marketing about high-priced tickets, tours, or passes.

And I wouldn’t advise for you to book a “tour” of Cayo Icacos either. Cayo Icacos is a very small island. And Icacos Beach, where tourists typically visit, has less than a mile stretch of walkable terrain, most of which boats can’t dock on due to the rocky shores. So, unless the tour includes other amenities that you want, then skip it, and explore Cayo Icacos yourself.

Lastly, you do not have to buy any “e-tickets” to catch a water taxi to Cayo Icacos. Most water taxis at Las Croabas will accept your reservations over the phone, then you can pay cash when you arrive at the standard market rates – While tickets purchased online will typically have a markup of 40% or more on the price. So only buy e-tickets if it is more convenient for you, but know that it is almost assuredly not the best deal.

In Las Croabas, you can take your pick of many water taxi services, private charter boats, or catamarans. The prices of water taxis are generally $50 – $60 per person for a round trip to Cayo Icacos (and the other nearby islands), paid in cash only. Boats normally leave every 30-60 minutes, or on-demand, and the travel time is about 15-20 minutes.

If you choose a private charter, a guided tour, or a trip with amenities included, then those are on your schedule and obviously cost a premium. Just remember, these satellite islands are very small. So, you can easily explore them by yourself.

After looking through reviews online, it seems all of the water taxis have nice crews, similar prices, and similar schedules. Some charters offer rentals for beach equipment like umbrellas and snorkels. Some even have food and drink packages, which is convenient if you don’t want to carry around a ton of beach supplies.

Here is a custom google map that I made with a list of all of the water taxis in Las Croabas, Fajardo.

When I arrived here, I just grabbed the first boat I came across near the parking lot. It was also the only nearby boat with seating availability, and it worked out great. The boat wasn’t fancy and kind of small, but it got the job done and Captain was very courteous and professional.

That is more than I can say for my horrible experience at Ceiba Port. The idiotic staff there ruined my planned trip to Vieques by not alerting guests that the ferry arrived until AFTER it departed! Hence my 1 Star Yelp Review.

6. Reserve a Water Taxi or Boat Charter, or Just Show Up

When planning your trip to Cayo Icacos, the best option is to call in advance, check availability, verify the price, and book reservations with one of the water taxis or boat charters. This will guarantee you a seat and is recommended if you are traveling to Puerto Rico during a busy season.

Remember, most of the local water taxis only accept cash or even have websites to process payments on. The ones that do have websites are always more expensive.

If you have a big group, then you should definitely make reservations. These water taxis aren’t all big; some only have around 10-20 seats!

In my case, I was lucky enough to show up just when the boat was being boarded, and since they had 2 seats to spare, the captain let my girlfriend and I hop on board.

Catching a water taxi to Cayo Icacos

Perhaps it was luck during the slow season, or he just wanted to make an extra buck. Whatever the reason was, it just showed me that you don’t always have to book ahead if you’re on a flexible schedule.

There are many water taxi services in this area, so if you don’t find availability on one, the odds are in your favor to find space on another. And it’s also nice to take a walk through this quaint little seaside town. There are a few local restaurants where you can grab a bite or drink while you wait for your boat to launch!

Water taxi ride to Cayo Icaco

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Taxis to Cayo Icacos

How long is the water taxi ride to Cayo Icacos?

The water taxi ride to Cayo Icacos is about 15-20 minutes long from Las Croabas, and there are no stops along the away. If you charter a private boat, then you can request stops along the way for some recreational swimming in the ocean. 

How often do water taxis arrive for pickup and drop-off passengers? Water taxis tend to come to pick up or drop off new passengers every 30 minutes to an hour.

The boat captain will tell you the schedule when you board, and you can choose what time you want to be picked up. Although you can technically hop on the boat to return anytime there is space, they typically plan to pick people up after a 4-hour stay on the island.

When does the last boat arrive for pick up and drop-offs?

Boats pick up passengers from the island before the sun sets. So, they will stop dropping off passengers to Cayo Icacos around 4 PM. Then, they will start picking up the remaining passengers to return to the mainland around 5pm to 6pm before the sun sets.

The water taxi captains are pretty flexible, so you can just tell them when you want to return, and they will try to squeeze you in if there is space.

If you are into sharing a ride or want a VIP experience, here are the main differences between a private charter and a water taxi to help you decide:

Considerations When Choosing A Private Charter to Cayo Icacos

The best thing about the private charter is that it’s all yours for your entire stay at Cayo Icacos Island. This is ideal if you are with family, a large group, or just willing to pay the premium for comfort.

A charter boat will sit with you by the shore of the island, allow you to blast party music, pop bottles, etc. But I do recommend buying and bringing your own party supplies and drinks rather than paying a markup on the boat for it.

Charter boats are the more convenient options since the boat is on your schedule. It will come and go according to your preferences. But the last departure time will likely still be before sunset as the water taxis’ are.

Here’s a picture of a charter boat docked at Cayo Icacos in the background and some of the great friends that we made while in Puerto Rico greeting us when we arrived!

View of a Private Charter Boat at Cayo Icacos – Photo By C Nez Byrd

Considerations When Choosing A Water Taxi to Cayo Icacos

Water taxis are small and packed to capacity with guests. So it’s good to make some new friends, but not so good if you hate being in close proximity to strangers.

Water taxis operate on a set schedule. So be sure to ask your captain and agree to a time slot. They usually fill the boat during each drop-off and pickup, so you could have a long wait if you miss your boarding time.

while water taxis are the cheaper and less luxurious option. They aren’t fancy, comfortable, or luxurious. But since they only cost around 25 bucks each way, and it’s just a 15-minute ride, take it for what it is.

7. Bring the Essentials! Cayo Icacos is an Uninhabited Island.

Cayo Icacos is an uninhabited island with absolutely no facilities on it, as you can see in my picture below. That means there are no vendors, restaurants, bathrooms, or showers! They don’t even have garbage cans, so please clean up after yourself.

So that you can be more prepared than I was, here is a quick list of 10 recommended items that you should definitely bring on your visit to Cayo Icacos:

View of Cayo Icacos Beach

10 Items You Should Take To Cayo Icacos Beach

1. Food, and plenty of it to last for your entire visit.
2. Plenty of water.
3. A beach umbrella for the strong sun. (There aren’t any trees to hide in the shade under; you will get a sunburn.)
4. Water shoes for the rocky areas.
5. Beach Towels.
6. Snorkel gear. (There are plenty of fish to see if you find yourself a quiet area where the boats aren’t docked.)
7. Sunglasses.
8. Waterproof speakers. (There were other boats when I arrived playing loud music, so feel free to bring your own!)
9. Lots of sunblock.
10. Beach toys. (Unless you just like to lay on the beach and snorkel, you might get bored.)

8. Find The Best Areas to Snorkel Further Down The Shore.

From what I saw, Cayo Icacos is a good beach to snorkel on, but perhaps not the best. If you are looking for huge fish and turtles, I hope you can find them because I couldn’t.

However, when I explored a few different areas farther down the shore I found some fishies hiding away amongst the more rocky areas on the far end of the beach. These areas are more treacherous for boats to dock, so they aren’t around to scare the fish away.

Good area for snorkeling on Cayo Icacos Beach

Live Video Of The Beach At Cayo Icacos

Lastly, pictures just don’t do it justice. So click here to see a short Instagram video of my visit to Cayo Icacos beach!

Well, there you have it. This is the most current and complete firsthand directions to Cayo Icacos that you will currently find.

If this article was helpful, please share it, drop a comment, and feel free to tag me in your awesome Puerto Rico photos on Instagram @Nezalpha.

And if you are looking for the best nightlife and bars in Puerto Rico, then read my article, “7 Essential tips About La Placita in Puerto Rico” next!


Varadero, Cuba. Where is the country and the city where it is better to relax


Varadero is a resort city in Cuba. This is the place of an endless holiday for tourists. There are many hotels and restaurants here. Nearby, the turquoise ocean stretches for many kilometers with beautiful sandy white beaches. There are many families with children among the visiting guests.


Varadero is located in the Cuban province of Matanzas. It is a city located on the Hicacos Peninsula. Cuba’s capital, Havana, is 140 km away.

The peninsula itself on the map looks like a thin strip of land that protrudes into the ocean for 20 km. Moreover, its width is 1.2 km. The highest point of the peninsula is the northernmost point of Cuba.

Climate and weather

Varadero is located in the tropical zone. At the same time, the location of the Atlantic Ocean from the north and the Caribbean Sea from the south makes the climate temperate. Due to the constant presence of sea breezes, there is no strong warming of the soil. The average temperature during the year is 25.2 ° .

The amount of precipitation is more during the summer months. At the same time, they are practically not observed in March. Their average annual number is 1264 mm. The maximum number of sunny days is in summer. At times the air temperature rises to 32°. Strong winds often blow in autumn and winter.

When is the best time to relax in Varadero, season

You can travel to Varadero almost all year round. However, the best time for tourists to visit this place is from February to March. This is due to the lack of winds, a sufficient number of sunny days and the absence of intense heat.

The main climatic parameters by months are presented in the table.



9003 70038

Months Daily air temperature in deg. Water temperature in deg. The number of sunny days Number of rainy days precipitation in mm
24-25. 5 11-13 9


2 12.1-12.6
February 27.1-27.8 25.5-26.1 14-15 4 27.1-28
March 28.2-28.8 25.8-26.3 16-17 0 16-1
29-29.6 26.1-26.7 14-16 3 37-38
May 29, 2-29.8 26.8-27.3 18-19 5 80-80.7
June 30.8-31.4 28.1- 28.8 12-13 6 69.5-70.3
July 31-31.8 29,8-30.1 22-23 4 58.1-60
August 31.9-32.6 29.9-30.4 17-18 6
September 31-31.7 28.8-29.3 14-15 5

75-75. 7
October 29.8-30.3 27.9-28.3 12-13 7 100-101

26.1-26.8 26.1-26.7 6-7 6-7 5 53-53.8
December 23.1-23.9 25.1-25.8 9-10 3 23.9-24.6

Some people like to relax in July with so many sunny days. However, not all tourists can withstand heat above 32°.

The best areas for recreation

Varadero practically occupies the entire peninsula. There is a single zone of beaches here.

The territory is conventionally divided into districts:

  • Playa Caleta. This area of ​​the beach, where the mainland turns into a sandy spit. Of greatest interest here is the Laguna de Paso Malo. Excursion bathyscaphe ships regularly depart from this place in the direction of coral reefs. On this section of the beach, the sea is usually restless, so beach lovers are better off moving further inland. There are several hotels here, which offer a beautiful view of the ocean.
  • Varadero village. This is a piece of land where you can rent relatively inexpensive housing. The hotels built here are also mostly budget. For this reason, there is always a lot of fun and people on the street. Music is constantly heard from the small restaurants located here. In the evenings there are discos and nightly concerts. For not very wealthy young people, this place is the best area. Of the sights, it is worth noting the church of De Santa Elvira. This is a white and blue house built in 1938 and turned into a museum of local lore. It is located near the beach. Here you can see stuffed animals and photographs dedicated to the history of the resort.
  • San Bernardino. This is the middle part of the peninsula, where there are very few urban developments. Fans of noisy entertainment may find it boring here. At the same time, the hotels built here are well renovated and provide quality service.
  • Bako Hicacos Lagoon. This place is more suitable for wealthy tourists. Five-star hotels occupying vast territories are located here. There are reefs in the lagoon. The fish swimming here are specially fed. There is no night entertainment outside the hotels. This is due to the prohibition of gambling in Cuba.
  • East Beach. Is the end of the peninsula. Here, along with five-star hotels, there are more modest places to stay. This area is not suitable for lovers of nightlife, as there are no restaurants or other entertainment venues.

Varadero Village, Cuba

If you want to have fun, it is better to stay directly in the village of Varadero. Here they can always find entertainment to their liking.

Where to stay, hotels

Varadero is a place where tourists can rent accommodation according to their needs. Vacationers can stay in guest houses, where the cost of living is from 6 €.

Casa Las Hortensias, Cuba

Several options are presented in the table.



Guest house name Distance from town to beach Price per room per person in €
Casa Las Hortensias 400 m 6.5 The guest house has a terrace, garden and car parking. The room has a private bathroom and air conditioning. Distance to the nearest airport is 23 km. A shuttle service is available here at an additional cost.
Casa Ileana y Ray 2.2 km 6.8 The rooms have a TV and an en suite bathroom. Free car parking is available on site. The front desk is open 24/7.

Tourists can also relax in five-star hotels.


Options are presented in the table:

Hotel name Location


Melia Varadero 5* Varadero 200 The hotel is located on the first coastline, surrounded by green spaces. On the territory there is a swimming pool. Guests are provided with free wi-fi. Food and drinks can be delivered to your room for an additional fee.
Iberostar Varadero 5* Varadero 266 The hotel offers a very high level of service. Directly on the beach, tourists are offered snacks and any drinks. The hotel has a large swimming pool. The room has all the necessary accessories.
Melia las Antillas 4* Varadero 183 The hotel is located on the first coastline. The rooms are spacious apartments. Vacationers can stay in gazebos built on the territory. 2 restaurants offer a quality selection of food. Those who wish can swim in the large pool.

Tourists who come to rest can always choose any acceptable housing option.


Varadero is located on the territory of the peninsula, where the beach areas are located. Together they are called Varadero Beach. The beaches are free for tourists. Money is taken only for the rental of sunbeds. However, the sand is so soft that you can do without them.

Tourists should be careful when entering the water because jellyfish that cause burns appear on the coast.

Among the beaches of Varadero stand out:

  • Brisas del Caribe. The beach is located a short distance from the city. You can walk to it within 12 minutes. The whole area is covered with white sand. The seabed drops smoothly, this creates convenience when entering the water. Right on the beach you can rent pedal boats or scooters. A large number of cafes have been built for hungry tourists. People who come here by car can leave the car for free in the built parking lot.
  • Playa Varadero. The beach is located at a distance of 12 km from the city. There is free parking for motorists. White sand spreads in front of the sea surface. It looks especially beautiful in combination with the blue sea surface. Entry into the water is very gentle, so the depth begins at some distance. The entire coastal zone is covered with local beauties. There are coral reefs, sea caves and sand mounds.
  • Coral Beach. The beach is 35 km from Varadero. A feature of the territory is that the white sand does not heat up even on the sunniest day. This allows families with children to relax here. The infrastructure on the beach is poorly developed. There are no sun loungers, there is a primitive shower, and the toilet is paid. The territory is not crowded, but this is an ideal place for diving. Having plunged into the water, it is possible to observe the floating colorful fish.
  • Playa Caleta. To get to the beach, you need to drive 18 km. This can be done by taxi in 24 minutes. The cost of the trip will be 18-20 €. The area is covered with shell rock and sand. When entering the water, the depth increases very quickly. Changing cabins and toilets are available for visiting tourists. The sun loungers can only be used by hotel guests. In the evenings, discos are regularly held on the beach. For those wishing to dine, the surrounding coffee shops offer a wide range of dishes.
  • Ocean Varadero el Patricia. The beach area is located about 5 km from the city. If you rent a car, the travel time will be 9 minutes. The entire beach is covered with fine white sand. Tourists present here are constantly entertained by animators who organize contests and various performances. The beach is well equipped, and the entrance to the water is convenient. The disadvantage is the paid sunbeds, the price for which is 0.42 €. Around are cafes and restaurants where you can satisfy your hunger or have a hearty lunch.

Playa Caleta, Varadero, Cuba

Each beach has its own personality, and the small size of the peninsula allows tourists to visit them all in turn.


The cuisine in Varadero is based on the principle of tasty and plentiful. There is a wide variety of meat dishes seasoned with spices. Potatoes, beans, rice, various vegetables and fruits are used as a side dish. Bananas can often be served with meat along with any side dish.

Vaka Fritta

The following dishes are typical of the local cuisine:

  • Turtle soup. The broth contains turtle meat, which tastes like chicken.
  • Ropa vieja. This is a slow roasted beef stew. It is served with black beans, vegetables and rice. The dish is topped with tomato sauce.
  • Waka frit. In translation, the dish is called “fried beef”. A distinctive feature is the method of its preparation. The meat is boiled, divided into fibers, poured with marinade and fried until a crust appears. Served with onion and green pepper.
  • Croquettes. These are balls made from fried pork or chicken. The top of the croquettes is sprinkled with breadcrumbs. They are eaten with ketchup or garlic sauce.
  • Arroz con poyo. This dish is prepared directly in open eateries. It’s fried chicken and rice. Topped with spicy sauce.
  • Cuban sandwich. This is a bun cut lengthwise with a filling: fried pork, ham, various pickles and cheese. After grilling, the cheese melts and soaks the ingredients.

All these dishes can be tasted in local restaurants and cafes.

Places of interest and attractions

Varadero is located in a place that is more designed for a beach holiday. For this reason, there are few excursions organized here. However, there are interesting objects that you can visit on your own.

Ambrosio Cave

There is a grotto on the Hicacos peninsula. Its length is 300 m. Inside, 5 halls were formed, which are interconnected by passages. Over time, some vaults have collapsed, so you need to be very careful when visiting the cave.

Inside the room, everything is woven with vines and plant roots. Light enters only through small cracks. The walls of the grotto are covered with many prehistoric drawings. Here you can see the solar calendar, concentric circles and various other images.

Bats live in the cave. They feed on mosquitoes and do not touch people. The visit to the grotto takes place from 10:00 to 17:00. The ticket price is $3.

Al Capone Museum

On the Atlantic coast in Varadero, the villa of the great gangster of the past was built. This stone building is made in blue tones. Now there is a Spanish restaurant with a good selection of seafood and meat dishes.

The building stands on a landscaped area. Palm trees and trimmed shrubs grow here. To get to the villa, you must visit the restaurant. The cost of lunch is around 50-80 €. In this place it is convenient to celebrate any celebration or hold business negotiations.

Varaikakos Natural Park

The site is located on the Hicacos peninsula, east of Varadero. For tourists, the park is interesting because interesting natural monuments have been preserved here.

These objects include:

  • Caves. There are a large number of them here. For many thousands of years, ancient people lived here. Later, the Indians held their religious rituals in these places.
  • El Patriarca. This is a giant cactus growing in Varadero. This plant is estimated to be over 500 years old.

When visiting the reserve, tourists should definitely take comfortable clothes with long sleeves to protect against mosquitoes.

Things to do for tourists, entertainment

Tourists who come to Varadero always have something to do. There is a lot of entertainment here. In the daytime, you can visit local shops to bring home souvenirs, and in the evening, young people visit clubs, of which there are a large number.


There is always a lot of goods in local shops and shops.

Pay attention to the following things here:

  • Clothes. The most important thing is to find a thing made from organic cotton, since most of the clothes are made of synthetics. It is best to buy straw accessories. An example would be women’s hats or handbags. They look very nice and are inexpensive.
  • Leather. Good quality crocodile skin products. However, you need to buy them exclusively in the store. This is due to the fact that during customs inspection it is necessary to have a license for the export of leather products. This paper is not available on the market. It is only available in the store.
  • Shoes. In Varadero you can buy inexpensive sandals. However, their quality is very low.
  • Jewelry. These include black coral items. These are bracelets, earrings, beads. When buying, you need to be careful not to take a fake.

Cigars are the best souvenir. Here they cost an order of magnitude less than in European countries. Even non-smokers buy them.

Clubs and discos

Clubs in Varadero usually open around midnight and stay open almost until morning. Contemporary European music plays throughout the entire time. Discotheques work in the same way.

Here you can visit the following establishments:

  • Benny Bar. Is a small club located on the coast in the Camino del Mar area. This name he received in honor of the composer and musician Benny Moore. Here you can order drinks and listen to Cuban national music.
  • La Arboleda. This is a small bar that is open all day long. There is live music here every night.
  • Disco La Pachanga. Located in the city center. Here you can constantly see visiting tourists and local residents.

There are so many objects where you can spend an active holiday that you can bypass them in one visit to Varadero. impossible.

Leisure Activities

Varadero has many opportunities to actively spend your free time.

The most attractive types of recreation are:

  • Diving. This is available at Coral Beach. Equipment can be rented. The dive is carried out with a guide. Under water there is an opportunity to inspect sunken ships. It is allowed to take photographs.
  • Jeep safari. In Varadero, a whole excursion is devoted to this. Off-road driving is carried out along the coast of the northern part of the peninsula. Along the way, you will have to cross sand deposits and rocky sections of the path. A distinctive feature of this trip is that after approaching the beach with coral reefs, the program includes swimming with a mask and fins. Here you can see the beautiful fish living in these places. After swimming, the next stage is a visit to the cave of Saturno, where an underground lake is located. The water here is fresh and cool. In the summer heat, it is very pleasant to swim in it.
  • Fishing. In order to go fishing, it is necessary to rent equipment provided by the guide. The whole catch is fried and served for dinner.

You can also go windsurfing. To master this sport, there are specially working centers here.

Holidays for children

Many hotels in Varadero are specialized for families with children. Depending on the place of stay, up to a certain age in different places, the child’s accommodation is free of charge.

Examples are hotels:

  • Blau Varadero 4*.
  • Mercure Playa de Oro 4*.
  • Brisas del Caribe 4*.

In some hotels this threshold is 3 years. At the same time, there are places where free accommodation is possible up to 12 years. These hotels are specially adapted for children’s recreation. Sports games for children of different age categories are constantly arranged here. Dance competitions are held. The diet includes special children’s dishes.

The entertainment program includes a visit to the dolphinarium, riding a catamaran, camels and a children’s steam locomotive. Children also have the opportunity to play mini golf.

Varadero is a place on the globe where there is an amazing combination of white sand with beautiful water surface. In terms of economic development, Cuba does not occupy a leading position in the world. Only thanks to the natural beauties that are present here, the state can attract many tourists to replenish its budget.

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Varadero nightlife and beaches:

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