El niño del tambor con rafael: Letra El nio del tambor de Raphael



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El camino que lleva a Belén
Baja hasta el valle que la nieve cubrió
Los pastorcillos quieren ver a su rey
Le traen regalos en su humilde zurrón
Ropoponpon, ropoponpon
Ha nacido en un portal de Belén
El niño Dios

Yo quisiera poner a tus pies
Algún presente que te agrade, Señor
Mas tú ya sabes que soy pobre también
Y no poseo más que un viejo tambor
Ropoponpon, ropoponponpon
En tu honor, frente al portal, tocaré
Con mi tambor

El camino que lleva a Belén
Yo voy marcando con mi viejo tambor
Nada mejor hay que te pueda ofrecer
Su ronco acento es canto de amor
Ropoponpon, ropoponpon
Cuando Dios me vio tocando ante Él
Me sonrió, me sonrió

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    Letra con acordes de El nio del tambor de Raphael

    Index de Letras con Acordes
    > Raphael
    > El nio del tambor

    El nio del tambor

    La cancin est armonizada a dos voces (SEXTAS)
    El ca---mi--no  que lle-va-a Be-ln
    la si   do# do# do# re do#   re do#
    mi sol# la  la  la  si la    si la 
    ba-jahas   tael va--lle  que la  nie-ve cu-bri
    la la si   do#  do# do#  do# do# re do# re do#
    mi mi sol# la   la  la   la  la  si la  si la
    los  pas-tor-ci--llos quie-ren ver a  su  rey
    si   do# re  mi  mi   mi   fa# mi  re do# si
    sol# la  si  do# do#  do#  re  do# si la  sol# 
    	      A			           D
    le   traen re-gal-os  en  suhu mil-de  zu--rrn
    si   do#   re mi  mi  mi  fa#  sol fa# mi  re
    sol# la    si do# do# do# re   mi  re  do# si
    	    A		     E
    ro  pom pom pom, ro  pom pom pom,
    fa# mi  re  do#  mi  re  do# si
    re  do# si  la   do# si  la  sol#
    ha na---ci--doen un  por-tal de  Be-ln, el   ni-o   Dios. 
    la si   do# do#  do# do# re  do# re do#  si   la si   la
    mi sol# la  la   la  la  si  la  si la   sol# mi sol# mi 
    Yo qui--sie--ra po--ner a   tus pies
    la si   do# do# do# re  do# re do#
    mi sol# la  la  la  si  la  si la 
    al-gn pre-sen--te  que  tea gra-de  se-or
    la la si   do#  do# do#  do# re  do# re do#
    mi mi sol# la   la  la   la  si  la  si la
    ms  tu  ya  sa--bes  que  soy po--bre tam-bin
    si   do# re  mi  mi   mi   fa# mi  re  do# si
    sol# la  si  do# do#  do#  re  do# si  la  sol# 
                A		              D
    y    no  po-seo ms queun vie-jo  tam-bor
    si   do# re mi  mi  fa#   sol fa# mi  re
    sol# la  si do# do# re    mi  re  do# si
    	    A		     E
    ro  pom pom pom, ro  pom pom pom,
    fa# mi  re  do#  mi  re  do# si
    re  do# si  la   do# si  la  sol#
    en tuho-nor fren-teal por-tal to--ca-r,  con  mi tam--bor. 
    la si   do# do#  do#  do# re  do# re do#  si   la si   la
    mi sol# la  la   la   la  si  la  si la   sol# mi sol# mi 
    El ca---mi--no  que lle-va-a Be-ln
    la si   do# do# do# re do#   re do#
    mi sol# la  la  la  si la    si la 
    yo voy mar--chan-do  con  mi  vie-jo tam-bor
    la la  si   do#  do# do#  do# re do# re  do#
    mi mi  sol# la   la  la   la  si la  si  la
    na---da  me-jor hay que te  pue-dao fre-cer
    si   do# re mi  mi  mi  fa# mi  re  do# si
    sol# la  si do# do# do# re  do# si  la  sol# 
    	     A 			         D
    su   ron-coa cen-to  es  un  can-to  dea mor
    si   do# re  mi  mi  mi  fa# sol fa# mi  re
    sol# la  si  do# do# do# re  mi  re  do# si
    	    A		     E
    ro  pom pom pom, ro  pom pom pom,
    fa# mi  re  do#  mi  re  do# si
    re  do# si  la   do# si  la  sol#
    cua-ndo  Dios me  vio to--can-doan te l, me   son-ri---.
    la  si   do#  do# do# do# re  do#  re do# si   la  si   la
    mi  sol# la   la  la  la  si  la   si la  sol# mi  sol# mi

    Letra con acordes de El nio del tambor de Raphael, acordes de guitarra de El nio del tambor, bajo, piano. .. de Raphael. Subir una cancin

    El Niño: New Pacific weather anomaly could appear in February

    • Matt McGrath,
    • BBC

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    Image caption,

    Satellites recorded an increase in surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean in 2015 there will be a new weak anomaly in surface water temperature — El Niño, which is 75-80%.

    El Niño is a naturally occurring fluctuation in surface water temperature in the equatorial Pacific Ocean.

    In a narrower sense, El Niño is the phase of the Southern Oscillation, in which the region of heated near-surface waters shifts to the east. At the same time, the trade winds weaken or stop altogether, upwelling slows down — the rise of warm water from the depths in the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Peru.

    This natural phenomenon directly affects the weather in the Pacific region and around the world.

    • Flood in Peru kills 72 people
    • Meteorologists: June 2016 was the hottest in modern history
    • Orangutan on a fig tree — the main prize of the Nature Photographer competition

    It is associated with heavy rains and floods South America and droughts in Africa and Asia. Often, El Niño leads to record air temperatures in different parts of the planet.

    Surface temperatures in tropical waters off the coast of Peru have been rising slightly since October this year, according to WMO data. This leads to inhibition of water circulation and their further heating. So far, however, the atmosphere has not responded to the excess heat generated by the «warmed» ocean.

    Scientists are predicting the likelihood of a new El Niño from May of this year with increasing confidence.

    The Australian Met Office currently believes that El Niño will start to show up in December. At the same time, American meteorologists with a 90% probability believe that it will occur in January.

    Image copyright, Getty Images

    Image caption,

    Droughts in some parts of the planet and floods in others are linked to El Niño

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    What was that?

    We quickly, simply and clearly explain what happened, why it’s important and what’s next.


    End of History Podcast

    Models built by WMO indicate that there is a 75-80% chance of a new full El Niño. Most likely, it will manifest itself between December and February 2019, they say.

    At this stage, WMO forecasts of the severity of the phenomenon range from mild to moderate warming with an increase in the temperature of the surface layers of the ocean by 0. 8-1.2 degrees from the average level.

    The chances of a severe event occurring are currently considered low.

    «The projected El Niño is not expected to be as strong as it was in 2015-16, when it was associated with droughts, floods and coral leaching around the world,» said Max Dilley, Director of WMO’s Prediction and Adaptation Division.

    «Despite this, a new El Niño could significantly affect the distribution of precipitation and temperature fluctuations in many regions of the world. This will have important implications for agriculture and food production, for water management and for public health. Combined with long-term climate trends, this phenomenon could lead to record temperatures in 2019year,» he said.

    The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations released a report listing countries that could experience food supply difficulties as a result of El Niño.

    These include Honduras, Colombia and Venezuela in Central America , DRC in Central Africa, Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan in Asia

    Tromboranga — frwiki.


    Tromboranga is a salsa band that, as the name suggests, pushes trombones like in 1960s and 1970s…

    The orchestra brings together musicians from the Caribbean and Europe based in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

    • Joaquín Arteaga (music director, Timbal, composer) (Venezuela), former percussionist, conductor and composer of the band Bloque 53.
    • Freddy Ramos (sonero, composer, arranger) (Venezuela).
    • Diego Coppinger (sonero, composer) (Cuba)
    • Rafael Madagascar (piano) (Colombia)
    • Lorenzo «El Diablo» Barriendos (bass) (Venezuela). Former member of Trabuco Venezolano, grupo Mango, Guaco, etc. :
    • Vladimir Peña (Venezuela), Thomas Johnson (England), Albert Costa (Catalonia) (trombones)
    • Carlos «Compota» Reyes (congas) (Cuba)
    • Christian «El Niño» Cosanatan (bongo) (Peru).

    Their first EP «Agua que va caer» is released in and their first real self-titled album «Salsa dura» in , the year in which they also record the CD «Tumba Puchunga» in collaboration with Bloque 53, which includes tracks such as «Me alborotas» and el mismo «Tumba Puchunga» which made hits on South American radio.

    In released the CD «Al mal tiempo buena salsa» followed by a world tour (Spain, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, Tunisia, Germany, Colombia).

    In released the vinyl (limited edition of 300 copies) «Solo para coleccionistas».

    They played four concerts at Feria de Cali and Pereira, sold out each time. Their fans called themselves «Salseros Tromborangueros».

    In 2014 they toured Mexico four times to a full house.

    In 2015, Tromboranga made a world tour first throughout Europe, then across Colombia, Ecuador and the USA from east to west (Copacabana in New York, Queens, New Jersey, Congahead studios NY, Orlando, Miami (4 concerts). , Houston, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles).

    «Salsa pa´rato» includes songs such as «Palo pa´la campana», a hit with salsa dancers, «Sentimiento Caleño», a tribute to the city of Cali (Colombia). There are also lyrics for songs such as «Esclavo de tu apariencia», «No tengo pa´pagar» and «Como la marea».

    Among their regular songs are Agua que va caer, Humildad, Te provoca, Adios que te vaya bien, Mama Calunga, Amigo el ratón, Boogaloo de Marilu, Rompe colchon». played salsa dance floors.


    • 1 Discography

      • 1.1 Participation
    • 2 awards
    • 3 Notes and references
    • 4 External link


    2011 : Agua que va caer (EP)

    1. Agua que va caer
    2. Conmigo Te Quedaras
    3. Humildad

    2012 : Tromboranga

    1. Amigo El Raton 5:47
    2. Mom Kalunga 3:56
    3. Bombolaye 4:00
    4. Patchouli 4:12
    5. Ahora Soi Yo 5:56
    6. Hoy No Quiero Trabajar 4:14
    7. Arroz Con Manteca 4:27 (cover of La Dimension Latina)
    8. Sale Conmigo 3:59
    9. Conmigo Te Quedaras 4:29
    10. Umildad 4:41
    11. Agua-Ku-Va-Kaer 4:43

    2012 : Block 53 and Tromboranga: Puchunga bollard

    1. Kogelo ahi 04:10
    2. Conciencia 04:44
    3. me alborotas 05:22
    4. Puchunga Cabinet 04:24
    5. Song a Oshun — Rumba del Block 03:31
    6. El Hijo del Sonero 05:22
    7. Mysterio 05:08
    8. El muñeco de la ciudad 04:31 (cover of Bobby Valentine)
    9. Envidia 05:17
    10. Well done, Rumbero 04:58
    11. Nina 03:30
    12. Viahando 05:26
    13. El Cumaco de San Juan 05:32
    14. Bezame Otra carried 05:08
    15. Conmigo te quedaras 04:28

    2013 : Al Mal Tiempo Buena Salsa

    1. Soy Sonero 6:32
    2. Adios Que Te Vaya Bien 4:58
    3. Alabanciosa 5:43
    4. Rompekolson 6:18
    5. Te Provoka 6:19
    6. Pa Ku Lo Byles 4:06
    7. Mimame 5:37
    8. Que Quiere la Niña 4:55
    9. El Mensahero 4:26
    10. No, I’m Des Bachata 4:36
    11. Repika Bien El Tambor 7:13
    12. Mambo Salvaje 3:50

    2013 : Solo para coleccionistas (Vinyl)

    1. Agua Ku Wa Kaer (updated version) 4:43
    2. Marilu Boogaloo 4:02
    3. Adios Que Te Vaya Bien (Remastered) 5:01
    4. Bayla Mi Guaguanco 3:50
    5. Ultima Gora 4:33
    6. Humildad (remastered) 4:39
    7. El Malo 4:40
    8. Te Provoka (updated version) 6:21
    9. Stand Puchunga (Remastered) 4:28

    2014 : Salsa Pa’Rato

    1. Esclavo de Tu Apariencia 4:49
    2. Palo Pa la Campana 4:54
    3. Como la Marea 4:38
    4. No Tengo Pa Pagar 5:17
    5. Sin of Miedo 4:41
    6. Salsa Pa Rato 4:46
    7. Antonio 4:03
    8. Song Corazon 4:04
    9. Sentimiento Caleno 5:32
    10. Download Con Pachanga 4:50

    2015 : Golpe con Melodia

    1. Golpe Con Melody 5:45
    2. Quinto Major 4:04
    3. Lady Felicidad 3:07
    4. Sexuality 4:35
    5. Carretera 6:07
    6. La Jicotea 5:31
    7. Maria Antonia 5:02
    8. Mafia 4:13

    2016 : Sangre, Sudor and Salsa

    1. Ah Karaj (aquí que pasó)
    2. Cambumbo
    3. Mi China Colombiana
    4. La Pepa del Mango
    5. No me vuelvo a enamorar
    6. El Rey blue Corona
    7. Que linda que estas
    8. Sangre, Sudor and Salsa

    2017 : Tumbando Fronteras

    1. Otro Ladrillo pair 6:14
    2. Guaguanco Pal Barrio 4:54
    3. Hydrangea 4:47
    4. Nuncha Pa Atras 4:41
    5. Yo Lo Digo Yo 4:47
    6. You are there Yo 4:07
    7. Couple Buenaventura 4:22
    8. Antes Que Tu Hables de Mi 6:49
    9. Pachanga Chango 4:40

    2019 : Te Voy a Contar

    1. Te Perdono ft. Jimmy Bosch 6:40
    2. La Negra Casilda 6:22
    3. alien 6:52
    4. La Moda 5:53
    5. Sal de la Cueva 3:58
    6. Cuando Yo No Este 6:03
    7. Chachacha Chatuchak 4:26
    8. Te Lo Didge 4:39
    9. Huracán No Me Tumba ft Ismael Miranda 6:00

    2020 : Salsa therapy

    1. El cuero del tambor. (Mambo) (05:20)
    2. Devuélveme put on discos. (Guaracha) (04:29)
    3. El mundo al dreams. (Sound) (05:51)
    4. Guadeloupe. (Changgui / Son) (04:19)
    5. Green llorar. (Sound) (04:54)
    6. Guaguanco es mi vida. (Guaguanco / Salsa) (05:09)
    7. Trombón pelao. (Descarga / Mambo) (05:03)
    8. Senor Maria. (Son of Montuno) (04:33)
    9. Pachanguera. (Pachanga) (03:58)


    • Artist: Orquesta Caliber ft. Tromboranga — Charrupi (2015)


    • Latin UK Music Awards («LUKAS»): 2017 European Tropical Music Performance winners.

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