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Islas Canarias y Puerto Rico: similitudes entre canarios y boricuas

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Los pueblos hispanohablantes tienen claramente un pasado español, pero ¿por qué algunos tienen un acento diferente a otros? Esto depende del origen de los emigrantes españoles, ya que como ocurre en cualquier idioma, el acento cambiará dependiendo de la región. Puerto Rico no escapa de ello y esto tiene mucho que ver con las Islas Canarias. De la manera de hablar del puertorriqueño y la cultura en general, a continuación unos datos históricos destacables.

¿Cuándo llegaron los primeros canarios a Puerto Rico?

Todo se remonta a finales del siglo XVII, cuando Juan Fernández Franco de Medina, un Sargento Mayor de la isla de Tenerife, trasladó estratégicamente a veinte familias canarias con la condición de obtener la gobernación. Se dice que en ese primer viaje llegaron a Puerto Rico varias familias de apellidos como: Morales, Vera, Marrero, Correa, Acosta, Mora, Amador, Moya, Osorio, Alonso, Lorenzo y Martínez. Tras esa primera ola a Puerto Rico de canarios, se llegaron a fundar varios pueblos.


¿Qué heredaron los puertorriqueños de los canarios?

Con la llegada de inmigrantes, los pueblos terminan forjando nuevas culturas mezcladas con sus nuevos residentes. Este fue el caso de Puerto Rico, que adoptó diferentes aspectos de los canarios, como fue la forma de hablar. Aunque para los caribeños resulte fácil saber distinguir los acentos de los países que conforman esta región, para los demás habitantes latinoamericanos, el acento puertorriqueño puede ser una misma “tonada” al hablar.

También hay palabras que usan tanto puertorriqueños, como canarios, pero que no son utilizadas por los españoles en la península ibérica. Términos como cachete (en lugar de mejilla), gago (en lugar de tartamudo), enchumbarse (mojarse), cuarto (dormitorio), cocotazo (golpe en la cabeza), prieto (negro), botar (tirar), son heredados gracias a los canarios.


La razón de esta similitud es una migración en común entre los países caribeños. España es una nación extensa que va desde el mar Cantábrico, el mar Mediterráneo y las Islas Canarias situadas en el occidente del continente africano, bastante lejos de la península. Esto no significa que para países hispanoamericanos no exista la diferencia de escuchar a un nativo de Tenerife y uno nacido en Mayagüez.

Por otra parte, ocurre algo similar con la gastronomía y agricultura. Se conoce que la caña de azúcar fue introducida a Puerto Rico gracias a los inmigrantes canarios. De igual forma, el gofio y el mojo tienen presencia tanto en Puerto Rico como en la Comunidad Autónoma de Canarias.

Pasado aborigen, americano y africano

Geográficamente las Islas Canarias están en África, incluso más cerca de lo que están de Europa. Estas islas estaban habitadas por Guanches, indígenas que sumaban más de 30,000 habitantes para la época de la conquista española en el siglo XV. Por tal razón, los canarios son descendientes de estos aborígenes.

Por su parte, la isla de Puerto Rico, estaba habitada por los Taínos. En este sentido, los puertorriqueños al tener una clara influencia canaria, cuentan con pasado de dos pueblos aborígenes: los taínos y los guanches.

En parte, Puerto Rico es hoy lo que es culturalmente hablando, gracias en parte de los canarios. La forma de hablar, la música, los bailes, la comida, en cualquier detalle, hay un vestigio de esta comunidad española que supo encontrar en el Caribe una segunda oportunidad para expandirse y crecer.

Puerto Rico & Playa Amadores – Get Up. Get Out. Get Lost.

Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

It’s late February and I’m wrapped in a blanket, sipping my morning coffee and frowning at the weather forecast, another “gray” day lies ahead. Granted, this is still the Canary Islands so we’re talking about a 16° gray day (61°F), nowhere near the snowy winter wonderlands that keep giving me the chills over social media. But what can I say, I’m a California-raised-Canary-Islands-convert.

I don’t do winter.

The wild, green north of Gran Canaria (Moya).

It’s no secret that in general I prefer the north of Gran Canaria to the more touristic south. Verdant green banana plantations, historic white washed villages, a bustling capital city and hidden, black sand beaches are just a few of the things that keep me from following the sun south. But this year we’ve been dealt a relatively wet and chilly February in Las Palmas, so the bottom half of the island has been looking increasingly appealing.

A few phone calls later and it’s settled. No soups and sweaters today, instead we’ll be migrating to the sunnier skies on the southwest coast – Puerto Rico and Playa Amadores to be precise.

We arrived at about noon and sure enough, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the thermometer marked a solid eight degrees higher than at Las Canteras Beach in Las Palmas. We hopped off the bus in Puerto Rico but seeing the thick mobs of sun worshippers already splayed out on the sand, we made the quick 15-minute trek over the Paseo Maritimo (see below) to more peaceful Playa Amadores.

As much as I tend to bemoan the overly-touristic south, I’m always surprised at how much I enjoy my time here every now and then. There really is plenty to do – from basic beaching to luxury spas and all the water sports you can imagine. Plus, sweet sunshine.

Here are a few of my top picks for the best ways to spend a day in the south of Gran Canaria.

I know, I know, it’s pretty obvious, but the cerulean water is so clear and refreshing it’s impossible to put this anywhere other than number one on the list.

After stretching out on the white sand beneath the sizzling sun, a dip in the inviting water is not only inevitable, but required for any trip to the south.

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If you’re looking for more than just a doggy paddle, the clear, turquoise waters are perfect for spotting colorful creatures under the sea. If you’re living in Gran Canaria, a simple snorkel mask is a wise investment of about 20 bucks, otherwise you can rent one from any of the local scuba diving shops, of which there are plenty.

There’s no shortage of bars and restaurants wrapped around the sandy coves of the beaches in Puerto Rico and Amadores. I can’t recommend a specific place to eat as we typically pack a bocadillo and some snacks for beach day picnicking, but a cheeky cerveza always does the trick when the late afternoon sun leaves you parched.

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When Sunday panic starts to hit and you realize you’re on summer vacation 💃👌☀️🌴 I’ll have 17 more mojitos please, bartender!

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Prices can be a bit hit or miss here and range anywhere from 2 – 5 bucks for a pint, so always look for a sign with an advertised price or ask the waiter before having a seat.

Puerto Rico and Playa Amadores are connected by a lovely walkway that wraps around the side of a cliff with perfect panoramic views of the Atlantic (and if you’re lucky, Tenerife’s Mt. Teide in the background).

The short walk only takes about 15 minutes from one beach to the next, and offers plenty of great views and benches to sit down and soak it all in.

Along the path you’ll find the somewhat hidden entrance to the luxurious Gloria Palace Thalasso & Hotel, where a trip to the rooftop bar is a must for any visit to Amadores. More on that below.

I have long been an advocate against Loro Park and the rest of the animal parks prisons. It’s 2018 and there really is no excuse for supporting these businesses with so much available information on the cruelty involved. The award-winning documentary Blackfish calls out Tenerife’s Loro Park specifically and I highly recommend seeing it if you haven’t already.

But aside from education and common human decency, WE’RE ON AN ISLAND! It’s beyond me why anyone would choose to watch a captive creature do flips for food in a tiny pool when they’re already doing them freely with their happy families just a few hundred meters off shore.

You can often find great deals on Groupon, or a simple google search will help you plan a trip that suits your group – some even include lunch and/or cocktails!

There are plenty of varied boat excursions (not to mention waterskiing and jet skiing) to be taken advantage of in Puerto Rico – it’s a port, after all. From pirate ships to wine tasting catamaran trips, there is truly something for everyone.

Though I can’t recommend any first hand, I’ve heard great things about the trips hosted by Afrikat, including a sunset tour with live music which sounds like it would be right up my alley.

I’m a connoisseur of terraces that offer spectacular sunsets, and Gloria Palace Amadores Thalasso & Hotel is perhaps my top pick in Gran Canaria.

As you stroll along the walkway between Puerto Rico and Amadores, you’ll notice a single shop, which appears to be a simple ice cream parlor. Step in, however, and you’ll notice another door at the back that takes you to the entrance of the Gloria Palace hotel and spa.

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Gliding up in the glass elevator, you can stop at one of the two bar terraces to enjoy a drink with a view. The best time to visit is at golden hour, when you can catch a front row seat to watch the sun dip down into the sea.

Aside from being a 4 star hotel with 2 incredible rooftop bars boasting panoramic views and a restaurant that’s said to be to die for, Gloria Palace is also a spa and offers a long menu of treatments to soothe and serenade your sorrows away.

Las Palmas to the South

From Las Palmas, it’s not difficult to reach Puerto Rico by car or bus. Like any trips within the island, driving is faster, but buses are not incredibly inconvenient.

Las Palmas to the South By Bus

Global Bus 91: Las Palmas de G.C to Puerto de Mogán (direct).

Global Bus 91 leaves from both the Parque Santa Catalina Station and San Telmo Station once an hour from 6:00 until 21:00 and stops in Arguineguín, Puerto Rico, Playa de Amadores, Playa del Cura, and Puerto de Mogán to name a few. San Telmo to Puerto Rico takes just over an hour, and from Santa Catalina 15 minutes more.

On weekdays, the bus costs a whopping €18.00 round trip from San Telmo (I know. Not worth it. 🙄), but on weekends, round trip fare is offered for half price at €9.00. To take advantage of the deal, you must buy your RT ticket at the vending machine just outside of the Global ticket office.

If travelling by bus, the key is to stick to the direct line and not use alternative option (like Global Bus 1), or your commute time will (literally) double.

Las Palmas to the Southwest By Car

As with anything on the island, the fastest and easiest way to travel is by car and Las Palmas to Puerto Rico takes just under an hour. Be warned though, parking can be a bit of a disaster on the weekends unless you get an early start. Plus, you’ll have to limit your caña intake beneath that sizzlin’ southern sun.

LPA Airport to the South

If you’re arriving on a flight and making a B-line for the south, there are plenty of options from LPA International Airport, including bus, taxi, car hire and shuttle services. Your hotel may also offer transport, so be sure to check with them first.

LPA to Puerto Rico By Bus

Global Bus 91 departs from the airport  once an hour from 6:00 until 21:00 and stops in Arguineguín, Puerto Rico, Playa de Amadores, Playa del Cura, and Puerto de Mogán. It takes under an hour to reach Puerto Rico.

From 21:00 to 6:00, you can take Global Bus 1, but it can take nearly two hours.

LPA to Puerto Rico By Car

There are plenty car rental services at LPA airport, so if you plan to hire a car for your stay, picking it up here is the most convenient option. Driving from LPA to Puerto Rico should take about 40 minutes.

LPA to Puerto Rico By Taxi or Shuttle Service

Taxi is the most expensive option, and an unnecessary additional cost as there are more affordable shuttle options you can book in advance.

I hesitate to recommend a specific company as I’ve never used a shuttle service for this commute, but a quick google search shows that you should be able to book return service for about €15.00.

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Do you love to soak up the sun in Puerto Rico, or do you prefer the dessert-like dunes of Maspalomas? Are you more into the laid-back vibes of the north, or do you like getting down and dirty in the all-inclusives in the south? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Love & light (and plenty of sunshine!), Erica

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