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Where? Balneario Punta Salinas, Toa Baja, Puerto Rico

Note: If you want to visit Puerto Rico right now and don’t know what to do, what you need and where to start, read my blog post titled: “What you need to know if traveling to Puerto Rico “post” the Covid-19 vaccine”.

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PR-165, Sábana Seca

Toa Baja, 00949

Views at this beach.

Hours of operation based on our recent visit, July 2021, we were told at the entrance that it’s currently open every day from 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM with a lifeguard, and then is swim at your own risk until 6:00 PM. You can access the official website of the National Parks beaches in Puerto Rico by clicking here. It is in Spanish though. At the moment, we are in what is considered high season. Therefore, the beach is open every day following the hours of operation aforementioned. During low season, from September to April, it opens from Wednesday to Sunday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

IMPORTANT: We visited this beach on an early morning day during a weekday. The beach wasn’t crowded at all. It was very empty. But this can be totally different during weekends.

Crystal clear water!

Fee We paid $4.00 per car. There’s isn’t a difference in fee between PR residents and visitors. Yay!

Note: If you want to visit Puerto Rico right now and don’t know what to do, what you need and where to start, read my blog post titled: “What you need to know if traveling to Puerto Rico “post” the Covid-19 vaccine”.

Pets No pets allowed! There’s a big sign by the entrance stating so.

Restrooms There are restrooms on site but they were in horrible condition. The day we visited we were told that the maintenance staff wasn’t onsite that day, so there was no one to clean the restrooms. They were so stinky and disgusting that our sphincters were more than capable to hold it.

The arrow points where the entrance to the beach is located. The blue rectangle shows where the Burger King is located.

My advice is that before you enter, go to the restroom at the Burger King right in front of the entrance to the beach (see picture above). When at the beach, don’t go overboard with water and food. The human body can totally survive a couple of hours without too much water and bowel-movement-inducing foods.

Parking available all along most of the sand stretch. It’s not big though. The good thing is that this avoids an overcrowding situation. My advice is to try to park near the showers. You can see them from the parking. That way, you can rinse the sand and salt off before getting in the car. If the restrooms were decent, I would suggest to park near them. But this is not the case!

Yes, this is how pretty it looks, even on a nice semi-cloudy day.

What to expect

The sand stretch is long enough to allow you to keep your distance and enjoy some space just for yourself. There are many palm trees offering shade and an opportunity to hang a hammock, which we did, of course!

My parents enjoying retirement from a hammock.

After entering the park, you’ll notice that on the left side of the road is the sand stretch where people go to swim and relax. While on the right side of the road, people gather for fishing. That right side is open sea, which means that a swimming boundary hasn’t been designated. There aren’t any ropes and the waves are more active.

Satellite view courtesy of Google Maps

At the end of the sand stretch, next to the swimming area, there’s a kayak rental. Their current fees are $20.00 for 30 minutes/two person kayak.

The kayak rental is located on the far end of this sand stretch. Also, the island on the far end to the left is Isla de las Palomas.


We saw one food kiosk on site. And by food kiosk I mean, a person under a tent selling fried appetizers displayed on a table. Therefore, if you plan on staying long enough that you’ll get very hungry, consider bringing your own food. Just remember the crappy restroom situation. There’s fast foods, like the Burger King mentioned before, near by and local renowned places such as Burger Town and Lemy Bakery.

Even if the food situation is limited, we were thrilled when an ice cream vendor walked past us. This took me all the way back to my childhood when vendors like this were a common thing in beaches and town events!

It was such an amazing treat. These “ice creams” are actually traditional sorbets made of flavors like coconut and passion fruit. My kid wanted rainbow though!

Pristine Water Although I lived in Puerto Rico for 27 years, this was the first time I visited this beach. All thanks to my sister who is an avid roadtripper!

I was amazed by how pretty the water was. You normally see beaches like this on the west coast. So, finding a beach in the San Juan metro area that looks this good is a true treasure find!

This beach is under the management of the municipality of Toa Baja. It’s also registered as a “balneario” which is similar to State Park status in the mainland. The office responsible for oversight is the “Compañía de Parques Nacionales de Puerto Rico”. It’s important to note that “balnearios” in Puerto Rico have facilities such as restrooms and showers but most aren’t as developed as the facilities at state parks in the mainland. Keep your expectations low and you won’t be disappointed!

Balneario de Punta Salinas is approximately a 30 minute drive from Old San Juan and about 40 minutes from the airport. But be advised, this can decrease or increase greatly depending on the time of the day. Distances in the island are short, but roads are not in the best shape and traffic is heavy.

Kid friendly This beach is perfect for little kids (and big ones too!). It’s very shallow and calm. You can let your child play in the water without having to worry too much.

It’s great for relaxing on an inflatable because the water is very calm. You won’t be dragged very far. Also, there’s a rope delimiting the safe swimming zone.

Don’t forget to bring the following essentials:

Sunscreen anytime you will be exposed to the sun you should wear sunscreen. Follow the instructions for application to allow it to dry and if you have the means, please use a sunscreen that is labeled reef safe. You can read more about it here.

Hat consider getting a hat from a local vendor in the island.

Floaters and Beach toys there’s plenty of stores to get floaters and beach toys such as big retailers like Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and local stores like Capri, Always 99 (similar to Dollar Tree) and more!

Hammocks, beach chairs and whatever else that will make you happy!

I have a portable hammock like this one that I enjoy a lot. It’s very easy to set up and carry everywhere.

You can shop this product here!

I hope you have a great time visiting this beautiful place. Being in contact with nature is proven to make you feel better and happier. Let me know if you go how it goes and remember that the easiest way to stay on the loop is to follow me on insta, where I also share videos and more on my stories/highlights!

Please, share with your family and friends and comment below, and/or send me an email/message with suggestions of what else you would like to see here. I want this page to be as helpful as possible. Thanks for reading!

Note: If you want to visit Puerto Rico right now and don’t know what to do, what you need and where to start, read my blog post titled: “What you need to know if traveling to Puerto Rico “post” the Covid-19 vaccine”.

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Punta Salinas Beach / Puerto Rico / USA // World Beach Guide

Puerto Rico

    Standard Map
    Satellite Map

Beaches nearby

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  • El Ojo del Buey (4.7 mi)
  • Sardinera Beach (6.3 mi)
  • Escambron Beach (6.3 mi)
  • Balneario Escambrón II (6.5 mi)
  • Caribe Hilton Beach (6.6 mi)
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  • Condado Beach (7.6 mi)
  • Ocean Park Beach (8.5 mi)
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Nearest town/city


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Punta Salinas Beach Weather Info

Current weather (Fri Nov 11th 07:00)

(Partly cloudy)
24. 7°C / 76°F

Sea temperature


Wind SSE
6 mph / 9 km/h
Rain 0mm
Sunrise 11:31
Sunset 22:45
Current Punta Salinas Beach weather

Hourly forecast



24.7°C / 76°F

6 mph
9 km/h


Light rain showers

28.2°C / 83°F

17 mph
27 km/h



25.4°C / 78°F

10 mph
17 km/h



24.5°C / 76°F

6 mph
10 km/h

Week weather forecast

Fri 11th

25.4°C / 78°F

11 mph
18 km/h

Sat 12th

25.6°C / 78°F

9 mph
15 km/h

Sun 13th

26.7°C / 80°F

8 mph
13 km/h

Weather forecast from Yr, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and NRK

5 Day Punta Salinas Beach UV Index

A UV Index reading of 3 or more means some precautions should be taken. For more information visit our guide to the UV Index.

Temperature Averages

Average Water Temp

  • Fri 11/11 »

    Surf report for Fri 11/11
      Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
      Swell Wind
    5:00 4ft 11s 12mph
    8:00 4ft 10s 13mph
    11:00 5ft 10s 15mph
    14:00 5ft 10s 15mph
    17:00 5ft 10s 16mph
    20:00 5ft 10s 15mph
    Tide times
    Low 3:51am (0. 04m)
    High 11:18am (1.85m)
    Low 6:13pm (0.59m)
    High 10:25pm (0.88m)
    First light 06:06
    Sunrise 06:29
    Sunset 17:48
    Dark 18:11
  • Sat 12/11 »

    Surf report for Sat 12/11
      Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
      Swell Wind
    5:00 5ft 10s 10mph
    8:00 5ft 10s 10mph
    11:00 5ft 10s 10mph
    14:00 5ft 10s 11mph
    17:00 5ft 10s 11mph
    20:00 5ft 10s 12mph
    Tide times
    Low 4:30am (0. 07m)
    High 12:02pm (1.78m)
    Low 7:00pm (0.62m)
    High 11:03pm (0.86m)
    First light 06:06
    Sunrise 06:29
    Sunset 17:48
    Dark 18:10
  • Sun 13/11 »

    Surf report for Sun 13/11
      Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
      Swell Wind
    5:00 4ft 9s 11mph
    8:00 4ft 9s 10mph
    11:00 4ft 9s 12mph
    14:00 4ft 9s 12mph
    17:00 4ft 9s 12mph
    20:00 4ft 9s 13mph
    Tide times
    Low 5:11am (0. 12m)
    High 12:48pm (1.72m)
    Low 7:47pm (0.66m)
    High 11:47pm (0.86m)
    First light 06:07
    Sunrise 06:30
    Sunset 17:47
    Dark 18:10
  • Mon 14/11 »

    Surf report for Mon 14/11
      Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
      Swell Wind
    5:00 3ft 8s 9mph
    8:00 4ft 8s 11mph
    11:00 4ft 8s 12mph
    14:00 4ft 8s 12mph
    17:00 4ft 8s 13mph
    20:00 4ft 8s 14mph
    Tide times
    Low 5:56am (0. 19m)
    High 1:34pm (1.67m)
    Low 8:33pm (0.68m)
    First light 06:07
    Sunrise 06:30
    Sunset 17:47
    Dark 18:10
  • Tue 15/11 »

    Surf report for Tue 15/11
      Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
      Swell Wind
    5:00 4ft 8s 13mph
    8:00 4ft 8s 13mph
    11:00 3ft 8s 14mph
    14:00 4ft 8s 16mph
    17:00 4ft 8s 17mph
    20:00 4ft 8s 17mph
    Tide times
    High 12:41am (0. 89m)
    Low 6:44am (0.28m)
    High 2:19pm (1.63m)
    Low 9:16pm (0.68m)
    First light 06:08
    Sunrise 06:31
    Sunset 17:47
    Dark 18:10
  • Wed 16/11 »

    Surf report for Wed 16/11
      Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
      Swell Wind
    5:00 4ft 7s 15mph
    8:00 4ft 8s 16mph
    11:00 4ft 8s 18mph
    14:00 4ft 9s 17mph
    17:00 4ft 10s 18mph
    20:00 4ft 10s 18mph
    Tide times
    High 1:47am (0. 94m)
    Low 7:40am (0.39m)
    High 3:02pm (1.60m)
    Low 9:53pm (0.64m)
    First light 06:08
    Sunrise 06:31
    Sunset 17:47
    Dark 18:10
  • Thu 17/11 »

    Surf report for Thu 17/11
      Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
      Swell Wind
    5:00 4ft 8s 17mph
    8:00 4ft 8s 19mph
    11:00 5ft 8s 19mph
    14:00 5ft 8s 18mph
    17:00 4ft 8s 18mph
    20:00 4ft 8s 19mph
    Tide times
    High 2:59am (1. 03m)
    Low 8:42am (0.50m)
    High 3:42pm (1.56m)
    Low 10:27pm (0.57m)
    First light 06:09
    Sunrise 06:32
    Sunset 17:47
    Dark 18:09

What did we get wrong?




Puerto Rico is a beautiful island nation. Phone codes and communications

Which Puerto Rico beach is best for you? Puerto Rico’s large coastline stretches for more than 270 miles and is replete with a variety of beaches and water activities. But which beach is the best for snorkeling? Which beach is the cleanest? Which beach is the best for walking? Which beach is best for water sports?

Puerto Rico’s best private beach for privacy

Puerto Rico’s coastline is full of secluded beaches where you can find yourself completely alone. On the island of Culebra, this is Resaca Beach, remote from tourist routes and usually deserted.

West of San Juan, in Manati, is the beach Mar Chiquita (Mar Chiquita or Little Sea)
. Situated in the shape of a crescent, this picturesque beach is protected by rocks from strong winds and ocean currents.

Not far from the Guánica Dry Forest biosphere reserve is a two-mile stretch of beach called Ballenas Bay
, which is more frequented by sea turtles than by humans. Not far from it is an isolated rocky beach Caña Gorda

If you sail from Fajardo, you can visit the beach on the idyllic Icacos sandbar.

Puerto Rico’s best surf beaches

San Juan’s 9 best surf spots0009 Punta Las Marias beach in Ocean Park
. In nearby Manati
The most popular among surfers is Los Tubos beach and La Pared beach in Luquilla. However, Puerto Rico’s best beaches for surfing
are located on the west coast of the island in the tourist region of Porta del Sol and its capital, Rincon. The main surfing center here is Maria’s Beach
, Punta Higuero, Puntas Beach and Spanish Wall Beach are also very popular. In the rest of the Porta del Sol region, Surfer’s Beach, Wilderness, Playa Crash Boat, Shacks Beach and Jobos Beach are popular among surfers.

Best beaches in Puerto Rico for scuba diving

On the coast of Vieques Island
has a number of beaches that are great for diving, the best of which are Blue Beach and Playa Esperanza
. On the island of Culebra, the best beach for underwater sports is Carlos Rosario, the West Beach is also rich in the underwater world on the island, as well as the south coast of the island in the Culebra reef area. Playa Shacks is famous for its «Blue Hole» for snorkeling.

The cleanest beaches in Puerto Rico

According to the international volunteer program The Blue Flag, the best beaches in Puerto Rico in terms of water quality are:

El Escambron
in San Juan;

Carolina Beach
in Carolina;

Flamenco Beach
on Culebra Island;

Seven Seas Beach
in the city of Fajardo;

Punta Salinas
in Toa Baha.

The best beaches in Puerto Rico for excursions, walks and active beach holidays

If you like to be the center of attention and want to see something interesting, the best beaches are along the strip in Isla Verde and Condado. Sun Bay Beach in Vieques
is a true center for beach lovers. And the famous Flamenco Beach is one of the main reasons to visit Culebra Island
. Sandy Beach in Rikon
is perfect for an active beach holiday. Not far from Fajardo is the picturesque island resort of Palomino,
which is part of the El Conquistador Hotel and Golden Door Spa.

Puerto Rico beaches with attractions

Some Puerto Rico beaches are known for specific things. So on Puntas Beach and Domes Beach
in winter you can watch whales. In Ricon at Antonio Beach and in Vieques at Playa Cofi
you can see smooth rocks and sea glass resulting from natural erosion. The secluded beach of Puerto Hermina in Quebradillas once served as a cove for smugglers and pirates and may still hold pirate treasures.

Puerto Rico is a small but very picturesque country, a trip to which will give a lot of impressions to all vacationers. Moreover, tourists here are waiting not only for a relaxed beach holiday, but also for exciting excursions to historical and cultural attractions. This is an island nation in the Caribbean Sea, under the jurisdiction of the United States. Some even call it the 51 states. Here you will find a developed infrastructure, excellent service and many options for recreation. Independent travel to Puerto Rico is relatively inexpensive and very diverse. However, to enter the country you will need a US visa, which makes it difficult for tourists to travel here.

Cultural characteristics

The state bears the imprint of several cultures — Spanish, Caribbean and American. This is a great example of how different ethnic groups coexist harmoniously on a small land. In addition, the fate of this state is inextricably linked with the long struggle for the independence of the country, so here one can feel the desire for freedom and emancipation. The central cities and streets gravitate toward the American way of life, while in the countryside you will encounter a mixed and distinct Creole culture.

Top 3 interesting cities and attractions

The capital of Puerto Rico is . Here are recommended to visit the old town with the castle Castillo de San Felipe del Morro
San Jose Square, pigeon park and incredibly picturesque waterfront. The next destination is the island. Here you can see the most beautiful bioluminescent bay. If you are interested in the cultural heritage of the country, visit the port city — its center is literally dotted with old churches and other architectural monuments. For example, here is one of the oldest fire stations in the world and the amazing beauty of the Cathedral of Mary the Virgin of Guadalupe.

To get a complete picture of the country, a trip to the coral island Coolerbrita is recommended
— white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters will immerse you in a tropical paradise. Another idea for a trip is the caves of Kamuy
. They occupy the third line in the ranking of the largest cave systems on Earth — the length of the complex reaches 16 kilometers. And if you want to get acquainted with the unique nature of Puerto Rico, be sure to visit El Unco National Reserve
. Here you will find the pristine and untouched by civilization natural beauty of this island nation.

When is the best time to rest

The most favorable time for traveling to this country is from December to April. It is during these months that the water and air temperatures are as comfortable as possible, and the amount of rain is minimal. However, it is at this time that the peak of the tourist season falls, which leads to a sharp jump in prices for tours, hotels and an abundance of vacationers. Book hotels in advance. And trips in the low season are no less bright and intense — the average temperature throughout the year ranges from +22 to +28C.

Safety regulations

Puerto Rico is a safe and low crime destination. Attacks on tourists here are very rare, so safety advice is standard — to remain vigilant and prudent, especially at night. The only recommendation for those who rent a car is not to leave valuables in the car when getting out of it. They can attract the attention of intruders who will take advantage of the opportunity to break into the machine.

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Punta Salinas — the best beaches, sea salt and Mecca for photographers

Admiral found in the local Calderas Bay (Bahía de Las Calderas) a reliable shelter from bad weather — the bay is reliably protected by a natural barrier in the form of a small curved peninsula. And the town of Punta Salinas is located at its very end and is formed by a narrow piece of land that crashes into the Caribbean Sea. The widest part of this peculiar cape does not exceed 400 meters, and the narrowest part is about 20 meters wide.

Getting here is quite easy

Getting here is quite easy — you need to follow the Sánchez motorway (carretera Sánchez) to the city of Bani, and then along the Máximos Gómez carretera (carretera Máximos Gómez) straight to Punta Salinas.

Beach — Playa Salinas

Punta Salinas is rarely visited by organized tourist groups, although it is believed that it is here that two of the most beautiful beaches of the southern region of the country are located. The sand here is of an unusual color for the Dominican Republic — dark gray, when wet — almost black. It was formed due to the mixing of grains of volcanic lava with ordinary grains of sand.

Beach — Playa Salinas

The first beach — Playa Salinas is located at the end of the Maximo Gomez highway, less than a kilometer from the city of Salinas. The combination of moderate wind with very warm and clear sea water creates ideal conditions for swimming, windsurfing and kitesurfing. On this beach there is an equipped parking lot for tourists «Parador Punta Salinas» (Parador Turístico Punta Salinas). The thatched-roof building, made entirely of natural materials, houses a seafood restaurant, a dance floor and a children’s corner.

Also on the outskirts of the city of Salinas, at the very beginning of the beach of the same name, there is a restaurant called Pirate’s Cave (La Cueva del Pirata). It is famous for its fish dishes, low prices and excellent views of the bay.

The second beach, El Derrumbao, is a kind of natural pool in the Caribbean. It is located a little remote, and it takes about half an hour to walk across the sand, which is not so pleasant under the hot sun. But you can simplify your task and sail there by boat, having agreed with its owner. This is a very secluded beach, mostly local fishermen visit it “for work”.

Sea salt mining

Between the town and the beach of Salinas, another important tourist attraction is the sea salt production area. This is a shallow bay with sea water, divided into many compartments (mini-pools), in which the evaporation process takes place. The water here has an original, intense pink hue.

Extraction of sea salt

It must be said that over time the method of extracting «white gold» has not changed significantly, and almost the entire process is done manually. First, the gray-dirty salt heaps are taken to the surface, then they are washed, dried a little and, with the help of shovels, they are reloaded into trolleys attached to the “locomotive”. He drags them to a special structure with a frightening look on long legs, somewhat reminiscent of a Baba Yaga’s hut with a greatly increased number of chicken legs. Inside, however, contrary to the expected character, there are several very black guys and a diesel engine, with the help of which the salt wagons continue their way up.

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