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Comerio, Puerto Rico


Comerío is known as «La Perla de Plata»
(the pearl of the Plata). Comerío was founded on June 12, 1826.
Originally named «Sabana del Palmar», but later changed to Comerío,
named after a local Indian chief Comerio.

Photo: Manuel Santiago


Comerío is located in the center-eastern region of island,
north of Aibonito; south of Naranjito and Bayamón;
east of Barranquitas; and west of Cidra and Aguas Buenas.
Its rivers are: Rio Hondo Arroata and La Plata.

Comerio is made up of 9 barrios (wards/districts):

  • Cedrito
  • Cejas
  • Doña Elena
  • Nananjo
  • Palomas
  • Piñas
  • Pueblo
  • Río Hondo
  • Vega Redonda

There are two rivers that run through Comerio: de la Plata and Hondo.


Comerio annual precipitation is 65 inches, and its average temperature is 76°.
The driest month is March, and the wetest is October.
The warmest month is August, and the coolest is February.

10 Day Forecast


  • Batey Bohemio (Puerto Rican), (787) 875-0440
  • Wan Xian He (Chinese), (787) 875-3269

Festivals and Events

  • Carnaval de Primavera — April
  • Festival Jibaro — June
  • Fiestas de San Andres Apostol — November
  • Fiestas Patronales Santo Cristo de la Salud — August
    Every year, Comerio celebrates a patron saint festival. The festivities include dances, food, parades and religious processions.
    (787) 875-3445



The flag is divided into equal quarters, two of which are white, and two of which are green.
The upper right quarter bears a yellow anchored cross.

Coat of Arms

The Comerio coat of arms is divided into quarters.
The superior right side with a golden cross that represents «Santo Cristo de la Salud»
(Holy Christ the Healer), the saint patron of Comerio.
The second quarter has three palms that represents the first name of the town «Sabana del Palmar»
(palm savannah) and an undulating wave below it represents the mist that often covers the town.
The third quarter has two blue waves that represents the «Salto de Comerio» (Comerio leap) and Rio la Plata (silver river).
The last quarter has a crown that represents the Cacique Comerio (Chief Comerio).
A shield in the center with tobacco plant represents the tobacco industry of Comerio.


Comerio anthem was written by Dr. Francisco Manrique Cabrera.
The title is Con alma henchida de amor y ensueño….


There are 15 public schools in Comerio,
education is handled by the Puerto Rico Department of Education.

Demographics *


Puerto Rico: 3,285,874

Land Area: 28. 4 sq mi

Density: 667 per sq mi

Median Age: 40.6

Sex: 51% female

Economics **

Per capita income

Puerto Rico: $21,058

Median household income: $14,297
Puerto Rico: $21,058

Persons below poverty line: 53.7%

Housing, families and educational attainment *

Number of households
Housing units density:
284.9 (2013)

Persons per household: 3.6

High school grad or higher: 71%

Marital status: 28% married

* U.S. Census Bureau 2020 data, unless otherwise noted — Source: Quick Facts Puerto Rico.

** U.S. Census Bureau 2016-2020

Map References

Coordinates: 18.2181° N, 66.2261° W

Zip Code: 782

Driving Distance from San Juan: 31.8 miles

Driving Time: 1 hour, 5 minutes

Comerío | Central Mountains | Discover Puerto Rico

When you breathe in the crisp, clean air and behold the rolling green landscape, you’ll understand why Comerío holds the nickname el Paraíso entre Montañas (“Paradise between Mountains”).

Encompassing 28 square miles (73 square kilometers) in central Puerto Rico, the municipality is bordered by Naranjito, Bayamón, Cidra, Aguas Buenas, and Barranquitas. It takes about an hour to drive here from SJU airport.

To make it easy to explore the best of Comerío, the municipality’s Office of Culture and Tourism has mapped out la Ruta de las Siete Maravillas (“The Route of the Seven Wonders,”) which highlights all of the local must-see attractions. The office organizes guided bus tours that depart from the Media Luna Recreational Area and stop at several of these sites, or you can choose to navigate at your pace.

The most iconic sight in Comerío is El Salto II, a hydroelectric power-producing dam originally built in 1913. The dam towers at 137 feet (42 meters) high and, along with El Salto I, once provided electricity to half of the Island. Today, it serves as a unique tourist attraction. A lookout point flanked by a handful of restaurants and food kiosks offers a perfect view of the dam’s grandeur.

Don’t miss Río La Plata, which at 58.5 miles, is the longest river in Puerto Rico. Then head to Las Pailas, a series of natural waterslides and pools where you can enjoy a fun, refreshing day splashing around in the waters of the Río Hondo.

Built in 1960, the Cruz de Lazos, also known as La Cruz de Monte Limón, is a cement cross that measures 33 feet high and 17 feet wide (10×5 meters). Lit by 21 bulbs, it is visible at night from the center of town, shining like a beacon from one of the highest peaks in the barrio Vega Redonda.

Cañón las Bocas comprises a 1,170-acre set of canyons between Comerío and neighboring Barranquitas. The attraction is a treasure trove of cascading waterfalls, flowing rivers, and caves. It’s also home to a massive 300-year-old ceiba tree that was knocked down during a hurricane in 1876 yet continued to grow, resulting in an unusual shape that’s worth a quick stop to see.

The Cuevas de Mora is a system of eight caves containing petroglyphs and pictographs dating back to the pre-Columbian era. Highly valued for its archeological importance, the site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Note: To enter Cañón las Bocas and las Cuevas de Mora, you’ll need to book separate guided excursions.

Last, Media Luna Recreational Area offers activities for the whole family, with water features for kids, a swimming pool, gazebos, a reception hall for parties, and an inviting 17-room hotel.

Party like the Locals Do

Comerío provides a deliciously appealing setting for participating in one of Puerto Rico’s most popular weekend activities: chinchorreo. Part road trip, part pub crawl, part food tour, this lively tradition is celebrated all over the Island. Friends spend the day stopping at different spots to eat, drink, dance, and enjoy time together. The Office of Culture and Tourism hosts a five-hour guided chinchorreo outing that stops at five nearby eateries serving everything from smoked meats to Creole cuisine and, of course, plenty of cerveza.

Comerio Ercole spa — History of the company since 1885

In 1885, a young technician from the steam boiler company Ercole Comerio and his wife Teresa Marcora founded the company Comerio Ercole in Busto Arsizio. Given the fact that there were many textile factories in the city, the established company specialized in the maintenance of textile machinery. Since its foundation, a small private company has developed rapidly and in 1922 was transformed into a joint-stock company.

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Here are the milestones of Comerio Ercole :

  • The first drum mixer was built in 1894 , the first indoor mixer was built in 1900 and the first rubber press was built in 19019 .
  • The company specializes until 1936 — equipment for the textile, rubber and pulp and paper industries.
  • Areas of expertise up to 1990 included: special equipment for the textile industry, for natural and synthetic rubber, for plastics, industrial equipment for textile finishing and embroidery on fabric. In 1946 the first plant for pressing plastics was designed and manufactured, and in 1973 — The first high performance thermal bonding press for nonwoven fabrics.
  • Areas of expertise from 1990 to present mainly include equipment and lines for processing rubber and plastics, in addition to equipment and lines for the production of non-woven fabric and special applications.
  • Comerc Engineering Srl was formed in 1999 and deals with all engineering services developed with a group of qualified designers and equipment technicians. AT 2008 an industrial partnership agreement was concluded with Comerc International Srl .
  • In 2007 CKA GmbH was formed, a joint venture with a European partner in the plastics sector, a company wholly controlled by Comerio Ercole.
  • In 2015 an innovative startup Com-UP was formed. Com-UP is the result of an R&D project by Comerio Ercole and focuses primarily on the recycling of consumer waste.
  • In 2016 , a new high-tech department was established to develop new products related to the concept «INDUSTRY 4.0» . It was the formal establishment of a division that existed for some time as part of Comerio Ercole.

Clients of the last ten years include the most efficient and largest industries in the world in the above sectors, more than 90% of production is exported.

Comerio Lombardy Italy

Comerio is located in Italy, Lombardy.

. Photo rights belong to their respective owners

Comerio on Wikipedia

Comerio (Italian: Comerio) is a commune in Italy, located in the province of Varese, Lombardy region. The population is 2352 people, the population density is 470 people/km². It occupies an area of ​​5 km². The postal code is 21025. The telephone code is 0332. Saints Hippolytus, Cassian and Saint Celsus are considered the patron saint of the settlement.

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