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Step back in time to the the charm of Kauai’s West Side, a magical place that maintains the true feel of old Hawaii with it’s small town charm. The west side is a unopened book waiting for you to explore the pages of its history. Explore fascinating attractions such as  Captain Cooks Landing on the shores of Waimea, the Russian Fort and the bygone era of the sugar plantations.

The West Side is also the gateway to the Waimea Canyon “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific” and Kokee State Park. While waterfalls and jungle might be lacking at sea level on the West Side, you wont have to look far to see exceptional beauty along the stretches of beach and canyon overlooks. Whether you ascend to the heights of Kauai’s high country amongst the rare Kauai plants and endangered wildlife or watching the sun set serenely over the forbidden island of Niihau, the West Side is well worth your time.

At the end of the road on the in Kekaha you will find Polihale State Park. The long dusty drive on a unpaved bouncy road will reward you in the end with the longest stretch of white sand beach in Hawaii, eroded cliffs tell a story of long ago and the most spectacular sunsets are experience from this spot. If it is solitude and sunshine you are searching for, you can find it in Mana.

West Side Activities

Kauai’s West Side is separated from the North Shore by the dramatic Napali Coast, the much drier weather on this side also makes for a distinctively different ecological region. The West Side is expansive with a desert-like feel. Polihale Beach will surely capture a place in your memory with it’s rolling sand dunes and long stretch of uninhabited coastline. This beautiful stretch of beach goes on for miles before it ends at the impassible cliffs that mark the beginning of the Napali Coast.

Small towns like Eleele, Hanapepe, Waimea and Kekaha offer an eclectic assortment of shops, activities and attractions with plenty of local feel. In the mountains above the towns of Waimea and Kekaha you’ll find a haven of cool breeze among tall Sugi Pines and Eucalyptus trees. The Kokee State Park covers an area of about 4,000 acres and sits at an elevation of over 4,000 feet on the rim Waimea Canyon. Here you will find an abundance of hiking trails, the Kalalau Lookout, Kokee Natural History Museum and scenic overlooks into the canyons and valleys of the Napali Coast. It is a striking contrast to that of the arid plains of Kekaha.

Also on the laid back sleepy West Side you will find the Pacific Missile Range Facility, the historic Russian Fort Elizabeth, the Menehune Ditch (an ancient aqueduct supposedly built by the legendary Menehune), Salt Pond Beach Park – especially great for tide pools and toddlers – and Captain Cook’s monument.

West Region of Puerto Rico

A brilliant sunset from Tres Palmas beach, on the west coast of Puerto Rico. 

Catch some waves and laidback vibes in Puerto Rico’s capital of surfing and sunsets.

Home to some of the best beaches on the Island, the west region is the undisputed surfing capital of Puerto Rico – and the Caribbean – and features the best sunsets on the Island. The feel on the west side is different from the hustle and bustle of the San Juan metropolitan area. Towns here have a more relaxed surfer vibe, which isn’t a coincidence since surfers flock to Rincón from all over to ride the waves at iconic beaches like María’s beach and Domes.


Distance from San Juan’s airport: 2–2.5 hours

Distance from Aguadilla’s airport: 45 minutes–1 hour

Search the West Region Directory

Surfers flock to Rincón, the surfing capital of the Caribbean.

The salt flats in Cabo Rojo appear a vibrant pink shade.

Guánica State Forest & Biosphere Reserve is the best example of a dry forest in the Caribbean region. 

La Parguera is a paradise for watersports including snorkeling, kiteboarding, and scuba diving.

For breathtaking sunsets, head to Rincón on the west coast.

Get back in touch with nature in Cabo Rojo. 

From the Mirador de Guajataca you can enjoy the sea breeze and the best views.

The Monument to Cacique Mabodamaca in Isabela is a sculpture made in honor of a Taíno chief.

Explore the West Region







CulebraViequesGuánicaCabo RojoRincónSalinasPonceCoamoSan JuanCarolinaBayamónCialesUtuadoOrocovisDoradoManatíAreciboRìo GrandeCaguasFajardo

Peering over Guánica Dry Forest from historic Fuerte Caprón.

Things to Do

The west region is ideal for enjoying water activities, particularly surfing. Beginners who want to learn can find lessons in Isabela, Aguadilla, or Rincón, and more experienced riders can find board rentals and local advice from area surf shops.

For travelers who prefer to stay on dry land, visit Los Morrillos Lighthouse, the puente de piedra (a natural stone bridge), the salt flats, and a stunning white-sand beach called Playuela, all of which can be found at the Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge. For hikers, Guánica State Forest offers trails through one of the most extensive tropical dry coastal forests in the world. In Isabela, you can enjoy a horseback ride on the beach and pop into beachfront restaurants to savor seafood, local draft beers, mojitos, and fresh coconut water. Also, be sure not to miss a visit to La Parguera, a quaint fishing village in Lajas, which is a playground for water sports including kayaking and kiteboarding and is home to one of the five bioluminescent bays in the world.


Where to Stay

In western Puerto Rico, you will find a variety of accommodation options for every style and budget. There are luxurious properties like Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa in Guánica and Royal Isabela, a noteworthy golf course and resort with oceanview villas. You can also choose from casual beachside guesthouses, modest inns, and paradores (small, family owned properties) like Villa Cofresí Hotel & Restaurant and Combate Beach Resort, which is located in a nature reserve steps from one of the best beaches of Cabo Rojo.

Where to Eat

Head west and discover some of the most eclectic and exciting restaurants on the Island. From charming stands alongside popular surfing beaches to food trucks with diverse offerings to one of the Island’s most popular breakfast spots, there are lots of ways to enjoy a meal on Puerto Rico’s west coast. You definitely won’t want to miss sunset happy hour at one of the many open-air bars and restaurants along the coast in Rincón.

Find Restaurants in the West

In Episode 2 of our «Sounds like Puerto Rico» series, we’re taking you to the west coast of our Island, where you’ll relish in the beautiful views and relaxing vibes, and learn all about the surfing culture in Puerto Rico. You’ll also learn some local lingo used among the surfers and Boricuas. Let’s surf! 

More Places to Explore

The coastline in Aguada


Explore the «City of Discovery» on Puerto Rico’s west coast.

Aguadilla is known to have some of the best surf breaks on the Island.


Ocean views, fresh seafood, and so much more.

The Catholic church overlooking Añasco’s town square, Plaza de Recreo José A. Pesante.


Get away to a hidden gem on the west coast.

Hormigueros is one of the smallest towns in Puerto Rico.


Explore «The town of the miracle» on Puerto Rico’s west coast.

Don’t miss the opportunity to book a kayaking tour in La Parguera.


A coastal destination for unforgettable aquatic adventure

Lares, one of the dozens of small towns in Puerto Rico with charming stories waiting to be discovered.


A mountain town rich in history – and coffee.

Enjoy gorgeous mountain views in Las Marías.

Las Marías

Natural beauty, coffee, and fun meet in the mountains.

Maricao is known for producing one of the best quality coffees in Puerto Rico.


Panoramic views, history, and coffee — all in one place.

View of Moca’s town square.


Visit Puerto Rico’s capital of lace.

For a beautiful, easy coastal hike visit the Guajataca Tunnel park.


Quebradillas is a playground for nature lovers, and home to famous pirate history.

Explore the magnificent San Sebastián Falls. 

San Sebastián

Museums, history, and natural wonders in northwest Puerto Rico.

San Germán’s entire Historic District is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

San Germán

Explore San Germán, Puerto Rico’s second-oldest town.

US West Coast on our world tour

It’s time to talk about the American part of our world tour. And we’ll start with West Coast US , where we flew in from Southeast Asia on a comfortable double-decker Airbus A-380. Let’s be honest: all travelers dream of America — of a good life or of an unusual, fabulous nature. We all want to go there, but not everyone succeeds. It worked out for us, and we are very glad that we included a trip to the USA in our round-the-world trip. And although this is not my first visit to this country, every time I open the States anew. And it’s always nice — you can be surprised even by long-familiar things. So why not get surprised together?

Content of Article

  • 1 Preparation for traveling to the USA
    • 1.1 Travel route
    • 1.2 What did we not take into account when preparing
  • 2 Travel along the western coast of the United States
    • 2.1 Roads of California
    • 9000 2.2 Oregon — Historical past planets

    • 2.3 Evergreen Washington State!

Preparing for a trip to the US

While preparing for a trip to the US in the city of Pai in northern Thailand, we decided to create a very detailed and detailed itinerary for the US in order to make your visit to the States as convenient and interesting as possible.

After all, as a result of preliminary study of information about this country and planning a trip, our initial desire to “see the canyons of the southwest” turned into a plan to “go around the entire west coast and visit a lot of national parks, state parks and just interesting places!”.

Moreover, the infrastructure of the United States allows you to travel around America both expensively and on a budget, giving the same opportunities to all travelers, regardless of income level.

Travel itinerary

So we had to streamline and systematize all the information that we gleaned from guidebooks, maps and national park sites, and also pulled from the Internet from various forums and blogs.

For a month and a half, we diligently collected our own route, repeatedly reviewing its details. But by the beginning of the trip to the USA, we were theoretically prepared and had a detailed detailed plan of the trip around the USA !

But we did not drive such a vintage car, of course, but a modern Chevrolet Cruze days are not. So a detailed plan allowed us to rationally approach the trip and fit literally everything into one visit.

And what can I say? We managed to carry out the whole plan with almost no overlaps, it was so well designed and took into account all the details of an independent trip.

Video of a trip to the US West Coast with overnight stays in nature:

What we did not take into account when preparing

While traveling in the US by car, we only abandoned the idea of ​​​​going to the Indian reservation to look at the Havasu Falls. We had 2 full days planned for them, but at the last moment we refused to visit them. This turned out to be our only miscalculation in planning. Already in practice, having driven around the national parks and spending the night in tents here and there, we realized that we simply would not have time to arrive on time.

In Washington State

Also, camping on the Indian Reservation had to be booked in advance. And we will have to do everything in a hurry, and also greatly overpay for our accommodation. The Indians, as the exclusive owners of the rights on the territory of their reservation, broke down serious money for the right to stay and spend the night at home. And so we decided to abandon Havasu.

And the freed days were distributed to other national parks, which in the end turned out to be terribly satisfied. And we went to Joshua Tree National Park twice! And by the end of the trip, we arrived at my beloved Venice Beach in Los Angeles and quite calmly went to the LAX airport — there was no time pressure, everything was comfortable.

But let’s get on the road already! Let’s see how the American part of our round-the-world trip began.

Journey along the US West Coast

We start our independent road trip across the States in Los Angeles, the main gateway to the US West Coast.

Travel region US West Coast
What is US Western Territory coastal states of California, Oregon, and Washington, and the Cascade Mountains, Sierra Nevada, and Mojave Desert
Population About 50 million people
The largest cities Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle
Climate in the north of the Oceanic and Oceanic and South South Oceanic, As in the South — mediterranean.
On the coastline, temperature fluctuations during the year are much lower than in the continental part.
In the coastal area, the influence of fog on the climate is strong, making summers cooler and winters milder.
How to travel On your own with a rented car or motorbike
Accommodation Book hotels or motels a few days in advance, or just before accommodation. Camping available
Transport infrastructure World’s best
Travel comfort High
Security In the US, people follow the rules and the authorities strictly enforce them, which ensures a high level of travel safety. Crime occurs only in certain areas of large cities, but it is worth knowing about this in advance and, if possible, not being careless
Costs High, but if you choose the route wisely and approach the matter responsibly, you can avoid unnecessary expenses
Our rating and review We were very pleased with our trip and saw everything we had planned. Traveling along the US West Coast requires preliminary planning and preparation. Knowing the facts makes it easier to solve everyday problems

Watch a video of traveling along the US West Coast from Seattle to Los Angeles:

Roads of California

that it is wiser to first devote time to the northern objects of the States, while the weather allows and is not so cold. And we will finish the trip in mid-October — traveling around warm California.


Road 199 is called the Redwood Highway

Not so short but intense trip through the state of California promised us that the second series will be even more diverse and long-awaited. Usually, when you say «California», people imagine the scenery of Los Angeles or San Diego — the ocean, palm trees, surfers and Hollywood hills.

But this state can hold the palm in diversity and richness in attractions. Californians do not have to leave the state at all, they have so much to see. But we are not Californians. There was a place in the heart for wonderful landscapes, both for northern and southern ones, and we went further!

Playing sea cats on the Pacific coast

in Morro ROC

Read also:

North California

Climate Los Angeles

Big Sur. Coast of California

Big Sur at the Bixby Bridge

Isn’t it a fabulous house in Carmel?

No wonder the 17-mile road in Monterey was an inspiration for painters and poets

At the Golden Gate in San Francisco

Deer family in Redwood National Park

Coastal redwoods in California

Those are the roads of California!

Oregon — the historical past of the planet

We fell in love with Oregon immediately. This is love at first sight. It was from Oregon that the change in the route of the original plan began. When I was looking at a map of the United States in Pai, I thought: here we will come to the Redwood National Park, but after all, literally cross the state border, and there is some beautiful lake, Crater Lake! Maybe go there too?

And this is not just a lake, but the deepest in the USA! It was formed in the crater of the Mazama volcano, and the water in it is blue as the sky! And then I said: here we are already in Oregon, what if there is something else there? Oh yes, there are so many things to do in Oregon!

Road to Crater Lake

An island in Crater Lake has a dock where you can go by boat

You can study the life of volcanoes in Newberry, where you can walk among the obsidian shards and lava field or climb a cone to view from above the whole area. You can ride on scenic roads among the Cascade Lakes.

Among the fragments of the volcano

At the beginning of the trail along the sea of ​​obsidian, a lake of a rather strange color formed. But it looks beautiful!

River near the Cascade Lakes

And here is the lake located along the Cascade Lakes Scenic byway

And in the state of Oregon there is just a vast, but not so popular John Day Fossil Beds National Park. This place is amazing and unusual. Time stops here and rapidly rolls back millions of years ago. And now you are no longer in Oregon, in front of you are pictures of prehistoric land. If you want to ride in a time machine, then you are here at John Day Fossil Beds!

Clay hills of incredible colors

Sometimes we just drove and realized that we had to slow down and take a walk along the Rog river. And if you drive along the Pacific coast and admire the beautiful capes (Meares, Kiwanda and Perpetua or the Devil’s Cup), then Oregon will certainly seem the most beautiful place in the world! Although here the ocean is already more formidable than in southern California. But the harsh beauty has its own charm.

On the coast of Oregon

And it was in Oregon that we began to come across some unthinkable number of campers. We overtook them on the roads or, on the contrary, they overtook us, met with their owners in parking lots, and finally, campers just stood by the houses waiting for their owners. The state of Oregon is simply the champion in the number of campers! Everyone has a private car, camper and boat! And all weekends are probably busy exploring the beautiful nature of their native and neighboring states.

We also started our camp life in Oregon. When you live in a tent, it seems that childhood has not gone anywhere. You can fry bread on a fire, have unhurried conversations about what you see, listen to neighbor birds chirping and think — what if a raccoon comes out for a meal now? To live in rhythm with nature — and yet we lack such simple things! Rich in forests and such a simple and understandable beauty to us, Oregon more than endows its residents and guests.

Devil’s Lake on Cascade Lakes Highway

Mount Bachelor over Sparks Lake

John Day Fossil Bed Time Machine

Controlling an ancient machine is not easy! On Historic Farm in John Day Fossil Beds Park

Oregon Pacific Coast

Evergreen Washington State!

But the state of Washington — evergreen, as its residents say, we liked even more. Although it would seem, where even more?

We spent two days in the Olympic Park: we saw how wonderful it is, walked through the rain forest, met beautiful and soulful little marmots there, which looked at strangers with some suspicion, but favorably let themselves be photographed (trek to Hurricane Ridge). There was such beauty all around!

Olympic waterfall

Olympic rainforest

Do you know who I see?

Curious and hungry groundhog on the way to Hurricane Ridge in Olympic Park

And such beauty!

A walk through the forest along Lake Crescent is also often remembered now. And the Lost Shore! We met a ranger there who proudly told us about the uniqueness of this place, the white trees lying on the shore and the whole state of Washington. He even laughed at his compatriots, who do not even know where this place is. Near Alaska or what?

The ranger also said that the most popular question from tourists is: can you see Russia from here? No, the ranger answers menacingly, only Canada! And we went to where Canada is best seen — to Cape Fluttery, the westernmost cape of the continental States.

Washington Coast

Cape Fluttery is located on the Maka Indian Reservation, and while we were walking along the trail to get to the very edge of the cape, someone squeezed grease on the handle of the car. That’s it!

Indians show white people with impunity that they are offended by them and are trying so stupidly to take revenge. At first we were a little upset, because we planned to spend the night here, visiting the poppy. However, the hostility on the part of the indigenous people was exhausted, and no other problems arose. True, it was cold here — the proximity of the ocean affects. But we woke up early in the morning and went on to explore the beautiful Olympic Park!

Huge trees

Tatoosh Island near Cape Fluttery — the most northwestern in America

We also went to the track around Mount Rainier. Local places are called paradise, and we gladly agreed with this promising definition! Although from the very morning, when after spending the night in the next campsite we woke up from the cold as early as four in the morning, it didn’t seem so at all.

We ended up in one of the campsites where people live for a long time. They pay rent to the owner of the territory (who often lives in the same camper or in a small house) and put their motorhome on a halt. Renting a place is usually around $300 per month. Tourists are also sometimes allowed there, but this is by no means a place prepared for such events. We just found a spot on the grass and put down a handkerchief.

We arrived already in the dark, and although we did not like this campsite at all, we had no strength to go looking for another one. And how to look — there is no lighting at the foot of Rainier. So we provided ourselves with a bed, cooked dinner and went to bed.

Rainier at dawn

And in the morning, as I said, we woke up still dark at 4 am and decided not to endure the cold, but to go to Rainier by dawn. So quite by chance we saw an unplanned sunrise next to a beautiful ice-covered volcano.

The Rainier trek we did was not very difficult, but not easy either. And the beauty around is truly heavenly. And we did not go during the flowering of local alpine meadows. And what else could surprise us in the state of Washington?

We’ve reached Rainier!

Firemen’s Lookout at Mount Rainier

And then there’s the Cascade Mountains. And then you really understand why the state is called evergreen. Roads not only surround thickets of forests, but also the water in the lakes is emerald green.

I will not tire of repeating that when I saw the pictures of Lake Diablo, I thought it was photoshop. And I insisted on including the Cascade Mountains in the route precisely in order to see with my own eyes what color the lake is! And you know, it really is such an abnormally devilish green or aqua blue! Unreal — in a word!

Lake Diablo Dam

Aerial view of Lake Diablo in North Cascades

And that’s not all! Further on is the famous Washington Pass, and you can also admire this beauty forever.

Completely stunned by what we saw, we looked at the Wells Dam and then drove to Lake Chelan past autumn scenery. Suddenly green Washington turned yellow! The landscape really changed, we were already passing canyons and butes, and then our navigator decided to play a joke on us, deciding that we, who were still pissed off on the beauty of Washington, would not notice. And we obediently turned in the direction he told us to go.

And got into a completely wild story. You will think a hundred times after whether to trust the navigator. It seemed that we would not get out of such a mess, because the road was rapidly deteriorating and becoming completely unsuitable for our faithful Cruz. And there was no way to turn around — there was an abyss on the right. But nevertheless, we survived this test, as if higher powers helped us! But is it possible to trust after that the navigator, who sent us with the most serious intentions to where the road actually does not exist? He’s so magical, Washington State!

Dima sets up a tent in the Maka Indian Reservation

Feeding wild animals in national parks is prohibited, but making friends is not!

One of the ridges on Hurricane Ridge is overgrown with forest

The mountain peaks around Lake Diablo

And here they are, the peaks of Washington Pass

And this is not all of our American adventures! Read the sequel — a trip to the Wild West! We also wrote about the itinerary of a round-the-world trip and other practical issues of traveling in the United States.

Stay tuned, we have a lot more to offer!

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West Coast of Crimea

  • path.a»> Main
  • Cities
  • West Coast


Cities of the Western coast of Crimea on the map

Their list includes coastal settlements, the northernmost of which is the village of Peschanoe, and the southernmost is the city of Sevastopol. The same territory includes two Black Sea bays — Karkinitsky and Kalamitsky.

Western resorts have several features that distinguish them from the rest of the peninsula. First, it is their climate. It is quite soft here, combining the properties of marine and steppe climatic conditions. People often come here to treat diseases of the respiratory system, since the absence of mountains and forests here determines the unhindered circulation of healing air. The second feature is sandy beaches and warm water. The western coast of Crimea is a favorite place for families with children. By the way, the city of Evpatoria is rightfully considered the best children’s resort on the entire peninsula. And finally, the third distinguishing feature of the West Bank, which attracts many tourists, is the relatively low cost of living.
The largest cities on the Western coast of Crimea are Saki, Evpatoria and Sevastopol. This is where the majority of vacationers come. But small settlements, such as Balaklava, Sandy, Chernomorskoye, Mezhvodnoye, Olenevka, Zaozernoye and others, are also never empty — lovers of a relaxing holiday often prefer quiet villages to big cities. And the Western coast of Crimea is considered the most suitable for wild recreation. There are several places that are ideally suited and equipped for creating tent cities. For example, near the village of Steregushchee.

The western coast of Crimea is very convenient for traveling by car. Moreover, by personal transport you can easily visit many sights of this Crimean part.

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