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Beaches of Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife

Puerto de la Cruz is the most popular resort in the north of Tenerife boasting one of the island’s most beautiful beaches, Playa Jardín. Stylish and distinctive because of its volcanic sand, this is a top spot for thousands of sun worshippers who journey to this charming seaside destination every year. 

What type of people travel to Puerto de la Cruz? The answer is; everybody! This is a place for single people, couples in love, groups of friends, families and the retired. While it is not quite as energetic as the infamous Playa de las Américas in the south, there is plenty of entertainment and nightlife to keep everyone amused, plus a rather large helping of culture. It also has a reputation as being a location for the discerning traveller and the beaches are exactly the same. 

Playa Jardín was landscaped for peace and relaxation by famed architect and artist César Manrique, it stretches for 3,274 feet (one kilometre) giving you plenty of space and comfort. It runs from the old part of town called Punta Brava to Castillo de San Felipe in the west of the town. Palm trees that sway in a gentle sea breeze surround the stretch of fine, dark-coloured sand. Glorious blue skies and a wonderful warm sun will take all your cares away and the temperate waters are the ideal place for a relaxing dip. Unwind on a sunbed, doze off under a sunshade or grab a refreshing drink from the kiosk on the sand. In addition, there are also ample shower facilities.

Behind the beach are lovely gardens that include endemic plants and flowers including an abundance of cacti. Restaurants and bars line this promenade area where you can people watch, grab a bite to eat and observe the beauty of the sun disappearing behind the horizon. Parking is also nearby.

Make sure you do not miss the second beach of Puerto de la Cruz, the cosy Playa Martiánez. It is simple and unspoiled; a great place to relax on the dark coloured sand. There is a bistro overlooking the ocean and a few cafés and bars nearby. This beach is located next to the renowned Lago Martianez, an impressive outdoor water park featuring salt water lakes, cascading waterfalls, volcanic rock sculptures and stunning sub-tropical gardens. Another of César Manrique’s creations, this top attraction adds to the overall popularity of Puerto de la Cruz, especially with families. 

Spain-Tenerife is all about holidays; our team of travel specialists work hard to discover the best hotels on the island and we pass those recommendations onto you — all at very reasonable prices that will not break the bank.

Hotel Botánico & The Oriental Spa Garden is a prestigious 5-star hotel, one of the most esteemed establishments on the island. Sumptuous suites, fantastic vistas, gourmet restaurants, a well-being spa and unrivalled hospitality are just some of the offerings that make this place so extraordinary. It is also just a 10 minute drive from Playa Jardín.

The Hotel Sol Costa Atlantis Tenerife has an enviable seafront location next to Lago Martiánez and is a 20 minute stroll from Playa Jardín. With 4-stars it offers chic and spacious guestrooms, a top class health resort where you can pamper yourself, two restaurants, beautiful swimming pools and a wealth of facilities including a complimentary Kid’s Club to keep the little ones amused.

Beaches in Puerto de la Cruz




Beaches in Puerto de la Cruz

Best beaches in Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz – one of the largest cities on the island of Tenerife and a center of international tourism. Nature here is striking in its diversity and richness. Evergreen forests, banana plantations and botanical gardens are the main objects of interest for tourists. The coastline is also surprisingly picturesque, but it is also very convenient for a beach holiday. Puerto de la Cruz — a modern resort, offering guests excellent service and a wonderful oceanfront vacation all year round. You can study the features of local beaches in our ranking of the best beaches near Puerto de la Cruz.


Bollullo is a remote natural black sand beach in the north part of the island in the Orotava region.


Recommended hotels:

  • 2

    Apartments Finca El Rincon

  • ,
  • 5

    Casa Rural El Tabaibal

Hardin is an artificial beach made according to a design project. It is located in the north of the island across the road from the famous Loro Park.


Recommended hotels:

  • 4

    Hotel Af Valle Orotava

  • ,
  • 5

    Hotel Best Semiramis

Socorro Beach is another place on Tenerife taken a fancy by surfers. This secluded, natural black sand beach is located in the north of the island in the Los Realejos area.


Recommended hotels:

  • 4

    Casa Rural Virgen del Rosario San Juan de la Rambla

  • ,
  • 3

    Finca El Biclen

If you dream of a good rest among the natural beauties and benefits of civilization, go to the southwest of Tenerife, where the resort town of Los Gigantes is located. It owes its name to the 500-meter-tall giant rocks, at the foot of which it is located. This region is famous for optimal climatic conditions that do not change throughout the year.


Recommended hotels:

  • 4

    Apartment Balcon Los Gigantes I

  • ,
  • 4

    El Marques Palace by Intercorp Group

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Best beaches in Puerto de la Cruz

The project 1001beach focuses on a beach vacation. We don’t write about things we don’t know. All the descriptions and characteristics of beaches in Puerto de la Cruz are based on reviews of tourists from all over the world. With our help you can choose a perfect location and learn about infrastructure, popularity and other things about beaches.



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Puerto de la Cruz Beaches — Tenerife

Puerto de la Cruz is the most popular resort in the north of Tenerife, boasting one of the island’s most beautiful beaches, Playa Jardín. The stylish beach, unlike any other due to its volcanic sand, is very popular with thousands of sun lovers who come to this enchanting place on the seashore every year.

What type of people come to Puerto de la Cruz? The answer to this question will be the word «everything»! This is a suitable place for those who are relaxing alone or with a loved one, with a group of friends or with family, as well as for pensioners. The atmosphere in this resort is not as lively as in the notorious Playa de las Americas in the south, however, there are many entertainments here, including night ones, so no one will be bored. In addition, a rather extensive cultural poster awaits you. The place has a reputation for being a good getaway for even the pickiest of travelers, and the beaches here are just as good as anywhere else.

The landscape of Playa Jardín was designed by the famous architect and artist Cesar Manrique to provide a peaceful and relaxing environment. It stretches for one kilometer in length, providing you with ample space and comfort. The beach stretches from the old part of the city, called Punta Brava, to the castle of San Felipe in the west. It is a strip of fine dark sand surrounded by palm trees that shake their branches in the light sea breeze. Under the wonderful blue sky and the warm sun, all your worries will fly away, and you can relax and swim in perfect water with a moderate temperature. Relieve stress by relaxing on a lounger, taking a nap under an awning, or having a refreshing drink from a kiosk right on the sand. In addition to all this, there is the opportunity to take a shower.

Behind the beach you will find beautiful gardens with native plants and flowers, including an abundance of cacti. There is a promenade lined with restaurants and bars. People walk, admiring the surrounding nature, having a snack from time to time, and in the evenings watching a beautiful picture: the sun hiding behind the horizon. There is also a parking nearby.

Be sure to also visit the second beach of Puerto de la Cruz — cozy Playa Martianez. It is distinguished by its simplicity and innocence. A great place to relax on the dark sand. There is a bistro overlooking the ocean, as well as several cafes and bars nearby. The beach is next to the famous Playa Martianez, an impressive outdoor water park with salt water lakes, cascading waterfalls, volcanic rock sculptures and stunning subtropical gardens. This is another creation of Cesar Manrique, which has become one of the main local attractions. It gives additional popularity to Puerto de la Cruz, especially in the eyes of those who come to relax with the whole family.

Spain-Tenerife is dedicated to your holiday needs. Our team of tourism experts are hard at work identifying the best hotels on the island. We pass on our recommendations to you. And all this — at quite reasonable prices that will not empty your wallet.

Hotel Botánico & The Oriental Spa Garden is a 5-star hotel, one of the most prestigious on the island. Luxurious suites, stunning views, gourmet restaurants, a spa and unparalleled hospitality are just some of the features that make this hotel so outstanding. In addition, it is only 10 minutes drive from Playa Jardin.

The Hotel BSol Costa Atlantis Tenerife enjoys a beautiful seafront location next to Lago Martiánez, a 20-minute walk from Playa Jardín. This 4-star hotel offers luxurious, spacious rooms, an upscale wellness center for pampering, two restaurants, beautiful swimming pools and many other services, including a free Kids Club designed to keep young guests entertained.

The beaches of Puerto de la Cruz (Puerto de la Cruz playas) in Tenerife

Local beaches can be described very capaciously — they are red-brown. Beach flags are painted red in these places (swimming is prohibited), and the sand instead of the usual yellow is black.

The sea is rough

In the competition of the southern and northern coasts of Tenerife, the score is three zero in favor of the south. The first indicator by which the north loses is the lack of sunlight, the second is the restless ocean and the third is the capricious climate. The coast in the town of Puerto de la Cruz loses in only two indicators, unlike the rest of the north, everything seems to be fine with the weather here, however, there are very few chances to plunge into the Atlantic Ocean. And some days they are even zero.
The beaches in Puerto de la Cruz are excellent, but huge waves spoil the whole picture, and more and more often a red flag is flying on the coast. Yes, and with traditional tourist attractions here, too, not everything is in order: bananas, parachutes, jet skis are absent, as a class, in view of the restless ocean. But what a savings! All these things you will not need in view of the fact that you will get a sufficient portion of extreme sports just by frolicking in the noisy waves of the local ocean.

Puerto de la Cruz beaches on the map of Tenerife:
Beach 1: Playa de Punta Brava

Punta Brava Beach is part of the large Jardin Beach, which extends to the west of Puerto de la Cruz. This beach is perceived as independent due to the stone embankment, which visually separates it from Hardin. Its main characteristics are volcanic sand and a red flag, reminding tourists that swimming is still not worth it. Playa de Punta Brava is a typical representative of the red-brown beaches of the north of Tenerife. Although, some tourists sometimes tell amazing stories about seeing a green flag on Punta Brava. This legend is passed from mouth to mouth. The length of this beach is only about 200 meters, the width is 50 meters. Renting a sun lounger and umbrella will cost 5 euros. On the beach of Punta Brava there are showers, toilets and many cafes.

Beach 2: Playa Jardin

Playa Jardin is the most popular and, according to tourists, the best beach in Puerto de la Cruz. In 2013, Jardín Beach celebrated its 20th anniversary since the well-known Canarian artist Cesar Manrique designed a holiday destination here. From the picture, pleasing to the eye, one can note a small garden spread along the entire coast, on the territory of which the most exotic plants grow, and even a small waterfall is located in its depths. The surroundings of the beach are also famous for their fish restaurants. An exemplary and very well-maintained beach, however, again painted in the red-brown colors of the north of Tenerife. Most of the time it is intended for sunbathing, but not for swimming. Calm in the local area is a rare phenomenon. Hardin Beach is 400 meters long and 80 meters wide. Renting a sun lounger and umbrella will cost 5 euros. There are cafes, toilets and showers along the beach.

Beach 3: Playa de Puerto

The name of the Puerto beach scares away the locals, because it translates as a port beach, which means the water will not be the cleanest. But there is no cause for concern, because according to the good old northern Tenerife tradition, it is dangerous to swim in these places. True, now, really, it’s not about the deadly waves, but about the purity of the water. Puerto Beach is located in the area of ​​the old fishing harbor. A normal, not sea-starved tourist should not have a desire to swim. The beach itself is only 50 meters long and no more than 15 meters wide. Sun loungers and umbrellas all for the same 5 euros.

Beach 4: Playa San Telmo

Tiny, twenty meters long beach of San Telmo, and equally stretching, both in length and in width. A piece of square space is securely hidden from the waves by a special breakwater, and instead of sand on the beach, there are pebbles. Despite external unattractiveness, San Telmo beach is the only place in the whole city where you can swim without fear. Thank the piers, all two-meter waves reliably break against them. True, and here the red flag is not uncommon.

Beach 5: Playa de Martianes

This beach (Martianes) is perfect for all those who like to get their feet wet.

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