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Exploring the Hidden Beachs of Puerto Rico — Playa Escondida

Another Secret Beach in Fajardo, Puerto Rico – Playa Escondida

Are you looking for a “hidden” or “Secret” beach? Maybe a place you can have all to yourself, or mostly to yourself? Keep reading as Playa Escondida might be the beach you are looking for. 

Playa Escondido © Joel Hartz

Nestled in the Northeast corner of Puerto Rico are some amazing beaches that check all of the boxes. Playa Escondida is certainly one of those and why it’s on our list of our favorite Puerto Rician beaches. Getting there will take a little more effort than most beaches which I guess is why it is considered a “hidden” beach. 

How to Get to Playa Escondida

To get to Playa Escondida you must first make your way to Seven Seas Beach Park in Fajardo in order to find the public trail that will take you there. 

Fajardo is an easy 45 minute drive East from the San Juan metro area. If you don’t have a car you may be able to find a tour operator or a shuttle as Seven Seas is right next to the Las Cabezas De San Juan National Park, famous for the Laguna Grande bioluminescent bay and its lighthouse, Faro Las Cabezas de San Juan.

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In this article we will cover what you need to know before you go, how

Parking at Seven Seas Beach Park

Access to the trail that leads to Playa Escondida and another awesome hidden beach, Playa Colora, can be found at Seven Seas Beach in Fajardo. 

Once you have made your way to Sevens Seas Beach Park in Fajardo you have a couple of easy options for parking.

Paid Parking

The easiest is the big paid parking lot (Estacionamiento Balneario Seven Seas) that will run you a few dollars. When we were there it was only open Thursday through Sunday but that was the off season and during Covid. During the busier season and on the weekends it can get quite busy. There is a nice paved path from the parking lot down to the beach as well as a food kiosk The House of Pastelillos at the edge of the lot and restrooms too. 

Tip: Use the restrooms at Seven Seas Beach Park as there are no facilities at Playa Escondida

Parking entrance to the lot at Seven Seas Beach © Joel Hartz

Free parking options

What if you’re on a budget and would rather spend the couple of bucks it cost to park on ice cream or a cold beer? Well there are basically two “Free” parking options we found at Seven Seas Beach.  

Park along the street

There are a handful of parking spots along Carr Cabezas de San Juan (PR-987) along the right side of the road. The spots are not marked except they are paved and between the white line and sidewalk. These can be found just before the road bends by the Palma Vista Condo complex and continue past the Costa Mia restaurant. Just be sure not to block any driveways, especially to the Condo complex if you don’t want your car towed.

If you want to park on the street and not pay we would recommend getting to the beach early on the weekends. Locals and tourists head to the beaches on Saturdays and Sundays so be prepared for it to be busy. 

During the week we found it to be much calmer, we usually arrived around 10AM-11AM and were able to find street parking. In the busier seasons your mileage may vary. Another word of caution: be sure to park completely off the roadway or risk being fined, towed or having your car damaged by passing cars. This includes parking on the sidewalks or dirt/grass side of the road despite seeing other cars there. The roads are narrow with no center line marking. We noticed people usually drive down the middle and move over as necessary. Read our article about Driving in Puerto Rico here. 

Park in the Unofficial Lots

There are three “unofficial” lots that look like they are empty or abandoned private property that a lot of folks park on when it is busy. We would not recommend this. We spoke with some locals from the area and they were also skeptical about it as well. 

Save more: No cancellation fees on bookings.

Where to find the Trailhead to Playa Escondida

© OpenStreetMap contributors

Ok now that you are parked, have unloaded all of your stuff and/or kids and used the restroom, make your way toward Seven Seas Beach and walk west all the way to the end of the beach (.5 km) until you see a sign that reads “Limite De Seguridad” (Safety Limit) on the right. Here is where you will find the trailhead. 

“Limite De Seguridad” (Safety Limit) sign marking the edge of Seven Seas Beach and the trail to Playa Colora and Playa Escondida © Joel Hartz

The trail to Playa Escondida & Playa Colora is an easy, peaceful and mostly shaded 2. 6 km walk there and back. It will take you about 25 – 40 minutes each way to walk to Playa Escondida depending on how much stuff you’re carrying, how many times you stop along the way and your fitness level.

Trail to Playa Colora and Playa Escondida © Joel Hartz

You will definitely want to wear at least water shoes or sturdy sandals as the trail can flood or be muddy after a rain in spots. The trail is easy and mostly level after the first few meters. In those first few meters you will traverse an incline that has ruts before leveling out. Watch for roots along the trail so as not to trip. I nearly did this a few times as I was focused on filming and taking photos!

Make sure to bring a small backpack with water and snacks if you plan on staying for a couple of hours. We recommend a reusable water bottle to help reduce trash. A beach blanket or even a small cooler is a good idea as well. There are no bathrooms or amenities at Playa Colora or Playa Escondida so be sure to use the restrooms at Seven Seas Beach prior to setting out. Since there are also no trash receptacles, bring a small bag to place your trash and any you may find and be sure to pack it out.

After a few minutes the trail opens up and you can see the Seven Seas Beach back to your right and a short path on your left leading to a cool mangrove tunnel into the neighboring Laguna Aquas Prietas. 

Laguna Aquas Prietas © Joel Hartz

Continue straight ahead as the trail takes you back into the jungle and veers slightly left. You will find yourself walking along the Northern edge of Laguna Aquas Prietas. 

Termite nest several feet up the trees along the trail to Playa Colra and Playa Escondida © Joel Hartz

Unfortunately there is not a good view of the Lagoon from the trail. You will no doubt find plenty of crabs and birds on the trail as well as some really big termite nests built in the trees. 

Sign marking the turn to Playa Colora © Joel Hartz

After another few minutes you’ll see a sign on your right hand side for Playa Colora, you are almost there! If you have the time, be sure to check out Playa Colora as well, you can read about it here.

Mangroves create a fairytale path to Playa Escondido © Joel Hartz

As you continue on your walk you might feel like you’re in a scene from Raider’s of the Lost Ark for a small stretch but it soon gets even more lovely and makes you feel like you’re in a fairytale. 

A rose along the sometimes muddy path to Playa Escondido © Joel Hartz

Here is where our advice about the water shoes may come in as part of the trail can flood or be muddy, especially after a rain! You may notice little side trails that circumvent the bulk of the flood prone parts of the trail.


The mangrove trees create a canopy of shade while you’re walking and the sun shimmers through the trees as you near the end of the trail.

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Playa Escondida

Playa Escondido © Joel Hartz

Playa Escondida is stunning and it’s quite long too. It stretches West past the Governor’s Summer Mansion at Cabeza Chiquita Beach. The water is clear and the views of El Yunque are breathtaking. Even though the water is calm we would still advise to be careful and stay in the shallow parts since there are no lifeguards and the currents can be dangerous out near the reefs. 

Pocita de Cabeza at Playa Escondido © Joel Hartz

The Carribean sun can get quite hot so liberally apply the reef safe sunscreen while enjoying the water or amazing view. Palm trees are scattered along the beach if you need shade and it’s known to be very quiet. This is definitely a local’s beach, we went on a weekday and only ran into a couple of people. 

Palm Tree providing shade at Playa Escondido © Joel Hartz

On Google you will see this beach labeled as Playa Escondida ADULTS ONLY. Don’t let that discourage you if you have a family, we saw a couple of families there with children.

TIP: Playa Colora and Playa Escondida do not have trash bins, please keep them clean and pack your trash out with you. There’s plenty of trash bins at Seven Seas beach you will pass on your way back to your car.

There are even some cool rocks if you need some Instagram worthy pics known as Pocita de Cabeza or Little Head.

Michelle standing at Pocita de Cabeza at Playa Escondido with El Yunque National Forest shrouded in clouds in background © Joel Hartz

While you’re on the East Side of Puerto Rico or in Fajardo we would highly recommend seeking out Playa Escondida and Playa Colora. They are well worth the walk from Seven Seas and you could easily spend 2 days exploring this area.  

TIP: After your day at the beach there’s plenty of restaurants to have dinner at by Seven Seas Beach. A couple of favorites are Café Playero, La Estación

Family Friendly beach in Puerto Rico… Seven Seas Beach Park 

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Happy Wandering!

Joel and Michelle

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What does your perfect beach look like?

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Seven Seas to Playa Colorá and Playa Escondida | Map, Guide — East Region, Puerto Rico

Get to know this 3. 5-km out-and-back trail near Fajardo, East Region. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 47 min to complete. This is a very popular area for hiking, running, and walking, so you’ll likely encounter other people while exploring.

Length4.5 kmElevation gain45 mRoute typeOut & back


Please be aware that there are signs at the second and third beaches stating that dogs are not allowed.
There are three beach access points along this route. The first beach has calm surf, a swimming area, and a lifeguard. The second beach is not as popular for swimming but it was clean and quiet. There are a lot more waves there. The third beach is very long and easy to get a private spot. On-street parking is available as well as parking in the parking lot.

Sort by:

Sort byAllTrails SortNewest FirstOldest FirstHighest RatedLowest Rated

Chris Ramls

October 29, 2022•Hiking

When it rains it’s a bit muddy and a slight incline with mud but after that it’s an easy 1 miles flat walk

Whitney King

October 14, 2022•Hiking

Well marked and wide! Muddy at times but nothing too bad

Juno Mon

October 1, 2022•Hiking

It’s an ok trail. Muddy. Great isolated beach at the end (Red beach) Make sure you bring mosquito repellent.
Be aware, make sure you DO NOT park on the sidewalk (even if it’s full of sand and you cannot see under) we got an $260 fine.

Conditions: —, Muddy, Off trail

Balerion User

September 25, 2022•Hiking

Trail is in good shape for the most part, a few muddy spots and small downed trees after Fiona but the beach is worth it. Not many people aside from locals and fisherman. Water was crystal clear and the view was great!

Korbin Steinbrunner

August 19, 2022•Hiking

Great trail! Bring snorkeling gear and you won’t be disappointed! We were treated to a school of small squid and many colorful fish. A few small reefs are scattered along the coast of the furthest beach. We were only accompanied by a few other groups of people on the beaches, so we had our privacy. The hike is short but can be muddy if it rains.

Wildflower S

August 14, 2022•Walking

Good exercise! Although it can get really hot since some of the path is without shade

Conditions: No shade, Great!

Avi Lamb

July 4, 2022•Walking

Cool and easy trail, you don’t need good hiking shoes for it. When you get to the beach walk down to the left as it’s quieter and a better view. Lots of riptides when we went so couldn’t swim too far out. Just a gorgeous Caribbean beach, that feels like Captain Jack Sparrow could appear at any moment.

Ricardo Rivera

June 21, 2022•Hiking

Easy trail to walk. I did it on flip flops. Playa Escondida is amazing and very relaxing.

Conditions: Great!

David Allison

June 10, 2022•Hiking

Just okay but lots of cute crabs to see

Elizabeth Kendrick

April 18, 2022•Hiking

Perfecto! The beaches are amazing. Would go again.

Amanda Morelli

April 17, 2022•Walking


Kelly Wright

April 11, 2022•Walking

The trail is good, but you might want to wear close-toed shoes or sturdy sandals, definitely no bare feet. The first beach, Playa Colora, is wild and beautiful with dramatic waves and rocky coves (be sure that you don’t get stuck when the tide comes in) and was nearly empty when we arrived. We stayed and swam for a while before moving on to Playa Escondida which was the real jewel. A very shallow flat area with seagrass beds and open sandy areas where the water is ten shades of blue and green, warm, and still. Less privacy, more people, but great for relaxing in the water without worrying about rip currents or any waves at all. Pack in water and shade and pack out all your trash. We parked in the Seven Seas parking area and walked in from there. Will be back again!

Holly Galvez

April 11, 2022•Hiking

So beautiful and serene. Playa Colora was almost empty, Playa Escondida was so crystalline. Worth the hike.

Ruben Moreno

April 11, 2022•Walking

Good beach trail

Conditions: Great!

John Y.

April 4, 2022•Hiking

Nice and easy trail. Doable in flip flops. Escondido Beach was crowded, so we hung out at Colora Beach. The $4 parking lot is closed on Mon and Tue. Park on the street at your own risk: parking tickets are $200.

Trippy kay

April 3, 2022•Hiking


John Nowak

March 27, 2022•Hiking

Easy and obvious trail starting from the end of Seven Seas Beach. We parked in the main lot ($4, bring cash) and walked down to the left of Seven Seas until the trail started.
Keep following it until Playa Escondida, there will be one or two forks to take you to other clearings, but Escondida is the best for swimming and setting up on the beach. 20-30 minute walk depending on your pace. Can be done barefoot, in sandals, or shoes/boots.
Even on a beautiful Sunday afternoon there was hardly anyone there. World class beach with lots of space. Shallow reef most of the beach so you can’t go too far out swimming, but still amazing.

Conditions: Great!

Sarah Schabel

March 20, 2022•Hiking

Lovely little canopied trail to secluded beach area. Took us 27 min one-way. Can be done in flip flops. We swam but were cautious to stay shallow.

C Herbert

March 11, 2022•Hiking


Brian Bopp

February 15, 2022•OHV/Off-road driving

Nice beaches. Not to busy on a weekday.

Michael Gedzelman

February 14, 2022•Hiking


Victor Dominguez

February 13, 2022•Walking

Ok, but water was stained by nearby river’s outflows. Always beautiful path to the beach.

Amber Kay

February 9, 2022•Hiking

20 min of you book it potentially less

Jessica Nowak

February 7, 2022•Hiking

Beautiful. Wear shoes with traction.

Joe Zwick

February 6, 2022•Mountain biking

Beautiful hike. Quite muddy but worth it.

Carlos Pepe Peña

February 5, 2022•Hiking

La mejor de mi vida

Coraima Torres

January 31, 2022•Hiking

The GPS location for the entrance of the trail is wrong. It’s further down the beach. Kinda hard to find, so I just asked someone local where the trail begins. While at Seven Seas, walk down all the way to the end of the beach and you’ll find it on the left side. It’s rocky in the beginning, but after a couple minutes, it’s flat. I was able to do it in flip flops in 35 minutes. Definitely worth the walk! The beach is gorgeous! Way prettier than Seven Seas. It’s not rocky like Seven Seas. Very clean and secluded. Clear water. And beautiful Mountain Views! Just be careful with the waves, the current is very strong, so I wouldn’t recommend swimming beyond where you can stand. Highly recommend this trail to Playa Escondida!

Julia Chinman

January 28, 2022•Hiking

Not sure what the below reviewer was talking about. There was no rock scaling or difficulty involved. Straight short path, need to follow the map for on fork. Very nice views and beaches. Bring towels.

Carlos Pepe Peña

January 23, 2022•Hiking


Sam Kam

January 18, 2022•Walking

Gorgeous trail that leads to an even nicer beach. Little tip when you reach playa esconcida make a left and walk down a good 5 min to get a completely free spot. Nicest beach by far in the area.

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°COZY APARTMENT NEAR THE BEACH FAJARDO (Puerto Rico) — Apartments for rent — from 6579 RUB

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Cozy Apartment Near The Beach — Fajardo




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Carretera 987, KM5 HM1 Las Croaba,
puerto rico,
Puerto Rico

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Guests of Fajardo will enjoy their stay at Cozy Near The Beach apartment.


Popular attractions nearby are Seven Seas Beach and Las Croabas, 400 and 900 meters respectively. The city center is 5 km away. Guests can also visit Puerto Fino and Calizo Seafood Restaurant kiosko, both within a 5-minute walk. Popular nearby attractions include Pasivo de Las Croabas Park and Cape San Juan Lighthouse.

You will also benefit from quick access to the «Antonio Rivera Rodriguez» airport, which is about 35 minutes away.


In the rooms you will find a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, TV, climate control system.


There is also a microwave, oven and refrigerator in the kitchen.


Free Wi-Fi is available in all apartments.

Parking lot

Free private parking is available on site.

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Most Popular Amenities

Free parking

kitchen utensils

Air conditioner


Flat screen TV

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Access to the beach

Pets are not allowed

No smoking

No smoking on site

  • Wi-Fi
  • Free parking
  • Kitchenware
  • Air conditioner
  • TV
  • Private beach
  • No pets allowed
  • No smoking


  • Beach access

Room view

  • Garden view
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  • Panoramic view

Amenities in room

  • Air conditioner


  • Kitchenware


  • Flat Screen TV

Show all amenitiesHide list of amenities

Baby cots are not available in the room.

Pets Pets are not allowed.

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Rooms and Availability

One-Bedroom Apartment

  • Max:

    4 guests

  • City view

  • Coffee machine

  • Air conditioner

Room details


Carretera 987, Km5 Hm1 Las Croaba,
puerto rico,
Puerto Rico

  • Famous places of the city
  • Nearby
  • Restaurants

Laguna Grande Las Croabas

Bioluminescent Bay

3. 2


Cape San Juan Lighthouse


Las Croabas


Yacht Club

Marina Puerto Chico


Carr. Cabezas de San Juan

Bio Island Puerto Rico

850 m


Laguna Grande


Fajardo 00738

BioBay Fajardo


Amusement park

Coqui water park


Fajardo 00738

Pasivo de Las Croabas Park


Bahia Las Cabezas


Cabeza Chiquita


Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

Bahia Fajardo



Colora Beach


Playa el Convento



Playa Escondida



Playa Colora


Fajardo 00738

East Coast Water Taxi


Cabezas de San Juan

2. 1


Playa Escondida


Fajardo Lighthouse


Cayos de la Cordillera Nature Reserve


Playa Sardinera


Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

La Cueva, Fajardo



Las Cabezas de San Juan

590 m


National Park Balneario Seven CEAS

360 m



420 m

Enterities Park

590 m


La Estacion

990 m


Kasavista Fajardo



Las Vistas Cafe at Siete Mares Bay Inn



Kasavista Restaurant

920 m


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Very good1 review


How much does it cost to stay in this apartment?

You can stay in this apartment for $97.


Carretera 987, Km5 Hm1 Las Croaba,
puerto rico,
Puerto Rico

View map

Important information

Check-in from 14:30-23:00 FREE0002 Extra bedsThere are no extra beds available in this room.
Baby cots are not available in the room.

Pets Pets are not allowed.

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Tip: Consider free cancellation options. This will allow you to remain flexible should you need to cancel your trip due to the spread of COVID-19.

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What to see in the province of Esmeraldas?


What to see in the province of Esmeraldas?

Esmeraldas is located in the north of Ecuador in the littoral region. Majority
its inhabitants are descendants of immigrants from Africa and representatives of indigenous ethnic groups
Ava, Kayapa and Embera, and they are engaged in trade, fishing, animal husbandry and
production of coffee, tobacco and cocoa. are of great importance for the region’s economy.
shrimp export and tourism — of all travelers’ attractions
most of all attracts the Pacific coast with numerous beaches.

the province is also called San Mateo de las Esmeraldas. She is on the beach
Pacific Ocean at the mouth of the Esmeraldas River. Founded in 1526, the city
mid-twentieth century remained one of the most important Ecuadorian
ports, which greatly contributed to economic development and growth
population. In terms of tourism, the city is one of the most visited in

Cultural artifacts

the sights of the city include the church of Nuestra Señora de Loreto,
which is a replica of the Holy House of Nazareth in Italian
Loreto. The regional Museum of Archeology is also interesting. It recreated the ceremonial
cultural center of Tolita, on the land of which the province is located, are exhibited
several hundred items made of ceramics, bone, stone and metal, there is an archive
historical documents and photo collections.

Las Palmas

Las Palmas
– a town that is being transformed for the duration of the international festival
African culture. During the holiday period, you can fully appreciate
originality of national music and dances presented by guests from Cuba, from
Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, USA, Mexico and other countries. Also attractive
Malecon, or promenade, sunny beaches and, in season, the passage of the Antarctic
humpback whales.

— a quiet resort with a beach area of ​​about one kilometer. It always shines here
the sun, and the water is calm, as if caressing soft sand. The resort is
a great place to watch Pacific sunsets and tours of the dry
tropical groves with coconut palms. Beach stalls always offer
caipirinhas and cocktails along with a marimba show. On the squares of Achilube you can always
buy some souvenirs.

Camarones is another beautiful resort in the canton of Esmeraldas, located 30 km
from the provincial capital. Its name is associated with a large number of shrimp,
who have found ideal conditions for themselves in the shallow waters of this place. except them
other crustaceans and mollusks also live here. The resort offers vacationers
beach activities, paragliding and relaxation under cozy umbrellas in the company
soft drinks.


the most important tourist center of the province, whose popularity is helped by
close to Quito. It has several large hotel complexes, and a range of
services is expanding every day: excellent gastronomy, souvenirs, «bananas», diving,
water skiing, fishing, sports navigation, etc. The best beaches in the canton
the following are named:

Playa de Atacames,

Playa de Sua
with Isla de los Pajaros,

Playa de Tonsupa,

Playa de Same.



— the western canton of the province, and its name is translated as «abundance». AT
First of all, the area abounds in crustaceans and molluscs. Red crabs in
many come ashore, which creates the illusion of movement of the beach. In local
cuisine is dominated by dishes such as rice with shrimp, ceviche with shrimp and shells,
grilled shrimp, ceviche with octopus. In addition to gastronomy, the canton attracts
tourists seven kilometers of sandy beaches:

Playa de Muisne,

Estero de Platano,

San Francisco del Cabo,

Playa Escondida,

Isla Bonita.
San Francisco Galley

On the
in the southwest of the province, between the Atacames and Mompiche bays, there is a marine reserve
Galera San Francisco, including miles of beaches, mangrove forests and more
aquatic ecosystems. More than 600 species of mollusks alone have been recorded here, and
there are also exotic fish and sharks, cetaceans, sea turtles, Galapagos
sea ​​lions. Another option for exploring the nature of Esmeraldas is a walk on
boat through the mangrove channels of the mouth of the Muisne River, which is also a nature reserve.

San Lorenso


the canton belongs to the biogeographic region of Choco, which unites untouched
rainforests of eastern Panama, northern Peru and western Colombia, where
different indigenous peoples coexist together.

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