Carolina en puerto rico: Things to Do in Carolina|

Things to Do in Carolina|

Sunset at Isla Verde Beach in Carolina

Soak in the sun during the day and party it up at night

As the home of the busiest airport in Puerto Rico, Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU), Carolina is the gateway to the many beautiful attractions Puerto Rico has to offer.

This town is hopping with trendy spots and exquisite restaurants that are worth a visit. Discover a wide selection of museums, kid-friendly attractions, popular beaches, and beautiful scenery while visiting la Tierra de Gigantes — “the Land of Giants” as Carolina is known.

Isla Verde Beach in Carolina, located just east of San Juan.

Isla Verde Beach

Some call it the Copacabana of Puerto Rico, and this beach is a popular choice for those escaping colder temperatures. With its miles of warm, golden sand and stunning turquoise waters, the locals love it all year long. Isla Verde Beach is accessible from the many resorts that are nestled along its shore, and there are chair and umbrella rentals at many points on the beach for a blissful day of relaxation.

Alcapurria, green plantain and taro root fritters

Chinchorreo in Piñones

Roadside food stand-hopping is what Puerto Ricans call chinchorreo, something you will have plenty of opportunity to do if you travel the rural roads of Piñones, the region where Carolina is located. The coastal line — one of Puerto Rico’s most picturesque drives — runs from Carolina to Loíza, and you can stop at many beaches and food kiosks along the way. Pick a secluded patch of sand at beaches like La Pocita and Vacía Talega to enjoy the peaceful waves; afterwards, sidle up to a chinchorro for a beer and snacks of crispy bacalaíto (codfish fritters) or alcapurria (green plantain and taro root fritters).

Julia de Burgos Park

Julia de Burgos Park is a great place to spend the day with the family, with lush landscapes that showcase the beautiful flora of Puerto Rico. The park has a five-mile round-trip track — perfect for walking or jogging — with obstacles and stretching stations at different intervals, as well as picnic areas and resting spots. The most visited area of the park is Aquasol, a small waterpark for children complete with flat pools, streams, and water toys.

A sunny day at Balneario de Carolina.

Balneario de Carolina

Another popular beach in this municipality is the Balneario de Carolina, right across from SJU airport. This famous beach is wedged between the buildings that make up Isla Verde Avenue, and has many lifeguards, public bathrooms, and parking spots available. The beach is very peaceful during the week, making it the perfect place for a quiet barbecue and picnic. On weekends, it turns into a full-on party beach, with live music and festivals taking place throughout the year.

Set out to an unforgettable adventure at Hacienda Campo Rico. 

Hacienda Campo Rico

At this estate and ranch, you can immerse yourself in the Puerto Rican countryside without ever leaving city limits. Hacienda Campo Rico is an all-in-one adventure destination, with activities such as horseback riding, ziplining, hiking, ATV riding, and more — all just 15 minutes from the airport.

Galería de Gigantes and Casa Escuté

These gallery-style museums house the works of many illustrious artists who were born or raised in Carolina, and have left their mark on the local arts scene. Both museums give insight into the overall history of art in Puerto Rico, highlighting past and contemporary artists.

El Museo del Niño

With fun, interactive displays, El Museo del Niño (Children’s Museum) is a place where kids are not only entertained, but exposed to educational and recreational activities that will stimulate their brain. Your little ones will get to explore the inside of an MD-82 American Airlines plane before entering the exhibitions, playgrounds, and petting zoo inside.

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Carolina | Metro Region |

Isla Verde Beach in Carolina, located just east of San Juan.

Located on the northeast coast of Puerto Rico, Carolina is home to the Island’s main travel hub, Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU) — plus a whole lot more.

The city is known as the Tierra de Gigantes (Land of Giants) because it is the birthplace of many Puerto Rican heroes, such as baseball hall-of-famer Roberto Clemente, poet Julia de Burgos, and the first U.S.-appointed governor, Jesús T. Piñeiro. Much has changed since the people of Carolina became known as los tumba brazos, or arm hackers, because of an old practice of solving problems by carrying out machete duels in the sugar cane fields.

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Things to Do


There are two beaches perfect for relaxing in Carolina: Isla Verde beach and the Balneario de Carolina. Both beaches are located within walking distance of hotels, shops, and restaurants, and you can even stroll the golden sands from Isla Verde all the way to Condado beach in San Juan. The beaches are ideal for kitesurfing, windsurfing, swimming, or relaxing under a palm tree. You can also rent banana boats, wave-runners, and even catch a small catamaran for a scenic sail.


Carolina is home to many incredible museums. The Galería de los Gigantes aims to educate visitors on the many important local heroes and offers numerous activities for kids. The Museo de Arte e Historia will expand your understanding of the evolution of Latin America, and the Museo del Niño (Kids Museum) houses fun interactive exhibitions where children can take the lead in learning.

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Where to Eat

From local favorites to popular global chains, the area has an abundance of dining options. One of the most iconic spots is Platos, which serves authentic local cuisine. Specialty dishes like mofongo, fresh seafood, and risotto are some of their must-try items. If you’re looking for somewhere with more Latin fusion, check out Ceviche House, a well-known Peruvian restaurant that will satisfy your seafood cravings.

For a truly unique dining experience, head to the area known as Piñones — which runs from the town of Loíza to Carolina — to enjoy ocean views and a uniquely Puerto Rican dining tradition. Here you can practice the art of chinchorreo, which means hopping from food kiosk to food kiosk to grab a variety of finger foods and drinks (each place has its own specialty). This area is best known for crispy, delicious bacalaítos (a simple batter of flour and water with chunks of salted cod and parsley, deep-fried into what look like giant corn flakes), and alcapurrias (a fritter shaped like a torpedo, made from shredded root vegetables like yuca and yautía, stuffed with your choice of meat). Enjoy both of these with an ice-cold beer.

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Where to Stay

Isla Verde, which translates to Green Island, is the most luxurious neighborhood in Carolina, and boasts some of the most exclusive hotels in town.

One impressive place to stay is the Fairmont El San Juan Hotel. Evoking a classic European design, this hotel will enamor you with its blend of 1950s charm and modern amenities. There’s also a night club and convenient beach access. Other noteworthy hotels include the Royal Sonesta San Juan and the Courtyard by Marriott, both of which are great for family escapes and couples getaways. Bed-and-breakfasts and vacation rentals are also available in the area.

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