Puerto rico localizacion: ¿Dónde está Puerto Rico? (con mapa)

La localizacion, la forma y el tamano de Puerto Rico

Cual es la isla menor de las Antillas Mayores Puerto Rico
Por que se considera PR un archipielago Por que posee una isla mayor y unas pequenas
Que se encuSSentra al este de PR Vieques y Culebra
Que se encuentra al sur de PR Caja de Muerto
Que se encuentra al oeste de PR Mona Monito y Desecheo
Con que cuerpo de agua PR limita al norte Oceano Atlantico
Con que cuerpo de agua limita PR al sur Mar Caribe
Con que cuerpo de agua llimita Pr al este Oceano Atlantico
Con que limita PR al oeste Con la Republica Dominicana
Cual es la localizacion absoluta de PR Latitud 18 grados 15′ Norte y la longitud 66 grados 30′
Cuanto mide PR` mide 111 millas de este a oeste y 39. 5 millas de norte a sur
Cuanto mide la superficie total plana de PR 3,487 incluyendo las islas que los rodean
Que significa accidente geografico es como los geologos llaman a los relieves de la tierra.
Que son relives de la tierra formaciones montanosas
Como se forman las formaciones volcanicas Surgieron de erupciones volcanicas sobre el nivel del mar
Da un ej de formacion volcanica Batolito San Lorenzo-Humacao
En cuanta provincias geograficas se divida PR En tres
Cuales son tres grandes provincias geograficas El interior montanoso central,Los llanos costaneros y el carso norteno
Que abarca el interior montanoso central Abarca cuatro quintas partes de PR . Se compone de la Cordellera Central, la Sierra de Cayey, el Valle de Caguas, la Sierra de Luquillo, el Valle de Lajas y la Sierra Bermeja.
Que abarca el carso norteno Es una roca caliza compuesta por mogotes, sumidseros y cuevas. y se extiende por gran parte de la Coodillera Central hacia la costa.
Que abarca los llanos costaneros Es una extencion pequena y se extiende el enl norte y cubren las zonas del carso norteno y el oceano atlantico y en el sur el este y el oeste a lo largo de las costas.

Puerto Rico, La Isla del Encanto

Puerto Rico, La Isla del Encanto


Puerto Rico
Ficha Pas (2003)

seccin de Fotografas Visita los Pueblos 
general de Puerto Rico  Monumentos de Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico es la
cuarta isla, en tamao, de las Grandes Antillas, que son Cuba, Espaola (con
Repblica Dominicana y Hait), Jamaica y Puerto Rico. Ocupa una posicin
central entre las islas del Caribe Norte. Se localiza entre los 18 y 18.5
grados de Latitud Norte y los 65 a 67.4 grados de longitud Oeste.

Est directamente al
Este de la Repblica Dominicana y al Norte de Venezuela, como 1,000 millas
al Sureste de Miami. Limita con el Mar Caribe por el Sur, con Ocano
Atlntico por el Norte y con el Canal de la Mona por el Oeste.



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Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico.

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Board game review Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)

Back in 2002, I didn’t think about board games, moreover, I didn’t even know they existed. For this reason, «Puerto Rico» lived quietly in a parallel world for more than a dozen years, having managed to become a classic, inspire game designers with its mechanics to create «similarly distant» games, which they had to get acquainted with before the original (which, by the way, turned out to be for the better). And relatively recently, the opportunity to turn to the origins has fallen — Puerto Rico has taken its place on our shelf.

Game box

Quality of localization

Let’s start with the most painful question: what can harm a time-tested game? Except for its localization. The version from Hobby World turned out to be of very decent quality: thick cardboard, good cutting, wooden colonist chips, figured boats — everything was done soundly. I focus on this not by chance, since I always open the localizations of «MX» with anxiety, but with «Puerto Rico» everything is fine: the quality is good, there is no marriage. The game often travels to our country house and nothing happened to it — neither with the box, nor with the components. There are two additions inside. The box is compact, with a cardboard insert «a la» organizer, the components (of which there are a considerable number) are compacted tightly.

Box inside with a cardboard divider

The box contains a weighty 20-page booklet — for European games the volume is within the usual. The basic rules with the initial layout are set out on 8 pages, everything else is a description of the building cards and additions. You can get used to the cards in the process, and add-ons can be used not immediately, but as you “immerse”. In the rules, everything is intelligibly chewed, and they are laid out conveniently and, if necessary, you can quickly find answers to spontaneous questions already in the process. If you take on the game without add-ons, then it is mastered quickly. Dopas are a separate story and it is better to leave them for dessert.

Player’s tablet

What is the game about and how to play?
Let’s settle down in the New World: sow fields and build buildings on our game board. We sell the harvest that we get from the fields for doubloons at the local exchange or send it by ship to the Old World for VP. Colonists (workers) sail from the Old World on a boat, who willingly labor on plantations and in buildings — without them it is impossible to harvest (except for corn) and not activate buildings.

Choosing a role — choose action

To build, acquire fields, harvest crops, sell and hire workers, players use role tokens, and the effect of the activated character (Captain, Trader, Settler, etc.) applies to all players, but the one who chose the role first in the current round, receives privileges (additional bonus(es)).

Taken from Tesera

The “circulation of miplo-resources” is clearly shown in the flowchart (you can enlarge it by clicking on it) above (compiled by Adam Snelding, translated by ivan111) . Please note that only Victory Points are needed to win, while workers, money and goods (the main resource demanded during the game itself) are of no value at the end.

Ships for sending goods to the Old World and for arriving colonists to the New


How much to weigh in grams?
The game has a well-balanced balance, you have to plan your actions very thoughtfully. There will be no extra resources: therefore, “out of courtesy” you should not miss the opportunity to “squeeze out” a doubloon, a product, a colonist in excess of the norm, or build a building at a discount. There is no randomness, the only place where there is randomness is the discovery of new plantations from the general supply, but even here the whim of fortune is conditional, since the plantations are open and there is a choice whether to take them on hand or not. Otherwise, everything is tough, while in the game it rarely happens that it is impossible to perform some action (for example, sell, ship or build), but in order to do it effectively, based on your own interests, and not because the action disappears, for To do this, you need to carefully monitor not only your own successes, but also delve into the plans of your neighbors.

This is Puerto Rico’s strengths and weaknesses.

Layout for three

Advantages — in its mathematical accuracy and balanced mechanics. Resources and starting conditions are strictly limited, the effects of buildings are scrupulously selected, and, last but not least, there are no accidents. And all this against the background of effective interaction between the players — both with the game and with each other (any action has a direct effect on all participants). That is, the mathematical model and mechanics in «Puerto Rico» are implemented perfectly.

By the way, coins from Puerto Rico (left) perfectly replace cards in Heritage (right)

Disadvantages — a serious euro for the trained. The age of the game, simple rules and a scheme that fits on the page is not yet a reason to invite newcomers. Of course, it is not as “brain-crushing” as the Castles of Burgundy, but it is far from interesting for players of different levels. In fact, this is what is most frustrating — with all due respect — «Puerto Rico» is more of a game for geeks, as there are more accessible and attractive Eurogames that can bring people of different levels and involvement in the board hobby to the table. In such situations, I prefer At the Gates of Luoyang, Stone Age or Chronicle, but not Puerto Rico.

Favorite activity. Squeezing out and packing components
Puerto Rico

And here it’s not about people, but about the game itself — it is based on a tough conflict of interests and the more intense it is, the brighter the party. For example, the correct and timely use of the «Captain» can glorify one and ruin all. An experienced player in the question of how and when to implement such a task will have a multiple advantage. A game of interaction and, unlike the same “Castles of Burgundy”, where everyone calmly equips their patrimony, in “Puerto Rico” everyone “squabbles” around common markets. Interesting? Undoubtedly. Family way? Depends on the mood.

The game is excellent, calibrated in all respects of the euro, but with a rather tough and aggressive disposition. It is based on close interaction and competition in conditions of limited resources. The mixture is obtained, though solid, but for an amateur. For this reason, this is not our most frequent game, but getting to know her turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

Rating : 8/10

Puerto Rico game provided by Izyumka board games store.

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DIFFICULATION OF Game Conflict Game base
Decoration Pleasant


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    • 1.2 Board game Puerto Rico-Fairytale History under the EUROSUKHARA mask
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      • 3.3 buildings
      • 3.4 Resources
      • 3.5 rounds
      • 3. 6 When the end is
      • 3.7 Who won
      • 3.8 additions
    • 4 PUERTO-RICO Press0055
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    • 6 More on this topic
    • 7 Still have questions? Watch the full video review

    Puerto Rico is a board game full of strategic and tactical tricks. The popular board game, awarded with various gaming awards, has been the standard of strategy since its appearance on the world market. Puerto Rico has all the characteristic features of the genre: a tough open struggle between the players, and the outcome of the entire game depends solely on the thoughtfulness of the steps to develop the opponents’ possessions.

    Difficulty level: medium

    Number of players: 2-5

    Develops skills: intelligence, strategy; economy

    Description of the game

    The actions of Puerto Rico unfold in the Caribbean during the harsh pirates , colonizers and the dominance of stormy seas. Players are planters collecting resources for their European homeland: corn, tobacco, indigo paint, coffee and sugar are mined in their possessions. However, the essence of the fun in Puerto Rico is that being a representative of the « new world «. Excitement in this is no less than in pirate sea adventures: the struggle between competing planters is not for life, but for death. Planter good will have to be not only cultivated, but also transported, look for points for sale and invest in the development of the nearest city in order to attract more customers.

    It is worth mentioning that the whole Puerto Rico game is localized: the text is in Russian, translated clearly and easily. So the colonizers should not be afraid of mistakes and inaccuracies that can confuse the player and push him to the wrong choice. The outcome of the battle will not depend on small factors or pure luck — only the participant himself, with his mind and perseverance, can wrest the desired victory from others from under his nose.

    Video review

    Board game Puerto Rico — a fairy tale story under the guise of «euro sugar»

    several options for the development of events. Everyone will have to choose one of eight possible roles, a niche that he will occupy throughout the game: a settler, an artisan, a mayor, a merchant, and others. Almost all decisions that will have to be made in Puerto Rico in the future will depend on this. Rivals will not only have to fight for a place in the sun, but also learn to work together in order to benefit from the sale and marketing of the resources at their disposal.

    Puerto Rico is a true strategic tale about the old, poetic times of seafarers, world expansion and colonial missions. A game about finance, resources and trade is just a shell of a fun and exciting adventure, suitable for entertainment with friends and family. Recommended age 12+ . The time of the game for enthusiasts sometimes drags on for hours: it captivates so much with its adventurous atmosphere.

    What’s in the box

    The very appearance of the game box already inspires confidence: compact, with a pleasant design and interesting illustrations. Inside the game, all components are packed tightly enough so that nothing is lost or damaged during transportation, but at the same time conveniently located — nothing will prevent players from quickly getting the contents. It is filled with various things created especially for experienced planters:

    • 5 Game fields — one for each possible player
    • One total field
    • Governor map
    • 8 Role cards
    • 49 tiles
    • colonist ship
    • 100 colonists
    • trading house
    • 50 goods
    • 9005 4 freight ships

    • 50 chips of victorious glasses
    • Rules


    in a booklet with Puerto Rico’s table play, which occupies 20 pages, 8 of which are the main, clearly all details that will be of interest to interest curious players: how to lay out, where to start, as well as the meanings of all available cards with tasks and additions. Of course, after the first reading, it is unlikely that you will be able to remember all the conventions, but in the course of immersion in the process, everything will fall into place: the game of Puerto Rico is atmospheric and exciting. Attention will never be dissipated from boredom Experienced players are advised to first try out Puerto Rico without add-ons, proceeding to them gradually in order to first learn the basic rules.


    The New World is waiting for brave and industrious colonists to come to settle down, build houses, sow corn and harvest. In Puerto Rico, you can sell goods to your native expanses of the Old World or trade in a local settlement. Each role is important in its own way: without the mayor, there will be no influx of workers, without workers there will be no one to work in the fields and mines, without the captain it will not be possible to take the resources obtained by hard work for sale. From round to round, players choose a role according to the needs of the plantation: it must be done wisely. The whole cycle from the establishment of a plantation to a thriving trade depends on a competent sequence of actions. The choice of the player provided:

    • Mayor — deals with the distribution of labor.
    • Artisan — produces goods.
    • Settler is a workhorse in the fields and quarries.
    • Merchant is a local distributor of goods.
    • Captain — transports resources to Europe.
    • Architect — builds new buildings with the money the planter has.
    • Prospector (the only one in 2 copies) — extracts gold, bringing a modest but stable influx of money.


    There is only one active role in the round. Moreover, several players can use the functions of a merchant, settler and others at once. However, things are not so simple in Puerto Rico: only the player who occupies a niche first in a turn receives privileges for choosing a role token. If the planter is not yet too well versed in the intricacies of the board game, it is worth looking at the characteristics of the tokens from time to time in the rules: the chance of making a mistake will be much less. There are also victory point tokens and a governor token that gives the player the right to be the first in the round to choose their role: this is a significant advantage, and they should be used wisely.


    Thanks to the ability of the Architect, colonists have the ability to build buildings on plots suitable for building. There are two types of buildings in Puerto Rico that are needed to become a hardened plantation owner, claiming victory in the fight for the title of best of the best:

    • Production : with their help, the colonists process the raw materials obtained from the plantations. They contribute to efficient marketing, increased production and an advantage in loading goods onto ships.
    • Urban : have weight in the final score, contribute to the development of the plantation.


    Resources play a key role in the colonial confrontation. In Puerto Rico’s game, shipping them gives a decent amount of points: the chances of winning are high if the colonizer calculates trade moves wisely. Whether it’s corn cobs or fresh, just-grown coffee beans — it’s important to put the goods into circulation, earning money to expand the plantation or sending the goods obtained by the sweat and blood of the settlers to Old World to get one step closer to victory. If you focus on the mere accumulation of goods, you will not be left without victory points for a long time, but in an embrace with corn, money and other signs of useless prosperity in the end.


    Most of the actions, including the construction of buildings and the extraction of resources, the player does on his own plantation field, separate from the main one. Each round in Puerto Rico is accompanied by a strategic calculation: the choice of role and the speed with which this choice was made determine the participant’s abilities and possible bonuses. As mentioned above, the first one to take a particular role will have privileges.

    When is the end

    On average, playing in Puerto Rico takes one hour or more, so those who want to touch the times of the development of the New World lands need to prepare to spend a lot of time, effort and mental abilities on this good deed. The game does not forgive mistakes: competitors go side by side, suffer ups and downs, so there is no need to wait for an easy fight and a quick victory. Puerto Rico is a strategy board game designed to quench your thirst for rivalry and mental competition.

    The game ends in three possible cases.

    1. « Mayor » will not replenish the supply of colonists, and will not bring new workers to the plantation on ships from the Old World.
    2. At least one colonizer has occupied the 12th space, the last building niche.
    3. « Captain » snatched the last victory point token from the bins.

    Who won

    The title of the winner in the Puerto Rico game is awarded to the planter who manages to accumulate the most victory points-tokens. They can be obtained by selling extracted resources in the Old Worlds, building various buildings, some of which have special prescribed properties. To achieve success, it is worth keeping track of resources, sending them into circulation, so as not to be left with a bunch of goods, but without the necessary points. You should also not get too carried away with blind building: it is better to approach the choice of buildings with cold calculation. Excessive pursuit of building the right and the wrong can lead a player in Puerto Rico to a waste that will be hard to recoup.


    Already accustomed to the economic competitive environment of the world of Puerto Rico, over time, you will want to diversify the gameplay. Especially for those who like not to go the easy way, there are additions: the opportunity to build new buildings with interesting characteristics, extract previously unimportant resources like wood, visit the black market of the slave trade, where the unfortunate colonists themselves, who arrived in the New World for a dream, become the goods. Also there is a special kind of settlers — the nobles. Blue-blooded residents are able to influence the properties of buildings due to their noble origin. The game will sparkle with new colors even for experienced players who have adapted to the original version.

    Puerto Rico Impressions

    Never before has economic strategy, full resource sales, trading and financial planning been so much fun. The Puerto Rico game doesn’t just immerse planters in the world of building buildings, collecting and selling goods. It literally breathes with the real adventure spirit of the New World from the time of its settlement. For hours or two games, participants get a chance to plunge headlong into the world of the colonists, their routine problems and non-routine duties.

    Despite the complexity and limited number of players — 2 to 5 people , Puerto Rico leaves behind a pleasant feeling of touching the history of the colonists. To their dreams, aspirations, difficulties, competition and hard work. Strategy and economics fade into the background when there is an element of an adventurous fairy tale about the first settlers settling in barely explored lands.

    Who will like it

    Alas, it’s worth noting that the Puerto Rico game is intended for experienced people in the world of board entertainment, and not for small, undergrown to the economic subtleties of children. However, it is an ideal opportunity to get together with the family if the children have already reached adolescence or primary school age. Avid fans of board games will also like the game: for a long time it was known all over the world as a real classic, but Puerto Rico reached the Russian shelves relatively recently.

    Due to the presence of add-ons that dilute the usual course of the game, it is also suitable for those who prefer to get together in a company from time to time to spend an hour or two together at the table and family game. Puerto Rico is practically equipped, so it is suitable for both couch potatoes and those who like to get out into nature, take the board to the country house or on a trip.

    More on this topic

    Puerto Rico is vaguely reminiscent of an amusing board game Cuba .

    In Cuba the field is a southern country in which the fires of the great revolution have not yet lit up, located on the territory of the village are desperately fighting for influence and resources. Everything is still built on buying, collecting and selling, maritime trade agreements and interaction. Players build buildings to make the settlement they control the most successful and prosperous. However, victory points are awarded not only for material benefits, but also for following local laws: it is not recommended to violate them.

    An interesting historical strategy is Concordia , in which players will have to deal not just with a piece of land, which is Puerto Rico, but with the revival of an empire that existed hundreds of years ago. The Romans of antiquity are a proud, fighting people, hungry for power and glory. Players have to build their deck — this is the main difference between Concordia and Puerto Rico. A card game that is still based on the balance and reasonableness of the decisions made, the ability to wait and take risks at the right moment.

    Puerto Rico and the game have something in common Citadels — in the game, each participant has to build their own city. The goal is to build the most powerful, majestic and prosperous city in order to overtake rivals. Here, too, the heroes chosen by the player play a significant role in the process: the system resembles Puerto Rico with merchants, captains and settlers. No city grows and develops without citizens, no plantation flourishes without planters.

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