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Puerto Rican Food | Buy Comida Boricua Online


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Puerto Rican Food

Order Puerto Rican foods online. Buy classic foods and drinks from Puerto Rico like Mondongo, Sancocho, Arroz con Gandules, Bacalao, Habichuelas, Casabe and Puerto Rican coffee just to name a few. Bring home the authentic flavors of Puerto Rico. Order your favorites today!

We also offer Puerto Rico’s top imported brands like Sello Rojo Rice, Goya Products, Bohio Sppices, Maggi, Rovira Crackers, Malta India, Cafe Yaucono, Dulzura Borincana Candy, Coco Rico soda and more.

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Dulzura Borincana Coconut Guava Snacks Net. Wt 3.4 oz

$4.59 $4.99

Cuetara Galletas Maria Espanolas 28 oz.

$6.99 $7.99

Iberia Cooked Ham (Jamon Cocido) 16 oz.

$8.59 $8.99

RICO RICO Cafe 8.8 oz.


Puerto Rican Flag


Mistolin Baby 28 oz

$3.99 $4.5912/$42.00

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21 Puerto Rican Dishes to Get You Eating Like a Boricua

If youve never had Puerto Rican food before, then youre seriously missing out.

This is because Puerto Rico is home to some of the tastiest food in the world. Full of rich flavors, unique spices, and fresh ingredients, Puerto Rican food is a true delight for the senses.

But, once you start looking into Puerto Rican food, youll realize that this tiny island nation has a lot of its own unique cuisines.

How do you know which ones you absolutely have to try?

Read Full Article Here

5 Unique Qualities of Arroz con Gandules

Many countries have a rich tradition of eating rice and beans, and there are about as many different versions of this versatile, healthful meal as there are people who cook them!

In New Orleans there are red beans and rice, mujadara reigns supreme in Lebanon, and Cuba loves its black beans with rice. In Puerto Rican cuisine, its arroz con gandules.

Read Full Article Here

the Boricua Mall | Puerto Rican Products for Sale

Find Puerto Rican Merchandise, Food, Clothing and souvenirs at these stores on line

The Boricua Mall is about to be upgraded. We will be changing the layout and giving you more information about each store. We are also adding a New Product Catalog that will display products that are available from these online stores. If you would like to be notified when the Boricua Mall and Product Catalog are updated, sign up for our Newsletter here. Have an Online Store? Want it listed here? Contact Us to Add Your Online Store.

From my kitchen to yours!

¡De mi cocina a la suya!

Each book is fillled with great flavors and many recipes to delight the family!
¡Cada libro está lleno de sabor y recetas que encantarán a toda la familia!

Order Yours Today

Puerto Rican Domino Tables

Puerto Rican Pride curates high-quality, custom jewelry, apparel, and products inspired and designed by the Puerto Rican island and culture. We buy most of our products in bulk direct from our suppliers, cut out the middleman, and pass the savings on to you. We also print on demand apparel and offer a wide variety of designs for every Boricuas! SHOP ONLINE NOW

PrintMami (Mami=Mom) is an apparel and accessories printing company based in Doral, Florida and founded by a proud mother of triplets. We offer a variety of unique custom-designed products including t-shirts, cropped shirts, tanks, hoodies, sweatshirts, joggers, leggings, hats, stickers, phone cases and other accessories. Our designs highlight what I am passionate about as well as my birthplace, the beautiful island of Puerto Rico “la isla del encanto”. SHOP ONLINE NOW

We are a small family-run company who pioneered the soap making business in Puerto Rico. From our humble beginnings in our garage in 2001, we have grown to be the largest handcrafted soap maker in the island!


Marca puertorriqueña dedicada a ayudar a comunidades de Puerto Rico a través de mensajes de prosperidad y orgullo en camisas, postales, gorras, joyería, artículos para el hogar y mucho más. PR & USA free shipping!

Participamos de eventos y ferias en toda la isla al igual que entregamos y enviamos por correo nuestros artículos ordenados en bazares o en nuestra tienda virtual! Shop Our Store Online

We are Jíbaro!

Jíbaro is a brand that honors the jíbaro’s values and way of life of Puerto Rico. We sell authentic, unique, high quality apparel and accessories that represent the character and culture of Puerto Ricans. We are ALL Jíbaros! ¡Todos somos Jíbaros!

Shop Our Store Online

Rican Shirts & More

Wepa! We are a young t-shirt company based in California; pero mas Jibaros que el Coqui! We love what we do and love to make people happy. Our mission is simple; to seek, service and retain first class clients. We are truly committed to excellence, quality and integrity. Our objective is to exceed your expectations every single time.

Shop Our Store Online

Cultura Creativa Puerto Rico

Somos Cultura Creativa PR. Para el año 2015, desde la diáspora, comenzamos a desarrollar esta idea que hoy podemos llamar realidad. Viviendo fuera de la isla desde el 2012, decidimos regresar en el año 2017, después del paso del Huracán María por la isla de Puerto Rico. Año 2018 nace Cultura Creativa PR. Nuestra cultura, raíces y tradiciones es lo que nos inspira. Nuestro propósito es que cada Puertorriqueño, dentro y fuera de la isla, exprese su orgullo Boricua con alguna de nuestras creaciones. De esta forma, ponemos nuestro grano de arena en hacer de Puerto Rico uno mejor y diferente.

Shop Our Store Online

Established in a restored Spanish colonial building in the heart of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, Offering oil and acrylic paintings, water-colors, ceramics, silk-screens, sculptures, hand made jewelry, traditional hand carvings, and native gourmet foods

Visit their store online Puerto Rican Art & Craft

Order your favorite Puerto Rican cravings online!
Here you can find Puerto Rican coffee, rice, beans, seasoning, bread, cookies, cakes, beverages, candies and more!

Roka Fli Tee – Express yourself to the tee…

Roka Fli Tee Apparel consist of Creative Designs & Graphics on apparel clothing (t-shirts & hoodies and some art prints) with a flair of Puerto Rican Pride.  All Graphic Designs & Artwork are Original Creations done by Marilyn Borrero

Visit their store online  rokaflitee.com

Cemi Threads – designs for proud Puerto Rican men, women, and children! Cemi Threads strives to create cultural awareness with designs that inspire cultural pride among the Puerto Rican community.

Visit their store online www.etsy.com/shop/CemiThreads

Puerto Rico Factory –

Visit their store online  www.puertoricofactory.com

Dulzura Borincana – dulces tipicos de Puerto Rico. This company is en La Isla and is open for business. Please help support the local Puerto Rican economy and get Puerto Rico back on their feet

Visit their store online  www.dulzuraborincana.com

Tipicos PR located in Buffalo NY they sell clothing, ropas tipicos, jewlery and more. Find them at www.tipicospr.com

Souveniles de Puerto Rico
5925 Johnson st. Hollywood, FL 33021
Toll Free 1-866-772-6784

No. 1 Puerto Rican Store on the web and in Chicago.
Puerto Rican foods and groceries delivered to your doorstep.

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We bring the best of Puerto Rico to your home.
We carry Puerto Rican food items, sweets, art, music, books, movies, cooking recipes, and more.

Puerto Rico | Blog about Spain, Latin America and Spanish

The Puerto Rican flag was officially adopted in 1952

General information about Puerto Rico

Official name: Puerto Rico Free Associated State (Estado Libre de Puertodo Libre) . Puerto Rico is a dependent territory of the United States and has the status of an «unincorporated organized territory. »

Border countries: Puerto Rico includes an island (the smallest of the Antilles) in the northeast Caribbean Sea and a number of small islands. It borders by sea with the Dominican Republic (from the west), with the Virgin Islands (in the east).

Capital: San Juan.

Population: About 3.7 million people.


Indigenous population: The exact number of Indians who lived in Puerto Rico at the time of the “discovery” of this island by the Spaniards is unknown. The numbers vary from 30 to 600 thousand. However, it is known that they were Taínos (their language was Arawak). By the way, they did not call this island Puerto Rico (the name given by the Spaniards), but Borukén, which meant «land of crabs». This name later evolved into Borinquen.
At the moment, the number of Indians in Puerto Rico is growing amazingly (as is the African population)

Read more about Taínos here and here.

Two important dates for the history of the country:
November 19, 1493 — Discovery of Purto Rico. Read more here.
July 25, 1952 — The day the Constitution of the Free Associated State of Puerto Rico was adopted.

Traditional dishes: The Puerto Rican table cannot be without: rice, beans, a healthy piece of steak or chicken, toasted bread, bananas (toasted or ripe), sweet potatoes, yams, yautía (yautía).

Famous PuertoRians:

José Gautier Benítez

Alejandro Tapia and River (Alejandro Tapia Y Rivera, 1826-1882)-writer, author of historical romance and segiliy.
José Gautier Benítez (José Gautier Benítez, 1848-1880) — poet, considered the first figure in the romantic poetry of Purto Rico. He was educated in Spain, after which he returned to his homeland. Died of tuberculosis.
Eugenio Maria de Hostos (Eugenio María de Hostos, 1839-1903) — intellectual, philosopher, sociologist, writer.
Antonio S. Pedreira (Antonio S. Pedreira, 1899-1939) — historian and writer, author of the historical essay Insularismo (1934), which is considered one of the best national analyzes of the 20th century.
Julia de Burgos (Julia de Burgos, 1914-1953) was a Puerto Rican poet who advocated for the independence of the island.
Rene Marquez (René Marqués, 1919-1979) is a writer known for his short stories and theater plays, as well as articles, essays and screenplays.
Georgina Lázaro (Georgina Lázaro) — contemporary poetess, writing mainly for children’s audiences.

Rita Moreno (Rita Moreno, born in 1931) is the first and only Latin American actress to win Emmy, Oscar, Golden Globe, Grammy and Tony awards.
Raul Juliá (Raul Juliá, 1940-1994) — Puerto Rican actor who made a film career in the United States, winner of the Golden Globe.

Benicio del Toro

Benicio del Toro (Benicio del Toro, born in 1967) is a famous actor, film producer, writer, film director.
Maria Celeste Arrarás (María Celeste Arrarás, born in 1960) is a journalist, TV presenter, and actress.

Roberto Clemente (Roberto Clemente, 1934-1972) is a famous Puerto Rican baseball player.

And by the way, five Puerto Rican women have become Miss Universe in different years!

Why Puerto Ricans are dissatisfied: with everything: both good and bad!

Gratitude: Teresita Calderón, a writer, kindly shared with us the intricacies of Puerto Rican life.


Positive and negative persistence | PBC CSKA

Potentially the most important match in the preliminary round for the Russian team ended with the victory of David Blatt’s team. Representatives of CSKA also played the most important role in the fight against Puerto Ricans…

Potentially the most important match in the preliminary round for the Russian team ended with the victory of David Blatt’s team. Representatives of CSKA also played the most important role in the fight against Puerto Ricans.

Russia — Puerto Rico: 75-66 (14-8, 22-26, 18-21, 21-11)
Russia: Bykov (3 + 2 rebounds + 3 assists + 1 steal, 30 minutes), Fridzon (9 + 6 rebounds), Ponkrashov (10 + 11 assists), Monya (16 + 7 rebounds), Kaun (13 + 8 rebounds, 19 minutes) – start; Mozgov (13), Vorontsevich (8 + 9 rebounds + 1 assist, 24 minutes), Voronov (3), Khvostov (0), Kolesnikov (0), Khryapa (current), Zhukanenko (current).
Puerto Rico: Barea (25), Ramos (15 + 9 rebounds), Vassallo (13).

Fans saw only fragments of a clear game performed by the Russians in friendly matches on the eve of the championship. If it was necessary to build a clear system in the official tournament — the «pre-season» period will be quickly forgotten. In the meeting with Puerto Rico, the team acted very clearly — clearly and logically.

Given the favorite status of Turkey and Greece in the group, it was especially important to deal with the Latin Americans. Moreover, the opponents had three star players at once, not the latest in the rotation of NBA clubs, plus a couple of the most experienced centers.

It turned out that the «depth of the bench» of the Russian team, multiplied by the skillful use of their own advantages, is much more important. In addition, the coach of Puerto Ricans failed to offer anything extraordinary. From the constant defensive pressure on the back line of the Russians, which led to numerous losses in the freight trains, he refused — apparently in order to unload the famous Barea and Arroyo. At the same time, he straightforwardly built the attack precisely on the speed qualities of both «kids», due to which the well-developed Russian defense only became easier.

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