Puerto rico temperature in july: San Juan July Weather, Average Temperature (Puerto Rico)

July Weather forecast — Summer forecast

July, like June, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is another warm summer month, with an average temperature varying between 84.2°F (29°C) and 78.8°F (26°C).


In July, the average high-temperature remains equal as in June — a still moderately hot 84.2°F (29°C). In San Juan, the average low-temperature is 78.8°F (26°C).

Heat index

The average heat index in July is evaluated at a sweltering 95°F (35°C). Take special precautions — heat exhaustion and heat cramps are expected. Heatstroke may occur with lengthy activity.
Take into consideration that the heat index values are calculated for shade and light wind conditions. With exposure to direct sunlight, the heat index may be increased by up to 15 Fahrenheit (8 Celsius) degrees.
Note: The heat index, also known as ‘apparent temperature’, ‘real feel’, ‘felt air temperature’, or ‘feels like’, is a calculated temperature value of how hot it feels when the moisture in the air is factored in. This effect is subjective, depending on the activity and individual’s heat perception influenced by various reasons (metabolic differences, pregnancy, wind). Bear in mind that direct sunshine exposure increases weather impact, and may raise heat index by up to 15 Fahrenheit (8 Celsius) degrees. Heat index values are especially crucial for babies and toddlers. Children are often less aware of the need to rest and re-hydrate. Thirst is a late sign of dehydration — it is vital to remain hydrated, particularly during prolonged physical activities.
Perspiration is the human body’s physiological response to high temperatures and is an attempt to lower body temperature through evaporation of sweat. A higher relative humidity affects normal body cooling by reducing the evaporation rate, subsequently lowering the rate at which the body cools and increasing the perception of heat. If the body can not disperse the excessive heat and body temperature reaches conditions of hyperthermia, above 99. 5°F (37.5°C) to 100.9°F (38.3°C), thermal conditions are potentially life-threatening.


The months with the highest humidity in San Juan are May through July, with an average relative humidity of 79%.


In San Juan, it is raining for 13.3 days, with typically 1.1″ (28mm) of accumulated precipitation. In San Juan, during the entire year, the rain falls for 159.9 days and collects up to 12.01″ (305mm) of precipitation.

Ocean temperature

In San Juan, the average seawater temperature in July is 83.7°F (28.7°C).
Note: For swimming, diving, and other water activities, temperatures between 77°F (25°C) and 84.2°F (29°C) are perceived as very enjoyable and pleasurable for prolonged periods without feeling uncomfortable.


In July, the average length of the day is 13h and 7min.
On the first day of July, sunrise is at 5:51 am and sunset at 7:04 pm. On the last day of the month, sunrise is at 6:01 am and sunset at 6:59 pm AST.


The average sunshine in July is 10.2h.

UV index

April through November, with an average maximum UV index of 7, are months with the highest UV index. A UV Index estimate of 6 to 7 represents a high health hazard from exposure to the Sun’s UV rays for the ordinary person.
Note: The daily maximum UV index of 7 in July interpret into the following advice:
Take precautions against overexposure. Fair-skinned people may get burned in less than 20 minutes. The Sun’s UV radiation is most powerful between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. To the extent possible, limit exposure to the direct sun during these hours. On bright days sunglasses that block both UVA and UVB rays should be worn. A hat with a wide brim is extremely helpful, as it can prevent roughly 50% of UV radiation from reaching the eyes. Beware! The strength of the UV rays is significantly increased by the reflection of the water and sand.


July Weather in Puerto Rico: Temperature, Rain Averages

The tables below give the normal July temperatures and rainfall for cities and popular vacation spots in Puerto Rico. There’s also information here on hurricanes, plus this month’s average humidity and ocean temperature.

The temperature and rain measurements are averages based on weather data collected from 1991 to 2020 for the US National Centers for Environmental Information.

One site, Pico Del Este, is much cooler than others on the list. That’s because it’s a high mountain peak, at 3448 feet (1050 metres) elevation, in the El Yunque Caribbean National Forest.


Average July temperatures in Puerto Rico
High °F Low °F Place High °C Low °C
88 74 Aguirre 31 23
81 68 Aibonito 27 20
90 70 Caguas 32 21
89 77 Ceiba 32 25
86 73 Dorado 30 23
90 78 Guayama 32 25
86 73 Isabela 30 23
88 72 Juncos 31 22
90 76 La Parguera 32 24
92 70 Lajas 34 21
88 76 Levittown 31 24
86 72 Manati 30 22
80 67 Maricao 27 20
90 73 Mayagüez 32 23
92 73 Mona Island 34 23
70 63 Pico Del Este 21 17
92 69 Ponce 33 21
89 78 San Juan 32 25

Ocean Temperature at San Juan, Puerto Rico averages 81 degrees
Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius) in July.


Average total precipitation in July. Days are when it rains at least 0.01 inches (0.25 millimetres).
Days Place Inches Milli­metres
10 Aguirre 3.6 91
14 Aibonito 4.7 118
17 Caguas 5.9 151
19 Ceiba 4.3 109
17 Dorado 7.1 180
17 Guayama 5.5 139
15 Isabela 5.0 128
16 Juncos 7.0 179
La Parguera 2.7 68
9 Lajas 3.5 89
Levittown 7.1 180
14 Manati 5.4 136
Maricao 8. 0 204
13 Mayagüez 5.8 148
12 Mona Island 2.3 58
8 Ponce 2.8 72
19 San Juan 6.0 153

Relative Humidity at San Juan, Puerto Rico in July averages 79 percent in the morning and 67 percent in the afternoon.

Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

Puerto Rico expects no hurricanes in July, although there’s a two percent chance this month that a named tropical storm will approach land.

Weather in Puerto Rico in July 2022-2021 at «365 Celsius»

What’s the weather like in Puerto Rico in the month of July is highly dependent on the region. The air warms up to +27°C at night, and up to +32.2°C during the day, it rains for 16 days and 42.7 mm of precipitation falls per month. And, for example, in Cayei the weather conditions are not very good, since the air is up to +29.3°C, cloudy and rainy days are at least 22. The best cities to relax at this time are Arecibo, Isabela, San Juan. The air temperature in July is +29.5°C.


Average temperature during the day: +29.5°C
Sea water temperature: +28.2°C
Number of sunny days: 21 days
Rainy days:
16 days
42.7 mm

Water temperature in Puerto Rico in July

Should I go on vacation to Puerto Rico in July?

The weather in Puerto Rico in July is good for holidays, this month’s rating is 4. 4 out of five. The climate in July is good and tourists come to rest. At this time, the sea is very warm with a temperature of +28.2°C. It rains a lot, about 16 days a month, with 42.7 mm of precipitation. Sunny skies for at least 21 days. The weather in Puerto Rico at the end of July at the beginning and middle of the month is presented on the graph. The air temperature in July is +29.5°C. At this time, the best climatic conditions in 3 cities:

Weather in July Isabela Weather in July Arecibo Weather in July San Juan


air: +31.5°C
rain: 5 days
sea: +28.2°C
sun: 15 days


air: +31.8°C
rain: 4 days
sea: +28°C
sun: 14 days


air: +31. 8°C
rain: 3 days
sea: +27.9°C
sun: 9 days
Best climate in cities in July
City Air temperature Water temperature Rainy days (precipitation)
Isabela +31.5°C +28.2°C 5 days (68.7mm)
Arecibo +31.8°C +28°C 4 days (68.4mm)
San Juan +31.8°C +27.9°C 3 days (49.6mm)
Aguadilla +32.2°C +28. 6°C 6 days (86.0mm)
Mayaguez +31.6°C +28.5°C 5 days (91.2mm)
Ormigueros +29.8°C 19 days (49.87mm)
Guaynabo +29.0°C 11 days (19.27mm)

Full list of cities

Quick city search

Temperature in Puerto Rico in July

The difference in daily air temperature throughout the year is 2.8°C, but due to the presence of the sea, the climate in Puerto Rico is quite mild over the months. The coldest month is January, when the air warms up to +27. 0°C, and the warmest is September from +29.8°C. The air temperature in July is +29.5°C.

Puerto Rico water temperature

The beach season here lasts: . The temperature in the sea at this time of the year is from — to — conducive to a pleasant swim. The worst weather in Puerto Rico and the water temperature recorded in February is +2.5°C. The air temperature in July is +29.5°C.

Number of rainy days and precipitation in July

An unsuccessful month for travel is May, it rains on average 20 days. The maximum monthly rainfall is 62.9 mm. The air temperature in July is +29.5°C.

Comfort rating for July vacation

The rating is calculated by months, taking into account the average air temperature, the amount of rain and other indicators. For a year in Puerto Rico, the score ranges from 4.3 in August to 4.7 in January, out of a possible five. The air temperature in July is +29.5°C.

Month Air temperature during the day Water temperature Solar
Rainy days (precipitation)
December +27.5°C +2.7°C 16.6 15 days (33.3 mm)
January +27.0°C +2.6°C 19.0 13 days (83.3 mm)
February +27.0°C +2.5°C 18.5 12 days (22.0 mm)
March +27. 1°C +2.6°C 18.0 14 days (27.4 mm)
April +27.8°C +2.6°C 18.4 15 days (36.9 mm)
May +28.4°C +2.7°C 19.3 20 days (62.9 mm)
June +29.3°C +2.7°C 21.5 14 days (34.5 mm)
July +29.5°C +2.7°C 20.9 16 days (42.7 mm)
August +29.7°C +2.7°C 21. 3 18 days (64.7 mm)
September +29.8°C +2.8°C 20.0 18 days (74.0 mm)
October +29.5°C +2.8°C 19.1 20 days (80.8 mm)
November +28.5°C +2.8°C 13.8 20 days (71.8 mm)

Number of sunny days in July

Beautiful sunny weather will delight tourists in June — as many as 22 sunny per month. Great time to vacation in Puerto Rico. The air temperature in July is +29.5°C.

    Please note:

  • Weather in Puerto Rico in June: rating 4. 5 (out of 5), air +29.3°C , sea: +27.9°C, rain 14 days
  • Weather in Puerto Rico in August: rating 4.3 (out of 5), air +29.7°C , sea: +28.6°C, rain 18 days

Weather in Puerto Rico in July. Average sea water temperature and air temperature. Detailed data for 2021-2022.

Weather in Puerto RicoJuly

Average temperature during the day: 26.7°C
Average temperature at night: 21.6°C
Sea water temperature: 22.2°C
Number of sunny days: 31 days
Day length: 13.5 — 13.9 hours
Number of rainy days: 0 days
Rainfall: 0. 3 mm

Above are the average weather data for Puerto Rico in July. You can find information about air temperature, water temperature, precipitation, cloudiness and daylight hours, which were calculated based on observations over the past three years.

weather now
Puerto Rico

Water temperature
at sea
Puerto Rico

Monthly weather in Puerto Rico

January April July October
February May August November
March June September December

Air temperature in July, °C

The highest daily temperature in July 2022 was 30 °С. While the minimum temperature at night dropped to 20 °C.

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