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Flamenco Beach In Culebra, Puerto Rico (2022)

Are you looking for a breathtaking, award-winning beach to relax on?

Look no further than Flamenco Beach in Culebra, Puerto Rico! 

I’ve grown up in Puerto Rico and have visited almost all of the beaches, and Flamenco is in my top three.

With its clear water and soft white sand, it’s easy to see why this beach comes highly recommended by tourists and locals alike. 

In this article, I will cover everything that you need to know about Flamenco Beach:

– What is Flamenco Beach?

– Where is Flamenco Beach located?

– What is the best way to get to Flamenco Beach?

– Why is Flamenco Beach famous?

– Is Flamenco Beach the best beach in the world?

– Can you stay on Flamenco Beach in Puerto Rico?

– How much does it cost to visit Flamenco Beach?

– Can you visit Flamenco Beach without a tour?

– How much time do you need in Flamenco Beach?

– Is Flamenco Beach open to the public?

– Is Flamenco Beach worth visiting?


What is Flamenco Beach?

Flamenco Beach is considered one of the top beaches in the world.  

This beach is perfect for snorkeling, swimming, and relaxing; you name it!

Historic tank on Flamenco Beach.

The beach has lifeguards, showers, bathrooms, a parking area, and a food truck where you can find delicious Puerto Rican food.

This beach was not always a tropical paradise destination; it has an impactful history dating back to World War II.

Culebra was used to allocate all of the Navy after Spain left Puerto Rico in 1901. 

This island was used for ground maneuvering, bombing practice, and test landings. Although the Navy did not establish an official base in Culebra, tons of equipment were moved there for testing. 

By 1975, the Navy finally agreed to move out of the Island and left a lot of gear behind, including the iconic and massive tank you probably have seen when googling “Culebra, Puerto Rico.”

Because this tank was so big and heavy to move, they let the salty sea water and winds work their way into the metal, leaving it to rust as the years passed.

Today, the tank remains a historical memory that this beach offers. 

Realistically though, the tank is now more submerged in the water. If you see pictures now, it was back when it was closer to shore. 

You’ll still be able to get on it and take pictures, just make sure you’re in your bathing suit!


Where is Flamenco Beach located?

Flamenco Beach is located on the island of Culebra, just 20 miles off the east coast of Puerto Rico.  

You cannot drive directly to Flamenco Beach, you’ll have to drive to the ferry terminals in Ceiba which is an hour-and-a-half-long drive from San Juan. 

Image of a map from Ceiba to Culebra

Once you get on a ferry and reach Culebra, you’ll take a taxi van from the terminal port that drives you directly to Flamenco Beach.

Watch the video below to learn more about Flamenco Beach, Culebra and different ways to get there.


What is the best way to get to Flamenco Beach?

The best way to get to Flamenco Beach is by ferry in Ceiba. 

We recommend taking the ferry from Ceiba to Culebra island as it’s a very budget-friendly option and much more flexible. Ceiba is an hour drive from San Juan.

Save the pin in Google Maps below to locate the ferry terminals:

The trip to Culebra on a ferry is about 45 minutes, offers affordable tickets plus discounts for kids.

You can buy your tickets ahead of time online by clicking here.

From recent experience, I highly recommend booking at least a week or two in advance. 

Culebra is very popular, and tickets sell out fast. Ordering online will ensure an easy and smooth experience to avoid headaches and unpredictability. 

If you’re spontaneous and want to book the trip on the same day, it’s best to get there as early as 5 am.  

You can also fly to Culebra if you have a larger budget. Flights from Ceiba are offered on Air Flamenco or Cape Air.

Culebra’s cargo ferry, Lady Eve.


Why is Flamenco Beach famous?

This award-winning beach is famous for its bright blue waters, diamond-dusted sands, diving sites, and accessible swimming areas.

It’s perfect for a family getaway and even better for a romantic one.

It’s also famous for its calm waters. Because it’s in a protected cove location, there are no rough waves. This makes it perfect to snorkel and ideal to take the kids.

The name “Flamenco Beach” comes from the flamingos that visit during the winter, creating a gorgeous background and breathtaking visit. If you’re planning on visiting during the Winter, and lucky enough to catch a glimpse of one, you’re in for a treat!

Entrance to Flamenco Beach.


Is Flamenco Beach the best beach in the world?

Flamenco Beach won 3rd ranking as the best beach in the world by TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Award, and for good reason.

Also voted by Discovery Channel as the second most beautiful beach in the world and has an active Blue Flag Beach status.

With all these accolades, it’s safe to say that Flamenco Beach is one of the best beaches in the world.

Flamenco Beach.


Can you stay on Flamenco Beach in Puerto Rico?

As of recently, you cannot stay on Flamenco Beach

Due to the pandemic, they have limited their camping area until further notice.

There are no hotel or resort nearby Flamenco Beach, you will have to stay at an Airbnb or hotel near town and take a shuttle to the beach

If you’re renting a car or a golf cart, then you’re in luck and can travel to Flamenco Beach anytime you like.

Image of a tent in the camping area of Flamenco Beach


How much does it cost to visit Flamenco Beach?

There is a small per person admission to Flamenco Beach. 

If you’re traveling in your rented car or golf cart, expect to pay for daily parking.  

If you’re coming from the terminal and taking a taxi van, expect to pay for transportation from the terminal to the beach and back to the terminal when you’re done for the day.

Old military tank on Flamenco Beach.

In total, from ferry ticket, to taxi van transportation and admissions to enter the beach, you’re expected to spend around $30 in total per person. To enjoy food and drinks, I’d say bring $50 in cash in total (remember to tip your drivers.) 


Can you visit Flamenco Beach without a tour?

Yes, in fact, Flamenco Beach does not require a tour guide to get there.

However, there are plenty of tour companies that can help you explore Flamenco Beach.

You can also book a private catamaran trip to Culebra which can take you to the other islands near this beach such as Culebrita, Luis Pena, and beyond.

Sea turtle swimming in Culebra’s waters.


How much time do you need in Flamenco Beach?

Realistically, you will need to plan out an entire day dedicated to visiting this beach.

Many travelers plan a vacation directly to Culebra and stay at an Airbnb, so if that is your case, then you can stay at the beach as much as you want.

For the average traveler who is staying in Puerto Rico and needs to take the ferry to visit the island, you will want to book a ticket departing early in the morning until late in the evening for your return.

Camping out on Flamenco Beach.


Is Flamenco Beach open to the public? 

Yes! As of September 2022, Flamenco Beach is open to the public.

Flamenco Beach is open all day every day, but the parking area, kiosks, and camping areas are closed at around 6 pm. If you want to enter the beach after these hours, you’ll have to find a way in that is not the main entrance. 

My best recommendation is to park near the “El Muellecito” area and enter at the openings.


Is Flamenco Beach worth visiting?


Flamenco beach is one of the best beaches you can visit during your stay in Puerto Rico.

Missing out on this award-winning beach experience will make you question if you enjoyed your stay in Puerto Rico or not.

Although there is much to offer besides the beach, the experience is worthwhile.

This is an adventurous trip to go through: Getting on a 45-minute ferry, taking a taxi van to the beach while you see the beautiful scenery Culebra has to offer, and more. 

And that’s not all; the local restaurants offer one of the most delicious and authentic Puerto Rican cuisines your taste buds will enjoy.

So if you’re visiting Puerto Rico soon, I recommend reserving a day in your calendar to visit Flamenco Beach because, realistically, it’s a trip that will take all day to enjoy.

Flamenco Beach.

Visiting Flamenco Beach in Culebra will be one of the best experiences you’ll ever have. 

Enjoying the white sand and crystal clear waters will have you understand why this is one of the most famous beaches in the world.

It’s always a pleasure to be able to visit the island of Culebra; many residents in Puerto Rico have never had the chance to visit the island, so you know it’s going to be a treat.

If you’re expecting to take excellent pictures of the tank, just a heads up, the tank is more submerged in the water than it is on land. You’ll be able to take a picture, but be sure you’re wearing a bathing suit.


Final thoughts

Flamenco Beach is definitely worth visiting.

The trip to Flamenco Beach is relatively affordable, with the ferry ride, transportation to Culebra and admission to the beach averaging around $30.00 USD per person.

So if you’re asking me, or anyone who has visited this beach, they will recommend it and say it’s very much worth the trip.

If you are looking for other beaches to visit, then check out our article where we review the 30 best beaches in Puerto Rico. 

Article by

Miguel Concepcion

Writer & Editor at PuertoRico.com. I’ve lived in Puerto Rico for 14 years and have experienced every inch of this stunning island. Growing up in Puerto Rico has helped me truly learn about the rich culture and extensive history this island has to offer. I share my local knowledge in all of the articles that I write. 

About the author

Flamenco Beach

If you are spending just one day in Culebra,
Flamenco Beach is the one spot you don’t want to miss. It is the
best-known beach in the Island and one of the most beautiful beaches in
Puerto Rico. In just one day, you can stroll down a white sandy beach,
swim in beautiful crystal-clear water and  enjoy homemade Puerto Rican

Flamenco beach is ranked amongst the best beaches in the Caribbean. In Culebra, it is the only beach with amenities such as, lifeguards, camping area, showers, changing rooms and bathrooms,  parking area and kiosks with Puerto Rican food, from chicken with rice and beans to typical fritters. It is the perfect beach to visit if you’re traveling with children. Most of the year, the water is  practically waveless and is shallow enough for children to safely  swim with their parents. Be aware that, during the winter months, the  tides do turn and you can expect to see ocean waves. How big?  Big enough for me to warn you about them, not big enough to surf on though (Flamenco is not a beach for surfing). In my opinion, a couple of waves would not deter me from jumping into these waters and enjoying some tropical fun.

There are a lot of activities you can enjoy while you’re visiting Flamenco. It is a great beach to lay on the sand  and tan, swim in crystalline waters, go snorkeling, play beach soccer or tennis, or even learn about the Island’s  history. If you are the adventurous-outdoors type, the Flamenco Beach Campgrounds will definitely fill those  needs. Although you cannot pitch your tent in the sand, there is an extensive campground as close as 30 feet  from the beach. For a daily rate of $20, and a maximum of 6 people per tent, you can enjoy Flamenco Beach  from sunrise to sunset. Don’t forget to lie on the beach at night and enjoy the breathtaking view of the stars!

If you decide to stroll down Flamenco’s coastline, you will eventually bump into one of its most iconic  attractions, the tank. Yes, one of Flamenco’s most known attractions is not natural, but man-made. There are two tanks, actually; one in the camping grounds and another on the beach. They are a reminder of the US Navy’s  occupancy of Culebra. Once a piece of metal that would offend any nature-loving passerby, the beach tank has  rusted down and been painted, and is now featured in post cards and photographs. I invite you to stroll down  there and judge for yourself.

Although there are better spots in Culebra to go snorkeling, Flamenco has two spots you should definitely swim  by: the left side of the coastline (near the tank) and the opposite side of the coastline, to the right, known by the culebrenses as the “Muellecito”. In these spots you can enjoy exploring the corals and a variety of fish,  Flamenco’s natural residents. So, put on your masks and flippers and start exploring. Just remember, corals are  very sensitive so please, do not touch! 

Flamenco Beach is the best known,and one of the most beautiful beaches in Culebra, but it’s not the only beac worth describing and experiencing. If you plan to stay more days in the Island, I strongly advise that you explore other beaches, like Tamarindo Beach, Punta Soldado Beach and Zoní Beach.

Next Beach

As is the fruit, Melones (melons) is one of the most refreshing places in Culebra.

Brava, seventeen years later. 

Discover an amazing underwater world in Tamarindo

With six different beaches and tidal pools, Culebrita is a small step from deserted beach paradise.

Get acquainted with Punta Soldado, one of Culebra’s unique snorkeling and diving spots.

Get away from it all and enjoy a relaxing day in beautiful Zoni.

Relax and ejoy a hole day. Datiles is the perfect beach to do nothing

Copyright 2015 by En Culebra. All rights reserved. No image or content may be used for any purpose without written permission. To do so is a violation of applicable copyright laws. 
And if you share please give us credit, we love you for that.

Spain — bullfighting, flamenco, wine

The Kingdom of Spain is a beautiful European country with an area of ​​504,782 square kilometers. The state is located on the southwestern side and appeared as early as 2 centuries BC. Most of the territory is the Meseta plateau. It is the largest in Europe. The highest point is the Teide volcano, located on the island of Tenerife (3,718 meters).

The climate is warm and pleasant. In summer, the air temperature is within 40 degrees. In the northern regions, the temperature is 26 degrees. It’s warm in winter too. Cold is rare. The climate is contrasting, so the vegetation is rich.

Flora is predominantly represented by oak groves. There are also birch, ash, bamboo. The plants of the southern edge are similar to the tropical continent. The animal world is represented by brown bears, mongooses, eagles, lynxes, hares. The nature is beautiful, it is distinguished by picturesque landscapes.

The area is great for relaxing. You can combine a beach holiday with sightseeing trips. Every day you can discover something new. Attractions are found on every corner.

Mar Mend Beach is located near the island of Ill. This is a quiet and secluded place where you can soak up the sun and forget about the daily hustle and bustle. There are boats for rent with which you can ride around the area. Diving in the open sea is everyone’s favorite pastime.

Tossa de Mar’s promenade is perfect for a leisurely stroll. If you walk along, you can see the famous fortress of Villa Velha. Further, you will see a beautiful alley of palm trees with restaurants and cafes. Check out the fortress. It was built over 800 years ago.

From the skyscraper you can enjoy breathtaking views of the beaches, houses, temples, monuments. Photos from here are original. The main asset of the tower is a lighthouse equipped with a viewing platform. There is a restaurant here. It can be used to organize a romantic evening.

Stop in the capital and visit the Prado Museum. It contains examples of works of art from Europe. This is the oldest building dating back to the era of classicism. The works of talented famous authors are stored here. There are early Renaissance paintings dating back to before the 17th century.

The Picasso Exhibition Center in Barcelona will also lift the veils of the past. The author of the project is the artist Jaime Sabartes. The building was erected in 1963. The works of Pablo Picasso want to be considered indefinitely, they are so unique.

Sagrada Familia is rarely missed by tourists. The object appeared in 1882. The building was funded by donations. Architects — Francisco del Villar, A. Gaudi. The shrine officially opened only in 2010. This place is included in the list of must-see attractions for tourists.

National cuisine

After a fruitful walk, you will be able to look into cafes and restaurants. The Spaniards are hospitable people, they respect every visitor. National cuisine is incredibly diverse. It is difficult to name one particular dish. Each region has something different, different and different. Tourists always try to order paella — this is an excellent substitute for pilaf, which is prepared using seafood.

Many people also like gazpacho soup. Fish can often be found on tables. Residents value meat, especially pork. Sparkling drinks often accompany lunch or dinner. They are mainly represented by white wine, cocktails.

If you are a gourmet, you should definitely try the snails. They are cooked with sauce. A very unusual dish is an egg omelet with potatoes. It is nutritious and delicious. When you need a quick snack, it is convenient to buy dried pork meat or jamon. This product is quite different. Its cost is quite affordable for everyone, the most expensive one will cost 20 euros per 100 grams.

Don’t forget to taste the spicy sausages. They go great with beer. Delicious dishes prepared from freshly caught fish.

The network of catering establishments is wide. It is represented by both luxurious restaurants and budget street cafes. There are also many bars, taverns and beer clubs. Many pretentious and respectable establishments.

The cost of an average breakfast is 4-5 euros, lunch will cost 15-20 euros, and dinner with alcohol — from 25 euros.

When visiting restaurants, you should remember about tips. It is not necessary to pay them, but the staff service is at a high level, so there is always a desire to thank the waiter. The tip is 5-10% of the bill. It is recommended to round up the amount.


Choose your own tour or contact one of our offices for assistance.

Spain is a member of the Schengen Agreement. In order to travel to the country, you will need a visa. The procedure for obtaining this documentation will require:

  • fill out a questionnaire
  • make photocopies of the passport
  • hotel reservation
  • bring a certificate of employment

The amount of imported foreign currency is unlimited. The authorities did the right thing, since today the country’s population is 45.12 million people, and there are many foreigners among them. Their largest share is concentrated on the east coast.

Features of recreation and entertainment

Spain is a state of holidays. Here you can spend your holiday richly, having received a charge of positive. Even a sophisticated tourist will be satisfied with the trip. Here are concentrated different directions and styles. Each area is filled with special attractions. Most are included in the UNESCO world heritage.

The Generalife Gardens and the Alhambra Castle in Granada are some of the highlights. Park Güell, buildings of ancient warriors, temples, churches are distinguished by their special architecture. There are unique medieval relics and monuments in almost every district. Be sure to visit the competition of knights, which is organized in the ancient castle of Valtordera.

If you are a true gourmet, then take a walk through the provinces of Castile and Andalusia. They are famous for their national cuisine, good sparkling wines. Spain has about another 50,000 brands of wine. All varieties are exclusive, have unique taste advantages.

Who doesn’t dream of visiting a Spanish bullfight? The popular «art of tauromachia» will help to join the local culture. The Spaniards are people with a hot temperament and a difficult character. Bullfight symbolizes strength, passion, courage. That is why bullfighting is the most favorite holiday of the Spanish population. Fights are organized not only in villages, but also in large cities.

When organizing a celebration, local residents take on the roles of actors and spectators. Tourists from various continents come to see the colorful and original celebration. The sight is memorable and breathtaking. October 12th is Tomato Day. A funny event takes place in the Spanish city of Bunol. Flamenco is a local, passionate folk dance. It embodies not only art, but also a way of life. It subtly intertwines elements of Eastern and Western culture.

Every year the festival «De Bulerhas» is organized in Seville. On this day, unbridled fun comes from all establishments. A fascinating flamenco show can be watched in every restaurant. It will not be boring, as this is an incendiary dance, the legs themselves start dancing.

Children will love visiting the European Aquarium. There is also a safari park and an excursion to the Spanish village. Lots of different entertainment attractions and exhibitions.

Not a single child will pass by the Port Aventura park, which is similar to the famous Disneyland. All kinds of slides, carousels will plunge into a real fairy tale for adults and children.


The hot resort attracts tourists with an abundance of shops where you can buy a lot of useful and valuable things. It is believed that the most fruitful shopping is organized in Madrid and Barcelona. These are ancient cities with an abundance of ancient architectural constructions. There are many markets, boutiques, street shops.

The best boutiques are concentrated in the Gothic Quarter.

Experienced buyers advise you to start your walk from here. Some outlets are open 24/7. The most demanded goods are clothes, sweets, expensive wines, souvenirs, textiles, household items. Periodically, vacationers can count on discounts, mass sales “start”. This process is especially relevant for large metropolitan areas.

You won’t have any problems with public transport. The required area can be reached by bus, train, tram. For those who are in a hurry and love comfort, there is a taxi order. The schedule of public transport is strictly observed. Planes and trains run between cities. In a short period of time you will quickly reach the settlement.

Car rental service available. The rules of the road are as close as possible to Russia, there will be no difficulties. The highways are of good quality. Most citizens prefer to choose taxi services, as they are inexpensive. Moreover, by calling a car, you will definitely not get lost in the city. Ferries leave regularly from the port. They go to the Balearic archipelago, Africa. This is a convenient way to promote.

Mobile communication

In order to avoid communication difficulties, after arriving in Spain it is advisable to purchase a SIM card. It is sold in every post office. It is inappropriate to use roaming, the price of such communication will be high. The most popular operators are Movistar, Vodafone, Orange.

Level of security

Local authorities, even with a large flow of tourists, cannot pay due attention to security. The country has a critical level of crime. Lots of petty thieves on the street. The risk of encountering scammers exists everywhere — from small cafes to large shopping centers. During walks, you should be vigilant and not get acquainted with strangers. If you leave the house in the evening, try not to take a lot of cash with you.

Choose strong and durable shoulder bags. Do not visit deserted neighborhoods. And of course, do not give personal items to strangers. If you encounter robbery or assault, contact the nearest police station. Following simple tips, you can avoid ridiculous and dangerous situations.


The number of rooms is represented by hotels for every taste and budget. Basically it is possible to book a 3-5 star room. It will have excellent amenities and a beautiful view of the city. Living in the center is not a cheap pleasure.

The average cost of housing is from $50 to $450 per day.

For those who need an economical option, we can recommend the hostel. By the way, when you stay in it, breakfast is provided free of charge. The rural hotel is a great option for a budget overnight stay. The level of service will differ by a low level, but you will save significantly.

If you plan to come to a hot country for a month or more, you can recommend renting an apartment.

For 30 days you can rent a beautiful apartment for only 600-800 dollars.

Such great deals are hard to find anywhere else. For those who like to relax in a big way, a luxurious mansion with direct access to the sea is suitable.

Interesting facts

There are many regions in the country. Each of them is famous for its features. The motto of the Spaniards — life is created in order to enjoy it. It was this people who coined the expression «blue blood». So aristocrats in ancient times emphasized the pale appearance of the skin. The phrase «hot Spanish blood» is not an exaggeration. Even a small quarrel on the street can turn into a real conflict. The mass of murders is committed in a state of passion.

Here live emotional people who actively react to statements and criticism. The population is sociable, easily enters into a dialogue. These are uncomplex citizens. The word «thank you» is rarely spoken. It is not customary to use it in restaurants, taxis, etc. 95% of the population is Catholic.

On the beach, you can enjoy the sun without a swimsuit with complete impunity. People speak English reluctantly. Therefore, when walking, take a phrasebook in Spanish with you. And it is better to learn a few popular phrases. 9Memories Flamenco Beach Resort 5*

from 199.434

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November 2022

from 202.853

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December 2022

from 210.159

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January 2023

from 238.247

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February 2023

from 249. 649

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The price is for two people for 7 nights.

Prices are updated every few days. The current cost can be found by clicking on the link «More» or by contacting us.

Memories Flamenco Beach Resort 5* on the map

Services and meals

Memories Flamenco Beach Resort is a beachfront resort located in Cayo Coco, a beautiful island in the Jardines del Rey archipelago, surrounded by lush nature, with the most stunning beaches, undoubtedly one of its greatest attractions. Near the resort there is also a large beautiful coral reef, very attractive for diving enthusiasts.
All 624 rooms of Memories Flamenco Beach Resort are suites (612 junior suites, 12 suites). They have balconies overlooking the gardens, pool, lake or ocean, they are spacious, comfortable and with bright colors that create a holiday atmosphere. This hotel combines modern design with traditional details.
The gardens of the hotel are beautiful and well maintained. The split-level swimming pool, spectacular beach and of course the activities and entertainment the hotel offers for guests of all ages make it a recommended destination for everyone: couples, families and singles.
There are sometimes unfavorable opinions about food at Memories Flamenco Beach Resort, especially due to the limited variety. This can affect the quality of the holiday in one way or another, although the tense supply situation in Cuba is quite well known.

Our review
Reviews 0

Memories Flamenco Beach Resort on Cayo Coco Island in the Jardines del Rey archipelago is a new 5-star resort located on a stunning white sandy beach lapped by the crystal clear and warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Surrounded by tranquil gardens and lush greenery, the Memoris Flamenco Hotel is the ideal destination for families, couples and singles looking for a luxury hotel experience in Cuba. Memories Flamenco Beach Resort is managed by the Sunwing Group, which indicates that the hotel has a good level of service.

Video of the hotel


Memories Flamenco Beach Resort on the map



— one Flamenco — one Flamenco 90 of the best hotels in Cayo Coco. Guests of this hotel stay in modern and spacious rooms with bright and light decor, good design and traditional Cuban touches. Guestrooms offer views of the garden, pool, or ocean.


Memories Flamenco Beach Resort offers entertainment for people of all ages. There are a variety of recreational activities, games, competitions, which are held both during the day and in the evening. You can take part in water sports, take a dip in the huge swimming pool, bask on the gorgeous beach, or participate in group games and activities. In order to get to know the culture and charm of Cuba better, we advise you to visit the evening shows.
Children won’t be bored at the Memoris Flamenco Beach Resort either, as there is a good kids’ club where experienced caregivers organize games and activities for the kids.

Food & Beverage

Memories Flamenco Beach Resort has good restaurants and bars to satisfy all your culinary preferences. Memoris has a good beach grill and gourmet a la carte restaurants. The choice of dishes here is quite large, so I would not believe those tourists who say that there is nothing to eat in the hotel. In the buffet you can always find a variety of dishes of international and Cuban cuisine.


Whether you want to relax or plan to have fun with the whole family, Memories Flamenco Beach Resort is sure to be the place for you. Although the cost of staying at this hotel is relatively high, trust me that Memoris is worth the money.

Reviews and ratings

I won’t write a long review, but I’ll tell you briefly about the main pros and cons of the hotel.

Liked it
1. Large, green and well maintained area
2. Nice pools
3. Great beach, probably the best in Cayo Coco
4. Diamond barbeque on the beach is the best food in the entire hotel

1. Food in the main restaurant and a la carte restaurants was poor
2. Very few hot meals
3. Entertainment of the same type, already boring on the 5th day
4. Bad service without a tip

Impressions from the rest are ambiguous. There is definitely no «Wow», but there is no regret that we chose this particular hotel. Now briefly about the main thing.

In our room there was no water pressure, the toilet was not flushed. We changed 3 rooms until we found a more or less suitable one. The buildings are in need of renovation, all the furniture looks very old. To be honest, I did not think that modern hotels have such rooms. Everything looks good in the photos, but in reality it’s not so good.

Restaurants and Bars
Of course, we knew that the choice of food in Cuba is not great, so our expectations were not high. Perhaps that is why in the end we were even delighted with a large selection of food. I expected things to be much worse. There are only queues for pizza and pasta, which is cooked in front of you. We didn’t go to a la carte restaurants, as friends advised us not to waste 1.5-2 hours to get the same dishes that you can take on the buffet.

This is, of course, the most important plus of the hotel. Even if you do not like the hotel, the beach will definitely save your vacation and you will be satisfied. If the beach was not this heavenly beach, then I would probably consider the trip to this hotel as a whole unsuccessful.

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