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Western Reserve Transit Authority Selects First Transit, in Partnership with Perrone Robotics and GreenPower Motor Company, for Autonomous Vehicle Pilot

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First Transit and First Vehicle Services Lead the Way with ASE Blue Seal Shops and Master Technicians

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First Vehicle Services Announces Opening of Retail Location

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First Transit, in Partnership with ENC, Announces Order of Six Axess Battery Electric Zero-Emission Buses for Emory University

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First Transit Wins Transportation Shuttle Contract for John Glenn Columbus International Airport

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Thank You For Your Partnership: Setting The Highest Standards

In 2021, read how our team members continued to live out our core value: Setting The Highest Standards. This year, one way we set the highest standards is through the roll-out of First Analytics, our in-house proprietary paratransit reporting system. As we look forward, learn about the future of mobility through a recent interview with our Innovation team.

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Thank You For Your Partnership: Accountable For Performance

In 2021, read how our team members continued to live out our core value: Accountable For Performance. We are a people organization, providing easy, convenient mobility solutions to our communities. Each member of the First Transit team helps us keep people and communities connected.

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Thank You For Your Partnership: Supportive Of Each Other

In 2021, read how our team members continued to live out our core value: Supportive Of Each Other. Our Diversity & Inclusion Council has engaged with employees, customers, and communities and is continually learning how we can improve and sustain an inclusive culture and better meet the needs of the communities we serve.

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Thank You For Your Partnership: Dedicated To Safety

In 2021, read how our team members continued to live out our core value: Dedicated To Safety. This year, we continued to face the pandemic, together. In addition to continuously reinforcing COVID-19 safety protocols, we took further steps to mitigate the spread of the virus and protect our communities.

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Reliable Fixed Route Service Provider

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Reliable Fixed Route Services

We have successfully operated fixed route projects since our start in 1955. Today, we operate fixed route services in communities of all types and sizes across North America and in Puerto Rico.

Regardless of whether you operate in a small non-urban area or large city, we provide transit services that offer the level of customized fixed route service that your community needs.

First Transit is dedicated to offering transit systems that provide communities with safe, reliable, and cost-effective solutions to their transportation needs. Our fixed route experience includes traditional fixed route services, deviated or flex route services, shuttle, and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) services, as well as transit management and multimodal contracts.

Our turnkey fixed route transit service packages are customized for each specific client, offering a comprehensive solution-specific approach to bus services. First Transit partners with transit agencies to manage and operate fleets ranging from just
a few vehicles to more than a thousand, ensuring that we provide a customized transit operation that offers the “right-sized” experience to meet your needs.

First Transit has the experience to provide the highest quality public transit service to our shared customers – the ridership.

Our clients have seen measurable performance improvements at many locations shortly after First Transit began operations, including enhancements to safety, training, customer service, efficiency, employee relations, and customer/contractor relationships.
These areas are the foundation of our longstanding client relationships.

“First Transit has been an efficient and cost-effective operator with a history of excellent performance, accountability and customer satisfaction.”— Client Feedback


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The City of Phoenix Fixed Route Services is the member agency within Valley Metro Regional Public Transportation Authority (RPTA). First Transit has operated the fixed route contract for the City of Phoenix since 2007. The 397-employee operation has a fleet of 167 vehicles. First Transit partners with the city to deliver on their vision of enabling people in Maricopa County to travel with ease using safe, accessible, efficient, dependable, and integrated public transportation services.

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Why First Transit?

With First Transit, you will have nearly seven decades of experience and professional skills to put to work for your transit operation. We have operated fixed route systems in all sizes and types of cities and municipalities across North America and around the world.technologies, alternative fuels such as sustainable source biofuels, and energy-efficient equipment.


Cost Savings

Whether your system is rural or urban, small or large, First Transit provides significant cost savings when compared to in-house operations — labor, fuel, equipment, or facilities with innovative technology — without sacrificing quality or world-class customer service. Our global buying power ensures you’ll save.


Our goal is to provide the safest, most efficient, and inclusive passenger transportation services possible, so bus patrons – including people with disabilities — enjoy a safe, comfortable ride with an operator who is courteous and understanding of their needs. First Transit provides wheelchair accessible fixed route buses, extensive driver training, and a variety of safety programs that will ensure your transit operation is as safe as possible.

Fixed Route Technology Solutions

At First Transit we pride ourselves on being innovative in our transit systems by seeking out and providing the best technology solutions to our clients. We have an extensive list of technology partners and can customize technology solutions to fit the needs of your transit system. Whether you need computerized route operations software, GPS, automated vehicle tracking, passenger counting, onboard Wi-Fi or more, First Transit can help. Our advanced technology can optimize routing, tracking and productivity; and could even reduce the number of buses you need to run your system while increasing passenger trips.

Smart Maintenance

Our comprehensive preventative maintenance program works to avoid breakdowns and reduce costs through utilizing the LEAN methodology and a paperless approach to maintenance services. This approach to maintenance improves in the overall effectiveness by valuing organization and ending waste. Lean processes translate to a reduction in operational costs by targeting strategic areas and keeping vehicles operating longer. In turn, this means fewer service interruptions in your daily schedules—and fewer hassles for you, your staff, and your customers.


Public transportation is, by nature, a green initiative. In that spirit, and in support of our clients’ sustainability goals and green initiatives, we are constantly looking to provide solutions that protect our environment. These include the implementation of innovative technologies, responsible vehicle maintenance and cleaning practices, and the use of alternative and sustainable fueled vehicles and energy-efficient equipment.

morning coffee with EADaily — EADaily — News. News today. World News. Daily News. Last news. Latest news. News of the hour. News for August 20, 2022. News for August 20

Do you think Saturday is better than other days? Wrong — read the news.

1. “The European Union cannot decide on the issue of a visa ban for Russians, the EU countries are unlikely to come to such a decision, CNN reports.”

Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Article 13: “1. Every person has the right to move freely and choose his place of residence within the boundaries of each state. 2. Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.” For the EU, human rights are toilet paper.

2. “Private military company (PMC) “Mozart” trains servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the line of contact in Donbass. The founder of the PMC, retired US Marine Corps Colonel Andy Milburn told Le Monde newspaper. “Over the course of four months, classes were held with 2.5 thousand Ukrainian servicemen,” Milburn said.

But such teachers should be shot like mad dogs. No trial. Just for the very fact of their existence.

3. “4 million migrants were detained trying to enter the US and another million fled from border guards during the two years of the Biden presidency, according to Fox News. At the same time, the Minister of Homeland Security assures that the border is well guarded. The former head of the Immigration and Customs Police Thomas Homan talks about this situation. In an interview with a TV channel, the expert argues that the United States needs to return to the measures of the Trump era, when deportations were widely used, and there was an active construction of a wall on the border with Mexico.

It’s high time to realize that Biden doesn’t give a damn about the US. He only cares about his favorite toy — Ukraine.

4. “U.S. military aid to Ukraine under the Joe Biden administration exceeded $10 billion, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced on August 19.”

Another proof that Biden cares nothing for his favorite clown. More money, more weapons — just fight Russia! That’s who the psychiatric hospital is crying for.

5. “The district handicraft office of Halle-Saalekreis in Saxony-Anhalt has written an open letter to Olaf Scholz. The main question that entrepreneurs ask the German Chancellor is: “Do you really want to sacrifice your country for Ukraine? We are not talking about the temperature in rooms or pools, we are talking about the death of Germany!”

And the only thing Scholz can answer is «Yes.» For he looks at the USA, takes an example from Biden. How else?

6. “The Prime Minister of the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann, proposed heating only one room in the living room and instead of showering, wipe yourself with a damp cloth. This is reported by Südwest Presse. «The washcloth is a useful invention,» Kretschman said.

At the same time, one heated room is a toilet, and a rag can also be used there. All pleasures in one place.

August on the US Government Procurement Portal.

Someone told stories about the independence of Ukraine. Good independence with the participation of the United States in the work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. There is such a thing as dependent territories. The United States has Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa and a dozen others. Here Ukraine may well join them.

8. «France will create a National Council for Revival on September 8, which will become a platform for discussion of education, health and public services, French President Emmanuel Macron promised.»

Macron, instead of leading the country, collects all sorts of councils, like the Crimean Platform in Ukraine. This empty talking shop vividly recalls the conversations of the pique vests in The Golden Calf: “Brian is the head, Snowden is the head”, but Macron is not the head…

The United States with liquefied gas in one of the Black Sea ports was received by the Bulgarian government, BNR reports on August 19. On August 18, three ships with energy carriers from the United States arrived in the Varna region. Earlier it was reported that the United States demanded from Bulgaria in an ultimatum form to pay for the supplied fuel.

The United States does not care that Bulgaria does not currently have special temporary storage facilities for liquefied gas. “Buy, otherwise we will impose sanctions!” is a new word in trading!

10. “Ukrainian Ambassador to Australia Vasily Miroshnichenko wanted to occupy the land that Canberra stopped leasing to the Russian embassy. He stated this in an interview with ABC radio. The ambassador said that he would address this issue to the Australian authorities as soon as he received approval from Kyiv. At the same time, the responsible agency, the National Capital Authority (NCA) of Australia, said that such a transfer of the site would be inappropriate at the moment.

And as soon as they see that something is lying badly, they strive to steal it. “The Americans are flying to Mars, the Ukrainians are returning to meet them. Americans ask: — Well, what is there? «Nothing already!»

11. “Moscow may be involved in the publication of materials from the scandalous party with the participation of Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, the Italian edition of Rai reports on August 19. “Many people ask themselves if Moscow is behind this delegitimization campaign?”, the newspaper notes.

Many? Are there many idiots in Italy? According to the post, yes. Especially in the media.
Marin drinks and smokes weed!
Who framed the Scandinavian?
We will give the people a certificate —
That’s a noose being pulled in the Kremlin.

In Puerto Rico, a fallen tree left almost 900,000 people without electricity

In Puerto Rico, a fallen tree left almost 900,000 without electricity0002 RG-Nedela


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04/13/2018 00:46


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Almost a quarter of Puerto Rico population in its homes due one single tree that fell on a power line. According to power engineers, the break in the wires caused problems in the operation of the international airport and the local light metro, and in total — in about 840,000 homes and businesses.

«We will continue to restore power supply for nearly 840,000 customers,» RIA Novosti quoted local power engineers as saying that the cause of the large-scale emergency was a tree falling on wires.

In total, about 3.6 million people live in the Latin American state.


North and Central America

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A bus with shift workers overturned on the highway in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

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Accused of hitting a Christmas procession in the United States received a life sentence

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Barnaul student scientific societies met at AltSU at the foresight session


How great chemistry was created in Kuzbass

11/17/2022 in the world

Reuters: Elon Musk decided on the candidate of his successor as CEO Tesla


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