Jayuya mapa: Municipio de Jayuya region map satellite // Puerto Rico

Geologic map of the Jayuya quadrangle, Puerto Rico

By: P.H. Mattson



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Publication type Report
Publication Subtype USGS Numbered Series
Title Geologic map of the Jayuya quadrangle, Puerto Rico
Series title IMAP
Series number 520
Subseries NONE
DOI 10. 3133/i520
Year Published 1968
Language ENGLISH
Description 1 map.
Scale 20000
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1 : 30000

Antillas españolas / por Don Camilo Alabern ; grabada la letra por Mabon

3 mapes. Mapa de situació; Isla de Cuba con arreglo a la nueva división territorial ; Isla de Puerto Rico. Alabern, Camilo ; Mabon, E.

Military map, island of Puerto Rico, 1898

1 : 250000 Julius Bien & Co Julius Bien & Co.

Mapa topografico de la isla de Puerto Rico; Contornos de Ponce [inset with title of full page map]; Mapa de los contornos de San Juan de Puerto Rico [inset] ; Plano de San Juan de Puerto Rico [inset.

From Puerto Rico

Porto Rico.

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A new & accurate map of the islands of Hispaniola or St. Domingo, and Porto Rico

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This chart by cartographer L. S. de la Rochette (1731 ? 1802) was engraved by William Palmer and published by ‘geographer to the King’ William Faden in 1784. There is a compass rose at the centre of a network of rhumb lines (for sailing directions) and a smaller scale map of the region is inset at top right showing distances between the islands, sailing routes and a table recording latitude and longitude of each island. Down the right side of the map are represented the profiles of the headlands of the different islands- this is as they would appear to sailors from the sea. La Rochette. Cartographer.

Carte des Antilles

1 : 2777775

Antilles, Charibbee Islands.

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[Puerto Rico, Kleine Antillen, Trinidad]

1 Karte : Kupferdruck ; 44 x 55 cm Doncker bij Hendrick Doncker boeckverkooper en graadbooghmaeker inde Nieuwbrugh steegh in ‘t Stuurmans gereedtschap

Cartes de supplément pour les isles Antilles

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(Sheet 15).

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1 : 3095000 Hammond, C.S.

Cuba mit den benachbarten Inseln und Gebieten

1 : 6000000 Atlantský oceán Carl Flemming

© MapTiler
© OpenStreetMap contributors

Ready translation Card Apprentice Daily Log Chapter 44: Jaya Keith Fine Gold at Sky Blossom, Fine Gold Tower One, G6 Gym

— Hello, Cindy. It’s rare to see you here. I hear that you signed a new adventurer to a contract worth over a hundred million dollars just for the root card. It should really draw you in. Was the creation of the card successful?

— In the morning, Jaya will meet Debra Khan, a recruit I have taken on. Starting today, she will be joining Team 6 for training until she is officially assigned to a team. And yes, the creation of the map was successful.

— What do you mean? Tell me about this $100 million origin map, please.

Cindy nodded and turned to me asking for an explanation. I just ignored her. I don’t agree with this. You asked — I created. If not for the desire to see my creation in action, I would have already left. Debra panicked when she saw me ignoring her new boss and said

— This is a new undead summoning card. This is the skeleton of a centaur knight.

-What?! It took $100 million to create the Centaur Skeleton Knight Root Card. Are you joking?

Jaya Keith is the adoptive sister of Diana Keith, Chairman of the Fine Gold Company. Fourteen years ago, out of nowhere, Diana brought in a three-year-old girl and adopted her as her sister. This step surprised everyone, and some competitors even saw Diana’s fatal mistake in this, thanks to which her company could be easily moved out of the market. It cost them dearly, because Diana did everything right.

Jaya was the only one in the Sky Blossom branch of the Fine Gold Company who could safely question Cindy, except for her sister.

— No kidding. This card is worth every cent you spend on it, Jaya.

Yes, a summon undead card is not worth a hundred million. But this money was not spent only on the root card, but their purpose was to test and confirm Wyatt’s skill in creating cards. What’s more, the centaur knight’s skeleton map was not made by the traditional methods used by most map makers.

The common method was to use a full skeleton of a centaur knight to create an undead card. Wyatt seemed to be armed with an old theory about using the abilities of a bull ram to form the undead, although she initially thought that Wyatt had raised the price of card materials exorbitantly just to increase his share. It was worth it, now she knew not to underestimate this high school student.

— Cindy. No offense, but I think otherwise.

Of course, Jaya thought otherwise, because she was not aware of the whole history of the creation of a brand new root card, unlike Cindy.

— All right, Jaya. I will explain all the details to you later. Now let’s check the product, Debra.

-TC. Jaya was annoyed at how Cindy treated her like a small child.

— Yes, madam. Saying that, Debra summoned her bronze grimoire and activated the origin card. A huge three-meter centaur skeleton knight appeared in the training hall, wearing snow-white armor that sparkled in the rays of light.


The Centaur Skeleton Knight knelt before Debra, demonstrating his devotion, obedience and respect. Debra somehow subconsciously understood what was being said. Seeing the skeleton of the centaur knight and his helmeted red eyes, Cindy, Jaya and everyone around were amazed to the core by the sight. Especially because of his armor that covered him from head to toe and his physique was huge for a skinny skeleton knight. Skeleton Centaur Knights should be wearing decayed, damaged armor corroded by the undead energy of a dead Centaur Knight, not full armor made from high-level ingredients.

-Wait! This is a skeleton-covering armor made from the bones of a C-grade bull ram. Impressive! This is one of the most intimidating skeleton knights I have ever seen! Jaya exclaimed.

-Really impressive. Paul will test what he can do. Debra, wait. — Cindy asked one of the Gamblers, keen on training in the gym.

Seeing Debra hesitate, Jaya said:

-Don’t worry, Paul is a Master Gambler and C-rank shield keeper, he can handle it.

-Good. Debra nodded. She knew now was the time to impress her new boss.

The entire training hall was finished with enchanted black steel, these walls and floors could withstand the strength of an A-class monster. workout. The training ground has been cleared for a showdown between the Centaur Skeleton Knight and Paul the Shieldbearer.

Paul and the skeleton of a centaur knight stood in the center of the training ground.

-To fight!

At the signal, Paul immediately summoned a huge black steel tower shield. Seeing the large metal tower shield, the bone extended from the Centaur Skeleton Knight’s armor, slowly transforming into a huge two-handed war hammer.

-What is it? Some kind of tricky skill? I’ve never seen Skeleton Knights do such things! Jaya asked.

— Mastery of bone weapons. Debra answered.

Bone Weapon Mastery (passive skill) — the ability to use any weapon made of bone with mastery.

Additional effect — skill increases with increasing possession.

Restriction — the skill only works with weapons made of bones.

Paul didn’t care that he fought hundreds of monsters bigger than him, and this one was no exception. He stood in a perfect defensive stance.

Using his Charge, the skeleton centaur knight attacked Paul with full force and hit the Tower Shield hard. Seeing the undead attack, Paul’s shield glowed purple. The impact of the hammer on the shield dimmed the violet light greatly, but Paul himself was unharmed.

Although Paul was unharmed, the force of the attack was such that Paul’s arms went numb and he retreated 12 steps.

Onslaught (active skill) — when activated, the user’s dexterity is doubled for 45 seconds.

Additional effect — the user is not affected by any wind for 45 seconds.

Cooldown — 30 seconds.


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State prices, appointments with doctors, patient reviews

Subang Jaya Medical Center

Jalan SS 12/1A, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Show on map

Subang Jaya Multidisciplinary Center is part of the Ramsay Sime Darby network of clinics in Malaysia. The leading areas of work are oncology, hematology and gastroenterology; in total, Subang Jaya includes 33 specialized centers.

This is one of the largest private medical facilities in the city with over 40,000 outpatients per month. In the seven-storey building of the hospital there are:

  • a hospital for 393 beds,
  • intensive care unit with 26 beds,
  • hemodialysis department,
  • 9 operating rooms and 3 endoscopy rooms,
  • 10 delivery rooms.

Subang Jaya received several local awards and international recognition:

  • JCI accreditation — commissions for the assessment of the quality of medical services,
  • Malaysian Society for Quality in Health accreditation,
  • twice received an award from the Prime Minister of Malaysia,
  • award from the Malaysian Institute of Quality, etc.

The high level of the center is shown not only by numerous certificates, but also by the achievements of doctors. The first living donor liver transplant in Southeast Asia, the first bone marrow transplant, an awake craniotomy, an endovascular aneurysm procedure were performed here. Also here, for the first time in Malaysia, a child was born, conceived with the help of IVF.

International patients receive comprehensive support: translation services, process coordination (doctor appointments, referrals for procedures), financial advice.


Treatment directions

  • Gastroenterology

  • Diagnostics

  • Cardiology

  • Oncology

Department of Gastroenterology

For the successful treatment of diseases of the stomach and intestines, Subang Jaya is equipped with:

  • rooms for gastro- and colonoscopy, where the examination is carried out in a calm environment without stress for the patient;
  • modern laboratory and diagnostic equipment, which will allow you to quickly identify inflammatory processes, oncological diseases and other pathologies;
  • operating rooms suitable for high-tech operations — minimally invasive, with a low risk of complications, infection, tissue and vascular damage.

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