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Things to Do in Condado, Puerto Rico

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    Historical Old San Juan/El Morro

    Condado Beach

    Paddle Boarding and Kayaking

    District Live

    El Yunque Rainforest

    Bioluminescent Bay

    Catamaran and Snorkeling Excursion

    La Placita

    Plaza Las Americas Mall

    Coliseo de Puerto Rico

    Paddle Boarding and Kayaking

    Enjoy paddle boarding at the Condado Lagoon Natural Reserve, a pristine urban oasis. 

    Condado Beach

    A block away from the hotel, our beaches are known for its clean, white-sand shores and warm blue waters. We offer a dedicated beach area with an attendant providing complimentary beach chairs and umbrellas to our guests.

    Coliseo de Puerto Rico

    Coliseo de Puerto Rico, one of the top arena venues in the Caribbean, has a modern and majestic structure with a unique architectural design. This venue has been the stage of countless local and international events. It is located in the metropolitan area of San Juan and only 10 minutes away from us.

    Catamaran and Snorkeling Excursion

    Enjoy beachcombing and snorkeling in shallow waters to view spectacular coral reefs and marine life in the beautiful Icaco Island. Trip includes snorkel gear, snacks, lunch and a variety of drinks.

    Bioluminescent Bay

    An unforgettable experience awaits, as you kayak in the night, wave your paddle through the water and be mesmerized by glowing, fluorescent specs of plankton, also known as fire plants. There are only five bioluminescent bays in the world and three of them are in Puerto Rico!

    Historical Old San Juan/El Morro

    Just 3 miles from the hotel, charming Old San Juan is the most popular historic site in Puerto Rico. The cobblestone streets, forts and brick walls, displayed against the stunning crystal blue ocean waters, hearken back to an earlier era. Around Old San Juan you’ll find something for everyone. Amazing views, vibrant restaurants, shopping, history, traditional music, bars and more!

    El Yunque Rainforest

    Plan a soul-refreshing escape to a rainforest park. This natural treasure is an excellent destination if you want to be immersed in nature. You can hike on one of its many trails, bathe in natural pools beneath waterfalls, or just relax and enjoy the scenery. El Yunque, the only tropical rainforest in the US National Forest Service, has a very diverse ecosystem, hosting hundreds of unique plants and animals, including the island’s famous coqui frog. 

    District Live

    Innovative entertainment center with world-class leisure activities, that will capture the energy and joy of its’ audience. It features a VIP movie theater, ziplines, a wide range of restaurants, and the Coca-Cola Music Hall, which will serve as the go-to venue for concerts and shows.

    La Placita

    During the day, you can find the freshest produce and grab lunch at one of it’s many restaurants. By night, it transforms into the social hot-spot locals love with a variety of restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs. While in Puerto Rico, you must visit La Placita, Santurce’s oldest marketplace. It’s only a 5-minute drive from the Condado Palm Inn!

    Plaza Las Americas Mall

    You’re probably visiting Puerto Rico for the beauty of the Island, the great beaches, and wonderful weather, but don’t miss out on shopping. Visit Plaza Las Américas which is the largest shopping mall in the Caribbean!

    The Best Things To Do In Condado San Juan Guide & Map 2021

    The best things to do, activities, and excursions in Condado, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    The barrio (neighborhood) of Condado is a well known vacation and travel destination in San Juan. The palm tree lined community is home to many luxury hotels and resorts, restaurants, boutiques/stores, and yes. .. a long list of activities and things to do. This is a curated guide of the best things to do in Condado created by local guides who know the area. If we don’t think that it is a special experience you will not see it here. You can view the entire list below.

    The Best Things To Do, Activities & Excursions in Condado — San Juan

    View the other curated Best of Condado guides & maps: Restaurants | Shopping | Hotels & Resorts | Bars, Clubs & Nightlife | Best Beaches


    Shopping in Condado

    Condado has some great shops and boutiques, all within a few blocks. From internationally known designers, to local hidden treasures, there’s some really great stuff in this area. Take some time for a shopping spree in Condado. Click here to get The Ultimate Condado Shopping Guide & Map.

    Olivia BourtiqueRootNativa

    Condado Food & Restaurants

    Being the bustling vacation and destination that it is, Condado has some amazing food and restaurants. Casual rotisserie chicken-to-go or 5-star fine dining, either way you’re good to go. Click here to get the Ultimate Condado Food & Restaurant Guide & Map.

    AlmavivaPaella at LouisaMario Pagan

    Condado Bars, Lounges & Wine Bars

    If you’re one who enjoys partaking imbibing then there are some great spots in Condado. From amazing cocktails on the oceanfront to supurb wines and bites…. you will create some memorable experiences. The bars and lounges in Condado tend to be a bit pricier/upmarket/upscale than surrounding areas due to the nature of the luxury hotel and resort areas. Click here to get The Ultimate Condado Bar, Lounge & Nightlife Guide & Map.

    VC Lounge in CondadoThe Deck in CondadoVine | Wine in Condado

    I Tour Puerto Rico, Inc. Condado, San Juan

    I Tour Puerto Rico, Inc. is one of the most trusted tour, guide and activity companies on the island. Our local guides have used them many times and we have all had friends book with the company. .. all positive stuff… no complaints. They offer a very wide variety of incredible experiences in Puerto Rico and they pick-up and drop-off in Condado. The price is right and they have many different options that save money in common sense ways like: group discounts, discounts for riding on an ATV vs. driving, the option to add or remove transportation services from some activities/excursions, etc. Some examples of our favorite tours and activities from I Tour Puerto Rico are below, you can call them here +1 787-244-0099 or book on the website here:

    ATV ToursBeach Horseback RidingZip Lining

    Zip Lining 

    Take on «The Monster»! Fly down the longest zip line in the world (2.5 km) over the rainforest canopy at up to 95 miles per hour….. or take some of the more laid back options. Puerto Rico has some of the best zip lining in the world.

    ATV Tours 

    Drive ATVs around a 600 acre ranch in the foothills of the El Yunque rain forest. Discounts for riders vs. driver.

    Horseback Riding Tours

    Horseback riding in the El Yunque rainforest or on the Luquillo beach. Super cool experience.

    Snorkle Tours

    Amazing destinations for snorkle tours and great pricing. You should check out the Cayo Icacos & Culebra snorkel trips…. they are amazing.

    Bio-luminescent Bay Kayak Tours

    Take a kayak tour of the bio-luminescent bays in Fajardo on a day trip with transportation to and from Condado. Amazing expereince especially if you have not seen it before… this one is best on nights with low moonlight.

    Spelunking Cave Rapelling 

    Explore some amazing volcanic caves in Puerto Rico, rapelling included. They have a variety of cool options I would call them on this one.


    VIP Adventures — Condado, PR

    VIP adventures is also a very well known tour and activity company located in Condado. VIP adventures is on the lagoon side close to the bridge so it’s easy to get in and out of for quicker less intense/less planning required/last minute excursions. While VIP offers a very wide range of awesome tours and activities….. they specialize in offerings that are easier, quicker and less expensive than most in terms of transportation, time required, prior planning required, etc. VIP is great for last minute stuff. They also cater to couples and groups with options for paddleboarding and kayaking for 2 by the hours. A few of our favorite examples of the tours and activities VIP Adventures offers are below. You can call them here 787.466.0131  |  787.502.5333 or book on the website here:

    Kayaking in Condado LagoonPaddleboarding in Condado LagoonTandem Bike from VIP Adventures


    Paddleboard in the lagoon at $20 per hour for 1/$30 per hour for 2 on a single board.


    Kayaking in the lagoon at $20 per hour for 1/$35 per hour for 2 in a single kayak

    Kayak + Paddleboarding

    1 person can get rent a paddle board and a kayak for 2 hours for $35

    Bicycle Rental

    $30 for 3 hours

    Tandem Bike Rental

    $40 for 3 hours






    Top 15 Places to Visit in Puerto Rico / Travel Guides

    There are actually two Puerto Ricos. One that is known for rest, relaxation and cocktails, and one that outdoor adventurers love.
    If you are looking for your next beach holiday, Puerto Rico is what Caribbean dreams are made of. With fantastic beaches, incredible waves and stunning coral reefs, you’ll find a beach to suit your mood.
    If you’re looking for adventure, go hiking in the rainforest, considered one of the wettest on Earth, or head to the mountains for awe-inspiring views..
    Puerto Rico’s culture is unmistakably fun and includes incredible cuisine, dancing and sports fanatics.
    Allows you to explore the best places to visit in Puerto Rico :

    1. San Juan

    Source: flickr
    San Juan
    100 years before the landing of the Mayflower in Massachusetts..
    This incredible city combines intense modern energy with true historical roots as one of the oldest settlements in the Americas..
    Surrounded by 15-foot-thick walls, the city isn’t just a museum of artifacts, although you’ll be amazed at what’s been preserved, it’s a complex system of growing neighborhoods filled with incredible restaurants, galleries, nightlife and shopping.
    And of course you can’t forget the beaches. The north of the city is dotted with crystal blue waters with gorgeous resorts along the shore.
    Actually there are two Puerto Ricos. One that is known for rest, relaxation and cocktails, and one that is loved by outdoor adventurers..
    If you’re looking for your next beach holiday, Puerto Rico is what Caribbean dreams are made of. With fantastic beaches, incredible waves and stunning coral reefs, you’ll find a beach to suit your mood.
    If you’re looking for adventure, go hiking in the rainforests, considered some of the wettest on Earth, or head to the mountains for awe-inspiring views. fanatics.
    Allows you to explore the best places to visit in Puerto Rico :

    1. San Juan

    Source: flickr
    San Juan
    100 years before the landing of the Mayflower in Massachusetts..
    This incredible city combines intense modern energy with true historical roots as one of the oldest settlements in the Americas. .
    Surrounded by 15-foot-thick walls, the city isn’t just a museum of artifacts, although you’ll be amazed at what’s been preserved, it’s a complex system of growing neighborhoods filled with incredible restaurants, galleries, nightlife and shopping.
    And of course you can’t forget the beaches. The north of the city is dotted with crystal blue waters with gorgeous resorts along the shore.

    2. Rio Camui Caves

    Source: flickr
    Rio Camui Caves
    About an hour’s drive from the capital city of San Juan, where the third largest river on the planet stretches for about 220 caves over ten miles..
    You can visit one of the many organized tour groups or find an adventure operator who will show you what speleology is.
    Geologists estimate that there may be as many as 800 undiscovered caves. The caves are in a 300-acre park run by the Parques Nacionales..
    This is nature at its best and most stunning. And if you’re wondering what that heat is, it’s the heat that radiates from the hundreds of sleeping bats that nest at the top of the caves.

    3. Culebra and Vieques

    Source: flickr
    Playa Brava, Culebra
    Just seven miles from the mainland, two impressive gems of Puerto Rico are Vieques and Culebra..
    After 50 years of military occupation (now behind you), you you will be surprised by the completely laid-back atmosphere and the cities populated by expats, locals and sailors on vacation.
    The islands are full of delights: endangered turtles and herds of beautiful wild horses. Most people go to incredible beaches.
    Some are deserted, allowing you to stretch out and drown, and many say that Vieques and Culebra have the best beaches in the entire Caribbean.
    In general, the islands are still undeveloped, allowing them to retain their quaint atmosphere.

    4. Mosquito Bay

    Source: flickr
    Mosquito Bay Vieques
    If you’re going to spend time in Vieques, most travelers will tell you that Mosquito Bay should be your base.
    If you’re missing the soothing view of Sun Bay, the privacy you feel is often one of the main concerns..
    The beach is about two miles long, one of the few with public facilities and lifeguards on the island, and people like the feeling of getting rid of it all..
    For this reason, the beach is most popular in the evening, around sunset..

    5. El Yunque National Rainforest

    Source: flickr
    El Yunque National Rainforest
    El Yunque National Rainforest
    , the only rainforest in the entire US National Forest Organization, is a huge favorite among hikers and outdoor enthusiasts..
    Just 35 miles east of San Juan, the park receives over 100 billion gallons of rain a year.
    Don’t forget to wear waterproof clothing and take waterproof gear with you.
    There are 13 runs that range from easy to difficult. Be sure to check out the Big Tree Trail and La Mina, which follow the La Mina river and end at the La Mina waterfall.
    Another must is to plan for at least two days. Camping is a great option, but there are plenty of hotels in the area as well..

    6. La Vuelta Bike Tour

    Source: Vueltapr
    La Vuelta Bike Tour
    If you’re looking for a way to see the whole country at the perfect pace, consider joining the La Vuelta bike tour.
    See all 375 coastal miles of the country from your bike. Don’t be put off by the name, this is more of a tour than a race and people from all over the world enjoy the spirit and community of it all.
    For three days each January, cyclists cycle through tropical rainforests, marinas, coconut plantations, cover fantastic beaches, and pass over 42 cities..
    You may really need to be in good shape to enjoy La Vuelta, but the organizers have set rest stops along the route and many riders rest and rest for a while during the day to explore the area..
    At night there is incredible food and Puerto Rican hospitality to enjoy.

    7. Ponce

    Source: flickr
    Many consider Puerto Rico’s second largest city to be the essence of the country.
    The oft-repeated saying «Ponce is Ponce» reflects its reputation for being slightly unique.
    When you walk around the city and see the beautiful fountains in the square or walk through the narrow streets of the historical center, you will feel the amazing history of this place.
    You will find all the urban problems of a modern city — such as traffic a dozen museums, beautiful colonial architecture, and a fabulous promenade filled with restaurants worth visiting two or three times each.

    8. Fort San Cristobal

    Source: flickr
    Castillo San Cristobal
    Created to protect old San Juan from attack, Fort San Cristobal is not featured in many guidebooks (like the more popular El Morro Fort), but it is worth taking the time to familiarize yourself with history of Puerto Rico. .
    The view of the coast from the fort is worth one trip. Spend an hour or two wandering the sprawling complex, visiting the dungeons and imagining life passing by as you stand in the courtyard and take it all in.

    9. Condado

    Source: flickr
    If you come to Puerto Rico for the beach, it’s possible that you’ll never get more than a Condado.
    Nestled in the middle of incredible high rise towers and a resort, Condado is the go-to place for beach bars and every water sport you can think of.
    It’s a downtown beach so it’s lively and there’s always something going on. Waiters cater to every cocktail whim and its proximity to many hotels makes it easy to spend a day in the sun and then head into town at night..

    10. Carolina Beach

    Source: flickr
    Carolina Beach
    Also in San Juan, Carolina is a public beach that is popular with tourists and locals alike.
    Families love it because the currents are not too strong and there is a lifeguard on duty throughout the day.
    It’s popular, which often means it’s crowded, but for many it’s the energy that makes the beach great. Watersports are also available for hire here, so plan to pack a refreshing drink and spend the day relaxing.

    11. Guanica State Forest

    Source: Wikipedia
    Guanica State Forest
    Calling all nature lovers! Guanica was designated a Biosphere Reserve in 1981 and this dry forest is one of the finest in the entire Caribbean.
    Guanica is also a bird favorite. Over 50 percent of Puerto Rico’s bird species live here.
    There are over 36 miles of trails to walk and discover over 700 plant species in the forest, 48 of which are sadly endangered.
    The forest covers about 1,000 acres and receives about 30 inches of rain every year (compared to El Yunques’ 200-odd inches!) — enough to keep it green and beautiful. Bring your binoculars and enjoy.

    12. El Morro Fort

    Source: flickr
    El Morro Fort
    El Morro juts out of San Juan harbor, strategically located there in the 16th century to protect the city from sea attacks. This six-story fort is massive and is considered the number one place to travel around the city. The views are inspiring and the story is intriguing. If you are adventurous, go underground and explore prison cells and vast tunnels. It is recommended to plan half a day for El Morro as there is enough space to cover.

    13. Las Cuevas from Desecheo

    Source: flickr
    Desecheo Island
    The history of Desecheo, named as one of the «Galapagos Islands of the Caribbean» in Puerto Rico, is a little strange and definitely unique. ammunition left over from military training in the 1940s.
    There are also a lot of rhesus monkeys on the island. They were brought there in the 1960s as part of a scientific experiment.
    Just off the coast, underwater, are the real reasons you visit Deseceo. There is an extensive network of underwater caves and canyons that make this an ideal place for snorkeling..
    Just 12 miles from the mainland, the island is uninhabited and you love to relax on its beautiful beaches between dives. If you are looking for untouched and untouched Puerto Rico, this is the place.
    There are park rangers on the island who oversee the campsite and you can stay there from May to November.
    Explore the island and discover ancient carvings made by the Taino Indians who once made the island home.
    Another of the «Galapagos Islands of the Caribbean», this place exudes mystery and rugged beauty. If you want to go off the grid, you won’t do better than Mona Island.

    15. Hell Mile Extreme Race

    Source: Gustavos
    Hell Mile
    In San Lorenzo’s Cerro de Nandi, you can take part in the extreme killer race affectionately known as the Hell Mile.
    Attracting extreme athletes and a wide assortment of interesting characters, the course runs one mile up and down a fairly intense mountain.
    But it’s not just up and down once. In the second round, you do the same hike with a 15-25 lb bag. And then in the third round the bag gets heavier.
    And if that’s not enough, they run the race in July, one of the hottest months in the entire world. This famous race is not only a source of pride for the survivors (like the participants), but also for the locals.
    If you don’t feel up to three rounds of the Hell Mile, consider stopping by and seeing how fun it is. Be sure to make some great stories at home.

    Travel guides

    A unique holiday in Puerto Rico

    If you have visited Europe, the Maldives and the Canary Islands, be sure to plan a tourist trip to the island of Puerto Rico, to San Juan. This largest city on the island is reminiscent of American metropolitan areas.
    The island was for four hundred years the possession of Spain, and this could not but be reflected in the appearance of the city. There is also a clear division of the city into two parts: old and new.
    The old part of the city resembles an open-air museum. Many buildings resemble Spanish motifs in their architecture. In this part of the city there are many forts and old defensive fortresses that were built in the 17th century.
    A church was built in honor of St. Joseph, it was erected in the 16th century. The church attracts tourists with its decoration and chanting.
    The Historical Museum is interesting for its exhibits. By the way, once it was a city prison.
    Tapia Theatre, barracks from the time of the Spanish yoke, the Dominican convent, the cemetery in honor of Mary Magdalene. Pigeon Park is the pride of the city.
    All these are places that deserve the attention of tourists.
    All buildings have historical architecture. In the new part, modern houses were built and a recreation area and beaches for tourists were equipped.
    The city itself is built in a tropical zone. The average temperature remains within 23-35 degrees. Temperature fluctuations do not exceed an average of 10 degrees. The warmest and hottest months start from May to November. The coldest time comes in winter and early spring.
    The nature of the island
    The ocean surrounding the island is literally teeming with colorful tropical fish, lively and funny crabs. The pristine reef thickets attract divers from all over the world.
    Warm climate favors good growth of evergreen trees and shrubs. The vegetation of the island creates the impression of your fabulous stay in these places.
    On the outskirts of Puerto Rico, there are quite rare specimens of animals, and the most amazing among them is the coca frog. This is such a funny name. The frog has become a symbol of the city. In nature, coca is not always seen. It is rather small in size, and its coloring blends with the vegetation of forests and soil. But her croaking and heart-rending cries, similar to the syllable «kokiiii», are perfectly audible. In honor of this croaking, she was named.
    Vacationers will find entertainment in the Condado area. Here, in addition to hotels and inns, tourists will find a casino, small shops and shops, bars and restaurants.

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