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Looking for a unique and special way to start someone’s birthday out right? Have you considered a birthday ecard? Likely, if you are here – you’ve thought about sending one, so congratulations! You’re on track to sending a friend or loved one a bit of sunshine right to their inbox.

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These days, so many people wake up, roll over, and check their phones. Notifications flood in asking them to respond, schedule meetings, and take on new tasks. It can be incredibly overwhelming, especially on their birthday! Sending them a birthday ecard gives the recipient a reason to smile and a great break from their usual email reading routine. But how can you choose what the best birthday ecards are so you can send them something great? Here are some tips to help you select the perfect ecard.

What are the Best Birthday ecards?

What the best ecard will be definitely depends on the recipient. Luckily, we have a range of ecard categories that will make finding the best ecard a snap! Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing a birthday ecard:

What is the recipients age? From kids to friends to the one you love, we have ecards for every age and relationship! Our child-friendly ecards are a fun and animated way to catch a kid’s attention. If they don’t have an email address, you can always send the ecard to their parent’s email so the whole family can enjoy the ecard. Want something that is geared toward an older crowd? We have a great line of humorous ecards sure to get some laughs while you send your birthday greeting.

What does the recipient enjoy? With all of the ecard options that we have available, we divided our collection into a range of categories. This makes sending the best birthday ecards even easier because you can quickly find a category that matches your friend or family member’s personality. Each category has a great selection of related ecards so that you can further refine your search.

If the person celebrating their birthday loves to laugh, you should absolutely check out our funny ecards section. We’ve chosen ecards that cover different types of humor, so you can find something that is certain to get a chuckle! What’s better than sending a thoughtful card and a laugh to someone on their birthday?

What is your price range? We offer different plans to help you select a great ecard at a price-point you are comfortable with spending. Just want a single ecard? You can choose a premium option that gives you a large sized ecard and absolutely no ads. Or, you can select the free option with a smaller ecard and ads included. With free ecards birthday celebrations are even sweeter! If you are on a tight budget, sending a free ecard for someone’s birthday shows you care without causing you to spend anything at all. Want to continue sending ecards all month, or even all year? We have plans for you that will ensure you get access to the premium ecard sending experience for as long as you would like!

How long would you like the card to be available? If you would like your ecard recipient to be able to open the card again and again, a premium ecard is the choice for you. If you think they will open it immediately, then a free ecard will work just fine as those ecards expire after 10 days. Changed your mind? You can always upgrade the free card to premium and keep it as a memory!

They’re Simple to Send!

Ecards make celebrating a special event easy. You don’t need to go to the store and wade through racks of potential cards. Instead, all you need to do is sit back at your computer and peruse the pages full of great options. Then, simply add the person’s email address and select the date you want them to receive the ecard, and send! Being able to schedule ecards ahead of time makes celebrating birthdays even easier. You won’t miss someone’s special day, because you’ve planned ahead. If you have multiple birthdays to celebrate in one month, you can select all of your ecards at once and set their send dates to each birth date. It’s a great way to look like you’re on top of your game and never send a belated birthday greeting again!

However, sometimes a birthday slips your mind. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us! If that’s the case, a birthday ecard can really save you. As soon as you see that notification pop up that it’s the big day, you are just minutes away from being able to send a thoughtful ecard. Even if the date has gone by, you can still send a little something. We have a line of belated birthday ecards for you to send. After all, it’s better to send birthday greetings late than never. Some people even enjoy extending their celebration a bit longer when belated greetings unexpectedly arrive in their inbox.

A Great Way to Show You Care

An ecard is a fun, thoughtful, and low-cost way to show that you are thinking about someone on their birthday. In today’s digital world, it can be hard to stand apart from the onslaught of likes, comments, and shout outs happening online when someone’s birthday rolls around. Show that you care and want to send a special message with a personalized birthday ecard. You’re certain to brighten their special day!

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Funny Birthday eCards — send free eCards from 123cards.


What a better way to help somebody celebrate their birthday then putting a smile on their face? May be even more than just a smile — to make them laugh! Choose among our funny ecards below and send a smile, a chuckle or a laugh to your friends and family!

Browse ecards for:

  • Birthday boogie

  • Birthday choir

  • Singing birds

  • Trump birthday

  • Happy Purr-day


  • Dropping in

  • Fiesta time

  • Old school

  • Birthday Martini

  • Hole in one

  • The wish

  • Caterwauling

  • Blow out candles

  • You rock!

  • Joe and Jill

  • Cheers!

  • Funny beaver

  • Popping balloons

  • Smart cookie

  • You are the coolest

  • Obama sings

  • Pot of gold

  • Naked guy

  • At the hairdresser’s

  • Cake for you

  • Teasing present

  • Flying cat

  • ECOngratulation

  • Unlucky baker

  • Topless babe

  • Burping birds

  • Sweet-ish pug

  • Balloons

  • Dude in a cake

  • Fishing trip

  • Make a new ecard

Watch all Birthday eCards

Birthday ecards with dogs

Birthday ecards with cats

Birthday ecards with presidents

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Send a free birthday card

Recognitions of love
Poems about love
Short SMS
Happy birthday
Wishes to loved ones
Beautiful cards
All about holidays
Audio wishes Love Tales

  • By name

  • Cool

  • popular

  • From Ravshan

  • From Ivleeva

  • From Malakhov

  • From Slepakov

  • Mame

  • Girlfriend

  • Son-in-law

  • Mothers-in-law

  • Child

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  • Happy Anniversary

Want to wish a happy birthday to your friend or colleague, but you can’t find a suitable card to download? Now you won’t have any problems with it! On our page, you can choose any beautiful postcard and download it right there, because all Happy Birthday cards are very attractive, bright and saturated with colorful colors. You will not need to consider or select them for a long time, because there are postcards for absolutely every taste and style. The download process will also not take you much time, as everything happens quickly, smoothly and efficiently. Be sure that your friend or acquaintance will be very pleased to receive a greeting card as a sign of attention, respect and honor on your part, so feel free to take this opportunity and download a happy birthday card for him!


Postcards HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Is free!

Postcards HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Is free!

  1. Greeting Cards
  2. Happy birthday

Birthday is the most important holiday for any person. Happy birthday cards will help you feel all the solemnity of the moment. Our catalog contains many postcards for every taste, which can be downloaded for free. You can always pick up a birthday card. Fluffy cats and flowers, racing cars and beautiful girls. Your choice is limited only by your wishes.

with cake
with flowers
with roses
with verses
with a bear
with balls
with car
from cartoons
with animals
beautiful woman
cool woman
woman flowers
cool man
man with wishes
beautiful girl
cool girl
girl with wishes
beautiful girl
girlfriend beautiful
cool friend
sister cool
beautiful with wishes
sister beautiful
daughters are beautiful
with humor
beloved husband
boss man
for whatsapp
to kid

  • org/ImageObject»>

    Beloved man

  • Always be the best, successful and first!

  • real man

  • A glass of whiskey for a man

  • Birthday cake

  • Today is your holiday, today is your day

  • holiday set

  • org/ImageObject»>

    Be happy every second

  • Hedgehog with big cake

  • Let your sonorous laughter sound like a bell!

  • Happiness, joy, fun, kindness and beauty

  • Let it come true, appear, everything that you dream about

  • May your wings grow with happiness!

  • org/ImageObject»>

    Do not know old age, do not know sadness, fatigue!

  • All the best and joy of the moments!

  • Health and success

  • Postcard beautiful bouquet of flowers

  • Happy birthday card with wishes, flowers, roses

  • Happy birthday card for girl

  • org/ImageObject»>

    Happy birthday card with wish, ship

  • Postcard to a colleague

  • Happy birthday card for mom, flowers, roses, with a wish poem

  • Funny postcard, piglet

  • Postcard Happy Birthday cool, cat Leopold, verse

  • Cool postcard, money

  • org/ImageObject»>

    Happy birthday card to a woman, flowers, roses, with a wish-poem

  • Postcard with a poem, flowers, a bouquet of roses

  • Happy birthday card for mom, flowers, roses, with a wish poem

  • Postcard balloons

  • Happy birthday card, hedgehog and a bouquet of flowers

  • Postcard cartoon characters, mickey and mini with balloons

  • org/ImageObject»>

    Happy birthday card funny with a poem, party

  • Postcard to a man, a car and angel girls

  • Happy birthday card for woman, flowers

  • Postcard with a poem, flowers, a bouquet of flowers

  • Happy birthday card with a poem, flowers, a bouquet of scarlet roses

  • Postcard party

  • org/ImageObject»>

    Happy Birthday card, cartoon characters, Winnie the Pooh and flowers

  • Postcard with a poem, flowers, red roses and candy

  • Happy birthday card with congratulations to a man, salute

  • Greeting card, flowers, red roses

  • Happy birthday card, pink flowers in a basket

  • Postcard to a woman, flowers in a basket

  • org/ImageObject»>

    Happy birthday card, cake and candles

  • Postcard gifts

  • Happy birthday card, animals, dog and red rose

  • Postcard cake

  • Happy birthday card, cake, pastry

  • Postcard flowers, tulips

  • Happy birthday card, flowers, bouquet of poppies and daisies

  • org/ImageObject»>

    Postcard raspberry

  • Happy birthday card for woman, flowers

  • Postcard flowers, bouquet

  • Happy birthday card, raspberry cake

  • Postcard to a woman, sweets and a rose

  • Happy birthday card, flowers

  • Postcard with a poem, flowers, daisies

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