Best destinations in puerto rico: 16 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Puerto Rico

Best places to visit in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an island that beckons visitors with world-class eats, buzzing night and arts scene and ultra-modern venues.

Over 300 miles of coastline offer a variety of beaches – from black sand to crystalline waters – while year-round warm weather provides the perfect backdrop for all sorts of outdoor activities like ziplining, hiking, canyoning and surfing, just to name a few. 

Spanning only 100 miles long by 35 miles wide, you can easily drive across the island in a day – all you need is your own set of wheels to experience the many wonders the Caribbean island has to offer. Here are Puerto Rico’s must-visit destinations. 

San Juan is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world © Bryan Mullennix/Getty Images

Old San Juan 

The old city makes for a striking introduction to Puerto Rican culture and history. Founded a full two centuries before the Pilgrims arrived on the Mayflower, Old San Juan is one the best-preserved cities of the Americas with its blue cobblestone streets, pastel-colored buildings, and sweeping ocean views around every corner.

Best explored on foot, you can stroll through the city’s many tranquil plazas, historic churches or artisanal shops. Tour either of the commanding fortresses, El Morro or San Cristobal, a Unesco World Heritage Site, to feel like you’re on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean. For some downtime away from the crowds, grab a refreshing piragua (Puerto Rican snow cone) and head to the gardens of Museo Casa Blanca, the city’s oldest residence built in 1521. 


San Juan’s biggest and most populous neighborhood has emerged as one of the largest art districts in the Caribbean. Santurce is colorful and vibrant, especially around Calle Cerra where impressive murals canvas most buildings. Take it in on your own or sign up for a street art tour with the Art Walk PR for a more curated experience. 

Santurce has also become home to the island’s trendiest art galleries, coffee shops, bars and restaurants. Drink a café at Café Comunión or dine at Vianda, which was a semifinalist for Best New Restaurant by the James Beard Foundation.

There’s no shortage of spots to choose from for a night out on the town, and the scene is a huge draw for locals and travelers alike. Check out La Esquina Watusi or La Placita, where partygoers spill out onto the streets with cold drinks in hand for impromptu open-air block parties, with lots of dancing often involved.

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Top 12 beaches in Puerto Rico 

Always make time to visit El Yunque National Forest © Dennis van de Water / Shutterstock

Bathe under waterfalls at El Yunque National Rainforest 

Hike the 25 miles of trails, swim in natural pools or bathe under waterfalls at the only tropical rainforest in the US National Forest System. Located in the northeastern part of the island, El Yunque is 29,000 acres of lush mountainous terrain.  

See what the area has to offer on an easy and enjoyable day hike. Take the Angelito Trail down to the Las Damas pool. A winding trail with thick vegetation will lead you to a deep pool of clear, cold water with a rope swing. This popular swimming hole is perfect for families looking to relax in the pools.

Or, if you’re looking for a bit more of a challenge, try the more intense 2.6-mile El Yunque Trail. This trail takes you to the highest points in the forest, where from the trailhead you’ll ascend through sierra palms and the Cloud Forest, a unique zone under a nearly constant state of rain. At the top is a reward of towering views of the rainforest below.  

Another great spot for a bit of fun after a day of hiking is Las Pailas. While not part of the park proper, it’s located on private property at the park’s edge and certainly worth a detour. River waters rushing down from the rainforest have transformed rocks into natural playgrounds and smoothed them into natural water slides complete with refreshing pools.  

Note: As of December 2020, reservations are required to enter the park. Visit the El Yunque National Forest website for more information. 

Puerto Rico’s 7 best hiking trails 

Distrito T-Mobile 

Billed as the Caribbean Time’s Square, San Juan’s new entertainment hub has over a dozen eateries, an urban adventure park, state-of-the-art technology and a multitude of entertainment venues. Start your visit at the Popular Plaza, where bright lights lead the way to the other venues and play host to live entertainment.

The sports bar Arena Medalla showcases Puerto Rican athletes and the local beer with impressive works of art and neon lights. Catch a game on any of the many jumbo tv screens, book a private karaoke room or tuck into a foosball, pool or arcade-style table, all with a beer in hand. 

For some family fun, head over to Toro Verde Urban Park, with its two ziplines, a rope course, a rock-climbing wall and an arcade room with classic machines and VR games.  

The district also offers several other casual and fine dining experiences. Go for burgers at La Burguesía, try some tapas at Barullo or sip on rum cocktails at La Central, all of which overlook the district’s Plaza Popular. 

Vieques is less than an hour flight from San Juan © Stan Zhou / 500px


Just six miles off Puerto Rico’s eastern coast, the small island municipality of Vieques is home to the world’s brightest bioluminescent bay, an idyllic wildlife refuge and world class beaches like Chiva, Media Luna, or Caracas. A quick ferry from Ceiba or flight from San Juan will get you to and from this tropical paradise where the pace of life slows down dramatically and you can enjoy stretches of sand all to yourself. 

For a truly relaxing retreat, stay at Finca Victoria where you can experience modern-day tree houses or tiny homes with outdoor showers, and partake in massages, daily yoga and vegan meals. For some freshly caught Caribbean spiny lobster, the island’s specialty, head over to La Esperanza for beach front dining at Bili or El Quenepo.

Culebra vs. Vieques: which Puerto Rico island is best to visit

Raise a glass on a rum tour 

Thanks in part to its many distilleries Puerto Rico is considered the rum capital of the world. The liquor has been distilled here since the mid-1600s and visiting any of its distilleries is a perfect vehicle to appreciate the fine craftsmanship and rich history of the local spirit. 

Casa Bacardí is home to the many flavors of Bacardi Rum – the world’s largest rum producer – and is the most popular choice with its three tour options (Historic Tour, Rum Tasting or Mixology Class), plus an informative visitor’s center, waterfront cocktail bar and views of Old San Juan from across the bay.

For a craft distillery experience, head over to Ron del Barrilito’s Hacienda Santa, the island’s oldest distillery where you’ll walk through the production process and feel like you’ve been whisked back to the 1800s. If you’re feeling more adventurous, make a day trip to the mountains of Jayuya for some pitorro (moonshine) at PitoRico’s Destilería Cruz.  

Rincón is located on the far west corner of Puerto Rico © Inspired By Maps / Shutterstock


Tucked away in the far west corner of the island lies the surf town of Rincón. Literally meaning corner in Spanish, Rincón, is the perfect antidote to the more fast-paced, urban San Juan. Surfing is the main attraction here, with many spots to check the swell like Domes, Marias, and Tres Palmas, just to name a few.

But there are plenty of other activities to do as well, like horseback riding along the beach, snorkeling the horseshoe reef at Steps beach, paddle-boarding at the Balneario (public beach) or shopping at the Thursday Art Walk or Sunday Farmers Market at the town square.

Cabo Rojo 

Located in the extreme southwest of Puerto Rico, Cabo Rojo has 28 miles of coastline – more than any other municipality on the island – where you’ll discover seascapes overshadowed by towering limestones cliffs, pristine nature reserves and creative seafood restaurants like DownTown Boqueron by Jose Carles.  

Beautiful beaches like Buyé, Boqueron and Combate tend to get pretty packed on weekends and holidays. For a more remote experience head to Playuela beach, known by locals as Playa Sucia, or Dirty Beach in English, so named to deter visitors from spoiling its natural beauty.

On the way there, stop by the red-hued Salt Flats that give the town its namesake, as well as the Los Morrillos Lighthouse, one of 27 sites included in the National Register of Historic Places.

Best time to visit Puerto Rico 

La Parguera 

This seaside fishing village lies within the La Parguera Nature Reserve, one of the island’s most biologically diverse ecosystems. Extensive coral reefs, mangrove forests, and wildlife make it the perfect eco-tourism destination for nature lovers, with ample opportunities to scuba dive, snorkel, hike, bike and bird watch. 

There are no fancy hotels or resorts here, but plenty of intimate inns or boats turned into Airbnb’s to enjoy the town’s coastal simplicity. With over 30 cays and islets, exploring La Parguera looks different every day. Go scuba diving at the La Pared (The Wall), kayak through the mangroves, visit the bioluminescent bay, or stroll over to the malecón (boardwalk) for dinner and drinks. 

Puerto Rico is on our 2022 Best of Travel list. For more stories from some of the world’s most exciting destinations click here.

Safety recommendations and restrictions during a pandemic can change rapidly. Lonely Planet recommends that travelers always check with local authorities for up-to-date guidance before traveling during Covid-19.

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The 17 Best Places to Visit in Puerto Rico in 2022

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Puerto Rico is the epitome of a Caribbean paradise that has it all. From the shimmering waters with picturesque palm trees that line the beaches to the large waves renowned for their surf breaks, families, couples, and solo travelers alike are in store for a special treat on their trip to Puerto Rico.

We’ve taken the liberty of compiling the best places to visit while in Puerto Rico. Read on to see our top picks and why we love each one!

The 17 Best Places to Visit in Puerto Rico

With hundreds of miles along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, numerous beaches feature pristine water and black sand beaches. Moreover, the water is warm year-round, providing many outdoor activities such as hiking, canyoning, surfing, ziplining, and more.

Puerto Rico is commonly referred to as an island but is actually an archipelago, with a central island, four other smaller islands, and hundreds of islets and cays. 

Puerto Rico’s primary island isn’t that big, so it’s relatively easy to drive the entire length of PR in 24 hours. You might need to get yourself a vehicle to experience everything Puerto Rico offers. Below are destinations that you have to visit.

1. Old San Juan


Our first destination is full of history, food, and cultural celebrations — Old San Juan. Despite how tiny this area is, you’ll find some of the most popular things to do in Puerto Rico.

There are golf carts at your disposal for no additional cost that can transport you around the city to see some of the most popular Puerto Rican landmarks, like Castillo San Cristóbal, El Morro, and more.

Guided tours are available for visitors interested in understanding Puerto Rican culture and heritage, as well as the history behind some of the island’s oldest buildings. Some of which are half a century old and hold great significance. 

Despite all of the old-time charm that history buffs are sure to enjoy, there are always parties taking place and thriving nightclubs. While in Old San Juan, don’t forget to visit attractions such as La Capilla del Cristo, El Paseo la Princesa, and San Juan’s Gate.

2. San Juan

Martin Wheeler III/Shutterstock

San Juan is on a tiny island. Approximately 100 years before the Mayflower arrived in Massachusetts, colonists settled in San Juan, making it one of America’s oldest settlements. As a result, it is a perfect blend of historical surroundings and modern vibes. 

The city features walls that are 15 feet thick that surround it. Although the city is rich in history, it has a complex system of flourishing neighborhoods full of quality restaurants, shopping, galleries, and incredible nightlife.

The beaches are definitely worth mentioning as well. Towards the city’s north, there are vibrant waters with excellent resorts along the shore.

3. La Parguera 


La Parguera is a perfect place for individuals who love to fish. It’s a quaint fishing village along the coast in the La Parguera Nature Reserve. La Parguera coincidentally has one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on the island.

Nature lovers will enjoy the mangrove forests, wildlife, and extensive coral reefs. This area offers plenty of occasions for snorkeling, biking, hiking, bird watching, and scuba diving.

Although there are no luxurious resorts or hotels in La Parguera, there’s no shortage of rustic inns or boats that have been converted into Airbnbs to allow you to soak in the simple sea life.

La Parguera boasts more than 30 islets and cays, giving you something different to observe daily. You can choose to kayak through the mangroves, walk the boardwalk for an exquisite dinner or go scuba diving at La Pared.

4. Ponce

Alberto Loyo/Shutterstock

Ponce is Puerto Rico’s second-largest city, and many say it serves as a reflection of the true essence of Puerto Rico as a country. The deep history of Ponce is palpable when taking a stroll down the narrow streets or just by simply seeing the beautiful fountains in the square.

As you wade through traffic, the typical obstacles in modern and urban cities, you’ll see gorgeous colonial architecture, fabulous restaurants, and more than a dozen museums for you and the family to visit. 

5. Rincón 


Rincón is further west along the island and is most notable for being a surf town. This place is the exact opposite of the busy city of San Juan. Interestingly, surfing is the main attraction here, and there are many spots to go to, such as Marias, Tres Palmas, and Dome, just to name a few.

Aside from surfing, there are many other activities to get into, such as snorkeling, horseback riding along the beach, and paddleboarding. You can also enjoy shopping for fresh fruits and veggies at the local farmer’s market and check out the weekend activities that locals enjoy. 

6. El Yunque National Rainforest

Dennis van de Water/Shutterstock

El Yunque has the distinction of being the only tropical forest in all of the United States National Forest Organization. People who love the great outdoors will love this atmosphere which is perfect for hiking and peacefully enjoying nature.

Be sure to bring waterproof gear and clothes, as the park receives 100 billion gallons of rain yearly. The park features 13 trails which vary in difficulty from easy to hard. The trails you don’t want to pass up on are the La Mina and Big Tree Trail.

The abovementioned paths shadow La Mina River and end at La Mina Falls. You need to plan for at least two days. You can choose to camp; however, there are other viable accommodations in the area.

El Yunque National Forest is just one hour away from San Juan by car, and you can choose to take a guided tour or travel there on your own to the most coveted locations. Once there, choose between ziplining, horseback riding, or hiking as you take in the spectacular views of the forest.

7. Vieques and Culebra


You must visit Vieques and Culebra — two islands close to the main island and plenty of tourist attractions. Either of these two islands can easily be the focal point of your trip, starting with Vieques near eastern Puerto Rico. 

You can take a trip to the beach, go snorkeling, scuba diving, seashell hunting, and more while basking in the sun. Culebra is a bit further from the coast, around 20 miles.

You can reach these destinations by using a ferry or traveling in a helicopter, both of which offer the opportunity to experience the land from excellent vantage points.

It’s an easy trip that can be a full day’s worth of adventure or an overnight adventure, depending on your preferences. You can choose to stay at a rental house or local bed & breakfast or camp in the designated areas of Flamenco beach.

8. Mosquito Bay


If you decide to spend significant time on that island of Vieques, most people will advise you to make Mosquito Bay your home base. The welcome isolation you feel here is part of the allure that draws people to this location.

The beach had lifeguards and public facilities and was about two miles long to boot. This beach happens to be the busiest during the evening and when sunset is imminent.

As previously mentioned, Mosquito Bay glows bright blue thanks to the microscopic bioluminescent critters visible at night. Mosquito Bay holds the official Guinness World Record title for the brightest bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico and even the world.

9. Cabo Rojo 


Cabo Rojo is at the southwestern tip of Puerto Rico and boasts nearly 30 miles of beautiful coastline. Here you’ll find seascapes, nature parks, and more alongside tall limestone cliffs.

For those looking for fine dining, there are seafood restaurants to choose from, such as Downtown Boqueron. Choose between Boqueron, Combate, and other secluded and popular beaches.

Remember that they tend to become overcrowded on holidays and even weekends. So, if you have an urge to be a bit more secluded, head over to Playa Sucia.

10. Santurce

Wangkun Jia/Shutterstock

Santurce features Museo de Arte Contemporáneo and Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico along with local shops and other galleries. Santurce is about 15 minutes from Old San Juan, close to the Condado district.

Over the years, the area has become known as a culture and arts hub, with many buildings displaying beautiful murals and galleries showcasing the work of local artists.

Food is also done right in the town of Santurce. Exquisite restaurants are easily found right beside other quaint eateries. At the Santurce Marketplace, La Placita de Santurce, you can find live music, authentic local food, culture, and other forms of entertainment.  

Here you can find fresh fruits, vegetables, local dishes, and flowers sold by local farmers during the day. Be sure to take advantage of the block party-style celebration each weekend. 

11. Distrito T-Mobile 


Nicknamed the Caribbean Time Square, this location in San Juan is known for having several entertainment venues where you can grab a bite to eat, get drinks, and dance the night away.

There are more than twelve eateries, multiple event spaces, an adventure park, and more. Begin your journey by taking a trip through the main plaza with tons of bright lights that make the space festive and enjoyable.

Additionally, some venues feature hosts and lovely entertainment. There’s also a sports bar, the Arena Medalla, that advertises local artists and Puerto Rican sports figures, has excellent local brews, and neon lights everywhere.

You can watch sports games on numerous large televisions, reserve one of the private rooms for a night of karaoke, and much more. There are also foosball tables, pool tables, and card games going on all night. 

If you want to turn it into a family event, try Todo Verde.

This recreational park offers rock climbing, ziplining, virtual reality games, classic arcade-style machines, and more. Additionally, you will find plenty of excellent dining establishments featuring all types of cuisine, from burgers to pasta, tapas, and authentic Puerto Rican dishes. 

12. Cayo Icacos


One of the best places to visit when you travel to Puerto Rico is Cayo Icacos. It’s another one of the beautiful beaches near the main island of PR. It might seem odd to focus on one beach when there are so many options, but this incredible location is worth it. 

It’s about a half-hour from the small city of Fajardo, toward the northeastern tip of the archipelago. You can find Cayo Icacos in La Cordillera Nature Reserve. There isn’t much here regarding modern developments, so it’s pretty much deserted.

However, that’s the allure that brings most tourists to this destination! Consider an island tour on a massive catamaran that will transport you to this serene beach, provide lunch and drinks, and allow for socialization with the other passengers.

It lasts about seven hours daily, from 9 AM- 4 PM. You also get to stop and go snorkeling along the offshore coral reef toward the end of the tour. 

13. Isla Verde

Thank You (22.5 Millions+) views/Flickr

If you’re more interested in all-inclusive locations with a suitable beach not too far from the airports, you’ll love Isla Verde. You get sunbathing, delicious foods, gorgeous resorts, multiple tourist attractions, and more right at your fingertips. 

The It thing you’ll be missing out on is the authentic experience of Puerto Rican culture.

The waters are warm and calm, the weather is tropical, and the palm trees are abundant. Isla Verde is a suburban area in San Juan, and you get to experience a bit of city life and off-the-path scenery not too far from one another.  

14. Rio Camuy Caves

damian entwistle/Flickr

Take a trip to the Rio Camuy Cave Park, which has a massive cave path covering nearly 300 acres. Many people deem it one of the largest cave systems globally.

You can take a trolley bus to explore the deep cave (200 feet), or Curva Clara Empalme, which was previously a sinkhole and has now become a preserved area. There are several rooms in the cave. Some have stalactites, stalagmites, high ceilings, and rushing rivers throughout.

A tour guides visitors around the area and gives a brief presentation on how the indigenous peoples used the caves years before. The primary entrance to the cave systems is in the Quebrada area. 

15. Guanica State Forest

Jason Patrick Ross/Shutterstock

Guanica State Forest is the best place to visit if you love and appreciate nature. As of 1981, it became a Biosphere Reserve and amongst the best dry forests in the Caribbean. Over 50 percent of the bird population also call this location their home.  

You’ll find nearly 40 miles of hiking trails and over 750 plant species, of which almost 40 have become endangered.

Guanica State Forest is nearly 1000 acres wide and receives around 30 inches of rain annually. So there’s no shortage of lush greenery to enjoy with your binoculars!

16. Condado

Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

Luxury hotels, resorts, major department stores, fine dining eateries, and beach views are waiting for you in Condado. Sunsets on the Atlantic Ocean look stunning and never get old, no matter the viewpoint. 

This community features chic boutiques and many activities like yoga classes, paddleboarding, surfing, and more. Condado also boasts aqua fitness classes, Zumba, recreational areas, playgrounds, spacious parks, and much more for families and solo travelers alike. 

17. Manatì

J Steele/Shutterstock

There are tons of fun attractions to get into in Manatì. It’s not among the most popular locations or highly publicized by travel agencies, but it’s worth visiting.

If you enjoy natural pools, biking and hiking trails, gorgeous beaches, water springs, and lakes, don’t hesitate to leave San Juan and take a trip to Manatì.

This small town has a lot of cultural and historical relevance and significance to the people of Puerto Rico, and it’s fantastic to observe the greenery. There are massive green vines, limestone hills, and a more disconnected and calm life outside of San Juan.

Things to Consider

Darryl Brooks/Shutterstock

Here are a few points to consider before traveling to the island of Puerto Rico:

Getting Around Puerto Rico

It depends on where you visit when deciding whether you want to rent a car to get around Puerto Rico. If you stay within the confines of San Juan and Old San Juan, the city is walkable, and you shouldn’t need much more than local public transportation. 

However, no one recommends just staying in one place when there’s so much more than these notable areas. If you plan to venture out a bit, minibusses, taxis, intercity buses, and miniature golf carts are also available to carry you around town.

You’ll want to book a tour or two on a cruise ship or catamaran to get the best out of being surrounded by so many fantastic beaches.


When visiting Puerto Rico, you won’t need a passport or additional documentation beyond your standard identity card. The currency in PR is the US dollar, so you don’t have to exchange money. 

Since it’s a US territory, you’re welcome to go as if traveling to any other state. There are also talks that Puerto Rico could soon become the 51st state of America!

Legal Drinking Age

In Puerto Rico, you’re allowed to drink at 18 years old. They have the largest and best rum distillery, Casa Bacardi, which is worth checking out if you want an authentic taste of their signature alcoholic beverage. 

Bugs & Weather

While the weather is beautiful in Puerto Rico and every bit as tropical as you’d imagine, there are still many days when it rains. You don’t want to forget your umbrella on the trip, as it rains frequently depending on the season.  

Also, with tropical weather comes bugs, and mosquitoes, to be exact! So don’t leave your hotel or resort without bug repellant, or you’ll be paying for it the entire time and even when you return home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Javier Cruz Acosta/Shutterstock

Here are the responses to the most commonly asked questions regarding places to visit in Puerto Rico:

Is Puerto Rico expensive? 

Puerto Rico is one of the costlier Caribbean archipelagos. While several free activities involve nature and enjoying the scenery, you’ll still pay a pretty penny for their car rentals and hotels compared to other Latin American countries. 

You can venture out to some areas that are further away from the mainland, where you might be able to find lower prices for hotels and food. 

How many days do I need in Puerto Rico?

It’s best to plan a vacation in Rome for seven to ten days. If you’d like to explore the surrounding islands and primary tourist events and attractions, this is the lowest number of days you should book.

Ideally, two weeks is the perfect amount of time to experience everything the islands have to offer without feeling rushed. 

When is the best time to visit Puerto Rico?

It’s best to visit Puerto Rico from December through May. This period is when the weather is consistently tropical, and it’s the dry season. Keep in mind that you have to pay higher prices, but this is when you have a greater chance of beautiful weather with less worry about rain and hurricanes. 

Will a US cell phone work in Puerto Rico?

You don’t have to worry about the reliability of your cell phone service when visiting PR from the United States.

You shouldn’t have to change your carrier or phone plan, and you should get pretty good reception around the island. Most major cell phone companies offer coverage in Puerto Rico as part of their domestic plans.

Are people friendly in Puerto Rico?

Many visitors have expressed that Puerto Ricans are incredibly hospitable, social, friendly, and family-oriented. Using a little Spanish here and there goes a long way in PR! 

So, What’s the Best Place to Visit in Puerto Rico?

Polina LVT/Shutterstock

San Juan or Old San Juan are amongst the most popular destinations to visit in Puerto Rico. Not only are there top tourist attractions in these places, but you can experience the best beaches, water activities, historic locations, and more in these towns.

Puerto Rico is a beautiful Caribbean island you’ll love when you arrive, so have a safe trip and enjoy!

Puerto Rico, the most undervalued banking jurisdiction

High net worth individuals who have tons of hard earned money and investors looking to protect their assets and do business freely are having a hard time. The options are especially limited for the average investor.

Let’s just give one example. It’s hard to get private banking in Singapore unless you have a six-figure asset value.

You are entering shadow jurisdictions that most people want to avoid.

But there are still legal options for you. And today we offer you one — Puerto Rico.

Also known as Isla del Encanto (Island of Enchantment), this beautiful country is best known for its mysterious beaches, baseball players and musical legends such as Hector Lavoe.

Puerto Rico is also well known for its banking system. This is a popular destination for US citizens looking to cut taxes. As you know, Puerto Rico is part of the US Commonwealth. This means that it is a semi-autonomous territory with self-government.

In the US, the top federal income tax rate is almost 39.6%. There is also an additional income tax in US states. Some, like Texas, don’t, but others, like sunny and socialist California, can charge up to 13.3%.

In Puerto Rico, thanks to a wide range of tax benefits, you can reduce your income tax rate to 4%. Puerto Rico is not subject to automatic tax information exchange, which means that banks do not automatically report the income you can deposit into Puerto Rican accounts.

However, this will generally be an advantage if you live in the US. But Puerto Rico still has a lot to offer you beyond reggaeton, baseball and breathtaking beaches.

This is one of the best jurisdictions in the world and is open to non-residents.

Puerto Rico banks are regulated by the Office of the Financial Institution Commissioner of Puerto Rico. Its goal is to ensure the stability of the financial sector and the entire economy through a strict regulatory system that guarantees investors that their money will be safe on the enchanting island.

The island has been in crisis throughout the 21st century. The economy is shrinking, debt is rising, and the public pension system is completely destroyed. Unemployment stands at nearly 9%, more than double the national average, and the poverty rate is more than twice that of the poorest US state. And in 2018, Hurricane Maria destroyed much of the island and its economy.

Because the government has taken steps towards serious reforms. The restructuring plan put the debt on hold for a while, the island is seeing significant foreign direct investment due to its favorable tax regime, and the government has not touched the banking business as it understands that it is the backbone of the economy.

Similarly, minimum initial deposits tend to be low (around $500) and banks offer a wide range of financial services.

Puerto Rico is a fantastic place if you want to keep your money safe in a legal jurisdiction in the West. Let us introduce you to the main benefits of opening a personal or corporate bank account in Puerto Rico.

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Friendly tax treatment

Puerto Rico has no tax on dividend capital gains. The corporate tax rate is territorial for foreign companies doing business in Puerto Rico. It can be reduced from 33% to 4% thanks to many tax incentives.

Ideal Location

Puerto Rico is located in the Caribbean but is part of the US. This means that it is an ideal intermediate route between the USA and Latin America and can serve as a way to start your business in the USA. In addition, in general, this is a magnificent country with some of the best beaches in the Caribbean and a hospitable population.

Total confidentiality

Puerto Rico does not have the automatic exchange of tax data and the automatic exchange of information that sets international reporting standards.

This means that Puerto Rico is the perfect place for investors and high net worth individuals who want to protect their assets with complete privacy, and offers many tax optimization opportunities for companies that do business in Puerto Rico.

A wide range of products and services

Puerto Rico banks offer most of the financial services you can find in top tier jurisdictions. You have the usual multi-currency account service, but they also provide trading and investment services such as FOREX accounts.

Precious Metals

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Low minimum deposit and account balance

Most banks require a minimum deposit of around $500, which is much less than most top tier jurisdictions. Likewise, the minimum balance is usually small. This is a great advantage as most jurisdictions that allow you to open a bank account remotely usually have high minimum deposit and balance requirements.

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● Swedish Crohn

● Polish zloty

Your money is fully backed by physical gold and silver from the Australian Mint Perth. Its sole shareholder is the Australian government, which has the highest degree of reliability. This is the only metal storage program on the planet that has a government guarantee. This means your metals are kept safe and private, but the bank offers you worldwide access to them with competitive gold and silver prices, low fees and allows you to buy and sell online 24/7.

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So, how do you open a multi-currency personal account?

Our competitive advantage is that we work with a pre-approval system. This means that we send your documents and portfolio for pre-screening to our partner banks so that they can tell if they are interested in having you as their client. This does not necessarily mean that they will accept you, but it certainly increases your chances exponentially.

For the preliminary approval procedure, we need the following documents:

● Bank form, completed and signed

● Notarized copy of the passport

● Certified copy of proof of residence

● Bank statement and/or bank statement 9003 for six months

Similarly, the bank will most likely contact you via email to schedule a short phone call.

If everything goes well, we will send your documents to the bank and wait for a response. The bank may also request additional documents. Another couple of things you should consider is that you have to make a minimum deposit of $500 and maintain a minimum balance of $60. The whole process after we send your documents and forms takes a minimum of 20 days.

Now we can talk about the corporate account. Our partner bank offers a range of services, as the account can be a mutual fund account, a brokerage account, a multi-currency account, and a precious metals account that we talked about earlier.

The process is simple:

1. You provide us with the required documents

2. You complete the bank forms and send a signed copy to

3. You are given a five-minute phone call with a bank representative to obtain pre-approval.

4. If everything goes well, we will send the documents sent to the bank.

1. A notarized copy of the identity card or passport of each beneficiary, director, signatory and officer.

2. Notarized copy of proof of residence of all beneficiaries and signatories (issued no earlier than three months).

3. Notarized copy of registration certificate

4. Notarized copy of certificate of good reputation

5. Notarized copy of the articles of association and deeds

6. Notarized copy of the register of shareholders and directors

7. Notarized copy of the declaration of trust or notarized agreement of the nominal shareholder

8. If it is, the company already has a banking history must provide a bank statement. Otherwise, you must provide a bank certificate of the ultimate beneficiary.

9. If a company has a registered address other than its registered address, it must send:

● Certificate of registered office

● Statement of corporation or service invoice or lease agreement or similar document

11. Brief business plan

12. Contracts, agreements with partners, invoices, reporting financial documents (if the first deposit is transferred from the partner’s account).

Once the documents and forms have been submitted, a decision will be communicated within at least 20 days. The minimum account deposit is $500 and the minimum balance is $360.

At Mundo, we believe that Puerto Rico is one of the most undervalued banking jurisdictions on the planet. Charm Island is open to foreigners and is finally seeing a chance of success after a couple of difficult decades. Since the jurisdiction is not part of the automatic exchange of tax information and provides state-of-the-art financial services, it should be on the list of every investor.

Would you like to learn more about our banking services in Puerto Rico?

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top travel destinations for each month of 2019

Many of us promise to change something in our lives every new year. Not everyone keeps their promises, but there are those who try to keep them. If you promised to spend the whole year traveling, this article is just for you. There are not just interesting places to travel here, but they are chosen just for the year: every month — a new place!

Best place for a January trip: Puerto Rico

Get away from the cold of January on a warm, bright, friendly and culturally unique island — Puerto Rico. Tourism is essential for the island to recover from the effects of a major hurricane. Don’t worry, January is just out of the season of storms and hurricanes. This is the perfect time to enjoy the mild climate and the unique heritage of the island, which has given the world famous musicians.

February is the perfect time for eastern Canada

Yes, it can be cold in winter there, but Canadians brighten up this not always pleasant fact with wonderful winter festivals, many of which take place in February. In the capital of Canada — Ottawa — and the district of Gatineau (Quebec) takes place the spectacular Winterlude festival, which is held annually from 1979 years old.

You can head to Nova Scotia for the annual Lobster Crawl or Newfoundland and Labrador for the Bivver Food Festival, where everyone rides snowmobiles and eats interesting Canadian food. Beautiful and historic Quebec City hosts the annual Winter Carnival in February, which is celebrating its 65th anniversary in 2019. The city of Saint John hosts a week-long food festival at the very end of the month.

Spring is coming to Trinidad and Tobago

In March, you already want warmth and spring, especially if you spent February in Canada. A wonderful place to start living warm and bright in spring is Trinidad and Tobago. The first week of March is carnival. In fact, the entire capital of a small Caribbean state turns into one grandiose, bright party, where everyone is welcome.

In addition, during the carnival you can get acquainted with the local culture, because historically the carnival began, like our Russian Maslenitsa, a week before Lent. Until now, the people of Trinidad and Tobago hold a carnival in accordance with the unique local traditions and customs.

US Southwest in April

Head to the US Southwest before popular states such as California, Arizona and New Mexico are flooded with tourists to see Yosemite, Death Valley, the Grand Canyon and the White Sands .

Let’s start with California. Its cities, especially Los Angeles and San Francisco, although beautiful, are full of tourists all year round. But you can visit the famous national parks Yosemite, Sequoia, Mojave and Death Valley in April without fighting a huge flow of cars and people, besides, in spring the weather in the region is beautiful and not yet hot.

It’s worth going to Arizona for the Grand Canyon, but don’t limit yourself to it. There are many beautiful places along the Colorado River, including the famous Horseshoe, Monument Valley and the colorful wilderness of the Petrified Forest National Park.

New Mexico attracts tourists thanks to the unique nature reserve White Sands (White Sands). This is a desert, the sands of which are either white or colorless. In addition, this state hosts a popular hot air balloon festival.

East coast in May

Don’t leave the US so fast! In May, it’s time to head from the west coast of California to the east coast, to Maine. This state is popular not only for its cuisine, but also for the amazing beauty of the Maine National Park and the rocky coast of the Atlantic Ocean. In summer, an influx of tourists is expected, but May is a great time to enjoy the calmness and regularity of local life, as well as taste fresh seafood dishes in small family restaurants.

Normandy landings in summer, France

Normandy is an important historical region of France, which on June 6 marks the anniversary of the Allied landings in Normandy. You can take part in activities that honor the memory of the fallen soldiers, and then enjoy picnics organized in honor of the holiday right on the English Channel coast. The snow-white and picturesque coast of the Franco-English channel is worth noting in a separate line — there are many breathtaking views. In addition, Paris and Versailles are only 40 minutes from Normandy.

The best place to travel in July: Chile and Argentina

Combining Chile with Argentina in July, it is worth remembering that these are mountainous countries of the Southern Hemisphere, and in July there is the height of winter, which means it’s time to ski. However, not only for the sake of skiing to cross the ocean! Atacama is beautiful at any time of the year if you dress for the weather, as is Patagonia, which is full of tourists in summer. In Patagonia, you can go dog sledding, see the magical Perito Moreno Glacier and ride horses on the slopes. If you go to Chile and Argentina in 2019year, on the second of July there will be a solar eclipse.

In August — Anaheim, California

In order not to leave the Western Hemisphere without enjoying Disneyland, it is worth returning to California. Why exactly there? Everything is simple.

The much anticipated Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opened at Disneyland California this year. Going there in August, you can avoid the crowds, it’s hot in California at the end of the summer. You need to escape from the heat on the coast, from where you can watch whales and go surfing.

Portugal is the best place to start autumn

Portugal is gaining popularity among travelers from all over the world, and it’s no surprise that its colorful palaces, historic cities, unique cuisine and fertile vineyards deserve attention. In September, there will be fewer tourists, the weather will become milder, the sea will be warmer, and the grapes will be filled with juice. In the wine region of Porto, barrels will begin to be made and grapes will be squeezed, while the beaches of the Algarve will be illuminated by red sunsets and September starry skies. Do not forget about the pearl of Portugal — Lisbon, with its colorful streets and inexpensive restaurants.

Golden autumn in Romania

The Carpathians are beautiful in the autumn months, especially in October, when the greenery of coniferous forests mixes with the gold of deciduous trees. In October, it is still warm enough to comfortably travel around magnificent Transylvania, visit Dracula’s castle, walk along the steep narrow streets of the historic center of the mountainous region — the city of Cluj-Napoca. In October, many music and cultural festivals take place in Romania. In addition, in October you can try young wine, which in Romania is often prepared by the owners of small restaurants and hotels themselves and is happy to treat visitors to it.

November — time for Berlin, Germany

Berlin is an amazingly vibrant cultural place where art meets history. Moreover, Berlin appreciates all stages of its history, zealously keeping the historical truth not only in museums, but also on the streets of the city. It is worth paying attention to tours of the Bundestag, the monument to the victims of the Holocaust and, of course, do not forget to visit fragments of the Berlin Wall, against which the difference between West and East Berlin is still noticeable.

To the UK for Christmas

Don’t let political differences keep you from visiting one of the most exciting places in Europe. London is magnificent at any time, but around Christmas it turns into a fairy tale, which you can see from a bird’s eye view by riding the famous London Eye.

Edinburgh in Scotland is also a great place for Christmas extravaganzas, especially if you love Christmas lights reflected in the snow. Edinburgh is a little quieter and friendlier than London, and it also hosts vibrant festivals and fairs.

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