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Find your exact current Location’s Zip Code with what is my zip code tool.

What is My Zip Code

What is my zip code tool show your Zip Code/Postal Code Number of your current location. Here’s how it works!

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Allow access to “What is my zip code” tool from your mobile to access your location.

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Click «Allow» button to allow our app to connect with your current location.

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You’re Done! You’ll have your Zip Code on your screen along with the MAP!

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What is my zip code tool offers multiple features for its users.

Free to Use

No Fees or subscription/Sign up is required to use what is my zip code tool.

Location Sharing

You can share Zip Code and your location with anyone by sending just a location-sharing link.

Interval Update

What is my zip code tool updates location every 5s and Zip Code Number updates automatically.

My Zip Code

With What is my zip code tool, find your current location’s Zip Code of your address in no time.

What is my Zip Code of my Current Location or Address in is a wonderful tool that helps you find the exact Zip Code, whether you want to search for a Zip Code , address, or GPS coordinates. With the help of the current GPS location, this tool allows users to find in what is their zip code of the address or location they are in right now.

If you ever get lost in an area where you have never been before, you may get panic, indeed. What is my Zip Code Finder tool comes to play its role in this situation. You will find it useful, whether you are traveling, or exploring a new location.

You must keep this tool with you whenever you have to travel because it can guide you in the right direction with the help of GPS location with latitudeand longitude of the current area. Not only this, but you can have a location-sharing link to share the location of your town to anyone.

If you find any issue finding What is the Zip Code of the Address or location you’re in, all you have to do is to enable the GPS and refresh the page. You will get the desired results in seconds.

How to Know What’s Your Zip Code

The address is a demographic that everyone knows, but what about zip code?

Do you have an answer to what is my zip code? Well, for most of the people, it always remains a confusing edge to remember the figure of zip code. This is the main reason people often try to find what is my zip code?

When you need to buy something from the internet, you have to provide a zip code. Below you will find out how to know what your zip code in the location you are living.

It does not matter in which country or state you are living, with the help of some tools you can discover the right code.

Our Zip code finder tool that lets you find the answer to what is my zip code. With the help of this site, you can have an idea of the postal code in the world. Based on your location, you can discover the exact zip code that helps you in different situations.

So, how does it work?

Using an API call, what is my zip code tool uses coordinates that help in detecting the position of your city. Besides, this tool uses GPS coordinates that provide data. This app does not use interval updates, and it is free to use.

Neither any subscription nor any registration is needed because you can use it fully without any cost.

What is my zip code is a free tool to use, and there are no more limitations to use it. Don’t worry about the usage of cookies, and this tool does not save or share your location.

Furthermore, you can use another way to find out the code.

Presently, people don’t ask about the postal address or zip codes to others. It is because everything is available on the internet. You can discover the code on your own. all you need is a stable connection of the internet.

Entering the code finder and adjusting the site’s settings helps you determine the exact area you are. In case you don’t know the postal code of your area, what is my zip code site lets you find it without wasting a single moment.

GPS location is used to detect the code, and you can have all the details by default. With just a single click, all aspects will be in front of you. Using an interactive map also helps you that is given on the basic location. You will get the postal code of the exact location.

You can search for a postal address, and there will be no more irrelevant queries regarding your location.

That’s it!

What is my zip code is a useful tool just like others such as “What County Am I In” and “What Town Am I In.” Both of the tools work on a similar agenda, and finding zip code is in the same niche.

What Zip Code Am I Located in Right Now

Basically, everyone knows that a zip code is used to fill up forms for some online shopping. Nobody knows the true purpose of using a zip code. And no one has any idea about its significance or origin.

Before getting to know about how “what is my zip code” tool helps you in several ways, let’s find out a little detail of Zip Code.

Do you know zip code is a postal code that United States Postal Service (USPS) used?

Yes, it was introduced in 1963 with a basic pattern of five digits. Later on, in 1983, it was extended, and ZIP+4 code came into sight. It had five digits of the ZIP Code with a hyphen and four digits that assigned a particular location.

The phrase ZIP is abbreviated as Zone Improvement Plan, and it was used to suggest that the mail delivers quicker when a sender uses the code in the postal address. Originally, the term ZIP Code registered as a servicemark that got expired in 1997.

What do Zip Code Digits Show?

In general, the first digit shows a group of states and the second or third digit explain the mid mail processing capacity that processes and arranges the mail. It is called “sec center” or sectional center facility.

Each letter and parcel having the same first three digits go to the same sec center. The sec center then arranges the parcels according to the two digits and later on they go to local post offices.

For instance, if we have a Zip Code 55800, the first digit 5 shows the national location. The next two digits 58 indicates the Sec Center, and the last two digits 00 shows the delivery area or post office of that area.

Why Do You Need Zip Codes – Importance of “What is my Zip Code?” Tool

First of all, you can use these few digits to send letters and parcels from one place to another. However, this is not the only purpose to use postal codes. For instance, you may have to use it while filling all range of official forms such as school forms, health insurance, etc.

Moreover, the importance of remembering these digits is shown with geological borders. The reality is these codes show more than random characters that you can scroll on to packages or papers for the goal of completing your duty. Further, they can open up virtual barriers in phrases.

If you live beside the border of another country, town or area, postal codes might be problematic. Actually, postal codes or zip codes exclusively have a two-digit system. The first letter shows the city and the second one shows a particular state.

When the need for transfer augmented, the idea of the zip-code increased with additional numbers. Now, Zipcodes have five digits, and each digit has its own meaning for your letter or parcel.

Why Should You Care About Zip Code

Once you get to know the importance of Zip Code, you always tend to care about it.

Zip code is known as the postal code system used in the United States. Postal Service (USPS) of the United States use this code. ZIP is an acronym to Zone Improvement Plan and was elected since it involves that mail will be delivered quicker by “zipping along” if senders use the code.

Why You Should Care about ZIP Codes.

ZIP Codes are vital to get full address data, that’s why it is significant to authorize them for syntax and against key reference data. To make sure the accuracy of your address you may:

  • Save time and money by decreasing the number of inaccurate mailings you deliver
  • Create brand perception and customer trust by giving a smooth experience with fewer errors
  • Make a precise view of the location of your customer that drives more reliable and actionable insights.

How are ZIP Codes Important for Business?

What do you think ZIP Codes are used to identify a location only?.

These codes are significant social identifiers that provide data on the demographics of the people of a specific area. Zip Codes are used in the companies as a vital information structure that allows them a visual depiction of their audience.

With the help of this data, companies are making great marketing decisions, including opening or closing stores that introduce new products or services and pivoting sales data into locations. ZIP Codes are genuinely influential, and any business needs to have official and true ZIP Codes.

Incomplete and Void ZIP Codes are Biggest Challenge

The information on address usually gets incomplete or void when businesses get data from more than one source. There might be some errors, typos, wrong or mistyped ZIP codes because of human entry of data.

On the other hand, some people don’t want to share their personal information, and they enter a fake address that makes the data inaccurate and invalid. That’s why the organizations must verify the addresses to make sure they have provided all the valid data for statistical analysis.

Besides fake and incomplete data, mostly address codes are inflicted with letters or punctuation marks that are useless in the code. These small issues get worse for businesses while attempting to use their data for analysis. When data is fake, the analysis will also be useless and invalid.

Nashville Area Zip Codes

Search homes for sale near Nashville, TN with our zip code directory! Access all MLS listings in specific zip codes of the Nashville, Tennessee area.

Nashville Area Zip CodesClose

The Ashton Real Estate Group of RE/MAX Advantage

  • Office (615) 603-3602
  • SHOWINGS (615) 988-6252

Click to Call
615 603 3602

Below are the zip codes for areas and communities in Nashville TN as well as the surrounding counties and communities. Just click on the zip code to search the homes that are currently for sale.


You can also refine your search after selecting your zip code.


Davidson County



  • 37201 Downtown Nashville
  • 37203 Edgehill / Music Row / The Gulch / West End Circle / Wedgewood
  • 37204 12 South / Belmont / Lipscomb / Green Hills / Oak Hill / Edgehill
  • 37205 Belle Meade / West End / West Meade
  • 37206 East Nashville / Lockeland Springs
  • 37207 North Nashville / Dickerson Pike
  • 37208 Germantown
  • 37209 Charlotte Park / Sylvan Heights / Sylvan Park / The Nations
  • 37210 Briley Parkway / South Nashville / Spence Lane / Sterling Heights / Woodbine
  • 37211 Bradford Hills / Brentioch / Cane Ridge / Crieve Hall
  • 37212 Belmont / Hillsboro Village / Music Row / Vanderbilt
  • 37214 Airport / Donelson
  • 37215 Belle Meade / Forest Hills / Green Hills
  • 37216 Inglewood
  • 37217 Briley Parkway / Edge-o-Lake / Priest Lake
  • 37218 Bordeaux
  • 37219 Central Business District / Downtown
  • 37220 Crieve Hall / North Brentwood / Oak Hill
  • 37221 Bellevue

Antioch / Cane Ridge

  • 37013


  • 37072


  • 37076


  • 37115

Old Hickory

  • 37138


Maury County



  • 38401
  • 38402

Spring Hill

  • 37174


Robertson County



  • 37073


  • 37172

White House

  • 37188


Rutherford County



  • 37086


  • 37127
  • 37128
  • 37129
  • 37130


  • 37167


Sumner County



  • 37022


  • 37048


  • 37066


  • 37072


  • 37075


  • 37148


  • 37186

White House

  • 37188


Williamson County



  • 37014


  • 37027

College Grove

  • 37046


  • 37062


  • 37064
  • 37067
  • 37069


  • 37135

Spring Hill

  • 37174

Thompson’s Station

  • 37179


Wilson County


Gladeville / Mount Juliet

  • 37121
  • 37122


  • 37087
  • 37090

Old Hickory

  • 37138


  • 37184

Postal code at the address in Kazakhstan

Postal code in Kazakhstan is presented in 2 formats — old new (letters and numbers). We tell you how to find the index by the address of a house or structure.

Reading: 4 minPosted on: Heading: InstructionsAuthor: Alexander

Zip code is a sequence of letters or numbers that usually go in conjunction with the address for convenient logistics work, including automation of parcel distribution processes and postage.

Let’s start with the fact that today in Kazakhstan there are 2 postal code formats that are used at the same time.

It may be necessary to find out the index in several cases:

  • you have a business and clients from all over Kazakhstan — they need to send closing documents in the original. Among other things, on the envelope, you need to indicate the postal code at the address of the recipient.
  • or the situation on the other hand — you order a parcel from China, Russia or any other part of the world and in addition to indicating your data and address, you often need to indicate your postal code. Otherwise, the package may get lost or take a long time to arrive.


  1. Postal code of the old format in numbers (post office code)
  2. Postal code of the new format for houses and individual buildings
  3. How to find out the postal code online
  4. Old and new old postal codes in Kazakhstan
  5. 9003 format in numbers (post office index)

    The first and familiar to many index in the format 100000 (for Karaganda), 050000 for Almaty, etc. only the numbers at the end change, depending on the chosen post office.

    As you already understood, these indexes allow you to send a letter to the nearest post office in the area, so that it certainly does not get lost and reaches the addressee.

    In this case, each house or building does not have its own personal index and everything works at the post office level, and there the postman already understands where this or that house is and brings a letter or sends a notification about the parcel.

    By indicating the general postal code for the city, without a specific branch number, you can delay your letter or parcel for an extra day or two.

    Postal code of a new format for houses and individual buildings

    The new format of the postal code includes not only numbers, but also letters. Symbols became by the way one more.

    Example of a new index — D03K5Y2

    This index format is absolutely unique for each individual building.

    Today, although they are trying to introduce new postal codes everywhere, the residents themselves are not particularly ready for such an innovation and it is more common to simply use the old format of postal codes of post offices described above.

    In addition, there is no place to fill in the indexes in the new format.

    All previously printed envelopes, and in other respects, and all their latest versions, have on the front side the cells for the index in the format of 6 characters, and in the new indexes 7 characters.

    Since both formats currently work in parallel, it makes no sense to use new standards when it is possible to use the old indices for the cities of Kazakhstan habitually and more conveniently.

    How to find out the postal code online

    Everything is simple here and is done through the website of the well-known Kazpost.

    We go to the site and in the services section we find postal codes — follow the link and enter the address of the recipient of the letter or parcel we need into the only field on the page.

    After selecting a specific address, information on two index formats for this address will open for you.

    You can also look at the nearest post offices, visit the site of the building and where this building is located on the map.

    If you have any questions about the format or finding the required index, write in the comments.

    Old and new postal codes in Kazakhstan

    The postal code of a particular region is represented by a set of numbers and letters and, depending on the address, some of the characters in the index remain unchanged, and some vary depending on the area of ​​the city or a separate building.

    New indices
    (since 2015)
    Old indices
    Zyy ZZZZ



    The postal code is a special code for the post office where you live. It is machine-readable: thus, the presence on letters, parcels and other items significantly speeds up the process of sending them to the right address.

    Obtaining information about the postcode at the post office

    The most obvious way to find out your postcode at the place of residence is to visit the nearest post office: you must have seen the entrance to it, marked with a white- blue sign «Post of Russia». The index of this post office will already be written on the doors, however, if you are not sure that you have correctly determined the required numbers, contact any branch operator: he will provide you with the required information.

    This method is simple and reliable, but it has significant drawbacks: firstly, you will need to spend time visiting the post office, and secondly, if you decide to clarify the necessary information with the operator, you need to visit this institution during hours his works. This may not always be convenient. However, there is another way to find out your postal code.

    Obtaining information about the index via the Internet

    This is about obtaining the necessary information via the Internet. By typing in the search line of any system designed for this query «Zip code», you will receive links to a large number of sites containing the necessary information. However, the most reliable way to find out the index in the mode is to check this information directly on the Russian Post website.

    In order to perform such a check, just go to the «Search for post offices» section. You can get to it from the main page of the site: on the left, under the Russian Post logo, you will see the orange bar «Services»: select the «Advanced search» link located below it, which will allow you to find the desired post office.

    By clicking on the link, you can find information about your branch, including its index. To do this, select the «Search by address» option and enter the address of your place of residence in the search bar, and then click the «Find» button below. As a result, you will see complete information about your department: a combination of 6 digits, which will be your index at the place of residence, address and phone number, where you can get additional information if you need it

    The Google Play payment service has a Russia-specific bug with postal codes. It is familiar to some users of other Google services, including AdSense.

    The fact is that although Google knows the indexes of post offices in all settlements of Russia, it does not fully understand such a term as “city of federal significance” and requires you to indicate the area to which it refers. For residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg, when trying to enter the index of their post office, an error message appears. You can’t take screenshots in Android Pay, so don’t be surprised if the article is illustrated with photos.

    Geographically, the city of federal significance is located inside the region, but it has a special pool of indices. In this case, the area has a higher priority in the application — this is what leads to the error. For some reason, Google hasn’t addressed this issue for years, but there are two ways around it.

    The first way: you need to indicate the name of your city in the «City» column, then select it again as an area and enter a real index.

    The second way: you need to specify Moscow or St. Petersburg as the city, select the Moscow or Leningrad region and write the index of any regional city. For example, for Moscow, the post office 140500 in Lukhovitsy is suitable, and for St. Petersburg — 187111 in Kirishi. Specifying an index is a mere formality, and even if Google decides to send you a paper letter, it will still reach your real address, it will simply be redirected from the regional post office to the one that is near your home.

    It would seem that no one should have problems with registering an Apple ID account — the forms to fill out are quite standard, and the procedure itself takes only a few minutes. Nevertheless, questions regularly come to our editors at yablyk. com, in particular, many novice users find it difficult to indicate their postal code and telephone area code.

    What is an index when registering an Apple ID?

    This is how the question in most cases sounds, the essence of which is to indicate the postal code on the payment information page when registering an Apple ID. This is a digital (alphanumeric for some countries) code assigned to specific geographic regions, up to microdistricts of cities, as well as to some large organizations with a large volume of correspondence.

    These indices are recorded in the database of the Universal Postal Union and most of the Internet services that make money transactions use them for additional identification of users. PayPal, Amazon, Google and other companies that accept money require you to enter a zip code when registering, Apple, of course, is no exception.

    How many digits does an index have?

    The number of digits in the index depends on the country, for example, in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, the postal code consists of six characters, while in Ukraine it consists of five.

    What zip code should I enter when registering for an Apple ID?

    At first glance, the answer is obvious — in order to avoid misunderstandings, you should enter a real index corresponding to your city and street. For example, hundreds of different postal codes are registered in Moscow, but it is necessary to indicate in accordance with the street and house number.

    At the same time, many residents of Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries also register Apple IDs to Russian addresses (in order for the App Store to be in Russian), but at the same time indicate the postal codes of their settlements, which is a mistake. If you indicate in the «City» column, for example, Voronezh, then you should find the index of Voronezh, and also indicate the phone number (albeit non-existent) with the corresponding city code or local mobile operator.

    Where can I find my city’s zip code?

    There is no single database of indices in the public domain, however, it is quite simple to find the postal code of almost any locality using the Google search engine — enter a query into the search box, for example, “postal code of Moscow, st. Znamenka.

    In addition, the indexes of almost all major cities in the world can be found on the website, and the cities and regional centers of Russia are mostly represented on the website.

    Based on materials from yablyk

    What is a zip code?

    Postal code — a conventional digital designation of a postal address assigned to a postal service facility. Inedx is used to facilitate the sorting of correspondence, including automatic sorting.

    To find out the index at the address, use the Russian Post service «». Not so long ago, the Mail website was updated, as well as the «Search for branches» service itself, however, for a more accurate determination of the index at the address, it is recommended to use the still functioning one. In the window that opens, go to the «by delivery address» tab, then use the drop-down menu to specify the full address and click the «Find» button. As a result, you will receive the following information:

    Zip code
    — post office address
    — post office phone number
    — post office opening hours
    — nearest metro station to the post office
    — location map to the post office in Yandex format


    How to find a post office at an incomplete address?

    To search for a list of post offices at an incomplete address (for example, only in the city), use the search by location.

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