Isla de icacos: Excursión de un día a Icacos

Cayo Icacos — Island in Puerto Rico — Don’t Miss Dreamy Icacos Cay

5 Star Icacos Puerto Rico Tour

Cayo Icacos (Icacos Cay) is one of the islands of Puerto Rico, and one of the most special places to visit.  Icacos Cay is the largest of La Cordillera Nature Reserve, a group of beautiful keys off the east coast of Puerto Rico, a short boat ride from the town of Fajardo, about a 45-minute drive from the capital city of San Juan.

While there are many beaches on the main island of Puerto Rico, taking a catamaran ride to this offshore treasure is certainly special.

Content on Icacos Cay Travel Guide

  • The Experience at Cayo Icacos
  • Getting to Icacos Cay “Icacos Island”
  • Excursions / Tours to Icacos Cay
    • Boat Tours to Icacos
    • Catamaran Tours to Icacos
    • Private Charter Boats
    • Private Sailing Charters
  • Photo & Video Gallery of Icacos
  • Map of Icacos Cay & Marinas in Fajardo

The Experience at Cayo Icacos

Once you step onto the boat, you’ll be swept away from the modern world and transported to an archipelago of undeveloped islands. There, the sandy shores are home to birds. The waters are playgrounds for sea turtles, schools of tropical fish, and dolphins that often visit. You’ll be one of the lucky visitors to enjoy crystal clear water and pass the time swimming and snorkeling to see the world underneath the sea and bask under the sun as you relax or play on soft clean white sand.  The best beach is on the west side of the island, and the best snorkeling spot is on the rocky part of the beach where fish love to hide and play.

The only sights from Icacos Island are the surrounding water, nearby islands, and the main island.

The landscape on the island is just like nature intended without human interference, with a few scattered palm trees and endemic plants growing freely.  The sand is soft, and white, decorated lightly with tiny shells, gently kissed by the mesmerizing blues of the Caribbean Sea.

Excursions / Tours to Icacos Cay

  • Locations: Most charters to Icacos leave from Marina Puerto Chico, Villa Marina, or Puerto Del Rey Marina – all located in Fajardo.   See the map at the end of the page.
  • Time: Tours can last from 3.5 hours up to 8.5 hours.
  • Cost for charter: Varies depending on the type and length of the excursion.  Some tours include transportation from hotels in San Juan and nearby tourist destinations.

See top-rated tours to Icacos:

  • Boat Tours to Icacos
  • Catamaran Tours to Icacos
  • Private Charter Boats
  • Private Sailing Charters

Getting to Icacos Cay, Puerto Rico

In this guide, you’ll find that we encourage visitors to rent a car, to explore the coast and a few major attractions around the island on your own, it is the most economical and fun way to do it if you have the time, and wish to explore at your own pace.

Icacos Cay is one of the few attractions we highly recommend visitors to book an excursion/charter for the most enjoyable experience.  From speaking to so many visitors, the experience is elevated by the music, food, drinks, and friendly hospitality of tour operators.

Below you’ll see information on getting a water taxi, but we think the additional services add to the experience, you’re on vacation, so treat yourself to something special.   If the budget does not allow you or you simply wish to spend your vacation dollars on another tour, that’s ok too, scroll below for information on a more DIY trip to Icacos.

Tips for getting the most out of your visit to Icacos Cay
  • If the tour operator does not offer transportation from your hotel to the port of departure, we recommend you rent a car.  Depending on the size of your group, it may be more economical and you’ll also have the freedom to visit another place of interest nearby for a day full of adventure.  The trip from San Juan takes about 45 minutes.  Apple Maps and Google Maps work well to get you there.
  • Other places you may enjoy while you’re in Fajardo:  Las Cabezas de San Juan, Laguna Grande Bioluminescent Bay.
  • Icacos is an uninhabited island, a nature reserve, you must bring everything you’ll need if you choose to take a water taxi.   Charter boats typically include drinks, snorkel gear, and snacks.  
Planning a visit to Icacos Cay on your own
  • Book a car rental
  • Se your GPS to Las Croabas, Fajardo
  • There’s free parking at the waterfront of Las Croabas
  • We recommend you get there in the morning. You’ll see small boats at the dock, feel free to ask if they offer trips to Icacos.
  • The cost per person is from $50 – $75 is about $25 per person.  Bring cash to pay.  Some may accept ATH Movil from residents in Puerto Rico.
  • There are no food vendors or facilities of any kind at Icacos.  You’ll find places to eat at Las Croabas near the dock.  Be sure to take snacks and plenty of water for your visit to Icacos. 
  • Be sure to use the restroom at the little park in Las Croabas or a restaurant when you eat.  
  • Water taxi ride to Icacos last about 20 minutes.
  • Water taxis depending on how busy the day is with visitors, they will go back and forth to the island.   Some captains offer the last pick-up before sunset.  Feel free to speak to the captain and communicate your preferences, they may be more flexible for your group.  Most will give you about 4-5 hours on the island or less if you wish.
  • We no longer provide contacts and phone numbers because they often change and they don’t notify us. 
  • We provide you this information as a general guide, we can’t guarantee you that there will be a water taxi available.  There will be more water taxis available during the high season but less availability.  In low season you may have more luck getting a space.
A few answers to questions asked by readers
  • Is there a ferry from Fajardo to Icacos? – No, there is no ferry service, the Fajardo Port has actually been moved to Ceiba and the ferries offer transport to Vieques and Culebra only.
  • Do tour operators offer transportation from resorts?  – Most tour operators offer transportation or will arrange it for an additional fee.
  • Where do most catamaran and charter boats depart from to Icacos? –  At the end of this page, you’ll find a map with locations of marinas where most tour operators depart from.  When you book a tour, the operator will give you information and details about the meeting place.

Tours Visitors Love in Puerto Rico

Icacos Snorkeling Catamaran Tour | East Island Excursions

Icacos Snorkeling & Beach Tour


    • Duration: 6 hours
    • Check-in time: 45 minutes prior to departure
    • Location: Marina Puerto Del Rey, Fajardo
    • Ages: No age restriction. Family friendly tour

Experience Fajardo’s #1 top-rated snorkeling excursion aboard the largest sailing catamaran “East Wind”

Get to know the enchanted cays of the east coast of Puerto Rico and enjoy the views of our natural treasures beginning with the El Yunque National Forest and all of its wonders while also admiring the intricate and quiet beauty of the east coast of this amazing island. On the vessel, have fun on the waterslide which delights kids of all ages or have a peek out of the 8′ underwater windows below deck so you can see the underwater beauties without having to get wet thoroughly enjoyed by our non-swimmers and first-timers alike.

Transportation Available

Roundtrip transportation is available for an additional fee from most hotel/locations in San Juan, Condado, and Isla Verde. For Puerto Rico’s northeast coast, Rio Grande, Rio Mar, Luquillo, Fajardo, and Palmas del Mar in Humacao, please call for minimum and pricing.


Boat Options: *East Wind Sailing Catamaran or for private option on *Eco Isleño Power Catamaran up to 15 passengers and *Zatara sailing catamaran up to 12 passengers

What’s included in the Price?

Your Icacos Snorkeling Tour includes:

  • Deli-style Lunch buffet
  • Beverages, including rum drinks
  • Floating devices
  • Snorkeling Equipment & swimming fins
  • Swim platforms where our guests have easy access to the water
  • Snorkeling instruction if needed
  • Spacious shaded cabin

Lunch Buffet & Drinks

Tour Lunch and beverages Includes:

  • Lunch buffet includes a variety of cold cuts, cheeses, fresh bread, pasta salad, bean salad, and chicken salad.
  • Snacks – chips and fresh fruit 
  • Beverages, including 
    • Rum drinks – Piña Colada & Rum punch
    • Assorted regular and diet sodas 
    • Juices & water  
  • Any guest that needs any special dietary needs can bring their own lunch or contact 787-860-3434 for details.     

What to Bring?

What to bring aboard Icacos snorkeling tour:


When sailing the waters of Fajardo aboard the East Wind Catamaran you will enjoy warm temperatures along with spectacular views of El Yunque Rainforest and the Fajardo Cays, if you take a sunset trip you will enjoy beautiful landscapes never seen before.

That’s why we recommend bringing on board:

  • Waterproof Photo Camera, GoPro Camera or Cell Phone with a waterproof cover with a good amount of battery to take pictures aboard.
  • Sunblock: We are in the Caribbean and with the Warm Temperatures year-round it’s always good to be protected against the Sun.
  • Sunglasses and/or Hat
  • Comfortable Shoes and swim suite under light beach clothing
  • Personal Towel
  • Get seasick, take an over-the-counter remedy with food at least 1 hour before the trip
  • We include the use of the snorkeling equipment during the tour but, you may also bring your own if preferred, or purchase new equipment at our East Island Excursions Store.

Please read our Restrictions and Cancellation Policy!

Cancellation Policy

Individual reservations:

10:00 am the day before the scheduled trip, the reservation can be canceled for 1-9 passengers, 10 + passengers 2 days prior with No penalty. The full payment is required upon booking with any major credit card to confirm the reservations.

“NO SHOW” or if you don’t arrive on time, the ticket is NOT REFUNDABLE and NOT REUSABLE unless (and only if) we have space available to reschedule on a future date. Reschedule must be made on the day of the original trip, based on availability and a rescheduling fee of $25+ tax per person will be applied.

*All marine activities are subject to water conditions please call the prior day for an update, cancellations or change of destination due to water conditions is at the Captain’s discretion. These decisions can be informed upon check-in.

Tour Site Information:

This tour departs from Marina Puerto del Rey in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, please be on site by 45-30 minutes prior your departure time for check-in Process. The marina offers parking at no extra charge. If you have any questions about the boarding process or regarding your reservation please contact us at +1 (787) 860-3434. or text us at 787-409-2485

We were a group of 8 adults and 2 small children ( ages 4 and 1 ) and this was the perfect trip. The entire crew was excellent! The sailing was steady, the views beautiful, the lunch and drinks delicious, and the swimming and snorkeling in crystal clear turquoise waters amazing! There was plenty of time to enjoy each part of the trip, very fun and relaxing!

Sailing, swimming, and snorkeling fun!

kbcassels / Farmington, New Mexico

One of the best day’s in Puerto Rico, ever! This excursion is affordable, fun and it was an amazing experience! Went to Icacos Island and snorkeling nearby. The staff was awesome and it felt safe and fun at the same time. (open bar and buffet) was awesome. I definitely high recommend!!

Excellent Excursion

RozCt / CT

This catamaran trip was AWESOME! One of the best things I’ve experienced vacationing in Puerto Rico. First of all I want to thank Jorge one of the crew members for making this trip a great experience, he made sure my family and I had food, drinks and was very informative on the sights. Thank you for helping make great memories!

catamaran trip was AWESOME!

candelanj / nj

This was my second excursion with East Island Excursions and they did it again! We were a family of four (with a 5 yr old). Fun was had by all…I could not keep my 5 year old off the water-slide 🙂 Food was great and a great atmosphere.

Did it again!

chris o / raeford

Took the Icacos Island tour with East Island Excursions. Loved every bit of the tour. Truly professional, friendly and helpful crew. The places we were taken to were exotic and I just loved it . My phone which had most of the pics and memories got drenched in the sea water and died and Levi one of the member of the crew member truly felt our anxiety took pictures for us and sent it later . Wonderful guy. I am not a swimmer but took the plunge with the help of Moises from the crew team . I would recommend East Island Excursions and Levi to anyone visiting Puerto Rico and taking the Island tours

Loved the Icacos Island tour with East Island Excursions

sarmibhatt / India

Loved our visit to Icacos with East Island Excursions. Originally we had booked for Vieques, but due to weather, we could not go there. East Island was very prompt in calling us every day and giving us an update. In the end, they even offered to shift us to Icacos on priority and refunded the balance amount. Their boats are amazing and look luxurious. The staff is insanely friendly, offer great food and drinks and snorkeling tips. Had a lovely time with East Island. Will definitely try Vieques tour with them next time I am in San Juan.

Great tour company, especially for Snorkelling

SerendipityIndia / New Delhi, India

This was a family trip that we all enjoyed, but must of all, I loved the crew, excellent customer service…. constantly taking care of every customer…. Thanks so much from the family Quijada-Morales to: Alexandra, Ismael, Moises & I cant remember the name of the 4th crew member… you all were great & made our experience unforgettable….excellent service…. Keep up with the great service guys, & definitely we will return back to one of your trips on our next vacation to Puerto Rico…. we are from Atlanta, GA…

Unforgettable Trip to Icacos

silma330 / Snellville, Georgia

This is my second time in two years traveling with East Island Excursions – and they really do a great job! You will NOT be disappointed. They are very easy to make reservations with and they call with reminders, The staff is extremely friendly, the boat clean and the overall experience is amazing. There are two stops – one at Icacos Island and another at another site where the coral is. You will see a bunch of beautiful things! And the water is amazingly crystal blue . You’ll arrive around 9am to check in, leave at 9:30am and be back at the dock around 3:30 pm. A great activity for all ages – my family thoroughly enjoyed. They serve you food and rum drinks too! Just an overall great time!

Top Notch!

bbyckes / Atlanta, Georgia

We took 2 tours with East Island–snorkeling and the Amazing Grace. Highly recommend this company. Classy. Everything done well.


Amy M

Visiting from Chicago. By all means the highlight of our Vacation. Wow, we had the best time. We booked a snorkeling trip to the Island of Icacos Catamaran Full Day trip. The boat was beautiful, the crew was so friendly and helpful! The captain “William” mingled with everyone and took time to make sure everyone was having a great time. The bartender/cook/organizer Chris was very informative and kept everyone’s attention with important information so as to keep everyone safe and having a great time. The food was a delightful surprise. These guys have it down to a science, Excellent food music and ambiance. This is a must do for the entire family. Will definitely do this again! Love these guys!

2017 Puerto Rico Vacay

Nia J

Amazing trip to the Icacos island. Even thou it was raining we were still able to enjoy the crystal blue water. The captain and crew are really organized and always on the look out for the well being of the people. Thank you to Capt. William, Daniel, Christian, Neftali and others for your excellent customer service. Thanks to your professionalism during the trip me, my best friend and the kids had a superb experience at Icacos.

Trip to Icacos

Nayda F

I was so glad we got to experience snorkeling like this when we were in Puerto Rico. East lsland excursions was a great company to book with. It was an all day adventure and they provide lunch and service unlimited alcoholic drinks. The crew on the boat was great very friendly and knowledge. Our captain was Ty and he did an amazing job informing us about the water, different sea animals and islands that we past. The gear that they provided was clean and looked new, the boat was kept clean as well. I definitely recommend booking a tour through them for a great experience just remember to bring your sunblock and keep reapplying because we got sun burnt.

Snorkeling fun

Monica V

Great time at Cayo Icacos. Willy was the best snorkeling guide I’ve ever had and I’ve been to every reef in DR. Great job Willy & Carlos. you guys are awesome.

Cayo Icacos


This is by far the most fulfilling activity I did while in PR. This excursion handles everything you need from food, to drinks and location. First stop is snorkeling and the crew were helpful in explaining all safety concerns, for us and the environment. They served us an incredible lunch complete with pina coladas to refresh from the heat. The 2nd stop was a relaxing beach and they gave us ample time to really enjoy the water and take pictures. I would without a doubt book this trip again and can’t wait to visit 🙂

A must!!

Jasmine A / Brooklyn, New York

hotels in Hicacos, —

Our recommendations
Lowest price at the beginning
Number of stars and price
Rating + number of reviews

Departamento Torre 2 Acapulco Increible

Acapulco de Juarez (Near Hicacos)

Offering a private pool, Torre Acapulco Increible is located in Acapulco. This apartment is 80 meters from Naval History Museum and 400 meters from Acapulco Convention Center.




6 reviews

Price from


per night

Check Availability

HostPal Casa Luna en la Costera de Acapulco

Acapulco de Juarez (Near Hicacos)

Boasting an outdoor swimming pool and a garden, HostPal Casa Luna en la Costera de Acapulco offers accommodation in Acapulco with free WiFi and garden views. This holiday home also has a private pool….


Price from

€ 138

per night

Check Availability

Lindo Condominio Acapulco Dorado Amaras ubicación.

Acapulco de Juarez (Near Hicacos)

In the Costera Acapulco district of Acapulco, close to Acapulco Navy Historic Museum, Lindo Condominio Acapulco Dorado Amaras ubicación. Features an outdoor swimming pool and a washing machine.


Price from

€ 93

per night

Check Availability

HostPal Playa Bonita

Acapulco de Juarez (Near Hicacos)

Located in Acapulco, near Icacos Beach, Acapulco Navy Historic Museum and Acapulco Convention Center, HostPal Playa Bonita features free WiFi.
This is a good place for the money! My boyfriend and I are backpacking so we’re on a budget and this was one of the cheaper options.
Kitchen is super clean but we couldn’t get the stove top to work. The location is amazing, walking distance to pretty much everything and in a quiet neighborhood.
The host was super easy to communicate with via WhatsApp, answered very quickly and very politely.
We had a huge closet in our room, not sure if all rooms come with a closet like that but if you’re staying for a while it’s perfect.



Review score

5 reviews

Price from


per night

Check Availability

Aca life

Acapulco de Juarez (Near Hicacos)

Boasting an outdoor swimming pool, bar, a shared lounge and garden, Aca life is located in Acapulco in the Acapulco Costera district, just 1.9 km from El Secreto.
My wife liked everything in the kitchen, could replace some pots. Dishware, cups, glasses and silverware were plenty and good condition. Great table sits 8 comfortable, roomy living room. A/c in main room and 2 of 3 bedrooms.




18 reviews

Price from


per night

Check Availability

IOW4 HN Senior Suite

Acapulco de Juarez (Near Hicacos)

Offering free WiFi and pool views, IOW4 HN Senior Suite is an accommodation located in the center of Acapulco, just 400 meters from Acapulco Navy Historic Museum and 1. 1 km from Acapulco Convention…




1 reviews

Price from


per night

Check Availability

IOW4 HN Studio

Acapulco de Juarez (Near Hicacos)

Featuring a balcony with pool views, an outdoor swimming pool and a terrace, IOW4 HN Studio can be found in Acapulco, close to Icacos Beach and 2.4 km from El Secreto.



Review score

3 reviews

Price from


per night

Check Availability

IOW4 HN Master Suite

Acapulco de Juarez (Near Hicacos)

Within 700 meters of Icacos Beach and 2.4 km of El Secreto, IOW4 HN Master Suite features free WiFi and an outdoor swimming pool.
Very friendly host that will help you if needed. I really recommend getting the Master Suite or Junior Suite (private rooms). They are quiet, good for sleep and there is a fan (don’t pay extra for the aircon). For Acapulco, staying here is very good value. It is worth paying more for these private rooms (the other spaces have a lot less privacy). Nice kitchen with all the conveniences. Sometimes there are problems with the water system here but it comes back on fairly quickly. Overall, a decent place to stay for budget travelers.



Very good

8 reviews

Price from


per night

Check Availability

IOW4 HN Yoga Lounge

Acapulco de Juarez (Near Hicacos)

Within 700 meters of Icacos Beach and 2.4 km of El Secreto, IOW4 HN Yoga Lounge offers free WiFi and an outdoor swimming pool.
kitchen, wifi. close to walmart and beach


4. 5

Review score

13 reviews

Price from


per night

Check Availability

IOW4 HN Junior Suite

Acapulco de Juarez (Near Hicacos)

Within 600 meters of Icacos Beach and 2.4 km of El Secreto, IOW4 HN Junior Suite offers free WiFi and an outdoor swimming pool.




1 reviews

Price from

€ 30

per night

Check Availability

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Last minute tours to Cuba from Yekaterinburg from Anex Tour, prices 2022

some facts about Cuba
Capital — Havana
Form of government — socialist republic
Currency — pesos
Religion — religious freedom
Territory — 104th in the world
Official language — Spanish
Visa to Cuba not needed
Selection of a tour to Cuba

General information

The island of Cuba and about 1,600 nearby islands and islets form the Cuban archipelago. It is located in the western part of the Caribbean. The total territory of the country is 110,992 sq. km. It is washed in the north by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, in the south by the Caribbean Sea, in the west it shares the Yucatan Strait with Mexico, in the east with the island of Haiti — the Windless Strait.

The coastline has 289 natural white sandy beaches. The landscape of Cuba is mostly low-lying, with rolling plains towards the south coast. In the south-east of the country is the Sierra Maestra mountain range, with the highest point Turquino Peak 1974 m (Pico Turquino). The island of Cuba is located at a sufficient distance from the mainland and has a unique flora and fauna. The capital of the country is the resort city of Havana. You can only get there by air. Direct flights depart from Moscow, you will spend 13 hours on the way. From the currency with you it is better to take Euro and only in cash, of course, no one forbids bringing dollars, but you need to pay 10% commission for exchanging dollars for local currency. Speaking of currency, there are 2 on the island: the Cuban Peso and the Convertible Cuban Peso (CUC). The difference is that the regular peso is the currency for locals, while the convertible peso is for tourists. CUC is always $1. There is Internet on the island, it is issued by cards. You buy a card for 1.5 CUC per hour, it is valid throughout the country. If you turn data transfer on and off in a timely manner, then 1 hour is enough for a long time.


To visit the Island of Freedom for the purpose of tourism, citizens of Russia do not need a visa, however, the main condition for a visa-free stay is the number of days — citizens of the Russian Federation can stay in Cuba without a visa for no more than 30 days. For a longer stay, you must apply for a visa at the Consulate of the Republic. You also need to fill out a migration card, you can get it right on the plane from the flight attendant or at the airport, it will take no more than 5 minutes.

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