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Nicky Jam se pone nostálgico con Daddy Yankee

Indicó que el excoach de “La Voz Kids” todavía conserva su apartamento en el mencionado complejo de vivienda. (Instagram)

Nota de archivo: esta historia fue publicada hace más de 7 años.

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El cantante urbano Nicky Jam regresó, junto a su amigo y colega Daddy Yankee, al residencial Villa Kennedy, en el sector Barrio Obrero de San Juan, donde recordó sus inicios en la música.

Aunque no precisó cuando fue la visita, documentó el momento con una fotografía en la que aparece junto al intérprete de “Sígueme y te sigo”, y que compartió a través de las redes sociales.

Junto a la imagen, el artista, cuyo nombre de pila es Nick Rivera Caminero, señaló que estar frente al balcón del apartamento donde se crió Daddy Yankee, y donde ambos compartieron sus ilusiones de crecer como artistas le hizo rememorar sus raíces humildes.

Este es el Apt en el caserío. Donde comenzó todo en Villa kenedy. Barrio obrero Puerto Rico Donde @daddyyankee y yo soñábamos. En el balcón. Todavía @daddyyankee Lo tiene Para acordarnos de donde vinimos 15 años después nos tiramos una foto alfrente que mucha nostalgia me dio. Qué rico es recordar por todo lo que pasanos para llegar a donde estamos gracias Dios y gracias al barrio estamos aquí

A photo posted by NICKY JAM (@nickyjampr) on

Igualmente, indicó que el excoach de “La Voz Kids” todavía conserva su apartamento en el mencionado complejo de vivienda. 

“Este es el apartamento en el caserío donde comenzó todo, en Villa Kenedy, Barrio Obrero, Puerto Rico; donde Daddy Yankee (@daddyyankee) y yo soñábamos en el balcón. Todavía Daddy Yankee (@daddyyankee) lo tiene para acordarnos de donde vinimos”, expresó el intérprete natural de Boston y criado en Cataño.

“Quince años después, nos tiramos una foto al frente. Que mucha nostalgia me dio. Qué rico es recordar por todo lo que pasamos para llegar a donde estamos. Gracias Dios y gracias al barrio estamos aquí”, continuó.


A video posted by NICKY JAM (@nickyjampr) on

Hace una semana, el vocalista de “El perdón” publicó también fotos y un vídeo, donde compartió que se había llevado de paseo a su amigo para estrenar su nuevo carro, un lujoso Lamborghini negro.  

Aquí con él brother @daddyyankee Como en los viejos tiempos

A photo posted by NICKY JAM (@nickyjampr) on

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Daddy Yankee: it was the career of the first big reggaeton star

The day has come. Someone who didn’t notice that it would happen so soon. The day when one of the exponents and pioneers of reggaeton said goodbye to the stage. «Today, technically, I’m announcing my retirement from music,» Daddy told Yankee in a surprise clip of just over three minutes, with which he decided to announce the end of his career of more than 32 years on the road. Boss, a living legend, as his colleagues tell him, the one who made the world sing «Gasoline», finally leaves the industry. Grateful for his past and hopeful for the future, he admitted that he was walking calmly.

He was born in Las Piedras, Puerto Rico on February 3, 1977. Ramon Luis Ayala Rodriguez, the name of the artist, grew up in a difficult area, as he himself tells about it in one of the documentaries made about his history. Being older, he moved to the Kennedy Villa, where, as he himself says, he met a teenage rebellion. He liked sports, in fact, he saw in this industry, and in other studies, a professional future, music, on the contrary, was just a hobby for him. He grew up with a rap culture, but with a foreign culture, with an English-speaking culture, because Latin urban music, at that time, was not possible. There were no mentions.

Similarly, in his musical awakening, his father was an excellent guide. “My dad is a musician, percussionist, my side of music comes from him. My dad plays every percussion instrument, in those years when salsa was at an incredible height, my dad was very involved,” , he told CNN.

Daddy Yankee (Photo: screenshot)

When the Yankee took its first musical steps, reggaeton was a low-key movement, it was even a type of music that could be marginalized by first time listeners. «We created our own infrastructure, created our own marketing system, our own videos, and we all started becoming entrepreneurs, out of commitment,» , he said in the documentary «My Story. » It is important to note that before devoting all his energies to his musical career, he was close to signing a contract to play in major league baseball, but he was attacked with a firearm, which caused him injuries that prevented him from completing his mission.

She was 18 when she released her first album, No Mercy. It was 1995, and Yankee, he recalls, didn’t have the opportunity to go into the recording studio, as he does now, in fact, almost the recordings had to be done with just one shot. «I didn’t have the tools,» he argued. He continued to work not only as a performer, but also as a producer. He substituted his name in such musical works as The Cartel: The Untouchables, released in 1997, and The Cartel II: The Cangris, in 2001. At that time, the musician points out, industry leaders began asking about him and his colleagues because, although they weren’t on the radio, their names were important on the streets where his music was born.

In 2004, when he was already adding a few shows under his own name, his career took off. In the same year, his album «Barrio Fino» and the international single «Gasolina» were released. His success was such that Time magazine included Daddy Yankee in their list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2006. “I was touched by the strongest part of the movement, which was to establish what was not installed, there was no radio, there was no video, there was nothing. I was one of the founders,” he said in an interview. Barrio Fino became the best-selling urban Latin music album in history. From there, there were successes and records in the life of the king of reggaeton.

The musician has over a hundred awards to his name and has been nominated for over 300 awards throughout his history. In 2017, he managed, among other great victories, to make history with the song Despacito in collaboration with his colleague Luis Fonsi. The song became the first Spanish-language song to hit number one on the Billboard ‘Hot 100 chart since 1996.

Cities where Daddy Yankee will perform. (Photo: Capture DY)

Daddy Yankee, after a long history of success and discipline, is saying goodbye to the stage this year, as he himself emphasizes. As he commented, he is now going to devote himself to enjoying what his work and his followers have left him. “This genre (reggaeton) that they say I made it global, you gave me the key to make it the greatest thing in the world (…) In the neighborhoods where we grew up, most of us wanted to become drug dealers. Today I walk around neighborhoods, villages, and most of them want to be singers. It’s worth a lot to me,” said in the video announcing his resignation.

He says goodbye with his forehead held high, and in the best way he could do it. He has turned his name into something legendary, literally, and will be directing a concert tour where he will sing along for the last time with those who have followed him since the beginning. He will also present a new and definitive repertoire of new songs on the album of the same name.

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