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Flamenco, among the top 25 beaches!

Flamenco beach among the best beaches in the world and the Caribbean.



Flamenco, among the top 50 caribbean beaches!

One of the region’s legendary beaches, this is the pride of Culebra and an endless expanse of perfect white sand.

The 50 Best Caribbean Beaches


Spending time on the water in Culebra is a must!  The energy of this island is derived from the sea. Exploring the coastline and the water are a very special way to discover the true energy of paradise. You will find white-sand beaches, coral beaches, cays, shallow and deep coral reefs and many rocky points surrounding Culebra.

Flamenco Beach

Among the Top Ten most beautiful beaches in the world, with white sands and calm waters.

Carlos Rosario Beach

One of the best snorkeling spots in Culebra. Pleasant sandy beach surrounded by corals. A 20-minute hike from Flamenco Beach. There are some snorkeling and scuba excursions available.

Resaca Beach

Perfect for hiking, but not recommended for swimming. The trail is very steepand rocky.

Brava Beach

The largest waves in Culebra. A 35 minute hike crossing a natural forest.

Zoni Beach

A great view of the Atlantic Ocean, Cayo Norte, Culebrita and St. Thomas. Perfect for picnicking and reading a book.

Culebrita Cay

Fantasy Island with six beaches and a Light House. Tortuga Beach is the favorite. Access with private boat or water taxi.

Soldados Point Beach

Beautiful coral reefs. Great for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Melones Beach

As part of the Marine Reserve area, features an abundance of marine cactus and two great snorkeling spots.

Tamarindo Beach

Perfect for a secluded picnic, swim, or snorkeling. Is part of the Marine Reserve of Melones Beach.

Luis Peña Cay

Part of the US Fish and Wildlife Refuge. Perfect for snorkeling. Access with private boat or water taxi.

Dakiti Reef

Beautiful reef near Fulladoza and Ensenada Honda Bay. Perfect for kayaking. Access with private boat, water taxi or our kayaks.

Playa Carlos Rosario, Culebra

The Best Beaches in Puerto Rico for Getting Away From It All — AFAR.com

This rugged sweep of white sand bookended by forested headlands on the northwest coast of Culebra is well worth the 20-minute hike to reach it along a dirt path that winds from the parking lot at Flamenco Beach. After walking along the forested fringes of the Reserva Natural de Culebra, you’ll arrive at Playa Carlos Rosario and its prime snorkeling waters, where clouds of reef fish often school in the shallows. If you prefer to arrive by boat, it’s easy enough to find captains offering their services back in Culebra’s main town, Culebra Pueblo (Dewey) for about $50 to $60 per person for boats with at least four passengers. The trip takes about 20 minutes.

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A World of Activities

Some guests prefer lazy days sleeping in. Others opt for a jam-packed itinerary of fun-under-sun activities. Should you choose the latter, consult our front desk staff to make arrangements for any of the following activities, or before your arrival, contact us thru clubseabourne.com

  • Snorkeling and Scuba Diving — www.culebradivers.com
  • Water Taxi to Culebrita and/or Luis Peña 
  • Kayaking and swimming w/Turtles — www.kayakingpuertorico.com
  • Reef Picnic at any of the marvelous beaches 
  • Turtle watching 
  • Bicycle Trips 
  • Take a look at the Red Mangroves area in your way to Zoni Beach
  • Visit Culebra Island Museum
  • Jeep or Golf Cart Rental — www.carlosjeeprental.com, www.jerrysjeeprental.com, www.avis.com

The Village of Dewey

Culebra has only one town, Dewey, where the daily ferries arrive and depart from the east of the “big island” of Puerto Rico. The town is basically one main street that crosses a bridge, turns a corner and ends at the ferry landing.

Dewey has several gift shops, grocers, hardware store, a half-dozen or so eateries and bars, and an ice cream place. Also in town you’ll find a dive shop, two gas stations, a bank w/ATM, the U.S. Post Office, and the Regional PR Tourism Company.


The Culebra Museum

Feature old maps and photographs of Culebra, Taino artifacts, traditional canoes made from the zinc plant, and Navy artifacts. It’s located at the site of the first settlement in Culebra, in a 1905-era stone building that once stored ammunitions for the Navy. https://www.facebook.com/groups/museodeculebra/ (Located off Road 250 toward Playa Brava, 787-405- 3768 or 787-742-3832, Thurs.–Sun. 10 a.m.–3 p.m.)

Air Transportation

  • From the San Juan International Airport Luis Muñoz Marín in Puerto Rico, you can make a connection (with previous reservation) from there or take the 15-minute taxi ride to Regional Isla Grande Airport Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci.
  • From Isla Grande Airport, you can fly to Culebra on one of the many scheduled commuter flights. We suggest that you contact the airline and make reservations in advance. The trip lasts only 30 minutes. 25 pounds of baggage is allowed per passenger.
  • There are also flights from Ceiba (Jose Aponte de la Torre Airport) (Taxi or car rental is recommended to get to Ceiba). The Ceiba flights are only 15 minutes.

We highly suggest to take airline flights to visit Culebra Island.
Regional Airlines Information

  • Vieques Air Link — Reservations: Tel. 1-888-901-9247 / 1-787-741-8331 www.viequesairlink.com
  • Air Flamenco — Reservations: Tel. 1-787-724-1818 www.flyairflamenco.com

Maritime Transportation

There are daily ferries service from Ceiba (located approximately 40 miles southeast of San Juan). This ferry is part of the Puerto Rico Ports Authority and you should call in advance to buy tickets. The ferry is a one and a half-hour ride. Please be at the Ceiba Ferry Station at least one hour before departure to avoid long lines. (Taxi or car rental is recommended to get to Ceiba).

  • Ferry Station at Ceiba: (787) 863-0705
  • Ferry Station at Culebra: (787) 742-3161

Ground Transportation

Getting around Culebra is simple. Public transportation (vans) is inexpensive and routes cover most of the Island. If you prefer to go your own way and to have more flexibility, we recommend renting all-terrain vehicles at Carlos Jeep and Jerry’s Jeep, our trusted vehicle rental services. Another efficient way to get around is by golf cart.

  • Carlos Jeep – Tel. 1-787-742-3514 — www.carlosjeeprental.com
  • Jerry’s Jeep – Tel. 1-787-742-0526 — www.jerrysjeeprental.com
  • Avis Car Rental — 1-787-742-3000 — www.avis.com

Is Flamenco beach in Culebra worth the hype ?

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If you’ve ever come across various lists of the best beaches around the world, you might have noticed the one, that always ranks really high is Flamenco Beach in Culebra. It’s often praised for its undeniable beauty, and the fact, that despite its popularity, it remains unspoiled. I will admit, I often wondered if Flamenco Beach in Culebra is worth the hype? Well, after having just spent a week not only in Culebra, but on the beach itself, I think I’m competent enough to answer this question. The answer is YES! It’s all they make it out to be and more.

The fact is Flamenco beach is a beauty. It’s the most beautiful beach I’ve seen so far, and I’m afraid I’m spoiled for life. The sand is powder soft, and has a gorgeous pink tint to it. Water is crystal clear and has many different shades of blue. Being very long, in never feels crowded. Especially if you walk away a bit from the main entrance, you will have a handful of people near you at the most. I found this surprising, since Flamenco beach is the most popular on the island, and that’s where most day-trippers head upon arrival to Culebra.

Flamenco beach is a protected Marine Wildlife Reserve, and a lot of effort has been made, to keep it the unspoiled piece of paradise that it is. There is no motorized sports allowed on the beach, so you can enjoy it without the noise of motor boats or jet skis.

Flamenco beach snorkeling

One great thing about snorkeling in Culebra is, that you don’t have to venture out very far to see some amazing marine life. On most beaches, you can find a reef right off of them, and it’s no different on Flamenco beach. Both ends have great snorkeling spots, all you need to do is grab your snorkel mask and walk over.

When you arrive on the beach, take a right and head all the way to the east end. There, you will find an area between two rows of rocks, called Shark cages. The reef starts almost immediately as you enter the water, and you will be able to spot a variety of fish there.

Another great spot to see a lot of fish is on the west end of the beach, near the graffiti covered tank. The dark spots on the turquoise water, that indicate the reef will lead you there. If not, the swarms of pelicans hunting for the next meal will.

Culebra Tanks

It’s almost hard to believe, that the beautiful island of Culebra was once used by US Navy for bombing and target practice. After years of locals’ protests, the military finally seized the operation and left the island in 1975. Upon departure they left all their tanks and gear, that later got removed from the island. Well, with the exception of two tanks, that were left behind on Flamenco beach.

If you walk to the far west end of the beach, you will find one up on the hill, the other partially submerged in water. Time and salty water turned the tanks rusty, but the locals gave it a fun make over and covered them with colorful graffiti. It gave the tanks a more cheerful appearance, and they quickly became a unique part of the beach. While the opinions are divided on whether they spoil the otherwise pristine beach, or are a fun addition, the tanks are an integral part of Flamenco Beach.

Food on Flamenco Beach in Culebra

Most of the beaches in Culebra ( there are 13 of them ) have no facilities, which means no changing rooms, restrooms and no places to get any food or drinks. Flamenco Beach is an exception, probably because it’s the most popular and visited one. If you forget to pack a cooler with food and drinks, you can get those at Los Kioskos.

There are about 6 kiosks, near the parking lot, with a decent selection of food and drinks. You will be able to get things like empanadas, chicken kebab, tripleta sandwiches, salads and pizza. One of them opens early for breakfast and serves all kinds of sandwiches, scrambled eggs and amazingly good coffee.

Where to stay on Flamenco Beach

The accommodations choices in Culebra are somewhat limited, and Flamenco beach is no exception. Much like the rest of the island, the beach is not lined with hotels and resorts, but trees and mangroves. The fact, that the beach remains unspoiled is amazing, even though it means, choices to stay right on it are just a few.

Having said that, it is possible to stay right on Flamenco beach, but your options are VERY limited. This 1 mile long beach has only 3 accommodation choices. On the east end of the beach, there are 2 Villa rentals: Villa Flamenco Beach and next door Culebra Beach Rental. The first one has just 6 units and scoring a room is not easy, with many repeat visitors booking way in advance. The chances are higher in Culebra Beach Rental, as the property is much bigger.

If you are looking for a real adventurous experience, there is an option of camping on Flamenco beach for $30/night. The campground is all the way to the left of the beach, near the graffiti covered tanks. There are showers and bathrooms on site, and kiosks with food are within a walking distance.

Day trip to Flamenco beach – how to get to Flamenco beach

A lot of people take a day trip to Culebra from the main island and majority of them do so just to spend a day on Flamenco beach. There are several ways you can get to Culebra for the day. By far the most popular way is to take a ferry, followed by a catamaran tour and plane being a great, but most expensive, therefore the leats popular option.

Getting to Culebra by ferry

The most popular way to get to Culebra from the main island of Puerto Rico is by taking the ferry from Ceiba. The whole process is a bit of a hassle and not the most reliable, but it’s the most economic option. The smaller ferries have less capacity and residents have priority over visitors, so scoring a seat is not a guarantee. If you are heading to Culebra just for the day, I recommend showing up at the ferry terminal as early as possible. Not only to make the most out of your day, but also to score a seat on the ferry.

The ferry arrives at the Terminal in Culebra, which is 4 km away from Flamenco Beach. It’s about a 10 min taxi drive.

UPDATE: things just got easier in terms of getting ferry tickets to Culebra. As of April 2019 you can look up schedules and book tickets online. This is a limited ticket inventory set aside for online booking.

Getting to Culebra by plane

Another option of getting to Culebra, that is definitely stress and hassle-free, is by plane. It does come with a much higher price tag, therefore it’s usually not what most people choose when taking a day trip to Culebra. You can fly from the International Airport in San Juan with Seaborne Airlines. The two smaller airports in Ceiba and Isla Grande in San Juan have daily flights with Air Flamenco and Vieques Air Link. The planes are tiny, with 8 seats only, so you need to book early, as naturally they fill up quickly. Especially in high season.

Flamenco Beach is about 2.7 km, which is a 5 min ride, from the Benjamín Rivera Noriega Airport. There is public transportation to Flamenco beach, that will get you there in just minutes for $3 one way. Alternatively, you can rent a golf cart or a jeep for the day from Carlos Jeep Rentals. Their office is right around the corner from the airport.


  • Culebra – things to do and everything else you need to know.

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Who doesn’t like to relax on the beach? A trip to the sand and sea is one of the best stress relievers, but if you’re not sure which beach to go to, you can include one of them in your holiday plan.

Horseshoe Bay Beach: BermudaHorseshoe Bay Beach: Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay Beach: Bermuda (Hotel Prices & Photos) island of Bermuda. This is the island’s most popular beach and one of the most photographed in the world, you might think it’s impossible to find your own spot on the sand, but luckily it’s big enough to accommodate the crowd.

And it even features secluded coves that are perfect for romance, including wedding ceremonies. It’s very tempting in the early morning hours before the cruise passengers arrive, a time when you can even enjoy it all yourself.

Shoal Bay, AnguillaShoal Bay, Anguilla

Shoal Bay, Anguilla (Hotel Prices & Photos)

Shoal Bay on the Caribbean island of Anguilla offers the opportunity to live out your fantasy on a tropical beach. On the edge of crystal clear jade water filled with colorful fish, there is powdery white sand as well as coral gardens that are perfect for diving or snorkeling. Although it is one of the most popular beaches in this small island country and offers plenty of things to do because it is two miles long, it is never crowded. Visitors can also enjoy a meal and a drink at one of the many eateries and bars that line the shores, rent an umbrella and sun lounger for the day, or simply stretch out under a coconut tree and take a pleasant nap.

Chincoteague, VA Chincoteague, VA

Assateague Island National Beach, Chincoteague, Virginia (Hotel Prices & Photos)

The 37-mile-long Assateague Island National Beach is located on a small, tranquil island off the coast of Virginia. It was made famous by a children’s book and attracts all ages with the chance to see wild ponies galloping across the sands, through forests and salt marshes. Every year at the end of July, the animals are collected to swim through the canal, creating an unforgettable spectacle. Bird watchers are also attracted here, as it is a harbor with over 320 bird species, including heron, osprey, heron, and peregrine falcon.

Rainbow Beach Queensland Australia coastline as well as a beach with over 70 different colors in its sands. Nestled between Fraser Island, Great Sandy National Park and the sparkling expanses of the Pacific Ocean, it offers an idyllic getaway for beach lovers, eco-tourists, fishermen, campers and those who just want to relax. The hues are a hidden combination of erosion and iron oxide buildup that has been going on since the last ice age — though ancient Aboriginal legend says this is the result of a rainbow spirit falling on large coastal cliffs after losing a battle for a beautiful woman. You can see the most vibrant colors by walking south from the surf club along the beach for 1.25 miles to the start of the high colored sand cliffs, ideally at low tide. 9Flamenco Beach Puerto Rico Flamenco Beach Puerto Rico like he stepped out of a commercial for The Crown. It doesn’t offer luxury resorts or high-end restaurants along its sands, but the U-shaped bay boasts pristine white sands, warm turquoise waters, swaying palm trees, a tranquil lagoon, and lush vegetation. There are no crowds and traffic jams, and the shallow, calm water is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. The beach and the island itself can thank their pristine and undeveloped state in part to the US military. For decades it has been used as an artillery range, keeping developers at bay, leaving only derelict tanks on the sand that can now be seen in elaborate Caribbean designs.

Waipio Valley Waipio Valley

Waipio Valley Beach, Big Island, Hawaii (Hotel Prices and Photos)

Waipio Valley Beach is located in the picturesque valley of the same name on the northeast coast of the Big Island. Often described as a «Shangri-La» of sorts, it’s almost completely cut off from the outside world, meaning it’s the hardest to get to in all of Hawaii. A mile wide valley cuts through the Kohala Mountains and is difficult to access because of the steep cliffs on three sides and powerful waves on the other, which make it equally inaccessible from the sea. You’ll need to descend a treacherously narrow, steep road to get to it, but once you’re there, you’ll be rewarded with this mile-long, volcanic black sand beach bordered by towering 2,000-foot cliffs surrounded by dense rainforest. The Waiulili and Kaluahine waterfalls cut into the rocks at the southern end of the beach, enhancing its breathtaking appeal.

Trunk Bay, St. JohnTrunk Bay, St. John

Trunk Bay, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands (Hotel Prices and Photos)

Trunk Bay — one of the most photographed beaches in the world seems to be it was made for postcards. It is located in the northwest corner of the Virgin Islands National Park, with a backdrop of swaying palm trees and shady sea vine trees. Soft sands and shallow, clear caerulean waters, the 225-yard underwater trail for outstanding snorkeling make it one of the most popular for beachgoers worldwide, as do winding hiking trails that wind through the surrounding greenery filled with the ruins of historic sugar plantations. cane.

Hot Water Beach, New Zealand Hot Water Beach, New Zealand

Hot Water Beach, New Zealand (Hotel Prices and Photos)

Hot Water Beach has a hidden secret. Located along the east coast of the North Island’s Coromandel Peninsula, it offers a unique New Zealand experience to visitors who board and know how to bring shovels and arrive within two hours of low tide. It’s when you can dig your own natural bath right into the sand and relax in the warm, soothing springs while enjoying the hot water that bubbles in the golden sands — until the tide rises and the waves wash away the fun that is.

Blinky Beach, Lord Howe Island Blinky Beach, Lord Howe Island

Almost halfway to New Zealand, this incredibly remote and stunning island has one of the most magnificent stretches of sand on the planet. Located on the east side of Lord Howe Island, between Blinky Point and the headland known as Lamb Birdwatching, this fantasy-style beach features the essential powdery white sands and azure waters. It’s one of the best places in the entire country to ride the waves without the crowds or enjoy a refreshing swim, and the pristine beach is the perfect spot for a relaxing picnic.

Los Roques, Venezuela Los Roques, Venezuela

Cayo de Agua, Los Roques, Venezuela (Hotel Prices and Photos)

Los Roques is an archipelago of more than 350 islands — indeed, no matter which whichever you choose, you’ll be dazzled by white sand on exceptionally stunning beaches and shallow tropical waters filled with an array of marine life, including corals. The reef is home to some of the most spectacular underwater fauna and flora in the Caribbean. Cayo de Agua stands out as the best of the best among beautiful beaches and has been named one of the top five in the world by TripAdvisor. You have never seen such an amazing stretch of sand with clear warm blue water, white sand and hardly any other person in sight.

Koh Phi Phi, ThailandKo Phi Phi, Thailand

Long Beach, Koh Phi Phi, Thailand (Hotel Prices & Photos)

Stunning views of the rugged, jungle peaks of neighboring Phi Phi Leh, incredible snorkelling and the calm, relaxed atmosphere contributes to the overall charm of Long Beach. The perfect beach to avoid the crowds and can be reached in five minutes by boat from Tonsai village. He is known for having one of the softest, top white sands on the island with many soft sandy beaches as well as excellent snorkeling. You don’t have to swim very far to see the colorful fish in their underwater habitat, and at Shark Point, at about 700 feet, you’ll see black reef sharks, especially in the early morning hours.

iguana on Galapagos Beach, Tortugasiguana Bay on Galapagos Beach, Tortugas Bay

Galapagos Beach, Tortuga Bay, Ecuador (Hotel Prices and Photos)

Galapagos Beach in Tortuga Bay on Santa Cruz Island is considered not only one of the most impressive beaches in the Galapagos Islands, but in all of South America. It’s the perfect place to swim or just laze on some of the whitest sands you’ll ever see while watching the sea turtles, marine iguanas, sea lions, pelicans, lava gulls and flamingos that are endemic to the islands and commonly found along the coasts.

Photos and videos of the most beautiful beaches in the world

We present a selection of the best and most beautiful places on the planet, which everyone will certainly want to visit. Secluded, luxurious with white sand, wild places — look and enjoy photos of amazing places with unforgettable nature and incredible beauty.

The best beaches in the photo

Fraser Island (Australia)

This is a unique natural monument, which was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List 27 years ago. The island is one of the largest stretches of sand in the world, measuring 120 km long by 23 km wide. Sand dunes on the island reach a height of up to 240 m. Scientists believe that this unique ecosystem in the photo is more than 4 hundred years old.

With over 100 km of wild, beautiful and serene white sand beaches, Fraser Island is breathtakingly beautiful.

Grace Bay Beach (Providenciales, Turks and Caicos)

Not far from Cuba and the Dominican Republic is the island of Providenciales. It is part of the British overseas islands in the Atlantic Ocean — Turks and Caicos. For many years, these beautiful sandy beaches (pictured) have been recognized as the best in the world. There is a very developed infrastructure in the form of luxury hotels, while a person feels himself far from civilization. This beach is most loved by divers who can enjoy the view of the 20 km barrier reef and the 2 km underwater wall.

Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla (Caribbean)

The island of Anguilla is located in the eastern part of the Caribbean Sea, which belongs to the UK, but is a self-governing territory. There are about three dozen beautiful beaches with white sand. The size of the coral island is small, but it is a truly heavenly place with crystal clear blue water and pristine nature, which has not been touched by a human hand.

Pictured is Anguilla’s most beautiful beach — Rendezvous Bay

Matira beach , Bora Bora (French Polynesia)

Matira Beach is considered the most beautiful and best beach in Bora Bora. Here is not only amazingly beautiful nature, but also a great place for hunting. Hotels offer their tourists entertainment such as shark feeding, the search for artifacts from the Second World War and black pearls.

The photo shows an amazing corner of French Polynesia — Matira beach

Lopez Mendez, Ilha Grande (Brazil)

South America has one of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in the world — Lopez Mendez. Here you can enjoy the white sand and soak in the crystal clear turquoise water. The island is located far from civilization. There are no highways, and the silence is guarded by thickets of the jungle. You can get to the island only by boat, just a few hours from the noisy Rio de Janeiro and you find yourself in a paradise where you don’t want to leave.

Photo of a real tropical paradise and one of the best beaches in the world

Varadero Beach (Cuba)

One of the most beautiful beaches in the world, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here every year you can meet more and more tourists from all over the world. Admirers of beauty are attracted by the unforgettable underwater world and all kinds of conditions for diving, archaeological sites, developed tourist infrastructure and luxurious beaches.

Top heavenly beaches on earth (video)

Unforgettable Cuba in photo

Anse Lazio Beach, Praslin (Seychelles)

The photo shows the best beach in the Seychelles and one of the most beautiful corners of our planet. Crystal clear turquoise water, a cozy bay far from civilization, snow-white sand, palm trees that lean over the water and cute crabs on the shore — the rest will be truly unforgettable.

Anse Lazio in the photo — the pearl of the Seychelles part of the story is the remains of a shipwreck. You can get to paradise only by water from a neighboring island.

Photo: bird’s eye view of the Navagio

More photos of beautiful beaches and the best places in the world

Pink Sand Beach, Harbor, Bahamas

The pearl of the Bahamas is rightfully considered the pink sand beach Pink Sand Beach, stretching for 5 km along the coast of Harbor Island and harmoniously combined with unforgettable views of the Bahamas. Sand shade of berry dessert is the key to a romantic and luxurious holiday. This chic coast is often used for professional photo shoots by glossy magazines, and experts classify it as one of the most beautiful on the planet.

Palm trees surrounding the shore keep the beach at a comfortable temperature, which is conducive to walks at any time.

Here, nature has created ideal conditions for diving enthusiasts — the purity of the water provides visibility up to 60 m, which allows divers to discover new facets of the archipelago.

Local authorities pay special attention to the economic development of the resort, so the shops and souvenir shops located here will pleasantly surprise tourists with low prices.

Sun Island, Maldives

This piece of land is located away from the noisy resort centers and has a special soulful atmosphere. This is a place where you can not only relax and enjoy the perfect nature of the Maldives, but also not get bored, finding something to your liking in the variety of leisure options offered. The resort offers many water trips, diving, surfing, snorkeling, fishing and much more.

A wide and shallow lagoon, clean sand and clear water are created by nature for quality and safe recreation of guests.

In addition, staying here from July to February, tourists will be able to enjoy the neon glow of the water, which will become a living decoration for a photo shoot and one of the brightest impressions of a vacation.

All the shores of San Island are surrounded by greenery: in addition to the natural fauna, there are many parks, flower gardens, fruit and flower plantations. In particular, on the island you can see a variety of orchid species brought from different parts of the world.

Flamenco, Culebra Island (Puerto Rico)

The beach, stretching along the coast of the island discovered by Columbus, is one of the most popular among tourists. This beach, due to its crowded nature, is not suitable for travelers who prefer solitude with nature, but it will surprise guests with snow-white sand and crystal clear water, which has at least four shades. You can observe the changing color scene throughout the day.

Amazing scenery here is also created by foamy soufflé waves forming fluffy ridges, and the coast is reliably protected from strong surfs by a coral reef.

The beach has all the necessary amenities for tourists, while there is no commercial development, which allows you to relax away from civilization. Travelers can settle down for the night right under the stars on the territory of the camping area.

A special feature of the beach are the tanks that have grown into the snow-white sand and frozen in time, which in the last century were used by the US Navy to train soldiers. Moreover, it was planned to build a military base on the territory of the picturesque island, but the islanders, who did not support this decision, forced the military to leave Culebra.

Later, the locals decorated the iron cars with colored graffiti, thus creating a unique tropical beach scenery.

Eagle Beach (Aruba Island)

Comfortable climate, fascinating nature, clean water continue to attract tourists to the resort of Aruba Island. All kinds of entertainment offered to guests will be of interest to both the youngest vacationers and their parents.

One of the features of the favorite place of rest is fine sand, which does not heat up from the bright sun, but is comparable to powdered sugar to the touch.

The beach has a wide coastline, so it will kindly accommodate a large number of tourists.

Travelers will especially enjoy the flamingos that roam freely along the coast. After getting acquainted with pink birds, you can take a walk among the mangrove trees inland. In its different parts there are bridges and small lagoons — they do not swim in them, as fish come here to breed.

Seven Mile (Cayman Islands)

Seven Mile Beach is the longest beach on Grand Cayman. Its length is less than six miles, but this does not detract from its popularity among travelers.

The white sandy strip of Seven Mile, extending into the distance of the Caribbean coast, has the shape of a crescent. Its area allows tourists to easily find a sparsely populated place and stay alone with the impeccable nature of the island. By the way, the beach is considered one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean.

Holidays here cannot be called cheap. Tourists can choose from a variety of restaurants, pubs, as well as luxurious hotels, which are among the best in the world.

At the end of the beach is the so-called «city of stingrays», which is a small shallow with white sand at the bottom, where you can always meet stingrays. Tourists are given the opportunity to feed the fish, swim with them and take pictures. It is worth noting that the inhabitants of the sea «city» are practically tamed by people, therefore they do not pose a danger to guests.

Turtle Island, Fiji

This piece of paradise with coral reefs, mangroves, banana trees, coconut groves, and an abundance of bird and animal species is owned by businessman Richard Evanson. Under his leadership, an ecological hotel was built on the island, offering guests 14 bungalows on the coast. Its guests receive here a unique opportunity for complete harmony with nature.

The name of the island was given by its inhabitants — sea turtles, who have chosen the local waters. Tourists visiting this piece of land between April and November will be able to see the process of laying eggs by green turtles, as well as release the hatched offspring into the ocean.

Many tourists also visit the resort to see dugongs, marine mammals resembling mythical mermaids and capable of making sounds similar to human crying.

In addition, the resort is a favorite place for newlyweds who come here not only for wedding ceremonies, but also for honeymoon in places filled with romance.

White Beach, Boracay (Philippines)

White Beach is the heart of Boracay. It stretches for almost 4 km in length and owes its name to the sand, white as flour, which practically does not heat up in the sun. And tourists will be able to hide from the rays under the palm trees tilted by the winds that do not subside.

This is where many hotels, entertainment venues and diving centers are concentrated, and life is in full swing without a break for sleep.

White Beach is popular for its wide range of active beach activities. Local tourists can go to conquer the sea in boats with sails or a transparent bottom, ride water rides, and go snorkeling and kiting. The beach will also satisfy the adherents of relaxing types of recreation. By the way, many of these guests prefer long walks along the coastline, which do not get bored due to the breathtaking beauty of the resort.

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