Valid us zip codes: Printable ZIP Code Maps — Free Download

› and ‹$› anchors with word boundaries, so you end up
with ‹\b[0-9]{5}(?:-[0-9]{4})?\b›.


There is one valid ZIP+4 code that this regex will not match:
This is the only ZIP code that includes letters. In 2007, it was
assigned specifically to the eighth floor Saks Fifth Avenue shoe store
in New York, New York. At least thus far, however, the U.S. Postal
Service has not created any other vanity ZIP codes. Mail addressed to
ZIP code 10022 will still reach the shoe store
(and pass validation) just fine, so we don’t think it’s worthwhile to
modify the regex to shoehorn in this sole exception.

See Also

For people who deal with non-U.S. addresses, we’ve covered
Canadian postal codes in Recipe 4.15, and
U.K. postcodes in Recipe 4.16.

Recipe 4.17 shows how to determine whether
something looks like a P. O. box address, for cases where you need to
treat P.O. boxes differently than normal street addresses.

You can look up cities by ZIP code, or ZIP codes by city and state
or address, at
However, ZIP codes actually correspond to mail delivery paths rather
than specific geographic locations, so there are many unusual cases
including ZIP codes that cross state boundaries or that service military
vessels, specific corporate buildings, or P.O. boxes.

Techniques used in the regular expressions in this recipe are
discussed in Chapter 2. Recipe 2.3 explains character classes. Recipe 2.5 explains anchors. Recipe 2.9 explains grouping. Recipe 2.12 explains repetition.

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US Zip code or Postal code of US (66 valid list)

Here is the list of 66 valid US Zip code or Postal code of US.  

 A ZIP stands for zone improvement Plan a combination of 5-digit codes which specify particular areas or cities useful while delivery of goods.

State Cities Zip codes
Alabama Huntsville 35801 — 35816
Alaska Anchorage 99501 — 99524
Arizona Phoenix 85001 — 85055
Arkansas Little Rock 72201 — 72217
California Sacramento 94203 — 94209
Los Angeles 90001 — 90089
Beverly Hills 90209 — 90213
Colorado Denver 80201 — 80239
Conneticut Hartford 06101 — 06112
Deleware Dover 19901 — 19905
District of Columbia Washington 20001 — 20020
Florida Pensacola 32501 — 32509
Miami 33124 — 33190
Orlando 32801 — 32837
Georgia Atlanta 30301 — 30381
Hawaii Honolulu 96801 — 96830
Idaho Montpelier 83254
Illinois Chicago 60601 — 60641
Springfield 62701 — 62709
Indiana Indianapolis 46201 — 46209
Iowa Davenport 52801 — 52809
Des Moines 50301 — 50323
Kansas Wichita 67201 — 67221
Kentucky Hazard 41701- 41702
Lousiana New Orleans 70112 — 70119
Maine Freeport 04032 — 04034
Maryland Baltimore 21201 — 21237
Massachusetts Boston 02101 — 02137
Michigan Coldwater 49036
Gaylord 49734 — 49735
Minnesota Duluth 55801 — 55808
Mississippo Biloxi 39530 — 39535
Missouri St. Louis 63101 — 63141
Montana Laurel 59044
Nebraska Hastings 68901 — 68902
Nevada Reno 89501 — 89513
New Hampshire Ashland 3217
New Jersey Livingston 7039
New Mexico Santa Fe 87500 — 87506
New York New York 10001 — 10048
North Carolina Oxford 27565
North Dakota Walhalla 58282
Ohio Cleveland 44101 — 44179
Oklahoma Tulsa 74101 — 74110
Oregon Portland 97201 — 97225
Pennsylvania Pittsburgh 15201 — 15244
Rhode Island Newport 02840 — 02841
South Carolina Camden 29020
South Dakota Aberdeen 57401 — 57402
Tennessee Nashville 37201 — 37222
Texas Austin 78701 — 78705
Utah Logan 84321 — 84323
Vermont Killington 5751
Virginia Altavista 24517
Washington Bellevue (home of windoze) 98004 — 98009
West Virginia Beaver 25813
Wisconsin Milwaukee 53201 — 53228
Wyoming Pinedale 82941

What is Zip Code?

Zip code is a set of five or nine-digit numbers mainly used by the United States postal service (USPS) to deliver mails/goods from sender to receiver efficiently.  

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In the US they use Zipcode instead of Postal code but the meaning is the same.

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Enrich customer profiles with improved addresses (contains video) — Dynamics 365 Customer Insights





E-mail address

  • Article
  • Reading takes 2 minutes

The addresses in your data may be unstructured, incomplete, or incorrect. Use Microsoft models to normalize and enrich your Common Data Model addresses for greater accuracy and understanding.

You can also enrich addresses in data sources to improve matching accuracy during data unification.

How we improve addresses

Our model goes through a two-stage address improvement process. First, it parses the address to identify its components and puts them into a structured format. We then use AI to correct, fill in, and standardize the values ​​in the address.


Address information may be in a non-standard format and contain spelling errors. The model can correct these issues and create consistent addresses in unified customer profiles.

 4567 w main stret californa missouri 54321 us
 - Street1: 4567 W Main St
City: California
- State Or Province: MO
- Zip Or Post Code: 54321
- CountryOrRegion: United States of America
- Address: 4567 W Main St, California, MO, 54321, United States of America


Extended addresses only work with values ​​that already exist in your received address data. The model does not do the following:

  1. Does not check that the address is valid.
  2. Does not validate any values ​​such as postal codes or street names.
  3. Does not change values ​​it does not recognize.

The model uses machine learning methods to improve addresses. As with any model based on machine learning, 100 percent accuracy is not guaranteed.

Supported countries/regions

We currently support address enrichment in the following countries/regions:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • United Kingdom
  • USA

Set enrichment

  1. Go to Data > Enrichment and select tab Detect .

  2. Select Enrich My Data on tile Extended Addresses .

  3. View the overview and select Next .

  4. Select Customer dataset and select the profile or segment you want to enrich. Entity Client enriches all your client profiles, while a segment enriches only the client profiles contained in that segment.

  5. Select the format of the addresses in your data set. Select Address consisting of one attribute if the addresses in your data use the same field. Select Address with multiple attributes if the addresses in your data use more than one data field.

  6. Select Next and match the address fields from your single customer entity.


    Country or region is required in both single and multiple attribute addresses. Addresses that do not contain valid or supported country/region values ​​will not be enriched.

  7. Select Next to complete the field mapping.

  8. Specify Name for enrichment and Output entity .

  9. Select Save enrichment after viewing your selection.

View fortification results

After the fortification cycle is completed, select fortification to view the results.

The results show the number of enriched profiles and the number of enriched profiles over time. On card Preview of enriched clients shows a sample of the generated enrichment entity. To view the detail view, select Details and select the Data tab.

In field Number of clients enriched by the value of field , the coverage of each enriched field is detailed.

Overview card

Card Overview of customer changes shows enrichment coverage details:

  • Addresses processed and modified : Number of customer profiles with addresses that were successfully completed.
  • Addresses processed and not changed : Number of customer profiles with addresses that were recognized but not changed. This usually happens when the input is valid and cannot be improved by enrichment.
  • Addresses not processed or changed : Number of profiles with addresses that were not recognized. Typically for inputs that are invalid or not supported by enrichment.

Next steps

Based on your enriched customer data. Create segments and measures by selecting icons on the command bar. You can also export the data to give your clients a personalized experience.


What is your preference for documentation language? Complete the short survey (please note this survey is in English).

The survey will take approximately seven minutes. No personal data is collected (privacy statement).


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Netherlands Postal Service Manual

Find out everything about postal service in the Netherlands, from receiving parcels and sending letters abroad to finding a mailbox.

Although it may seem like everything is done over the Internet these days, the postal service still plays an important role in our lives. From paying bills to sending gifts abroad, postal services are often indispensable when it comes to setting up a home in a new country.

Read more


  • Introduction to the Netherlands Postal Service
  • Post offices in the Netherlands
  • Sending mail and parcels in the Netherlands
  • receipt of mail in the Netherlands
  • Business mail in the Netherlands
  • Useful resources


    9000 Netherlands
  1. Post offices in the Netherlands
  2. Mail and parcel dispatch in the Netherlands
  3. Parcel sizes and delivery times
  4. Getting mail in the Netherlands
  5. Business mail for companies
  6. Useful resources
  7. Video

Introduction to the Dutch postal service fast mail

. However, we still rely on the postal service for things like delivering packages, getting notifications from municipal or tax authorities, or sometimes sending a funny postcard to friends at home. Even despite the annual decline in the volume of mail (in 2019In 2018, the number of postal items in the Netherlands decreased by 9.2%), the Netherlands continues to have an efficient postal service throughout the country, based on more than 220 years of experience.

In February 2020, in February 2020, the postal service will be launched in the Netherlands.

As of February 2020, Saand and PostNL have merged their parallel networks; now all national postal services in the Netherlands are provided through PostNL. PostNL processes an average of 6.8 million emails each day, serving almost eight million addresses through 1,500 post offices, 11,000 mailboxes and 20,000 delivery workers. This ensures that a reliable service network is available to you when and where you need it.

Post offices in the Netherlands

There are post offices in every city, town and village in the Netherlands. As a rule, they are open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00. If you’re looking for a post office, look out for the orange triangular PostNL logo. Some of them are separate service points where you can send and receive letters and parcels, inquire about prices, purchase stamps, boxes and other packaging accessories. Post office counters are also found in many tobacco or office supply stores such as Winter or Primera; in these places you can also buy postcards, pens and other paper products.

As in other stores, post offices offer postcards, pens and other paper products.

Use this handy tool to find your nearest post office, post box or place to buy stamps in the Netherlands.

Sending mail and parcels in the Netherlands

If you need to send something important to the Netherlands, your first destination is likely to be the nearest post office. Here you can buy postage, send mail or parcels, and take advantage of various shipping options. Payment is made in the store in cash or by card. You can also coordinate all delivery details through the PostNL online portal. You can also add the «Track & Trace» code to the parcel or letter. By sending a package through PostNL, you can track its current status until it arrives at its destination. In addition to the name and address of the recipient, you must specify the required postal code; postal codes of the Netherlands ( postcode in Dutch) is four digits followed by two capital letters. If you are unsure of the postcode, you can find it by entering the address on the PostNL Postcode Finder website.

The price you pay for postage depends on the size and weight of what you want to send. For the most up-to-date pricing information, please refer to the PostNL Pricing Guide. The general postage costs are as follows:

There are many places in the Netherlands where you can buy stamps. In addition to post offices, stamps can be purchased at many supermarkets, gas stations and some bookstores throughout the country. Postage stamps for internal use cost €0.91 and are usually sold in packs of 10. International postage stamps cost €1.50 and are sold in packs of six.

Parcel sizes and delivery times

If your letter or package is at least 14×9 cm or less than 38×26.5×3.2 cm and weighs less than 2 kg, you can send it directly to the mailbox. Mailboxes in the Netherlands are easily recognizable as they are the same bright orange color as the PostNL logo. The right mailbox slot is for letters for nearby postcodes (usually within the same city or nearest area), while the left one is for more distant destinations. The time for receiving letters is indicated on the mailbox. If you drop the letter or package before this time, it will arrive at your destination in the Netherlands on or about the next day (excluding public holidays). Parcels delivered on Saturday, Sunday or Monday are usually delivered on Tuesday.

Parcels delivered on Saturday, Sunday or Monday are usually delivered on Tuesday.

If your parcel does not fit in a standard mailbox, you will have to send it through the post office or other courier service. The cost of sending a parcel within the Netherlands less than 100x50x50 cm and weighing less than 10 kg is 7.50 euros. Parcels weighing between 10 and 23 kg and up to 176x78x58 cm cost 13.50 euros. Please check with your post office staff for prices for international or domestic delivery exceeding the above limits.

In addition to PostNL, there are a number of private companies that provide various delivery services both domestically and internationally at various prices. These include DPD, DHL, FedEx, UPS and Eurosender.

Receipt of postal items in the Netherlands

Household items are delivered daily on working days, usually before 18:00. Parcels and other special items (such as traceable items) are also delivered to your home on Saturdays.

If you want to receive a parcel at home, it is delivered on Saturdays.

If you are not at home at the time of delivery, PostNL will usually try to leave it with one of your neighbors. In this case, they leave a note with the delivery time and the address where you can find your package. The PostNL tracking tool allows you to determine where your package is. In some cases, the parcel is sent to the PostNL collection point closest to you. This could be the nearest post office, a licensed retail store, or a package store associated with the delivery company handling your package. You can find your nearest PostNL pickup point here.

Please bring valid identification (eg passport, Dutch driver’s license, EU card) and sign for the package upon receipt. Depending on the value of the package and country of origin, you may have to pay additional import duties and taxes. Parcels not picked up within seven days are returned to the sender.

If your package is lost or stolen, or if part of your package is missing, you can find information on legal options and how to file a formal complaint with PostNL Customer Service.

Business mail for companies

If you run a company in the Netherlands, you may need to use PostNL to keep in touch with contacts and clients. If you are a small business owner, you may not want to share your home address with clients. In this case, you may want to consider using a PostNL PO box.

There are several options when it comes to postal services for your business. These include scalable discounts, international shipping, multi-language tracking, package insurance, customer return services. For more information on international and domestic shipping services, visit the PostNL Business Solutions page. Once you have a clear idea of ​​your needs and shipping volumes, you can request a quote for your company.

Useful Resources

  • PostNL — General information about postal services in the Netherlands.
  • PO Box — Find the nearest post office, PO box or place to buy stamps in the Netherlands.
  • PostNL Customer Service — Information about filing complaints or locating lost or stolen items.
  • International Service Alerts — latest information on delivery times and conditions
  • DPD, DHL, FedEx, UPS and Eurosender are alternative private transport companies offering domestic and international services in the Netherlands.

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