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Rincon Brewery is dedicated to providing the highest quality, full-flavored, malt beverages. Our inspiration originates from the beautiful Rincon Beach coastline to the fresh, thriving local Carpinteria farmlands. Combined, these waves of grain provide the ideal blend that define the essence of Rincon Brewery. With a strong commitment to preservation and restoration of our natural environment, we promise to bring you the freshest, most exceptional, hand-crafted beers the Central Coast has to offer. Our vision is to create an environment at Rincon Brewery, where along with serving the finest beers, friendships will be made, businesses will be shaped and conversations will be cultivated.

  •   5065 Carpinteria Ave, Carpinteria, CA 93013
  •   @rinconbrewery
  •   www.rinconbrewery.com


Belgian Tripel

Belgian Tripel8.4% ABV25 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Bright malty sweetness with notes of lemon and dried flowers leads this refreshing Belgian Tripel to a dry finish

Holiday Mac Brown

American Brown Ale5. 6% ABV31 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Toast, hazlenut and bittersweet chocolate blend together for merriment and tradition.

RIncon Beached Hazy IPA Nitro

Hazy IPA6.2% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Our original Hazy IPA — only on Nitro!

Raspberry Saison

Saison7.3% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA


American IPA6.1% ABV55 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Pale straw in color with aromas of lemon zest, wildflowers, and pine resin. Citrus flavors abound with malty sweetness and crisp finish.

Rincon «A Frame» IPA

American IPA6.3% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Brewed for our friends at Padaro Beach Grill this West Coast IPA stands out with a generous helping of Simcoe and Amarillo hops.

Rincon «Brett» Douple IPA

Double IPA9.3% ABV46 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Subtle hop aromatics with a bitter fruity notes. A rollercoaster of flavors!

Rincon 17 @ 17

American IPA7.5% ABV63 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

West Coast IPA with Simcoe and Columbus hops.

Rincon [email protected]

American IPA7.5% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

West Coast IPA with Simcoe and Columbus hops

Rincon 6th Anniversary BA Red Rye Ale

Imperial Red Rye Ale9.6% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Imperial Red Ale made with rye malt. Aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels for 11 months providing notes of vanilla and oak .

Rincon 7th Anniversary Barrel-Aged Imperial Brown

Barrel-Aged Imperial Brown10.0% ABV22 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Brown porter base with malted oats to lend a chewiness to help support the long residency in Kentucky bourbon barrels

Rincon AVO Festbier

Festbier4.9% ABV14 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Aromas of toasting bread and subtle hints of noble German hops.

Rincon Avo Ale 2018

American Amber Ale4.6% ABV16 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Amber Ale brewed with toasted avocado pits.

Rincon Avo Ale 2019

American Amber Ale5.0% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

The official beer of the California Avocado Festival. This amber beer is brewed with roasted avocado pits and select German malts.

Rincon Avo Ale 2020

American Amber Ale5.0% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Official beer of the California Avocado Festival. Easy drinking Fest Ale brewed with acocado pits and premium German malts.

Rincon Barbeerians’ Baltic Porter

Baltic Porter6.7% ABV32 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

A dark, strong, and flavorful lager, brewed with our good friends in the Santa Barbeerians homebrewing club.

Rincon Barrel Aged Bombora

Barrel Aged Belgian Dark Strong Ale10.5% ABV23 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Belgian Dark Strong Ale aged in Brandy Barrels for 6 months. Deceptively smooth, with hints of brandy, vanilla and oak.

Rincon Barrel Aged Mac Brown

Wood-Aged Beer7.0% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Our Mac Brown Ale aged in Cruzan rum barrels for 12 months.

Rincon Barrel Aged Rivermouth

Oatmeal Stout9.5% ABV70 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Our Rivermouth double oatmeal stout, dosed with a hefty cold brewed espresso. We then aged the beer for 8 months in bourbon barrels.

Rincon Barrel Aged Wheat Wine

Barrel Aged Wheatwine9.8% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Brewed for RB’s 5 year anniversary this beer was aged in bourbon barrels and features aromas of caramel with notes of toffee and vanilla.

Rincon Bates -Lavender

Belgian Blonde Ale5.4% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Our Bates Belgian Blonde fermented with honey with the additon of desert lavender from SB Botanic Gardens.

Rincon Bates -Wood Mint

Belgian Blonde Ale5. 4% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Our Bates Belgian Blonde fermented with honey with the additon of wood mint from SB Botanic Gardens.

Rincon Bates Belgian Blonde

Belgian Blonde Ale5.4% ABV16 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Light and refreshing, full of flavor. Inspired by the monastic brewing tradition of Belgium, fruity esters with a hint of noble hops.

Rincon Beached Hazy IPA

Hazy IPA6.2% ABV15 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Falconer’s Flight, Cashmere, and Ekuanot Cryo hops give this hazy notes of lemon zest with underlying hints of tropical fruit and spice.

Rincon Beached Hazy IPA #10

Hazy IPA6.0% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Our 10th batch of our Beached Hazy IPA. . Brewed with El Dorado, Vics Secret and Loral Cryo Hops. Grapefruit notes with a juicy finish

Rincon Beached Hazy IPA #11

Hazy IPA6.7% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Batch 11. This run features Ella, El Dorado, and Ekuanot Cryo hops. Strong citrus notes with smooth, hoppy finish.

Rincon Beached Hazy IPA #12

Hazy/Juicy/NE Style IPA6.7% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Next in our Beached Hazy IPA series. Tropical fruit and citrus flavors with low bitterness featuring Mosaic, Ekuanot, and Simcoe Cryo hops.

Rincon Beached Hazy IPA #13

Hazy IPA6.0% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Mosaic and Centennial hops give this batch that «juicy» flavor and citrus aromas…..think and taste tangerine, lemon, and pine.

Rincon Beached Hazy IPA #6

Hazy/Juicy/NE Style IPA7.0% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Hazy/New England-style IPA is brewed with copious amounts of Azacca and Cashmere hops showcasing bright notes of citrus and tropical fruit.

Rincon Beached Hazy IPA #7

New England/Juicy/Hazy7.0% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Rotating Hazy IPA Series #7. This batch features Ella and Mandarina Bavaria Hops lending itself to elegant citrus and orange blossom notes.

Rincon Beached Hazy IPA #8

New England/Hazy/Juicy5.3% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Brewed with Citra Cryo and Ella hops this iteration features strong pineapple and citrus notes.

Rincon Beached Too Hazy IPA

New England/Hazy IPA6.7% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

This juicy liquid is a new take on our first Hazy release. Reduced hop bitterness allows the true tropical fruit flavors to come forward.

Rincon Bechers Bay

American Strong Ale8.1% ABV30 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Brewed with blend of American and English malts. Aged in whiskey barrels 14 months. Aromas of oak and spirits. Toffee and vanilla flavors.

Rincon Bechers Bay Nitro

American Strong Ale8.1% ABV30 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Brewed with blend of American and English malt. Aged in whiskey barrels 14 months. Aromas of oak and spirits. Toffee and vanilla flavors.

Rincon Belgian Tripel Nitro

Belgian Tripel8.4% ABV25 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Bright malty sweetness with notes of lemon and dried flowers leads this refreshing Tripel, served on Nitro

Rincon Bombora

Belgian Dark Strong Ale9.0% ABV23 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Belgian Style Dark Strong Ale. Inspired by the monastic brewing tradition of Belgium, Bombora is a big, heavy-hitting ale. Deep amber color leads with strong aromas and flavors of plum, raisin, and intense maltyness. Lightly hopped, for balance, Bombora is rich, complex, smooth and strong.

Rincon Brewery Kickflip

German Pils5.1% ABV35 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Classic German style Pils just in time for late summer heat. Light body with firm hop flavor and bitterness. Very dry finish.

Rincon Brewery Lemon Drop

Pale Ale5. 5% ABV37 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Refreshing pale ale with mild, but firm, bitterness and solid lemon zest aroma from the hops.

Rincon Brewery Merrick Lager

American Light Lager4.2% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Rincon Campus Point Amber

American Amber Ale5.4% ABV16 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Rincon Campus Point Amber Ale

American Amber Ale4.6% ABV16 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Amber ale brewed specially for our Isla Vista location.

Rincon Caught Inside

Double IPA9.1% ABV82 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Pronounced hop bitterness and an intense hop flavor and aroma. Tropical fruit and floral aroma and flavor with a crisp finish.

Rincon Caught Inside

Double IPA8.6% ABV82 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Rincon Cetacea

Dry Hopped Rice Lager6.7% ABV25 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Aromas of lemon/lime and melon with hints of tropical fruit and fresh herbs

Rincon Dark Saison

Dark Saison5. 6% ABV23 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Rich flavors of toasting bread, semi sweet chocolate and dried dark fruits with lingering finish reminiscent of dark rye bread

Rincon Dos Arboles

Czech Pilsner5.6% ABV28 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

A Czech style Pilsner fermented with European Lager yeast for a crisp finish. Pilsner Malt and traditional Czech hops.

Rincon El Oso Viejo

Barrel Aged American Barleywine10.5% ABV65 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Kentucky Bourbon and Cruzan rum barrel aged American Barleywine.

Rincon Exit 83

Belgian IPA7.8% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Rincon Floater Pale Ale Nitro

American Pale Ale7.0% ABV45 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Rincon Funk’N Hazy

Hazy Double IPA8.9% ABV17 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Brewed in collaboration with Brass Bear Brewing and Bistro this hazy double has soft mouth feel with hints of pineapple and cocounut.

Rincon Guactoberfest

Festbier7.2% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Rincon Haole Boy Lager

American Lager4.6% ABV10 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Mexican style lager brewed with maize.

Rincon Imperial Indictor

American IPA9.2% ABV62 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Special «Imperial» version of our flagship IPA on Nitro

Rincon Imperial Warrior Red

American Amber Ale7.3% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Riff on our Classic Warrior Red Ale. Bumped up malt bill provides more body and ABV, hence the «Imperial» designation.

Rincon Indicator Extra IPA

American IPA7.5% ABV75 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Rincon Indicator IPA

American IPA7.1% ABV62 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Brewed to be light bodied, in order to bring out distinct aromatic qualities of tropical fruit, citrus, floral and pine.

Rincon Indicator IPA Nitro

American IPA7. 1% ABV62 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Our flagship IPA on Nitro!

Rincon Isla Vista Ale

Session Ale4.4% ABV15 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Bright, crisp, and refreshing. This session ale was brewed specifically for Isla Vista. Flavorful and easy-to-drink.

Rincon Jellybowl — Black Currant

Specialty Fruit Beer5.6% ABV16 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

This beer is our house blonde ale wort fermented with a specific strain of Brettanomyces (“Brett.”). Once primary fermentation was almost complete, we added 40 lbs of fruit, and allowed for a secondary fermentation & aging process of 7 weeks. Beer has a berry aroma and tart (not sour) flavor from the brett. yeast and additional natural acidity in the fruit.

Rincon Jellybowl — Blood Orange Pomegranate

Specialty Fruit Beer4.8% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Healthy dose of Pomegranate and Blood Orange with malted wheat provides soft texture with a slightly tart finish.

Rincon Jellybowl Berry

Fruit Beer4.6% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Our rotating fruit beer, features a healthy dose of Black Currants, Red Raspberries and Boysenberries. Slightly tart.

Rincon Jellybowl POG

Fruit Beer4.4% ABV10 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Our rotating fruit beer, features a crowd-favorite combination of Passion Fruit, Orange and Guava (P.O.G.). Crisp tartness

Rincon Jellybowl Pineapple Guava

Specialty Fruit Beer4.7% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

The next release in our Jellybowl Series. This summertime refresher features juicy tartness of fresh pineapple and tropical guava.

Rincon Jellybowl-Strawberry

Specialty Fruit Beer5.6% ABV16 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Our latest iteration in our Jellybowl series, fermented with strawberries.

Rincon La Reina

Mexican Lager4.6% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Named for the Queen of the Coast — Rincon. Brewed with Non-GMO flaked maize and just enough hops resulting in light and refreshing lager

Rincon La Reina Amber

Mexican Lager4.9% ABV25 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Light-bodied, malt-forward Mexican style lager with just enough noble hops bitterness to provide balance

Rincon Little Rincon Blonde

Blonde Ale4.4% ABV16 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Light and refreshing summertime blonde ale. Pilsner-like flavor profile.

Rincon Loon Point Grisette

Grisette6.2% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Mandarina Bavaria dry hopped 4 grain grisette

Rincon Mac Brown

American Brown Ale5.6% ABV31 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Medium bodied and lightly hopped. Brewed with the American and English caramel malts. Toasty malt sweetness, hints of chocolate and toffee.

Rincon Mac Brown Nitro

American Brown Ale5.6% ABV31 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Rincon Marzen

Märzen5. 6% ABV25 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Our take on the classic German style. Smooth, clean, and deep copper colored, with pronounced toasty maltyness and light hop character.

Rincon Nitro Barrel Aged Stout

Oatmeal Stout9.5% ABV70 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Rincon Nitro Double Mac Brown Ale

American Brown Ale7.7% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Rincon Oktoberfest

Märzen5.5% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

German Style Amber Lager

Rincon Oktoberfest-Barrel Aged

Märzen6.1% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

German style amber lager aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels .

Rincon Pale Ale

American Pale Ale6.3% ABV50 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

West Coast Pale Ale featuring hop aromas of citrus and pine from Falconer’s Flight and Cascade hops with notes of biscuit and caramel.

Rincon Pale Amber Wheat

Amber Wheat5. 4% ABV25 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Clean and crisp, this light bodied pale amber wheat features a sweet, floral nose and dry, spiced finish.

Rincon Particulation Double Hazy IPA

Hazy Double IPA7.9% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

The hop bouquet of Ella, Loral, Cashmere, Mosaic, & Loral Cryo gives it a floral and citrus aroma with soft mouth feel and malty sweetness.

Rincon Resilience IPA

American IPA7.1% ABV45 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Brewed in collaboration with Sierra Nevada Brewing. All profits from beer sales donated directly to those affected by Camp Fire.

Rincon Rivermouth Stout

Double Coffee Oatmeal Stout8.0% ABV70 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Double coffee oatmeal stout. Dominated by chocolate and coffee flavors, balanced with just the right amount of roasted barley character.

Rincon Sandspit Saison

Saison7.3% ABV25 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Yeast driven esters and phenolics, hints of stone fruits & bubble gum. A subtle sweetness with an effervescent and refreshing finish.

Rincon Sandspit Session IPA

Session IPA4.5% ABV35 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Brewed to be light and crispy with bright hoppy flavors. Floral citrus notes from Cashmere hops balance against the toasty malt profile.

Rincon Santa

Seasonal Beer5.4% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Flavors of dark fruit and caramel with aromas of bright lemon and Valencia orange peel. Belgian yeast drives fruity esthers.

Rincon Santa Barbara IPA

American IPA7.4% ABV55 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

West Coast IPA. Loral, Centennial, Simcoe Cryo and Amarillo Cryo hops. Aromas of lemon zest and wildflowers Citurs and floral flavors.

Rincon Shoot The Pier

Belgian IPA6.8% ABV66 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Rincon Shoot the Pier #2

Belgian Pale Ale6.9% ABV64 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Rincon Shoot the Pier IPA

American IPA7. 1% ABV60 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

West Coast IPA with notes of caramel with some bitterness.

Rincon Shoreline Seltzer-Guava

Hard Seltzer-Guava5.0% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Choose either Natural with lime, P.O.G, or Wild Berry Flavor

Rincon Social Distancer

American Pale Ale6.0% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

This hoppy aromatic Pale Ale is a Southern California Classic in these trying times. Brewed with Mosaic and Citra Hops

Rincon Tarpitz Lager

Black Lager5.3% ABV29 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Deep and dark lager with hints of roast and dark chocolate, just the right balance of caramel malt sweetness. Deceptively light…

Rincon Tres Cervezerias Session IPA

American IPA5.0% ABV25 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Rincon Ventura IPA

American IPA6.7% ABV50 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

In celebration of opening our brewery in Ventura we brewed this West Coast Style IPA with Simco and Zythos hops.

Rincon Ventura IPA Nitro

American IPA6.7% ABV35 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Same great IPA on Nitro!

Rincon Vienna Lager

Vienna Lager5.5% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Dark amber Vienna lager is a perfect balance of medium bodied maltiness and subtle, dry bitterness. Easy drinking, well rounded beer.

Rincon Wardholme Wheat

American Wheat Beer4.6% ABV16 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

American Style Wheat Ale. Brewed with a touch of honey malt and centennial hops.

Rincon Warrior

American Red Ale6.5% ABV25 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

New-school red ale featuring various caramel malts and a little wheat for head retention. Floral notes of pine resin and sweet malt.

Rincon Warrior Pride Nitro

American Amber Ale4.9% ABV33 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Rincon Waves of Wheat

American Pale Ale5. 6% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Single hopped, wheat based pale ale.

Rincon West Coast Wipeout

Double IPA9.5% ABV110 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Pipeline of Chinook and Columbus hops with an aromatic swirl of Zeus and Amarillo hops and submerged in Simcoe hops.

Rincon Windy Lane Hazy IPA

New England/Hazy IPA6.7% ABV16 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Made with and abundance of Galaxy and Mosaic hops this beer exhibits flavors of tangerine and citrus.

Rincon Witticus The Cloudy

Witbier5.2% ABV16 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Brewed in collab with Amarock Brewing. Pleasant aromas of soft citrus, coriander and yeast derived esters with an undertone of pie crust.

Rincon Yellowbanks Pale Ale

New Zealand Pale Ale6.2% ABV34 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

100% New Zealand Waimea hopped pale ale, brewed in the “West Coast” style. Flavors of pine and citrus, notes of lemon peel

Rincon You’ll Never Walk Alone

American Lager4.9% ABV11 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Rincon/Limoneira Paula Lemon Wheat

Lemon Peel Wheat5.0% ABV13 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Collab with Limoneira to showcase what their lemons can bring to beer. Wheat beer with lemon peel, honey malt, Columbus and Cascade Hops

Tres Cervecerias Hazy Session IPA

Hazy IPA5.2% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Tres Cervezerias

Dry Hopped Pilsner4.5% ABV

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

Collaboration beer withRincon Brewery Island Brewing Company and BrewLab.

We Got This!

American Lager4.3% ABV15 IBU

Rincon BreweryCarpinteria, CA

American style light lager is brewed to be crisp and refreshing. Brewed with organic malt.

Rincón Beer Company – Bar Review

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Central America and the CaribbeanChevron

Puerto RicoChevron


The most extensive tap list for a craft brewery in Puerto Rico.


First impression?
Rincón Beer Company is casual, bright, and lively, with lots of cool local art hanging on the walls, a hastily scribbled chalkboard menu, and casually dressed guests tossing back beers and playing board games. The space can get pretty rowdy on weekends, when there’s live music and brunch.

So who’s there?
50/50 mix of beer-loving locals and tanned, fresh-from-the-beach tourists.

What do they have for drinks?
Beer, beer, and more beer: 16 different brews on tap, the most from a microbrewery on the island, as well as a selection of bottles. Ask your bartender to curate a flight of their favorite local pours.

And the food menu?
Elevated bar fare; the beer-battered fish tacos, topped with crunchy slaw and sriracha mayo, are addictive.

Did the staff do you right?
Incredibly warm—you’ll be treated like an old friend.

What’s the bottom line?
Come here when you’re sick of overpriced tropical cocktails at hotel bars.

Location Map


15 Cll Muñoz Rivera



Puerto Rico

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  • org/ImageObject»>

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Former Real Madrid and Colombia midfielder Freddy Rincón has announced his retirement.

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Former Real Madrid and Colombia midfielder Freddy Rincon has announced his resumption of his career.

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