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Eye-catching Birthday eCard Templates



Happy Birthday Slideshow Japanese

Customize this template to make a stunning birthday video. It’s free to use!



Friends Birthday Wishes

Get new inspiration from this template and make a stunning birthday video for your friend with ease!



Funny Birthday

Want to make a funny birthday video? Edit this template for free!



Happy Birthday Intro

It’s easy to make a beautiful birthday intro here. Customize this template for free!



Sweet Birthday Message Video

Choose pictures and make a sweet birthday video for the little boy!



Birthday Wishes for Lover 2

On her birthday, use this video to show your sincere wishes to your loved one.



Staff Birthday

Send your sincere birthday wishes to the birthday person via a video.



Birthday Wishes for Lover

On her birthday, use this video to show your sincere wishes to your loved one.



Birthday Wishes for Mom

This birthday wishes video template is a great place to add your heartfelt words and get your sincere wishes out.



Birthday Wishes for Grandpa

This birthday wishes video offers a special way to show your sincere wishes to your grandpa on his birthday.



Birthday Wishes for Grandmom

This birthday wishes video offers a special way to help you say to your grandmom on her birthday.



Wishes for Dad 50th Birthday

Check this template and make a unique video for your beloved father’s birthday!

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Types of Funny Birthday Video eCards Ideas That Worth a Try

Birthday Video eCard: Greetings

Make people feel special by sending him or her a warm birthday greeting video card. Simply pick a birthday greeting template and highlight your heartfelt messages with animated texts. Tweak the video length, speed as needed and share it with your loved ones.

Birthday Video eCard: Invitations

Inform your friends and relatives of your upcoming birthday party via a digital invite. Browse FlexClip’s expertly designed birthday invitation video templates and customize the visuals, texts, fonts, colors to match. Then, send your birthday invitation eCard directly to the individuals.

Birthday Video eCard: Slideshow

Bring your birthday photos to life with a birthday slideshow. Use FlexClip’s powerful editing tools to integrate your birthday images and footage with music, texts, funny stickers, and more.

Birthday Video eCard: GIF

Making a funny birthday GIF is also a great way to celebrate birthdays. On FlexClip, you can find numerous birthday elements that can be applied to your birthday GIF cards, such as the birthday balloon, birthday crowns, candles, fireworks, and more.

Besides, you can also create a birthday GIF card from funny images and video clips, such as hilarious animals, quirky characters, etc. Browse our stock photo and video library, and create a chucklesome birthday GIF card for your family, friends, and colleagues.

Make a Video

Bring Your Birthday Video E-card to the Next Level with FlexClip

Pre-made Texts & Funny Stickers for Birthday

With FlexClip, you have access to dozens of ready-made texts perfect for your birthday video ecard. You can customize the fonts, colors, sizes as needed. Besides, there are funny birthday stickers that make your birthday video card more enticing and unique.

Free Stock Music for Birthday

Whether you need an upbeat birthday song or a soft one, FlexClip has all that you want. Go to our music library and search for the music you want. Then, you can edit the soundtrack by tweaking the volume, adding fade effects, or trimming the music.
Moreover, you are also allowed to upload your own soundtracks.

Various Export Ratios for Many Social Platforms

It is super easy to share your birthday video ecard across social media as FlexClip enables you to export your birthday video ecard in different dimensions. You can resize your video for many social platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, and more. Unlike other software, FlexClip allows you to download high-resolution birthday video ecard for free!

Make a Video

The Best Birthday Video eCard Maker That Brings People Joy

Unlike traditional paper cards, a birthday video ecard is funnier, more unique, and much more memorable. With FlexClip, you’re capable of creating an attention-grabbing birthday video ecard in minutes, thanks to perfectly polished templates and easy-to-use editing tools. Select a template, swap pre-made photos & texts for your own visuals & messages.

Aside from templates & tools, stock resources are available as well, including stock birthday songs, pictures & video clips. All resources are free to use. When it comes to exporting video card, you can feel free to download high-quality videos or GIFs without a watermark freely. Click the button to create your stunning birthday video eCard in a breeze.

Make a Video

Why You Need to Make a Birthday eCard

Share Moments

Making a video story is a great way to share your important moments with family and friends.

Evoke Emotion

A video can convey strong emotion and resonate well with audiences.

Improve Engagement

People are more likely to engage, share, and comment on video content.

How to Make a Birthday eCard in 3 Steps

Add Media

Add videos or photos from computer or stock libraries to the storyboard.


Add text, music, and voiceover to customize your birthday eCard video.


Download your birthday eCard video in various ratios and definitions or share it online with the world.

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Create a Birthday eCard for Free in Minutes

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Free Happy Birthday Wishes


In your own words
In prose


Original Warm Happy Birthday

Congratulations on your birthday,
We wish abundance, health,
Smile, have fun, do not be bored,
Remember this day properly!
We all love you very, very much,
So accept the gifts from us,
We wish you love and much happiness,
And very, very friendly congratulations!

Happy birthday free verse

Smiles and laughter, not only today,
May there be more than one hundred of them a day
Good luck, success and a lot of luck,
May all wishes come true soon.

Good health and long life,
No matter where, in Cuba or in Nice.
Inspiring love, faithful friends nearby,
Caring for relatives and all the blessings of the earth! nine0003

The best wise positive birthday greetings

Pay raises,
Money to row with a shovel.
Find a life companion,
So that you are always on the way.

Drive away sadness with blues,
Open the doors of joy.
Let the positive overflow,
Go ahead, don’t back down.

The best positive smart birthday greetings

Smile on your birthday,
Let there be a lot of positive!
After all, life is beautiful, you must admit,
Always live very happily!

Let success await in everything,
Let money flow over the edge!
I wish that day after day
Life turns into an earthly paradise!

Free Heartfelt Happy Birthday Greetings

Let fun live forever in your heart
And every day of yours is filled with light!
Always walk forward with a smile
Let life be colored with colorful color!

May all your dreams come true at once,
May joy cover you like a wave! nine0011 I wish you smiles, love, kindness,
To know happiness in full!

Free birthday wishes for you

I hasten to congratulate you as soon as possible
Sincerely, with a sense of respect,
After all, a couple of phrases will not help,
Kohl’s birthday is already on the nose.

I wish that your friends
would meet you everywhere with a smile.
So that you never have any illnesses,
You have never known sorrows.

So that you are in sportswear,
Smiles, joyful chores,
So that health is normal
Today, tomorrow, all year round!

Short Funny Fun Free Happy Birthday Greetings

Congratulations on your birthday
And I wish you soon
Find a deposit
To the prosperity of the keys!

Let happiness come into life
And success to the whole forest,
Joy will grab your wrist
And drag you into the world of miracles!

Funny birthday greetings for you

On such a beautiful day in the year
I’ll finally find a reason
From the bottom of my heart to congratulate you,
What I’ll start now.

Let happiness seize you with your head
And never let go,
Let luck stubbornly seize
And be your companion forever.

And let health not fail,
And let laughter come from the mouth.
And save money in a chest,
Get a mansion.

Free birthday wishes for you

I want to wish you good luck.
And live two hundred wonderful years. nine0011 Let enemies cry with envy,
Friends call for their dinner.

Let troubles bypass,
Accompanying success in business.
Always achieve victory in everything
And never know fear.

Let the children please and grandchildren,
And the house will be a full bowl.
And you will never be bored.
Let life pay you only good.

Free Happy Birthday Greetings

I wish you happiness and good luck!
I wish you friendship and love!
So that hopes rejoice you! nine0011 May your dreams come true!
I wish you peace and goodness!
And so that happiness without worries
Cross your threshold!

Free birthday greetings from us to you

Today is your birthday
Please accept our congratulations:
We wish you great success,
We wish you sincere laughter.

We wish you health,
Good luck, happiness, kindness.
Let no shock visit you,
And life beats the flow of energy!

Original free birthday greetings

I wish you sun and warmth on your birthday,
I congratulate you on a rainbow day.
Everything that you do, let it succeed,
Like a gentle melody flows.
If you feel sad, then only in passing,
And so that the run was always for the flight.
Good health, stable income,
Creative plans — excellent seedlings.

Beautiful free birthday greetings

May troubles not come to your path,
May grief not stand in your way,
May he not get tired and stop
Happiness will follow you on the way!

Free Happy Birthday Greetings

On your birthday, they usually wish
A lot of money, success in work,
Live as soon as dreams allow,
All this I wish you.

And I also wish you good luck,
Great luck in your personal life,
Both victory and plans for accomplishment
Let them walk through life with you!

The best free birthday greetings for a man

Hey, buddy, you’re not in the bath,
So quit steaming!
And with good friends
Meet the new year of life!

Birthday wishes for a man

I wish you that your life was bright, like a clear sunny day, full, like a glass of champagne, cloudless, like the sky over the desert. And let, like stars in the night sky, the lights always burn in the windows of your friends and relatives, the lights of hope. Be healthy, happy and lucky!

Positive colorful birthday greetings for you

I wish you new colors in life,
Emotions and happy years.
So that the day would not pass without dancing
Only light came from the heart.

I congratulate you on your birthday
And let the style be immodest,
I wish you to live by the sea —
Where are the seagulls, the sun and the sand!

Birthday greetings for a birthday free

Congratulations, congratulations,
This is the best day ever!
I wish you everything
From the bottom of my heart, and I’m not lazy!
Let success knock on the house,
May all dreams come true!
Only good things will happen —
What you really want!
Never be upset:
About nothing and about no one!
Smile brightly more often,
And let life be easy!

Birthday rhyme free

Give your loved ones joy, warmth and care,
And they will thank you a hundredfold,
Do your work carefully and attentively,
And you will be proud of yourself.
Admit your mistakes, forget all the insults,
And your heart will feel light and warm. nine0011 Do not fight bullfights with your enemies,
Give them forgiveness and kindness in return.

Free congratulations toast in verse happy birthday

So that health is as strong as wine,
Which has been playing for ten years,
And so that everything is fine,
I drink standing for this!

So that grace is in the houses,
And so that sorrow does not know,
And so that fear is unknown to the soul,
And so that they do not betray!

Free birthday wishes for you

Today is the best
Happy, long-awaited
Reason for fun —
Your birthday!

Good health
And long, long years,
Filled with love,
There is no one better than you in the world.

So many, many happiness,
And smiles for the future.
Today the world is in the power of
yours and at your feet!

Free Happy Birthday

Dreams, desires are different for everyone,
And it’s hard to guess what a person needs.
But happiness and health, success in life,
This is a reward for everyone’s destiny.
Great love, children’s laughter,
What could be more valuable in life.
Be strong, strong as a nut,
And sometimes a little bolder.

Free Happy Birthday Poem

I congratulate you on your birthday
And I wish you to celebrate brightly.
Accept my congratulations,
And prepare a place for gifts.
I give you a gentle morning
And a short but starry evening,
Happiness, like a boundless ocean,
And a magical, mysterious evening. nine0003

Free birthday wishes for a friend

Girlfriend, Happy Birthday!
You are a wonderful and kind person,
And the years of our friendship, without a doubt,
We have been brought closer to you forever.
On this day, I sincerely wish you
Dream as often and unrestrainedly as possible,
And with a minimum of effort,
Achieve considerable heights in life.
I wish you to be happy and beautiful,
Cheerful and carefree, as now,
Find someone who is quivering and passionate
Will look into the lakes of your eyes.
Someone who won’t even offend with a word,
With whom life will be easy and good,
I wish to travel, see the world,
And never blunder in anything.

Funny and funny birthday greetings to a woman

In all seriousness, without any laughter
I want to wish you only success
Success in work, success in salary
Success with your beloved man in bed
On the beach of the resort, success in a tan
Success in the evening at dances and a bar
Success at a party and success at home
Once again success in love affairs
Wherever you have to sail or go
Everywhere and always I wish you success!

Cool free birthday greetings from a friend

My friend, he is the best guy!
My friend is a worthy man!
The foundation of his life is stone.
He penetrated the heart with courage.
I respect my friend very much —
He is a real person,
And happy birthday:
May life be long. nine0003

Happy birthday free greetings in verse

Birthday is a reason to smile,
Celebrate successes, forget about mistakes,
May luck combined with success
Bring you lots of fun and laughter!
I wish you amazing events, bright,
Let the guests prepare gifts,
And the celebration will make life more beautiful,
Now you are more mature than before!

Free birthday wishes for you

Happy birthday
Happiness to you without delay,
A lot of money and good luck,
Passion ardent to you in addition.

Let elite cognac in the bar,
Whiskey and “champagne” is worth,
Two packs of dollars in the safe
Let it lie “for a walk”.

Let fun make noise in the house,
Friends laugh,
I wish you a long life
Joyful and bright days!

New birthday greetings

I wish you joy always
And cheerful mood,
Never know sadness
And all the best in life. nine0011 Never lose heart,
Do not see grief,
And start the days with a smile,
Like on this birthday!


Happy Birthday
In prose
In your own words

carbon monoxide
the wise

free happy birthday gifts for women

free happy birthday gifts for women

Welcome to our website.

Here you can find many other sections of postcards and pictures for congratulations. This page will scroll through all postcards from For Women. Postcards Happy Birthday. Congratulations., also pay attention to the site navigation elements that are located above this text. Browse Happy Birthday Cards pages by category and other sections of cards. nine0011 Open any postcards and download for congratulations for free. Congratulate a friend with a postcard, congratulate with a postcard by email, congratulate on social networks, congratulate via viber, whatsapp, skype, telegram. Happy birthday! For such a chic lady, let life boil merrily, happiness beats like a hundred fountains, money sticks like a magnet! A beautiful birthday card for a brunette woman, a beautiful dark-haired girl winks, covered with a bouquet of flowers, next to a wallet with money, gifts and a cake with berries. nine0003


Woman. Picture with flowers and a gift for a woman. Happy birthday! May there always be flowers and surprises, smiles and good events in life!




Happy birthday to a woman in verse. Happy birthday to you Oh woman, you are young, awesome! Do not be sad, do not be discouraged


Happy birthday to you
Oh woman, you are young, awesome!
Don’t be sad, don’t be sad
And never fade.

Let every day be a gift
And your life goes on easily and smoothly.
May your years not fly fast
And captivates your wondrous look.
I congratulate you, dear
And here’s what I’m adding
Stay always so cute
A super irresistible woman. nine0412

Happy birthday! Immeasurable happiness, good health and fulfillment of desires! Beautiful happy birthday card for woman or girl with balloons, cake, candies, oleander flowers, gifts, bracelet and butterflies.


Woman. Postcard with gifts on the grass for a woman. Happy birthday! Be healthy, be beautiful and always, always happy!


Bright flickering animated GIF card happy birthday to a woman with a gift and flowers! nine0003


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Cool winter gif happy birthday to a woman with a snowman and gifts!


Happy birthday to a woman in verse. On my birthday I will give a bouquet of flowers, I will hug and say: You are the beloved woman


I am a bouquet of flowers
I will hug and say:
You — there is no beloved woman
In the whole bright world
Accept gifts! nine0412

Positive gif animation happy birthday to a woman with gifts and a cake!


Festive gif happy birthday to a woman with snowfall and gifts!


Funny gif happy birthday to a woman with gifts and a cat!


Happy birthday to a woman with a card. Roses, gifts, wishes.


Happy birthday to a woman with a card. Flowers, gifts. nine0003


Happy birthday to a woman with a card. Flowers, gifts, butterflies, fairy princess.


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Happy Birthday Cards

Happy Birthday to a woman with a card. A girl on a bike, a man with gifts.


Happy birthday to a woman with a card. Wish, tulips, gifts.


Happy birthday to a woman with a card. Flowers, gifts, microphone.


Happy birthday to a woman with a card. Gifts, fireworks, gold coins.


Happy birthday! I wish you good health, Sincere success in business, Live in a positive atmosphere, Always with a smile on your lips! Beautiful card happy birthday for a woman, girl, girlfriend; a smiling girl with a gift in her hands stands near bright balls and garlands. nineOl000


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Sweets and roses for a woman’s birthday


Roses and a wishes to a woman’s birthday


Birthday Bouquet in a basket for women


Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Cards Happy Birthday. Animated greeting card with roses and a birthday cake for your beloved girl, woman. Happy Birthday, dear, dear, beloved! I give you the sea, That sparkles with love, I give you the wind, Cities and planets, Earth, sun and sky, And I love you blindly… I give you thunderstorms, And magical dreams, Ships with sails, Be happy for hours, Smile, laugh, Enjoy everything around, So that love cannot be measured, And, of course, believe! nine0003


Birthday card — roses on a sparkling background for a woman


Picture with flowers and a wish for a woman on her birthday

Download Fireworks in the night sky for a birthday. Eiffel Tower. Happy birthday! Catch congratulations: let you be lucky in life — at work and in love!


Woman. Postcard for a woman with flowers and butterflies. Happy birthday! Take the most beautiful things from life, be successful, lucky and happy! nine0003


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Happy Birthday to your beloved woman Happy Birthday cards. Congratulatory, purple card with verses — Happy Birthday to your beloved woman.


Woman. Angel with a harp decorated with roses. Happy birthday! Be happy, unique, always love and be loved, let flowers always grow and the holiday will be where you are! nine0003


Birthday card — a gift and a wish for a woman


A birthday card with flowers and a wish for a woman


1 Postcards happy birthday. Happy birthday to your beloved woman. A card with a cake and the inscription: Happy Birthday, my love!


Wishes and a rose for a woman for her birthday


Birthday postcard — Wish in verses for women


Women, Happy Birthday, Bouquet of Violet Tulips


also view


Happy birthday, bouquet, vase, gifts


Tulips for a woman for her birthday


Postcard — birthday wishes and gifts


For women, beautiful boxes with gifts


Happy birthday, gifts.

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