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Exploring the Hidden Beaches of Puerto Rico — Playa Colora

Best Hidden Beaches in Fajardo, Puerto Rico

If you’re beach people like we are then here are two great beaches that don’t get a lot of attention in the Fajardo area! After our preliminary research on both beaches by reading Google Reviews and TripAdvisor we still were not sure if we would like them. Let’s just say the pictures we were seeing did not do them justice. These beaches make you feel like you’re on a deserted tropical island! 

Location and getting there

In this article we are talking about Playa Colora, a “hidden” or “Secret” beach located along the Northeast corner of Puerto Rico in Fajardo. To get to Playa Colora you must first find your way to Seven Seas Beach in Fajardo. It is an easy 45 minute drive East from San Juan. If you don’t have a car you may be able to find a tour operator shuttle as Seven Seas is right next to the Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve.

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Parking at Seven Seas Beach

Public access to Playa Colora can be found at Seven Seas Beach in Fajardo. Once you have made your way to Seven Seas Beach you have a couple of easy options for parking.

Paid Parking

The easiest is the big paid parking lot (Estacionamiento Balneario Seven Seas) that will run you a few dollars. When we were there it was only open Thursday through Sunday but that was the off season and during Covid. During the busier season and on the weekends it can get quite busy. There is a path from the parking lot down to the beach as well as a food kiosk The House of Pastelillos at the edge of the lot and restrooms too. 

Parking entrance to the lot at Seven Seas Beach © Joel Hartz

Save more: No cancellation fees on bookings.

Free parking options

What if you’re on a budget and would rather spend the couple of bucks it cost to park on ice cream or a cold beer? Well there are basically two “Free” parking options we found at Seven Seas Beach. 

Park along the street

There are a handful of parking spots along Carr Cabezas de San Juan (PR-987) along the right side of the road. The spots are not marked except they are paved and between the white line and sidewalk. These can be found just before the road bends by the Palma Vista Condo complex and continue past the Costa Mia restaurant. Just be sure not to block any driveways, especially to the Condo complex if you don’t want your car towed.

If you want to park on the street and not pay we would recommend getting to the beach early on the weekends. Locals and tourists head to the beaches on Saturdays and Sundays so be prepared for it to be busy. 

During the week we found it to be much calmer, we usually arrived around 10AM-11AM and were able to find street parking. In the busier seasons your mileage may vary. Another word of caution: be sure to park completely off the roadway or risk being fined, towed or having your car damaged by passing cars. This includes parking on the sidewalks or dirt/grass side of the road despite seeing other cars there. The roads are narrow with no center line marking. We noticed people usually drive down the middle and move over as necessary. Read our article about Driving in Puerto Rico here. 

Park in the Unofficial Lots

There are three “unofficial” lots that look like they are empty or abandoned private property that a lot of folks park on when it is busy. We would not recommend this. We spoke with some locals from the area and they were also skeptical about it as well. 

What to bring with you

You will definitely want to wear at least water shoes or sturdy sandals as the trail can flood or be muddy after a rain in spots. The trail is easy and mostly level after the first few meters. In those first few meters you will traverse an incline that has ruts before leveling out. Watch for roots along the trail so as not to trip. I nearly did this a few times as I was focused on filming and taking photos!

Make sure to bring a small backpack with water and snacks if you plan on staying for a couple of hours. We recommend a reusable water bottle to help reduce trash. A beach blanket or even a small cooler is a good idea as well.

There are no bathrooms or amenities at Playa Colora or Playa Escondida so be sure to use the restrooms at Seven Seas Beach prior to setting out. Since there are no trash receptacles bring a small bag to place your trash and any you may find and be sure to pack it out.

Finding the trail to Happiness

Map © OpenStreetMap contributors

Once parked make your way toward Seven Seas Beach and walk west all the way to the end of the beach (.5 km) until you see a sign that reads “Limite De Seguridad” (Safety Limit) on the right. Here is where you will find the trailhead. 

“Limite De Seguridad” (Safety Limit) sign marking the edge of Seven Seas Beach and the trail to Playa Colora and Playa Escondida © Joel Hartz

The trail to Playa Colora is an easy, peaceful and mostly shaded 2 km walk there and back. It will take you about 15-20 minutes each way to walk to Playa Colora depending on how much stuff you’re carrying and your fitness level.

Trail to Playa Colora and Playa Escondida © Joel Hartz

After a few minutes the trail opens up and you can see the Seven Seas Beach back to your right and a short path on your left leading to a cool mangrove tunnel into the neighboring Laguna Aquas Prietas. 

Seven Seas beach and Laguna Aquas Prietas in background © Joel Hartz

Continue straight ahead as the trail takes you back into the jungle and veers slightly left. You will find yourself walking along the Northern edge of Laguna Aquas Prietas. 

Laguna Aquas Prietas © Joel Hartz

Unfortunately there is not a good view of the Lagoon from the trail. You will no doubt find plenty of crabs and birds on the trail as well as some really big termite nests built in the trees. 

Termite nest several feet up the trees along the trail to Playa Colra and Playa Escondida © Joel Hartz

After another few minutes you’ll see a sign on your right hand side for Playa Colora, follow that trail and you’ll find the beach! The trail turns to deep sand and gains slightly in elevation as you make your way to Playa Colora so take your time, we are in good shape and it slowed us down especially in the Puerto Rico heat.

Sign marking the turn to Playa Colora © Joel Hartz

Playa Colora

Playa Colora’s red sand © Joel Hartz

As you exit the trail reddish sand will greet you as you walk to the beach set against beautiful blue water. There’s a couple of palm trees on the beach if you need some shade but other than that you will be in full sun. Be sure to pack a beach umbrella, wear a wide brimmed hat, cover up or rash guard if you’re concerned about getting too much sun.

Michelle wearing a wide brimmed hat to combat the Puerto Rican Sun © Joel Hartz

TIP: Bring lots of sunscreen and keep applying. Since you’re in the Caribbean the sun is very intense. 

We went during the week and it was super quiet. Only one other person was on the beach so it felt like we had it all to ourselves. 

© Joel Hartz

The waves were pretty strong so we would advise not to get all the way in the water or any swimming at Playa Colora. Rip tides and strong undertows can pull you out to sea or down under the water. If you want to swim we would recommend staying at Seven Seas Beach. It can be quite windy here especially during the winter months.

None the less, we had fun splashing around in the shallow areas and relaxing under a palm tree. It is a fantastic beach for sunning and relaxing.

Playa Colora © Joel Hartz

If you’re adventurous you can make your way to the other side of the beach at low tide or climb the rocks over. We watched one local do this and it was very treacherous! We do not recommend it. 

Local climbing the treacherous rocks to get to the west side of Playa Colora © Joel Hartz

One the other side of the beach there is also a secret little spot in the rocks where the water forms a natural bath. We didn’t make it over there but watched that same local do it. It is hidden from view of the beach and so you might find some folks skinny dipping if you do try to find it. So be courteous and give some privacy if you happen across that. 

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Happy Wandering!

Joel and Michelle

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Cozy apartment near the beach (#2), Fajardo

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Apartments entirely

Free Located in Fajardo, Cozy apartment near the beach (#2) is only 1.9km from El Convento beach. It offers free Wi-Fi and free private parking. El Yunque Rainforest is 33 km away.

This air-conditioned apartment is equipped with 1 bedroom, a flat-screen TV, and a kitchen with a microwave and a refrigerator.

Antonio Rivera Rodriguez Airport is 30 km away.

Couples especially like the location — they rated accommodation in the area for a trip as a couple at 9.6 .

Cozy apartment near the beach (#2) has been welcoming guests since Apr 26, 2019 2019.

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Great Location: Highly rated by recent guests (9.4)

Free private parking on site

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Apartments with 1 bedroom

bedroom ::

1 double

living room:

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Beaches nearby

  • Seven Seas Beach

    8. 8 Stunning beach

    350 m from property

  • Escondida Beach

    8.3 Very good beach

    1.6 km from the option of accommodation

  • Convento Beach

    8.8 Stunning beach

    1.9 km from the placement option

  • Channel

    8 8 8 ,1 Very nice beach

    2.1 miles from property

FAQ about property

See what other guests are asking to learn more about this property.

  • How can I get to the closest beach from the property?

    the beach is less than 5 minutes walking

    Reply October 25, 2019

  • Is there a shuttle available to get to the closest beach nearby? What are the other transportation options?

    the beach is less than 5 minutes walking

    Reply October 25, 2019

  • What size are the two beds? Thanks

    Queen and a folding bed

    Reply January 19, 2022

  • Good evening,
    Do you have utensils, glassware, pots , skillets?
    Street parking or property? thank you.

    yes, we have utensils, glassware, pots , skillets and the parking is on property

    Reply August 8, 2021

  • The apt have a washer and dryer?

    No washer and no dryer

    Reply July 28, 2020

Nearby landmarks *


Free private parking on site (reservation not possible) .

  • Parking lot


Wi-Fi is available in the entire hotel and is free of charge.

Eat when it suits you

  • Coffee machine

  • Toaster

  • Oven

  • Kitchenware

  • Kitchen

  • Microwave oven

  • Refrigerator


  • Towels

Media and technology

Fun for everyone under one roof

  • Streaming (e. g. Amediateka)

  • Flat screen TV

  • TV

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  • Socket near the bed

  • Sofa bed

  • Folding bed

Sports and recreation

  • Beach


  • Air conditioner

  • Non-smoking throughout

The staff speaks these languages

  • English

  • spanish

Accommodation conditions

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check in

14:30 – 23:00


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Cancellation and prepayment policies vary by apartment.
Please enter your dates of stay and review the booking conditions for the requested room.

Refundable security deposit

A security deposit of USD 200 is required upon arrival. This is approximately 190.41 EUR. Payment is made in cash. You will receive the deposited amount at the time of check-out. Once the condition of the property has been checked, the deposit will be fully refunded to you in cash.

Beds for children

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Children of all ages are welcome.

To see exact prices and availability, please enter the number of children in your group and their age when searching.

Crib and extra bed policy

Baby cots or extra beds are not available.

Age limit

Minimum age to enter: 21 years

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«Quiet Hours»

«Quiet hours» for guests (when you can not make noise): from 19:00 to 10:00.

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