Meson plaza las americas: El Mesón Sandwiches — Plaza las Américas

El Meson Sandwiches, La Terraza Plaza Las Americas — 🇵🇷


Plaza Las Americas Shopping Mall


Dermatology Dr Roberto L Dávila de Pedro, MD


Dra. Alma J. Torres Suite 812 Torre De Plaza Las Americas


González Padín


El Meson plaza las americas Latin American Restaurant


Sears Plaza Las Américas, Puerto Rico Shopping Mall


La Torre De Plaza Las Américas


Kokomo Plaza Las Americas


Oficinas Medicas en la Torre de Plaza las America


Colaito Plaza Las America


Sears Department Store


Chilis Food And Restaurant @ Plaza Las Americas


Torre Medica Plaza Las Américas


Dentista Pediatrico @ Plaza Las Americas


Mi Terraza


Torre Medica Plaza Las Americas, San Juan, PR


Kyoto Japanese Restaurant


Departamento De Recreación y Deportes De Puerto Rico


Senos Puerto Rico


Univisión Pr


Sizzler Plaza Las Americas


Origami Sushi plaza De Las Americas


Charleys Philly Steaks Sandwich Shop


En La Terraza de Plaza Las Americas


Yaurel Arroyo, Puerto Rico


Instituto Ortopédico Dr. Jorge Rodriguez Orthopedist


Taco Bell Mexican Restaurant


Oficina Dentista Pediatrica Dra. Busquets


Origami Sushi


Centro Quiropractico / Dr. Luis B. Rivera Doctor


Las Americas Pediatrics Medical Center


Sears Auto Center


Advanced Techno Nuclear Imaging Center


Sizzler, Plaza Las Americas


Ticket Center PR


Plaza las Americas Senos: Advanced Breast Care & Cancer Detection Center

El Meson Sandwiches — Plaza las Américas

El Meson Sandwiches — Plaza las Américas


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rental — Ocean Freaks World

Posted on

Perhaps our new and spacious surf club on the island of Tenerife in the Las Americas beach area is the result of the experience of the last ten years. The Baltic, Europe, the Caribbean and of course the Canary Islands — all the experience and accumulated knowledge have gathered in the new project OCEAN FREAKS WORLD SURF CLUB . The result is a modern surf club that includes: school, rental, surf shop and of course a stylish lounge bar with a spacious terrace. The menu was specially thought out taking into account the sports loads of our clients, but we didn’t forget about sweets, and the cocktail list is impeccable))) Write, call, come in! Warm welcome, warm ocean, vocational training and as they say “ HEALTHY FOOD ” at your disposal!

Ocean Freaks World Surf Club

Canar Islands, Club, Las Americas, Lunge Bar, Hire, Cryfing, Tenerife, Surfing School

Friends, Friends Friends. ”Spring is the desire and opportunity to meet the sun and plunge into the warm ocean on the island of Tenerife. This spring and for the May holidays we have a good selection of apartments to stay in, great wind for learners and kite surfers in El Medano and of course great waves of the Atlantic Ocean for established and potential surfers. We are settling in, the school of surfing and kitesurfing, the rental is operating as usual, and from the new one, we are opening the second surf club on the island in the Las Americas region in April and will be able to offer you both all the surfing amenities and an excellent menu in our lounge bar. And surf and eat 🙂 🙂 🙂

Russian School of Surfing and Kaitesurfing on Tenerife: Ocean Freaks World

Kaitesurfing, Las Americas, May holidays, rental, surf, surf, Tenerife, El Medano

Posted on

22222 Friends! The seasons fly by one by one and again the hot summer in Tenerife, the ocean already pleases with a temperature of +23 and continues to heat up. It’s time to take off your wetsuits and learn and ride comfortably! This summer, our school offers: individual and group lessons in surfing and kitesurfing, surf trips around the island, the basics of skateboarding (it is possible to visit local skate parks), rental and sale of equipment, selection and booking of apartments and assistance in organizing excursions. For skiers there is a storage room at the station and recommendations for spots, discounts on tickets to local amusement parks and a warm welcome 😉 Write, call, come! nine0005

Russian surf school in Tenerife: OCEAN FREAKS WORLD

ocean freaks world, kite, summer, rental, season, surfing, skate, station, Tenerife, lessons, storage room, surf school002 Posted 900

Friends! Ordinary Canary Friday, waves in the morning, great wind in the afternoon! Spring in Tenerife is a comfortable period, the air is on average + 26, water + 22, you can perfectly surf and kite and, if you wish, go to the mountains, and not for the violent bask in the sun and say hello to the ocean. For the May holidays, we still have a good selection of apartments, and airlines have loyal ticket prices and, of course, you can choose from surfing and kitesurfing lessons, rental, station services. Join us — we will teach, katnem, grill and chat. nine0005

Russian School of surfing on Tenerife: Ocean Freaks World

Spring, Kaitesurfing, Canaries, May holidays, rental, Russian, surfing, station, Tenerife, Lessons, School, School

9000 Postend on 03/03/2017 9000 9000 9000

When the forecasts take time outs 🙂 the waves weaken or the wind turns sour, our surf school does not stop producing adrenaline. We regularly visit local skateparks and pools, where you can hone the necessary movements, stance and balance on regular or surf skates, which is important in surfing lessons. nine0005

Tenerife has plenty of places for street style fans. For example, Plaza del Corte Inglés and Plaza de España in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, or Plaza de Europa in Puerto de la Cruz. There are also excellent slopes for longboarding and good skate parks in Santa Cruz on the waterfront and in Parque de La Granja, we have in El Medano next to the football field. One of the best concrete parks is located in the city of Punto de Hidalgo on the north side of the island and the second is smaller in the town of Costa del Silencio in the recreation area and sports fields. There are also small parks in the most touristic area of ​​Las Americas and Adeje, in Los Cristianos they roll a street on the square. nine0005

You can rent a skateboard from us and get advice on where and how best to ride or buy a skateboard, longboard in Tenerife at a good price.

Russian surf school in Tenerife: OCEAN FREAKS WORLD

boards, Las Americas, longboard, places, in Tenerife, park, rental, skate, skateboarding, Tenerife, surf lessons, school, surf school, El5000

Posted on

Canarian autumn is perhaps the most comfortable period for learning and practicing surfing in Tenerife. The Atlantic Ocean comes to life and begins to please with regular but not radical forecasts. Warm ocean and gentle sun, you can surf without a wetsuit. As always during this period, our OCEAN FREAKS WORLD school devotes more time during this period to surfing and offers intensive private and group lessons, regular surf safaris and equipment rentals for all levels. Write, call, we are waiting for old and new friends! nine0005

P.s We will also select and book comfortable and inexpensive accommodation, meet, organize all types of excursions 🙂

Russian surf school in Tenerife: OCEAN FREAKS WORLD

ocean freaks world, training, autumn, accommodation, rental, safari, surf, surfing, Tenerife, lessons, surf school, excursions, El Medano Posted on

Bodyboarding is one of the varieties of surfing. There is a wide variation in equipment prices and riding styles. A bodyboard (bodyboard) is very cheap compared to surfboards, kitesurfboards and windsurfers. It costs less than $50. The bodyboard is a rectangular piece of foam with a length of about one meter. It has a smooth shape of the corners and consists of polypropylene or polyethylene. On such a board they ride lying down, less often half-sitting or standing. To make it more convenient to manage, use flippers. Everyone will be pleased to slowly and effortlessly glide along the waves while lying down. Of course, competitions are also held in this sport. Athletes perform spectacular stunts. Many of them cannot be completed in normal surfing. And all this in a supine position. It is worth noting that this sport is most common among the youngest athletes, world champions in it became at the age of 17-18. nine0005

In Tenerife, you can ride a bodyboard both on all known surf spots, and on more difficult and suitable for this category (La Caleta, El Confintal, El Poris, Punta Blanca). The first steps, as in surfing, are easier to do in El Medano on a safe sandy beach. We have a good selection of boards for hire at our school and you can always get a briefing or a lesson.

Russian surf school in Tenerife: OCEAN FREAKS WORLD

bodyboarding, training, rental, Tenerife, lessons, surf school, El Medano

Posted on

Aloha Amigas and Amigos )))))

There is still a month and a half of spring left before the summer season of Tenerife. Spring is always a comfortable and mild period for visiting and studying the islands. !!! We will be glad to see old and new friends on our Canary Island 🙂 With us, as always, help in finding air tickets, booking hotels and apartments in El Medano and Las Americas, surfing and kitesurfing lessons, trips to various spots in Tenerife. Equipment for hire and sale at great prices! Also during this period we plan to conduct a series of small surf safaris along old and new routes: Socorro beach, La Caleta, Bahamar, Beinijo and visit the secret spot Los Patos! Feel free to 🙂 write, call for any questions in organizing outdoor activities in Tenerife. Always happy to help! nine0005

Russian surf school in Tenerife: OCEAN FREAKS WORLD

ocean freaks world, kite surfing, Las Americas, May holidays, accommodation, rental, Russian, safari, surfing, Tenerife, lessons, school, El Medano

9002 Posted on

Paddle surfing or SUP (Stand-up Paddling) is one of the variants of surfing, where the rider uses a paddle to move through the water while standing on a surfboard. Paddle surfing has Polynesian roots — translated from the Hawaiian Ku Hoe He’e Nalu literally — stand, paddle, surf, waves. nine0005

One of the differences between modern classic surfing and paddle surfing is that it can be used both without waves and without wind: SUP can be practiced on the open sea, on a lake, on a river or on any large body of water. The advantage of Stand Up Paddle Surfing is the surfer’s viewing angle — standing on a surfboard allows you to better see what is happening under you in the water, as well as around.

Stand Up Paddle Surfing gives you a unique training opportunity — paddle work while standing on an unstable surface forces the body to work differently. Picking up the paddle and standing on the board, many immediately solve the problem of balance, acquire the necessary skills and reduce the time of learning to windsurf or surf. Stand up paddle surf allows you to enjoy ordinary paddleboarding, just like on a raft or canoe. nine0005

SUP surfing is a great opportunity not only to adapt to the board in order to use this skill in surfing or windsurfing, but also excellent fitness. El Medano Bay is great for SUPing and fun on windless days.

Group lesson — 25 euros

Individual lesson — 35 euros

SUP rental, two hours — 15 euros

Russian School of Cryfing at Tenerife: Ocean Freaks World

ocean freaks world, SUP, rent, boards, training, hire, Russian, Tenerife, lessons, surf school, El Medano

Posted on

In a bay a little east of Montaña Roja, the small and pretty resort town of El Medano is hidden away from the noisy tourist centers of the south of the island.

In addition to windsurfers, kitesurfers and just surfers, quiet El Medano may be of interest to those who do not like big resorts and prefer a relaxing holiday away from the hustle and bustle of tourists. Of course, adjusted for the omnipresent wind.

To the west of El Medano, along the bay of the same name, there is a beach with the same name. The Playa El Medano beach is of natural origin, which is not typical for Tenerife: it is believed that the light sand was brought here by the constantly blowing wind from the coast of Africa. nine0005

On the opposite side of Montaña Roja, there is an even longer sandy beach — Playa La Tejita. As on the beach near the town, here there are traditionally more local residents than wind-resistant holidaymakers, and a minimum of civilization encourages relaxation without swimsuits.

El Medano — the place of our residence on the island: station, surf school, kite surf, rental and sale of equipment. In addition, for ordinary life — shops, markets, pharmacies, bars and numerous restaurants create a unique comfort for residents and tourists. And of course there is no other place on the island where all types of surfing are available in one place. nine0005

Russian surf school in Tenerife: OCEAN FREAKS WORLD

ocean freaks world, Montaña Roja, beach, rental, russian school, station, Tenerife, kitesurf school, surf school, El Médano


Hotel h20 Conquistador

  • Wi-Fi
  • 24-hour reception
  • Outdoor pool
  • Beach access
  • Fitness center
  • View all


    Attractions near the h20 Conquistador include Tourist Information Company and Playa de las Americas. Guests staying at the charming hotel can park their car on site.

    Just a 25-minute walk from this hotel is Plaza de la iglesia, and the Pyramid of Arona Concert Hall is 600 meters away. This 4-star hotel is located 1 km from the center of Playa de las Americas. This charming hotel offers quick access to Siam Park Water Park. nine0005

    The rooms at this hotel offer private bathrooms and views of the garden.

    The restaurant serves buffet breakfast. Hot drinks are served daily at the snack bar. There are several restaurants nearby, including Garibaldi Restaurant and Vilaflor. The nearest bus stop «Zentral Center» is 500 meters away.



    Based on 843 reviews

    Important Information

    Check-in: from 14:00 to 23:59

    Check-out: until 12:00

    • Extra beds/baby cots
    • Baby cots are not available.



    • Yes, guests can park their car on site at the h20 Conquistador.

    • As a rule, at the h20 Conquistador the buffet breakfast is included in the room rate. Please check the conditions of your booking with the hotel representatives. nine0005

    • Room prices at the h20 Conquistador Playa de las Americas start from 218€.

    • Yes, the h20 Conquistador offers a buffet breakfast.

    • The h20 Conquistador Playa de las Americas is located 1 km from the city centre.

    • The h20 Conquistador is 20 km from Tenerife South Airport.

    • The Zentral Center bus stop is 500 meters from h20 Conquistador Playa de las Americas. nine0005

    • Playa de las Americas is located near the h20 Conquistador.

    • Delicious food is available 300 meters from the h20 Conquistador, in the restaurants Vilaflor and Garibaldi Restaurant.

    • The h20 Conquistador Playa de las Americas offers sun loungers, a golf course and a garden.

    • The h20 Conquistador offers cots, a playground and babysitting services.

    • Yes, h20 Conquistador Playa de las Americas offers housekeeping and laundry services for your convenience. nine0005



    Based on 843 reviews

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    Internet access

    • WiFi


    • parking

    Sports and entertainment

    • A fitness center
    • Tennis court

    • Petanque
    • Golf course
    • Billiards
    • Darts
    • Table tennis
    • fitness studio


    • Safe
    • 24 hour reception

    • 24 hour security
    • Luggage storage
    • locker room
    • Currency exchange
    • Salon
    • Room service
    • Room cleaning
    • Car rental

    • Laundry
    • Dry cleaning
    • Guide services / Ticket booking
    • Delivery of products
    • Shops / commercial services
    • welcome cocktail


    • Breakfast in the room

    • Restaurant
    • snack bar
    • Bar / seating area
    • Dinner
    • Buffet

    Business amenities

    • Conference halls / banquet halls
    • Fax/photocopy

    For children

    • Cribs
    • Table games
    • Children’s buffet
    • Children’s swimming pool
    • Children playground
    • kids club
    • Game room

    For fun

    • Open pool
    • beach access
    • beach umbrellas
    • Sun loungers
    • Entertainment
    • Night club
    • Garden
    • Spa and wellness center

    • Solarium
    • Sauna
    • Turkish bath
    • Jacuzzi
    • Pedicure
    • Manicure
    • Waxing
    • Body peeling
    • Facial Treatments

    • treatment room
    • Wraps
    • Back massage
    • Head massage
    • Full body massage
    • Foot massage
    • Outdoor bath
    • public bath

    For guests with special needs

    • Rooms/services for the disabled
    • Van Accessible


    • Air conditioning in the room
    • Safe in the room
    • Mini bar
    • Terrace

    • garden furniture
    • Balcony
    • Ironing accessories


    • Pillow Menu


    • Bath
    • hair dryer
    • Free toiletries


    • flat screen TV
    • Phone
    • radio alarm clock


    • blackout curtains


    • No smoking
    • Elevator

    • ATM
    • Gift/newsstand
    • coffee house
    • Vending machines
    • Smoke detectors
    • fire extinguishers
    • key card


    • Pets are not allowed

    • C. C. Mencey

      950 m

    • Siam Park

      1.5 km

    • Concert Hall «Arona Pyramid»

      450 m

    • 600 m

    • 00 CIDM Resort

      950 m

    • Nightclub Veronicas Strip

      900 m

    • Piramide de Arona Convention Center

      2 950 m 9002 9019 monkey 901

      850 m



    Based on 843 reviews

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    Rooms & Availability

    The rooms at this hotel offer private bathrooms and garden views.

    Enter your travel dates to check availability.

    Checking availability of numbers

    Searching for numbers…



    Based on 843 reviews

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    Great design, spacious bed, very good breakfast.

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