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Camp at Flamenco Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico

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Culebra, Puerto Rico


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Added by Kelly Park

Pristine waters, white sand, and a pleasantly established campsite await you at what is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! 

If camping on a postcard perfect tropical island is on your bucket list, Flamenco Beach is a must.  

Take the ferry from the port in Fajardo (40 min drive from San Juan Airport) to Culebra Island.  The cost is $2.25 each way and takes about one hour.  The ferries depart at 9:00 am, 3:00 pm, and 5:00 pm daily.  Make sure you purchase your tickets in advance as they book up quickly (priority goes to the locals) and you may not be be able to travel until the next day.  

Upon arriving on the island, there will be many taxis waiting. The cab ride is about 10 minutes long to Flamenco Beach and the cost is $3 per person.  

If the camping office is still open, you can go purchase your permit — $30 per night per tent (they accept cash only).  If you arrive late, go ahead and set up a camp — the camping office goes around early in the morning and puts tickets on the tents which you can bring in to make your payment.

From the parking lot, take the main trail and you will see the campsites on your left and the beach on the right.  All the campsites are just a few steps from the beach, but the most coveted spot is campsite E which is right on the beach (and also the furthest walk from the parking lot).  

The amenities at the campsites include flush toilets, outdoor showers, and water tanks with potable water.  Trees are abundant so make sure to bring your hammock!  (Bugs are also abundant at dawn/dusk so don’t forget the bug spray).  No campfires are allowed but you can grill with charcoal or fuel based camp stoves.  

There are food kiosks near the parking lot with delicious and cheap eats — and even frozen cocktails and mixed drinks!  You will also find a small store where you buy any forgotten supplies and rent snorkel gear.

Make sure to take the short hike (go through the gate at the parking lot) to the amazing Carlos Rosario Beach which is snorkeling and sea turtle heaven!

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Snorkel at Tamarindo Beach

Navigating to Tamarindo Beach is a simple left off 251 before you get to Flamenco Beach and has a small parking area with a kayak ramp. Usually you can find one or two local businesses offering kayak, mask, fins, and vest rentals here. A publico, or private taxi/van, can give you a ride here for a few dollars if you are not renting a vehicle.Snorkelers can enter the water just to the left of th…

Explore Culebra Island

At Flamenco Beach, which is always ranked among the top 5 beaches in the world, the water is incredibly blue, and the sand is white and soft. The contrast of colors with the green island behind it is indescribably beautiful. Flamenco is usually pretty busy with people because it’s so popular, and there are a couple places to eat close by.Just to southwest of Flamenco, you can take a road out to…

Camp at Sun Bay Beach

Vieques Island is a pleasant one hour ferry ride from Fajardo, Puerto Rico (and budget friendly at only $4 round trip!) Upon arrival at the ferry port in Vieques, hop on one of the waiting cabs and ask for a ride to Sun Bay ($3 per person). You can also arrange for the same cab driver to pick you up at a set date/time ($5 per person for return trip).At Sun Bay Beach, check in at the office ($…

Explore Playa la Pared

Wake up early for the sunrise on the beach and you won’t regret it! Unless of course you hate beautiful sunrises… Parking is easy with a public parking lot right next to the beach entrance, you can’t miss it!After you finish enjoying the view, start walking to the right and you will encounter what feels like a whole other world. There are no buildings along this side and it is full of palm …

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Juan Diego Falls are a pair of waterfalls that can be accessed by an incredibly short and ignored trail when passing through El Yunque.When driving up the mountain (heading southwest on 191) the trail entrance can be found behind a road barrier on the right hand side of the road at approximately KM 9.8. This is at a corner between Yokahú Tower and Big Tree Trail’s parking areas. There are ma…

Snorkel at Sapphire Beach

Sapphire beach is a white sandy beach on the north east side of St. Thomas.  Sea grape trees surround the beach and provide lots of shade.  There are many ducks that frequent this beach.
This is a great beach for snorkeling as there are shallow reefs on the right side of the beach.  You can also windsurf, jet ski, and parasail in the marina nearby.

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Flamenco Project – Foundation for a Better Puerto Rico

Save the beach, save the economy of Culebra

Join us in our efforts to rebuild Playa Flamenco

Donate Now


The people of Culebra have treasured Flamenco Beach for the enjoyment it has given to generations of Culebrenses and its visitors. In 1975, after the discontinuation of the use of Flamenco Beach for bombing practice by the United States, the beach was returned to the Municipality and the people of Culebra. Culebrenses feel strongly that the beach must remain as an asset owned by the Municipality of Culebra.

Before María

Before Hurricanes Irma and Maria, Flamenco Beach received over 700,000 visitors a year. For years people have been drawn by the crystal clear turquoise water, white sand and green mountains that protect and frame all the beauty of the beach.

In 2004, Flamenco Beach was designated a Blue Flag Beach by the Foundation for Environmental Education as an indication of the beach’s high environmental and quality standards.

The Municipality of Culebra owns the beach and the Authority for the Conservation and Economic Development of Culebra (ACDEC) has the responsibility to administer the beach. Unfortunately because of the economic crisis in Puerto Rico, they have not had adequate resources to maintain and improve the beach. As a result, the facilities of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world have been falling into disrepair, including non-functioning bathrooms and showers.

In 2014, the University of Puerto Rico School of Architecture collaborated with experts including Para la Naturaleza (The Puerto Rico Conservation Trust) and Seagrant PR to develop a Master Plan for the beach that would allow the facilities of the beach to be resilient and sustainable. With the efforts of 16 Masters in Architecture students and their Professors, input was sought from the community, employees of ACDEC were interviewed and a survey was conducted of residents and visitors to get the best input for the design. Throughout the year of work, the students presented the developing Master Plan and received comments and criticisms that were incorporated into the final Master Plan.

Unfortunately, the Municipality and ACDEC have never had the resources to implement the Master Plan.

Recapturing our Jewel

As a result of the devastating impact of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, a majority of the vegetation, infrastructure and facilities have been destroyed. The Category 4 and 5 winds also brought a significant amount of debris to the shores of the beach. Although the beach is now open on a limited basis, there is so much work to be done. Flamenco Beach is the most important tourist attraction on the island and the principal driver of income for both the Municipality and the residents. The economy of Culebra can not recover if Flamenco Beach is not restored. 

The restoration of Flamenco Beach is essential if Culebra is going to once again be a destination that both residents and tourists from around the world will want to visit.

We need the financial resources to implement the Master Plan. We need to proceed quickly to restore the economy of Culebra. The Municipality of Culebra and the Government of Puerto Rico can not provide the resources required.

Collaborative Agreement

In order to move this vital project forward, the Municipality of Culebra and ACDEC have created a collaborative agreement with the Foundation for a Better Puerto Rico, which is located in Culebra.

The Foundation for a Better Puerto Rico (Foundation) will lead the raising of the necessary funds through grants and contributions to implement the Master Plan, with the goal of reforestation and rebuilding of the infrastructure and facilities of Flamenco Beach. The Foundation will engage the contractor, surveyor, architect, economist, soil and water experts and fish and wildlife experts, all with appropriate credentials, and in consultation with the Municipality.

Para La Naturaleza, a not for profit organization, will support the Master Plan by leading the reforestation of the beach. Para La Naturaleza will conduct a study with the help of expert arborists to design a plan for the reforestation. The plan will be implemented with the help of volunteers. Plans will also be developed for the maintenance and protection of the beach for the years ahead.

Once the project is complete, the Municipality of Culebra and ACDEC commit to maintaining the facilities and infrastructure for the next 20 years. They also commit to maintaining the Blue Flag designation for the beach.

The Project

Construction is underway for new kioskos, bathrooms and showers and an administrative building, along with all the required infrastructure. See the renderings of the new facilities below. 

Project Renderings

The future of Playa Flamenco

We hope that Culebra’s experience in becoming a sustainable community with the highest quality of life will become a model that others will want to replicate in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Subscribe below to follow our progress and stay up to date with the latest news. We are continuing to seek funding for all these important initiatives and truly appreciate your support.


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Flamenco Beach or Flamenco Beach from the category of the best beaches in Puerto Rico

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The best beaches in Puerto Rico

The islet of Culebra, in Puerto Rico, is famous for the fact that it is on it that one of the most pleasant places to relax is located — Flamenco Beach. Although there are enough other beaches here, Flamenco Beach is perhaps the most pleasant, in all respects. The ocean here is surprisingly clear, with a slight turquoise hue, so sometimes it seems that boats and boats hover or glide through the air. The very low level to which the water rises at high tide allows you to swim and relax on the golden beach at any time. This will be especially important for families with children or the elderly.

You won’t have to go far to get what you need, right here just behind the sand line, there are many shops, cafes and restaurants where you can find everything you might want or need. The same applies to many hotels and bungalows of various classes. The service here is at the level, the owners will not have to be ashamed. The whole island is surrounded by coral reefs in their most pristine form, which attracts a large number of divers. This place, like a strange, amazing magnet, attracts all lovers of water sports entertainment.

Playa Flamenco Sea Temperature today

This data shows the water temperature in Playa Flamenco. In addition to water temperature, you can also get information about air temperature, weather for today, tomorrow and in the coming days, surf forecast, as well as sunrise / sunset and moonrise data for a given location.

Playa Flamenco water temperature today is 28.2 degrees Celsius. Based on our historical data over a period of ten years, the warmest sea in this day in Playa Flamenco was recorded in 2016 and was 29°C, and the coldest was recorded in 2018 at 28°C. Within the next 10 days, sea water temperature in Playa Flamenco is expected to drop to 28.1°C. November average sea water temperature in Playa Flamenco is 28.5°C/68.6°F, the minimum temperature is 27°C/68.4°F, and the maximum is 29.3°C/69.1°F.

The beach season in Playa Flamenco lasts all year round — from January to December. During those months, Playa Flamenco water temperature does not drop below 20°C/68°F and therefore suitable for comfortable swimming. The average water temperature in Playa Flamenco in winter reaches 26. 8°C, in spring it is 26.8°C, in summer the average temperature rises to 28.4°C, and in autumn it is 28.

In addition to water temperature, the presence and height of waves, as well as wind speed and direction, are important indicators for a comfortable stay on the beach. This data shows the average hourly wave height for today. For a more detailed forecast of sea conditions, wave height and direction for today and the coming days, go to the section Sea conditions in Playa Flamenco. The data in the table is for November 19, 2022, time in GMT format 0 (you can change the time zone on the sea state forecast page) 9November 2022). To view the weather forecast for the coming days, go to the weather forecast in Playa Flmenko


908 908 908 908 908 908 908 908 908 908 908 908 908 908 908 908 908 908 908

908 908


0-3 h 3-6 hours hours hours
27°C 26. 7°C 26.4°C 26.3°C


12-15 ч 15-18 ч 18-21 ч 21-24 h

Month Avg. Min. Max. hot
Playa Flamenco sea water temperature in January
February 26.3°C 25.5°C 27.3°C

Water temperature in Playa Flamenco in February
March 26.3°C 25°C 27.9°C hot
Playa Flamenco water temperature in March
April 26.8°C 25.3°C 28.1°C

Water temperature in Playa Flamenco in April
May 27.4°C 26.2°C 28.9°C

Water temperature in Playa Flamenco in May
June 28. 1°C 27°C 29.3°C
Playa Flamenco water temperature in June
Water temperature in Playa Flamenco in July
August 28.8°C 28.1°C 30.3°C

Playa Flamenco water temperature in August 9hot 0408
September 29.2°C 28.4°C
Water temperature in Playa Flamenco in September
October 29.1°C 28.2°C 29.9°C

Water temperature in Playa Flamenco in October
November 28.5°C 27°C 29.3°C

Playa Flamenco sea water temperature in November
December 27.5°C 26.2°C
Water temperature in Playa Flamenco in December

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Water Volns
28. 3°C 28°C 1.28 m
Koki Beach 28.2°C

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Other names Playa Flamenco

Flamenco Beach, Flamenco Beach

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Satellite data together with ground-based observations are used to calculate the water temperature in Playa Flamenco.

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