Ir a culebra: How to Get to Vieques and Culebra

Comprar tus boletos en línea para viajes a Vieques y Culebra

A partir de hoy los interesados en visitar las islas municipio Vieques y Culebra podrán adquirir sus boletos a través de un sistema de venta de boletos en línea.

La alternativa establecida por la Autoridad de Transporte Marítimo facilita la compra de boletos a través del portal

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  • Paradores en la isla lanzan ofertas para Semana Santa

    La Asociación de Dueños de Paradores y Turismo de Puerto Rico dijo estar preparada para recibir a miles de familias

  • Servicio de Apostilla ya se está ofreciendo en Plaza Las Américas

    La “Apostilla de la Haya” es la certificación de un documento público que será utilizado en otro país

El servicio conllevará un cargo por servicio de $3. Los residentes de Vieques y Culebra están exentos de pagar este cargo.

Se informó que el sistema solamente tendrá cerca de un 20-30% de los boletos para la venta. Es decir, el servicio tiene un inventario limitado de boletos para la venta en línea.

“Hoy anunciamos una boletería electrónica accesible con un plan piloto que se va a estar llevando a cabo [en el que] los visitantes van poder comprar sus boletos online”, sostuvo Rosselló durante una conferencia de prensa que realizó para anunciar el nuevo sistema.

A modo de aclaración, el portal ofrece detalles de la compra de los boletos y cómo redimirlos desde el terminal de Ceiba.

¿Cómo recibo mi boleto si lo compro por Internet?

Una vez realizas la orden, recibirás la confirmación por correo electrónico. Según el portal, puedes imprimir el código (QR code) y llevarlo al abordar, o simplemente mostrarlo enseñarlo desde la pantalla del celular.

Cuando llego al Puerto, ¿qué tengo que hacer?

1. Identifícate con el personal de la Autoridad de Transporte Marítimo (ATM) como pasajero de PORFERRY. COM para que recibas prioridad al abordar “Priority Boarding”.

2. Ya sea impreso o desde el celular, ten tu boleto electrónico listo.

3. Si adquiriste más de un boleto (familia o grupo) asegúrate todas las personas están presentes previo a proceder a escanear.

TE PODRÍA INTERESAR: 5 sitios web para encontrar vuelos baratos ✈️

¿Cuáles rutas venden?

Actualmente las rutas disponibles para venta son de Ceiba a Vieques y Vieques a Ceiba y para Big Cat Express para las rutas de Ceiba a Culebra y Culebra a Ceiba. La ATM anticipó que durante el verano estaría incluyendo las rutas de Isla Bonita y Cayo Largo.





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Puerto Rico Islands: Vieques and Culebra

W Retreat & Spa — Vieques Island/Oyster

Puerto Rico is one of the most dynamic islands in the Caribbean. The culture fuses Spanish, African, and indigenous Taino influences, while its beautiful beaches are always ready for their close-up. Nightlife is wild, dining is excellent, and the gorgeous landscapes range from arid plains to lush jungles. While San Juan, Ponce, and the island’s west coast are all fascinating places to explore, Puerto Rico has other destinations that demand some time and attention — and that requires actually leaving the main island. 

Vieques and Culebra have exerted an outsized pull on the imaginations of visitors to Puerto Rico in the last few decades. Both have picture-perfect beaches, a low-key pace of life, and seemingly unexplored corners that make them appealing when contrasted to the main island’s bustling cities and beaches. Check out a few tips on where to go, what to see, and how to ace your trip to these two beautiful spots. After all, winter is just around the corner. 

Hotels in this story

Price Dates

Where to Find the Best Beaches

Playa Flamenco; blucolt/Flickr

Most travelers land in Puerto Rico because of its tropical beaches — none of which require a passport for U. S. citizens to reach. If you really want a taste of just how beautiful Puerto Rico’s beaches are, head to Vieques and Culebra.

On Vieques, you’ll likely need a car or moped to reach the best beaches. Keep in mind that many of these are located down deeply rutted roads, sometimes with holes that are large enough to partially swallow a car. However, it all factors into part of the feeling that you’ve stumbled upon an unknown, secret spot. Playa Bahia del Sol is the most popular beach on Vieques, and you’ll likely see packs of wild horses in the parks surrounding it. However, if you want something that feels truly away-from-it-all, opt for Playa Azul, Media Luna, or Playa Verde (Punta Arenas).

Culebra is the tinier of the two islands and we recommend renting a bike to get around. You’ll have access to parts of the island that most tourists won’t find, and the landscape is easily navigable on two wheels. Playa Flamenco is one of the prettiest beaches in the Caribbean, with crystal-clear water and beautiful white sand. It also has great food and gorgeous views. If you want to feel like you’ve escaped the masses — though admittedly, Playa Flamenco isn’t exactly crowded — bike out to Playa Punta Soldado. 

Dine and Drink Your Cares Away

Isabel II; Karan Jain/Flickr

The dining and drinking scene is by no means epic on either of these islands. In fact, you won’t find anything like San Juan’s bumping La Placita on either Vieques or Culebra. But that fact is precisely why people head this way in the first place. Both certainly have their fair share of watering holes, though if you’re after something a bit more lively, Vieques is the place to be. 

The main town on the island is Isabel II, on the north shore, which has lots of local dining options dishing out comida criolla. Coqui Fire Cafe remains one of the most popular spots, though no restaurant is particularly formal on this part of the island. Esperanza, the town on the south coast, is even more casual. There, a strip of tourist-ready open-air bars looks out onto the Malecon, where sunsets are a prime draw. The action doesn’t go super late here, but the bars can definitely get rowdy, with a mix of locals, tourists, and expats. For something a little more refined, the bars and restaurants at the W Retreat draw a buzzy crowd, and the resort hosts everything from LGBTQ Pride parties to film festivals and DJs.

On Culebra, the vibe is even more chilled out. There are only a few bars clustered along the main street near the pier. They don’t stay open very late, and there are some great little restaurants in the same area. Dinghy Dock, which overlooks the water, is a solid pick. Pandeli is also a great option for sweets and breakfast. Keep in mind that most of the food on Culebra lacks much local flavor, and many of the restaurants are staffed by expats from the continental United States. 

Explore the Great Outdoors

Horses on Playa Negra; karlnorling/Flickr

Of course, the great joy of these two islands is the abundance of places to explore. Culebra, in particular, is almost tailor-made for bike rides and taking in the views of the neon blue water against curves of white sand and emerald hillsides. On Vieques, there’s a bit more action, and travelers can explore the nature reserves by car, moped, or bike. The island’s old lighthouse-turned-museum, Faro Puerto Ferro, is also worth a quick visit.

One of the biggest draws on Vieques is its bioluminescent bay. While there has been some concern that the bay — Mosquito Bay as it’s officially known — may be going dark, extensive measures have been put in place by the community to ensure that it maintains its magic. Here, under the cover of darkness, millions of dinoflagellates spark to life under any minimal disturbance of the water, including kayak oars and waves. Thousands of visitors flock here every year to witness the otherworldly subtle blue glow. Do yourself a favor, though, and time your visit when the moon isn’t full, or hope for at least one cloudy night. This guarantees that you’ll see the brightest underwater activity. 

How to Score the Right Lodging

W Retreat & Spa/Oyster

Big name hotels are few and far between on both islands, though Vieques has more upscale and luxury options (no-frills bed-and-breakfasts are also found in abundance). Options include the buzzing and secluded W Retreat & Spa, which has two private beaches, a range of massive rooms and suites, amazing dining, and pools that would make South Beach’s best blush. Elsewhere on the island, the starkly designed Hix Island House is something of a destination unto itself, while the Blue Horizon Boutique Resort has amazing sea views and a homey vibe. It’s also just outside Esperanza for travelers looking to mix and mingle. 

Those who like more low-key, informal digs should opt for homier Culebra, where small guesthouses, private villas, vacation rentals, and budget properties are the norm. Guesthouses include the extremely central Mamacita’s, right in the middle of town, and Casa Robinson, which has great inlet views and is only a five-minute drive (or 10-minute bike ride) to the center of town.

Getting There and Getting Around

The small prop jets used to reach the islands are an experience on their own; Puerto Rico/Oyster

There are a few different options for arriving on either island. The easiest — and most direct way — is to fly. Prop jets leave from San Juan several times a day. Plus, most major airlines departing from the U.S. now offer combined bookable fares between the route to reach San Juan and the connection to Culebra or Vieques. Keep in mind this may mean switching from San Juan’s international airport to the smaller airport, Isla Grande (also known as Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport). You’ll be paying a premium, though there’s really no cheap way to reach either island.

Alternatively, ferries depart from Fajardo, on the main island’s east coast. They can be cancelled for all sorts of reasons, from maintenance to bad weather, so just in case, know that there’s also an airport with prop jets flying to Vieques in Fajardo. Keep in mind that you’ll have to shell out for the cab fare between San Juan and Fajardo, which isn’t cheap. 

When you’re on the islands, you will need transport. On Culebra, we strongly recommend renting bikes, as it’s small enough to cover and this gives you enough mobility while keeping you outdoors and enjoying the amazing sea views. If you’re staying in Vieques, opt for a rental car or moped, as distances can be much longer than on Culebra. Keep in mind that unpaved beach roads make car rentals the more reliable option, as mopeds might not be able to navigate some of the terrain. Also be prepared for steep curving roads throughout Vieques’ interior.

A Note on the Islands’ Recent Pasts

Culebra; Marco Zanferrari/Flickr

The United States has not been kind to Puerto Rico in many ways — including allowing the island’s current economic crisis to continue unabated. But the legacy of U.S. occupation of Culebra and Vieques is particularly brutal. Both were used by the United States military as practice and weapons-testing grounds throughout much of the 20th century. So, what does that mean for travelers? Some of the beaches on Vieques are strictly off limits, and tanks are still visible on certain beaches on Culebra, including Playa Flamenco. Despite vehement protests, the wishes and health of the local population were disregarded. Today, the former military land on Vieques has been converted into nature reserves, though there are a number of still-restricted areas. These are clearly marked, but pick up a map when you’re on Vieques for the most up-to-date information, as the process of clearing the land is ongoing.

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Culebra and Cataclysms ~ Prose (Essay) ~ Yuri Skripnikov

I have a tsunami friend. All my professional career
engaged in this passion of the Lord. Wanting to do a good deed, today he told me
sent an email saying that, they say, in the vicinity of the island of Grenada
an underwater volcanic eruption is expected, accompanied by a tsunami. taking care of
my well-being, he advised me to climb the nearest palm tree or some other
way to ensure your safety. A business
in the fact that I live on the Mambo yacht, which is located off the island of Culebra,
which, in turn, is located near the island of Puerto Rico. And all this en masse in the Caribbean. What is it
hemisphere I will not speak — you need to leave food for thought. nine0003 To caring
I reacted to a friend’s message something like this: “Grenada is about a thousand from us
kilometers. But even if she’s around, what can I do?
to yourself: they received the news that in three days a fucking
an asteroid and all of us will be Khan. And what can you do? Put on a helmet, on top
still tie a frying pan and sit, wait humbly. So here. Well, be warned
you me, so what? Should I hide under Mambo? Or go to sea? AND? Spin around there
until the sun runs out? Or abandon the yacht and run, tearing his shirt, into the hills
islands? What for? The yacht is my home, my fortress, my haven, and without it I
there’s nothing to do here» —
every warning is for the good, especially since without natural nightmares on
Culebre came the dark times of the Middle Ages, more precisely, developed socialism
Sample, approximately, 81st year. Pumps broke down at the gas station, so at the second
(and the last) refueling of the island is now the queue for five hours of waiting. Usually I
I try to have some kind of reserve of gasoline just for such circumstances (tea,
not the first year in the Caribbean). But according to the law of meanness, lately I somehow
relaxed, and I had only half a tank left for the dinghy outboard motor and
Naturally, today is some kind of holiday in Puerto Rico, so the people on
Culebra is now a shitty cloud — both with cars and on boats, in any form. And to everyone
gasoline is needed. How long does it take in America to from one column
refueled six cars? Well, let half an hour, although such a situation I’m having a hard time
I represent. And here it will take two hours. Theoretically, one column has
four refueling points, that is, four cars can be refueled at the same time.
But three of the four hoses are locked, so only one can refuel. AND
since the gas station is near the water itself, boats are also suitable, and all sorts of boats. Here
and today I wanted to fill the canisters with gasoline early in the morning. twenty to seven
there were already about six cars and three boats. And closer to the opening, the people were pleased
the fact that the pump at the dispenser broke down, so there will be no gasoline today. Of course,
you could grab the canisters in your hands and rush
running to the second gas station, which is on the square where ferries arrive. But this
useless, because it is clear that there is already a line of suffering lined up on
kilometer. nine0003 Yes
that you need to breathe evenly and not rock the boat. A couple of weeks ago I started walking in the morning.
Not because I’m such a fitting fanatic. Just, since after a heart attack
I quit smoking, the weight is creeping up, and there is no way to stop this vile trend
it turns out. It would seem that I swim for an hour a day, and physical work on
there is enough yacht, and everything you want — not a fig, it creeps, period. At the beginning of the month I had to transfer to
Puerto Rican business meeting of businessmen. Such meetings are supposed to appear
in a business case. So I barely got into my pants. While I was translating, I thought they
sawed through. This was the last straw — the most difficult thing is to make a decision,
then things get easier. nine0003 One
in a word, every morning, when it brightens every minute, but the sun has not yet risen,
and while it’s not hot, I go up to a nearby bay, where the road passes near the shore.
I leave the rubber dinghy at a tiny wharf and stomp through the valleys and along
hills. Up and down along the coast. I go to the police station and
back with a light foot. So to speak, galloping playing with cheerful legs. Exactly one hour
time is spent walking. It took NATO a week to get involved, and I don’t quit this business.
intends. nine0003 Po
this reason, after an unsuccessful attempt to stock up on gasoline and in the light of the prevailing
in the Culebra fuel market of the situation, I will save fuel only for a short morning
voyage to the mentioned cove of Fouladoza and back, and I will wait until this very
the situation will not resolve. A cursory inventory showed that there was still a day’s worth of bread.
three is enough, the rest of the products too. And in three days it will be Monday, then
yes, all this gasoline-hungry pack will scatter, and it will be possible to calmly
fill up with fuel. nine0003 Someone
of those who have forgotten the happy Soviet life can say: «Well, they broke
pumps will fix. Just think, trouble. «In America, yes, in the States to fix the breakdown
it would take two hours. But it’s not the States, it’s Puerto Rico, so it’s not about
hours, but days and weeks. In any case, at the same gas station, diesel fuel is not
they have been selling for two weeks for the same reason — the pump has broken. Caribbean
factor, fucking louse.
This is one headache — and not
last. Much more serious transport trouble. Culebra is associated with the Big
ferry island. per day from nearest to
us from the port of Fajardo three or four passenger ferries come to Culebra and
three pieces of cargo. And the same number go to the Big Island, Puerto Rico. Exactly
the same is true of the second island of the Spanish Virgin Islands, Vieiques.
Now, of all the ferries, only two are left, the rest have broken down. One
something with an engine, another with rudders, and so on. nine0003 So two ferries per
two islands. This, firstly, means that the entire schedule has gone down the drain.
Second, given the quiet hurricane season this year, an unusually high
tourists. Rod in crowds. The authorities did not come up with anything better than to sell
tickets are one way only. That is, if I need something on the Big Island,
then on Culebra they will sell me tickets for the ferry only to Fajardo. And be in Fajardo
kindly buy yourself a ticket to Culebra. I do not understand the logic of such a solution, but figs
with her, with logic. nine0003 The fact is that such an innovation immediately deprives any sense of
trip to the Big Island. In Fajardo, the queues at the cash desk are such that immediately
you remember the Union and the coveted sausage for two twenty — only on the hand of the number
they didn’t think of writing (it will be necessary to prompt them, share their experience). Need it here
organize tours from Russia for the nostalgic. I’ve heard creepy stories of how people couldn’t
get out of Puerto Rico, and they had to spend the night at the nearest airport from us
Ceiba to fly home at least in the morning. nine0003 In practice, this means for me,
that I can’t get to a doctor (thank God, it’s not necessary yet), or to a pharmacy,
to take medicines (again, I’m smart in the Soviet way, and I took prescription medicines
for three months at once, so it will be enough until the end of September). There was a pharmacy on Culebra,
but this year, during the next reorganization of the medical service, she disappeared, and
now for medicines please go to the Big Island.
In addition, let’s say you need to buy some household small items or
tools, in general, something that is not on Culebra. Will you go to Fajardo
given all the above factors? That is, at half past nine in the morning
the ferry came and you disembarked ashore. Instead of running straight to
minibus to go where you need to, first move in line at
checkout. The next ferry back to Culebra will be at 3pm. But if you
decided to take a ticket after dinner, then, in principle, you can no longer worry. With
taking into account the crowd of tourists even now, in the morning, it is very likely that
that, after standing in line for a couple of hours, you will find out that everything is free — tickets for everything
today’s ferries are sold. And tomorrow they will sell tomorrow. So take a walk
breathe fresh air, get inspired. And at the same time think about where you will be
spend the night. nine0003 Once upon a time
It occurred to me that Puerto Rico is the Hispanic Soviet Union. First
I laughed at such a paradox, but there’s no getting around it — the resemblance is amazing.
Let’s say you can imagine walking into a barbershop and it’s unkind
reported that today they only cut women’s and children’s hair, so that men can
relax? This is how I was greeted at the barbershop about three weeks ago. AND
How do you like to wait in the store while the saleswoman talks on her cell phone? And
she will also reprimand you if you show signs of impatience. AND
lack of this and that? And the queues where friends and
the seller’s relatives, as well as the local police? I’m not talking about taking
doctor. This is a special article. This event requires iron patience and
Siberian health. nine0003 B
Through the looking glass, everything is possible. Once, before taking off from Culebra, talking about the rules
security, the pilot adds: “We will sit for another ten minutes on Vieiques,
to pick up a couple of passengers.» –
You think: “Still, sometimes they have strange humor.” — But after
takeoff instead of turning right, towards the Big Island, small
the twin-engine aircraft continues to fly over the waves in a straight line. We really
landed on Vieykes, took one passenger and only then continued their flight to
Puerto Rico. A delay of half an hour, it seems to be a bit. And if you have time
calculated to get to the international airport and catch your flight in
States — how will this half hour turn around? True, so count the time here
only beginners or unbridled optimists can. If I have a flight from
San Juan International Airport, say, at 4 p.m., then from Culebra I
I’ll leave at eight in the morning. Of course, hearing this, a normal person will
laugh and point fingers at me: “Why??? Flight from Culebra to Isla Grande Airport
takes only half an hour, then another half an hour by taxi to the international
San Juan. Taxi drivers are always there. That is, you can safely fly out in an hour
and you have enough time for everything. Here, look, there is just such a flight. — nine0003 All
yes, but I’m not normal, I’m an experienced resident of an island in the Caribbean, and I know that
everything happens here. The plane can take off forty minutes late — without explanation. Or maybe earlier
may not fly at all. They will simply tell you with a smile that you are on this flight
one, and the next in just two hours. What is a plane with one passenger
drive? And there are already three people there, so, there will be four with you. What you
are you nervous? Everything was explained to you, as to a person: you are one, and there are three, so
take it easy. Everything is logical, but what are your circumstances — but who is it
care? nine0003 On
sea ​​terminal Fajardo can easily and without warning combine
passengers to both islands, put them on one ferry, and then first move to
Vieiques, because it is bigger and closer, and only then to little Culebra. AT
As a result, a cruise instead of an hour and a half takes three.
Therefore, you are always cheerful, collected and ready to respond to any unexpected
emerging circumstances.
back to the ferry situation. Let’s say you bought all sorts of good things in Fajardo dollars
fifty, but with a return ticket to Culebra flew. So either go to
hotel (on foot uphill with a bag on his shoulders) and pay ninety dollars for
night. And this is in order to get up at three in the morning and wander to the ticket office, because
that the first ferry to Culebra leaves at four in the morning. By the way, the sea terminal on
the night is closed, so there is no opportunity to turn over on the bench. Second
option — grab a taxi and fly to the town of Ceiba. There is the nearest
Culebre airport. From there it’s a fifteen minute flight to us. The ticket costs dollars
fifty. But you still need to manage to buy it. It used to be at the airport
There were cash registers, now there is no such thing. True, if you bought a ticket for the morning flight,
You can also spend the night at the airport. So will you go to the city for shopping or
already changed your mind? nine0003 And you say an underwater earthquake.

Culebra Island
July 2015


Planet Anica 901 Excellent22 reviews10 Autograph Collection All-Inclusive Resort — Culebra


Costa Rica


75 photos

75 photos

75 photos

75 photos

75 photos


Playa Manzanillo Bahia Culebra, Papagayo, Cr,
Costa Rica,

Show map


Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Costa Rica is close to Papagayo Marina and offers a tour desk, newsstand and free parking. It offers 24-hour room service, concierge services and 24-hour reception, as well as a gym in addition to the pool. nine0023


It is located about 2.4 km from Bahia Culebra. It is located 4.2 km from Peninsula de Papagayo. This hotel is a short drive from Playa Manzanillo.


Rooms at this exclusive hotel offer a private toilet, television and a seating area. They also offer sea views.


The buffet breakfast served in the café is a great start to the day. A club restaurant and a café-bar are located on site. The bar offers a wide selection of alcoholic drinks. nine0023

Leisure and business

The hotel also has an outdoor swimming pool, a bar and a night club for guests.


Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel.


Free private parking is available on site.

Number of rooms: 292.

Former name: planet hollywood beach resort costa rica

— Hide


Most Popular Amenities


On-site parking

24-hour service

24-hour reception

24-hour security

Care for children


Outdoor pool

Air conditioning

Accommodation with children

Children’s playground

Children’s pool

Kids club

Children’s menu

Private beach

Beach access

Private beach

Beach umbrellas

  • Wi-Fi
  • Parking lot
  • 24 hour service
  • Pool
  • Air conditioner
  • Accommodation with children
  • Private beach

Sports and fitness

  • Fitness center
  • Sports trainer


  • Room service
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Dry cleaning
  • Guide services/ Ticketing
  • Shops/ commercial services
  • Welcome cocktail


  • Restaurant
  • Pool Bar
  • Snack bar


  • Meeting/Banquet Rooms

For children

  • Children’s menu
  • Children’s pool
  • Children’s playground
  • Kids Club


  • Outdoor pool
  • Beach access
  • Beach umbrellas
  • Entertainment
  • Garden
  • Spa and wellness center
  • Sauna
  • Jacuzzi
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Massage
  • Make-up services

Room view

  • Garden view
  • City view
  • Mountain view
  • Ocean view

Amenities in the room

  • Air conditioning
  • Safe in room
  • Rest area
  • Garden furniture
  • Balcony
  • Ironing accessories


  • TV
  • Telephone

Show all amenitiesHide list of amenities


  • Famous places of the city
  • Nearby
  • Restaurants

Papagayo Marina

1. 5


Playa Nacascolo


Playa Manzanillo



playa sombrero oscuro


Peninsula de Papagayo


Bahia Culebra



Iguanita Wildlife Refuge



Playa Iguanita


The Beach Chocolate Factory



Playa Virador


Playa Arenillas



Beach, Secrets Resort


Playa Cabuyal


Papagayo Marina

800 m

Playa Manzanillo

0 m


The Dive Bar



+ More- Hide

Need a transfer?

You can book your transfer after you have completed your booking at the hotel. What airport is Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Costa Rica near?

Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Costa Rica is 30 km from Daniel Auduber Quiroz International Airport. nine0023

Can I have breakfast at Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Costa Rica?

Yes, Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Costa Rica offers a buffet breakfast.

How much is the cancellation fee for Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Costa Rica?

Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Costa Rica free cancellation.

What time do you need to check out from Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Costa Rica Culebra?

You can check out from Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Costa Rica Culebra from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. nine0023

Does Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Costa Rica Culebra have child-friendly facilities?

Guests of Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Costa Rica Culebra can take advantage of children’s meals, a mini club and a playground.

How far is Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Costa Rica Culebra from the city center?

The city center is located 1 km from Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Costa Rica Culebra.

Is cleaning service available at Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Costa Rica? nine0023

Yes, Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Costa Rica provides housekeeping and laundry services.

Does Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Costa Rica have a restaurant?

Yes, Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Costa Rica has an East Sushi Teppanyaki restaurant serving Japanese cuisine.

How much does it cost to stay at Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Costa Rica?

Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Costa Rica prices start at $483.

What rooms are available at Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Costa Rica Culebra?

Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Costa Rica Culebra offers a choice of 2 Bedroom Suite, Queen Suite and Junior Suite.


Playa Manzanillo Bahia Culebra, Papagayo, Cr,
Costa Rica,

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Important information

Check-infrom 15:00-23:00FREECheck-outfrom 11:00-12:00FREE

Extra bedsThere are no extra beds available in this room.

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