Marc anthony puerto rico song: Marc Anthony 5 Best Songs: Get to Know the Puerto Rican Singer Through His Music | Latin Post

Marc Anthony 5 Best Songs: Get to Know the Puerto Rican Singer Through His Music | Latin Post

By Joshua Summers

Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony has spent decades of his life singing and performing his songs on stage and television. His music was also aired on radios, making his voice famous in the Latin music industry.

With his romantic vibe and incredible voice, Marc Anthony was able to captivate fans not only from his home country Puerto Rico but also in other parts of the world.

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Marc Anthony is a versatile musician who performs several genres of music and performs them well. With his decades-long career in the entertainment industry, the Puerto Rican singer already has an amazing music catalog.

Here is a list of some of Marc Anthony’s best songs that will tell you more about the Puerto Rican singer’s career and life.

Contra la Corriente

«Contra la Corriente» is also the name of Marc Anthony’s third studio album, which was hailed as the best-selling Salsa album of all time, beating the record held by Ruben Blades’ «Siembra» since 1978.

The cool vibe of Marc Anthony’s voice in the «Contra la Corriente» song complements the strong and vibrant mariachi beats. It is a hit on dance floors and among salsa dancers.

Ride on the Rhythm

Marc Anthony is no stranger to singing upbeat songs, as his «Ride on the Rhythm» will make you groove. This song is from the «When the Night is Over» album.  It is freestyle, tackling dancing in its lyrics. «Ride on the Rhythm» is Anthony’s first number one dance song.

Valio la Pena

Marc Anthony has ventured into different genres, including pop. After a break from salsa, he came back with «Valio la Pena,» which took the dance floors from all over the world to another level. The song was released under the album with the same name and won Latin Grammys for the best tropical album in 2005.

Rain Over Me

«Rain Over Me» is another hit song by Marc Anthony. It is in collaboration with Cuban superstar Pitbull. This song became Anthony’s 20th number 1 on the Billboard Tropical Songs chart. Who would say no to a song that two Latin superstars perform?

Vivir Mi Via

Marc Anthony’s «Vivir Mi Vida» is also one of his best songs. It was the first single off Anthony’s album «3.0,» which is a compilation of original music in the tropical genre.

«Vivir Mi Vida» is a translation of Algerian singer Khaled’s «C’est la Vie.» With trumpets hyping the song’s melody, it tackles how life is lived to the fullest.

«Vivir Mi Vida» spent 17 weeks on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs Chart. Marc Anthony also won the Latin Grammy for record of the year in 2013 for this song.

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Written by: Joshua Summers

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