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At source PR, we’re passionate about building brand awareness and loyalty through powerful, effective public relations strategies. After a combined 20 years of experience in agency and corporate public relations, our mission is to blend the best practices from both sectors to create public relations campaigns that drive results for our clients.

Specializing in health and wellness, hospitality, and lifestyle brands, we’re a Phoenix-based agency with extensive experience in media relations on a local and national stage. At source, our clients have the best of both worlds- a genuine boutique agency experience with large-scale results.

We’ve been the agency representatives and we’ve been the clients. We understand the importance a dynamic and successful partnership can be for bolstering your brand.  

We’re driven. We’re ambitious. We’re creative. And ready to get you results.

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Media Relations

Securing featured stories in targeted media platforms on a local and national level. Our creative and clever thinking turns clients’ stories into top placements in TV, print, radio and online coverage.

We have built strong relationships with respected journalists and media partners. In an age where the media landscape is constantly evolving, we engage with the right editors, reporters and producers to share your brand’s story.

Content Creation

We believe in an integrated communications approach. We create content for websites, email marketing, internal communications, social media and other marketing collateral that will align brand messaging within your public relations strategy. 


From collaborating on communications strategies for corporate teams to media coaching with small-owned businesses, consulting services could benefit your brand’s evolving needs.

Influencer Seeding

We connect your brand or product with the appropriate digital contacts who can engage targeted audiences to learn more and support your mission.

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A powerful duo packed with passion. Source PR is a Phoenix-based public relations agency specializing in the lifestyle, health and wellness, and hospitality industries.

Pamela and Alexa are honed in on delivering the best service and outstanding results for clients. Meet your sources to learn more.

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Services — Source PR

As brands, we’re all seeking a common goal: to be known and trusted by our target audiences.  That’s where we come in. 

At source, we offer the following public relations services we believe will get you the best results.

Media Relations

The key to securing coverage in valued news outlets is through strong relationships with media partners. In an age where the media landscape is constantly evolving and more vast than ever, we engage with the right editors, journalists, and producers to amplify your brand’s story.

Our creative and clever thinking turns clients’ stories into enticing pitches landing top placement across TV, print, radio and online coverage.

We have built strong relationships with respected media partners and have the expertise to get your story in the spotlight.


From collaborating on communications strategies for corporate teams to media coaching with small-owned businesses, consulting services could benefit your brand’s evolving needs.

Additional consulting services are ideal for a team member seeking guidance on how to spearhead a public relations department or program for your business. One-on-one coaching will provide the knowledge and tools on how to implement and execute public relations tactics.

Content Creation

We believe the best way to make authentic connections with your audience is through an integrated communications approach. Whether you’re just starting out or established in your industry space, your story will evolve and grow, much like your consumers. We create content that will align brand messaging within your public relations strategy. 

Storytellers at heart, we focus on delivering compelling, valuable and consistent messaging that will help drive your business forward.

Influencer Seeding

We connect your brand or product with the appropriate digital contacts who can engage targeted audiences to learn more and support your mission.

Through seeding, we can expand reach to potential consumers as well as aim to garner organic word-of-mouth referrals and feedback.

Social Media

Your social media presence is paramount as a marketing and media channel. Consumers use content shared as a tool to determine credibility and personal alignment with your brand while media contacts refer for more information about who you are and what you do. At source, we believe this channel is one of the most authentic ways to connect with consumers and share your goals.

Even authentic content requires a strategy to ensure you are communicating in the most effective way. We plan, create and curate genuine, organic content for social media platforms that your consumers will engage with. From development to execution and community management, we ensure your brand’s reputation is managed digitally.

Ready for the spotlight?

Give us a call, send an email or fill out the form to the right. We’re looking forward to talking about how being front and center in the media can boost your business!


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What is PR? — Orta on

For the preparation of the material, the textbook «Public Relations» was used, the authors of which were experts from the Orta communication group, which includes the international agency FleishmanHillard Vanguard.


There are many definitions of public relations. All of these definitions have their value and can be used equally depending on the task at hand. However, PR is a rapidly growing field of activity, and today often the only criterion for what PR is, and where its boundaries lie, is practical activity

Alexey Safronov, General Director of KG «Orta»

Textbook and workshop «Public Relations», authors Elena Fadeeva, President of the Orta Group and CEO of FleishmanHillard Vanguard, Alexei Safronov, General Director of the Orta Group, Maria Krasilnikova, Vice President of the Orta Group. KG «Orta»

Here are some of the most well-known definitions:

builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics”. Public relations is a process of strategic communication that creates mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and the public.

2. The Mexican Declaration «Public Relations», signed by representatives of 30 national and regional PR associations on August 11, 1978 in Mexico City, states that «the practice of public relations is a creative and socio-scientific approach to analyzing trends predicting their consequences, advising the leaders of organizations and carrying out planned programs of action that will serve both the interests of the organizations and the public interest” .

3. The official statement of the American Society for Public Relations, November 6, 1982, states: “Public relations assists our complex, pluralistic society in more effective decision-making and the execution of functions, contributing to mutual understanding between different groups and organizations. They bring harmony to private and public activities” .

4. In 1975, the Foundation for Public Relations Research and Education attempted to summarize all the interpretations of PR known at that time. In total, 472 definitions fell into the field of view of analysts, on the basis of the analysis of which a definition was formulated, which has been a textbook for many years: “public relations is a specific management function that promotes the establishment and maintenance of communication, understanding and cooperation between an organization and its public; contributes to the solution of various problems and tasks; helps the management of the organization to be informed about public opinion and respond to it in time; defines and emphasizes the main task of the company’s management — to serve the interests of the public; helps management to be ready for any changes and use them as efficiently as possible, acting as an “early warning system” about danger, helps to cope with undesirable trends; uses research and open, ethical communication as its main means of action” .

5. Definitions of PR are also given in fundamental dictionaries. Thus, the Dictionary of Sociology, published in the United States in 1944, defines PR as “theories and methods used to regulate the relationship of a subject with its public. <... > These theories and methods involve the use of sociology, social psychology, economics, political science, as well as the special skills of a journalist, artist, organizer, advertising specialist, etc. to solve specific problems in this field of activity” .

6. In the encyclopedic dictionary «Political Science» PR is interpreted as follows: «public relations — a specialized activity of state and other organizations that ensure the establishment of mutual understanding and goodwill between organizations engaged in PR, including government ones, and people, social groups, on which this activity is directed. <…> Public relations are an important part of public administration and are designed to ensure mutual understanding between people who make up the managing and managed subsystems, as well as the process of their functioning” .

There are also author’s definitions of PR.

1. “Public relations is the art and science of achieving harmony through mutual understanding based on truth and full information” (S. Black).

2. “Public relations is an effort to convince the public to change their approach or their actions, as well as to harmonize the activities of the organization in accordance with the interests of the public and vice versa” (E. Bernays).

3. “Public relations is the promotion of mutual understanding and goodwill between an individual, an organization and other people, groups of people or society as a whole through the dissemination of explanatory material, the development of exchange (information) and the assessment of public reaction” (A. Chumikov).

4. “Public relations is a planned, continuous effort aimed at creating and maintaining friendly relations and mutual understanding between an organization and its public” (G. Pocheptsov).

The textbook, compiled by the experts of the Orta communication group, contains an extensive bibliography, which is not included in this article.

Four myths about PR, what is PR / Skillbox Media



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There are many myths associated with PR. Few people understand this word correctly, even fewer people know how to use PR tools correctly. Let’s figure it out.




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vlada_maestro / shutterstock

Maria Iraidina

Writes about management in Skillbox Media. She worked as a project coordinator at the Russian Museum, wrote for the blog of the CRM marketing agency Out of Cloud.

Many people think so, but not everything is so simple. Marketing is responsible for sales and development of the company, while PR is responsible for communications and brand image. PR helps to gain consumer confidence — and this, of course, indirectly affects sales.

The effect of PR campaigns is difficult to measure accurately. A PR specialist does not call for a purchase, his task is to tell about the values ​​of a product or service. If we talk about sales, then PR is an integral part of strategic marketing. But his sphere of influence is not limited to sales only.

PR may be needed by the head of the company, individual specialist, celebrity or politician. Any public person who cares what journalists write about her.

Public relations in a company is usually the responsibility of a PR manager or a dedicated PR department. There are PR agencies that outsource communication tasks, help with marketing and advertising. Some work with any area, others with a specific one, for example, only with IT.

Marketing and PR are confused due to similar tools. Here they are.

  • Articles about a company or product that are posted on sites with a suitable audience, for example, or Cossa.
  • Email newsletters for partners and users, in which they talk about new services, products, events in the company or invite them to events.
  • Conferences, promotions, flash mobs, competitions, meetings and presentations. In PR, this is necessary to show the expertise of a specialist or team, and in marketing, to sell or gain customer loyalty.
  • Cross-promotion: when companies unite and organize joint promotions, competitions and events. The main condition for such an exchange is the same or similar target audience.

These tools can be used in PR and marketing, but the format and presentation of content will change depending on the company’s goals.

Many people think that PR is about organizing any event, and the schedule of a PR specialist consists of receptions and parties. This is only part of the truth. The PR person really organizes events and goes to other people’s, but to work, not to rest. And events are not all of its functions.

The PR specialist is responsible for communication with users, journalists and other stakeholders. With its help, the reputation of a company, product or person is built.

His task is to show the strengths of the company or product to users in such a way that companies trust. To do this, he plans a strategy and creates a PR campaign: a set of actions and tools to convey the value of a product or service to the public. Sometimes these tasks require activities, but not always.

Sales are not really the goal of PR. Although they can be the result of a good job by a PR specialist.

What will be and what will be directed to the PR campaign depends on the purpose of the organization. Some want to attract new or retain old customers. Others are looking for professionals, so with the help of a PR campaign they position themselves as a dream employer. For example, this is what Google does.

There are companies that use PR to stand out from the competition. For example, Yota, together with the creative agency Friends Moscow, launched the “This is Yota advertising” campaign to distinguish itself from other operators and increase brand awareness.

Non-profit organizations create unusual campaigns to draw public attention to social problems. For example, Greenpeace launched a campaign #porvispackage. They drew a comic to talk about the dangers of plastic and urge society to abandon the bags.


An interactive game has been created at the So-edinenie Foundation so that anyone can understand how people with hearing and visual impairments live.

This is a popular misconception. It happens that in companies PR tasks are handled by marketers, advertising specialists, and sometimes completely random people. The result is the failure of the campaign and the certainty that PR does not work at all.

A PR-specialist must have special skills, it is no coincidence that this is a completely separate profession. A good PR-specialist must:

  • understand how texts are composed that cause the desired reaction;
  • know how different information channels are arranged and be able to work with them;
  • be able to interest the media in the events of the company;
  • feel which information can help the company and which can harm;
  • know what to do if the company is in an image crisis.

Now the boundaries between professions are rapidly blurring, new trends are emerging. For a PR campaign to work and be useful, a PR specialist needs knowledge of marketing and advertising. He must be able to analyze audience requests and behavior, work with content, and know how SMM works. It’s good if he knows how to run ads and understands how promotional sites are created for events. A PR manager has many tasks, and all this knowledge will help you not only improve yourself, but also interact better with the team.




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