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La Vaca Brava San Juan — San Juan 🇵🇷


Cuatro Sombras: Torrefacción Y Café, Viejo San Juan


El Viejo San Juan


U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Puerto Rico


Triana Restaurant in Old San Juan


US Bankruptcy Court


Triana Tapas Flamenco Tapas Bar & Restaurant


Cuatro Sombras Coffee shop


Cafe Cuatro Sombras, Viejo San Juan Coffee shop


Carli’s Fine Bistro & Piano Bar


Calle Tetuán


Keto Pro fit Medical & health


Green Meds PR


US Courthouse Viejo San Juan


La Bonbonera en Viejo San Juan


Carli’s Bistro Restaurant


A Tu Gusto Pizza place


Triana Tapas & Flamenco Spanish Restaurant


Carli’s World


Old Harbor @ Old San Juan


Escape Room Puerto Rico Escape Game Room


Restaurante Triana




ReImagina Puerto Rico Nonprofit organization


San Juan Deli Restaurant


Cafe Cuatro Sombras


Café Cuatro Sombras, Old San Juan Coffee shop


Rest La Cueva Del Mar Old San Juan


Galería Artífice, Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico


Carli’s Fine Bistro & Piano


Santa Ana Church Religious Center


Café Cuatro Sombras Cafe


Princess Cruises


Café 4 SoMbRaS Coffee shop


Polo Norte Bar


Zen Fitness Puerto Rico Gym/Physical Fitness Center


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«Puerto Rican-Style Steaks»

If you’re hankering for some delicious, succulent steaks while in Old San Juan, head straight to Vaca Brava on Calle Recinto Sur. The casual dining destination offers comfortable interiors that are conducive for relaxed family dinners. The menu here is thick with classic cuts which are cooked to perfection and plated innovatively – Vaca Brava serves a very photogenic fare! The joint also serves a good selection of cocktails, beers and wines, which only add to your experience here. The prices are quite right, the ambiance is nice and the food is exceedingly tasty. Top picks here include the skirt steak, mofongos and the Can Can.

253 Calle Recinto Sur, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 00901

+1 787 723 3700

[email protected]

Today: 11:00 AM — 11:00 PM Closed Now

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Monday 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Tuesday 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM
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«Puerto Rican-Style Steaks»

If you’re hankering for some delicious, succulent steaks while in Old San Juan, head straight to Vaca Brava on Calle Recinto Sur. The casual dining destination offers comfortable interiors that are conducive for relaxed family dinners. The menu here is thick with classic cuts which are cooked to perfection and plated innovatively – Vaca Brava serves a very photogenic fare! The joint also serves a good selection of cocktails, beers and wines, which only add to your experience here. The prices are quite right, the ambiance is nice and the food is exceedingly tasty. Top picks here include the skirt steak, mofongos and the Can Can.

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Holidays in Catalonia. Spain in Russian — all about life in Spain

Catalonia, like other autonomous communities of Spain, has its own unique traditions that have been formed over many centuries. This is a country of eternal celebration, smiles and fun. During the year, the Catalans meet many fiestas, presenting folk customs and thus attracting many tourists from all over the world. Dances of the sardana, castelleros, correfoc and giant puppets are just a small part of the national flavor and culture of Catalonia. nine0003

«Spain in Russian» tells about the most important holidays in Catalonia. Well, if you decide to go to Spain and become a member of one of them, we remind you that the specialists of our service center are at your service.

Winter Festival of San Vicenç in Cabrera de Mar

January 23 — Festa Major de Sant Vicenç

A large-scale celebration comes to the Catalan municipality of Cabrera de Mar immediately after the New Year celebrations and is celebrated every year on January 22-25. This folk fiesta is dedicated to Saint Vincent and is unofficially recognized as a winter festival. The holiday is accompanied by many cultural and folk events that take place on the central streets of the city. On this day, residents can enjoy music, dance shows and delicious treats — grilled sausages. nine0003

Carnival in Sant Feliu de Guixols

January 30 — February 10 — Carnaval de Sant Feliu de Guíxols

For almost two weeks, Sant Feliu de Guixols blossoms with extravaganza of festivities and stunning costumes prepared for the annual carnival, which is attended by over half a million people. The main actors of the carnival are representatives of three groups, consisting of the inhabitants of the city. Every day during the winter carnival, Sant Feliu de Guixols hosts cultural events and processions. On the first Saturday of the holiday, a mass lunch is arranged, and on the next — a parade of schoolchildren and young children who demonstrate their outfits, and then receive a long-awaited present — chocolate. The celebration culminates in the burial of the sardine, an event somewhat reminiscent of the sardine festival in Murcia. It starts at 20:00 and ends with an open-air disco with the presentation of prizes to the teams participating in the festival. nine0003

Carnival in Vilanova i la Geltru

First Thursday of February — Carnaval de Vilanova i la Geltrú

In a series of carnivals that take place throughout Spain, the brightest are those that take place in Tenerife and Cadiz. However, among the most grandiose and large-scale holidays of Catalonia, it is worth noting the Vilanova i la Geltra carnival, which takes place on the first Thursday of February. The festival with over 250 years of history has been declared an event of national importance in Catalonia. The carnival is filled with humor and fun and is not complete without sweets and traditional Catalan dishes that are served on the streets of the city on the first day of the carnival. On Friday and Saturday, Vilanova i la Geltru traditionally hosts cultural events, and on Sunday there is a massive parade with the participation of adults, children and youth, with colorful decorations in the form of flowers and flags and loud musical accompaniment. On this day, confetti is scattered on the streets, men traditionally put on red caps, and women decorate their hair with two carnations. This celebration of Catalonia does not end over the next two days and continues with fun performances for children and games for adults. nine0003

Salou Winter Festival, Coso Blanco solemn procession

First Saturday of February — El Cos Blanc

The ceremonial profession of Coso Blanco will take place on the first Saturday of February in Salou as part of the winter festival, which lasts for two weeks in February. This holiday annually attracts the attention of more than 40,000 guests, 1,500 of whom are directly involved in the cavalcade organized on the central boulevard of the city. Music, theatrical performances, demonstrations of giant puppets, habanera and sardane dances, film screenings, concerts, chess tournaments and vermouth treats — the exciting program of the festival allows you to fully enjoy the fun and hospitality of the resort of Salou, which is not yet so crowded with tourists. nine0003

Sant Feliu de Guixols Festival

August 1 — Festa Major Sant Feliu de Guíxols

This holiday has ancient roots and is celebrated in honor of Sant Feliu — the patron saint of the city, the holy martyr of the 9th century, belonging to the Benedictines. The main festive events take place near the walls of the ancient monastery of Sant Feliu de Guixols, an important city building. The festival program includes a lot of activities designed for people of all ages: concerts, parade, dances and refreshments. nine0003

Golden Nights in Salou

August 15 — Les Nits Daurades

The Les Nits Daurades festival continues in Salou for several days and pleases tourists and residents of the resort town during the day with an extensive cultural program, and in the evening with colorful fireworks that sparkle over the golden coast of Catalonia. These days, on King Jaime (Jaume) I Boulevard, which runs along the Salou promenade, you can meet fairy-tale characters, become a spectator of the construction of castelleros castles, have fun with the music of DJs at a foam party and plunge into the boiling whirlpool of resort life. nine0003

Manresa Festival

Last Sunday of August — Festa Major de Manresa

The history of the festival, which takes place in Manresa on the Sunday after the last Saturday of August (sometimes in September), dates back to 1342. This festival vividly represents the traditions and culture of Catalonia. On the day of the celebration of the fiesta, characters with large colorful heads appear on the streets of the city, tents are set up where you can taste the original Catalan cuisine, music sounds, and participants walk around in colorful folk costumes. The culmination of the holiday is an amazing pyrotechnic show that gathers thousands of spectators. nine0003

Witches’ Sabbath in Server

August 29 — September 2 — Fiesta del Aquelarre

A Catalan holiday celebrated in the town of Cervera in the province of Lleida on the last weekend of August for 30 years.

A mystical celebration where the undisputed symbols of this night appear — spectacular make-up, dressing up, artificial lights, performances with fire in the streets, concerts. nine0003

As the true attributes of the “coven of witches”, and this is how Aquelarre is translated, black hoods and frightening shadows of “devils” and “witches” flicker here and there in the stillness of the night of the “Witches Lane” (Callejón de las Brujas) quarter.

This celebration of Catalonia, a popular procession in which both old and young take part, continues until dawn …

Fiesta Mayor and Saint Felix Day in Vilafranca del Penedès

nine0010 August 29 — September 2 — Festa Mayor, Vilafranca del Penedés

The Catalan town of Vilafranca del Penedés is famous for its rich cultural heritage and folk traditions. One of them is the annual Festa Major, celebrated from August 29 to September 2. On August 30, as part of a five-day holiday, the townspeople will celebrate Saint Felix Day.

The most interesting event of the day is the living pyramids. Several teams compete to build the tallest pyramid, the floors of which are made up of people. Some living towers can reach 6–7 human floors. The competition takes place on the main square of the city and invariably attracts crowds of tourists. The tradition of such competitions goes back to 1713. She broke off at 1916th and revived again only in 1985.

Amazing living pyramids are not the only entertainment for tourists on St. Felix’s Day. The «procession of monsters» is also considered traditional, when devils, giants and other evil spirits, led by the symbol of Catalonia — a fire-breathing dragon, pass through the streets of the town. The city also hosts exciting folk dance competitions. However, the main event of the holiday is the solemn introduction of the statue of St. Felix into the main city basilica under fireworks illuminating the sky. nine0003

Santa Tecla in Tarragona

September 15-24 — Santa Tecla, Tarragona

This holiday is celebrated in honor of the city. It starts in the second half of September and lasts 10 days. In 1996, the Catalan government recognized the fiesta of Santa Tecla as a holiday of national tourism importance, and in 2002, the Spanish government recognized its national importance in the field of tourism. nine0003

Today this celebration of Catalonia is declared to be included in the UNESCO Intangible World Heritage List. The Santa Tecla festival combines all the richness and originality of Catalan traditions. About 500 different events are included in the festive program, among them the folk procession, which is accompanied by dances, costume shows, music and theater performances, as well as the castles of castells with the participation of groups of men, women and children, received special attention. nine0003

La Merce Festival in Barcelona

September 24 — Fiestas de la Mercè

La Merce Fiesta is one of the most revered holidays in Barcelona, ​​celebrated in honor of the city’s patron saint, Our Lady of Mercy La Merce. The celebration of the festival begins a week before September 24th.

Modern La Merce is completely different from the fiesta, which has religious roots. This is a large-scale festival of culture, arts and innovation, covering all the public areas of Barcelona. The main emphasis is on the culture of the Mediterranean. During the days of celebration, the center of the Catalan capital will host numerous performances by street performers, dance and choir groups, exhibitions, multimedia performances, gastronomic fairs and parades of giant dolls. Spectacular 3D light animations can be seen on the main metropolitan buildings. nine0003

Lleida Snail Day

May 20-22 — Fiesta del caracol

At the end of May, a social and gastronomic event is held in Lleida for 3 days — Snail Day. The purpose of the holiday is to come together and taste snails cooked according to different recipes (on hot coals or in pots with sauce). Such entertainment lasts until late hours of the night.

nine0002 A popular holiday, declared in 2004 a holiday of tourist and national interest, is held in the Champs-Elysées municipal park.

Every year, up to 250 thousand curious tourists flock to Lleida, and professional participants in the holidays — 12 thousand circles that are part of the Organizing Association.

The celebration continues for three days, during which time numerous restaurants in the city offer menus in which the main dish is the snail. nine0003

St. John’s Day (Ivan Kupala)

June 24 — Sant Joan

On June 23, San Juan (Ivan Kupala Day) is celebrated in Catalonia. On this magical night, friends and family meet to celebrate the summer solstice with bonfires, fireworks, music and dancing. On this shortest night of the year, everyone is having fun until the morning. The King of Fire, San Juan, arrives in Barcelona. nine0003

The main symbols of the day are verbena and dinner accompanied by a typical coca pie with a glass of wine.

Both the young and old continue to keep up the tradition of throwing firecrackers and setting fireworks. The city, filled with noise and smoke of constantly exploding firecrackers, shimmers with colorful lights.

People from neighboring provinces and countries specially come to Catalonia to participate in the celebration. Many arrange it on the beach, because San Juan symbolizes the arrival of summer. nine0003

San Pedro Day pyrotechnic show at Masnow

June 29,

– Espectáculos Pirotécnicos

June 29 is the feast day of San Pedro, the patron saint of Masnou, a cozy town located on the coast near Barcelona. The holiday begins on June 28 at night with a big salvo of fireworks on the beach. It is known for its competitions, concerts and a wide variety of entertainment for the public. Teenagers run through the streets, where mummers parade in devil costumes, beating drums and throwing firecrackers, called in Catalan «correfoc», which means «running fire». nine0003

The solemn procession of the «running fire» begins in the central square of the city and ends on the beautiful Masnou beach with a real pyrotechnic show with a rain of fireworks shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow.

Tarragona International Fireworks Competition

Mid July — Concurso Internacional de fuegos artificiales

This fireworks competition takes place every year around the second week of July. Every night at 22:30 the beaches of Tarragona are filled with light and color. The competition for the best fireworks is held among several participating countries. Each country and finalist has one night to prove their superiority by showing the audience their «Castle of Fire». nine0003

The winner is determined by the general vote of the audience. The selected group proudly takes with them not only the Grand Prix of the winner, but also a solid cash prize. To watch this amazing spectacle, its residents and guests from other cities and countries gather on the beaches of the city.

If you are planning to spend an unforgettable time in Spain and become a participant in one of the holidays of a hospitable country, the Center for Business and Life Services in Spain «Spain in Russian» reminds you that you can contact us for any question, and we will organize your trip in the best way! Contact us by phone numbers listed on the site! nine0003

Need help in Spain? The service center «Spain in Russian» is more than 100 types of services in Russian in any region of Spain.

+7 495 236 98 99 or +34 93 272 64 90, [email protected]

San Juan Festival: Spain lights fires in honor of Saint John the Baptist. Spain in Russian

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  • nine0175

  • nine0175

On the night of June 23-24, the whole of Spain celebrates summer, celebrating the feast of San Juan. Bonfires — the most important element of this festival, in many ways reminiscent of our day of Ivan Kupala — will be lit that night on many beaches of the coast and on the streets of cities. In addition, festivities, free concerts, fairs and much more will be held in almost all municipalities. Here are five places in Spain where San Juan has been celebrated on a grand scale for centuries. nine0003

San Pedro Manrique, Soria

Only about 700 people live in San Pedro Manrique, but the San Juan festival held here is considered the most spectacular in the country. Traditions, most of which are associated with fire, are rooted in the mists of time, because the holiday has been celebrated here for several hundred years.

Bonfires of St. John the Baptist in Alicante


This tradition was born in 1928 and came to Alicante from Valencia: the holiday here is similar to the famous Valencian Fallas festival. After the colorful fireworks, the main action begins — the burning of 150 giant figures (fallas) installed on the streets of the city squares. The night of burning the figures is called Nit del Foc.


In Barcelona, ​​the feast of Saint John is called Noche de San Juan or Verbena. The flame for kindling festive bonfires descends from the Pyrenees. The first bonfire is lit in Sant Jaume Square, after which a wave of festival lights spreads through all the streets and squares of Barcelona and nearby municipalities. nine0003

Below you can find the schedule of events of the festival in Barcelona.

  • June 23, from 20.30 to 23.30 — Verbena (folk festivals) in Barceloneta: processions, concerts, bonfires.
  • June 23, from 17.30 to late at night — Fire Festival on La Rambla.
  • June 23, from 21.00 to 23.00 — festivities in Montbau.
  • June 23 from 21.00 until late at night — festivities in Vall d’Hebron. nine0227


According to the Balearic tradition, it is necessary to burn something old or a piece of paper with a wish written on it in a festive fire. The most spectacular events in honor of the San Juan holiday in Ibiza take place in the town of San Juan Bautista. Here San Juan coincides with the holidays in honor of the city’s patron saint.

Noche de los Júas in Malaga


The most spectacular fire performances can be seen on the beaches of La Malagueta and La Misecordia, where the San Juan festival has been celebrated for centuries. Here they burn old things and throw papers with desires into the fire.


Need help in Spain? The center of services for life and business «Spain in Russian» is more than 100 types of services in the native language in any region of Spain.

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