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Daily MAY 20 through JUNE 18, 2022            


Roche Harbor, Alpaca Ranch, English Camp, American Camp, Pelindaba Lavender Farm, San Juan County Park, Lime Kiln Point St Park, Snug Harbor, Sculpture Park, Lakedale Resort, San Juan Vineyards


Daily JUNE 19 through SEPTEMBER 25, 2022


Roche Harbor, Lime Kiln Point St Park/Whale Watch Park, American Camp, English Camp, Lakedale Resort, Pelindaba Lavender Farm, Krystal Acres Alpaca Ranch, San Juan Vineyards, San Juan County Park, Snug Harbor and Amaro Farm/Mt. Grant

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July 1 through Sept 5, 2022

From Friday Harbor to Lime Kiln State Park and back to Friday Harbor!






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$5.00 each boarding ($3.00 for 12 & under)
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$15. 00 Day-Pass ($10.00 for 12 & under)

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What are the best Bus Services in San Juan?


The best Bus Services in San Juan according to Viator travelers are:

  • SJU Airport to San Juan, Isla Verde, Condado, Miramar (hotel, airbnb, port)
  • Transportation in San Juan, Isla verde, Condado, Hotels, Cruises & Airbnb’s SJU
  • Transfer from San Juan (SJU, hotel, airbnb, port) to Río Grande City
  • San Juan Airport Transfer
  • Group Transportation in airport, cruise ships, hotels, bnb’s in San Juan, PR


What Bus Services in San Juan are 1 hour or less?


Bus Services in San Juan that are 1 hour or less are:

  • SJU Airport to San Juan, Isla Verde, Condado, Miramar (hotel, airbnb, port)
  • Transportation in San Juan, Isla verde, Condado, Hotels, Cruises & Airbnb’s SJU
  • Transfer from San Juan (SJU, hotel, airbnb, port) to Río Grande City
  • San Juan Arrival Transfer
  • San Juan Departure Transfer


What Bus Services in San Juan are taking additional safety precautions?


These San Juan experiences are providing additional COVID-19 safety measures:

  • SJU Airport to San Juan, Isla Verde, Condado, Miramar (hotel, airbnb, port)
  • Transportation in San Juan, Isla verde, Condado, Hotels, Cruises & Airbnb’s SJU
  • Transfer from San Juan (SJU, hotel, airbnb, port) to Río Grande City
  • San Juan Airport Transfer
  • Group Transportation in airport, cruise ships, hotels, bnb’s in San Juan, PR

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Aragonese way. Day five, continuation: San Juan de la Peña — Arres, 23 km

Aragonese way. May 2017 Contents

Our track: San Juan de la Peña – Arrés, 22.7 km

la seros. The cashier told us that you can walk 7 km along the road, or you can walk 4 km along the trail. When she said the words «on the trail», she made such a sour expression on her face that we decided that it was better to go on the road. And so they went cowardly. The Germans left before us and went along the path, but we arrived in Santa Cruz earlier. So, apparently, on the road at least go further twice, but faster. We still don’t know what kind of trail is there — very difficult and dangerous or normal, what views open from it. nine0003

It’s rather unpleasant to walk along the road. The usual road, serpentine, very narrow and winding, surrounded by rocks and pines.

But there are a lot of cars and tourist buses, so we tried to get through it as quickly as possible and almost never stopped. Only chains of suicide caterpillars on the road interested us. It turned out that these are the so-called pine walking silkworms. They live in spider web nests on pine trees, and then gather in long columns and move in a chain one after another to new feeding places. We saw how the chain breaks up, the column stops, and then again they link up again and move on. nine0003

Santa Cruz de la Seros we saw from above. Santa Cruz has two Romanesque churches from the 11th to 12th centuries, and once there was a nunnery built by King Ramiro I. Several streets, stone houses, stone roofs and interesting chimneys.

Chimney with espantabrujas . I couldn’t find the translation of this word. In the Aragonese Pyrenees, there is a custom to place figures of various shapes on top of the chimney as a protection against witches and evil spirits that could enter the house at night through the only open part.

I don’t even know what it is. Monument to the chimney There is a rather complicated figure here.

But we saw this pipe in Haka, I already showed it, but let it be here to the heap.

On the main square overlooking the Church of Santa Maria, we stopped and took off our backpacks. We went to the ceramics store on the square to look at the ceramics that are made and fired right there, in the backyard of this store. We looked and made the most pointless purchase — we bought a ceramic mug, which Katya then dragged all the way. Yes, in our situation, when every extra gram is important, it was irrational. 🙂 The clerk watched as we chose the mugs and weighed them in the palm of our hand, and asked with a smile: “Going to Santiago?” It is understandable — ordinary tourists will not weigh dishes and souvenirs before buying. nine0003

Pay attention to the name of the store «Ajedrezado jaqués», ie. chess Hackean (see previous entry).

When we were sitting near the fountain in the square and snacking on fine Breton cookies with salted caramel, our Dutch Germans passed by. They were surprised to see us — they left earlier, but we did not overtake them. They probably thought we were on our way. But the smart one will not go uphill, the smart one will bypass the mountain. 🙂

They ran past us, then came back, showed us in some direction and told us that we could put seals there. We didn’t chase the seals, but we decided to take a walk. It turned out that the seal was placed in an open (very rare!) church. We were going there anyway — moreover, the entrance ticket to it was included in the cost of our integrated bus ticket. We pay attention to the crismon above the entrance. nine0003

And also on the already familiar checkerboard pattern.

Inside the temple, the same pattern, and in addition, alabaster windows.

Another old church is San Caprasio.

We came down from those mountains. Somewhere out there, on the other side, not visible from here, is the monastery of San Juan de la Peña.

From Santa Cruz the road is quite hard — clay and stones. Sometimes you walk as if on a narrow chute. There must be streams flowing there when it rains. But we were lucky it didn’t rain. nine0003

We passed the tiny village of Binacua.

Exhibition of paintings by a local artist. Romanesque Church of the Guardian Angels, 11th century.

We couldn’t take a picture of the church from this angle — a pillar (another one) interfered.

We reached Puente la Reina de Jaca and sat down on a bench to rest. Here we were overtaken by the Germans. One of them always walked last, limping and far behind, it was hard for him to walk. We said: “That’s it, they’ll probably leave him!” Then they saw that they were waiting for him, sighed with relief: “Oh, well, thank God, they waited.” We had such fun. 🙂 While still in the monastery, I got into a conversation with one of them and found out that they were planning to stay in Puente la Reina de Jaca. So they left in Albergue, and we took a picture of a strange monument to the pilgrim and went on to Arres. nine0003

From the very beginning, we decided that we should try to reach Arres — everyone praised the alberge there very much. Although we had to go only 23 km to it, the road was not easy and we started very late — at 11 o’clock from San Juan de la Peña. Therefore, we were a little worried about whether there would be enough places for us. We did not know then that in the case of the «completo» in the albergue in Arres, the pilgrims have a unique opportunity to spend the night in the cemetery. 🙂

Arres is located on a hill — a fortified city. The ascent is not easy, the road is rocky and in general there was no strength left. If you do not need to spend the night in Arres, then you can not go into it — there is an alternative road, shorter and simpler. nine0003

Our Germans will probably take the short cut tomorrow if they decide to go to Ruesta like we did, otherwise it will be difficult for them, given their weak colleague, for whom we were worried. 🙂 Or they will reach another point of spending the night, closer. The climb to Arres seemed endless. Go up all the time, in some thickets, it is not clear how much more to go. In the evening, we were shown several prepared signs on the alberg, which should be placed on the trail to maintain good spirits. Correct thought. 🙂 During the ascent to Arres, a huge bird unexpectedly took off literally from under the feet. Who was it, an eagle? So we don’t know. While guessing, the ascent suddenly ended and a view of the roofs opened up. nine0003

And again the chimney

Alberge turned out to be practically the first building in the village — the path leads directly to it.

Alberge was in an old stone building, very ordinary. Dark rooms, small windows, low bunk beds. We did not see the Ospitaliero, we settled ourselves, in the same room with a tanned Italian who was in Jaca. Then Katya ran away somewhere and ran to invite us on a tour.

Hospitallero Jose (all the best hospitaliers are called Jose!) gave the three of us a tour: showed the church, then we climbed the tower (it was restored three years ago, before that it was in ruins), then to the mirador, which they call piedra (stone). From the tower and the mirador, a beautiful view of the valley, plains, fields, the city of Berdun, the river, the reservoir, the snow-capped mountains in the distance opens — where we came from.

The town is small, as if frozen in the Middle Ages. Stone houses, narrow streets, a tower.

View from the tower to the village, the valley and the Pyrenees The light has become beautiful, but it’s time for us to go to a common dinner (сena comunitaria). There were quite a lot of people: a Japanese, a Canadian, that same Italian with a tanned face, an Italian girl, several Spaniards (including a married couple) and three of us. The same story repeated itself, as everywhere else — they looked at us calmly, but when they found out that we were from Russia, they immediately perked up. The Canadian and the Japanese were especially animated — we came from the same distance as they did. We five non-Spanish speakers were a bit out of the fun. True, one of the hospitaliers asked Katya where she learned to speak Spanish so well. She learned a little Spanish in a group with a teacher, later took an intensive online course, and then worked for three months in Bolivia. nine0003

Dinner was delicious seafood paella (although they said it wasn’t called paella, but something else, I don’t remember), champignon omelet, wine, jamon and parmesan (the Italians got really excited). The dinner was attended by a farmer (apparently a supplier of products for the albergue). Jamon, parmesan were from his farm. He also collected mushrooms from his farm and made an omelette with them. I like mushrooms more than seafood, I ate them with pleasure. And the parmesan was great.

I didn’t understand the conversations at all. The farmer was talking about his farm. There were two Hospitalleros. The first — Jose — was calm, silent. The second one — I don’t remember his name — is noisy, active and cheerful. The cheerful hospitaliero filmed everyone on his smartphone. It’s funny — everyone quickly said «potato-potato-potato» and at that moment a shot was taken. It was very funny. During dinner, he looked out the window from time to time and warned that if there was a beautiful sunset, then we would all go to the piedra to watch the sunset. Showed pictures of sunsets on previous days on my phone. Then he gave up — since there is no beautiful sunset today, let’s go to the cemetery! And we stood up in a friendly crowd and went out into the street. It was quite cold outside. On the way, we saw a very beautiful red rooster, which looked out with curiosity through a narrow window-slit in a stone wall. Pasha wanted to stroke his tuft, but he pecked at him. Everyone rushed to take a picture of the rooster. nine0003

A crowd of pilgrims walk together to the cemetery at night

They came to the cemetery. Opened the church, went there. The cheerful hospitaliero said that when there are a lot of people and they have sets , usually in summer, they make benches in pairs, bring mattresses and pilgrims spend the night there. 🙂 We were glad that we weren’t among the lucky ones, although we were close to it. It would be an unforgettable experience. During the walk, I wanted to talk to a Japanese man who was a bit isolated. The Japanese is not very young, 60 years or more. She asked standard questions in such cases: where does he go (from Sompor), where does he go (to Santiago), where does he live (in Tokyo). He asked where we come from, where we live. I told him that a few years ago we were in Vladivostok. He was delighted and said that Russia and Japan are neighbors. He said that they were in San Juan de la Peña today, he was impressed, although I added that we went by bus from Jaca. Judging by his reaction, he knew about the monastery, but did not dare to go there on foot, and apparently did not know about the bus. It’s a pity that we didn’t talk to him in Jake, somehow we didn’t cross paths (and in general it’s very difficult for me to get along with people, I need a few days to get used to it). If he had known about such an opportunity, he would have gone, most likely. I asked him in English, he did not understand well, answered in Spanish. At some point, it dawned on me, I began to try to repeat some simple phrases in Spanish, which I hardly know, and, finally, I asked which language he knew better — English or Spanish. He replied that he did not know English at all (which surprised me very much), he studied Spanish a little. But he knew Spanish even worse than me. It turned out to be a rather strange conversation in a strange language — the language of Kamino. Well done, not knowing any foreign language, he was not afraid to walk along the fireplace alone. I took a liking to him, but we still won’t give up the Kuriles . 🙂

In general, due to pre-departure time trouble, when we were busy with family matters for a month before the trip, which took away all our time, strength and nerves, I did not repeat the language at all and forgot those crumbs that I knew in the fall. In addition, Katya was with us, who understands three languages ​​well, and I had no incentive. We didn’t have any problems on the way with understanding, but I didn’t have enough personal communication.

After the cemetery, we returned to the kitchen in Alberg, drinking tea and coffee with sweets and fruits. The Japanese nod off — he still has jetlag. nine0003

The day turned out to be interesting, complex and eventful. Tomorrow we go to Ruesta — a dead city.

Mallorca airport — how to get to the city

Many tourists arriving in Mallorca by plane invariably end up at the airport upon arrival. Naturally, here they all ask themselves: how to get from Mallorca airport to the capital of the island or to the resort where they plan to relax. Each guest of the island should also be aware of the ways to return to the airport in time after a pleasant vacation, so as not to miss the plane that will take the traveler home with the captivating beauty of Mallorca. The article describes the main methods (modes of transport) that allow you to make trips that tourists need. nine0003

Mallorca airport — general information

Mallorca airport is called Son San Juan. This is the largest air terminal in the Balearic Islands. Over its almost century-old history, the airport has changed significantly. At first, it was a small aviation hub, to which seaplanes flew from the continent. In the 1930s, the first airport was built here, it was private. In the period 1939-1945, the military actively used it, as it was during the Second World War. In peacetime, the airport became civilian. Gradually, more and more people wanted to fly to the island of Mallorca, tourism developed. This required an increase in the capacity of the terminal. In the 60s and 70s, several more terminals were built here. AT 90s Son San Juan once again underwent reconstruction. Currently, it is a modern multifunctional air hub. The airport is the third largest in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona.

Son San Juan consists of 4 terminals, which are marked with the letters A, B, C and D. There is also a fifth terminal, it is called the General Aviation Terminal. It is used for private flights and business flights of businessmen. Each of the 4 terminal modules is designed to serve certain countries. So terminal A is located in the northern part of the terminal. It only works during the summer season. Airplanes from Ireland, Great Britain and other countries that are not included in the Schengen zone arrive here. The module consists of 28 gates, has 8 ladders. Terminal B also handles flights during the summer months. It is the smallest terminal Mallorca Airport . The airport is intended for domestic flights between the Balearic Islands (Ibiza and Menorca). From here you can fly to several cities in mainland Spain — Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Valencia and back.

Mallorca airport — terminal map

Module B is located in the northeastern part of Son San Juan, gates (8 pieces) are located on the first floor of the building. But Terminal C, which is located in the eastern part of the terminal, is the largest module at the airport. Planes fly to Mallorca and from Mallorca from all over the Schengen area. The terminal consists of 33 gates. He has 9jet bridges and receives flights all year round. Terminal D is located in the south wing of the building. Aircraft from European countries arrive here. The terminal has 19 gates. Some of them have telegates, from half of the gates to the gangway of the aircraft, passengers travel by bus. Son San Juan Airport serves more than two tens of millions of passengers a year. Also, this air terminal has a record among all airports in Europe in terms of the number of departures in 1 hour. Mallorca Airport provides its passengers with a lot of additional entertainment that will help pass the time before departure. There are cafes, shops, a solarium. nine0003

How to get from the airport to Palma de Mallorca by bus?

Son San Juan Airport on the island of Mallorca is conveniently located. It is located 8 kilometers from the capital of the island, Palma. You can get there by several modes of transport: by taxi, by rented car or by public transport.
If you are traveling alone and prefer to save every euro, the best offer for you will be public transport, that is, the bus. The bus stop is located at the exit of the arrivals hall. You should exit through gate 4 and head towards the parking lot. At first you will see a taxi rank, and a little further you will see a bus stop. The city can be reached by buses number 1 and number 21. The first route goes from the airport to the eastern docks of the city port. The path passes by the Plaza de España, where the bus station of the city is located. Buses from the airport run depending on the time of the year according to different schedules. From May to November, buses start their movement from 6.00 am to 1.50 am. The airport can be reached by public transport from the capital of the island from 5.30 to 2.10 am. From November to the end of April, transport runs from Son San Juan to Palma from 6. 00 to 1.10. From Mallorca to the airport from 5.30 am to 1 am. nine0003

The interval between buses is 15 minutes. 1 trip costs 5 euros. The ticket is bought from the driver. Therefore, you must enter the salon through the front door. It’s better to stock up in advance. Buses in Mallorca are comfortable and air conditioned to cool off the heat of the day. True, during peak hours there are a lot of people in them, and this creates inconvenience for those tourists who travel with backpacks, suitcases and bags. In this case, it is better to use the services of a taxi or courageously endure the jolts of neighbors in the bus and feel like a herring in a barrel. nine0003

Buses no. 1 and no. 21 at Mallorca airport

21 bus runs from the airport to El Arenal beach and hotels located in its vicinity. This is one of those beaches that you can see with Mallorca’s live webcam . As for bus route No. 21, its movement time is somewhat different from the first route. Buses start their movement later, and finish earlier than transport No. 1. 21 routes also have summer and winter timetables. From May to October 31, buses from the airport to the beach run from 7 am to 0.30 am, you can go to the airport from 7 am to 1 am. nine0003

In winter (November 1 to April 30), buses also run from Son San Juan from 7 am, but finish at 10.10 pm. This should be especially taken into account for those tourists who arrive in Mallorca later than 10 pm. In order not to spend the night in the waiting rooms, you need to take care of ordering a transfer from the airport in advance, or use a taxi. From the beaches to the airport in the morning you can go from 7.00, and in the evening the route ends at 21.30. This circumstance should also be taken into account when checking out on the day of departure from the hotel and leaving early for the airport on route No. 21. Buses in this direction run 2 times an hour, every 30 minutes. The schedule can be seen at the bus stops. nine0003

How to get from the airport to Palma de Mallorca by taxi?

Public transport is the cheapest way to get to the capital of the island, but not the most comfortable. First, if you don’t make it to the bus stop on time, you’ll have to wait 15 to 30 minutes for the next bass. Then it will take a long time to drive it to the destination, since the transport is public, so it will stop at every stop in the city. And sometimes you still need to make a transfer and then the way to the desired hotel, which you can book using of the Hotellook service or the search form on the sidebar of the site will take several hours. And as you know, every traveler gets tired from the road, so he wants to quickly get rid of his luggage, climb into the shower in the hotel room and lie down to rest or even have a good sleep before exploring the island of Mallorca and its attractions. Also, you will not be able to use public transport services if your flight arrives on the island late in the evening or at night or arrives late. In this case, a taxi from Mallorca airport will again help you out. This type of transport is very convenient for tourists traveling in large groups or families with several children. Then you will not lose a lot of money and time, but will reach your destination quickly and comfortably. nine0003

Where can you find a taxi at Mallorca airport? Upon arrival at the Son San Juan airport terminal, you find yourself in the arrivals area. Next, you should go along the ground floor to the sign with the designation of gate 4. After passing through this gate, you will see a taxi rank. To calculate the fare to your hotel, you must first familiarize yourself with the prices of the taxi service. Then you can plan your budget in more detail. This is especially true for those travelers who want to save some money. Every tourist flying to the largest Balearic Island should be aware that the fare at 9Taxi 0182 from Mallorca airport will be different on weekends and weekdays, and also depending on the time of day.

Mallorca Airport — Exit 4 to the taxi and bus stand

If you arrive on vacation from Monday to Friday inclusive from morning to 21 pm, you will pay a landing fee of 2. 04 euros. If your plane arrived at night or you ended up in Mallorca on weekends or holidays, then the cost of landing will be higher and will amount to 2.76 euros. Price for 1 km. will be 0.51 and 0.61 euros, respectively. Also, you should know that for landing a taxi at the airport, you will be charged another 2.90 euro at any time of the day and any day of the week. And if you get into a taxi near the port of Palma de Mallorca, then you also pay an additional amount. If you have several suitcases with you. Then for each of them you fork out for 60 cents. Thus, the minimum taxi ride to the city will be about 12 euros, and if there are 4 people in the car, then each of you will even be able to get to your hotel cheaper than by bus. And you will also save a lot of time.

Taxi transfer from Palma de Mallorca airport

If you are not sure about your knowledge of Spanish, do not want to negotiate with taxi drivers personally, if you like increased comfort, then you can get to your hotel from the airport by taxi transfer. This international taxi service from airports is becoming more and more popular among travelers for many reasons. First, you know in advance the cost of travel to your destination. Secondly, you do not need to look for a taxi rank at the airport or wait for a free car. In the arrivals area, you, as a VIP, will be met by a driver who will hold a sign with your name in his hands. He will bring you to the car, saving you time. nine0003

The advantages of the service include the possibility of choosing a car class. You can even order a minivan or minibus if you are traveling in a large group. Additional services of the service include the ability to order child seats or a bike rack if you have taken it with you. If you wish, you can pay for your trip from Palma de Mallorca Airport in advance, in full or in part. You can find out about other benefits of this service by reading article «Transfer in Spain». nine0183

Car rental at Palma de Mallorca airport

Since the island of Mallorca has a large area and rich in attractions, many tourists prefer to rent a car directly at Palma de Mallorca airport . This allows you to save on taxis and experience complete freedom of movement around the island. On the territory of the airport there are several rental offices where you can choose the car that suits you. But you should remember that car rental in Mallorca is a very popular service. If you want to rent a car upon arrival, you may run into a shortage of inexpensive cars. Therefore, it makes sense to book the car you like in advance.

The easiest way to do this is with the Rentalcars service, which will show you online all available cars for the dates you are interested in at all rental offices of Palma de Mallorca Airport. Then you just have to compare prices for cars of the class or brand you need in different rental services and choose the best option. We recommend that you choose those options where the rental price includes insurance against theft and accidents. You can also review rental offices for a more objective choice. In case you have to postpone your trip or vacation, you can use the free cancellation service and not worry about wasted money.

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