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Puerto Rico often makes headlines in U.S. news media, and daughters and sons of the island, from pop star Ricky Martin to actor Benicio Del Toro, have given U.S. and world audiences a taste of the enormous talent of this small island, which is also evident in the storied ledger of island baseball sluggers and boxing champs, from Roberto Clemente to Felix Trinidad. Of course, the news is not always good, and recent struggles with both crime and economic issues have also drawn headlines.

Puerto Rico, however, also draws attention because it is among the most developed destinations in the Caribbean and a true regional hub for transportation and telecommunications, with a modern infrastructure and a diversified economy.

A Changing Economy

Puerto Rico is the easternmost of the Greater Antilles (18 15 N, 66 30 W), and the fourth largest island in the Caribbean after Cuba, Hispaniola (which comprises the Dominican Republic and Haiti), and Jamaica. The island is located at the crossroads between North and South America, at just 3 1/2 hours airtime from New York, 60 minutes from Caracas, and at only 4 days sailing from Atlantic ports in the U.S. and ports in the Gulf of Mexico. The Puerto Rican territory includes three other small islands, Vieques, Culebra and Mona, as well as numerous islets.

Some 3,900,000 people live in Puerto Rico, approximately one-third of them within the San Juan metropolitan area. The island, with an area of 3,435 square miles (9,000 sq. km) — 110 miles long by 39 miles wide — has a mountainous interior and is surrounded by a wide coastal plain where the majority of the population lives. Rainfall averages 69 inches (175 cm) per year and year-round temperatures range from 74°F (23°C) in the winter to 81°F (27°C) in the summer.

Relationship with the United States

Puerto Rico came under the European sphere of influence in 1493, when Christopher Columbus landed here. Shortly thereafter the island was conquered and settled by the Spaniards. It remained a Spanish possession for 4 centuries.

The territory of Puerto Rico was ceded to the United States upon signature of the Treaty of Paris, on December 10, 1898, a pact which ended the Spanish-American War. Puerto Ricans have been citizens of the United States since 1917. In 1950, after a long evolution toward greater self-government for Puerto Rico, the Congress of the United States enacted Public Law 600, which is «in the nature of a compact» and which became effective upon its acceptance by the electorate of Puerto Rico. It provides that those sections of existing law which defined the political, economic, and fiscal relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States would remain in full force. It also authorized the people of Puerto Rico to draft and adopt their own Constitution. The Constitution was drafted by a popularly elected constitutional convention, overwhelmingly approved in a special referendum by the people of Puerto Rico and approved by the United States Congress and the president of the United States, becoming effective upon proclamation of the governor of Puerto Rico on July 25, 1952. Puerto Rico’s relationship with the United States is referred to herein as commonwealth status.

The United States and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (the «Commonwealth») share a common defense, market, and currency. The Commonwealth exercises virtually the same control over its internal affairs as do the 50 states. It differs from the states, however, in its relationship with the federal government. The people of Puerto Rico are citizens of the United States but do not vote in national elections. They are represented in Congress by a Resident Commissioner who has a voice in the House of Representatives but no vote. Most federal taxes, except those such as Social Security taxes, which are imposed by mutual consent, are not levied in Puerto Rico. No federal income tax is collected from Puerto Rico residents on income earned in Puerto Rico, except for certain federal employees who are subject to taxes on their salaries. The official languages of Puerto Rico are Spanish and English.

Governmental Structure

The Constitution of the Commonwealth provides for the separation of powers of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government. The governor is elected every 4 years. The Legislative Assembly consists of a Senate and a House of Representatives, the members of which are elected for 4-year terms. The highest court within the local jurisdiction is the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico constitutes a District in the Federal Judiciary and has its own United States District Court. Decisions of this court may be appealed to the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit and from there to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Its progress and relative economic strength compared to Caribbean nations has stemmed from its economic diversity. The $93.3-billion economy comprises manufacturing 41.5%, finance, insurance and real estate 17.7%, trade 12.7%, government 9.6%, transportation and public utilities 6.5%, construction and mining 2. 1%, and agriculture 0.5%.

Puerto Ricans’ annual income is the highest in Latin America, and their average life expectancy has risen to 73.8 years. The island’s economy began evolving from its agricultural base in the 1950s when the Operation Bootstrap industrialization program began attracting stateside manufacturing plants. The sector, powered by Puerto Rico’s unique political status that allows firms to escape federal taxation, grew to represent nearly half of the island. The demand for an educated workforce has resulted in at least 12 years of schooling for ordinary workers. More importantly, the solid manufacturing industry sparked the growth of a whole host of professional services on the island, including legal, financial, engineering, and accounting, so that today Puerto Rico remains a regional center for most professional services. The island has a number of universities, including the highly regarded University of Puerto Rico, with specialized programs in engineering, medicine, law, and increasingly research and development in a number of fields, including the life sciences.

Manufacturing, for so many years the workhorse of the island economy, has been hit by competition from low-cost destinations, as well as high local utility, shipping, and other fixed costs.

The sector’s decline began in 1996, when a 10-year phase-out of U.S. industrial tax breaks began. This marked the end of 75 years of federal incentives that attracted stateside industries and helped make Puerto Rico the Caribbean’s industrial powerhouse. Puerto Rico continues to produce about half the prescription drugs sold in the United States, nevertheless.

In response to the industrial exodus, the government is trying to entice existing high-tech industry to stay through an increased focus on research and development. Another target is an island life-sciences research and manufacturing sector through joint private-industry and university ventures.

A big strategy will also compensate for the loss in manufacturing by increasing other economic drivers, from agriculture to shipping to increased professional services, which could be anything from healthcare to finance.

The Tourism Industry

Tourism, which represents about 6% of the gross national product, is a small but important economic segment, and a good source of employment, especially for the island’s well-educated, worldly, bilingual youths. The current administration, as with past administrations, wants to double the size of tourism to 12% of the economy.

At once both labor-intensive and environmentally friendly, tourism is seen as a partial answer to the slowdown in the manufacturing sector. Still, there are challenges: A Cuban reopening to the American tourism market could steal business from Puerto Rico, which saw its tourism industry’s growth fueled enormously by the embargo imposed on Castro’s communist government. Before Fidel Castro took over Cuba in 1959, Americans by the thousands flocked to Havana, and Puerto Rico was a mere dot on the tourist map.

Others say the island could still prosper with an open Cuba because the local tourism product is top of the line, aimed at the most wealthy and discriminating of travelers. They also predict Puerto Rico tourism industry players will have a role in an open Cuba.

Regardless, the tourism industry has been a perennially important part of the island’s economic success, and it is poised to take on an even more significant role in the future. The industry will redirect its focus, providing more opportunity for those interested in ecotourism, and smaller scale projects, diverging from the oceanfront resort tourism of Condado and Isla Verde, which still define the Puerto Rico experience for most visitors. The effort to diversify will result in more boutique properties, secluded beach getaways and mountain eco-lodges, which is good news for travelers here.

Crime & Unemployment

Even with its advanced economy, Puerto Rico struggles with an unemployment rate surpassing 14% in recent years and a per capita income about half the level of the poorest U.S. state, Mississippi. Its bloated government bureaucracy is an increasing problem, responsible for deficit spending and high local taxation.

Mirroring the U.S. mainland, rising crime, drugs, AIDS, and other social problems plague Puerto Rico. Its association with the United States has made it a favorite transshipment point for drug smugglers entering the U.S. market (because once on the island, travelers don’t have to pass through Customs inspectors again when traveling to the United States).

The drug problem is behind much of local violent crime, including killings that have pushed the local murder rate to among the highest in the United States.

Other violence and social ills associated with drugs have also beset the island.

Although the drug issue is of epidemic proportions, you can visit Puerto Rico and be completely unaware of any criminal activity. Tourist areas in San Juan (including Old San Juan, Condado, and Isla Verde) are generally free of violent crime and theft, and efforts in the past 20 years to resolve the drug and crime problem have helped make safer streets.

The 51st State?

The New Progressive Party wants to make Puerto Rico the 51st state, but the opposition is strong, both on the island and in Congress. A nonbinding referendum in 1998 stayed the New Progressive’s bid for statehood.

The other major party, the Popular Democratic Party, backs the continued commonwealth status, while the Puerto Rican Independence Party typically achieves about 5% of popular support in gubernatorial elections. These three parties have dominated island politics of the last 4 decades.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.

Puerto Rico — The New York Times

Puerto Rico — The New York Times

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VIEW / Biden declared a state of emergency in Puerto Rico due to Storm Fiona :: News of the day

Media: Kolomoisky’s house was searched in connection with the misappropriation of Ukrnafta funds

Greece called Europe the main loser from the crisis in Ukraine

US President Joe Biden signed an executive order declaring a state of emergency in Puerto Rico due to tropical storm Fiona and ordered federal assistance to be provided to the authorities of this US-associated state.

A document signed by the American leader and distributed by the White House press office states that President Joseph Biden today declared a state of emergency in Puerto Rico and ordered federal assistance to be provided to supplement the efforts of local authorities in connection with emergency conditions caused by tropical Storm Fiona, reports TASS.

Assistance will be provided by the US Department of Homeland Security and the US Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Tropical Storm Fiona formed in the Atlantic Ocean, the US National Hurricane Center reported on 15 September. At the moment, the speed of wind gusts within the elements is about 30 m/s. Fiona is located 105 km southeast of the coast of Puerto Rico and is moving in a northwesterly direction at a speed of 13 km/h.

Media news2

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Russia appreciated Merkel’s recognition of the true task of the Minsk agreements

Senator Dzhabarov: Merkel’s deception allowed Ukraine to prepare for a military conflict with Russia

Insincerity and deceit on the part of the guarantors of the Minsk agreements will determine the nature of our actions towards the West for many years to come. Senator Vladimir Dzhabarov said this to the VZGLYAD newspaper, commenting on the words of Angela Merkel that the Minsk agreements allowed Ukraine to prepare for war with Russia, and she is pleased with this.

“This statement by Angela Merkel is very disappointing. In the memory of the Russians, she remained a pragmatic person. Of course, it was impossible to talk about some kind of love on her part for Russia, but still she tried to develop relations with us,” said Vladimir Dzhabarov, first deputy chairman of the Senate Committee on International Affairs.

“There was a process of creating agreements beneficial for both countries. Both economic and political. Nevertheless, this statement shows that we have reached the right conclusion regarding the Minsk agreements. They were not fulfilled — and not through our fault. From the very beginning, the West did not want any peace in the Donbass. They just needed a pause in order to prepare Ukraine for war with Russia,” the senator added.

“This is very regrettable. On the conscience of Merkel, as well as on the conscience of other «guarantors» of the Minsk agreements, in particular the President of France, lies what is happening on the territory of Ukraine. If the agreements had been implemented, then there would have been no conflict. Therefore, it is very unfortunate that Mrs. Merkel turned out to be so insincere, ”the politician emphasizes.

“In this regard, I recall the words of our president, which were said at the Valdai Forum: “They simply deceived us.” We sincerely negotiated with Western partners on any topic. We wished for good neighborly relations and mutually beneficial cooperation. However, we were deceived, and in the most brazen way. Of course, we no longer believe them. And this determines the nature of our actions for many years to come,” Jabarov emphasizes.

Recall that the Spiegel publishing house published Merkel’s confession that she, along with French President Macron, wanted to establish a dialogue with Vladimir Putin before her departure, but «some people objected» to such an initiative.

Merkel said that Moscow’s decision to conduct a special operation did not surprise her, because the Minsk agreements were undermined. At the same time, she did not have «strength» left to negotiate with Moscow «a new approach to the situation with Ukraine, Georgia, Transnistria, Abkhazia, Syria and Libya.» According to her, this turned out to be impossible, because everyone knew that «she would leave her post very soon.»

At the same time, Merkel is pleased that, through the Minsk agreements, she gave Ukraine time to prepare.

Recall that in the summer Merkel said that her departure from the post of chancellor could be one of the reasons for the Russian special operation in Ukraine. According to her, Putin has lost interest in the summit meetings in the Normandy format with the participation of representatives of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France.

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Kremlin reacted to Zelensky’s statement about Crimea

Peskov: Alienation of Crimea is out of the question

The statement of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky about Kyiv’s desire to return Crimea «by non-military means» is perceived by the Russian authorities as a discussion about the alienation of Russian territories, this is out of the question, said the press secretary of the head of the Russian state Dmitry Peskov.

There can be no other understanding of Zelensky’s statements, the Kremlin spokesman noted.

Such statements once again speak of the unpreparedness, unwillingness and inability of the Ukrainian side to be ready to resolve the problem by non-military methods, Peskov’s words are reported by TASS.

Zelensky earlier in an interview with the British Financial Times said that «it will only be for» if someone suggests to Ukraine how to return Crimea «by non-military means.»

Peskov noted that some media absolutely misrepresented the essence of the Ukrainian head of state’s statement, interpreting it «almost as President Zelensky’s readiness to deal with this topic not by military means, but by peaceful negotiations.» Such an interpretation of the words of the President of Ukraine, Peskov stressed, is absolutely wrong.

“You know that from the very beginning, in fact, President [of Russia Vladimir Putin] spoke about this more than once, even before the start of a special military operation: the Constitution of Ukraine said that Crimea should be returned to Ukraine by force. And de facto Ukraine has not given up on this,” Peskov said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stressed that the issue of Crimea’s ownership is «finally closed.»

“This is a historic decision of the people living in Crimea, and Russia will not have any discussions on this matter with anyone,” he said.

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Media news2

Zelensky’s wife said that Ukrainians are ready to live without electricity for years

Zelensky’s wife said that 90% of Ukrainians are ready to live without electricity for the sake of EU membership

More than 90% of Ukrainians are ready to live without electricity and heat for 2-3 years if they see the prospect of EU membership, Ukrainian President’s wife Elena Zelenskaya said in an interview with the BBC.

According to Zelenskaya, a special study has ended in Ukraine, the results of which show that Ukrainians are ready to endure without electricity and without heat for two or three years, if there is a prospect of joining the European Union. She also stated that Ukrainians want to be equal in this European family, TASS reports.

The spouse of the Ukrainian president did not say who and when conducted this survey, and how many people participated in this survey.

Recall that on Wednesday in Ukraine there were large-scale power outages throughout the country as a result of strikes on the country’s energy system. The regional centers, as well as the majority of thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants and all nuclear power plants turned out to be de-energized.

Earlier, Andriy Yermak, head of the office of the President of Ukraine, said that power outages in the country could last several weeks, so Ukraine needs a strategic reserve of generators.

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Differences between Britain and the USA on the winter campaign of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were assessed in Russia

The decisive word in the discussion about the winter campaign of the Armed Forces of Ukraine remains with the White House, but it is silent so far, political analyst Malek Dudakov told the VZGLYAD newspaper. Earlier, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace urged the Armed Forces to continue the offensive, while US General Mark Milley considers it expedient to negotiate.

“It is important to understand that the US and Britain agree on the assessment of the situation at the front: Ukraine has a numerical advantage on the battlefield. Differences are present only in the understanding of how exactly it is worth taking advantage of this advantage, ”the expert believes.

“Britain believes that it is possible to try to advance further in the offensive, while the United States refers to the unpredictability of military operations. Ukraine has problems with electricity and water, which also aggravates its situation. Thus, Washington believes that it is better to sit down at the negotiating table now, while the Armed Forces of Ukraine have the initiative on the ground,” the interlocutor emphasizes.

“That is, the difference is in the assessment of how one can use the existing advantage. However, it must be understood that the point of view of the Pentagon is more important than the British Ministry of Defense. That is, Mark Milli, who wants to seat Kyiv at the negotiating table, is probably closer to the truth, ”Dudakov emphasizes.

“Another thing is that the final decision does not depend on either Millie or Wallace. Everything will be decided by the White House, the Biden administration and the National Security Council. They are still slowing down with an answer, ”the expert believes.

“Washington is currently not giving the green light to talks. Probably, his position is that the beginning of the dialogue at the current moment will look like a loss of face for the United States and a moral defeat for the West. They want to delay negotiations, but if the Americans have an understanding that there is little chance of winning, then the States will quickly move on to dialogue, ”the interlocutor emphasizes.

“In general, Ben Wallace is known for his hawkish views. He is more aggressive than Milly. There are exactly the same «hawks» in the United States, so there is no particular contradiction between the two countries. It’s just that we were faced with a «hawk» and a slightly smaller «hawk» position. Such points of view, I repeat, are present both in London and in Washington,” Dudakov sums up.

It should be reminded that earlier British Defense Minister Ben Wallace urged Ukraine to continue to maintain the momentum of the offensive. The Daily Beast writes that the politician communicates with Ukrainian colleagues on a weekly basis and asks them not to stop even in winter. “The world community has given them 300,000 pieces of Arctic equipment – ​​they need to keep the pace of the offensive,” Wallace is quoted as saying by the publication.

At the same time, General Mark Milley, Chairman of the US Chiefs of Staff Committee, said earlier that it would be quite difficult to “physically drive out” Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine. “Negotiate when you are strong,” Milley said. At the same time, the head of the Pentagon predicted a harsh winter for Ukraine due to the armament of Russia.

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Media news2

Ex-Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan assessed the possibility of de-Russification of Bishkek

Ex-Prime Minister Kulov: Distancing from Russia is out of the question – we are united by colossal cultural and economic ties

Districts of Bishkek are unlikely to be renamed. This is an unpopular initiative. Besides, the distancing of Kyrgyzstan from Russia is out of the question. Breaking such a large number of ties is unrealistic, former Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Felix Kulov told the VZGLYAD newspaper, commenting on the initiative of the speaker of the country’s parliament to rename four districts of Bishkek.

“It is important to understand that this is just a private initiative of the Speaker of the Parliament Nurlan Shakiev. It should not be taken seriously. He acted as an ordinary member of the national assembly — kurultai. Many different proposals were made there, and this is just one of them,” the politician believes.

“How real is it? We are talking about four districts of Bishkek — Leninsky, Sverdlovsky, Pervomaisky and Oktyabrsky. I highly doubt that these areas will be renamed. This will require certain funds. Moreover, such a measure would be extremely unpopular. Let’s say they start looking for money from the budget to rename it. Hundreds of documents will need to be replaced, even passports will be changed,” the ex-premier emphasizes.

“All this is an extremely complex and lengthy process. We are now simply physically and financially not up to these innovations. There are more important things,” Kulov emphasizes.

“Distancing from Russia is completely out of the question. Not now, not ever. I am quite sure of this. We have a lot of cultural ties. There are also close economic ties. Moreover, the sanctions also affect us,” the politician believes.

“Certain difficulties began to arise. They are trying to influence us so that we become “torn off” from Russia. These attempts will lead nowhere. We are members of a number of unions, for example, the CSTO, the SCO and the EAEU. Breaking all this is simply unrealistic, ”Kulov sums up.

Earlier, Speaker of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan Nurlan Shakiev called for urgent renaming of all the names of the capital of the republic into the Kyrgyz language. Shakiyev noted that there are settlements and areas in the republic whose names are borrowed from other languages. So, according to him, it is urgent to rename all districts of Bishkek.

A similar initiative was put forward earlier by several other deputies of the Kyrgyz parliament. They also want all districts of the republic’s capital to be given Kyrgyz names. The Kyrgyz language is the state language in the republic, the Russian language is declared official in the country.

Bishkek is territorially divided into four districts — Pervomaisky, Sverdlovsky, Oktyabrsky and Leninsky.

President Vladimir Putin in September at a meeting with the head of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Zhaparov noted that the support of the Russian language in the republic is the basic basis for the development of relations in many other areas.

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The EU demanded that Serbia recognize Kosovo and impose sanctions against Russia

The EU demanded that Serbia recognize Kosovo and impose sanctions against Russia

Representatives of the European Union said that Belgrade should recognize the independence of Kosovo, as well as impose sanctions against Russia in order to be able to join the European Union, said Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic.

She pointed out that these requirements contradict each other. Thus, it is possible to join the EU after agreeing to impose sanctions against Russia, since the Russian Federation violated the territorial integrity of an internationally recognized state. But at the same time, it is proposed to join only by giving up their own territories, Brnabic said after a meeting with the head of the EU delegation, Emmanuel Jofre, TASS reports.

Earlier, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić in Paris, after negotiations with the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell, said that Serbia would not impose sanctions against Russia, as this country «had helped in maintaining territorial integrity.»

Vucic said that Serbia supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine, but will not impose sanctions against Moscow.

Media news2

Director Govorukhin’s widow died in a fire in New Moscow

It became known about the death of director Govorukhin’s widow in a fire in New Moscow

Galina, the widow of Soviet and Russian film director Stanislav Govorukhin, died in a fire in New Moscow, a source in emergency services said.

A fire broke out in the cottage village of Lesnoye Ozero, during the emergency, the widow of Stanislav Govorukhin Galina died, a source told TASS.

The Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Moscow indicated that the fire occurred in a private house with an attic. The fire area was estimated at 100 square meters, it was first localized and then extinguished completely. The ministry confirmed that a person had died in the fire.

Director Stanislav Govorukhin died in 2018 at the age of 82 in the sanatorium «Barvikha» after a long illness.

Greece decided to transfer S-300 air defense systems to Ukraine in exchange for new air defense systems from the USA

Greece plans to transfer C-300 and Tor-M1 anti-aircraft missile systems to Kyiv in order to begin the process of upgrading its own air defense systems to NATO systems, Eleftheros Tipos reported.

According to media reports, the replacement of weapons with NATO-style systems will be carried out soon, FAN reports with reference to Eleftheros Tipos.

It is specified that Athens intends to gradually get rid of the «rather outdated» Russian air defense systems, they will be replaced by American ones.

At the same time, it is claimed that the United States is the initiator of the replacement of the Greek arsenal.

Earlier it was reported that London decided to transfer Sea King helicopters to Ukraine.

Media news2

Cossacks took part in the Allied counteroffensive in Soledar

The offensive of the armed forces of Ukraine in the city of Soledar in the Donetsk People’s Republic was stopped by the joint forces of the Akhmat special forces and the 6th Cossack regiment of the 2nd army corps of the LPR, said the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov.

“In the city of Soledar of the DPR, the forces of the Akhmat special forces, together with the soldiers of the 6th Cossack regiment of the 2nd army corps of the LPR and the soldiers of the PMC Wagner, successfully suppressed the attack of Ukrainian gangs,” Kadyrov is quoted by the website of the All-Russian Cossack Society.

As a result of the counteroffensive of the allied forces, five enemy tanks, nine infantry fighting vehicles, one MTLB were destroyed and three unmanned aerial vehicles were shot down.

According to the head of the republic, the bandits of Ukraine in these areas failed to stop the offensive of the allied forces. Suffering heavy losses, the Nazis are forced to leave their equipped fortifications.

“Our fighters are in the most resolute mood, they are charged only for victory,” Kadyrov concluded.

Zelensky wanted to “de-occupy” Crimea non-militarily

Financial Times: Zelensky announced his readiness to “de-occupy” Crimea non-militarily

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, in an interview with Western media, announced his readiness to consider possible options for the «de-occupation» of Crimea by non-military means.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Zelensky said that the world is now «in confusion about the situation and what will happen to Crimea. » The President of Ukraine noted that if someone offers Kyiv “a way to de-occupy Crimea by non-military means,” he himself will be “only for it.”

At the same time, Zelensky said that “it’s not worth wasting time” on discussions if the decision assumes that Crimea remains part of Russia, TASS reports.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stressed that the issue of Crimea’s ownership is «finally closed.»

Media news2

A man who damaged cars with the letter Z was detained in the Krasnodar Territory

In Novorossiysk, a man was detained, who is suspected of puncturing tires and pouring paint on cars with the letter Z, the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Krasnodar Territory reported.

The detainee is 50 years old, he has a criminal record, the man is suspected of damaging cars with Z symbols, RIA Novosti reports, citing a statement from the department.

The suspect at the moment of arrest was right next to a foreign car with the letter Z, he planned to damage the car.

Law enforcers found that the man was also responsible for puncturing tires, drawing symbols with paint and breaking windows in cars. Several times these episodes were caught on surveillance cameras.

At the place of detention, a man was found with an aerosol can of car paint, screwdrivers, a flashlight and drugs with a volume of more than one gram.

A criminal case was opened under articles on intentional damage to property and illegal possession of drugs. The man was placed under arrest.

In the summer in Volgodonsk, a girl painted several cars with the letter Z. Before that, a similar story happened in Voronezh, where several cars were damaged.

Previously, a journalist from Germany was harassed because of the letter Z.

Up to 200 militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Poland were destroyed by a high-precision strike in the Kharkiv region

Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed 200 militants at three points of temporary deployment of Polish mercenaries in the Kharkov region, said the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov.

According to data posted on the Telegram channel of the Ministry of Defense, a precision strike by the Russian Aerospace Forces killed 200 Polish mercenaries of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near the village of Velikie Khutor, Kharkiv region.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense reported that Russian troops destroyed more than 260 Ukrainian troops in four directions in a day.

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Peskov denied rumors about Putin’s plans to announce the «mobilization of the country»

The press secretary of the head of the Russian state, Dmitry Peskov, denied reports that appeared in the media about the allegedly being prepared message of President Vladimir Putin, where the «mobilization of the country» would be announced.

When asked whether this information is true, Peskov answered in the negative, RIA Novosti reports.

The press secretary of the Russian leader said that there is no exact date for the message yet.

Kyrgyzstan urged to urgently change the Russian names of the districts of Bishkek

Speaker of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan Shakiev urged to urgently change the Russian names of the districts of Bishkek

Speaker of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan Nurlan Shakiev called for urgent renaming of all the names of the republic’s capital into the Kyrgyz language.

Shakiev noted that there are settlements and localities in the republic whose names are borrowed from other languages. So, according to him, it is urgent to rename all districts of Bishkek, TASS reports.

He stated that the plans for the development of the state language in Kyrgyzstan have not yet been fully realized.

The statement was made in Bishkek during a speech at the national kurultai (congress) of the country.

Bishkek is territorially divided into four districts — Pervomaisky, Sverdlovsky, Oktyabrsky and Leninsky.

A similar initiative was put forward earlier by several other deputies of the Kyrgyz parliament. They also want the entire district of the republic’s capital to be given Kyrgyz names.

The Kyrgyz language is the state language in the republic, the Russian language is declared official in the country.

President Vladimir Putin in September at a meeting with the head of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Zhaparov noted that the support of the Russian language in the republic is the basic basis for the development of relations in many other areas.

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Putin was told about the activities of the Ukrainian special services against the relatives of the members of the SVO

The mother of the deceased officer, Deputy Prime Minister of the Jewish Autonomous Region Maria Kostyuk, told at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin how the Ukrainian special services use the relatives of Russian military personnel in chats and social networks, luring them out of the data of military personnel and the location of troops.

“They convince them, playing on their anxiety, hit them at the most painful point, at the vital point, that they should talk to their sons so that they surrender, leave their place of service, leave military operations. They convince them in such a way that they come there, promising to give up their son from captivity or promising to give up the body. They write to their mothers in chats, talking to them like mothers,” Kostyuk is quoted as saying on the Kremlin’s website.

According to her, succumbing to the influence of Ukrainian provocateurs, mothers of Russian servicemen write their son’s valid phone number when he is there, after which a Ukrainian missile flies to this place.

“When they correspond in these chats, they write where exactly the unit or company in which their son is stationed is located. And then fly there. Her son and other sons are dying, someone’s husbands, brothers, fathers. It’s scary, I understand that you need to work with mothers. We are ready to help in this situation. But here, it seems to me, one cannot do without such a very important department as the Ministry of Defense, ”said the mother of the deceased officer.

Kostyuk urged to nip such situations in the bud, to carry out extensive explanatory work with relatives, to “save mothers”, help them, support them in the fact that in reality everything is not so, everything is completely different.

Let us remind you that on Friday the president met with mothers whose sons were mobilized to participate in a special operation, went there as volunteers or serve as contract soldiers or military personnel.

Maria Kostyuk has been holding the position of Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Jewish Autonomous Region since April 2021. Her son Andrei served in the Russian Armed Forces with the rank of senior lieutenant, died in the zone of the NMD. On November 1, the VZGLYAD newspaper published an interview with Maria Kostyuk, in which she spoke about the death of her son, an officer in the NVO, and what gives her the strength to endure this grief.

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