Big game fishing puerto rico: The 10 Best Fishing Charters in Puerto Rico (Winter 2022)



FV TEASER $900 up to 6 guest per boat.


FV TEASER   $1,100

FV ANGELA  $2,000 up to 6 guest per boat.


FV TEASER $1,400

FV ANGELA $2,700 up to 6 guest.


FV TEASER $1,800

FV ANGELA $3,300. up to 4 guest. special fishing locations located 1-1.5 hours running. sun rise to sun set.

Big game FISHING


Located at Club Nautico of San Juan, our vessels are 25 minutes away from our north drop. Our 10 hour marlin trips can be 1 hour away (we follow the bite). 


Boats are private tournament vessels, newest and most equipped in San Juan. Both vessels equipped with inboard twin diesels , generators, ac interiors, head and Simrad electronics. 


Shimano reels on top of blackfin rods, LP dredge reel, electric bridge teaser reels, pitch bait rod, variety of teasers and a variety of lures.


We buy locally caught bait by quantity and special select the best for our vessels. teaser and pitch baits such as mullet and Mackerel are imported from Florida.


Makaira nigrica, found in tropical and warm temperate oceanic waters. Growing over 1,000 lbs they are the true Apex sportfish of the Atlantic.  


Fresh dinner will be spoiled words after you try a catch straight out of the water. Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi-Mahi and Swordfish.


About The Fishery

Big Game Fishing in Puerto Rico can be LEGENDARY, in the right moon and month. Our Marlin Alley is is abundant in currents and temperature change filled with bait. You experience depths of 1,500ft 1/2 mile offshore. Trolling lures, Teasers, dredges and natural baits is the way we fish to have the most consistent bite.

Its all about the seasons, for Blue Marlin big female fish 500+ looking June to September and wahoo and smaller billfish and quantity comes November to February and mahi-mahi (30-40 lbs) and Yellowfin Tuna (30-60lbs) show up to play.

North Drop is not known for calm seas, we recommend experienced anglers and children no less than 13 years old. We strongly suggest no heavy drinking the night before nor big breakfast before the trip. Dramamine should be taken from night before if you suffer from sea-sickness.

What’s Included

Ice chest filled with bottled water, soft drinks, sport drinks and beer. on 4 hour trips dry snacks are included and on 6 hour trips fruits as well. 8 hour trips include a variety of sandwiches, fruits and dry snacks. Marlin trips sun rise to sunset include coffee, breakfast and extra fuel running to dumping zone and special FADs.

Top Rated Things to Do



We offer deep sea fishing charters for trolling, bottom fishing, jigging and more, and are located on the east side of Puerto Rico, in the city of Fajardo, at the Sunbay Marina. We are lucky that both our inshore and offshore waters provide exceptional fishing opportunities all year round!

Our Fishing Boat

You’ll be fishing the Atlantic on a 35’ charter boat, equipped with a usual selection of navigational electronics such as GPS, radio and Fishfinder.

The vessel also has a toilet on board, and is outfitted with a fighting chair for handling the bigger game fish. It has a maximum capacity of 6 fishermen per fishing trip.

Captain & Crew

Your fishing guide, Captain Andy, started fishing with his father when he was a child. With his experience as both a commercial fisherman and charter captain, he knows all of Puerto Rico’s best spots — as well as the secret spots — to make sure you have a great day on the water.

He’s passed on the family fishing tradition and passion to his daughter Shesla who together make up your Captain and Crew for your unique day out fishing in Puerto Rico.

There’s a wide range of game fish species that you can target in the waters of Fajardo during your fishing trip. Some of these include the famous Blue Marlin, Wahoo, Yellowfin and Blackfin Tuna and more. There are also plenty of light tackle opportunities for species such as King and Cero Mackerel, Barracuda, Snappers, Groupers and others.

  • All fishing gear & equitment, as well as lures are supplied us

  • Water, soft drinks & snacks are all included in the price

  • Complimentary Cleaning & Bagging of your Day’s Catch!

  • Fishing licenses for all guests are covered by Captain Andy at no additional charge

Private Off-Shore Charter

The best fishing trip for all the entire family! (up to 6 people) Here we go bottom fishing for groupers, snappers and jacks. We have fishing spots that we can reach in less than 20 minutes from shore.


Private In-Shore Charter

There is a wide range of game fish species that we can target in the deep waters around Puerto Rico, these include: blue marlin, white marlin, wahoo, yellowfin and blackfin tuna, and more.


Private Fishing & Snorkel

We offer inshore fishing for barracudas, kingfish, mutton snapper, bonitos and more.

This type of fishing is good for families with older children, aged 15 and up. We start fishing within approximately 20 minutes.


Ocean fishing in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

Professional fishing charter invites you to go fishing in Puerto Rico; Gran Canaria. Captain Roberto is an expert in deep sea fishing, spinning, jigging and more. We welcome everyone, from beginners to experienced anglers. You can go fishing with your family or colleagues. Book our boat and enjoy an unforgettable fishing experience in the Canary Islands

Gran Canaria is considered by many anglers to be one of the best sports fishing destinations in the Canary Islands. This island is famous not only for fishing, but also for carp fishing. Several companies offer excellent carp fishing holidays in Gran Canaria’s inland lakes. nine0003

Gran Canaria emerged from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean due to several volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. Most of the countryside consists mainly of shades of reddish brown and black volcanic rock and sand. Beneath the surface of the ocean you will find an extremely rich rocky bottom with rocks, holes, bluffs and many interesting sport fishing activities.

Not far from the coast, you will quickly find great depth. Shelf is only a mile from Pasito Blanco and Puerto de Mogan. Here, the continental slope descends to 1,000 meters or more. There are many offshore seamounts that rise thousands of meters from the ocean floor and do not reach the surface. The privileged geographical position of this island, its subtropical climate and ocean currents provide Gran Canaria with a rich marine wildlife. There is a huge number of both sessile and migratory species. Whether you’re into spinning, jigging, inshore trolling, bottom fishing, light fishing tackle, shark fishing or big fishing, the opportunities Gran Canaria offers anglers are enormous… and the chance to capture the fish of their lives. nine0003

Ocean fishing in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a great place for big fishing. This is one of the world’s best know locations for Atlantic Blue Marlin fishing. You can reach the open sea within minutes as the continental shelf ends just a few miles from the coast. The subtropical climate, ocean currents and huge stocks of pelagic bait such as mackerel, tuna and mackerel make blue marlin feel at home in these waters from June to mid-November. Apart from Blue Marlin, catches also include white marlin, dolphin fish, yellowfin tuna, big eyes and skipjack tuna. For those who love shark fishing, there are areas off Fuerteventura with offshore anchorages where it is only 27m deep (around these 1000m deep mounts). The only good time to fish — due to weather conditions — is the end of September and October. Usually we fish hammerhead shark with life bait, using as euonymus teaser. You will be catching hammerhead sharks up to £600 per boat alone. These fishing trips are used to be very exciting. nine0003

Light tackle Trolling in Gran Canaria

Fishing with light tackle (equipment 20-30 pounds) and small lures can produce quite fish. You can have unforgettable fishing sessions with species such as Mackerel, Red Porgy, Wahoo, Atlantic Mackerel, Barracuda, Moroccan Dentex, Amberjack, Bluefin Tuna, Tuna (Big Eyed Tuna and Yellowfin Tuna), Guilthead etc.

Jigging in Gran Canaria

Stony, which feature sandy patches, slopes, boulders, wreckage oasis for jigging anglers. You can fish vertically throughout the season and catch Atlantic tuna, sea bass, wahoo, barracuda, pink dentex, dentex, etc. We highly recommend booking a good Fishing Charter in Gran Canaria and an experienced fishing guide who knows the area, currents, tides, etc. You must know exactly where and when to drop your jig. If not, then the chances of catching something will decrease significantly. nine0003

Gran Canaria «Sport Fishing» Atlantic with «Nu Felusi» Puerto Rico

To drag the fish out of the water with a fiberglass stick, it is preferable to bend as much as possible and then you throw the fish back into the water again, a passion of many eat, and that these «unfortunate» people naturally try Gran Canaria . Many fishermen believe that the farther from Denmark to get, the more fish you can catch, but it does not — water!
If you are a beginner or have been catching for years, so there is the possibility of the same to get the «big» up. That cod cannot see the others as long as there is water in between! nine0003

A little bit about fishing around Gran Canaria
Generally they say that the warmer the water, the more fish, so that means fishing for really big fish starts around March April and ends around October again.

One latch for this time of year different types of tuna, for example. Bonito del Norte, 2-5 kg, not very big, but definitely a fish that gives a fight. Then Blufin, Yellow Fin and Bigeye Tuna all became something big, from 20 to 150 kg. The Wahoo can be equated to the salt water pike and it is the fastest fish here, when it bites it often comes at speeds of 100 km/h or more. When after bait, then follow it many times in a few minutes before chopper and its full blue metallic when it gets aggressive, fantastic looking. nine0025 Wahoo about 30 kg but up to a meter as it was designed to swim fast.

Dorado or Dorado is one of the most beautiful and delicious fish we catch. It’s not great, 2-15 kg, but since this is a school of fish, we may be lucky to catch a lot if we controller through the same area a few times.

White Marlin fish up to 50 kg, but it must be handled carefully, as it is easily torn off, and
this means that the computer can take expired several times, so it may take time to land one. This fish will be released after the photo if intact. nine0003

Finally, there is also called the Sea King Blue Marlin. Blue Marlin is a big strong fish that weighs 150,400 kg, it takes several hours to get fizzled out, so even if you think you are a persistent fisherman, then you always go tired in this fight. This fish is also discarded if intact.

All these fish are caught trolling, cruising for life on the surface, it can be seagulls, flying fish, dolphins or waves in a certain area. nine0003

Fishing the rest of the year is bottom fishing and you will catch a depth of 50 to 150 meters, rarely more than 5 kg, then it is not a struggle, with quite like pulling the block up.

There is some great fishing competition here every summer, from Puerto Rico the last week in July, Pasito Blanco (over Playa del Inglés) the last week in August, and Fuerteventura one or two weeks in September.

These competitions are very popular, also because there are big prizes to win, cars, apartments, tackle, fishing in the world’s periphery. Equ. It is in these competitions that the «big» boys lead the way, and there are also participating boats from other islands and even getting sailed from the mainland. This also explains why the prizes are great and the sponsor really likes to have his or her company’s name ahead in these circles, so there’s no shortage of added benefits. nine0003

Fishing in these competitions is somewhat more expensive, partly because the fishing is 8 hours long, and partly because it costs 300 euros or more to sign up for a boat and the fishermen have to pay, in contrast to the accrual of the premium is also the fishermen. However, this may change from year to year.

Canaria info chose to work with New Felusi as it is a boat with local actors. There are things you can’t know if you haven’t received it with milk. I’m sure many of those who have fished from Puerto Rico will remember Felusi and his crew, and the Danish supplier who sat in the harbor selling experiences at sea. The Felusi is being replaced by a new catamaran, the crew has since retired, and the Dane isn’t sitting in the harbor anymore, but now he sits behind a screen and writes about fishing with the New Felusi here at canariainfo. com, so the change you experience is best for the guest. nine0003

New Felusi 12 meters long and 4 meters wide catamaran built in 1998 in Cartagena, south of Alicante on Spain’s east coast. The new Felusi is equipped with two MAN Diesel engines each with 350 HP, so there is enough power when we have to hunt big fish.
New Felusi sail with max 12 people — 10 passengers and 2 crew members and we have all modern equipment to help eg. chart plotter, depth sounder and all legal and radio, beacon, life jackets, etc. nine0003

From our flybridge you can enjoy a beautiful view of the blue waves, and here is also a good opportunity to see dolphins, flying fish, whales, sea turtles and life on the surface, showing us the way to big fish. In these quiet moments, you can bask in bow of the boat, so in addition to the actual fishing trip can enjoy a sailing trip.

You can book fishing trips as a single person where fishing with max 9 others and you can book the whole boat if you are a couple of buddies fishing together in the house too.

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