Nigiri domenech: Nigiri Sushi Bar & restaurant-Hato Rey-PR-00918 — Menu — Asian, Chinese, Japanese — Online Food in Nigiri Sushi Bar & restaurant With Coupon

Nigiri Sushi Bar & restaurant-Hato Rey-PR-00918 — Menu — Asian, Chinese, Japanese — Online Food in Nigiri Sushi Bar & restaurant With Coupon

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Pipo Tafel

Title: 2022/6/15 19:46:06

we have ordered 90 minutes ago — Order ID: 528136258
Diner information
Name: Philipp Tafel
Address: 169 Calle María Moczo , San Juan , PR, 00911 — and since we have no heard from you and tried to call and no one responded, we hereby cancel the order.
Best regards
Pipo Tafel

Title: 2019/6/20 9:27:32

Hola, era para saber si ya salieron a entregar mi comida? en Hospital el Maestro.

Title: 2018/3/30 13:10:22

Estan abierto hoy?

Title: 2016-02-09T08:50:13.558-08:00

I order for my office a couple times a month.

Title: 2014-08-15T15:52:52.857-07:00

I eat here at least, biweekly.

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Nigiri Sushi Bar & Restaurant

26 Tips and reviews


  • sushi
  • good for a quick meal
  • family-friendly
  • great value
  • dumplings
  • good for dates
  • healthy food
  • shrimp tempura
  • cozy
  • big portions
  • sake
  • Chinese food
  • fried rice
  • chicken
  • lunch
  • good for special occasions
  • (11 more)

  • Love the sushi and the service is just amazing. One of my favorite sushi spots

  • Very friendly and attentive staff. Food nicely presented and delicious. Sushi is really good! Not a place to get a quick bite though.

  • Great sushi and chinese food variety. The place isn’t expensive and the service is great. Good lunch specials. I love the house fried rice.

  • Please do yourself a favor and buy the Alaska Roll. By far my favorite sushi bar in Puerto Rico.

  • My favorite sushi bar in San Juan. I always ask for the Alaska Roll

  • For non-fish or seafood eaters, try the BBQ Beef Roll. Amazing! Also the Criollo Roll. Dumplings are great also.

  • The service is outstanding! The sushi is awesome and the rest of the menu is absolutely good.

  • Sushi is amazing. . Big portions👍🏻

  • This place is great! Sushi is always delish, friendly and fast service!

  • Best shrimp tempura sushi in San Juan.

  • Sushi was great , terriyaki chicken was awesome

  • Crazy roll is tasty

  • Excellent!!! Good Prices

  • Favorite Sushi in Hato Rey. Try the Rock & Roll!

  • Philadelphia roll is very good

  • awesome food, average service.

  • At first food was good, until we found worms in our chicken curry. I got my money back. Never again.

  • Best Veggies Soup Ever

  • Green Dragon Roll!

  • Best Sushi in PR

  • Recomiendo este lugar. El sushi super bueno y un buen servicio. Will be back. 😋

  • Excelente comida. Buena atención, comodo, rico sake, buen sushi y platos principales. De 30-50 entre 2 personas.

  • El servicio es mediocre, está pesado pagar $15-$17 el roll en un lugar con lamparas de wal-mart, pero sin duda, el MEJOR sushi.

  • Buen precio si vas en hora de almuerzo

  • De los mejores en PR

  • Está como que medio carito.

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Nigiri Sushi, step-by-step recipe for 698 kcal, photo, ingredients


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45 minutes

Recipe for:

3 persons


than in a restaurant.

Nigiri sushi (is a ball of rice with vinegar (Shari) on which neta rests: a raw slice of fish or cooked, and shrimp, sea urchins , crab, scrambled eggs, vegetables and more.A little wasabi is added.Among the most popular fish and seafood include tuna, salmon, shrimp, sea bream.Nigirizushi were invented by Hanaya Yohei (1799-1858) at the end of this Edo period. This form of fast food was originally sold on the street at food stalls called Yatai.

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Nutritional value per serving




Protein 17 g

The most important thing here is rice, I have special rice for sushi, but if you don’t have it, you can use rice for risotto.
Pour rice with cold water and rub between your fingers, the water will become cloudy, drain the water and repeat this operation until the water becomes clear. I did it 4 times.

Now put the rice in a saucepan, cover with water. For one glass of rice, one and a half glasses of water, put on a strong fire and when it boils, make a small fire, cover with a lid (do not open again). Cook for 10 minutes, see package. nine0003

Rice dressing: Pour 3 tbsp. l. rice vinegar, add sugar and salt, put on a slow fire until the sugar dissolves. Transfer the rice to a large bowl and, while it is hot, pour in the dressing, mix gently, let cool.

We make such «flattened» sausages.

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