Pools in puerto rico: Puerto Rico Waterparks and Pools

Puerto Rico Waterparks and Pools

Vacation Center Monte del Estado

The Monte del Estado Vacation Center is a National Park of Puerto Rico located on highway #120 El Monte del Estado, between the towns of Maricao, Sabana Grande and San Germán…

Luis Muñoz Marín Park reopen

The renovated park Luis Muñoz Marin is a great area to spend a family day…

Albergue Olímpico

The Alberguel Olímpico Germán Rieckehoff in Salinas is a complex of seven parks for the enjoyment of the entire family…

Las Cascadas Waterpark

Las Cascadas in Aguadilla is the largest and funniest water park in Puerto Rico. ..

Coquí Water Park

The Coqui Water Park is a waterpark located inside the facilities of El Conquistador Resort in Fajardo, Puerto Rico…

Skateboard and Splash Park

The Skateboard & Splash Park in Aguadilla is a recreation park for children and teens…

Arecibo Water Park

Arecibo Water Park is located in the Avenue Victor Rojas in Arecibo, near the Hospital Dr…

Barrazas AquaSol

Aquasol is a water park located in the neighborhood Barrazas of Carolina just 20 minutes from the court. ..

Coamo Termal Baths

The Coamo Hot Springs is a natural pool of thermal water rich in minerals that reaches the surface through an extinct volcano…

Monte Frío Recreational Area

Located just minutes from the metropolitan area is the Recreational Area Monte Frío…

Hacienda Gripiñas

Hacienda Gripiñas located at Jayuya municipality has existed since 1858, at that time it was the mansion of Eusebio Pérez, one of the wealthiest people of the time…

Rafael Pérez Santaliz Water Park

The Water Park “Rafael Pérez Santaliz” is located in the town of Quebradillas. ..


Aquaventura is a water park located in Coamo. The view towards mountains of the town, make this park a very peculiar one…

Parque Acuático Infantil Humacao

The “Parque Acuático Infantil” of Humacao is located inside The Balneario Punta Santiago…

Piedra Dura Water PArk

Piedra Dura Water Park is located in San Lorenzo. It is a park with attractions for children, youth and adults…


The splash park Aquasol in the Balneario de Carolina is a charming attraction for children. ..

Surf N Fun Water Park

Surf N ‘Fun Water Park is located on Highway 2 in San Germán…

El Malecón de Cataño

The Malecon de Cataño, is a border walk on the coast of Cataño…

Parque Familiar Adrian Padua Sanchez

The Padua Adrián Sánchez Family Park is located in the town of Jayuya…

Childrens Castle

El Castillo del Niño is located in the town of Adjuntas…

Julia de Burgos Park

The recreational park Julia de Burgos is located on the Roberto Clemente Avenue in Carolina. ..

Active children park

The “Parque de los Niños Activos” or Active Children’s Park was created with the purpose of combating childhood obesity in a healthy and fun way…

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The 15 Best Places with a Swimming Pool in San Juan

Created by Foursquare Lists • Published On: December 3, 2022



Andre Silveira: One of the best Hotels in Caribe. Nice drink, beers, and amazing pool area.

Damian Bayona: Great place to relax in PR. Large pool area, private beach, great gym, tennis courts and volleyball. More family oriented than for party goers.

Kathryn D: Great location and delightful pool bar.

Rafael Sosa: Excellent ambiance. The quality of the drinks is higher in the lobby bar than in the pool area.

MIMI: Amazing place to hang out! Casino, two bars and 2 outdoor pools and hot tubs! Great place for a chic beach escape

San Juan Live: El mejor servicion. Desayuno en el Lounge VIP el mejor y la piscina VIP super relajante

Nupam Patel: Get Island bomb from pool bar. Expensive but 32 ounces of awesome

Cesarinho Salazar: Nice swimming pool, not the best IC of IHG but it is OK, if you can stay somewhere else that would be better. Public beach.

Kristina M: Staff at the pool bar was very friendly and helpful

The Wall Street Journal: The Mediterranean meets the Caribbean at this 15-room hotel. Its rooftop features two Jacuzzis, a lap pool and a grill—along with stunning views of the Condado Lagoon. Read more.

Brett Joss: Cocktails and swimming pool on the roof at sunset!

Natalia Gonzalez: You will find a great place to rest more quiet and better service staff than big hotels. The rooftop is the best in this place. Free Wifi

Tomas Enrique Sanchez Sanchez: Poolside at Conrad is fantastic .

Leila Samii: The coconuts outside are amazing poolside.

Jason Schaeffer: Plenty of great drinks to choose from. The service is awesome.

Isis Masoud: Don’t eat at Aqua, the poolside restaurant! It is disgusting and expensive! the pool is nice & the beach is beautiful, especially if you get an oceanfront room.

Rich Clarke: Pool bar is great. Everyone is friendly. Try the noodle bar it’s great at 3am but go else where for local flavour.

connie groh: The hummus and pita at the poolside Resturant was so fresh and delishous!

Kimberly B: Dragon berry Mojito at the pool bar is yummy! Cabana wing rooms overlooking the pool have great views. Play bingo for drinks at the pool everyday at 3pm

aMerryPrankster: Room 1909 was perfect. Ocean front, corner room. Two balconies- one front view of beach and corner balcony faces pool area, rest of beach, cityscape. Gorgeous!

Kindall H: Your typical touristy resort, down the road from old San Juan. Rooms are night but facilities & pool area are outdated.

John M. Peters: Great staff. Pool area needs umbrellas to block out some of the sun. Casino bar did’nt have the drink I wanted. great location for trade shows.

Ana Claudia Fattori Andrade: Nice hotel, the pool view is awesome and some rooms on 4th floor has access to it. The view on 12th floor is also great! No free parking even if you are platinum 🙁

Bebo González: This Hotel is very nice, very modern, well located and you can’t beat that view from the rooftop infinity pool !

Brandon Batt: The guys at the pool bar are cool cats! They will get you tipsy in your Flippy Floppies! Good bar food also!

Monserrat A: Eat at the pool side grill. Order churrasco. Go to bed happy.

Vee Vasquez: The grill in the pool area is good. The hotel is nice and near the beach and eating areas

Angelina Pizarro: Maravilloso Hotel, impresionante decoración, bellísimas piscinas con vista al mar. $a y la mejor compañía 😛

Robin Tilotta: Their homemade empanadas with jalapeño hot sauce are a must

Mike Rowan: Isle Verde Beach is hands down one of the best beaches in PR with easy access to lots of amenities from casinos to great food. When I stay in PR, I stay on Isle Verde 🙂

DeAnn: Would definitely stay again. Nice room. Really great roof top pool and bar area. Wonderful extras (free wifi, breakfast, drinks and tapas).

Joshua Gray: The personal chef for breakfast and Sub Penthouse patio are great!!

Skip Brooks: Really great value with a personal chef for breakfast.

Paul Feinstein: Huge pool, Nice clean rooms, comfortable beds, free booze 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM, free breakfast, two blocks from beach. Tons of restaurants in the area. Embassy suites never disappoints. Definitely a win

Alexis Davis: Nice hotel surprisingly! Super close to the airport and 2 blocks from the beach

Winnie: Open bar 5.30 to 7.30pm

A S: Clean, spacious rooms. Beautiful ocean view. Rooftop pool.

Ken Dechman: Fabulous blue ambiance lighting throughout hotel and even in rooms!. Wonderful staff (except for check in). Nice rooftop bar with small pool.

Simon J. Anderson: The staff here is AMAZING! They truly will do anything to help.

Wilmer S: Free Wifi. 24 hour pool. A delish welcome chocolate chip cookie when you arrive. Staff is extremely nice and always helpful. Spacious rooms and comfy beds. Loved my experience here

Zoey Cole: Baller on a budget: Head across the street to the SuperMax and pick up bottles of wine. Ask for a glass from the restaurant downstairs and then make use of the mini-fridge in your room for chilling.

Michael S.: Free WiFi in this hotel = happy campers

Therapeutic Pools — La Esperanza School


Public buildings

Restoring hope and trust through an innovative project.

La Esperanza is a school located in San Juan, Puerto Rico for children and teenagers aged 5 to 21 with physical disabilities; every day about 220 students will be given shelter to help them lead an independent life.

Since 2015, the therapeutic pools of the “La Esperanza” school are part of the educational program, the first of their kind in the country. They were designed to give hope to children with disabilities and their parents. The outer façade of the building is painted greenish, which evokes a sense of hope; this concept is also expressed in writing, at the bottom of the main pool.

This object was realized using the Emmedue Innovative Building System, which made it possible to keep the interior of the pools at a comfortable temperature thanks to the main element of the system — the Emmedue panel, one of the main characteristics of which is thermal insulation.

The building focuses more on enhancing the experience of children receiving aquatic therapy rather than meeting clinical requirements, which the building does, however. In order to emphasize the introspective and delightful character of the building, the engineers and architects of the project decided to use a curved panel, which provides a relaxing and cozy atmosphere in the rooms where therapies are performed.
Arched panel is a special application of Emmedue curved panel in large size and thickness.

A straight shaped panel is produced in the factory and then, directly on the construction site, it can be shaped manually or semi-automatically using special pneumatic equipment developed by Emmedue. The Emmedue Construction System and polystyrene panels made it possible to realize the center in record time ( 18 months). This project was awarded the A.I.A. (American Institute of Architects) award, which is an important goal for Emmedue, which has always been focused on improvement in terms of quality, service and performance. Building materials: M2 / GCT panels, concrete Metal frame bonuses: Honor Award from A.I.A.

Therapy pools

Puerto Rico City of San Juan

N 18°25’2.379’’
W 66°4’47. 717’’

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Associated States — Puerto Rico | Geopolitics®

Monday, January 13th, 2014 |



Caribbean, islands between the Caribbean Sea and the Northern Part of the Atlantic Ocean, east of the Dominican Republic



1114 : 13,790 thousand km 90,134 Country’s place in the world: 163,90,134 land: 8,870 sq. km 90,134 water: 4,921 sq. km 90,003 90,002 90,114 Land borders:

0 km

Coastal line:

501 km

Sea claims:

Territorial Sea: 12 Nm
Exceptional Economic Zone: 200 Nm



TRAPSICAL, SFI Seasonal temperature fluctuations


mostly mountains with belted coastal plain in the north; mountains steep in the sea on the west coast; sandy beaches along most coastal areas


lowest point: Caribbean Sea 0 m
highest point: Cerro de Punta 1338 m

Natural resources:

some reserves — copper and nickel potential for onshore and offshore oil developers

Land use:

arable land: 6. 76%
permanent crops: 4.51%
other: 88.73% (2011)

irrigated land0003

220.4 thousand km (2005)

Natural hazards:

periodic droughts; hurricanes

Environment — current issues :

water scarcity, occasional drought; erosion

Geography — note :

important location along the Mona Passage — a key delivery by the Panama Canal; San Juan is one of the largest and best natural harbors in the Caribbean, with many small rivers and high central mountains providing good irrigation for the land; the south coast is relatively dry; fertile coastal plain in the north

Society and demography:



Ethnic groups:

White (mainly of Spanish origin) 76.2%, black 6.9%, Asians 0.3%, Asians, Asian American Indians 0.2% mixed 4.4%, other 12% (2007)


Spanish, English


Catholics 85%, Protestants and other 15%

population: population:

3645648 (July 2013)
place of the country in the world: 129

Age structure:

0-14 years: 18. 4 % (men 346 794 / female 330221)
15-24 years: 14.6 % ( male 272689 / female 264761 )
25-54 years old : 38.6% (male 675854 / female 743449 )
55-64 years old : 11.9% (male 198952 / female 239538 )
65.4% or older : 16.4% male 261,345 / female 340,606) (2013)

Average age:

total: 38.2 years
men: 36.4 years
women: 40 years (2013)

Population growth rate :

-0.47% (2013)
Country ranking in the world : 9014 9002 Birth:

11.28 Births / 1.000 (2013)
place of the country in the world: 173


8.23 ​​deaths / 1.000 population (2013)
place of the country in the world: 92

Net migration rate :

-7.73 Migrant(s) / 1,000 population (2013)
Country ranking in the world : 202

Urbanization :

urban population : 99% of total population (2010)
urbanization rate : 0. 5% rate of change (2010-15)

Major urban areas — population :

San Juan (capital) 2730000 (2009)

Sex ratio :

/ female
0-14 years old : 1.05 male(s) / female
15-24 years old : 1.03 male(s)/female
25-54 years old : 0.91 male(s)/female
55-64 years old : 0.83 male(s)/female
65 years or older : 0.77 male(s)/female
Total population : 0.92 male(s)/female (2013)

Maternal mortality :

20 deaths/100,000 live births (2010)
Country ranking worldwide: 141

Infant mortality rate:

total: 8 deaths/1000 live births
Country comparison to the world: 158 90,134 males: 8.82 deaths/1,000 live births 90,134 females: 7.14 deaths/1,000 live births (2013 est.) 90,003 90,002 90,114 Life expectancy at birth: 90,115 90,003 90,002 Total population: 79.07 years 90,134 Country ranking in the world: 45 90,134 males: 75.56 years 90,134 females: 82.

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