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Trujillo Alto | Discover Puerto Rico

The town of Trujillo Alto is a short distance from San Juan and Carolina.

Culinary experiences, fun festivals, and rich tradition near San Juan.

Join the people of Trujillo Alto and enjoy some delicious food, fun horseback riding trips, and popular celebrations on the Island. Located a short distance from San Juan and Carolina, this town’s friendly nature earned it the nickname el Pueblo de los Arrecostaos (the laidback town).

Local Specialties

The Ruta del Lechón (Roast Pork Route), one of Puerto Rico’s culinary heritages, runs through this region. The name refers to a series of lechoneras (open-air, roadside restaurants that specialize in slow-roasted, whole-hog preparation, and traditional side dishes like plantains, arroz mamposteao, and more). These friendly local spots are a must for visiting food-lovers.

In Trujillo Alto, along PR-175 in Barrio Carraízo, you’ll find a road lined with lechoneras such as El Lago, Los Hermanos, Angelito’s Place, Peña, La Casita de David, and El Pino. Or check out highway PR-852, in Barrio Dos Bocas, where you’ll find La Nueva Ola, which is also very popular.

Another local specialty is the tasty macabeo, a fried dish made with plantain-based dough and stuffed with meat. It is one of the town’s signature gastronomical creations. The Macabeo Festival was started in 1983 to honor the dish. Held each year in mid-December, there is music, a troubadour contest, local crafts, and, of course, plenty of macabeos.

Learn more about la ruta del lechón

Take a ride at the Family Equestrian Park in Trujillo Alto 

Party Town

There are a variety of different events and celebrations hosted in Trujillo Alto throughout the year. Hundreds of horses (and their riders) gather for the Caravana del Arrescostao. The event starts at the Family Equestrian Park and then heads out for a ride that celebrates the family tradition of traveling on horseback to various barriadas. Attendees can enjoy food, vendors, a farmer’s market, live music, and other entertainment.

The Maratón del Arrecostao is a sufficiently laidback event — rather than 26.2 miles, it’s a 5k run held in mid-September. But it draws a big crowd from across the Island and is among the more popular running events.

The traditional festivities for the patron saint also take place each year in mid-September with the celebration of Holy Mass in the Parroquia Santa Cruz. These are held in honor of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, which is September 14. After the religious rituals have taken place, a big party starts in the town where music, art, and entertainment for the whole family fill the streets.

Visit La Casa de la Cultura for a glimpse into the Trujillo Alto’s past.

Even More Things to Do

Located in the center of the town, the Plaza de Recreo is built for the enjoyment of the community and includes landscaping and sculptures that speak to the historical essence of the town. For more local history, head to La Casa de la Cultura for a glimpse into the town’s past. The two-level structure combines modern and historic elements and also includes an exhibit hall, amphitheater, and more.

The large steel structure over the Río Grande de Loíza, known as the Historic Bridge, was opened in 1941 and is one of two Pennsylvania Truss bridges from the era still surviving on the Island. Cars haven’t crossed it in more than 30 years because it has been transformed into a pedestrian walkway over the river. From there, you can stroll along the Bicentennial Walk, which was inaugurated in 2007. The walkway borders the river and includes plaques honoring various social and cultural events throughout the town’s history.

The iconic Parque La Cascada is a grand public park that includes an impressive set of fountains. Each of the eight jets represents a different neighborhood in the area. Surrounded by natural beauty, amphitheater seats, pergola, food kiosks, picnic area, landscaped gardens, and more.

How to get to Trujillo Alto in San Juan by Bus or Train?

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Directions to Trujillo Alto (San Juan) with public transportation

The following transit lines have routes that pass near Trujillo Alto

How to get to Trujillo Alto by Bus?

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  • From Burger King, null

    141 min

  • From Estación de Tren Urbano — Hato Rey (Estación de Tren Urbano Hato Rey), null

    114 min

  • From Faccio Pizza, null

    101 min

  • From Barista Espresso Bar, null

    115 min

  • From Faccio Pizza, null

    131 min

  • From Applebee’s, null

    131 min

Bus stations near Trujillo Alto in San Juan

Bus lines to Trujillo Alto in San Juan

Line Name Direction
D26 Estación Piñero VIEW

Questions & Answers

  • What are the closest stations to Trujillo Alto?

    The closest stations to Trujillo Alto are:

    • Avenida Aa Esquina Calle 5 is 3901 meters away, 51 min walk.

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  • Which Bus lines stop near Trujillo Alto?

    These Bus lines stop near Trujillo Alto: D26.

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Local time
San Juan Puerto Rico 17:20 Nov 21
Trujillo Alto Puerto Rico 17:20 Nov 21
The time difference between San Juan and Trujillo Alto is 0 hours
Currently used on the roads of Puerto Rico — right-hand traffic .
Currently on the roads of Puerto Rico is used — right-hand traffic .

Distance between San Juan, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Trujillo Alto, Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico , calculated using the direction of the route on the map.

San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico.


The distance between two points on the map, calculated using the available coordinates. 16 km
10 miles
Traveling by car at an average speed of 70 km/h, you will be able to reach your destination in approximately the specified time. 0 hours
0.0 day
We did not find any airports in the indicated locations, but we calculated the time it would take for a passenger plane to fly a given distance (at an average flight speed of 850 km/h). 0.0 h
1 minute.
San Juan


Population — 418.1K , #1 in Puerto Rico
Official currency USD , American dollar

San Juan on the map
Trujillo Alto


Population is 54.2K , #7 in Puerto Rico
Official currency, USD US dollar

Trujillo Alto on the map
Distance to other cities

San Juan
Trujillo Alto

16 km

San Juan
Tagliaboa Alta

78 km

San Juan
Rusvel Rhoads

55 km

San Juan
Santa Cruz

21 km

San Juan
San Lorenzo

34 km

San Juan

12 km

San Juan

114 km

San Juan

107 km

San Juan
Trujillo Alto

16 km

San Juan

50 km

San Juan
Santo Domingo

404 km

San Juan
Charlotte Amalie

125 km

San Juan
road town

157 km

Miss Puerto Rico — frwiki.


Miss Puerto Rico is an annual beauty pageant held in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rican representatives in the Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss Earth, Miss International and Miss America pageants can be different girls from 18 to 24 years old.


  • 1 Miss Universe Puerto Rico
  • 2 Miss World Puerto Rico
  • 3 Miss International Puerto Rico
  • 4 Miss America
  • 5 Links
  • 6 Links

Miss Universe Puerto Rico

Zuleika Rivera, Miss Puerto Rico 2006

Ingrid Marie Rivera, Miss Puerto Rico 2008


Miss Puerto Rico
Year Title City Ranking for Miss Universe Price
1952 Marilia Levy Bernal Lares
1953 Wanda Irizarri
1954 Lucy Santiago
1955 Carmen Laura Betancourt
1956 Paquita Vivo Colon San Lorenzo
1957 Maria Del Pilar «Mapita» Mercado Cortez Miss Congeniality
1958-1960 No contests
1961 Enid Del Valle
1962 Ana Celia Sosa
1963 Jeanette Blascoechea
1964 Yolanda Rodriguez Machin
1965 Gloria Cobian Diaz
1966 Carol Bahandas
1967 Yvonne Call Mendoza Fajardo
1968 Marilyn Carrasquillo Santurce San Juan
1969 Aida Betancourt San Juan, Puerto Rico
1970 Marisol Malaret Contreras Santurce-San Juan Miss Universe 1970
1971 Idalia Margherita «Beba» Franco San Juan 3rd Runner Up
1972 Barbara Torres Santurce San Juan
1973 Gladys Vanessa Colon Diaz Orocovis
1974 Sonia Maria Stage Chardonnay San Juan Semi-finalist (Top 12)
1975 Laurell Del Carmen Carmona Juan San Germán
1976 Elizabeth Zayas Ortiz Salinas
1977 Maria Del Mar Rivera Velle Pumice
1978 Ada Cecil Perkins Flores San Juan
1979 Audrey Teresa «Tere» Lopez Mayaguez
1980 Agnes Tagnon Correa Caguas Semi-finalist (Top 12)
nineteen eighty one Carmen Lottie Rodriguez Guaynabo
1982 Lourdes Milagros Mantero Ormazabal Juncos
1983 Carmen Batis Vergara Trujillo Alto
1984 Sandra Beauchamp Roche Mayaguez
1985 Deborah Carty-Dew San Juan Miss Universe 1985
1986 Elizabeth Robison Latalladi San Germán Semi-finalist (Top 10)
1987 Lori Tamara Simpson Rivera San Juan 4th place runner up
1988 Isabelle Maria Pardo Cubeñas Guaynabo
1989 Catalina Villar Ruiz Salinas
1990 Maria Luisa Fortugno Caimi Guaynabo
1991 Lizzette Marie Bure Echevarria Toa Alta
1992 Daisy Garcia Rodriguez Bayamon
1993 Dayanara Torres Delgado Toa Alta Miss Universe 1993
1994 Brenda Esther Robles Cortes Isabela
1995 Desiree Lowry Rodriguez Corosal
1996 Maria del Rocío Arroyo Rivera Lares Did not compete
1997 Lydia Guzman Lopez De Victoria Lares
1998 Imak Farah Fagundo Soto Cabo Rojo
Miss Universe Puerto Rico
1996 Sarybel Velilla Cabeza Toa Alta
1997 Ana Rosa Brito Suarez San Juan Semi-finalist (Top 10)
1998 Joyce Marie Giraud Mojica Aguas Buenas 2nd Runner Up
Miss Universe Puerto Rico
1999 Brenda Liz Lopez Ramos Lares Semi-finalist (Top 10) Miss Photogenic
2000 Zoraida Isabelle Fonalledas Ferraiuli Guaynabo
2001 Denise Marie Quinones August Lares Miss Universe 2001 Miss Photogenic
Bluepoint Swimsuit
Clairol Award for Best Style
2002 Isis Marie Casalduc Gonzalez Utuado Miss Photogenic
2003 Carla Tricoli Rodriguez Vieques Miss Photogenic
2004 Alba Gisele Reyes Santos Sidra 2nd Runner Up Miss Photogenic
2005 Cynthia Enid Olavarriya Rivera Salinas 1 Runner Up
2006 Zuleika Jerris Rivera Mendoza Salinas Miss Universe 2006
Marilyn Bartholomew Balay Pumice Did not compete, replaced by Zuleika Rivera
2007 Vilmadilis «Uma» Blasini Perez Guayanilla
2008 Ingrid Marie Rivera Santos Dorado
2009 Maira Matos Perez Cabo Rojo 4th place runner up
Miss Universe Puerto Rico
2010 Mariana Paola Vicente Morales Rio Grande Semi-finalist (Top 10)
2011 Viviana Ortiz Pastrana Corosal Semi-finalist (Top 16)
2012 Bodine Koehler Peña Rio Grande
2013 Monique Marie Perez Diaz Arecibo Semi-finalist (Top 16)
2014 Gabriela Berrios Pagan Toa Baha Miss Photogenic
2015 Catalina Morales Guaynabo
2016 Brenda Jimenez Aguadilla
2017 Danna Hernandez San Juan
2018 Kiara Ortega Rincon Top 5
2019 Madison Anderson Toa Baha 1 re dauphiness
2020 Estefania Soto San Sebastian Header City Miss World Ranking Price
1959 Lily Diaz
1960-1969 No members
1970 Alma Doris Perez
1971 Raquel Quintana
1972 Ana Nisi Goiko Graziani Pumice
1973 Milagros Garcia
1974 Loida Eunice Valle Blas Machado
1975 Wilnelia Merced Cruz Caguas Miss World 1975
1976 Yvette Rosado Semi-finalist
1977 Didrian «Dee Dee» Del Rio
1978 Maria Jesus Cañizares Semi-finalist
1979 Daisy Marissette Lopez
1980 Michel Torres Cintron Semi-finalist
nineteen eighty one Andrenira Ruiz
1982 Jeannette Torres Burgos
1983 Fatima Mustafa Vasquez
1984 Maria De Los Angeles Rosas Silva
1985 Iris Matias Gonzalez Semi-finalist
1986-1988 No members
1989 Tanya Collazo Orocovis
1990 Magdalena Pabon San Juan
1991 Johanna Berenice Irizarri Lahas
1992 Lianabel Rosario Centeno Trujillo Alto
1993 Ana Rosa Brito Suarez San Juan
1994 Joyce Marie Giraud Mojica Aguas Buenas
1995 Swanni Quiñones Laracuente Bayamon
1996 Marissa De la Caridad Hernandez San Juan
1997 Aurea Isis Marrero Nieves Dorado
1998 Antonia Alfonso Pagan juana diaz
1999 Arlene Torres Torres Bayamon
2000 Sarybel Velilla Cabeza Toa Alta
2001 Barbara Serrano Negron Vieques
2002 Cassandra Polo Berrios Guaynabo Semi-finalist
2003 Joycelyn Montero Garcia Bayamon Semi-finalist
2004 Cassandra Castro Holland Luquillo
2005 Ingrid Marie Rivera Santos Dorado 2nd Runner Up Miss Caribbean World 2005
2006 Tejem Carrión Alvarez Arecibo Semi-finalist
2007 Jennifer Guevara Campos Orocovis Semi-finalist
2008 Yvonne Marie Orsini Lopez San Juan Semi-finalist
2009 Jennifer Colon Alvarado Bayamon
2010 Yara Liz Lasanta Santiago Barranquitas Semi-finalist Miss World Beach Beauty
2011 Amanda Vilanova (ru) San Juan 2nd Runner Up Miss Caribbean World 2011
2012 Gianelli Chaparro Colon barceloneta TBD TBD

Note: TBD means to be defined is either «not yet defined» and TBA means to be announced or «not yet announced».

Miss International Puerto Rico

Year Header City Ranking at Miss International Price
1960 Carmen Sarah Latimer
1961 Yvette Monagas
1962 Agnes Toro Garraton
1963 Aida Mercado Cordero Semi-finalist
1964 Zoe Sandra Foy Santiago
1965 Iraida Palacios
1967 Maria Felisa Seda
1968 Eliza Schroeder Mendez
1971 Doris Morales
1972 Miriam Lopez
1975 Gladys Salgado Castillo
1976 Yvonne Torres Garcia Semi-finalist
1977 Martha Hernandez
1986 Elizabeth Robinson Latalladi San Germán Semi-finalist
1987 Lori Tamara Simpson Rivera San Juan Miss International 1987
1988 Yolanda Martinez Trujillo Alto
1989 Michelle Cotto Toa Alta
1990 Ana Rosa Brito Suarez San Juan
1991 Lizaura Quiñones Torres
1992 Dayanara Torres Delgado Toa Alta Semi-finalist
1993 Brenda Esther Robles Cortes Isabela
1994 Alice Mercedes Lee Utuado
1995 Maria del Rocío Arroyo Rivera Lares
1996 Lydia Guzman Lopez De Victoria Lares
1997 Imak Farra Fagundo Soto Cabo Rojo Semi-finalist
1998 Jacqueline Negron Pumice Did not compete
1999 No member
2000 Rosivelis Diaz Rodriguez
2001 Lorena Otero Perez
2002 Mariela Lugo Marine Yauco
2003 Dignelis Taimi Jimenez Hernandez Arecibo
2004 Meredith Herrera Morales Toa Alta
2005 Dinora Collazo Orocovis
2006 Sharon Heide Gomez Diaz Mayaguez Semi-finalist Miss Goodwill
2007 Haidil Rivera Escobales Adjuntas Semi-finalist
2008 Miriam Yvette Pabon Carrion Juncos Semi-finalist
2009 Monica Cristina Pastrana Gonzalez Manati
2010 Idelize Hidalgo Bethans San Juan Semi-finalist
2011 Desiree Del Rio De Jesus ciales 3rd Runner Up Miss Active

Miss America

Year Header City Price America’s rating
1937 Malene Pietrantoni
1948 Irma Nydia Vasquez
1949 Marlene Carozzo
1950 Avelina Medrallo
1951 Evangeline Moragon
1952 Otilia Jimenez Miss Congeniality
1953 Helga Edmy Monroig
1954 Nydia Power
1955 Maria del Carmen Mejias
1956 Gladys Rodriguez
1958 Vinnie Rodriguez
1962 Rosita Giusti Best Talent Competition (Classical Vocal)
Miss Congeniality
2010 Miriam Yvette Pabon Carrion Lifestyle & Fitness Preliminary Award
2011 Marisel Morales
2012 Laura Ramirez The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Medal recipient
2013 Chiaraliz Medina
2014 Shenty Lauren


  • Miss Universe Puerto Rico
  • Por La Corona
  • Miss Universe
  • Miss America


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