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Cataño is a suburb of San Juan with a population of 23,698. Cataño is in Cataño Municipio. Living in Cataño offers residents a dense suburban feel and most residents own their homes. Many families and young professionals live in Cataño.


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Crime & Safety

Crime & Safety

grade unavailable

Based on violent and property crime rates.

  • Assault

    No data available  —

    national  282.7

  • Murder

    No data available  —

    national  6.1

  • Rape

    No data available  —

    national  40.7

  • Robbery

    No data available  —

    national  135.5

  • Burglary

    No data available  —

    national  500.1

  • Theft

    No data available  —

    national  2,042.8

  • Motor Vehicle Theft

    No data available  —

    national  284



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Based on ethnic and economic diversity.

  • <10 years


  • 10-17 years


  • 18-24 years


  • 25-34 years


  • 35-44 years


  • 45-54 years


  • 55-64 years


  • 65+ years



  • Master’s degree or higher


    national  13%

  • Bachelor’s degree


    national  20%

  • Some college or associate’s degree


    national  29%

  • High school diploma or equivalent


    national  27%

  • Less than high school diploma


    national  11%


Working in Cataño


grade D minus

Based on employment rates, job and business growth, and cost of living.

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Cataño Reviews

Rating 4 out of 5  3 reviews

It’s such a beautiful community as well as calm. The beaches here are extremely close and beautiful. Definitely recommend.

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I have lived in Cataño for 5 years and it has drastically improved during that time. They remodeled the boardwalk and added weekend entertainment for kids and adults. They opened bars along the walkway and added parks and «charcos» for the children to play in. Police have upped presence in this area as well. The ferry ride to San Juan is only 50 cents and its cheap and quick. Its been great for the town and the tourist coming to the Bacardi Tours. The Bacardi Factory is currently making some remodels to improve their customer satisfaction.

Its a colorful place that always has something to do. The people there always help and support each other, it has good places to spend the time and is close to a lot of things.


2022 Best Places to Live in Cataño Municipio, PR

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1-3 of 3 results

  1. Palmas Barrio

    Suburb of San Juan, PR,

    Overall Niche Grade: C minus,

    Population: 19,928,

  2. Cataño

    Suburb of San Juan, PR,

    3 Niche users give it an average review of 4 stars.

    Featured Review: Current Resident says I have lived in Cataño for 5 years and it has drastically improved during that time. They remodeled the boardwalk and added weekend entertainment for kids and adults. They opened bars along the….

    Read 3 reviews.

    Overall Niche Grade: C minus,

    Population: 23,698,

  3. Cataño Pueblo

    Suburb of San Juan, PR,

    Overall Niche Grade: D minus,

    Population: 3,770,

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