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White Beach, Waterfalls, & Diving

By Deniel Uezono

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  • 1. Lounge at White Beach
  • 2. Explore Talipanan Beach
  • 3. Visit Tamaraw Falls
  • 4. Go Island Hopping
  • 5. Relax at Aninuan Beach
  • 6. Explore Aninuan Falls
  • 7. Trek to Talipanan Falls
  • 8. Discover Tukuran Falls
  • 9. Unwind at Sabang Beach
  • 10. Drink the Famous Mindoro Sling
  • Discover the Sweet Beach Life in Puerto Galera

Hop on a ferry and explore the beaches and other top tourist spots in Mindoro’s Puerto Galera. Find out which top attractions and tourist spots you should visit with this guide. 

Puerto Galera is a quick destination from Manila popular among nature and beach lovers. If you enjoy spending time at the beach, hiking through the forest, exploring waterfalls, or diving, this is the perfect place to go to in the Philippines.

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Aside from its powdery white sand beaches and crystal clear blue water, the coastal town boasts of a rich marine life, earning the UNESCO designation as a Man and Biosphere reserve in 1973. 


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Because of its diverse underwater coral reefs, it is also a popular snorkeling and scuba diving site, and a top destination for serious enthusiasts.

Puerto Galera was named 2005’s Most Beautiful Bay in the world by the Paris-based club called Les Plus Belles Baies Du Monde.

It is the only bay in the Philippines to earn this distinction, which goes to show just how special it is to be included in such a noteworthy list.

You will never run out of things to do here. Puerto Galera activities are as diverse as its well renowned marine life. Here are some of the top things you shouldn’t miss in Puerto Galera.



1. Lounge at White Beach

White Beach is a popular tourist destination in Puerto Galera and many visitors come here every year. 

As the name suggests, it is a long stretch of white sand and crystal blue water that is great for swimming and other water sports like jet skiing, kayaking, and banana boat rides.

It has many resorts and accommodations that will fit your budget — from luxurious 5-star hotels to mid-range resorts up to simple budget accommodations that will give you value for money.

You will also find a multitude of bars, shops, and restaurants near the shoreline, so it can get pretty crowded especially during the months of April to June, where many Filipino schoolchildren go on summer vacation and travel here with their families.


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Explore Talipanan Beach

Talipanan Beach is a secluded spot with powdery white sands and calm waters that make it the perfect place to stay for a quiet, relaxing time.

The best way to visit this beach is to ride the boat going to Puerto Galera that has a direct stopover to Talipanan. You may also visit this Talipanan Beach by joining a day tour so you can visit other beaches as well.

You may also visit Talipanan Falls, which will take you about 30 minutes of trekking. While on the way, you might be interested in visiting Mangyan Village, where you can buy cultural products and souvenirs to take home with you.

3. Visit Tamaraw Falls

If you’re the type of person who prefers hiking and exploring the natural beauty of the island, look no further than Tamaraw Falls. 

This twin waterfall is about 3 stories high and runs beneath a bridge and then flows towards two man-made swimming pools, where you can take a refreshing dip.  

Tamaraw Falls is said to have the cleanest body of water in the province, so don’t forget your swimming gear to really enjoy the experience.

There are nipa huts around where you can have a barbecue or eat your packed lunch against a refreshing, nature-filled backdrop. 

There are small stores that sell refreshments and beverages as well as snacks for those who did not bring their own.  

4. Go Island Hopping

Island or beach hopping destinations typically cover pocket beaches that include San Antonio Island (also known as Medio Island), Haligi beach and Sandbar Island (located in Boquete or Paniquian Island) and Bayanan beach.

San Antonio or Medio Island is well known for a stretch of white sand that the locals call Long Beach. 

If you’re looking for a less crowded beach where you can slow down and enjoy a quiet moment of peace and tranquility, this is the perfect spot to go to.

You can also visit the underwater cave and go snorkeling at Coral Garden to swim with colorful fishes and see large coral plates. 

You can also see giant clams in their natural habitat. When the waves are not too strong, you can also go visit an underwater cave in Long Beach, where you can swim in shallow crystal clear water and enjoy the beautiful rock formations.

Haligi beach in Boquete or Paniquian Island is another quiet island located on Muelle Bay where you can relax and enjoy the calm crystal blue water. 

Swim with the fishes and go snorkeling to have a closer look at the marine life there.

If you head south of the island you will find Sandbar Island, a small strip of land connecting Boquete Island to the mainland of Mindoro island. It is also sometimes called Elizabeth’s Hideaway.

Further west is Bayanan beach, which features a concave-shaped shoreline that gives it calm blue waters, creating the perfect conditions for leisurely swimming and snorkeling. It is located just beside the White Beach.

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5. Relax at Aninuan Beach

If you venture west beyond White beach, you’ll find a less crowded hidden gem called Aninuan Beach.

With Mt. Malasimbo as its backdrop, this is a popular destination for couples looking for a romantic weekend getaway or families with little children in tow. 

Aninuan Beach is also the gateway to Talipanan beach and its beautiful falls.

6. Explore Aninuan Falls

Aninuan Falls is yet another natural wonder that you can explore. if you don’t mind hiking along the river and find satisfaction in finding a hidden gem in the middle of this island, then you’ll enjoy this trip. 

Just be mindful of the usual dangers that come with exploring natural structures like slippery boulders or steep rock formations, and you’ll have a memorable trip.

Aninuan Falls is located at the foot of Mt. Malasimbo, and there is an entrance fee.

7. Trek to Talipanan Falls

Similar to Aninuan Falls, Talipanan Falls is less touristy and more rugged than the more popular Tamaraw Falls, but it is a great place to visit if you happen to be at Talipanan Beach.

If you are planning to visit that Iraya-Mangyan Village, make sure to include Talipanan Falls as a side trip and hire a local guide. To get there, you’ll have to trek through the lush jungle for about 30 more minutes. There is an entrance fee to get to the Water sports part, and this includes a life vest.

Different Puerto Galera activities can be enjoyed here for a fee, which includes a water park, jet skiing, kayaking, snorkeling, banana boat ride, and others.

8. Discover Tukuran Falls

Another must-see natural wonder you should include in your list of Puerto Galera activities is a trip to the lesser-known but equally enchanting Tukuran Falls.  

It features charming rock formations and refreshing clear water that you can’t resist but dive into! 

When you swim underneath the falls and the water from above hits your shoulders, it’s like having a free back massage from Mother Nature.

One of the most unforgettable and unique experiences you should try here is the carabao (water buffalo) ride where a carabao pulls a wagon enough to fit 6 people. 

This will take you through the shallow river while you feast your eyes on the lush tropical paradise on your way to the falls.

9. Unwind at Sabang Beach

Sabang Beach is one of the first areas in Puerto Galera to transform into a major tourist attraction and is well-known to foreigners.

The Big La Laguna Beach and Small La Laguna Beach can be found in Sabang. Sabang Beach is more well-known for its diving sites, lively nightlife, and numerous shopping options.


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Drink the Famous Mindoro Sling

If you’re looking for another tried and tested alcoholic drink aside from a bottle of local fave San Miguel Pale Pilsen, try the one that made White Beach famous — the Mindoro Sling.

It’s a cherry red cocktail of rum, grenadine syrup, sprite and fruit juices that can pack quite a punch, so be careful not to drink too much of it if you don’t want a hangover the next day.

You can order this at almost any bar along the beach, but the pitcher at Mikko’s Bar is said to be one of the best ones to try.

Discover the Sweet Beach Life in Puerto Galera

Indeed, for anyone looking for a quick weekend escape to the seaside, Puerto Galera beach has proven to be a tried and tested option. 

When it comes to accessibility, value for money, and sheer variety of things to do or places to see, there is nothing quite like Puerto Galera.

Whether you’re looking for a laidback weekend lounging by the shore, an action-packed activity to get your adrenaline pumping, or a wholesome activity with your family, there’s something you can truly enjoy.

Explore the various Puerto Galera tours and activities in the Philippines that you can add to your itinerary.

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Top 11 Things To Do in White Beach, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines – TravellingPeoples.com

White Beach is one of the 32 beaches in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. In this stretch of the island where you can walk from point to point in approximately 10 to 15minutes, we creatively come up to a list of things that you can do in this tropical paradise.

Here are our Top 11 Things That You Can Do While in White Beach, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines!

1.) Engage with the Locals

Most of the locals’ ethnic roots came from the eight indigenous peoples of Mindoro-  the Iraya, Alangan, Tadyawan, Tawbuid, Buhid, Hanunuo, Ratagnon and Bangon — who had already been thriving in Mindoro island for centuries when the Spanish colonizers arrived in the Philippines in 1521. Generally, they are called as the Mangyans. It is nice to have a chat with them, gain their local perspectives about their island, know their personal human experiences, and see their smiles amidst the difficulties of life. On an inspiring note, most of them are still wearing masks against COVID.

(Swipe below photo for more pictures)

2.) Try Different Cafes, Bars and Restaurants

With the flock of diverse tourists wanting colorful flavors on their vacation, White Beach has a lot of interesting cafes, bars and restaurants. To mention some of our favorites, we have Poco Loco Danceteria, Cafe Marco, C.M. Spices Resto Cafe, Jam House Resto Bar, Hiyas, Resto Veranda, Seaside Grill Resto Bar, The Beach Frog, Terminal, and Casa Mia Ristorante. Read our separate blog here.

(Swipe below photo for more pictures)

3.) Picture with Puerto Galera Castle

This is one of the trending things that you must do. Have a picture with Puerto Galera Castle. Take in mind though that you have to give a monetary tip to the creator of the castle.

(Swipe below photo for more pictures)

4.) Buy Souvenirs

They have sweet delicacies made from coconut, milk and honey wrapped in banana leaf; then ref magnets, t-shirts, and purses with Puerto Galera prints.

(Swipe below photo for more pictures)

5.) Enjoy the Night Life

This strip of the island gets busy at night with drinkers, party-goers, chillers, and first-timers. Every bar would woo certain age brackets depending on the live bands and the music they play.

6.) Bonding with Friends

In this trip, I have bonded with my officemates. I can now consider them as friends too.

(Swipe below photo for more pictures)

7.) Sunset Watching

After a lot of activities in White Beach, do not miss to see the sun set. When staring from the shore, the sun sets on the western part of the horizon.

(Swipe below photo for more pictures)

8.) Water Activities

You can try jet ski, parasailing, kayak, banana boat ride and any other water activities that you may think of.

(Swipe below photo for more pictures)

9. ) Selfie with Spiderman

Spiderman has been an honorary resident in White Beach. The person behind the costume is a Puerto Galeran local who has been wearing the Spiderman costume almost every night to attract tourists in one of the bars in White Beach.

(Swipe below photo for more pictures)

10.) Hotel Staycations

As some of the hotels are still not yet open when we stayed in White Beach, here are the Top 4 Interesting Hotels currently open for business. Looking forward to increase this list soon. Read our blog here.

(Swipe below photo for more pictures)

11.) Get a bird’s eye view of White Beach from Playa Blanca Beach Resort

Although I did not stay in Playa Blanca Beach Resort, I was thankful to the staffs who guided me to their roof deck which offers an overlooking view of the White Beach in Puerto Galera.

(Swipe below photo for more pictures)

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White Beach, Puerto Galer: the best tips before visiting


1 039 reviews


Very good

is good

Irina a

Kostanay, Kazakhstan10 publications

Romantic one00022 March 2019

White-white sand on the beach. numerous restaurants. sand sculptures, warm sea. You’ll like it!

Published November 10, 2019

This review represents the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews. nine0003


Moscow, Russia428 publications

would not call White

2019 • For two

Were in February, the water was not transparent, not big waves, the water was refreshing, but not cold, for an amateur. The entrance is gentle, convenient for children. There are many cafes, small shops, and various water activities on the shore. There are a lot of people on weekends, it was empty during the week.

Published February 22, 2019

This review represents the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews. nine0003

Anatoly R

Berdsk, Russia2 publications

Mindoro January 2018

Jan. 2018 • Family vacation

Very nice beach. We were there in January — this is the low season in the Philippines, but for us, that’s it. Water 27, air at night 23, during the day about 30 — an almost perfect combination. There were very few people on our part of the beach — the northeastern part (right). During the day, often at 500 meters of the beach — not a soul. In the evening there are more people, but still quite spacious. The main life flows on the left side of the beach — there are more hotels and cafes. The water is quite clean and transparent — visibility is 10-15 meters, fish swim, and if you swim on the rocks — the extreme left edge of the beach, or, better, the extreme right (opposite the rocks), so there, 30-50 meters from the shore, there is a very interesting underwater life. The entrance to the water is sandy, however, the sand in some places turns into small pebbles, but this does not interfere in any way. nine0053 Since there were few people, the sellers didn’t bother much — after all, we were far from the main mass of vacationers, we usually went 100 meters to the right of the pier. A lot of local vacationers from Manila can come over the weekend and the number of vacationers increases three times But even then very far from other resorts. The nearest neighbors will be 20-50 meters. As for the cafe, there is nothing special to recommend there. Filipinos don’t know how to cook. Personally, we usually went to cafes with familiar Russian hosts (whom we met through the Russian hostess of our mini hotel). There is nothing special, but everything is quite edible and inexpensive. Seafood, oddly enough, a little. Shops were sometimes visited by locals, sometimes they went to Puerto Galera — there is more choice. But the beach itself in Puerto Galera is not just a nightmare, but even worse. Tires and coconuts are nothing, but a dead dog floating in the water is overkill. nine0053 Thank God there was nothing like this on White beach. On the part where we were, I did not see any garbage at all. Almost idyll. ,

Published October 26, 2018

This review reflects the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

Anet K

Berlin, Germany4 publications

Very nice!

Oct. 2018 • With friends

The waters are very clean and warm. There is an opportunity to ride on various water attractions for quite a bit of money, of course, you can also bargain. There are many different cafes for all tastes. Lots of souvenirs and clothes. Also annoying Filipinos who walk along the beach and try to sell you something, especially if you have a European appearance.

Published October 3, 2018

This review represents the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews. nine0003

Svetlana M

Moscow, Russia12 posts


Jan 2017 • Traveling alone

who writes that the beach is good and white sand??? don’t believe!!! there is practically no sand, there are areas where there are solid pebbles. The entrance to the water is pebbles, it hurts a lot. only you will pass a pebble of meters 50 and at once depth. Who does not know how to swim, and even more so with children there is nothing to do there. I had to take a life jacket and swim in it. Not a single cafe was pleasant, except for 2 types of fish (telapia and pangas), there is nothing decent. Very disappointed with this beach. I chose according to reviews as the best bathing beach on Mindoro, but alas! What about others then? On the island itself only as an excursion, or diving. The beach is one disorder! nine0003

Published June 14, 2017

This review represents the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

Julia K

4 publications

Life is in full swing.

Apr. 2017 • For two

Be sure to take a walk, a very interesting fire show. You can drink delicious juice and sit on the shore enjoying the sea views.

Posted April 13, 2017

This review reflects the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.


Vladivostok, Russia40 publications

A place to eat

March 2017 • For two

A rather small beach where you can have a bite to eat and buy some souvenir. Walking quietly here will not work, because. every 10 meters you will be pestered by all sorts of merchants and barkers for water attractions. nine0003

Published April 3, 2017

This review represents the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.


National Capital Region, Philippines62 publications 2017 • Family vacation

We stopped to look at this beach, made sure that it was very dirty and then swam on other beaches. The sea is relatively clean, but the sand is just a garbage dump, as well as nearby cafes. Suitable for lovers of water sports. nine0003

Published March 14, 2017

This review represents the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.


Chelyabinsk, Russia93 publications

Economy vacation

March 2016 • Traveling alone

Almost no infrastructure, no sunbeds, nothing. And the sun in the Philippines is evil. Worth choosing if you are a diver or just broke to fly somewhere far from Manila

Published July 31, 2016

This review represents the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

Galina B

Yelizovo, Russia376 publications

White Beach

Sept. 2015

Great place! From Manila it is easy to get by bus to Batangas to the port and from there by boat to Mindoro Island to White Beach. Relatively inexpensive, many locals rest here. Warm, beautiful 🙂

Published May 20, 2016

This review represents the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

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